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05 Feb 2024 18:12:10
Just released. The knee injury to Martinez is indeed serious and he’s expected to be out for at least 2 months. ?.


1.) 05 Feb 2024 19:24:36
Could have been worse, others needs to step up.

2.) 05 Feb 2024 20:19:29
It's ok, he'll be back for the title run-in.

3.) 05 Feb 2024 20:21:23
Saw the list of games and think only City that we will really miss him for. Rest of games with Varane, Maguire and Lindelof back now should be able to cope.

4.) 05 Feb 2024 20:59:36
Especially with two weeks international including, after the rumours last night I’d say 8 weeks is good news!

5.) 05 Feb 2024 22:20:54
Bet he doesn't figure again this season and we don't have anyone anywhere near as good as cover.

6.) 06 Feb 2024 09:58:09
I think that depends on a number of factors Salford.
If we are in race for top 4 and need him then it maybe that he plays but if there is no hope for 4th then perhaps he won't play again this season and in that scenario it might be for the best.

7.) 07 Feb 2024 08:27:52
I agree what's the point of rushing him back if we are out of things. I know they said 8 weeks but knee injuries are tricky and I would not risk it at all.

Huge game this weekend folks. We beat villa and we will reel in both spurs and villa imo with 14 games to go.

We have very tough games later vs city, Liverpool and Arsenal with 2 being at home and will drop points but so will all the other teams above us. I have a feeling we will decide who wins the Pl Title this year even if we are not in it. Would be great if we crush liverpool's chances:) anyone but them imo.

8.) 07 Feb 2024 09:51:02
Martinez isn't the type of player that will want to sit it out on the side lines, he will want to back playing ASAP even if it means playing the last 3-4 games.
The guy is a winner through and through.

9.) 09 Feb 2024 09:56:28
It's a totally different injury to his foot so there shouldn't be any issues with that.

However, knee ligament injuries need to be given ample time to fully heal or you risk reinjuring it if you try to come back too soon.

Ultimately a players health should always be put above the sporting aspirations of the club.

If we have to wait an extra few weeks for him to come back then that's what we need to do.

I'd rather miss him for an extra few games this season then risk him reinjuring it, missing pre-season and maybe the start of next season.

This season is pretty much done for us at this point. Bar a run in the FA cup and an outside chance of top four. But to get top four now probably means a big drop off in form from one of the teams up there already as well as us putting a consistent run together.

For me this season now is mostly about getting players fit, giving youth an opportunity to develop and having a go in the FA cup.

10.) 09 Feb 2024 11:26:50

No so fast my friend, a win this weekend and we are right there. Spurs and villa have to play each other and they also have a tougher remaining fixture list imo. 14 games after this weekend 5 point gap is really nothing. Its all up to us and I am an optimist:)

11.) 10 Feb 2024 09:23:06
Ahmad, and a loss to Villa this weekend and it's an 8 point gap with 13 games left to play.

We've managed to play better in the last few games since we got a few players back from injury. Martinez being probably the key one. Unfortunately he's now injured again.

Our form is finely balanced on keeping players fit. A couple of injuries and our season falls apart again.

I'm optimistic that we can get top four, but I'm tempering that optimism with the reality that injuries could well derail our season again as they have the first half of the season. While we also need two teams above us to drop more points than us over the remaining fixtures.

Which means that the odds are slightly stacked against us. Can we beat the odds? Sure of course we can. But I wouldn't be banking on it or expecting it.

12.) 10 Feb 2024 10:01:13

I agree a loss would be 11 point gap and then it too far gone. I think we will win a tough/ close game 2-1 or 3-2 imo if villa show up. we will show up and If Martinez was playing I would have us winning with bigger margin. The options as cb pairings don't give me a lot of confidence, the rest of the pitch we are good imo.



20 Jul 2023 19:05:13
Onana done.




07 Jun 2023 13:38:09
Reports on Sly Sports that Sheikh Jassim submits fifth improved bid for the club. Allegedly a final offer with a Friday take it or leave it deadline.
Please Glazer take his money and go!


1.) 07 Jun 2023 14:48:04
They won’t when it’s below the asking price and supposedly below the valuation on the club by Ineos.

2.) 08 Jun 2023 07:57:41
I find it strange how the Qatari's stuff is getting leaked all the time and nothing on Ineos. They are very quite and hardly making any statements. If there is deal its Ineos I believe.

One other interesting thing about this whole thing is Raine group has Mubadala as one of its shareholders. Chairman of Mubadala and City same person Khaldoun Mubarak. I guess Chinese walls must be in place.

I was at an event post the FA cup with people associated with the club. No one knows a thing about where things stand on the takeover or numbers or who is the proffered bidder.

A lot of this stuff and what's being reported is sometimes far from the truth. The recent LIV golf/ PGA Tour stuff for example is not what really happened. Amanda Stavely from Newcastle brokered that deal.

3.) 08 Jun 2023 13:02:43
Ahmed, top insights.

Would it be fair to say if Raine are part owned by Abu Dhabi they’d purposefully make it difficult for Qatar?

To me Qatar seem desperate hence the public bid and deadline. They want to walk away rather than be rejected.

Personally I’m not all supportive of state ownership in football but something doesn’t quite add up with the clubs sale.



16 Nov 2022 08:18:42
Seems a lot of the 'news' outlets are suggesting we are looking to replace Ronaldo with Mbappe. Can there be truth in the reports we are going to jump from one circus straight into another circus?! Whilst nothing would surprise me anymore .


{Ed002's Note - Kylian Mbappe (S) Wants to move to Real Madrid but for them the financial outlay could be too much. PSG will not sell unless they can recoup something like €200M-€250M which will remove just about all clubs from any deal. Those who could potentially afford it are held back in Spain by the salary he would request and in England by the cost of the total outlay, although the Liverpool supporters remain absolutely convinced he will be joining them. Option for Real Madrid still if they can make space in the wage costs at the club but could not fund the transfer fee without significant sales. Similar is true for Barcelona who are continuing to regroup and will also continue to pick up players as Free Agents. Manchester City could potentially offer a wildcard option. Chelsea and Manchester United would likely both see the outlay as too high with wake demands of more than £750k per week before bonuses.}

1.) 16 Nov 2022 08:41:43
Thanks Ed002. Please God we avoid this.

2.) 16 Nov 2022 10:48:09
More chance of getting Pele.

3.) 16 Nov 2022 10:55:40
Thanks but no thanks -in the very unlikely event he comes to us no doubt the rumours of him wanting out after 3 games will start- avoid at all costs.

4.) 16 Nov 2022 14:14:39
I would rather have Victor Osimhen.

5.) 16 Nov 2022 14:38:34
there needs to be a cap on wages, its absolute ridiculous if he's asking for 750k a week before bonuses.

6.) 16 Nov 2022 15:38:28
Bolger, rather than a cap on an individuals wages there should be a cap on the playing staffs wages. Cap it at something like 50% annual turnover. That way you stop clubs being run unsustainably which risks them going bust.

7.) 16 Nov 2022 17:41:14
All for a salary cap but it needs to be across all European leagues or we lose the top players. And they all go to the Qatar Prem!

8.) 16 Nov 2022 17:42:23
Shappy isn’t that a part of the remit of FFP?

9.) 16 Nov 2022 18:05:20
Why the "greedy" pro athletes narrative took root as opposed to the "greedy" actor or musician one is fascinating. Probably due to the prevalence of sports media and its need for continuous content and the average fan played some sport and feels capable of criticizing performance. Regardless, worth asking yourself why you support more money going to the owners rather than the performers of the entertainment you enjoy. The cost of viewing the entertainment isn't going down anytime soon, maybe let the people responsible for doing the entertaining earn more. Or just continue to enrich the uber-wealthy. What could go wrong? Not like they might try and squeeze every ounce of profit out of you, with say an uber-league or something.

10.) 17 Nov 2022 10:45:36
Salary cap would'nt work, you'd probably find Mbappe would have a second job with Abu Dhabi airlines as cabin crew on £25 million per year.

11.) 17 Nov 2022 11:24:37
Pepe, It's not about curbing "greed", but about maintaining sustainability.

Barcelona are 1.3bn euros in debt, and a big factor in that is them handing out huge contracts to players like Messi that just wasn't sustainable. Barcelona are a fan owned club which highlights the dangers of placing the long term health of a club in the hands of people who make emotional short term decisions.

So was that Messi's greed for a higher wage or Barcelona's greed to keep the best player in the world at their club?

The other issue with spiralling wages is how it filters down to younger and younger players.

You have 17 year olds in academies on over £1000 per week. Charlie McNeil for example is the highest paid player in United's academy and is on £3400 per week. That's £176,800 per year as a 19 year old.

That mean's before he was 18 and officially old enough to leave full education that he is on over six times the average annual salary of people in the UK.

Biologically your brain is still developing right up until around the age of 21. Socially as a person you are continuously developing (or at least should be) .

People talk about too much too young, imagine earning more a year at the age of 17 than both you parents combined have ever earned in a year.

Is it any wonder so many of these lads go off the rails and never make it.

Garnacho is the next one in line for a huge wage rise. Currently he is on £1500 per week, but after a couple of goals and assists in a handful of first team games talk of a new deal is afoot. What are his wages set to jump to? 30k, 40k, 50k per week?

He turned 18 on the pre-season tour. But how can you not give him a 50k per week deal when he's keeping the 350k per week Sancho out of the team. A player who is only 3 years his senior.

Hopefully he stay grounded and focused, but how many of us can seriously say that those sums of money if given to us at the age of 18 wouldn't have negatively impacted us?

Even the ones who have made it into the first team and who do well, they are often rewarded with huge new deals to ward off other clubs, or large deals to sign with another club.

Look at Jadon sancho for an example. Every bit as talented as Phil Foden, yet he isn't part of the England squad.

The only players in the EPL paid more than Sancho (350k) are: Ronaldo (500k), KDB (400k), Haaland (375k) and DDG (375k) .

There is no way a 22 year old who is the 5th highest paid player in the richest league in the world shouldn't be making an expanded 26 man squad for a world cup.

Yet here we are. Has Sancho had too much too soon? Is he working as hard as he can to prove himself and improve or does he think he's made it and is coasting?

At the highest level of the game the margins are minimal. You drop your effort and fight by even 10% and you drop off the radar.

Hard work beats talent when talent forgets to work hard.

You make the argument about the wages paid to top actors and musicians. Yet many of them have had to suffer hardship to get to where they are. Homelessness and sofa surfing is not uncommon for Hollywood actors in their late teens and early twenties before they made it. Character building stuff that is needed to ground you to be able to deal with the fame and fortune when it comes along, if it comes along.

12.) 17 Nov 2022 19:44:21
A 1 legged donkey with a yeast C.V. could keep Sancho out of the team 80 million for him was unreal maybe he is putting in the work he's just not that good yet again an expensive disaster for UTD.

Lucky you've got owners like the much slated Glaziers the problem with UTD is they give the manager way to much power especially in transfers which when the much hyped but Mourinho aside complete failure of a manager is sacked your left with half a billion in deadwood nobody else will take even on a free then there's the nxt half billion rebuild rinse repeat.

13.) 17 Nov 2022 20:39:51
No one forces clubs to pay players those amounts though Shappy.

Barca are in the situation they are due to shocking management at board level. United are stuck with average players on huge wages due to incompetence.

Its up to clubs to manage themselves better, no need for regulation or sacrifice from the players, they are some of the most highly skilled people at their profession in the world and should be rumunerated as such.

14.) 19 Nov 2022 18:00:33
Pepe, I think there's snobbery in the media, too. They probably hate the fact that working class lads are earning that sort of money. Nothing said about actors earning 10 million a movie. If there's money swishing around, I'd rather it went to the talent.




Fizz's banter posts with other poster's replies to Fizz's banter posts


05 Feb 2024 18:53:39
Licha out for at least 2 months with a “serious knee injury”. Nooooo.


1.) 05 Feb 2024 19:36:58
Not the best news at all. Is that club confirmed?
He adds so much to the team when he is there.
Shame for him too back to rehab.

2.) 06 Feb 2024 05:00:38
At least 8 weeks the club confirmed, so earliest game back would he Bournemouth.

3.) 06 Feb 2024 06:04:14
A serious ACL would have been 8 months. It’s not good but could have been worse. I hope the young lad Wambala, is it, gets some minutes.

{Ed001's Note - sounds like an MCL injury, they usually take around 2 months or more to recover from.}

4.) 06 Feb 2024 07:43:59
Would you bother bringing him back for 6 games unless we really needed to? Assuming of course he is even ready for Bournemouth. Much better to get him right for the following season in my humble opinion.

Imagine if he broke down again and ended up out for the start of new campaign.

5.) 06 Feb 2024 08:38:13
I was hoping that Martinez would stay fit and that Kambwala would get some minutes playing alongside him for the remainder of the season.

6.) 06 Feb 2024 09:14:27
I ruptured my MCL playing rugby and had a full rebuild. It took 5 months to heal properly, but it sounds like Martinez has gotten lucky. We could see him sooner than expected.

{Ed001's Note - it has got much quicker in recent years. They used to be season ending injuries, now they are about half a season roughly.}

7.) 07 Feb 2024 11:56:37
Yeah Ed, I didn’t have the rehabilitation those guys will get! It won’t be long I’m sure before other major injuries we start to see quicker recovery times.

{Ed001's Note - the biggest difficulty is the mental damage, as it can take a long time for some players to feel confident that it won't happen again.}

8.) 07 Feb 2024 13:33:20
Not too dissimilar, but I did my ACL playing footy in my youth (although the activity isn't important, it's a twist you could do just as easily going down the stairs) . At least pros get scans the next day and immediate treatment, on the good old NHS they told me it was just a twist for nearly half a year and to put peas on it before I finally got the MRI. So from injury to op it was 7 months, then over half a year of gentle exercises to stretch the new ligament (the hamstring they took from the other side of my knee) . Finally played again about one and a half years later, but was always to petrified to sprint again as I'll always remember the doc saying it could go again just as easily. Different injury I know but there you go.

9.) 07 Feb 2024 13:29:07
Correct ed. It was the second major knee injury I’d had and second time round despite a really good recovery and probably being stronger than I was pre injury, I never played the same way.

A lot more hesitant and the fear of re injury was there. I personally couldn’t get past it.

{Ed001's Note - it is very common mate, that is why it takes players so long to get their form back.}



24 Oct 2023 20:33:39
If I may please.




24 Oct 2023 16:38:04
Going to be a very emotional Old Trafford tonight. Tears will be shed. I will be watching on TV and will likely have very 'gritty' eyes.
I hope the players really put a shift in. If any of those that are prone to giving up and sulking when the going gets tough do so tonight of all nights then I hope their shame sees them out the door and gone.
Please, do it for Sir Bobby.


1.) 24 Oct 2023 16:40:47
Couldn't agree more. if a few do, it's the end for them.

2.) 24 Oct 2023 17:20:01
Good post Fizz.

3.) 24 Oct 2023 17:44:31
Exactly. If they can’t do it tonight then when? Going to be very emotional for everyone. Like the other busby babes he will never die and his legacy will live on forever. I know the club will pay sir Bobby a fitting tribute and I hope the players will also.

4.) 24 Oct 2023 19:12:24
Watching TNT. 10 minutes in, Rio and Scholes talking Sir Bobby and gritty eyes already. Come on United, do it for the man please.

5.) 25 Oct 2023 00:47:12
Just home. It was a very weird atmosphere. You couldn’t say Rashford looked interested one bit, the crowd turned on him a little for the first time. A very strange performance but it got the job done, and at least we didn’t concede within 5 minutes of scoring.

6.) 25 Oct 2023 07:59:43

Its a shame if that what the fans are doing. The best chances in the game fell to Garnacho and Hoiland and both of them and their final touch let them down. Don't get the obsession with hating Rashford.

WE make it hard on ourselves atm by not taking our chances and everyone is guilty of that but seems we like to blame Rashford for everything.

We keep this up he will probably push for a move and get fed up with the toxicity.

7.) 25 Oct 2023 09:05:45
I'm getting more frustrated with Rashford as each game goes by.

8.) 25 Oct 2023 09:31:29
Wazza it came across as very subdued last night on TV.
How could it have been any other way.
The pace was pedestrian until garnacho came on.
Anthony Bruno and rashford were all appalling imo.
I have understood eth trying g to play them back into some sort of form but to be honest they do not look like they are getting any better or cohesive.
Again there are some excuses. Again. playing without 3 of his preferred back 4.
Personally it's all about results for me just now. We have scraped through the last 3 with wins but it's a tough watch for sure.

9.) 25 Oct 2023 09:55:25
Ahmad, it has nothing whatever to do with "hating" or "blaming everything on Rashford". It's constructive criticism. You need to wake up and recognise that or it's you with the problem, not those of us that see his shortcomings! You surely cannot claim he's in good form now.

10.) 25 Oct 2023 10:39:12

I left the live chat yesterday after 5 minutes because you guys are tuning in to vent and moan and are so determined to slag players even before the game starts. If people don't believe me go pull it up.

A few off you and I don't need to mention people by name, live here just to vent, everything in your world is wrong with united.

you are tuning in just to look for validation to prove your point.
You live in the United 2008 era and can't come to terms with where we are atm.

The best guilt edge chances fell to Garnacho last night and he missed both.

Its always about short coming in your heads, wrong selection, wrong this, wrong that, no heart, no fight blah blah blah and I can go on.

It does not matter what players like rash do, you have already made up your mind. I am glad no one at the club agrees with you as I think its a pattern, where each week one player or another gets it.

I know we are not playing great and its a struggle atm but will not be in the camp of constant negative loop around my club.

Even if we finish 8th this year I look at it as a process and growing pain that comes with change. You can call me deluded and that's okay with me.

11.) 25 Oct 2023 11:02:41
Ahmad you best read that post of yours again. Then give your head a wobble and stop writing utter rubbish.
BTW we're talking Rashford not Garnacho so no idea why you keep mentioning him. I say again, if you think that Rashford is in good form at this moment in time then, in the words of Roy Keane, you're living in cloud cuckoo land.

12.) 25 Oct 2023 11:05:00
Great Post ahmad you are bang on with that imo.

13.) 25 Oct 2023 13:14:29

You are a negative nelly. We won a game in the most crazy ending you can imagine.

The day starts with people posting who was rubbish and who should be dropped. How selection was wrong, how attitude was wrong, its just a negative loop over and over.

" hope the players really put a shift in. If any of those that are prone to giving up and sulking when the going gets tough do so tonight of all nights then I hope their shame sees them out the door and gone"

That's your statement and mindset before the game even started. now call me wobble head or whatever you want but your head is stuck in negativity. you basically think they are lazy and have no pride and go out there and play poorly for a lack of desire or effort. I have to disagree on all those assumptions. They are usting a gut but its not happening atm for us.

I expect nothing different come city game where we will have to be compact and no Champaign football for large periods of the game and try scratch out a result. If we win I could care less how we won. Take the points and move on.

I will leave it to you to tell us who needs to be dropped and who is poor afterwards and whose attitude sucked.

14.) 25 Oct 2023 18:43:39
Don't leave it to fizz ahmad for the love of god.
He'd be worse than the worst manager ever from worst land.



22 Oct 2023 20:15:09
"He could shoot from Manchester and score in Rio de Janeiro! " - Pele on Sir Bobby ❤️.




14 Oct 2023 18:38:32
Sky News reporting that the bid from Qatar has been withdrawn. I think we are now officially in the cack!


1.) 14 Oct 2023 19:01:21
Surprise surprise.

2.) 14 Oct 2023 19:35:35
SJR 25% ownership going to get confirmed by the looks of it.




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28 Feb 2024 13:32:19
Rio Ferdinand reckons Arteta will take the job if offered. ???.




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17 Feb 2024 10:30:05
Are they all playing staff?


{Ed002's Note - Of course.}



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25 Jan 2024 17:21:59
Plus he’s a to€€er that falls over more easily than Bruno ?.




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21 Dec 2023 13:16:16
If it goes ahead I will, if United get involved, give up on football altogether.
My personal view is that it is a disgusting proposal.




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06 Oct 2023 18:49:59
Strangeways ????????
That’s the best post I’ve read yet that, read in such a way it fits an agenda. i. e. your agenda. Honestly Strangeways that post properly made I laff.
Give up fella before you make a real nonsense of yourself.





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01 Mar 2024 08:39:33
Bang on Ork. Totally agree.




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28 Feb 2024 07:49:00
I reckon some of them see utter carnage coming against City and that has led to 'injuries'. Too many in this squad haven't got the bottle.




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28 Feb 2024 07:46:00
Jeez Strangebloke but you don't like ETH. You've made that plain so many times. We get it! Same old same old.

Agree Blackpool and Chris. It's unforgivable to not put a shift in. It isn't acceptable under any circumstances not to play for the manager as strangekid states but what about not playing for themselves, their personal pride, the team, the club/ shirt/ badge and the supporters? Their attitude irritates me so badly even were they paid peanuts but they aren't. They're paid more in a week what many supporters will not see in a lifetime. Stealing a living some of these guys.




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26 Feb 2024 11:35:30
Yep. It is what it is.




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25 Feb 2024 20:31:31
Salford Rashford is a winger fs. Doesn’t get decent service? It’s HIS job to service. Ye Gods.