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08 Jun 2019 11:52:36
Hi Ed's any reason my post about Pogba was initially added then removed? I've checked all the pages and it seems to have disappeared? Thanks.


{Ed002's Note - It was trolled.}

1.) 08 Jun 2019 12:12:10
Ed002 - I'm sorry fair enough.

{Ed002's Note - It is not your fault.}



Did Ed Woodward Make His Biggest Ever Mistake Appointing Ole Gunnar Solskaer As Manchester United Manager

13 May 2019 20:55:20
{Ed's Note - DLIB has posted a new article entitled, Did Ed Woodward Make His Biggest Ever Mistake Appointing Ole Gunnar Solskaer As Manchester United Manager


1.) 13 May 2019 21:13:32
Great post DLIB. Can’t argue with any of that.

2.) 13 May 2019 21:44:37

You might also consider that if rumours come true and Woodward appoints an ex player like Fletcher as Technical Director I think the club have lost all credibility. It means there will be two people to sack next Christmas, when it all falls to pieces.

3.) 13 May 2019 22:29:45
It already has lost what it had and I just think Woodward is digging his own grave by appointing Rio or Fletcher.

4.) 13 May 2019 23:01:28
I do not know what is expected of a technical director but I can say that whenever I have heard Darren Fletcher speak on TV he talks sensibly. He seems to have a reasonable appreciation of the game both as an ex player and now as an observer. He also knows the work ethic necessary for any player to wear the Utd shirt and thrive. Maybe he woukd not be such a bad appointment.

5.) 13 May 2019 23:34:11
Red Man - I can see this all starting to unravel. You've been around long enough to know how it goes.

In general this is a very average squad, devoid of leaders, littered with some talented youngsters and some star players but lacking the required attitude and application looking for a way out!

The noises coming from the Club are we will look to recruit younger, less experienced, raw players with potential and look to develop them ourselves. Unfortunately we need these players in the team now. They won't be afforded the time to grow and develop. We've seen the likes of Depay and Zaha shipped out recently. It's taken Shaw nearly 5 years to show any kind of form and Martial is no more consistent than the day we bought him. It's a policy which requires faith and patience for which we have neither.

Fans become disillusioned, attendances ebb, revenue plummets and our Club debt laden becomes unsustainable.

This is a massive summer we must recruit 3-4 excellent players in the right positions then we can look to a change in recruitment once the team has some stability Massive summer ahead.

6.) 14 May 2019 06:33:25

Yes I have seen the ebbs and flows over more than 50 years supporting the club. We haven’t heeded our own history. The club needs new direction, new fresh ideas yet looks and harks back to the past. Whoever it may be as a technical director, what is the point if they have no authority to change things, or have the knowledge of what excellent in that role looks like. If I am honest it looks like a barrier added by the decision makers to deflect blame from them, but what do I know

I saw Wilf McGuiness appointed, lovely chap by the way, but the club just couldn’t see what it was doing wrong from there. Looks like it is happening again and I suspect we could be in for a rough ride.



12 May 2019 23:38:21
It's hard not to be despondent whilst watching Utd over the past few months. It's hard to look for positives when not many exist.

When you are reliant upon a 17 year old debutant (no matter how talented) to provide the spark and attacking intent for one of the Worlds most successful football Clubs it's hard not to despair. Poor Mason Greenwood carried the hopes and expectations of 75 000 excited Utd fans this afternoon, to his credit he nearly delivered but the level of hope and anticipation for his eagerly awaited debut was an unfair burden to heap upon his young shoulders. He was well supported by the crowd eager to see him succeed but I couldn't help thinking how long this would last if he was afforded regular game time next season if things hadn't improved.

I've read the rumours linking us with Daniel James and the same applies to him. This team is completely devoid of direction and leadership. What it needs is at least 4 players that can come into the first 11, hit the ground running and improve it not raw youngsters expected to carry the expectations of millions of fans around the world.

I hear the argument about recruiting talented youngsters, nurturing and developing them, turning them into stars but this takes time and patience and we still need to win football matches whilst these young players learn the game. This policy is fine when the team is littered with an array of world class talent and experienced internationals but we'll need these young lads to make an immediate impact.

The Club must dig deep this summer, now is not the time to seek the new Ronaldo. We must recruit at least four players (CB, RB, CM, RW) capable of improving the starting 11 because if we don't we'll be looking for our 4th manager in 7 seasons. Mediocrity presides for how long nobody knows but if the evidence of the last few weeks is any kind of barometer things could get a lot worse before they get better. Having said that things can change quickly in football and if the right players come in anything can happen.

Have a great summer guys and don't read the papers it will only drive you mad!

Thanks to the Ed's as always for their dedication and hard work and for providing us with a platform to vent our frustrations and discuss all things Utd. We'll never die!


1.) 13 May 2019 08:31:23
DLIB, Great post, but I am going to have to disagree with you.

We screwed up when we appointed Moyes, that was when our squad was littered with old heads and proven winners, leaders. Vidic, Ferdinand, Evra, Carrick, RvP, Rooney and Fletcher.

That was when we should have been signing the best young talent in the world, and even in the couple of seasons prior to that.

Then they could have had 2-4 seasons with the old guard, to learn from, and to be moulded by. Two seasons later and they are all bar one or two gone and the chance had been missed.

We have seen over our history and not just recently but over the last 30 years that parachuting experienced players in just doesn't work, or at least more often than not.

Buying players with experience of other clubs often in other countries isn't directly relevant to us and our situation.

How many world class, experienced players have experience of moving to a club that needs rebuilding from the ground up? With no one for guidance, no reference point. Few if any, how many of that few have experience of doing in the high pressured, high expectancy of a club such as ours?

We bring that type of player in and we peg the burden of expectation clearly on their shoulders. You don't have to just live up to your fee, or your reputation. You have to carry the entire future of the club on your shoulders, and do so while you adapt to a new team, a new league and a new culture, possibly with limited understanding of the language.

It won't work. We have tried time and again since Sir Alex retired to bring this sort of player in, and they have all folded under the pressure. Flourished elsewhere, but not in the powder keg that is the post Sir Alex Old Trafford.

What we need is a clearing of the deck, rip out the weeds and start again. We need to lower the expectations for any players to be able to succeed. Removing the rot, bringing in young hungry players who can grow together, make mistakes, learn from them and improve.

We are now a 2-5 year project, depending how quickly we clear out those that need to go and how quickly we can bring in the right players and coaching staff. McKenna and Carrick could well be two of the most important people at the club. One has experience and knowledge of our young lads coming through, while the other knows what it takes to be a United player, and to over come adversity.

We need to tear in down and start again, although to be fair there isn't much left of the crumbling empire to tear down. The longer we try and hold on to the idea that we have a divine right to challenge for the league, the idea that with one or two player this squad will "click" the sooner we can actually start to rebuild.

Foundations first: Homegrown players with a connection to the club and the right attitude.

Then the walls, a set playing style, an identity.

Then the roof, the key world class players to elevate the team.

But none of this can be done until we clear the ground to start the rebuild.

{Ed025's Note - a good read that shappy..

2.) 13 May 2019 08:49:16
Good post DLIB. I like it if we are targeting young, hungry, fit players who will give their all but also we need quality which if recruitment is correct they should have to play for United however we will also need some experience around them, Rashford, Greenwood leading our line looks great but they need help. In midfield with Herrera and possibly Pogba leaving we may have the likes of Periera and McTominay but we will need Matic to step up and probably sign an experienced midfield player. In defence Lindelof I like but he needs an experienced, commander next to him especially if AWB rumours are true. It’s a delicate mix of the right personality, right age, right quality, right experience and also we have to offload a number, a real big summer ahead, a project which could take 2/ 3 years. A DoF I feel is a must to oversee this project and us as fans need to get behind Ole wether we think he’s the thing man for the job or not and behind our squad which will be getting revamped. I know it’s frustrating, it feels like constant transition but one we must see through.

3.) 13 May 2019 08:53:37
And Shappy, a new manager who can command respect from the players and the fans alike. Not a "cheerleader" as the knowledgable Eds put it.

4.) 13 May 2019 09:01:33
Shappy, really interesting post. I don’t disagree. I guess the only thing to think about is how do you balance this approach with shareholders and sponsors who expect Manchester United to deliver now and not in 5 years time.

5.) 13 May 2019 10:18:53
United Addict, I have said Ole might not be the right man long term. However, you can't accurately judge anyone until you give them a chance. If a manager with Mourinho's experience couldn't win with these players then no one will.

Also What the club needs to do and what it can do under current circumstances are very different things. Until the right people are in place higher up, until we have someone who has the vision and the ability to create a plan for the footballing side, we are very much scrambling in the dark.

So what do we do in the mean time? We muddle on as best we can. Hopefully Ole can prove everyone wrong. If not then hopefully he can help the club maintain something of its old self until the right man can be found.

Personally I think the club needs a new structure, with more of a head coach than a manager. Have a Technical director who works creates the vision of the club, how the club should operate in a footballing sense. Then the club should be looking to the best young managers who have a style that suits that vision. Then work together to build a competitive team. However, the role of the technical director is to make sure the club stays true to that vision, making sure there is a continuity over the youth set up and the transfer policy. Avoiding the current situation where we have a squad made up of 3 different managers signings making it almost impossible to create any sort of cohesive team.

SD1, Well to start with we don't have to balance an approach with the shareholders, the vast majority of the club is owned by the Glazers, the rest isn't relevant to the conversation. Sponsors also won't be an issue. They will have deals that are tied until a certain date. Deals that expire while the club is under a restructure will either be renegotiated or other deals will be sought with other sponsors. I would imagine if potential sponsors did ask about the footballing side having a clear plan and seeing obvious progress would put their minds at ease. Although the only thing potential sponsors will worry about is the clubs potential reach, how many people watch and support the club. As long as droves of fans don't move away from the club and start supporting another side we will be fine on the sponsorship front.

6.) 13 May 2019 11:30:41
Hi Shappy, Yes, you are right. Good point. Do you feel Solskjaer has what it takes to oversee the summer surgery?

7.) 13 May 2019 12:13:20
SD1, I genuinely have no idea. I would like to think so, but then the Ed's suggest Ole will only have a limited impact on transfers. But then if that is the case, and Mourinho certainly wasn't happy with the clubs signings last summer, then it makes no difference who is the manager.

Personally, I feel this summer will be defined by who leaves the much more than who joins. If the club insist on keeping Pogba and don't clear the decks of the problem players then we will be doomed to repeat our mistakes and have another poor season next year. That will be more important than who we bring in.

8.) 13 May 2019 14:54:14
Shappy - spot on there. I took some comfort in the public use of the word rebuild by Solskjaer (who must be realising just what a big job he took on) . His comments also suggest those above him realise this too. Let’s hope that is the case and the garden gets weeded fast. It may be difficult to shift a few but they need to take a loss on some rather than slow down the rebuild.



08 May 2019 10:23:57
We all have our opinions of how we can return to the top but the only way back is by good planning and patience.

The most important thing is we re-establish an identity and recognisable style of play. Tactical tweaks are fine but when your changing players and formations every week it breeds uncertainty and inconsistency. Players need to understand their role and expectations within the team. The most refreshing aspect of Ole's first few games in charge was we could all name the starting 11 and formation. Results and performances suffered when he morphed into Mourinho and started experimenting with different players and formations. He placed more importance on the result rather than performances and betrayed the principles that brought him his early success. The players looked confused and despondent and reverted back to playing as individuals rather than a team.

What we need now is decisive and robust leadership. Tough decisions must be made about the futures of Pogba and De Gea. They can't be allowed to fester and rumble on into the summer. Football decisions must be prioritised over financial reward. We can't allow ourselves to be bullied by the likes of Madrid where they will look to unsettle the players in order to drive down the price. We hold the cards, Pogba is under contract and if our valuation is not met by a specific time then he stays. If they are both on the plane come pre season then they both must be retained. It is impossible to plan for next season if you don't know the future of your two best players. It will become disruptive and the Club can ill afford another transfer saga. We must re establish control and demonstrate who is in charge.

We all know the areas of the squad that need strengthening. They must be addressed during the summer. There is little point in targeting the likes of Cavani or Dybala at the expense of other positions. This will just further exacerbate the imbalances in the squad and alienate others who in my opinion are the future of our Club.

We must find a partner for Lindelof and a RW to bring balance to the team and enable us to attack down both flanks. A RB and CM are other areas that need strengthening especially if Pogba leaves.

On the surface the re-building job looks daunting but it's amazing what a few quality additions in the rights positions can do.


1.) 08 May 2019 10:38:00
The most important thing is to bring in people who know how to run a club, as we stand nothing is going to change. We can buy and sell till the cows come home, our problems run way deeper than the we layers on the pitch.

2.) 08 May 2019 10:40:06
I’ve just posted a long post about this, it’s on the discussion page.

3.) 08 May 2019 12:21:25
Great post DLIB.

I just want to raise a point as I see it over and over again. People say we need a RW. But do we have a LW?

Sancjez needs to be sold, beyond him we have Martial who doesn't want to be a winger and doesn't work hard enough and Rashford who is a striker.

Personally I wouldn't sign a true RW, but a creative player who can score and create from either the RW or as a No.10.

I see us setting up with a front two and a versatile player playing in the No.10 role. Rather than a traditional front three with two wider players.

4.) 08 May 2019 12:37:10
We can do these posts all day long but it doesn't alter the shambolic way things are ran. For example Ole wants Sancho but we're linked with Bale and Dybala. Until this changes nothing will change.

5.) 08 May 2019 13:23:34
Mort, spot on. It doesn't matter who we sign if the club is so old. I predict we will keep Pogba (for marketing reasons) and sign Bale.

6.) 08 May 2019 14:06:10
Bale wouldn't surprise me in the slightest the way Ed Woodward goes about his business. We should sign a couple of players from Leicester and Wolves. Proper team players who will fight for the badge and know the premier league.

7.) 08 May 2019 16:03:17
Damon- what makes you think that we COULD sign players from leicester and wolves? From the outside we would be lucky to attract players from Salford and Grimsby!
Not only is it a concern how bad we are in every aspect from the infastructure and team performance' but how far we are behind the top 2 and the probability they will improve more. We really have got a mountain to climb but it has to be approached carefully and sensibly, not kneejerk or gungho and that starts with Woodward going. If he isn't gone then anything will merely be a bandaid over an amputated limb; simple.

8.) 08 May 2019 16:14:29
Why would wolves or Leicester sell? They probably see us as rivals in the battle for best of the rest. If you were Rodgers or Nuno which club would you be targeting?

9.) 08 May 2019 17:44:43
I agree Shappy and that's why we need a clear identity and vision of how we want to play.

I think Martial is a wide forward, he's at his best with the ball at his feet in that left channel within the final third where he can run at defenders.

I'm yet to be confined by the split strikers. I've not seen much evidence of any partnerships forming and I don't think Rashford is suited to playing on the right. It's no coincidence to me that his form has dipped the more time he has been deployed down that right channel. If we are to persist then we need a really good No10 to link it all together. Lingard has performed well in that role on occasions but it remains to be seen if he can cement himself in that position on a regular basis.
Another problem with the split strikers in my opinion is that it leaves our full backs exposed and isolated and requires our midfielders to get wide quickly to support them. I just feel it makes us very vulnerable defensively and easy to play through.

In my opinion the way we should line up next season depends on the future of Pogba. If he stays then I'd prefer us to play 4-3-3 and we really need a right sided forward to give balance to the attack. If Pogba is sold then I'd think we'd benefit from changing to a 4-2-3-1 with Lingard moving into a No10 position behind Rashford and our links to someone like Dybala would make more sense. In any case we'd still need a right sided forward which I view as essential if we are to progress. I think Martial and Rashford are both better from the left so far me that's not a priority.

I know it's highly unlikely but if we could somehow get Sancho out of Dortmund and line up with Lingard at 10, Martial left, Sancho right and Rashford up top I think we'd have a really mobile and dynamic attack. If we could find a really good holding midfielder to partner either Matic or Mctominay in midfield and then a commending CB to partner Lindelof I think we'd have the basis of a decent team. A new right back would also help but maybe Dalot deserves his chance so I don't see this as essential.

Like I said I think a lot depends on the future of Pogba I just hope its decided quickly one way or the other so we can move forward. My opinion is if he's determined to leave then he should be sold. He's unlikely to sign a new contract and will become a disruptive influence on the dressing room. We must set a realistic valuation on the player rather than risk it destabilise the squad before the new season has even started.

Strong and robust leadership and a clear vision of how we intend to play will go a long way in deciding what kind of season we can expect next year!

10.) 08 May 2019 18:28:52
Shappy the sort of player your describing would be ziyech at Ajax imo. Although I believe there is some baggage with him per Ed002.

11.) 08 May 2019 18:58:35
I know we all have different opinions, but I really cannot see how Lingard or Rashford are potential number 10's? Maybe my idea of a no.10 is different to others - I saw Shappy suggest the 10 role for Lingard the other day too.

But isn't the 10 role really the playmaker role, someone with intelligence and vision. The man to link play and unlock defenses, like the Zidane, Totti, and going back to people like Ronaldinho, and Maradona before that.

I know roles vary in different formations, but I just don't see Lingard as a 10, nor Rashford.

If we are to play with a 10, I still think Mata is our best option, though looks like he may be off too.

12.) 08 May 2019 19:50:33
Betty I suppose it all comes down to what your definition of a No10 is?

For me it's someone that plays just off the front in advanced positions but can also drop deeper into midfield when required. They don't necessarily have to be a "playmaker" but can influence the attack in other ways. Lingard is brilliant off the ball, he constantly makes intelligent runs and is great at pressing from the front. He had a period last winter when he was played consistently just behind the striker or in the No10 position and he excelled. It appeared he'd finally added an end product to his game but he was eventually moved back out to the right so we could accommodate Pogba in a three man midfield. By no means am I'm saying he's world class but he's vastly undervalued by a lot of our supporters.

It always amuses me when many of our supporters call for youth to be given a chance yet have no patience to allow them to succeed. Mctominay, Rashford and Lingard have all come in for unnecessary criticism yet these are the players that will run themselves into the ground and are capable of allowing us to play a more aggressive pressing style.

13.) 08 May 2019 20:25:50
Lingard is a decent enough player, but nothing special. Handles run around a lot, I'll give you that be he's no number 10 - at least not if we expect to start challenging the top teams. And I would hardly call him youth. He's 27 in a few months time.
We need to get away from this sentimental approach with players like Lingard, because he has come through the ranks.
I'm not saying get rid of him, as he is a decent enough squad player, but if we really are going to build a team to challenge, I just don't see a team with Lingard playing such an important role.
Rashford and McTomminay are completely different - they really are youth.

14.) 09 May 2019 00:45:31
Yes I agree but Leicester/ Wolves have some very good team players. Also we do have European football to offer and Leicester will not have that next season. I'd take both of their full backs in a heartbeat!



14 Apr 2019 20:47:54
Best not to dwell on yesterdays performance the most positive thing I can say is job done.

In many ways we are still suffering from an unbalanced squad where players have been recruited without an understanding of where they will fit into the team and without knowing or understanding our preferred style or system.

Without wanting to sound like a broken record if we are to enjoy any success either on the field or in the transfer market Ole must impose his identity on the team.

When he took over he quickly identified his preferred 11 and formation. For the first time in years we knew our best team and it brought success. The football was better (not perfect), players started to form relationships and partnerships and we had reason to be optimistic. Injury derailed this plan and threw it into chaos. We now have different systems every week with players being asked to perform several different roles often within the same 90 minutes. Whilst some degree of tactical flexibility is useful players perform at their best when they understand their role and know what's expected of them. They benefit from playing the same system and knowing their team mates. At the moment we've reverted back into a bunch of individuals playing their own game rather than a cohesive team where everyone understands their job.

I think it's fair to say that none of us could reliably name the team for Tuesday let alone guess the tactics or formation. Will it be 3 at the back, 442, 442 (diamond), 4-2-3-1, 4-3-3 who knows?!

When it comes to the summer recruitment how do we know which players to target if we don't even know what style or formation we want to play?

I would have liked Ole to stick to the 4-3-3 which brought him his early success. To continue to demand his players work hard and press the ball. Move the ball quickly and play without fear. If he'd have stuck to his principles we'd have a better understanding of what was required in the summer. His tinkering and square pens in round holes approach has contributed to a lack of form, disjointed, disorganised and uninspiring recent performances.

I agree we need a CB, RB and probably another CM but in my opinion the priority position must be RW. We just don't have anybody that can play that position effectively on a consistent basis. Lingard has done ok on occasions but he often drifts inside which leaves us without width. I accept a better full back might go some way to alleviating this problem but Lingard constantly drifting inside often leaves us vulnerable defensively as well.

Surely we want our FB to build up a relationship with our wide men, providing overlapping runs and freeing up space inside. Lingard is often so far detached that the full back is totally isolated often left without a passing option. We must be able to attack down both sides of the pitch and if we had someone on the right this would free up space for Martial and Pogba coming through the centre.

I think Ole has been guilty of trying to be a little bit too clever and manipulating his tactics and formation too often. He has fallen into the trap of setting up his team according to the opposition rather than building on his early success and principles.

For the record I think Ole deserved the job but I want to know what type of football we can expect next season. I went to see us work harder, press the ball higher and play on the front foot. I want to see us impose our own style on the opposition and watch a team rather than a collection of individuals. I think Ole has fallen into the trap like his predecessors of chasing results rather than performances. He's now walking a dangerous line believing that the ends justify the means. Yesterday wasn't good enough despite the result. Look after the performances and the results will look after themselves over the course of a season.

Come on Ole give us what we want. We need to see progress and an identity returning to our play. Prioritise the performances and the results will look after themselves. Don't lose your way like those before you.


1.) 14 Apr 2019 20:57:25
Spot on DLIB.

2.) 14 Apr 2019 21:06:23
To be fair to ole and the players dlib since the Liverpool game there was lots of injuries. he has not been able to call on his preferred 11 once since then.
So what do you get?
Some positives in the emergence of dalot fred and mctom in particular.
The negatives are the chopping and changing leads to disjointed performances and players playing rash and jessie when not 100% fit.

3.) 14 Apr 2019 21:09:19
Pressed send early.
The other negative is we have to rely on depth of squad and we got exposed in midfield and wide areas in particular.

4.) 14 Apr 2019 23:20:05
Good post dlib and I couldn't agree more about your point about attacking from both sides . Martial cops lots of stick, to be honest even though I still like him he deserves a lot of his stick, while the right sided attackers get a bit of a pass as it's more just accepted we are pants down the right . I hope Sanchez duznt get better in people's eyes by not playing and simply on the fact martial has had a poor game, Sanchez has been truly awful .
On pogba another who frustrates but of the midfield options we have it's a pretty bland bunch attacking wise without him .
We have it in us to be able to beat pretty much anyone in a one off game, the flip side is we also look well capable of losing to teams we would hope not to.

5.) 15 Apr 2019 06:13:03
Good post DLIB.
Injuries are starting to take a toll on the squad.
We have not fielded a same starting 11 for the past 10 games.




DLIB's rumour replies


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10 Jun 2019 21:30:24
Why would Palace sell him to Everton or West Ham for half the price? That just doesn't make sense. Palace are under no pressure to sell, he's one of the most promising full backs in the country, the player isn't agitating for a move, he's still under contract so if somebody wants him they'll have to make Palace an offer they can't refuse.

Didn't Everton buy Richarlison from Watford for around £50m after only playing one season in the Premier League?!

It's the same for the likes of Maguire and Maddison. Their values are being pushed through the roof as Clubs are no longer under financial pressure to sell players, they are better equipped than ever before to retain their best players so if players have signed long term contracts getting them from other Club's is difficult and very expensive.




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22 Apr 2019 14:08:41
Good post Mumbles.




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31 Dec 2018 17:32:37
I've not seen much of him but he's very well rated from what I've read.

We definitely need a RW but I'd like to see Chong given a chance. I'm surprised he's not been included since Ole's appointment does anybody know if he's been injured?!




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08 Oct 2018 13:08:24
Yeah your probably right Ed001. Pie in the sky talk really just thinking out loud thanks for your reply!


{Ed001's Note - it is difficult because you don't want to push out a legend like Fergie, but sometimes you have to.}



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08 Oct 2018 10:24:18
Ed001 - I think that is superb reply and I totally agree with you about SAF. It is my understanding that as his career progressed he took a step back and became a brilliant delegator. He regularly changed his assistants and coaching staff to freshen things up, implement new ideas and keep the players motivated. He became more of an observer which gave him the advantage of being able to assess exactly what was going on at the football Club.

I think you hit the nail on the head when you said any new DOF will become the most important person at the Club most certainly from a footballing perspective anyway. They will drive the footballing strategy and vision.

I was always slightly curious why we couldn't have adopted this approach when SAF retired. I think he could have remained in post for a couple of seasons as a figurehead whilst Moyes took control of the team. He would have been a valuable asset and maybe he could have been more actively involved in player recruitment aiding both Moyes and Woodward through a difficult first window. I'd have liked to have seen a slower more measured transition where Moyes was approached and offered the job as head coach ultimately taking the main role the following season or even the season after. It might just have given the Club time to find its feet and put measures in place to fill the massive void when SAF eventually retired. Of course this is all just pie in the sky reasoning but ultimately the great man was always going to retire and maybe his biggest legacy could have been overseeing the next step and ensuring the Club continued to dominate rather than just leaving a vacuous hole they have been unable to fill. Johan Cruyff left Barcelona with a footballing philosophy which has endured for decades even after his untimely death. He has provided the Club with a blueprint and recipe for continued success. I'd have like to have seen Utd follow suit with SAF engineering and planning his own retirement and legacy rather than just leaving suddenly. Of course this all sounds great in theory but I appreciate in reality it's easier said than done. Maybe he just couldn't commit any more of his time and things happened suddenly which we're out of his control. Its all ancient history now anyway.


{Ed001's Note - I think the problem you had was that Fergie was still around and it never works out when the previous, legendary, manager is still around. Busby stepped upstairs and it didn't help at all. Shankly was causing a similar issue at Liverpool after he quit, so he was asked to stay away. Cruyff went off to rebuild Ajax (if I remember correctly) so he was not there overshadowing his successors. Fergie is too strong a character to just put him to one side, unlike Paisley, for example, who acted as advisor when Dalglish was first appointed up until he fully retired in 1989 and then it all fell apart for Liverpool without him. When you have someone as strong as Fergie, it has to be a clean break or his shadow is over everything.

Your biggest problem was that he was in control of pretty much everything at the club. Great while he was there, but the minute he went it left a massive power vacuum that Eddy Woodwouldward could never hope to fill and Moyes had no intention of getting involved to that degree of micro-management. So you were left with a lot of people who no longer knew who to report to.}




DLIB's banter replies


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12 Jun 2019 19:23:30
So we're back to judging players on a game by game basis. Some people on here have very short memories. Lukaku scores a brace for Belgium and suddenly he's fantastic again and it's not Lukaku that's the problem but the service. Of course any striker would benefit from better service but Lukaku must take responsibility for improving his own game and embrace the pressure of playing for a big Club where every game and every performance matters.

Lukaku is a good player but he's not a great one. His movement is poor, his mobility is limited and his first touch inconsistent. In the modern game when defenders and goalkeepers are expected to play like midfielders there can be no passengers. Lukaku is not good enough to expect the team to be built around him. His goal scoring record is reasonable but it's not good enough for him to be indulged. If he wants to survive not just at Utd but at any top Club with aspirations of winning the biggest honours then he must improve his movement, mobility and first touch.

The best teams all now defend from the front, the forwards instigate the press and have the mobility and tenacity to help win the ball back higher up the pitch. The best teams have forwards that can rotate positions making it hard for the opposition to mark and pick them up. They can drop deep, run in behind and pull into wide areas. Lukaku's game is limited, his lack of mobility and movement make him predictable and easy to mark. If he's not able to use his physicality to hold off defenders in order to create space for shot or header he's relatively redundant.

Whilst Lukaku stats indicate he is our most prolific goal scorer that doesn't always tell the full story. OGS wants a forward line that can play with pace and movement. He wants rotation of positions and mobility with players moving to create space for each other. He wants the goals to be spread across the entire forward line and not dependent on one focal point that's relatively easy to manage.

Having said all that there is no reason why Lukaku can't work on these aspects of his game and become an effective member of our team. He needs to work of his agility, mobility and movement over the summer. He must embrace the challenge and fight for his place. Sadly it appears he wants to take the easy option and move on rather than take responsibility for his own limitations and improve. Lukaku is not irreplaceable and if he doesn't want to fight for his place in the team and improve then we should wish him luck at his new Club. Something tells me we won't live to regret it.




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08 Jun 2019 12:12:10
Ed002 - I'm sorry fair enough.


{Ed002's Note - It is not your fault.}



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03 Jun 2019 21:23:00
I would love us to sign them both.




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03 Jun 2019 17:33:57
AJH - Thanks mate beginners luck I'll be bottom next season!




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02 Jun 2019 13:42:56
Our main problem is we have owners that view the Club as a global brand rather than a football Club. Their prime motivation is to increase the asset value of the Club and matters on the pitch is not their primary concern.

They have maximised the Clubs money making potential by exploiting the brand, by trading on our history and taking advantage of our vast and loyal fan base.

The truth is success on the pitch isn't necessary for driving the value of the brand or securing lucrative sponsorship deals and investment. Of course success on the pitch helps but it isn't fundamental to their business plan.

Some will argue that money has been spent, our wage bill is one of the biggest in Europe but this money has been invested without planning or foresight. It's been spent to keep the Club marketable and operating at a level necessary to continue to attract investors and not to make the team successful.

For a Club the size of Manchester United not to have some kind of head of football operations is ridiculous. The fact that one has yet to be appointed is equally obscene. On footballing terms we are effectively a leaderless organisation with people making decisions on transfers and player recruitment and retention without the required knowledge or experience.

It's been 6 years since SAF retired and we still have no idea who is in charge of player recruitment or retention. Some players appear to have been recruited and retained merely to protect the makability of the brand or they are a particular favourite of one of the owners. A toxic dressing room culture has been allowed to prosper and fester spreading its poison throughout the ranks. The players now treat the Club like our owners. They exploit the brand to maximise their social media accounts and grow their non footballing activities. They sit on inflated wages often watching from the treatment table and refuse to move on despite never playing or ever being fit.

It remains my view that Mourinho wasn't sufficiently backed last summer was solely down to a lack of ambition on behalf of the Club. In my opinion the Club were content with finishing second, they were arrogant and complacent in the view that Mourinho could keep the Club within the top 4 without more investment. In my view they had no appetite to spend more money chasing trophies and trying to close the gap. The subsequent fall out was predictable their arrogance and complacency laid bare which will now cost millions trying to put right.

Does anybody really believe that our owners are hurting from seeing City win a domestic treble or Liverpool become Champions of Europe?

Does anyone really think we have a coherent plan or blueprint in order to return us to the top and get us winning the big trophies again?

If the answer is "No" buckle up we're in for a rough ride. Sorry I just needed a rant today completely fed up long summer ahead!