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01 Sep 2022 23:13:12
Just want to thank Ed002 and all the other Ed's for another window full of information and updates. I know you get asked repeated questions over and over by fans desperate to get blow by blow updates. We really do appreciate the time spent and knowledge shared each window.

Hope you get a well earned rest before the first post asking for lists for January start showing up!


{Ed002's Note - Thanks. We appreciate it.}

1.) 01 Sep 2022 23:23:04
Never a truer word spoken DB.
Thank you ed002 and the entire editing team. Top stuff. Some dodgy opinions but lots of good banter. ?.

{Ed002's Note - Everyone has done well on the MU pages. Club is doing OK.}

2.) 01 Sep 2022 23:32:00
Ed002 if i am ever in Cornwall dinner and drinks on me, you pick the venue :) and if you ever get to Dubai same goes. thank you. we did okay I agree. Long way to go.

{Ed002's Note - I am not allowed to visit Dubai, but thanks.}

3.) 02 Sep 2022 00:08:47
Too works Eds, top site, love it.

Decent work by Utd too all in all. New manager and 6 good new signings.

{Ed002's Note - Thanks Eric.}

4.) 02 Sep 2022 06:21:55
Thanks EDs.

Thankyou all for the time and effort you put into all of the sites.

{Ed002's Note - Thanks, you are welcome.}

5.) 02 Sep 2022 08:37:52
Yeah, a big well done and thank you to all the Ed's who give up their time to run this site and divulge excellent information.

Thank you all.

{Ed002's Note - Thanks, you are welcome.}

6.) 02 Sep 2022 10:45:27
A huge thanks to all the eds. Some amount of work to edit all the pages.

This place is like a little cosy home on my phone.

{Ed002's Note - Thanks, you are welcome.}

7.) 02 Sep 2022 12:37:45
I agree that ypu very much to all the Eds for their uodates and work to keep the site alive.

A specoal thanks for Ed14 for his constant championing of the brilliant way United are run and support for all their well thought out and planned moves.

{Ed014's Note - thank you mate and I’m sure they’ll get it right one day!

8.) 02 Sep 2022 15:16:47
Echo that. Thanks for all the input eds ?.

9.) 02 Sep 2022 16:23:08
Ed002 - thanks so much for all your time during the window. First class, accurate info as always. Really appreciate your bright insight amongst what is often a dark cloud of uncertainty and confusion.

10.) 02 Sep 2022 21:06:44
Couldn’t agree more thanks to all involved, really look forward to scanning this site daily fantastic feedback back constantly, all the years I’ve been on here I trust nothing without you lot confirming.

11.) 04 Sep 2022 19:46:26
So, Ed002. January. what's happening? ?.



21 Mar 2020 22:26:27
Rumours of Auba to Utd. No idea if this is now just crazy time due to lack of content. But I have to say, that would be an excellent signing for us. Last year with Arsenal, so they may be tempted to cash in. Almost has the feels of an RVP but he's not quite so deep into his career.

He would be an upgrade on Martial as a 9. Scores goals for fun. What do you all think, would you take him?


1.) 22 Mar 2020 10:38:16
Rumours started last summer when Andy Goldstein from talksport said he was told Utd were in for him so maybe there is something in it who knows. Good player though wish he wasnt as old as he is.

2.) 22 Mar 2020 10:54:42
I think we're done buying older players on high wages. He's a fantastic player but you'd imagine he'd demand Sanchez type salary. Just doesn't seem to go along with Solskjaer's plan.

3.) 22 Mar 2020 12:02:02
I'd prefer lacazette to be honest. Although he's seemed a bit off this season.

4.) 23 Mar 2020 11:10:01
I would rather save the money and buy ighalo and spend the big money on right wing, cm, pogba replacement and pacey centre back.

5.) 23 Mar 2020 12:03:35
Thanks for replies guys. I think that Auba allows us to play how we have been playing, direct and very dangerous on the break, but hs also makes runs in the 6 yard area like a striker. He can score headers with more consistency. Depending on fee he could be interesting. Not for silly money either in transfer or wages.

6.) 26 Mar 2020 16:05:39
who is Auba?




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21 Oct 2023 16:05:25
Rest in peace Bobby, the very definition of a club legend.




13 Sep 2023
New image uploaded to the
Manchester United Player Sightings page entitled, By order of the Peaky Blinders

Click picture for larger image


1.) 13 Sep 2023 10:27:07
Maybe I have a poor fashion sense, but I think EtH is quite a stylish manager.

However, we typically place managers in two camps suit manager or tracksuit manager. Seeing someone wear smart casual seems a little odd and stands out.

2.) 13 Sep 2023 11:24:38
The international break can't end soon enough clearly if we are talking about managers fashion sense.

3.) 13 Sep 2023 15:45:46
Looked like Rio Ferdinand on the famous christmas party photo when he had braids with Rooney and Jonny Evans from 2003, against Arsenal last week.

4.) 13 Sep 2023 16:19:08
Neil Warnock's tracksuits were always my favourite. He wouldn't look out of place stood outside the corner shop off Wythenshawe Park.

5.) 14 Sep 2023 10:55:36
The Victor Meldrew look.



12 Sep 2023 01:09:00
So inexplicably Utd let Sancho issue fester for a week. Here we are a week later and they have met. Rumours of a continuing fall out, seemingly substantiated by Sancho STILL pinning his post to his social media accounts. Unbelievable.

Send sancho to rot in training on his own and ship him out at the first opportunity. Have completely had it with this player power bullshirt. Get out of our club Sancho, and take slab head with you. For some reason Southgate thinks it is appropriate for hi. To be putting pressure on utd playing McGuire more. If you like him so much, keep him training with england all season!


1.) 12 Sep 2023 06:39:16
Maguire has done nothing wrong except not be
that good. I would not be bracket him in with Sancho.

2.) 12 Sep 2023 07:04:32
Well said Dodgy.

And to think some people were advocating for Southgate to be our manager before ETH came in.

I can just see Maguire still with the armband, our top scorer sat on the bench, while we chase players like Eric Dier and spend £50m for Trippier to play left back ?‍♂️

On Sancho, the fact that post is still pinned after the players have returned to training says all you need to know. As you say, get him far away from the first team as possible, and nowhere near the youth team either. I always think it’s a bad example for the youth team if a senior player with an attitude problem is sent to train with them. If Sancho doesn’t train well, he should be nowhere near the youth team either.

The problem is that the players are too valuable these days. Although in the case of Sancho he can’t be worth more than £40m which is peanuts relatively speaking.

3.) 12 Sep 2023 07:37:07
I just don’t get sancho I really don’t, what exactly does he want or think he’s entitled to. I Fail to see what eth has done wrong and yet jadon Is acting like a spoilt toddler. We really REALLY need to spend more time researching the character and integrity of possible signings in future, ability is great but without the other attributes they’re no good. More money wasted and another position needing filled. Hopefully pellistri and later diallo can step up.

4.) 12 Sep 2023 08:40:20
Not that fussed what happens with Sancho. As it's so easy to predict our targets the press will probably drag out an out of contract former Ajax player who has some link to ten Hag to replace him. Oh hang on.

5.) 12 Sep 2023 10:11:52
It will be an interesting press conference on Friday for eth.

6.) 12 Sep 2023 14:23:48
Wonder if any part of him regrets taking the job? He should have been taking over the biggest club in the world, but has barely had a day without having to deal with off the field issues.

7.) 12 Sep 2023 17:48:18
Lvg warned him tbf.

8.) 12 Sep 2023 20:50:32
Apparently Sancho has deleted the post.

9.) 12 Sep 2023 21:07:54
Closing the stable door after the horse has bolted springs to mind red man. Think his bridges have been well and truly burned.

10.) 12 Sep 2023 22:36:45
If Sancho had kept his gob shut for just one week longer, he would be playing RW for the foreseeable. Now it'll be Pellestri and/ or Garnacho, perhaps with Bruno finishing games there.

11.) 13 Sep 2023 01:33:00
Or mount syd.



30 Aug 2023 18:01:00
Scratching around for bargain bin loans again at the end of a window. Arnold and Murthog should go and allow some competent people to come in and run the club. Absolute shambles. We are one if the richest clubs in the world in terms of revenue and we are acting like a cash strapped football league club.


1.) 30 Aug 2023 19:24:26
We are both cash and FFP strapped. Our debts >£1bn and we have been making losses. That was mainly down to Woodward and a decade of bad decisions. The Galzers are responsible for choosing Woodward and then keeping him on for a decade. Yes, we have interest payments and yes, until recently, the shareholders were being paid a dividend, but all that could have been accommodated if the club had been run well.

Arnold and Murtaugh may not be the best management team by a long shot but they've been dealt a really bad hand. They are not responsible for the unsaleable players who came before them like Maguire, Martial and Bailly. Why were they and, for example, Brandon Williams paid so much? Nor are they responsible for the collapse of our scouting and recruitment systems. Getting back to being a football club rather than a marketing device is not going to be instantaneous. Unfortunately, if the Glazers don't sell and we don't improve our financials both in terms of profitability and debt, we may have a very long wait.

2.) 30 Aug 2023 19:35:12
Think the interest payments and the lack of equity investment from the Glazers have restricted us under FFP.

Having said that Ten Hag has still spent £350m in the last year, hardly chicken feed.

3.) 30 Aug 2023 19:38:47
How many clubs have spent over 400m in a year. Not too many cash strapped football league clubs I'd guess.
Revenue dies not make your a wealthy lub profit does. We lost money last year so Weeke do you want more cash to come from than the 400m spent?

4.) 30 Aug 2023 19:40:50
Can't do a great deal if there's no money. That may be down to the parasite owners or the fact we just can't shift any players.
Clubs strengthening as utd get weaker.
Will be a struggle this year, every day seems to be bad news, owners staying, Greenwood situation and injuries.
Let's hope ten hag can get the players playing well, I won't be holding my breath.

5.) 30 Aug 2023 20:30:37
Parasite owners? Yeah, God forbid anyoe buys and runs a football business to make money.

6.) 30 Aug 2023 20:55:33
Maybe just because we spend huge amounts on not so great players who turn out to be a waste of money and no one will buy them when they flop at united, look at Sancho 70 million Fred 50 million Antony 80 million, now Mount 60 million who TBF is probably best out them lot, but where was he bought to play, can anyone see us winning epl or champs league with midfield like that, maybe ok if you had a 30 a season striker who can actually hold the ball up, maybe a better chance but it’s hard to think anyone thought Bruno Cas and Mount was going to be good midfield 3! Cas can play that position ok but had Kroos and Modric in front of him and Benzema to hold ball or score goals LaLiga is different then EPL.

7.) 30 Aug 2023 21:35:41
Fair enough manc man. No problem with them making money but maybe they could put a bit back in. The whole club needs money investing in it. You carry on supporting the glazers and watch the club carry on falling behind.

8.) 30 Aug 2023 22:45:37
It doesmt matter how much you spend if you spend so poorly. Throwing ever more money at the problem is not going to solve it.

Until United appoint someone with vision to properly sort the football side we will continue to go round in circles.

Then again United appoint someone with a history of implementing his sporting vision across clubs as a sporting director.

The problem was United appointed him as Manager and ignored the thing he was good at.

9.) 30 Aug 2023 22:49:01
In 2012 United went public and with the money raised reduced the debt to a very manageable level, particularly since revenues were growing. Since then the club has been managed appallingly so that now we're >£1bn in debt. It wasn't helped by C.V., but them no club was. Perhaps the Glazers though they would be rescued by the ESL which would have given them guaranteed revenues and a permanent seat at the top table.

I don't think they yet appreciate just how different the ethos of club football is to that of American sports with their quick managed individual plays, time outs geared to maximize advertising revenues, dancing girls, half time shows, All Star games etc etc. Wasn't one of Todd Boehly's first suggestions that football needed an all star game? Why would we need a totally meaningless game? Why would we want to emulate a sport like American football where there's 12 minutes of actual action over a 3 1/ 2 hour time span? Why would we want our game to incorporate a device called a gratuitous TV time out in addition to all the other stoppages? Baseball has 18 advertising breaks over the course of a game + more for pitching changes.

They bought United as a commercial enterprise. The fact that it was a football club was incidental. They hired a manager who new nothing about the game but was able to negotiate good sponsorship deals. The chickens have come home to roost.

10.) 30 Aug 2023 23:13:05
Strangely the Glazers came from a sport were a model of General Manager building a roster and a head coach moulding those players into a team is standard, to a sport transitioning to that model and were almost the last ones to the party.

And despite United never running that model, managed to find a candidate for that role in house.

11.) 31 Aug 2023 06:55:41
Parasites, leeches is the correct wording Mancman. The Glazers have not put one cent into the club, the club which has £700m or whatever the debt is now, weighing us down, was taken out not to improve the club but to let them own it, should never have been allowed. That debt then meant it would be very difficult to improve infrastructure because that would need more borrowing. Now, Imagine if the £1.5Bn wasted on funding the debt had gone on a new stadium or better training facilities. Then remember these leeches continued to take dividends until they were legally precluded from doing so. When Ronaldo was sold in 2009 it ensured the club still made a profit, then some wondered why we didn’t spend it. Look at what City’s owners have built, it should make you sick when compared to what our leeches have done. They don’t take dividends at City. The direction of the club has been all wrong, no one has a plan or seemingly looks at the needs of the team and we jerk from one direction to another. They brought in Ralf who would have revamped the structure but then made him manager, something he wasn’t, instead of using his skillset.
Change is needed from the top, the debt gone, direction set, professionalism in the boardroom. I have been saying this on here for years and hope the leeching parasites will sell before the club becomes so toxic it will be unattractive to many players, who expect better facilities.

12.) 31 Aug 2023 09:30:28
Red Man,

Absolutely spot on, Mancman you really need to read that post and look at why people despise the Glazers before you post things defending them, not a good look.

13.) 31 Aug 2023 13:21:37
IMO the Glazers have done nothing wrong. They legally bought a business using other peoples' money and for that they have my respect.

If they had bought a different kind of business then you wouldn't be calling them leeches.

How they run their company is none of your business. If you don't like it don't buy the product.

The fault lies with the football authorities who allowed them to do what they did.

Finally, Giggs to Sheringham; at the risk of pot kettle black, please can I respectfully suggest that you drop this developing habit of telling people what they should and shouldn't post.

14.) 31 Aug 2023 19:17:31
You can post whatever you like, posting that the Glazers have done nothing wrong is not a good look, I’m allowed to have that opinion and most here will agree with me.

I am yet to tell people what to post, I’ve suggested to one person that they stop posting the same thing over and over again, it’s not a habit but I’ll take your advice on board.

15.) 31 Aug 2023 20:19:54
GIS. Seriously you wrote that with a straight face!

16.) 31 Aug 2023 22:35:54
This is getting weird now, have a nice evening.

17.) 31 Aug 2023 22:35:54
This is getting weird now, have a nice evening.



23 Aug 2023 23:47:57
Quite a bit of orchestrated journalism going o this week around United. Interesting to see so many outlets running stories about the sale, which are clearly nothing stories designed to bury the Greenwood criticism of club management.

Maybe I should take of my tin hat, but something smells fishy and the journalists who have written all this rubbish have exposed themselves as puppets as far as I see.


1.) 24 Aug 2023 01:21:13
You’re joking right? That Rachel Riley muppet is getting plastered all over the internet and reported widely. Sky and BBC have covered Neville’s criticism of the club. Talksport as usual have done about 10 videos already criticising United for everything about the situation. Personally with the extremely limited information available I think they’ve handled it the best way they could. They waited until the court case was dropped, left it until the new season to make a decision, consulted greenwood on what he wanted to do, have made a public statement explaining their findings and the mutual decision between the club and the player, and informed everyone of their decision. I have absolutely no idea why they’re being criticised for handling a a very difficult and public situation in the manner they have. The club has done absolutely nothing wrong. The media constantly spin negative stories around the club and stir up toxicity, regardless of the situation. I have absolutely no idea where you’re getting this notion from that it’s been “covered up”, there’s not a single sporting outlet that has covered this story and had mud to throw at the club over it.

2.) 24 Aug 2023 01:30:49
Apologies, by the way I misread your post and you were obviously talking about Greenwood’s criticism of the management. I do completely agree with you though that all mainstream journalists are nothing more than puppets and many of the social media “influencers” are as well. They all sing from the same hymn 90% of the time which makes them easy enough to spot.

3.) 24 Aug 2023 06:39:48
I didn't realise there had been any criticism of management from Greenwood, just a carefully crafted response. I susoect your first understanding was the correct one, however if indeed there was a Greenwood criticism of management story then i can't find it so United did indeed bury it very well!

4.) 24 Aug 2023 08:36:58
Oakbark, I haven’t found any criticism from greenwood either. Perhaps dodgy can clarify what he meant.

5.) 24 Aug 2023 11:09:24
I don't think Dodgy means Greenwood himself has been critical of the club management, I certainly haven't seen or read anything from him say anything like that, but that the club management is being criticised for the handling of the Greenwood situation. Which is blatantly true and is everywhere.

There is a battle going on in the media to control the narrative around the club. With the "independent" media wanting to sow seeds of negativity around the club as ultimately that garners more attention, and attention is the currency of the media.

While the club want to deflect that negativity to create a more positive and hopeful narrative around the club. Don't be fooled that the club or the owners don't really care about how the club is perceived in the media. They hired former Sun journalist Neil Ashton as head of PR back in 2020 for the very purpose of creating a better club image in the media.

They know the only thing that can change the feeling within the fan base is hope. They are also aware that the sale of the club is the biggest source of hope many fans have.

That makes it unsurprising that the following day after the Greenwood announcement and all the negativity that comes with it, that suddenly talk of the sale is now creeping out into the media via journalist who are known to be close to the club and often get "exclusives" from the club.

It seems very much that the source of these "leaks" or "rumours" alare from the club itself, which means it is being put out there to be self-serving for the club.

That's not to say that a sale couldn't be progressing or that an announcement will be made soon. Just that the timing of this information seems very suspicious and as such is likely a fabrication to control the narrative around the club during this rocky time.

6.) 24 Aug 2023 11:39:06
United are still the biggest story in town.

United bashing is an industry in itself.

We should be thankful for Ed Ole and now comedy Rich and John. Putting food on the table to feed losers and wannabes children since 2005!




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22 Nov 2023 03:04:07
And yet, Joel glazer and the glazer family still control the club. Maybe they will want to keep Murtough as their guy on the inside? Seems highly unlikely that the full structure of the club is completely designed by SJR. In fact it seem optimistic at best that he can get full control of the football side. How long until they clash on an issue? Seems like we will have a very odd structure for a business.




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11 Nov 2023 14:48:07
If SJR chucks in a fiver to the club he will have put more money in than the glazers have for the last 20 years. We have an estimated borrowing after continuing transfer commitments of 800m of debt from the glazers. That wasn't there before they arrived.

The just turned down 5bn for something they paid nothing for and people wonder why the fan base hates them.

It will be a big stride forward to put some competent football people in charge. Not bankers. I am not celebrating them still surviving this though, there had better be a plan to remove them.




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03 Sep 2023 13:53:09
Work, did you just envisage joel and avram at OT? Wow, you do have a vivid imagination ?.




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31 Aug 2023 00:17:53
Let's hope someone is coaching him to make that change. Rashford also had 2 assists and a key pass (to bruno for his assist) . So maybe someone is finally getting through about the need to PASS the freaking ball!




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25 Aug 2023 12:30:02
Could make a strong case for Shaw being our best player last season, and possibly epl team of the season. This season we seem to be trying to play him inverted, which I don't like, but surely (pun intended) you can see we are worse off without him!





DodgyBanter's banter replies


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28 Nov 2023 01:36:36
The first 15 mins yesterday is the style of football EtH is trying to play. We dominated the ball and you could see a progressive shape with Dalot pushed well forward, producing the inside run for THAT goal.

Around minute 12 to 15 Everton started to be more aggressive and to press S they realised that is was McGuire and Lindelof at the back and not Nesta and Maldini.

Mainoo is firmly in EtH plans, he was a feature of the tour and no chance EtH is not going to bring him into the first team. To watch the guy is to see his potential. He has a long way to go yet though.




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26 Nov 2023 12:12:54
Hope your mum is out of ICU and feeling better soon mate.




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18 Nov 2023 23:54:36
They have not become more consistent. Total rubbish. Unless you mean that sky blue players can't be offside.




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18 Nov 2023 14:28:25
Var lines for offside should be a 30cm band. If it is that close, then play on!




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17 Nov 2023 16:26:26
Leveraged buyout of club was one of the greatest sporting scandals of the century. FA and UEFA should have prevented it. If you can't see that then not worth wasting any further energy on you.