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26 Dec 2023 22:19:28
Tough night for some of our cheerful posters! On the whole much better! Garnacheo came to life after poor few weeks and finally hoijland bagged! Erickson for mctom helped going forward imo! Well done lads takes character to play under that pressure and scrutiny second half!


1.) 26 Dec 2023 22:59:08
Been calling for eriksen for McTom. I thought it worked better all game. They got 2 goals from nothing - cmas gifts!

It was good to see the players playing more like a team. The forwards were looking to create for each other. Lovely flowing move in what I would describe as EtH's style for the disallowed garnacho goal.

Would still like to see rashford be a bit more committed, but it was better, so fair enough.

Garnacho looked good from the right, he seemed to enjoy the change.

Fernandes just needs to keep it simpler, but he does make some excellent through balls in addition to the frustratingly bad ones.

If you couldn't enjoy that second half then maybe you are too much xmas turkey. Speaking of which -.

2.) 26 Dec 2023 23:11:33
Good result that against an excellent villa side. Need to back it up with something on Saturday now. Uniteds Boxing Day run continues ?.

3.) 27 Dec 2023 00:12:23
Spot on Chris.
Garnacho was good and a great rsps to the critics. The only way to respond to a drop off in firm is to play better.
I preferred his movement from the right getting more in front of the goal.
Delighted for rasmus too.

4.) 27 Dec 2023 00:13:00
That’s it!

That’s what everyone has wanted. If we had lost that 4-3 or drawn I would have been disappointed but also happy at the desire and effort across the board!

Fortunately (unfortunate for him) Rashford got a knock as Rasmus was about to be taken off. Now he has his goal we can hopefully see a few more. Still had very little service but with Garnacho on the right that will come.

My only question is why he brought Antony on and moved Garnacho to left.

Great result and a massive relief another the disaster of the last few weeks.

5.) 27 Dec 2023 01:42:25
Rashford and garnacho prefer left. Anthony prefers right.

Quite why we can't just TRY the insane suggestion of playing a left footed left winger and a right footed right winger I will never understand.

6.) 27 Dec 2023 05:26:27
What a rollorcoaster. I'm an absolute wheck but in the right way. Brilliant second after the first half shambles. I'm just enjoying this one and worry about Saturday later on in week.

7.) 27 Dec 2023 06:28:12
If we tighten up defensively and not give away terrible goals we will be in every game with a a chance to win with our front 6 and some composure. Ericsen was excellent. Who is the set play coach?

We also need to stop giving away silly fouls in areas where no need to foul given how we defend balls into the box.

we are terrible for how we defend in the box on crosses and making life difficult when we don't need to. Buzzing with that win GGMU

Villa had a chance to go level on points with Liverpool I think, we were by far so much better and expect us to win away at theri ground too. There is a lot of positives that should come through with this team. need cas, martinez, maguire, shaw back and have options on selections.

8.) 27 Dec 2023 06:31:55
Dodgy i agree.
A while back inverted wingers was not as common.

Maybe Garnacho playing RW meant he was quicker with his feet than on the left side where he has to cut in or when he does cross its his left foot and its not the same quality of cross.

I am very curious to see Antony been tried on the LW.

9.) 27 Dec 2023 08:24:31

I went on live chat for about 2 minutes without posting around the end of first half and decided its is not worth getting involved. Same same type of stuff by same guys posted. Even at 2-0 if you looked at the first half objectively and the nature of the soft goals conceded, we were by far the better team even though the score did not show it.

We were by far the better team at Westham too but lacked a goal and some composure when we had chances. if we take our chances there we win an easy game once they have to come out.

All our troubles this year is against teams that sit in and we struggle to break them down and then concede a soft goal. Chasing games against teams once ahead that even sit deeper is not our strength. Crystal palace, Westham, Bournemouth come to mind.

Forest game will be similar, They will sit in and look to counter, if we score first easy win for us and we might find our shooting boots and finally and get quite a few on the board, if we concede first and away from home it will be a tough game and get people riled up.

Hoping we win our last two league games and get into the winter break with quite a few players coming back from injuries and things will improve a lot. There will be easier and boring wins which I would welcome.

Looking at the table, need to bridge the gap with Spurs. We will get past villa by the time the season is said and done IMO.

10.) 27 Dec 2023 08:40:04

Antony lacks the pace of Garnacho and Rash to get down the line and his delivery can go anywhere lol.

He is so left footed and he is what he is but still don't understand how he is always falling backwards shooting or crossing the ball and never gets over the ball. Over the last 18 months there have been so many times where you think a decent footballer should be able to put a ball in where we have a chance but he is so wide of the mark.

He reminds me a bit of a the old Harlem globetrotters. Basket players with lots of tricks but not NBA quality.

11.) 27 Dec 2023 09:30:07
I don't think the 1st half was that bad either east end. The goals conceded were bad alright but we had plenty of positive attacks that kept getting caught offside. When we figured out how to beat beat villas high line it looked like we had the beating of them. The energy was so much better than of late.



09 Dec 2023 20:16:58
I'm putting that performance mainly on ETH!
Having a pint before the game team news comes in and I see martial . Instantly deflated! Whole fan base would have been the same! I knew momentum would be surrendered straight away because there's no way we're getting after Bournemouth with him in the team! So it proved! I don't blame martial, I know he's absolute garbage, Sunday league, he couldn't care less, but I expect my manager to see through him and never play him! I've lost so much trust in ETH today!

Absolute garbage performance, not singling any of them out all a disgrace, especially disappointed in shaw mctom and Bruno!

Left the ground not knowing where we go from here!
A squad of mainly cowards and the manager thinking that it's acceptable for our number 9 to walk around, giving the ball away, making zero effort to show or run! ETH must think that's acceptable. I think I'm on a different page to him!


1.) 09 Dec 2023 21:18:05
Pretty much how I feel. didn't know where to go after game. Lost all feeling now, no hope its dire to watch. Could have done some painting instead, plus I got soaked walking home. just fully fed up with thus friggin team. Utterly gutless pathetic cry baby can't be bothered players and I was all for defending ten hag. not now, after selecting martial I couldn't care less.

2.) 09 Dec 2023 21:22:44
Absolutely shocking. Great chance to build on midweek but they just didn't want it. I would say that's one of the worst performances of the last 5-6 years.

3.) 09 Dec 2023 22:30:13
Bewildered is the best I can offer.

Bewildered that we started with Martial
Bewildered that we leave Mainoo and Varane on the bench.
Bewildered that Bruno saw fit to get himself booked for dissent so he is missing for the liverpool game

As much as I want ETH to get it right it is only the mess of the alleged SJR takeover that is saving his butt.

Just bewildered basically.

4.) 10 Dec 2023 05:16:14
I don't think martial was the worst player on the pitch.
But my main issue with him, even more than his aork rate, is as a striker he's hardly in the box to be the end of chances.
He's not a goal scorer, he's more of a second striker. Bruno too is a second striker and so is McTominay.

5.) 10 Dec 2023 07:15:08
Can’t wait to read a 3,000 word essay from Shappy about the next level tactician Ten Hag is and why today was rashfords fault. It’ll give me my entertainment for the evening.

6.) 10 Dec 2023 13:12:38
As a group there is no resilience. It's as if they are they exact opposite of United under Ferguson.

When they going gets a little inconvenient they quit.

It's been said 100 times but I'd be happier watching a team of young players from the academy try their hardest than this nonsense.

At least that would be fun.



27 Nov 2023 06:49:06
A lot of praise for garn and mainoo and rightly so!
I want to give a big pat on the back to Onana, a lot on here joined the pile on few weeks back along with every journalist and media outlet but the guy has showed a bit of character, produced good performances, big saves and won us big points! All while playing with a back four that has had zero continuity and consistency!
Good on him!


1.) 27 Nov 2023 09:38:00
I was dubious that Mainoo was going to be up to Matthaus / Makelele levels everyone was building him up to, but what a great start for him, and for one so young in a position players generally grow into over time. A breath of fresh air.

2.) 27 Nov 2023 10:03:31
Mainoo was a breath of fresh air yesterday, he showed such composure to make space for himself with the ball, as well as doing the hard work of tracking back and being a nuisance.

Also really good to see Luke Shaw back from injury, let's hope we can start to build some real momentum, especially with the tough run of fixtures coming up.

3.) 27 Nov 2023 11:15:23
Mainoo is so calm and Football IQ of a much older player. The position he played is one of the most difficult positions to play in and why so many top teams even now are always looking for that one player who can play a proper 6.

Lets hope Martinez gets on grass soon as he will be immense and take things up another notch.

4.) 27 Nov 2023 11:58:13
Let us all hope that we can keep him.

5.) 27 Nov 2023 12:03:54
Great to get the win and actually score some goals even though not a great performance but win is a win.

but the team sheet says more about how poor ETH buys/ Loans have really been, with virtually all of them on the bench and not in the team!

If I were SJR or even the Glazers I would not give ETH another bean to spend it’s quite disgraceful, I’ve said all along that what we had (and they not great) but they were better then the ones that come in!

6.) 27 Nov 2023 14:05:21
Mainoo was by far the best player on that pitch yesterday.
Apart from the goal Garnacho didn't really do anything else.
The performance as a whole was bloody dreadful.
We don't seem to be able to string more than 5 passes together in the midfield. Players not controlling the ball, Passas going astray and not hitting the targets. It was dreadful to watch.
Don't get me wrong a win is a win but what kind of football is Ten Hag trying to play? What kind of style are we playing? . Are we pressing or are we counter attacking? .
This is the worst football i have watched since Fergie left, it's absolutely dire!

7.) 27 Nov 2023 21:44:30
Rangers or whatever your called this week

Hoijland Mount malacia Erickson Martinez Casemiro injured

Reguillon Evans loan signings at the death to cover injuries

Hats off too to ETH or the club for not going out and wasting money on a 6 like amrabat and only loaning him because they trust mainoo!

The win looks even better with that list of absentees!

8.) 28 Nov 2023 01:36:36
The first 15 mins yesterday is the style of football EtH is trying to play. We dominated the ball and you could see a progressive shape with Dalot pushed well forward, producing the inside run for THAT goal.

Around minute 12 to 15 Everton started to be more aggressive and to press S they realised that is was McGuire and Lindelof at the back and not Nesta and Maldini.

Mainoo is firmly in EtH plans, he was a feature of the tour and no chance EtH is not going to bring him into the first team. To watch the guy is to see his potential. He has a long way to go yet though.

9.) 28 Nov 2023 11:28:41
If your good enough you should play regardless of your age.
I seen more from Mainoo in 70 minutes than Mctominay over the past 5 years.



05 Nov 2023 07:18:37
I'll compare to United because that's who I support but every team would of watched and said the same
I'll use Casemiro from last season when he was picking up red cards for fun, how have the VAR and ref at Newcastle not sent havertz off, first one alone is off the floor dangerous and late, he then flies in again ten minutes later! Nothing!
Bruno leaves a forearm intentionally first half they looked at it and didn't even book him! Casemiro was sent off for less imo on both occasions! I bet other fans of clubs can also think back!




14 Oct 2023 20:11:14
Big blow that it's not qatar and on the face of it most of us won't be happy with sjr seemingly getting into bed with the glazers

But but but it's not the best news but it's certainly good news, the slow start of eventually getting them out, sjr will have our best interest and there will be investment! It cannot be a bad thing even if it's not the best outcome!

There is potentially light at the end .


1.) 14 Oct 2023 20:37:05
Complete nonsense.

2.) 14 Oct 2023 20:38:32
SJR will have no say in how the club will be run. Hell will purchase a 25% stake, which in turn goes directly to the Glazers.

3.) 14 Oct 2023 20:47:56
He’s not going to of bought 25 % without guarantees of further control!
Why would he!

4.) 14 Oct 2023 20:49:00
DLIB enlighten me? We’re all disappointed or most of us are but the bigger picture is there is finally movement!

5.) 14 Oct 2023 20:53:31
You enlighten me?

6.) 14 Oct 2023 20:59:30
He won’t be the controlling share will he, he needs to hit another 30 odd% won’t he, not sure he ever will. Glazers for the cash injection they wanted to carry on leaching off us.

7.) 14 Oct 2023 21:15:45
If Ratcliffe buys 25% of the shares, all the money goes to the Glazers. It won’t do anything for the club. The toxicity will continue. The “movement” talked about would be irrelevant.

Yet again the club would spurn an opportunity. Continuity Glazer, people need to wake up.

8.) 14 Oct 2023 21:32:15
Only reason Jim wants United is because of the rights he has to the so called oil or gas that's beneath the ground. This has nothing to do with putting the Manchester back into Manchester United (whatever that means) and him being a lifelong United fan. This is simply another ploy of making more money to fill his pockets.

9.) 14 Oct 2023 22:33:11
I can't imagine there is that much oil or gas below ot, the glazers would have found it by now, knocked the stadium down and got us ground sharing with Salford.

10.) 14 Oct 2023 23:58:53
Ratcliffe knows to get max value out of Utd they need top sponsorship and income from winning trophies. Yes he will want to make money but if the team keeps losing he knows he will lose out too. He also is allegedly a Utd supporter so should have a better idea than the Glazers about what the club needs.

11.) 15 Oct 2023 02:47:50
You keep believing that he has the club's best interests at heart because he claims to be a lifelong supporter. And you actually believe the Glazers didn't know what was needed to get united challenging and successful. They chose not to do so because they view United as an American franchise. Am surprised they didn't do like their American counterparts, when they can't fully finance a stadium rebuild by asking the Manchester council to fund the new stadium and if they refused, threaten to relocated United to a next part of England.

12.) 15 Oct 2023 08:26:17

It would be a terrible deal if the 25% investment is not reinvested in some form into the club. what does Ratcliff get from doing something like this. I realize the Glazers can just pocket it but that would be an outrage everyone. Let's wait and see the details.

13.) 15 Oct 2023 08:51:06
You disappoint me. That is bolloxology of the very lowest order. You delude yourself!

14.) 15 Oct 2023 09:31:43

What does anyone know here at this time to make such conclusive statements about the clubs future. Its all hearsay until a deal is announced and details come out.

Its all emotional statements based on the disappointment of glazers not being gone completely without any facts what things look like going forward.

15.) 15 Oct 2023 09:54:56

You keep telling yourself that but there are some facts to be considered:

Have the Glazers been bought out? Fact - NO.
Are they still on the board with a controlling share? Fact - YES.
Is the huge debt still there? Fact - YES.
Has SJR made any reference to clearing the debt? Fact - NO.
Has SJR made any reference to improving the ground and Carrington? Fact - NO.

Nothing positive in my view or emotional knee jerk so I'll stick with my thoughts on this.

16.) 15 Oct 2023 10:05:04
Get a grip fizz my point is this, we all wanted qatar but let’s be honest before sheikh came along we were all desperate for Jim, and why? Because it meant the end of the glazers! We don’t know what this deal is but sjr is no mug and isn't going to invest 25 % of the clubs value for nothing in return! If the glazers don’t want to sell yet which seems obvious then this is the best we can hope for, a tiny glimmer! Not a lot the sheikh or sjr can do if they don’t want to sell! If that’s delusional then you need stop sulking and man up! We’re all disappointed but what can we do! Hope and pray that sjr gets those leaches out of our club as soon as possible as it appears now he’s our only hope .

17.) 15 Oct 2023 10:31:44

We did not ALL want Qatar at all, there are many many people who didn’t want Qatar. The fact that fans of our club are so gutted that we aren’t being taken over by that regime just shows where we are at.

18.) 15 Oct 2023 10:44:51

Everything you have listed is assumptions and your opinion. You might be proven very wrong on many of them including settlement of debt, investment in stadium and just a wholesale change of how the club will run going forward including the board.

unless you think SJR is a donkey and decided to give the glazers 1.5 billion for a club that lost 6 million last quarter I believe.

19.) 15 Oct 2023 15:52:25
Fizz everything you’ve said is guesswork let’s all at least hear off sjr if and when this happens!




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12 Mar 2024 07:07:33
Out of curiosity did you see him play at forest in the cup? Looked a million miles off the required level in that 25 minutes! I’m not sure why the manager is getting stuck for a ridiculous priced signing he didn’t make not getting minutes when he sees him every day and it appears Forson has jumped above him!




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22 Feb 2024 17:24:06
Agree Spenno ?.




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05 Feb 2024 20:59:36
Especially with two weeks international including, after the rumours last night I’d say 8 weeks is good news!




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12 Jan 2024 22:00:59
He came same time as Garnacheo or thereabouts
So there is a plan
Ultimately if the player is deemed good enough the opportunity is there .
He obviously isn’t .
Garnacheo is showing he potentially can be.




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15 Dec 2023 06:48:11
Exactly Eric people wanting potter over ETH have short memories!





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23 Mar 2024 09:45:03
I like potter but he was a disaster at a big club, you could see in his appearance the pressure and toll literally ate him alive! We’re much bigger than a big club with scrutiny he can never imagine! Big no for me regarding potter.




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22 Mar 2024 05:53:49
Think the midfield issue is caused by the back four, imo I think he wants a defence to be capable of playing ten / fifteen yards higher up the pitch which closes that midfield space straight away! Unfortunately he can’t with Evans Maguire lindelof etc as they’ll be exposed! He looks like he’s caught in the middle of it at the minute!




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14 Mar 2024 06:41:08
Did I just read a comment by mr negative himself telling a poster that “ the sky is not falling in “
Fantastic stuff, the irony ???.




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13 Mar 2024 21:18:23
Here he goes again ….




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12 Mar 2024 19:37:37
Tom he got a gk left back centre back two midfielders a winger and probably a few more . Played good stuff when all available. Remind me what happened when they lost left back to suspension, midfielder and centre back to injury for a sustained period? That’s right they couldn’t buy a win! Interesting….