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23 Jun 2023 17:49:20
I find it disingenuous to those that suggest the sale of the Club will have no bearing on this summers transfer window.

Had the takeover of the Club been completed in April or May as many commentators had predicated I don't think there is any doubt that this summers transfer window would have looked remarkably different. New owners would be keen to show intent and make an immediate impression.

Whilst it may be true to suggest that the sale of the Club won't necessarily divert from a usual Glazer summer of indecision, delay and protracted negotiations had new owners been in place maybe we could have been spared such frustration and drama.

In relation to this summers transfer window a lack of leadership and indecision reigns again.

Mount may arrive if a fee can be agreed with Chelsea and Rabiot seems a cheaper alternative to the likes of Rice and Caicedo however his wages could still present a problem.

The GK situation is bizarre. Surely if there was uncertainty surrounding De Gea this should have been treated as a priority with many supporters labelling a new keeper as essential summer business. If De Gea leaves then obviously a new GK will arrive, however as it stands the situation remains unclear. Will the club move for a cheaper GK to provide competition for De Gea or someone more established and replace him as No1?! The fact this decision has not yet been made is scary.

A new CB is probably dependant on selling Maguire so I don't expect that to be resolved anytime soon.

With Kane and Osimhen seemingly both unavailable the CF situation is complex. I get the impression the Club are reluctant to splash the cash on a younger, inexperienced prospect just yet. I have a suspicion that some at the Club still believe that Harry Kane may become available later in the window especially if he agitates for a move therefore in my opinion I don't think the CF position will be resolved until the end of the window.

I get the impression there is a lot of indecision within the Club not fully decided if they want to invest heavily in new GK or the what kind of CF they want to move for. Considering many supporters believed both positions were key summer priority's it's alarming that the Club doesn't seem to have a clear and coherent plan.

We could fall lucky like we did last year but if that happens I expect more panic, drama and no doubt a big overspend on someone because they've left it late.


1.) 23 Jun 2023 18:04:18
Clear and coherent plan and Manchester United don’t go together and hasn’t for years. We can only hope that new ownership and a new structure can change that…. if we get new owners that is.

2.) 23 Jun 2023 18:11:51
Good post DLIB. 10Hag must be incredibly frustrated.

3.) 23 Jun 2023 18:55:07
I don't think even this leadership will fail to get an acceptable striker, but we do really need a backup too, unless Rashford is being moved up front full time (which I don't think he should be, at least not now, maybe in the future) .

Well, worst case we can use McT as backup striker, he offers everything Weghorst did, but with more goal threat! (Sadly I'm only half joking here)

4.) 23 Jun 2023 18:56:25
Maybe if the club had been sold by April/ May then things might have been different.

Yet I think its disingenuous to place all blame at the Glazers door for that.

The saying goes it takes two to tango. The fact that we ended up with three rounds of bidding and that the rumoured fee being paid is north of 6bn, up over 3.2bn on anything offered in the first round of bids just shows that this is a process.

Being angry at people for refusing a lower deal when they have gone on to secure a much better one seems daft and pointless.

I think a lot of of fans got a little carried away when the first rumours of the club being potentially up for sale. They let their imagination run away with itself. We'd get a new owner, someone who understands the club, who is a fan, who has a clear plan and will invest. Clear the debt, build a new stadium, build a new training ground, and of course bankroll a luxury summer of expensive signings.

It's best not to look at things in the short term view. We will have new owners and it's probably better for them to really get their feet under the table over the summer and over the course of next season.

The last thing the club needs is kneejerk reactions. Sack this person and that person and try and hire someone to come in and implement a plan that they have literally had to pull out of their derrière with absolutely no understanding of the club. Owners more concerned with making a fancy entrance than making sensible well thought-out moves. Buying big name, fancy players to try and woo the fans.

The signings the club have wanted to make after scouting throughout the season, players who suit the managers profile and fit into his plans.

Having new owners who can have a chance to see what is working and what isn't, while also having the common sense to plan out how and when to make those changes. Is vital.

5.) 23 Jun 2023 20:01:38
Dlib, we have ffp to deal with. Owners can't just come in and spend what they want. Unless we sell some the kitty is looking low.

6.) 23 Jun 2023 22:00:34
FFP is definitely a factor for us, we have to face facts that for now we can’t compete on the mega deal front in respect of transfer fees.

7.) 23 Jun 2023 22:28:09
FiremanC - Not without sales. The issue is we must raise £100m sales to be able to spend say £400m. But we cannot spend £400m without knowing for sure we can raise £100m. And you cannot guarantee you will raise £100m. We don't have a crystal ball. That's why we cannot rush into buying everyone. It was always going to be about outgoings, I'm not convinced we will do anything different than other seasons, therefore it'll be tough this summer. We have already priced Fred out of a Fulham move. He's 30. We need to be more flexible with sales and not penny pinch so much. We will miss out on EtH's targets. That's why for me it was super important that we were taken over by the Qataris asap, as they would allow for small loses on outgoing players to allow them to move on. IE freeing up money for the benefit of FFP. I have no faith in the current team to get players out the door.

8.) 23 Jun 2023 23:20:52
According to the Athletic we do not have particularly pressing FFP concerns. I think the existing combined debt of £1.1bn is more problematic. We don't have the cash on hand to make any big up front cash purchases.



21 Jul 2020 08:15:50
There has been some fierce debate since the Chelsea defeat but maybe some perspective is needed.

Only a couple of weeks ago Chelsea lost to West Ham and Sheffield Utd and looked anything like convincing in a narrow victory over Crystal Palace. They have their own problems in defence and with another Spanish goalkeeper coincidentally so they have not suddenly become world beaters again overnight.

Utd now need to show some resilience and mental strength. We look a team showing signs of fatigue and some parallels can be drawn to last season when Ole went on a magnificent run only for it to fall apart once we'd dragged ourselves back into contention. The same excuses were rolled out then. Injury and fatigue bore the blame but this time history cannot repeat itself.

We need to exhibit a steely reserve, to win our next two fixtures and complete a remarkable turn around. There will be no trophy or even celebration for finishing 4th. It will still represent a poor season where we have finished over 30 points behind the leaders but maybe the seeds of recovery have been sown over the last few weeks. A return to Europe's elite competition will see us welcome Europe's best back to Old Trafford and hopefully the extra revenue generated will be reinvested back into the playing squad.

As for next season expectations should be tempered. Any talk of a title challenge is dangerously premature and once again we'll be in a fight for a top 4 finish with the likes of Chelsea, Spurs, Arsenal, Leicester, Wolves etc

Progress has been made, the team is now capable of scoring more goals, is becoming more consistent, whilst the style and brand of football is slowly evolving. I think we've been treated to some fantastic, attacking football since the re start, scoring some memorable goals and perhaps we have seen the birth of our next academy superstar.

We've seen ourselves the difference that just one player can make to a team so with the right recruitment we do have cause for optimism. The prospect of seeing Rashford, Martial, Fernandes and Sancho not matter how unlikely is exciting and with Greenwood continuing to develop we have a core of good players capable of competing with the best.

We must now finish the job and look forwards not back. The Chelsea defeat is consigned to history and in some ways we have bigger business to take care of. It's a big week ahead for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and the direction of his Man Utd team.


1.) 21 Jul 2020 10:27:48
Nice to see there are still some people on the site with a modicum of common sense and knowledge. 👏👏.

2.) 21 Jul 2020 10:28:57
Sensible post. I think the issue is most of us have become entrenched in our views either pro or against the manager. Them the most recent results become the basis of either proving your opinion right or wrong.

The reality is the unless Ole massively improves them he isn't the right long term manager for us. Yet in the short term he has shipped out the right players, brought in players with the right mentality, he has given youth a chance, improved most players in the squad and given the club back some of its identity. As a result whoever takes over will take over a club and a side in much better shape than it was when Ole took over.

Whether this summer, next summer or beyond is the right time to replace Ole remains to be seen and until he is will remain a hypothetical opinion only.

My view is we have a young side that is benefitting from having a manger who trusts them, regardless of who we sign we are too far off of Liverpool and City who have sides at their peak currently to realistically catch them next season.

They say a squad peaks with an average age between 26-29. That is where Liverpool and City are now. Our average age is 23/ 24 so we need more experience before we hit our peak.

For me next season would be a success if we are comfortably 3rd with a much smaller gap between us and 1st, anything below a 10 point gap would be a great improvement. I think we need to win a cup either the Europa League this season or a cup next season. Winning breeds a winning mentality and with so many young players in the squad winning a cup would be a huge growth experience for them.

Onwards and upwards. We need to refocus on the next game, forget Leicester. Win at West Ham, and try and win by a good margin. That would show a good bounce back mentality and would go some way to maintaining confidence levels. While also putting us in the best possible place ahead of the final day showdown.

3.) 21 Jul 2020 10:58:29
Agreed. If Ole can get us back into the top 4, playing some good football, maybe Europa League as a bonus, you have to after he’s done a sterling job and deserves another transfer window to continue his project. The atmosphere around our club is chalk and cheese to Jose’s reign. I for one am not complaining - yes he makes a few mistakes, but he’s learning all the time.

4.) 21 Jul 2020 11:20:01
Top post DLIB.

5.) 21 Jul 2020 12:07:37
Top post and well said DLIB.

6.) 21 Jul 2020 12:52:37
Good post dlib. City have lost a host of league games this year and are 20 points worse off than last year and have just been outplayed by arsenal. Do we see mass hysteria? Sack pep? players not good enough? No we don't. If I had said after the Burnley defeat that with 2 league games to go CL qualification would be in our hands I would have been laughed off this site. We are looking a little fatigued which is why the team and the manager need all our support not relentless criticism for losing a game which wasn't in the grand scheme of things particularly important.

7.) 21 Jul 2020 13:31:30
our inability to finish teams off is one of the issues we had early in the season which has cost us points.

we have drew 11 games.

lost the 2nd least amount of games and have conceded the joint second least.

i think with a few more players, especially a right winger, and another central midfielder regardless if pogba stays or not you will see a difference.

8.) 21 Jul 2020 14:02:34
Good post DLIB.

But I remain unconvinced that Ole has what it takes to take us forward next season and beyond. Still too many question marks hang over him and what he has achieved so far. I do hope I am wrong.




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Manchester United Will Find Success In The Performances

24 Oct 2023 07:39:07
{Ed's Note - DLIB has posted a new article entitled, Manchester United Will Find Success In The Performances


1.) 24 Oct 2023 13:19:56
The problem is that installing a style of play often comes with having to accept a season or two of inconsistent results.

This is further exasperated by having a mismatched squad where there is no obvious style or clear way of playing that even suits 50%.

Realistically we will need to see 60-70% of the squad change to players who all suit a particular style of play.

While doing that we need to keep persevering with trying to embed that style regardless of the results.

Last season EtH tried to get the team to play a specific style, and we lost the first two games to Brighton and Brentford. We couldn't play out the back due to DDG not being good enough on the ball, we couldn't play a high line, and our shape was restricted by the qualities of our full backs. In midfield we had players whose skills were more towards the physical abilities rather than technical or tactical. Players who were quick or strong, but couldn't trap a carrier bag let alone a ball. Players who didn't know how to play football in the head. Chasing shadows and not seeing passes. Forwards who suited balls over the top into space, but lacked the ability to play through teams, no one who could hold the ball up and bring others into play.

EtH had to abandon his ideas and move to a more transitional counter attacking style that we saw under Ole. He had to play as the players knew how.

The fans demanded results over growth or development. Instead of working towards good performances we have to work towards good results.

When you target results then you might get them, but when you don't there isn't anything useful to take away from the game. If you target good performances then there will always be some positives and obvious things to work on to improve. While if you keep working on improving those performances eventually the results will come.

But we don't have fans known for their patience. Quite the opposite in fact. Which makes this process particularly difficult, especially with reactive owners who are more than happy to throw another manager into the fire if it gets them out from under the microscope.

Until we have fans who will accept bad losses in the aim of growing into better performances we will always struggle to turn things around.

Unfortunately we are part of the problem and not a part of the solution, and sadly I don't see that changing.

Look at Liverpool under Klopp, 2-3 seasons of inconsistent results, but steadily improving performances until they were able to challenge. Over those three years fans accepted poor results, the manager changed over 70% of the playing squad.

Arsenal the same, 2 years of questionable results for Arteta while he changed the team. Now look at them.

Both clubs were able to succeed because they focused on performances and not results, they had the patience to stick the course. They didn't blindly react to every little setback, throw their toys out the pram leading to the sacking of another manager.

If we want to see a manager succeed we need to give them the tools to do so, the players they need, the patience they need and to freedom to pursue performances rather than demand results from them.

Until that happens, it will probably just be rinse and repeat. As fans we play our part, you get to choose how you support your club, will you try and nurture it or demand instant gratification to soothe your needs.

2.) 24 Oct 2023 15:18:25
Great post. Hopefully with SJR potential re-structure will enable EtH to take the team to the next level over the next 18 months.

Clearly there is disharmony amongst the squad. Come next summer, I hope Lindelof, AWB, Maguire, Sancho and probably Varane and even Casemeiro will leave. The latter two likely going to Saudi Arabia.

Last season Utd played some fantastic football. Even ED001 was full of praise for the job that EtH was doing.

Unfortunately there are a few fans who expect success. The club has offloaded quite a few players within the constraints of the FFP. Utd missed out on KJM, got Amrabat in last minute, whislt players succumbed to injury during pre season and into the start of the season.

The club has addressed this by signing the Arsenal Doctor to improve the players medical care and prevention.

Things take time, a structure at the club that doesn't support the manager and recruitment process etc will always hinder a clubs attempt at winning trophies. A correct structure should see an improvement in player recruitment, with less emphasis on signing players to boost sponsorship deals. It should be football first, commerciability second.

Finally we all saw how easily certain players give up. I hope EtH starts to drop those who continue to under perform. This season is second season syndrome. Players have leftz new players have come in, albeit very last minute. Ideally your want all your signings before ore season starts to ensure better squad integration.

3.) 24 Oct 2023 17:17:01
Shappy - that's exactly the point of my post. It’s the Club that want top 4 by any means necessary not the supporters. It’s the Club that will accept crap football if it means Champions League qualification and it’s the Club’s ambition that does not extend beyond finishing 4th. they do not care how that is achieved. I don’t want EtH to fall into that trap.

I think you underestimate the fan base, they want to see better football and understand it’s a process, EtH must not fall into the trap of accepting crap football just to finish 4th. That was my point.

I appreciate It’s a difficult conundrum as if he doesn’t get 4th then potentially his job is on the line but most fans understand that finishing 4th isn’t success and if we want to aim higher then we need an identity and a bigger goal than just finishing 4th. That lack of ambition is on the Club not the fans.

Fans have patience if they can see and understand the process. The fans wanted EtH as they believed he played the correct type of football. They understand this takes time but the concern is EtH doesn’t fall into the trap of believing 4th is success. Last season was a building block not the destination.

4.) 24 Oct 2023 18:50:55
Nice lot of words Shappy but utter BS, if you compare as you do Arsenal or Liverpool and are giving them a couple of years, just look at the players they bought to implement the managers style to the crap we bought.
You honestly telling me Antony is ever going to be the quality required to challenge, is Amrabat, is even Mount, certainly jury out that Onana even is, ok he can kick a ball, but look how badly he does that, you like percentages!
Varane always injured.
The style that ETH is probably trying to implement maybe ok for Ajax in Dutch league but never in the EPL, players don’t get the time or got the technical ability from 6 year olds to do it!
Jose once said yes you can be in transition but the trick is winning whilst doing it, you can’t seriously think a huge club can just say let’s just forget about anything for 2-3 seasons just in case the manager can change our style and actually win something. It’s 2023 and the real world no one got the patience or money to take that route, that’s like chasing fools gold! Anyone thinks if ever SJR comes in he will say yeah let’s write of next couple of seasons let’s lose millions by not qualifying for champs league and maybe just maybe we will win something in 2026…. utter drivel I’m afraid.

5.) 24 Oct 2023 19:20:00

it is you or the other guy. why change names.

6.) 24 Oct 2023 19:34:00
DLIB, Of course there are systematic problems within the club, success is marked by the spreadsheet and not the trophy cabinet.

However, I think it is you underestimating the fans impact. Last season EtH exceeded expectations, won a trophy, nearly two and and finished comfortably in the top four. Yet within 3 weeks of this season we had fans questioning him all over the internet and on social media.

That is absolutely no rope at all. You can't spend a year building up credit and performing above expectations only to have fans start to turn on you for 3 bad results.

How can we expect any manager to succeed when they are three bad results away from being questioned and the voices of discontentment start to rise. This is regardless of what they have achieved at the club previously as well.

This line in your reply highlights everything that is wrong with sections of our fanbase "Fans have patience if they can see and understand the process".

Quite simply they can't understand the process, they've grown up playing football manager or FIFA and think football management is as simple as mashing the x button on their controller. It's always so simple, and everyone is a Captain Hindsight able to point to the issue only after its been pointed out to them. But none could see the issues beforehand. They want this player and that player to fix the issues, but have no real idea about whether that player suits the style of play we are aiming for, or whether they have a suitable character, or indeed if they want to come to our club and are available.

They don't understand football at the highest level, they have no idea of the context the club finds itself in, and they have no patience to watch their team lose but perform one aspect of the game well and to build on that. They see goals conceded, they see their team lose and they stomp their feet and kick up a fuss.

Not all fans obviously, but a good proportion of fans and ones who shout and cry the loudest and who from the outside looking in are considered representative of the fan base and the whole fanbases feelings.

That's the problem. If 5k fans boo the team at Old Trafford the newspapers and media outlets don't say 65k fans plus back the manager, they say United fans are booing the manager. Those fans and the ones who cry on social media after every poor result are the problem. They are the ones that get the air time, the one's putting pressure on the club to act.

7.) 24 Oct 2023 19:41:07
Top 4 has a lot of impact on the clubs ability to spend in the summer and sponsorship revenues. Easy to say it does not matter but you are very removed form the realities of football. Top 4 today in the pl league for teams in progress is very difficult given the volume of spend by most top 10 pl teams.

8.) 24 Oct 2023 19:51:57
Shamrock, pull your head out your backside and take a breath of fresh air, the lack of oxygen is slowing your mental capacity.

While I agree that not all our signings have currently worked out as well as we would have hoped, the ones signed during EtH's first season helped win us a trophy and come very close to a second cup.

So they weren't exactly awful, especially as most played regularly in vital roles in the side. While its obviously too early to fairly judge this summers signings as many have hardly played or played in a weakened side in poor form when they have managed to get on the pitch. Mount, Hojlund, Amrabat and even Reguilon have all had long spells out injured this season, despite us only being a quarter of the way into the season.

Your utter nonsense about not being able to play a technical style of play in the EPL is at least 20 years out of date. Suggesting that you can't play the Ajax way in the EPL just highlights your ignorance. The Ajax way is based on Cryuff's ideas (Which are based on Michels), either way that is the basis of Pep's ideas and philosophy. Given that Pep has won the league in 5 of the last 6 season playing a highly technical style of play that isn't particularly physical in a very physical league it just makes your point utterly ridiculous and completely moot.

So your final comment "utter drivel" seems more like a self assessment of your own thoughts and knowledge.

While ironically your whinging about it being 2023 and that no one has patience actually completely backs up everything that I have said in my previous post. Proving the small minded mentality of a section of the fan base who will always shout the loudest and cry over not winning while not actually having a real grasp of the game or the nuances.



23 Oct 2023 21:31:25
Man Utd Logo

DLIB has written an article entitled, Manchester United Will Find Success In The Performances


1.) 24 Oct 2023 03:22:48
But I want to see a better style of play NOW!

The Instagram generation insisting on instant gratification.

We tried the Ole route. Take the squad that is unhappy and throwing the manager under the bus and make them happy again. Unburden the unhappy players and they will play better. It worked for a while. But then it wasn't good enough. We weren't good enough.

We are now on a path to reinstall proper management in the club. And the players don't like it. They have to follow rules.

The club has shafted EtH by not moving in key players that had to go. By not moving them on, we are going to take longer for the refresh. We are on a good path for rebuild, but by all means if people want to throw their toys out of the pan and rinse and repeat the same 3 year cycle of snacking managers over over then go ahead. Eth needs fan support against bad egg players and a media that is probably being bought by the players agents.

I am not giving up on him for a long time yet. Much rather see a new director football and entirely new faces in the board room first.

2.) 24 Oct 2023 14:59:29
I'm not giving up buy my god its tough right now. The purchases recently have been staggeringly inept.

Antony looks an average EPL player at best, yet cost £90M. Cas and Varane were great players but at their age, their purchase was at best short sighted, but more likely incompetent. Amraba5 was a panic due to injuries, Hohlund may be a prospect but I'm not seeing much of that either right now, for what, £70M?

I hate the Glazers but all Managers have had cash to spend, they've just all spent it badly.

The club is a circus, run by amateurs and ETH hasn't helped himself this year. He has clearly picked some players he knows, and the public comments about Sancho should have been private.

3.) 24 Oct 2023 15:20:26

I'm with you. I totally agree with your post.


You need to see the club as it is, still in transition, with a manger actually instilling discipline into he squad that has sadly been missing since SAF.

4.) 24 Oct 2023 16:58:23
Is that instant gratification and wanting to see a better playing style of play NOW directed at me?!

The entire point of the post was that EtH should be working towards implementing an identity and style of play and not concentrating on results to scrape into the top 4.

Top 4 finishes serve no other purpose other than to line the Glazers pockets. I’m sure everyone drinks up the propaganda that we need Champions league football to attract the best players but this is nonsense. If the likes of Barca, Real, Bayern, City want those players we’re at the back of the queue regardless.

What we need is a manager that is working towards implementing a more attractive style of play and with better performances the results often take care of themselves.

EtH can’t work on performances if he’s preoccupied with obtaining results by any means necessary just to finish 4th. Most supporters I know don’t want to finish 4th only to be eliminated in the group stages the next season playing atrocious football in the process.

Building a team is a process and by focusing on improving performance and team work the results will often follow.

It’s the Club that is placing these demands on the manager and whilst their only interested in finishing 4th this cycle will just continue. I’m saying EtH shouldn’t fall into this trap. The supporters are behind him and want him to succeed. If they can see the process he’ll be fully supported regardless of a few bad results and most supporters understand that finishing 4th is not success.

5.) 24 Oct 2023 17:31:37
No DLIB, not aimed at you. It is aimed at the broader fan base who are starting to suggest EtH should go. We should be better by now. We should be seeing a coherent team.

We need to be more patient and put the foundations right first before we start panicking about league position.

I agree with Shappy. Klopp, arteta, even Pep to a degree has slow starts but built the foundation and were given time. We have several square pegs to move on yet.

6.) 24 Oct 2023 18:00:08
DB - That was my point not sure if it come across correctly in the post. In my opinion EtH needs to concentrate on implementing an identity and style of play rather than chasing results just to finish 4th. This is a demand the Club place on him and they don’t care about the football only the destination of top 4, their ambition does not extend beyond this. Finishing 4th is not success nor progress if the football is atrocious and you get eliminated early the next season playing even worse. The Club might be content if he finishes 4th again this season but the demands must be higher. There must be progress and an evolution in the style of play.

I don’t want EtH to fall into the trap of believing top 4 is success and by achieving it by any means necessary is what the fans want.

If he works on the performances I’m sure the results will follow and if the fans can see the process most will be patient.

I also agree with Shappy it’s the point I was trying to make myself although I do worry that he’s in survival mode and he’s not close to implementing any kind of identity 18 months into his tenure. I’d like to see a bit more evidence but accept that injuries and a demanding schedule last year may have slowed the process.

7.) 24 Oct 2023 19:48:55

I don't believe for one second the broader base wants anything like that. its the noisy minority. Just watched bayern do us a favor and beat gala. for 70 minutes bayern could not put together 3 progressive passes and i am not lying. The noisy minority if we did that would be screaming. its football and you have ups and downs.

Looking at our performance against gala if we did not have the howlers vs bayern we were tons better but the result went the other way.



08 Oct 2023 13:29:08
Football! Bloody hell. Apt words in a heartbreaking week for the Utd family.

The sense of pure joy, relief and raw emotion released with one glance of the head in the final moments of an otherwise unremarkable game reminded us all that the Theatre of Dreams can still stir the senses like no other.

As fans saluted the passionate Scott Mctominay a penny for EtH thoughts as Casemiro, Rashford, Mount and Amrabat were all sat on the bench behind him, powerless to influence the game in the final few minutes which had seen them all toil and not for the first time this season.

Nothing beats the feeling of a last minute winner and whilst Old Trafford erupted with joy as the fans filtered home along Sir Matt Busby Way no one was getting carried away.

If EtH is to bring success back to Manchester United it will not be by introducing Scott Mctominay or Harry Maguire back into the starting 11. He must somehow improve the form of Onana, Casemiro, Rashford, Bruno and Mount et al. Martinez must return from injury and re discover the form that made him such a fans favourite last season.

I don't know what's wrong with the team? Has Casemiro's legs gone? Is Onana a competent enough shot stopper? Why has Rashford regressed so much and his body language so poor? Where does Mount fit into the team?!

EtH must provide not only the answers but also the solutions to these questions. We all love a last minute winner but we all understand the problems have not been fixed by a glance of the head in the final seconds.


1.) 08 Oct 2023 16:18:48
The goal they scored: Casemiro went to ground, missed his tackle ending up behind the play, and useless. A very clearable ball across the penalty area was passed by Maguire right into the path of a Brentford player. Then Onana failed to keep a savable shot out, although I think there may have been a slight deflection. These close to the body low shots seem to be a particular weakness of his. It was a marginally less heinous error than the one against Bayern.

Kudos to McTominay. but unless we're playing him up top, what changes? Does he have a role as a midfield player?

2.) 08 Oct 2023 16:21:19

ETH needs to look at team selection.

Leicesters 2019 CB pairing, Spurs rejected LB on loan, how was that allowed to happen? Yes injuries, but the CB situation should have been a priority in summer, the spine of the team.
Delighted McT did that, but yet again we struggled to score. We have no support to Hojland, we all know it isn’t Martial.

We have to stop pandering to Rashford, have to realise Mount should be Bruno’s replacement, that if McT is staying he is more of a Fellaini around the box than a DM.

DLIB, what is wrong with the team? Maybe there is something to the favouritism situation, maybe players are fed up not getting chances when players like Rashford and Bruno are above being dropped.

We need to see a strong ETH, not one seemingly afraid to make big decisions.

3.) 08 Oct 2023 16:50:43
Redman once again you’re calling the manager out on team selection but not offering up any alternatives. In fact you’re mentioning team selection, but then talking about transfers.

Varane and Martinez are our first choice CB pairing.
Lindelof, Maguire and Evans are there.
Maguire refused a move and therefore we couldn’t bring in a new CB.
Our best centre backs are injured. Our left backs are injured.
We’ve all been clamouring for Amrabat to be moved into midfield.
ETH seemingly agreed and then had to play Lindelof at LB, meaning he only had Evans and Maguire as fit centre backs.

You seem like an intelligent chap but can’t grasp that the manager cannot play players that are injured.

4.) 08 Oct 2023 17:09:28

Oh I grasp it ok. We should have strengthened CB in summer, that simple, regardless of what HM did. I suspect HM didn’t move because our bean counters couldn’t bring themselves to pay him enough because of their concern over financial numbers. Malacia was long term, we should not have released the youth Fernandez on loan.

The bigger issues are goal scoring, Bruno and Rashford.

5.) 08 Oct 2023 17:33:14
Wazza - Whilst Red Man doesn’t need me to stick up for him I’m pretty sure he’s taking about Rashford and Bruno.

I know from previous posts Red Man is a massive fan of Garnacho and with Rashford bang out of form and question marks around both his attitude and application maybe Garnacho deserves a run?!

In midfield eyebrows were raised by the majority of supporters when we spent £55m on Mason Mount essentially another No10. Most speculated how EtH would fit Mount and Bruno into the same team and many correctly predicted it wouldn’t be long until one of them was moved wide right. I view Mount as either back up to Bruno or eventually his replacement, I’ve seen no evidence thus far they can both operate effectively in the same team and they have zero chemistry.

Bruno is always selected and is almost never taken off. I think Red Man is probably suggesting that maybe Bruno could be dropped with Mount playing at No10?

I think in relation to Rashford and Bruno we are very fortunate to have two very good alternatives that the manager doesn’t want to use.

Without fair competition, it can lead to complacency in the players selected every week and accusations of favouritism, disharmony and distrust in the squad.

6.) 08 Oct 2023 17:34:11
I thought Jonny and Harry were decent yesterday. No fault for the goal that was a combined comedy of errors between Casemeiro, Victor and Onana.

7.) 08 Oct 2023 17:37:50
Exactly redman. We should’ve strengthened CB, and the manager clearly wanted to, but the club failed to deliver for him. That’s history now, and the manager needs to make his selections from the players who are available. Unfortunately that meant Maguire and Evans at CB. It’s all he had available. So I’m not sure how that selection can be questioned because it’s the only choice he had.

8.) 08 Oct 2023 17:55:01

“ETH needs to look at team selection.
Leicesters 2019 CB pairing”.

9.) 08 Oct 2023 18:10:00

My thanks to DLIB, yes my main thrust is Bruno and Rashford, seemingly undroppable by the manager. Repeated many times that Mount looks too similar to Bruno. We pay £60M, give him number 7, yet the manager seems to lack the cohones to deal with Bruno, who gets selected regardless. I bet there are players busting a gut, yet watch what can only be perceived as favouritism. In terms of Rashford, looks like he will play until he scores, no matter how long that is, to the detriment of the team.

It isn’t just about Garnacho, I think the kid has real talent, but if you don’t operate selection fairly in the eyes of players, it demotivates, that’s what it looks like from outside.

10.) 08 Oct 2023 18:11:25
We're riddled with injury at the back. Without Shaw, Malacia, AWB Reguillon, Varane and Martinez I certainly wouldn't be beating the manager for playing Leicesters 2019 CB pairing.

He changed Amrabat to CM and Lindelof to LB to shore up the midfield. We have glaring issues all over the pitch but our defence has been decimated.

The problem is none of the forwards are playing well. Rashford is going through is normal half a season drought. Bruno is being shoehorned out wide for Mount who must be practising being the invisible man before he dressing up like that for Halloween.

The midfield are a year older and we're a lot more open. The balance isn't quite there.

The manager is ultimately on the hook for team selections and performances but it doesn't help when individual errors are the cause for a large percentage of our goals conceded.

I think once a few key players get their form back and we get a few back from injury, we'll roll off a few wins.

11.) 08 Oct 2023 18:32:52
Bruno is rightly the first name on the team sheet. He’s our captain and he’s been fantastic for us. I’m not sure why the manager would receive any stick from you for selecting the player who has had more goal involvements for us in recent seasons than any other. So it’s a good job you’re not in charge of picking the team because I’m really not sure what the starting 11 would look like given you’ve called for pretty much every player to be dropped, and we’d end up with the youth team and would be bottom of the league.

12.) 08 Oct 2023 19:14:05

It was lindelof who passed it back into pile and not maguire for that brentford goal.

13.) 08 Oct 2023 20:21:42
Bruno has generally been pants this year, as has Rashford. Garnacho showed so much more desire and impact in the short time he was on the pitch yesterday, I really think he should start.

14.) 08 Oct 2023 21:20:10

There in lies the issue, Bruno first name on the team sheet, no matter how he plays. You are only as good as your last game, I think ETH even said similar and I posted his words a few days ago. Bruno played fantastic, when? Why buy Mount, where did the manager see him slotting in? I can see Bruno is a bit of a maverick, creates, yet gives the ball away in a tactical set up that demands control. Selection needs to be seen to be fair.

15.) 08 Oct 2023 22:01:26
When did Bruno play fantastic? I’m saying he’s been our best player for years. He’s going through a bad spell, as is the whole team.

We can’t put our first choice back 4 on the pitch. The answer is not to then start dropping our best players in other positions.

16.) 08 Oct 2023 23:17:17
Red man-

Just on the cub issue.

He wanted Kim Min Jae. There were a lot of links to todibo towards the end of the window.

Once again another manager could end up victim to our amateurs above him. We can’t move players on, seemingly the well is running dry.

But he still batters on and is doing everything he can. He deserves credit, he’s dealt with more turmoil than any manager post Ferguson.

17.) 09 Oct 2023 07:38:40

You said he’s been fantastic for us, one goal apart, when do you feel that was last the case?


I agree, I have openly supported ETH, whist pointing out what I see. Yes, the bean counters didn’t get the defender in and suspect couldn’t swallow the cost of moving HM on.

18.) 09 Oct 2023 08:58:28
I a bit of selective memory here as we all know the circumstances of our recruitment. Clearly we had restrictions on spending. We had identified a striker, a new goalie and a midfielder as priority signings.

We wanted to upgrade our CB positions but it was always subject to selling and Maguire move did not happen and hence no new CB.

Some will say a new Goalie was not the priority but the same group would be screaming of incompetence had DDG been renewed and him making mistakes, which he did and would do. He is still yet to find a club and that says something.

The next one is why mount and not a CB and that's clearly a managers decision and hindsight is great but I suspect having Martinez and Shaw both being left sided players made it a less of a priority. Their Long term injuries at the same time has left us in a pickle and its hindsight.

We had one of the best defensive record in the league last year and struggled upfront scoring with needed more creativity.

You can plan for somethings but hard to plan for 10/ 12 injuries and would need a squad of 30 to 35 players and no one does that unless you are Chelsea.

In the meantime we throw mud at different players every week to take out our frustration.

A few weeks ago everyone wanted Pellistri on the right and he got his starts and did very little and back to the bench. Is Bruno much better, not really but if you are going to choose and managing this team, I understand why he is getting picked even being in poor form. He has the ability to change a game either through a brilliant pass or an individual piece of skill where Pellistri does not.

With all the noise around the club does this manager really want to deal with the bomb shell of dropping Bruno our Captain and are the alternatives providing a substantial benefit to warrant the unbearable news cycle that will come with such a decision. Some common sense thinking would be helpful.

19.) 09 Oct 2023 10:32:39
Sir Alex played players out of form all through his career.
So does klopp
So does pep and every other manager known to man
If you support eth I'd hate to see you unsupportive redman your constant whinging and moaning on topics you don't understand his thought process on is far from supportive imo.
You have a different opinion to the manager is fine we all do but most of us don't moan every day on every choice he makes.

20.) 09 Oct 2023 10:33:59
Ok dropping Bruno if you had anyone better to take his place as poor as he been this season he is still best we have if played in his best position which he hardly ever is!
My view on the Casermiro is the tactics, he is being ask much more to get in the box and score goals (he is our top scorer) others not scoring at all. he just can't then get back and defend too, he not overly happy being ask to play this way either.
This is not getting any better anytime soon even when injuries return, because if you look at it logically we still need exactly what we did last year, Striker, CM CB RB. Might have to put on that list Cas replacement and Onana replacement Antony replacement too if things don’t pick up, so it’s not looking great.

21.) 09 Oct 2023 10:41:12

I completely agree with you with you about Rashford and Bruno. EtH needs to grow a pair and drop them for a couple of games.

22.) 09 Oct 2023 10:46:07
Christ I'm glad we at least won on Saturday, listening to this whining over the international break after a defeat would have been a nightmare lol
I do think Erik is making a difference behind the scenes, but there's little sign on the pitch that he's the chosen one. We're so uninspiring to watch, so sluggish with the ball. But we should be under no illusion how heavy the Utd shirt hangs. It's taken many a good manager down with it in recent years and I hope Erik can grow into it. I hope we can sign a few hungry young players in the coming windows, no more ready-made superstars. I see a few promising Brazilian lads have been linked over the weekend.

23.) 09 Oct 2023 10:41:12

I completely agree with you with you about Rashford and Bruno. EtH needs to grow a pair and drop them for a couple of games.

24.) 09 Oct 2023 11:08:57

We have two right backs with AWB muted contract extension being worked on and don't believe the club or the manager view that as a priority.

On the striker role, I agree we will probably sign a new striker next summer and Martial goes on a free. Who, where from anyone's guess.

We will sign a CB and a CDM. Ed002 has mentioned the club expect or are planning for Cas to move to KSA next summer and are looking at the Leverkusen CDM as a replacement and even tried to get a loan with option to buy this past summer but Leverkusen were not interested.

Antony barring his legal battles will not be replaced and suspect one of Pellsitri or Dialo will make it into the squad and the other sold permanently. I rate Dialo higher based on his form last year but remains to be seen if he can recapture it post his injury.

Onana has been disappointing not because of his distribution even granted the howler vs gala, as all keepers who play from the back do that and have done that including ederson, allison, AC milan keeper etc etc but more about his ability to bail us out when we make mistakes and key saves. Jury is definitely out and remains to be seen.

25.) 09 Oct 2023 11:38:13
I believe that EtH was told he'd have Greenwood for the season only for U turn leaving him with a gap to fill. This could largely be one of the reasons why Hojlund seem's isolated needing support.

26.) 09 Oct 2023 14:42:41
Agree Caolan: ETH having to cope with the mediocrity and amateurish planning by those above.

Wanted KMJ but owners refused to pay beyond their budget and ended up with Johnny Evans.

Compare to a well-run club like Real Madrid, who have a vision and are constantly planning for the future. United naively took Varane and Casameiro off their hands for huge sums as RM knew they were declining then invested that money in Tcheameni, Bellingham etc….

No forward planning and such poor recruitment from United. After all, if they’d have planned properly, United had opportunities for Caicedo, Alvarez, Haaland etc, plus others,

We so badly need football professionals in charge who know what they’re doing….

27.) 09 Oct 2023 17:33:22

I am with you on that and the moaning is unbelievable. Even us celebrating scoring two goals in injury time has become a topic and we should somehow temper our celebration as its ununited like and how low we have fallen to celebrate something we had never done before.

28.) 10 Oct 2023 08:57:21
Ahmad - i seriously think we need 2 cb with, if possible 1 in january

I've been saying for a while how poor varanes injury record is- let's face it we bought a shadow of the player from real, martinez has an injury that could rumble on and reoccur then we lindlehof, poor, maguire, leaving? and evans who is temperary. At full back we have awb no good going forward and dalot not the greatest in defence. Shaw is our shining light when fit but malacia is out and a bit of a lighweight with fernandez on loan. The context is grim at the back with little quality poor luck with injurys and the biggest issue to address, the clowns boot that is onana! We bought a keeper to play out from the back? tbh his kicking is not that great, he looks like he is juggling when trying to make a save and is just so poor often parrying the ball into the path of the attacking team. Elsewhere we have players who have ability, youth and squad depth but clean sheets are the priorty of any team and we have very little in defense.

29.) 10 Oct 2023 09:24:28

I agree and preferably we buy two CB's in the next 12 months. Varrane injury record is poor. Varrane is not the type of player who you can play 2 games a week, which is pretty much most of the season if you have ambition and progressing in different competitions.

I don't think we can afford two marque signing as CB and can see a major signing and someone who is more a squad player. Varrane when fit is a great CB imo but breaks down.

30.) 10 Oct 2023 09:45:02
The cash wasn't there two months ago to strengthen at CB (hence the Evans free transfer), so unless there's a massive influx of cash in the winter window either from the sale of the club (yeah right) or Maguire, this is our lot for the season.

31.) 10 Oct 2023 11:18:03

I think DVB, Sancho are gone come Jan. not sure we will do any other outs. Brendan Williams looks to be doing well at Ipswich and he will probably be sold next summer including dvb and sancho plus probably a couple more either Pellistri or Amad and I suspect maybe mc.

Maguire with one year left on his contract might be here until the end unless we get an offer that makes financial sense or keep him as a squad player as an alternative.

I am pretty optimistic on our opportunities to add high quality players in the next few windows and the clean up is almost done. Quite a few will be in their last year and not get extended and free up space in the squad and the wage bill.

We just need to get through the next few weeks with some good results until we get a healthier squad. CL games are really important and we need a couple of wins but nothing is easy.



19 Sep 2023 13:59:12
Manchester United logo

DLIB has written an article entitled, Current Analysis Of Manchester United


1.) 19 Sep 2023 21:26:49
Great post DLIB. I hope that you are right and we begin to pick up. I personally believe we will. But we must just go for it. Play Pelistry, play Garnacho. Just go at them!



15 Aug 2023 11:48:26
I was absolutely convinced when EtH was appointed that we finally had a manager that understood the importance of controlling the midfield.

Eriksen's acquisition last season finally gave us the ability to retain the ball in deeper positions where his progressive passing and creativity allowed us to move the ball forward through the lines more consistently. Unfortunately he perhaps lacked the physicality and ball winning capabilities to truly transform our midfield but for the majority of games and especially at Old Trafford he gave us the quality and control we'd craved for years.

The signing of Mason Mount was curious and wasn't the obvious choice for many supporters. Surely a more orthodox No8 was required. Eriksen on steroids so to speak! Mount was predominantly used as either a No10 or wide player at Chelsea and seldom was he deployed in a midfield pivot.

Yesterday Mount was so advanced that we struggled to feed him the ball. Casemiro is a decent progressive passer, a massive upgrade on the likes of Fred and Mctominay but he's not a deep lying playmaker. He just doesn't have the passing variation, vision or quality of a Pirlo for example to punch the ball through the lines or consistently find players in more advanced areas. He also doesn't have the dribbling ability to break lines from midfield. Expecting him to be able to find the likes of Mount and Bruno in more advanced midfield positions without someone like Eriksen beside him was just never going to work. Aside from Martinez the other defensive players are just not reliable progressive passers either. What made Utd so effective in many games last season was that Eriksen and Casemiro we're a massive upgrade on McFred. Casemiro provided the defensive shield whilst Eriksen's passing ability ensured we could consistently retain possession and pass forward through the lines. From a defensive perspective whilst Eriksen didn't have the physicality to press or win the ball he was often deeper next to Casemiro providing another body in defensive areas, filling space and blocking passing lanes etc.

Last night Wolves we're able to easily navigate our press which left Casemiro totally isolated in midfield as Mount and Bruno we're so advanced.

In my opinion the team didn't function yesterday because of the midfield. Either Mount or Bruno will have to drop deeper to help Casemiro both defensively and help him pass the ball forward through the lines.

I accept its very early days and I think the idea behind the Mount signing was to make us a more aggressive pressing team winning the ball further up the pitch then transitioning quickly. The problem is Rashford is not a good presser and Casemiro doesn't have the legs to cover the ground. The team needs to be much more compact and maybe when Hojlund comes into the team the press might become more effective. Maybe a lack of sharpness and fitness also played a part.

I think it remains to be seen how long EtH persists with Mount and Bruno as the two No8's and whether he can make this work. Spurs will be another big test on Saturday.


1.) 15 Aug 2023 12:53:01
Good post. Yesterday maybe not a bad thing and got 3 points we did not deserve. it might push us to get on with some of the guys we are being linked with and additional signings.

2.) 15 Aug 2023 13:16:41
My understanding of how Mount was going to fit in was to bridge that central gap between Bruno and Casemiro. In my mind he’s simply a box to box Swiss army knife of a midfielder. A more cultured player than Fred and a better player in the transition. Capable of holding but also capable of pressing high up and adding an option for the turnover. Yesterday he just played pretty much alongside Bruno. It was almost like 3-2-1-4.

I think he’ll be ok, but he’s got to learn his job. We just need two central midfielders…. can’t be that hard surely!

3.) 15 Aug 2023 14:00:44
Fireman - I agree mate, I presumed he was bought to play the Eriksen role but with a better engine. A hybrid between Eriksen and Fred so to speak, a player with similar passing qualities of Eriksen and the tenacity and energy of Fred! I’m not entirely convinced he has the quality or passing range of Eriksen or the ball winning ability of Fred. I’m not convinced he’s a No8 and certainly not alongside Bruno. Early days yet and time will tell. He deserves some time and patience.

Last night Mount played much higher alongside Bruno and both of them were nearer Rashford than Casemiro.

That can’t continue in my opinion or another humbling is on the cards. I think one of them needs to move deeper if this is going to work.

4.) 15 Aug 2023 14:13:26
If everything you say is true then surely Casemiro diving in and going on his backside at every given opportunity doesn’t help! I’d be more concerned about Casemiro than I am of mount settling in!

5.) 15 Aug 2023 14:42:14
To be clear this wasn’t an anti Mount post. I think he’s a decent footballer. It’s was more an examination of the managers tactics. These were just my tactical observations of last night performance and trying to understand why we got completely outplayed by an inferior team at Old Trafford.

Of course there were other problems, hardly anyone played well, what I’m trying to understand is did the tactics cause the problems and prohibition the players from performing at their best or was this just a case of several players all performing badly at the same time?

6.) 15 Aug 2023 16:39:07
Not once on any page have I seen wolves given credit, we were poor and our set up looked a bit a moss but that’s down to wolves being v good and possibly us playing a little against the unknown!
Thought they were excellent and good luck to o Neil very promising young manager unfairly treated at Bournemouth.




DLIB's rumour replies


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19 Aug 2023 14:38:33
Shappy - He’s 5th choice CB, the manager doesn’t want him and he’s booed by his own fans.

So being Man Utd’s 5th choice CB is still better than playing for West Ham in your opinion?! ! Is that what you’re saying? He won’t win anything at Man Utd because he won’t play. He will contribute nothing and if Utd win anything it will be despite him rather than because of him.

The Club is in a mess because it’s badly run and also it has players like Maguire that prefer to sit on the bench and cash their pay cheque rather than play elsewhere.

Maguire earns an absolute fortune, he’s rich beyond belief, he probably wouldn’t even notice the reduction in salary. West Ham are also willing to pay him a fortune and he’ll probably earn more at West Ham over the four or five years than the next two years at Man Utd sitting on the bench. Like I said earlier who wants a 33 year old Harry Maguire that hasn’t kicked a ball for two years. When does he go from there? if I took a 50% pay cut I’d be homeless mate and I bet that applies for most other posters, you can’t compare the two, you’re so out of touch it’s unreal. Maguire would probably still earn around £5m a year at West Ham, around £20-25m over a four or 5 year contract. This is about ego and a player who clearly thinks he’s better than he is.

I suppose you also have sympathy for the Glazers and feel sorry for them that they’ve only been offered £5b and as they wait for more the Club stagnates.

You can’t seem to grasp that he’s not wanted yet he won’t leave. He’s rich beyond 99% of most peoples wildest dreams yet he demands more and you support him. He doesn’t need the money. His performances have been terrible yet he believes the Club owes him something after making him one of the best paid players in the world and delivering nothing in return.

What does it say about someone’s character when they have an over inflated ego, think they’ve achieved something they’ve not, are stinking rich yet demand money after delivering nothing and think being Man Utd’s 5th choice CB is better than playing for a Club like West Ham. We simply can’t be successful whilst the likes of Maguire linger at the Club and stagnate the re building process. We need rid of him so we can improve. I’d pay him off and kick him out, embrace the lesson, take the medicine and support the manager but then we have the Glazers who like Maguire enjoy all the esteem of Man Utd’s illustrious history and success to promote their own self interest and wealth whilst delivering nothing in return.




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19 Aug 2023 13:13:07
Defo mate let’s see what happens.




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19 Aug 2023 11:25:31
Eric - What are his options? Please enlighten us? Who in their right mind is going to pay him north of £200k per week?

The truth is Maguire was being vastly over paid at Man Utd and while he hangs around the Club can’t improve.

He’s been the worst Man Utd captain in living memory and one of the Clubs worst signings in it’s history.

If you have sympathy for Maguire, then I can admit this is a mess entirely of the Clubs own making. A proper football Club recognises it’s mistakes and takes it’s medicine, no matter how bad it might taste. It understands it’s the only way to get better.

When Harry Maguire was a little boy, he probably went to bed dreaming of winning the World Cup not how much money he would make. Football was his passion not a vehicle to make himself rich. A football career is short and precious. He’s made more money than his wildest dreams. He’s been the Man Utd captain but it’s over now. He’s not won anything in his career. England will be one of the favourites for the Euros next summer and considering his age maybe his last international tournament. He’s Southgate’s darling but he’ll lose his place if he’s sat on the bench at Man Utd. Imagine how he’ll feel if he’s not part of that historic occasion. Maybe counting his money will help.

He’s being badly advised in my opinion, he’s become a meme, booed by his own fans and not wanted by his manager. He should listen to the little boy inside, go and play football, prolong his career, dream of scoring that winning goal.

Shappy - I’ve not demonised him, this isn’t personal. This is about football. I don’t care if he’s the nicest bloke in the world, when did that become a criteria to play for Man Utd? I don’t get what some people don’t understand, the manager doesn’t want him. He wants a replacement which he can’t get whilst Maguire hangs around. How can EtH succeed when he’s forced to keep players he doesn’t think are good enough? He’s become like the Glazers, hanging around for a payday he doesn’t deserve. The arrogance of believing West Ham to be a downwards step is astonishing. They are premier league club, watched by over 50 000 supporters every week and have just won a European trophy. Going to West Ham is not a downwards step. It’s an opportunity to play professional football, the very thing he dreamed about doing as a kid.

I don’t care about Harry Maguire, in fact if this was Pogba, Sanchez, Di Maria or some other foreign player refusing to leave and demanding their contract be paid in full there would be uproar.

I care about Man Utd being successful which won’t happen whilst the manager is forced to keep players he doesn’t think are good enough. Just let that sink in, the manager doesn’t think he’s good enough, he wants a replacement and you don’t care if he leaves.

I want Utd to be successful, that can’t happen whilst the manager is forced to keep players that he doesn’t think are good enough and whether you think West Ham is a step down or Maguire deserves a full payout surely we can all agree on that.




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19 Aug 2023 01:15:47
Harry Maguire typifies the selfish, self righteous attitude forged under the Woodward regime. An over paid, over hyped, primadonna who cups his ears after scoring a goal for England against Albania and by his own admission has nothing to prove despite never winning a single trophy and being relegated 4 times in his career. This is the ex captain of Man Utd.

He’s a player that thinks he’s owned something for nothing. Despite being rewarded with an outrageous contract that his talent didn’t deserve, being paid more in a single month than most people earn in a lifetime, a contract he wouldn’t have been given by any other Club, he now blocks the progress of this once great football club all because of a sense of entitlement and self loathing.

He’s not interested in wining trophies, he doesn’t want the Club to succeed, he doesn’t care about the Club or the fans, he wants to continue to enjoy all the trappings of being a Man Utd player and if he’s not playing, he’s not being criticised, all whilst earning nearly £1m per month, football panacea for the likes of Maguire.

Is it any wonder the Club is in disarray and has hardly won a notable trophy in over a decade. The ex captain of Man Utd is happy to sit on the bench and potentially lose his England place because of an over inflated ego and sense of entitlement.

Some might argue he deserves his payout, maybe he does and that’s fine but let’s not forget the real losers are EtH and the fans.

There can be no progress when the likes of Maguire are allowed to fester at the football Club. The tail is wagging the dog. EtH has benched him, stripped him of the captaincy, tried to sell him yet Maguire lingers around, like a bad smell, a player not wanted but prepared to stay and sacrifice his career only for the money he knows only too well he could never earn anywhere else.

These players are so short sighted, he might get a 4-5 year contact at West Ham probably north of £100k per week, hardly on the bread line despite the cost of living crisis. He won’t play for Utd, he can sit on the bench for another two years and count his money but who’s going to want a 33 year old Harry Maguire that’s hardly kicked a football for two years when his contract expires in 2025!

A serious Club would pay him off and kick him out. Sadly Utd haven’t been a serious football Club for sometime now.




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18 Jul 2023 16:01:29
Shaw - On what basis are Arnold and Murtough doing a decent job?! Where’s the evidence?!

We shifted two players last summer for modest fees namely Pereria and Garner.

As we near the end of July we still haven’t sold anyone yet. It’s likely the acquisition of any more players above Mount and Onana will have to be funded by player sales!

We still don’t have a CF, with Martial injured and Weghorst departed we are actually weaker than last season. Let that sink in for a moment and now consider how ineffective Weghorst actually was and we are now actually weaker as it stands.

We are playing catch up, it’s inconceivable to me that we fly away on tour without a CF and even if one does eventually arrive it’s likely to be a young, unproven prospect and the season may have already started. Is it fair to expect a young, inexperienced player to carry the goal scoring burden for one of the biggest Clubs in the world? Even if someone like Hojlund does arrive I don’t expect him to be first choice which probably means Rashford will start the season as our CF.

We can’t move for a new CDM or CB until players are sold meaning possible targets could move to other Clubs in the meantime.

I don’t think they are doing a good job. There is still evidence of instability and indecision. Negotiations are still painfully slow and whilst some players have been linked with moves away until they are eventually sold for reasonable fees I think it’s right that the spotlight and pressure is kept on Murtough and Arnold.

Arsenal finished above us last season, they’ve just signed Havertz, Timber and Rice, three first choice players that improve their starting 11 and in time for their pre season tour. Of course there are no guarantees, buts that’s evidence of ambition and a Club wanting to push forward and challenge rather than resting of their laurels and patting themselves on the back which I think is happening at Old Trafford.

Mount and Onana we’re relatively easy deals to complete. Both players wanted to move, both Clubs were willing sellers and let’s not pretend we got them on the cheap. We payed market value for both at best.

We are playing catch up and if we want to finish higher than 3rd Mount and Onana is not enough. Both are deals I would expect the Club to be able to complete without fuss or fanfare.





DLIB's banter replies


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26 Feb 2024 20:40:05
I think that’s a fair assessment Shappy!

Some of us have argued for a long time that in many ways getting rid of players has been just as important as buying them. Those that don’t fit the system must be moved on and cannot be allowed to linger around the squad and block the pathway for more suitable players in the future.

If we sack EtH now the next manager will only inherit an even more unbalanced squad. At some point you have to trust the process and believe you have the right man.

I think there is evidence EtH can build an existing team. Martinez makes a huge difference, as does Shaw. If you could add a really good deep lying playmaker in addition to the likes of Mainoo, Garnacho and Hojlund the ingredients of a really good team are there. Squad depth is a huge issue, having the right type of players to step in and cover.

It takes take to build a squad. It’s hard to stay patient, especially after results like Saturday but panic now and the whole process starts again.

Personally I would like INEOS to build the structure first, appointing a new DoF and recruitment team. Set the philosophy and identity for the team moving forward and then make a decision about the manager.

Find a really good partner for Martinez, a deep lying play maker to progress the ball through midfield and another CF to ease the burden on Hojlund and I think we’ll see a much better team moving forward. Small steps rather than giant leaps. The caveat being keeping key players free from long term injuries.




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10 Jan 2024 22:12:27
Wasn’t Timber his first choice CB over Martinez? Obviously he wanted FdJ and ended up with Casemiro.

It would be interesting to know exactly what input the manager has in relation to transfer fees etc.

I would assume that when the bidding approached £80m someone spoke to EtH, asked him if he was sure about the player at that amount and explained how such a huge outlay would impact future windows? This all seems like common sense, open dialogue and communication between manager and senior decision makers/ negotiators but at Manchester Utd sense isn’t a word in the vocabulary!




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10 Jan 2024 22:00:46
Sorry for the typo I meant Article in the Athletic.




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10 Jan 2024 20:40:44
Recent article in the Atlantic saying Blanc won’t be the CEO!




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19 Dec 2023 19:20:22
To be fair the poster is obviously a Liverpool fan and I would wager posted this review on the Liverpool page but maybe the Ed’s thought it would of interest to us as well. It’s always good to get another perspective.

I thought Utd did the only thing they could and have predominantly been doing for the past decade against the better teams. Sit deep and try to snatch something on the counter. Can we play any other way? Certainly not under Jose, Ole and now EtH.

I think we went there and played them off the park one year under LVG in one of the best Utd performances at Anfield I’ve ever seen. Sadly it proved to be another false dawn.

I don’t know what we are as a football club? I didn’t want SRJ but the sooner this deal is ratified the better. A new CEO, a new DoF, fresh ideas, hopefully a plan and finally some direction and leadership. It might not be enough, the Glazers are still involved but at the moment we’re stuck in the doldrums, only ever one game away from another crisis, more player leaks, mutiny and revolt.

We’ll take the point, be thankful that the team actually showed some fight and desire and hope for better days ahead.