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31 Jan 2021 16:25:43
Rodgers should be sacked now, losing to a team as poor and obvious to play against as Leeds he has to go, he can only be described as a managerial dunce. Or maybe it's just a weird season? Who knows.


1.) 31 Jan 2021 16:28:33
I went on the Arsenal chat yesterday as ours was then usual neg fest, interestingly their's had a completely different vibe.

2.) 31 Jan 2021 16:30:22
Definitely not you GDS2 mate.

3.) 31 Jan 2021 16:53:56

It was just tongue in cheek mate, reading down the page there is a lot of bolloxology so thought I’d join in.

4.) 31 Jan 2021 17:00:50
We need you and the Care Bears back at Old Trafford GDS2. Ole is missing the Care Bear Stare!

5.) 31 Jan 2021 17:08:55
But you made a point GDS2. That another manager lost at home etc so it is a weird season.
But why didn't you see that another manager like Bielsa with a championship level squad plays always on the front foot and doesn't afraid?
You must always see the best and trying to compare with them and see what they do right instead of comparing with unsuccessful teams. But i said it again, we put the bar so low that our manager can jump it.

6.) 31 Jan 2021 17:11:11

I’d love to be back at the stadium, sure a lot of the match going reds are the same, it’s a huge miss from a fan point of view but also I think a lot of the games are lacking intensity because of it, especially our home games. Interestingly away wins are so much higher than normal this season so it definitely is making a difference. Very hard season to analyse because of that and hard to compare to other seasons, obviously the last week has been poor but we’ve all said for weeks let’s just enjoy the ride, there will be ups and downs for all teams in this odd season.

I must say I am just glad football is on as it is a huge respite from what is going on in the world and the first lockdown when football wasn’t on was much harder in my opinion, I am enjoying the games for what they are but it’s not the same for me not being at the games and never will be the same experience until we are back where we belong.

7.) 31 Jan 2021 17:53:53
It is a weird season and that probably explains why we're so high up the league despite playing horrific football.

8.) 31 Jan 2021 19:24:41
If Leicester had spent a billion on players over the last 6 years too I’d agree gds if it was a normal season with fans etc I’d guess we’d be 3 or 4 places lower.

9.) 31 Jan 2021 20:00:00
If there were fans I think our home form would be better, as I said it’s really hard to analyse and you can’t predict that with any confidence Stand. You may well be right.

People always respond to my posts like I think Ole is amazing when I really don’t, I don’t think he’s the long term solution and I’ve said many times I’d have been happy to see him go after the game in Istanbul, but the form has turned around since then and as it stands we are a long way from the club sacking him.

He’s not a bad manager, he’s also not a great manager and that’s the problem we find ourselves with. He will probably get top 4 and keep his job, that means we as fans don’t have much choice but to hope that he continues to get results and grows himself with the young lads, he’s going nowhere so demanding it every time we don’t win a game just seems pointless to me, I’m obviously in the minority on here though which is fine.

10.) 31 Jan 2021 20:11:23
Thats excuses GDS2. It seems that we only suffer without fans in our stadium because i see other teams are decent. At the other hand, as you say, our away form would be much worst if there were fans.
The only truth is that he is not good enough long term so he is not good enough in the short term too. At summer he will be here 2.5 years, are they 2.5 years well spend? 2,5 years wasted, with other manager we would be so much better.

11.) 31 Jan 2021 21:45:16
GDS2, Manchester United should not have a manager in Charge who is "not great". It really is as simple as that. He got to manage Manchester United. He was given the job like it was a Make A Wish Foundation winner. We are simply existing as a football club right now.

Seeing posts like "the squad is poor, what do you expect" or "other X, Y and Z team are struggling, get over it" to me is a defeatist attitude. Fans are settling for mediocrity. We have the capacity as a club to compete at the top but from the top down we're amateurish. Because the people that make the decisions are incompetant doesn't mean our manager gets a free pass.

Would we settle for a "not great" goalkeeper? Or Defender? We just shipped a not great Lingard to West Ham.

If Jose was in charge for Ole's tenure, same team, same transfers, same results. He would be absolutely roasted. It's tedious this debate but if Ole was doing his job properly there wouldn't be a debate.

We're simply existing as a club because our manager is holding us back.

12.) 31 Jan 2021 21:54:14

I totally agree and definitely agree the debate is tedious, as I said whatever we say on here the club aren’t going to sack a manager who is 2nd in the league, it just isn’t going to happen. Apparently today liverpool are back in the title race, we are a point above them but people want the manager sacked, I understand but it’s not going to happen so it’s fairly tedious and pointless.


We are far from the only team suffering without fans in our stadium, Brighton just won their first home game of the season on the last day of January, Sheff United were great at home last season until they had no fans, there are far more away wins all round this season than there has ever been, it’s not an ‘excuse’, it’s a reason for teams not doing well at home, causation and correlation spring to mind, unless you think it’s a coincidence?

13.) 31 Jan 2021 22:34:36
You do the same GDS2. You compare us with Brighton or Sheff. What about City and Liverpool who are first and second in the home league table? Are they have fans in their stadium?
We are below tenth in the home league table. It is nothing to do with having fans or not. The problem is at our home we have to play with the ball most time and we have no idea what to do . In none of our 10 home games we were superior-far superior than our opponents except Leeds. that's not the fans, its manager.
*It works both ways. If as you say we would be better at home with fans we would be worst away from home . If we stop this excuses maybe we will see the real problem.

14.) 31 Jan 2021 22:36:46
One more thing. Braighton had no problem to dominate most matches like us Chelsea Fulham's and today with Spurs and they were unlucky and lacking something in the final third. It is nothing to do with fans.

15.) 31 Jan 2021 23:50:03

I’ve got no idea what your argument is really, I haven’t said that we would have more points if there were fans, obviously it works both ways, but I’m saying that having fans in a stadium 100% makes a difference, have you never heard of having home advantage? Why do you think normally home teams have a much better chance of winning? of course it makes a difference.

Just because you’ve decided I’m using it as an ‘excuse’ which I’ve specifically said I’m not doesn’t mean that I am, I’m aware there are other issues, I’m also aware that having fans in a stadium makes a difference. If you think it’s a coincidence that’s fine, I’m pretty confident that it isn’t.

16.) 31 Jan 2021 23:51:20
Do you think united playing at a full Old Trafford have more chance of winning a game against Liverpool than a game at a full Anfield? Why is that?

17.) 01 Feb 2021 10:52:59
I'd love to have seen the reaction of a full OT when Utd were stinking the place out against Sheffield.

18.) 01 Feb 2021 12:34:44
Me too Mancman, though I think the intensity would have been much higher with fans in, doesn’t look too likely we will have a full OT this season unfortunately but I can only imagine the buzz for the players if we did.

19.) 01 Feb 2021 14:48:05
Not having fans is a fact for all teams. And yes that's an excuse GDS2. Its an excuse who doesn't let you see the real and big problem. That we are a counter attacking team who has no idea what to do against team sitting deep.

20.) 01 Feb 2021 16:13:53
I never once used it as an excuse for crying out loud, I think that games are lacking intensity because of a lack of fans and that is meaning more away wins than usual. I don't need an excuse as I am not making a point that requires one.

21.) 01 Feb 2021 16:15:40
Liverpool lost their home game against Burnley, I think with fans in they don't lose that game, something about the atmosphere at Anfield with the fans in, not an excuse, just a point I am making.



18 Jan 2021 22:17:17
The moaning I've seen today about a draw against Liverpool only really tells me one thing, people have suddenly changed their expectations.

Not saying that's a good thing or a bad thing really, it's good that people are suddenly more confident but I think people probably need to be more realistic and remember what their targets for this season were at the start.

I think City and Liverpool are still better than us but the table at the moment says otherwise, sure city will go above us soon though but it's a weird season and who knows what will happen. I love us being up there, I don't love what that does to fans who suddenly think we should be smashing 5 past a team that haven't lost at home for 68 games.


1.) 18 Jan 2021 22:56:34
Dear me GDS

No one is saying we should have smashed in 5. However, why did we set up so negatively? That’s my frustration, not trying to win. My expectation is for United to try to win, not set up like an underdog.

2.) 18 Jan 2021 23:00:59
I can't belive how bad people think liverpool are .
Vvd is out for the season so can we write the scouse off this year?
I will still be surprised if they don't win it.

3.) 18 Jan 2021 23:02:35
Nobody thinks we should be scoring 5 past liverpool. But to actually try and win the match rather than come for the draw would be nice. Look what villa did to them when a team actually attacks them.

4.) 18 Jan 2021 23:10:47
Gomez and VVD played against villa when they got stuffed 7.2.

5.) 18 Jan 2021 23:17:43
Jred, what’s your point? Just strengthens my point that they can be got at if you be positive against them. And we played a weaker Liverpool than villa did. Why not take our game to them rather than contain and hope for one or two chances. We’re not clinical enough to play that way with Rashford and martial they just aren’t clinical enough.

6.) 18 Jan 2021 23:37:04
My point is that Liverpool are a good team, have been for a few year and if you go toe to toe with them it won't end well .
Mane Bobby and salah are a very good front 3 .

You say look at what villa did to them, thst was a full strength Liverpool team . Looking at them over the last few year I think thst was a one off . Have a look at how many times Liverpool have taken teams apart.

7.) 19 Jan 2021 00:16:46
my only target gds is for ole to stop playing the jose tacticts and been given a free ride for it. yes we are top of the league but we were top of are champs league groop and look were that got us. the quicker he's gone the better. he should be judejed like any other manager.

8.) 19 Jan 2021 00:36:00

Do you think if Jose had been top of the league the club would have sacked him? No, me either. The fact is that he wasn’t, we were really struggling and with boring football on top, so he was fired, quite correctly. Other clubs fans would laugh their heads off at some of the comments on here, sack the manager while he’s top of the league, it’s absolute madness and never going to happen.

9.) 19 Jan 2021 01:53:02
How many other man utd managers got fired when top of the league?

{Ed0666's Note - not enough if you ask me.

10.) 19 Jan 2021 02:28:44
Jred and GDS2
Can't you guys see that this is the most vulnerable and weakest Liverpool side we have played in years? Even the "very good" front 3 have failed to score for the past 3 league games. Is it so hard for you to see that that was the best chance we have had for years to actually try and compete with, maybe even beat and we played the whole game with the mentality and approach of "don't lose" football.

The fear of losing was much more evident to see than the desire to win. Do you guys really believe that not creating that much chances to have a go at the CB pairing of 2 midfielders is good enough?

I see people dissatisfied with the approach not with the result but maybe it's because I don't have the same belief as you guys that OGS is the Messiah and can do no wrong.

11.) 19 Jan 2021 04:24:57
I mean. our front 3 haven’t scored in our last 4 games and 2 of those have come against Watford and Brighton. It’s all well and good pointing out that Liverpool’s attacking trio are going through a poor run of form, but Greenwood, Rashford and Martial have all been poor this season when compared to the end of the last one.

12.) 19 Jan 2021 07:59:06
The team played it perfectly - but for Bruno and Pogba mussing two excellent chances we walk away with all three points. We contained their starting front three superbly too. Incredulous the grief this team are getting. We are top of the league. I don’t expect us to win it this year, I think City are the team to stop, but we are getting better.

13.) 19 Jan 2021 08:14:40
Redseven exactly pal and also this vulnerable liverpool haven't lost at home for 3 year .

Its amazing that people, so called experts on here 🙄 are still banging the cm at cb . Henderson 100% its a fair point but fabinho can 100% play at cb .

14.) 19 Jan 2021 10:06:23
Liverpool were there for the taken, however, I understand Oles pragmatic approach, he is a fairly defensive manager.

But I do hope it gives him confidence to be a bit more expansive against them in the cup.

{Ed047's Note - Angel when it’s been muted on here that this is your best squad since Fergie left, that your defence is now sound, that Pogba is world class again and that Bruno is better than De Bruyne and Liverpool were there for the taking then that performance was abysmal.

You never even made them look like they were there for the taking when they are so out of form yet still only a few points behind you.

You only needed to watch the City game in the cup to see in truth that’s rubbish. You only need to see your 2nd string underperforming regularly to know it’s rubbish.

There maybe progress but it isn’t really any great progress, being top of the table is skewing the perspective of too many.

It’s pointless getting over excited whilst you have just the one shining light in Bruno Fernandez who sadly goes missing and turns into a little whiner when he’s needed most.

15.) 19 Jan 2021 10:24:28
Jred; Liverpool’s home record will continue as long as managers like Ole go there scared to play and setting up for a draw. It was a pathetic effort and set up from the off.

16.) 19 Jan 2021 11:22:41
This is getting worse, pathetic draw at Anfield, I’m laughing.

These silly posts saying that I think Ole is the Messiah are a bit daft too, if you’ve read my posts I’ve said I don’t think Ole is the long term solution and that I would have got rid after the game in Istanbul, but since then we have improved, the results have been good and some of the performances have been a lot better. I still think we are a way off despite the league position but even Ken has realised that a club aren’t going to sack a manager that is top of the league and its utter madness to suggest it at the moment!

17.) 19 Jan 2021 11:57:22
Exactly no one is saying ole is the messiah etc infact most have said city and Liverpool are better .
Doesn't fit the narrative so it gets ignored.

18.) 19 Jan 2021 18:24:12
Ed047, I'm no Ole fan, I think with this team, we should be doing a lot better. I think if it was a better manager in the same position the other night, we would have gone for it, maybe not in the first half but definitely in the second.

However, we don't have a great coach and he is extremely defensive. I think he is afraid to be more expansive.

You read my posts mate, I'm not getting excited by it at all. I'm a realist and from what I've seen so far, we are a good bit away from really being truly competitive, we are very lucky it's a weird season and Liverpool nor city have found any sort of real gear.

For now, I'm just enjoying it, game by game. Well, not really enjoying the games because the football has been atrocious a lot of the time. I am just enjoying it result by result.



15 Jan 2021 10:26:06
So we are 2 days away from playing Liverpool and a win will take us 6 points ahead, a defeat will leave us level on points at the top almost half way through the season which is something I don't think anybody on here predicted. We haven't lost an away game in the league in almost a year and our home form has improved since the disappointing game against Arsenal. I still think City will win the title but it looks like we will be in and around the top and not scrambling for top 4 this season, as this form doesn't feel as much of a flash in the pan but a sustained consistent run (especially away from home) .

After the defeat in Istanbul and dropping out of the CL how we did (despite a tough group) I must admit I was in the 'Ole out' camp, our home form was atrocious and we were fluking our way through away games, but you don't fluke an almost 12 month undefeated streak do you?

I guess my question is what has changed in the last year, because we are constantly told by Ed's that the training methods aren't good, AWB isn't trained on positioning properly and the manager is an amateur and I have always agreed he isn't the long term solution, but he has got rid of players who didn't buy into the club, has stopped playing players who aren't good enough (Jones, Rojo, Lingard were all regulars in recent years, I remember when Lingard was the go to man in big games) and has even changed his back room staff mid season which has coincided with an upturn in performance.

I know the consensus on here is that Ole isn't good enough but when I have given that view to mates in recent weeks they are laughing at me saying how he is growing into the job and the results are now being seen. Are they right, or are we just having a lucky year? Is a lucky year a thing?

Posting this now as I have no idea what will happen on Sunday and I think a defeat will send the site into meltdown and people's judgments will be different. This is the quietest January I have ever seen on here which tells me something is going ok.


1.) 15 Jan 2021 13:11:47
Imo we have improved on and off the pitch since ole come in and that is down to a number of factors .
It doesn't happen over night, there is still a lot of work to do but we are definitely moving in the right direction and have been for a good while now.

2.) 15 Jan 2021 13:16:44
Claudia Raneiri had a lucky year. And let's not forget, we haven't won anything yet. Let's put the plans for a statue for Ole on hold eh?

3.) 15 Jan 2021 13:33:23
they didn't have a lucky year TDK they won the title being the best team, they outplayed and beat the so called best teams.

4.) 15 Jan 2021 14:22:28
We have 36 points from 17 matches, that's 2,1 per game and if we continue with the same form we will go at 80 points which is not too much. Even Leicester collected 81. At the other hand we will go from 66 points to 80 and that's progress.
I don't think we are that good, in every country the favourites have problems and that's a chance for underdogs to take something. In any other year the league leader would have 42-45 points and we would have no chance.

5.) 15 Jan 2021 14:24:33
I think whether your Ole in or Ole out, its fair to say that nobody thought he had the experience to do the job when he was hired permanently.

Even the most ardent Ole in supporter would have said he would need to grow into the role at the time. The question was more could he learn on the job and step up, and if so could he do it quickly enough.

We are far from a definitive answer, and I think even if we win the league this year that still can't be considered definitive due to the nature of this season.

I think we as a fan base should probably learn to enjoy the ride and take things as they come. Fact is most managers end up getting sacked, and not because they are doing a phenomenal job.

Look at Mourinho, one of the most successful managers ever, yet sacked by us, Real Madrid and Chelsea twice.

I think we need to shelve the Ole in/ Ole out debate for at least the rest of this season. No one is likely to change their position, and its just becoming repetitive now. Have we progressed? Well we won't really know until the end of the season.

6.) 15 Jan 2021 14:27:05

An odd response to my post imo as I never mentioned anything about a statue for OGS or that I think he’s amazing or won anything, imo the jury is still well and truly out and you’ve responded to a post you think I posted and not read it.

7.) 15 Jan 2021 17:27:05
Bruno Fernandes is the answer to your question GDS2. When you look back at our previous form before he arrived it was very hit and miss. The team would show glimpses of form and then show glimpses of how bad they could be and the true form was somewhere in the middle.

I wrote on here many moons ago how Lingard was an appaling footballer, an imposter if you will. Many jumped to his defence, some agreed with me. The CAM posistion is the jewel in the crown. Lingard went 18 months without a goal or assist but because he was born close to Old Trafford and runs around a bit, was given the keys to the kingdom. When Bruno arrived, his work ethic, his passion, his bravado. Everything about that player screams world class and we havnt had that in awhile. There are few in the squad that can be world class on their day but Bruno in my eyes is our true captain. Even his interviews impress me.

Before Bruno arrived we were relying on players who have not shown consistency. Rashford, Martial, Pogba, all on their day could be top class but they could also disappear for very long periods.

If we could sort out our form against the other big boys and we can continue to beat the weaker teams, we are in with a shout.

Very impressed against Burnley, the attitude after a few set backs was fantastic. Huge game on Sunday. I hope he has guts to go for the win because this wonderful Liverpool team are on the ropes.

Very long way to go in the season but we're in the mix and that's the important part.

8.) 15 Jan 2021 18:01:21

I think you could be right on Bruno, he’s changed the whole mentality of the club, so much so that when he doesn’t perform it seems that somebody else steps up and performs instead. I suppose it goes to show that if one signing can change things that much we can’t have been that far away and a couple more signings in a similar mould could see the start of something special, as a lot of our better players are still quite young. Fun time to be a united fan that’s for sure.

9.) 15 Jan 2021 19:13:14
GDS2, We always posted here year on year saying we were only a transfer window away from kicking on. Bruno is just that type of character that I would say the players love being around.

When we were successful in the early 90s the team was full of characters, huge personalities. Then it evolved to Keane and the class of 92 demanding high standards all being backed by Fergie.

It's not just this United side but football in general has lost those characters. They are few and far between. Lingard at 27 was taking videos of his friends humping a pillow on social media us a plethora of embarrassing antics and this should be a United graduate at the peak of his powers. And when he couldn't do his job right for 18 months he blamed his personal life.

Bruno is the opposite of that. As you said, he's getting the best out off his teammates as well as leading by example. There was a moment against Burnley where he pointed at Pogba to move forward into space. He doesn't shy away on the pitch.

Even his interview after city knocked us out saying it wasn't good enough to be losing in semi-finals we must do better. But our manager comes out saying it wasn't too bad, we were closer to City than when they beat us last year.

Van Dyke galvanised Liverpool. Made them seem invincible. Have the whole club that extra step from being contenders to being world champions. Another Bruno type and we're getting closer to being challengers.

But Red Man made a good point the other day. How long does a world class Bruno stay at United if we don't start winning things because he's good enough to play anywhere in the world.

10.) 15 Jan 2021 19:23:50
Bruno has had as big an impact as Cantona did.

Under Sir Alex we were building a talented young squad, but we needed that player that brings it all together. Cantona did that.

Under Ole we were building a talented young team, but they needed that player to spark something. Bruno looks like he might be that player.

11.) 15 Jan 2021 21:59:20
Bruno is a winner, Cavani is a winner, players with that professional winners attitude is exactly what our squad needed.

12.) 16 Jan 2021 10:51:42
In terms of where we are. Delighted to be top, but this is January, maybe I am affected by all those years pre SAF when we would be up there at times in the season before dropping back. How many times stood on the Stretford End did I sing United, United Top of the league or we’re going to win the league. It feels like we have got a bit heady, over 7 years since we have actually competed and it has gone straight to our heads. Sustaining and finishing off good runs is what matters. It’s no good playing well, having unbeaten runs if it results in nothing. With that in mind, our end product was four semi final defeats, so we are yet to see if we can take that extra step.

No one knows if we can get over the hurdle. In 85 we won our first ten games, we thought no one would stop us and we have to guard against that.

Mentality is vital, most speak on here about Bruno but don’t underestimate Cavani as well, maybe there is a change in mindset. I saw a better team at Burnley, one that actually dominated a game for a change, much better mindset, physically matched them, then dominated until we scored. That gave me hope we can improve.

Look everyone, you know I don’t rate Ole, but happy to be proved wrong. We will likely know where we are before the end of the season, but finishing third after where we are would be disappointing. Tomorrow won’t define the season, but it would be lovely to win. Then we would have set ourselves up to really challenge. It’s when it gets tight that Ole has failed, he must show under pressure he can lead and make the right calls. Interesting to see how this pans out.

13.) 16 Jan 2021 11:28:05
Everyone would of took this at the start of the season.
City and the scouse are still better teams and have been there and done it .
Imo we are still a couple short, target hasn't changed for me this season, close the gap on city and scouse .
We have had a lot of good results over the last 12 month i'm surprised that the Burnley result seems to be up there for a few .

14.) 16 Jan 2021 18:22:17
Shappy, not yet. Cantona took the while team to a new level, Bruno needs to turn up in the big games first.



21 Dec 2020 10:18:27
I was reading last week that Ole has changed his back room staff, not sure I've seen it mentioned on here, the assistant manager Mark Dempsey (who was with Ole at Cardiff) has been moved to the academy and isn't working with the first team anymore with Phelan, Carrick and McKenna having their roles changed slightly.

I think this shows that Ole or somebody at the club realised something needed changing, there was definitely a change in mentality yesterday with Ole mentioning he got the players going before the game in a different way to force the fast start. It's probably just a coincidence that it came after the back room shake up, but it must have been done for some reason so who knows?


1.) 21 Dec 2020 10:45:57
To me the coaches and Ole himself seem undynamic during matches, sitting expressionless on the bench. Maybe it's unfair of me to suggest that means they're not effective in other ways, but I'd prefer a bit of shouting and emotion, hell even running up and down the touchline then sliding on their knees.

2.) 21 Dec 2020 10:54:30
Time will tell.

3.) 21 Dec 2020 11:18:01
Ole doesn't sit on the bench stone faced all game though. He does get up and shout but Sky won't show that because it goes against the agenda. Its more apparent when your in the stadium and can watch him yourself but it'll be awhile before any of us are back at games.

4.) 21 Dec 2020 12:34:12
I think someone to organise the defence would be a good move, they’re clearly decent players but positioning isn’t great. I’d be desperately trying to find a top defensive coach to come an and help.

5.) 21 Dec 2020 13:16:08
AJH i think the £80m worlds most expensive defender who is also the captain should be organising the defence.

6.) 21 Dec 2020 14:12:34
True Mort, Ole also stands up and blows kisses to the opponent manager and players to distract them but "Sky won't show that because it goes against the agenda. Its more apparent when your in the stadium and can watch him yourself but it'll be awhile before any of us are back at games. "

When its not on TV and no one in the stadium then how can anyone say whether he is yelling or not. I haven't seen in it for 2 years.

7.) 21 Dec 2020 14:29:44
We have seen plenty of passion from Ole sat on the bench when we have scored etc. But in the last two games we have saw more fight from him. Think back to the end of the Sheffield United game and the his response to the early goals yesterday.

Not all managers need to to be bouncing up and down. It works for Klopp- but for others it wont. He could be on the touchline like arteta doing sign language for 90 mins. It looks like has more of a clue than he really does.

8.) 21 Dec 2020 17:07:50
not sure whether I've only just noticed but mckenna seems to have been on the touchline a lot more lately, when he was with the academy I used to watch a lot of their games and his academy teams played fantastic attacking football, who knows, maybe he is having more of an input.

9.) 21 Dec 2020 20:33:26

I am hoping this is the case, McKenna’s academy teams were brilliant and I was so hopeful when he was promoted.

10.) 22 Dec 2020 09:58:46
its alway mckenna that is on the touch line, the cameras just don't show you

ive seen ole animated on the touch line.



17 Dec 2020 22:36:44
So in the last 6 games we are top of the form table with 16 points from 18, the next highest is West Ham with 13 who we have beaten in this run.

Many were calling for consistency and we are finding some, certainly in the results, if not the performances. It's a very interesting season and the majority of the top 10 will feel like they are a few wins in a row away from mounting a challenge. We need to keep this form up over the Christmas period, it's always very hard to win every game at this time of year but if we come to the Liverpool game in January still in touching distance there could be some belief starting to creep in.

I didn't come on the live chat tonight but I just had a quick look to see if everyone was happy with another 3 points and it's just moaning and winding AJH up for daring to say he thought we looked dangerous and played ok. People patting themselves on the back saying I told you so when Sheff United scored, I don't understand it myself but never mind.

We go on, gutted there's no fans on Sunday as this would have been a big one I've been waiting years for, looks like they will stay up though so maybe next season and let's hope we find some home form as Leeds results seem to be anything and they have no consistency at all, what I'd give for another win.


1.) 18 Dec 2020 00:44:59
Gds2 i belive there is 2 different uniteds

The team that scored the 3rd goal. The quick 1-2touch passing driving forward with pace and intent

And then there the 1st goal and the 2 goal we conceded, slow passing backwards and sideways taking 4 and 5 touches and the way we defend we are a shambles

But we win the game in hand we can go 2 points off the top, if we obvs win up untill then.

We are very inconsistant but the team selections are very inconsistant, every game is a different starting 11.

Players are hot and cold.

A very tricky december with a lot of games.

2.) 18 Dec 2020 04:07:55
I enjoyed the game and Rashford looks class! .

The only problem is top teams will punish us and we won't always come back from behind to win games.

3.) 18 Dec 2020 06:18:24
Henderson made a mistake, but it didn't helonwuyh how deep and close Maguire was. After that incident, Maguire moved further away.

i'd like to see Utd stop playing out from the back so deep. Bith CB lack the technique to play the ball out from the back.

4.) 18 Dec 2020 07:01:48
Its still only December we still haven't hit top gear .
Just like last season things are nowhere near as bad as people like to make out, when they are screaming and shouting just to back up their opinion.

5.) 18 Dec 2020 07:05:24
I thought we played some lovely football, fast, dangerous, and once we scored it looked like being 4 or 5. Unfortunately at 3-1 we relaxed and the game drifted leading to an uncomfortable last few minutes.

However, the performance was much better with a few caveats.

1. We do not look comfortable playing out from the back. Maguire in particular seems uncomfortable with the lack of space and it’s a dangerous game. It’s not just us, there have been a fair few goals conceded by other teams from this approach.
2. Rashford was in fire and Martial looked hungry and eager but they were the only only two stand outs last night for me. The rest of the team were ok, Greenwood was quiet, Bruno had his moments, Pogba was hot and cold, the defence were ok.
3. Compared to the City game the team were more direct and created a lot more chances, at 3-1 I thought we would go on and put them to the sword but once gain we seemed to ease off.
4. To go behind in 6 consecutive away games and then win them all shows both sloppiness and great resilience.

Let’s put aloe to one side, right now we are 1 win off second and currently the form team in the League. There are a lot of games coming up and by the start of a January we could be anywhere between top and 8th. The only team that has looked decent this year has been Liverpool, everyone else has been all over the place so for whatever reason we have a chance to compete.

Last night wasn’t perfect but we looked an attacking force again and if the front 4 can keep this up then we can beat anybody.

{Ed001's Note - Matt Holland in commentary made a point about the slow starts, he said that he watched the two teams warm up and Sheff Utd were intense, really warming up with meaning. Man Utd, on the other hand, were just slow and lethargic looking. That can make a real difference. Just as a re-warm up after half-time can as well. If you are too laid back in the warm up, then you are not going out all fired up and ready to go and could explain Man Utd's slow starts.}

6.) 18 Dec 2020 07:43:15
Good post GDS2

I watched with intent last night to see why I’ve slowly turned against this regime.

It’s the slow and laborious build up play. Several passes across the back 4 followed by a ball over the top.

It happened 3 times in 5 minutes in the first half, all 3 times our forwards were offside, Rashford twice either side of Martial.

Then our first goal comes from that exact play. Pass it sideways, AWB passes it back and then it’s a ball over the top and this time Rashford is on side and scores with a great touch and finish.

So it’s not pretty to watch most of the time, but when it works it looks good and the slow and laborious football leading up to it is quickly forgotten.

Our style of play is far from what we grew used to and it’s time for us to forget about that. There’s no width, very little sustained pressure in the opposition half. We did see a little bit of that for a short period of the second half, but we are playing bottom of the league so we should see more of it.

If teams sit back our game plan goes out of the window and that’s when we see displays such as that against West Brom. There’s no space for balls over the top and we don’t know what else to do. It leads me to think that the players are doing what is asked of them, and the current manager and coaches are drilling Big Sam-like football into the players. But that’s been done to death on here.

It’s another win and we are up to 6th. Win a game in hand against Burnley (who sit deep) and we could go up to 2nd.

If we finish top 4 we will say it doesn’t matter how we got there, but the frustration still looms as some of us argue that this group of players is capable of competing at the top - this season at least.

It’s a strange old season. We aren’t pretty to watch, but it will continue to work until it doesn’t.

7.) 18 Dec 2020 07:37:10
It’s an issue Tris, you would think by now it would have been dealt with but apparently not.

{Ed001's Note - they obviously don't see a problem with it or they would make changes.}

8.) 18 Dec 2020 09:06:10
Another concern is how many more goals are we going to concede from set pieces.
Not sure why the coaching team is not rectifying the zonal marking. It's just not working.

On the other hand, our forwards can rip apart any defenses.
We have a shot at the title race, thanks to them.

9.) 18 Dec 2020 09:21:29
The problem is that even if by some chance we did win the league this year, for many they’d just say OGS was lucky and it was a freak result etc.

10.) 18 Dec 2020 16:57:19

I don’t think any of us would care if it was a freak, number 21 would be immense.




GDS2's rumour replies


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03 Feb 2021 10:01:10

We just don’t attack enough and never score haha.




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12 Dec 2020 20:14:48

We have a wage structure?




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07 Dec 2020 22:29:52
What club is going to pay the money we want for him?




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24 Oct 2020 02:12:36

He played there for the under 23s tonight who played a 3-4-3 formation. Williams played right wing back and Pellestri also played. A last minute penalty winner in a 2-1 win, impressive performance considering how young this team is.




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21 Oct 2020 23:37:53

You say unfortunately our captain will walk straight back in but I thought he had a very good game against Newcastle, he won absolutely everything and looked so assured after he got his goal.





GDS2's banter replies


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26 Feb 2021 14:27:15

Ifs and buts, anyone can get injured at any time, they could have got injured in training, both are obviously not in the ‘red zone’ as they call it and were ok getting 45 minutes in a game that didn’t push us too much. Galbraith is just a kid but I don’t think he’s that good, guess we kept him at the club because others in that position have gone out on loan like Garner.


{Ed077's Note - my point is there was no point risking Bruno from the restart and secondly no point in risking Rashford at HT. If Utd were losing 2_0 at HT than at least it would be more understandable.

You can't not train forever to try and avoid injuries but you can give players a rest especially when the tie was mostly dead at HT at least.

My point about Galbraith is if the club don't think he is going to make it than they are better off letting him leave and him gettinh more of an opportunity elsewhere and give the minutes and exposure to someonelse in the academy. And if there is hope he can be a part of the first team setup than there will very rarely be a better opportunity to give him a run out with the first team than last night. Obviously OGS won't be putting him in against Chelsea for eg.}



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26 Feb 2021 12:25:30
Bruno and Rashford are the type of players who want to play every game, they got 45 minutes each and didn’t exactly push themselves so not really a problem. Fred played because we don’t have many fit midfielders, some clubs would be calling it an injury crisis if they had 3 players injured in the same position but it seems to be just getting brushed over at the moment.


{Ed077's Note - but what if Bruno or Rashford had picked up a slight knock let alone a long term injury. There was no reason to risk them and certainly the reason to Bring on Radford for the whole 2nd half when the game was still 0_0 was an unnecessary risk IMO.

Also if Galbraith can't get any kind of a run out when he is one of the only 3 for DM/CM at the club then what was the point of keeping him at the club? They could have at least loaned him out IMO.}



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22 Feb 2021 02:45:50
Amazing the revisionism sometimes, Nani was extremely frustrating and was very much a match of the day player, he would smash one in from 35 yards every now and again but his general play was ridiculously inconsistent.

I wouldn’t compare him to martial though as I never questioned nani’s work rate.


{Ed0666's Note - I agree mate I never rated Nani my Mums mum was better than him. You see what I did there?



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22 Feb 2021 02:43:30

Quite often teams struggle when playing Wednesday - Saturday as well, the difference is that with the Europa league it’s always Thursday - Sunday whereas in the CL you may have a Wednesday - Saturday once or twice a year and the others could Tuesday - Saturday or Wednesday - Sunday. It does make a difference and always has.




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19 Feb 2021 17:21:50
We are possibly too spoilt, we haven’t won a trophy for 3 years, I would take a community shield right now.