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03 Aug 2019 14:20:49
I’ve loved reading the posts this week and for what it’s worth, here’s my view.

Maguire is not necessarily the greatest defender but he seems like a big character and as has been said he is better than what we have. The price is irrelevant to me, fees are soon forgotten (unlike wages) . I think he will settle quickly and make a difference.

AWB looks a quality buy in a position where we have struggled so I’m confident that will look a steal as the season progresses.

James has huge potential, looking forward to seeing how he develops.

Dybala I don’t want. No idea where it came from and we really shouldn’t be entertaining it. Fancy name, not pulled up any trees for a couple of years, really don’t see where he fits in.

Fernandes look quality and would be a good signing and if we are interested then I have no idea why it is taking so long.

We need to ship Pogba out as quickly as possible, assuming anyone has made any sort of sensible offer. I don’t buy the line that he’s really popular. If he isn’t committed to the cause then he needs to leave.

Sanchez also needs to go. I’d even let him go on a free or nominal fee as it would free up at least £15M because of his ridiculous contract.

Lukaku also needs to go and again I’d take the best offer that is on the table. We may lose on the fees but the benefit to team spirit and morale of shipping out players who don’t want to be her is immense. There’s a bunch of other players we need to move on and again we should make it attractive to potential buyers. Darmian and Rojo for starters.

Imagine those 5 gone, 4 new signings (I’m assuming a CM is coming), and a few from the youth promoted. The feel and mood will be lifted and with the extra fitness and energy, with everyone committed and pulling in the same direction, who knows where we will get to.

I fear there is not enough time left to move players on but for me that is just as important on bringing new ones in.


1.) 03 Aug 2019 14:37:38
It would be foolish to let pogba leave so late in the window, no chance we have enough time to obtain a replacement.

Saul would fit the bill, but that would be a complicated deal and there are questions marks over whether he would even want to come.

Are SMS or fernandes as good as pogba? if looked at objectively you would say they were not on his level.

Dybala is probably the clearest route to getting rid of lukaku as inter milan are unable to source the funds to do a deal, so this swap deal is a pretty good compromise to get rid of a player who doesn't fit oles style and bring in a player who does.

25, 5 year contract means we have plenty of scope to get a resale value when he inevitably pines for a move to madrid or Barcelona like pogba. Could be a shrewd bit of business by the club.

2.) 03 Aug 2019 14:49:29
DSG, if you put my reservations aside, Ed002 has said Dybala doesn’t want to come. If he’s having to be convinced then we shouldn’t do it,

3.) 03 Aug 2019 15:15:18
Tony do you honestly expect Dybala to happily want to leave a team with Ronaldo and several stars which is guaranteed at least a major trophy and also UCL football every season and come over to us because we are Manchester United?

That ship has sailed!

No matter how attractive a team is, it still has to make an effort to appeal to a prospective player.

4.) 03 Aug 2019 15:18:42
I honestly think you will be surprised how many player would not want to join us this summer. No champions league is a big loss especially in a window where bayern, real, Barcelona and juve are all making big deals.

Look at sancho, he realised that coming to united this window would be not be ideal for his development when we are undergoing significant changes and his development was much better suited staying at dortmund.

Does that mean we shouldn't go in for him next summer when we will still need to convince him we are the right club with the right stability for him to continue his development?

Dybala is an oppurtune signing granted but if he does join it won't be against his will, quite a few player over the year have needed to be convinced/ persuaded to join clubs.

5.) 03 Aug 2019 15:23:18
I really don't get why people would wants Pogba to stay. Old may say all the right things about Pogba having a great attitude blah blah blah, but the player clearly wants out.
If we keep hold of him against his wishes we will just have the same circus every transfer window. It's unsettling for everyone, including Old, despite what he may say in public.

Pogba is obviously talented and is a match winner on his day. I understand that, but keeping an unhappy player is counter productive.

On the flip side, we shouldn't be forced to sell him on the cheap. But over inflating his price so that he is effectively priced out of a more is daft in my opinion.

Despite the fact that some fans 'hero worship' some players, Pogba is not worthy of that label. Talent is nothing without application, effort and desire and Mr Pogba is severely lacking in the later.

6.) 03 Aug 2019 15:35:43
Until last week his name hadn’t come up, nobody on here had suggested we try and buy him or he would add anything to our team. Now suddenly many are drooling over him and I don’t get it. We should have learned from Di Maria. He doesn’t want to come, allegedly he wants £350K a week, allegedly his agent wants £13M, it’s possibly taken our focus from Fernandes. The only positive I can see is we lose Lukaku, that’s about it.

I don’t really buy the Champions League argument. Actually I do buy it and it hacks me off. There’s only a few teams that will win it, and there seems to be a snobbishness that has materialised with players ‘not wanting to take a step down’. I’m not sure how we’ve allowed it to become so important, for me the domestic title is still the biggest trophy by far.

7.) 03 Aug 2019 15:37:47
Of course he needs convincing AJH. He is not a fan like is. He is at a top club where his life family and friends are and you think a good pitch and lots of reassurances are not required.
You don't seem to be the sort of chap to make knee jerk life changing decisions without due consultation and thought process and advice. Do you think dybala should?

8.) 03 Aug 2019 15:56:18
Is aguero not a good example why is it always di Maria.
Do people think aguero was a life long city fan desperate to move to a team that had won nothing for years?
Or did him and his agent need a bit of convincing and a bucket of cash .

I'm not saying we should or shouldn't sign him but there's a bit of a line in the sand starting with one or 2 players,

9.) 03 Aug 2019 16:02:27
Of course he's reluctant. We're not exactly known for stability are we. He enjoys life in Italy and is reluctant to leave. But Juve are forcing him out.

10.) 03 Aug 2019 16:03:54
Madrid have been making sensible offers for Pogba throughout this window.

UTD think they can get more with very little other clubs being able to afford him.

Only a few clubs or so at the over inflated fee and wages able to afford Pogba which sees UTD keeping a player who wants to leave *evil laugh*.

Barcelona not going to sign Pogba.

11.) 03 Aug 2019 16:09:33
What offers have real made?

12.) 03 Aug 2019 16:24:59
Guys AJH has a point. The problem is not there is a convincing required for Dybala. But why to convince a player who is not seen as much needed who is not willing to move to us who will demand monstrous wage who has stalled for the past year. If it is someone who we have identified as main target it's worth going through the trouble. Imagine we sign him and has not really worked out then we will have another player on 350k wages very difficult to move.

13.) 03 Aug 2019 16:35:27
I said the same to shappy last week jred.
People are saying don't sign him he doesn't want to be here. Yet those same purple are saying keep pogba even though he doesn't want to be here.
If dybala comes and he and the team are successful he will love it at United. Just like aguero has done.
Im not desperate for him to sign if he does it would be potentially a very good and exciting signing.

14.) 03 Aug 2019 17:00:59
My wider point is he hadn't been mentioned by anybody, the fans hadn't suggested him nor were the club pursuing him. Suddenly a swap is on, not exactly thought through is it?

15.) 03 Aug 2019 17:02:49
You could say the same with pogba, if go his and uniteds way he may have a change in heart .
Not sure why everything needs to be set in stone .
I'm far from convince dybala would be a good fit in the epl, who who knows.

16.) 03 Aug 2019 17:11:34
Is it possible for a player to come in, not really wanting to come in at first and then change his mind? If he is the consummate professional, he might also put in some decent performances.

Also, he could just say no right now?

17.) 03 Aug 2019 18:00:01
He was mentioned a few month ago, don't know if the reports where true but he was linked a few months back.
But some times a player becomes available and you take a chance, any Cole, king Eric.

Is it possible that a player wants to leave then circumstances change and he changes his mind, Or do we hold it against him for the rest of his career.

18.) 03 Aug 2019 18:01:09
The club have had interest in dybala for 12 months according to ed002. i'm not convinced but he is a very talented player so if he settles it could work out.
Pogba is here and if he stays and does well he may well have a change of heart i agree but i'm not one for keeping unhappy players it usually doesn't work out. We can on my hope it does if he stays.

19.) 03 Aug 2019 19:33:15
Hi jred, not at all. I think if a player has a change of heart and wants to stay, put in the performances etc, he should most definitely get the chance. I think that's quite fair. But definitely no point keeping a player that is unhappy and wants to move. Does this answer work?

Is there a particular player you are talking about or just anyone in general?

20.) 03 Aug 2019 20:00:04
To many to mention to be honest once any one makes a mistake or reportedly does you want them out.
Lazy bad attitude said this said that.

21.) 03 Aug 2019 20:17:14
No, I'd like you to mention them. Very happy to give you my reasons behind everyone.

I'm quite sure that when I have shown my dissatisfaction in a player it is usually merited, justified.

I don't call for players to be bought and sold like in a game of FIFA.

I also am very happy to back good, hard working and loyal players when many dont. Again, when I feel its justified.

Feels like you're just having a pop though. It's something you like to do quite often. I hope I haven't upset you at any point. Or will you hold my opinions against me for the rest of my time posting on here? 😊.

22.) 03 Aug 2019 22:15:30
We have appointed Director of football - it's AJH

All sound decisions taken. 🤫.

23.) 04 Aug 2019 09:23:15
Reading the page the last day or two it’s clear we don’t need any insight from Ed002 as maxlfc knows absolutely everything about our club lol.

24.) 04 Aug 2019 20:42:32
Oh man :P
Wrote a post about how the youngsters are doing, and how you feel about them and this turned into Pogba/ Dybala debate.

25.) 05 Aug 2019 07:31:02
To be honest guys I don't care and the reason is we are focusing on players not playing for our club.
When the focus should be #GlazersOut.



24 Mar 2018 10:31:23
There are some that said Jesse wasn’t good enough and I guess there are still some that think he is at best a squad player but you have to give the lad credit. He keeps popping up scoring important goals and he plays with a smile on his face and seems to enjoy every moment. I’m so pleased for him and I hope he can take that final step and be consistent.


1.) 24 Mar 2018 16:25:04
He has always been highly thought off within the club. It was always accepted that he would take longer to find his feet due to his size. I read an interview with him where he said that Sir Alex always said he would become a real player when he's 25 like Tigana. I wonder how much of him really stepping up this season is down to him feeling that this year was going to be his year.

I did worry when we signed Sanchez as it was going to push either Lingard or Martial out of the side when arguably they we our best two forwards at that time. Maybe its time for Sanchez to be dropped for a game or two and make him fight for his place against players who are in form.

2.) 24 Mar 2018 16:40:40
Shaps, I don’t know why we bought Sanchez other than to stop City buying him. We had needs inother areas way before a left sided attacker was needed and even if he starts firing it just relegates Martial or Rashford. This smacks of Woodward and his marque signing obsession. I don’t want to upset you but if Bale is available you can bet your mortgage Ed will be there waving his chequebook.

3.) 24 Mar 2018 16:46:51
The thing with Jesse is you know he will work on the pitch and not hide. He has proven this year that he has more in the locker than people thought imo but he had the beginnings of a good season couple of years back when he got ani injury early on at Swansea I think. Change of personel and management has not deterred him and I think he has saved us a good few bob on bringing in a n other player.

4.) 24 Mar 2018 16:58:44
I was one of those thinking he wasn't going to be up to it and would be sold, at times I feel foolish, but then he can be anonymous far too often for me (like most of our attacking players) .

I still think in order for us to be competing at the very top we need better than Lingard. But if he improves again as much as he has over the past 18 months then he will deserve a regular berth in a top Utd team.

I love his energy and clever runs, maybe there is even more to come from him once we get back to playing proper attacking football and those runs will be picked out by players that currently refuse the pass and opt for 'safety' instead. I certainly would like him to impact games more consistently as well, 10 seconds of brilliance now and again is good, but we need more than that over a 90 minute match from an attacking midfielder.

5.) 24 Mar 2018 17:39:38
I agree Beastand that was my point about consistency. When he is good he is very good but often you can forget he is on the pitch, which is very frustrating when he gets himself in such good positions and scores such important goals. He needs to turn up for more games than he does, which I think he will if he continues to develop as he has done in the last year. And he is home grown which means a lot to me,

6.) 24 Mar 2018 17:52:11
Does he go missing or as mentioned above is it a case of him making good runs and his team mates not playing the creative pass to find him?

The best players score in the big games, which he does more consistently than those around him. H deserves his place in the team, he works hard, he offers movement and he can finish. I think he will thrive if we add more quality to the midfield. He is a bit of a social media whore, but as long as he performs on the pitch it’s not a problem. I wish pogba put half the effort in he does.

7.) 24 Mar 2018 18:33:58
Agree with all of the posts regarding jesse in some degree, better than dele alli in my opinion who plays a similar role especially this season.

8.) 25 Mar 2018 05:21:49
I must be the only one who doesn't yet rate him. He for me is going through his Smalling patch where player looks good for a season or 2 but with lingard it has only been 2 months rather than the whole season.

He was mostly anonymous until December and has been anonymous for most part since February. That is 2 good months in 3-4 years. Yes he scores some important goals from time to time but he going to have to perform much better to be more than a squad player.

9.) 25 Mar 2018 16:58:04
No MU player apart from De Gea has been sensational for long, playing good for some time and then playing poorly.

10.) 26 Mar 2018 14:14:47
CSM, that's not really fair, even if he's only started looking like a real top player this season, he's actually been doing well for the last couple of years. He was hardly "anonymous" before December anyway. 8 goals and assists in 17 games, 11 of which he played 30 minutes or less in, may not be setting the league on fire, but it's certainly not "anonymous".

Re: the consistency, I'm inclined to agree with Huggy. He's suffering from the way the team is playing, and would have a much more consistent impact if the runs he makes were picked out a bit more often by players behind him. Now, I'm not saying he's doing everything right, maybe he'd still be a bit inconsistent with players behind him looking for those runs and playing more positive football, but the point is that we don't really know, and I don't think it's fair to judge him too harshly when we don't really know how much of the inconsistency is down to him, and how much is down to the way the teamas a whole is playing.

I would really love to see Herrera used in a more advanced role, ahead of Matic rather than alongside him, where he can look to play the passes that someone like Lingard can feed on. It's too easy to see his great defensive performances last season and forget that he's a great passer of the ball, with an eye for getting team mates in behind the defence.

11.) 26 Mar 2018 14:23:10
That FA cup winning goal seemed to really kick him on and he’s improved a lot since then.


How you can say he’s been anonymous is beyond me, he’s probably scored more important goals than any other player in the last 2 years.

12.) 26 Mar 2018 14:53:27
Gds important goals don't mean consistency. Yes he scored against Chelsea and in fa cup final but can you remember a run of games until December where you could say he was consistently good. A first team player needs to be consistently good and unlike rashford or martial lingard isn't exactly in the youngster category.

Thorne he has been good this season but last season he had 5 goals and 3 assists in 42 games in lvg's last season he had 7 goals and 4 assists in 41 games. Those are not good figures and he needs get similar to his current nos before we can be sure that he has improved rather than going through a purple patch.

Also where exactly will he play next season jose wants savic added to the team and jorginho as replacement for carrick, so we most likely will be switching to a mf 3.

13.) 30 Mar 2018 18:44:50
Good player, nice lad, silly dancer.



17 Feb 2018 08:31:11
Interesting rumour this morning, Real ready to move for Pogba. Could be paper trash talk of course but if they did and the money was big, would you sell? Clearly the boy has talent but he has yet to dominate a game or deliver on his potential. Is that down to him, the Manager, or a combination of both.

If the money was silly should we cash in? The problem with that is that he may go on and become the dominating player we believe is in there somewhere, and replacing him will cost a fortune too. For me, I’d seriously consider it though.


{Ed002's Note - There is zero interest in Paul Pogba from Real Madrid. They have very, very different ideas who they want.}

1.) 17 Feb 2018 11:41:22
There is no way we should be selling Pogba it would be crazy to do so.

Its likr selling the next messi and then trying to go buy a next ronaldo because we are noy patient enough.

2.) 17 Feb 2018 11:59:12
"Cash in" wtf? So some now want to sell Pogba when we have few midfielders for a pretty poor return? You bored with FIFA?

3.) 17 Feb 2018 11:20:17
Yay. Thanks ed for that.



12 Jan 2018 21:19:21
All this talk of Sanchez has masked the rumour that Vardy is also being considered. Not sure if they would sell or at what price but I think he would slot in much easier, albeit he is a like for like with Lukaku. Sanchez’s attitude worries me, the stories from Arsenal about his isolationist approach do not bode well for team spirit. Hey ho, what do I know?


1.) 12 Jan 2018 21:28:45
I hope not. Hateful diving git, Gerrard, suarez, terry, barton, keown, cattermole, Vardy. all the same to me would of hated to see any of them in a red shirt.

2.) 12 Jan 2018 23:05:33
That's one heck of a team those lot would make. Lacks some wide players tho.

3.) 13 Jan 2018 05:53:05
bfbw, there too much hate in your heart, i'd have had Keown and Suarez any day of the week. Go hug a tree man.

4.) 13 Jan 2018 08:10:14
AJH Vardy is a player Maze likes and admired over the years for his tenacity as well as his rags to riches story but to say he is a better option than Sanchez is silly, very silly.

Wake up AJH you are dreaming of poorly fabricated scenarios.



08 Dec 2017 20:28:41
So, first of all, I share my birthday with Jonny Evans so put that your pipe and smoke it. Secondly, I may have had a little wine tonight so forgive me if I am less coherent than Ronnie during a transfer window.

Sunday is a big game and I hope that Jose wakes up and has an epiphany but I fear it will not happen. I believe it is better to die fighting than running away and in football that is also true. Inspire the troops, give them hope and belief, rouse their spirits, fill their hearts with pride and desire. Let’s not turn up to stifle and try and nick a goal on the break. I don’t care if they are the best team, like Pierre the famous French fighter pilot, let’s go down in flames (google it) .

We are United, a team steeped in history and tradition, we live or die by our standard, there are times to stand up and be counted, Sunday is one of those times. We win, or we lose in a blaze of glory, to be a United fan there are no in betweens.

Time for more wine.


1.) 09 Dec 2017 01:43:34
Jesse's performance at Arsenal will have given him food for thought. Maybe we can press high with a few players and cause some chaos amongst their back line. Worry is that Matic and Ander would have to play out of their skins.

The motivational piece is way more important than formation. Win your battles all over the pitch and you'll get a win.

2.) 09 Dec 2017 10:50:17
We’ll park the bus and try to catch them on the counter and via set pieces.




AJH's banter posts with other poster's replies to AJH's banter posts


16 Oct 2021 18:51:46
I think we are in a slow but steady descent, and I will say again that signing Ronaldo was not the smartest move.

I think he was a sentimental signing that we did not need, but the fear of him going to City forced our hand. Cavani was a beast last year and yet he is hardly going to get a look in, that doesn’t make sense to me.

Ole has shown how technically limited he is by continually picking the same team and playing the same formation. Add Ronaldo in and the situation gets worse, he looks isolated and if we have bought him to be a goal scorer, then we need to give him the bloody ball occasionally.

I saw stats about pressing and running and I think we are in the bottom 5 for both, whatever the limitations of the team, not working hard enough is unacceptable.

We continue to rely on moments of brilliance and have no clearly defined style or approach. Putting Ronaldo in the team has changed the dynamic completely and yet we have shared with exactly the same formation that hasn’t worked so far.

I see us struggling in the short term, we have muddled through against ‘average’ opposition and as the big games come we will be found out.

It will be ironic if the signing of a legend leads to the sacking of another one.


{Ed014's Note - I don’t think Sancho was a smart signing either to be honest.

Pogba should have been offloaded and that and the Ronaldo money plus the £70 odd million on Sancho should have been spent on one or 2 quality midfielders. One a genuine leader.

1.) 16 Oct 2021 19:17:29
Ed014, agreed.

Although, even with better midfielders coming in I don't see us going anywhere forward where we want to be.

Yes, it would strengthen the squad and our performances might improve a bit but, without a proper system, style of play and tactics we will be found lacking when it really matters.

The players could only carry the team up to a certain point.

{Ed014's Note - yes sorry you did need to offload Ole too.

A woeful appointment who hasn’t achieved anything at all for me.

2.) 16 Oct 2021 19:20:41
An interesting but accurate assessment I think AJH. In pre-season the calls were for RW, CB and CM reinforcements. We got two then out of the blue CR7 signed. It's put Cavani in limbo, and he was incredible last season I thought. You can see his intent and desire when he loses the ball, or busting a gut to get into the box when we attack. We don't have enough of that spirit and as incredible as Ron is, he doesn't offer that any more. Now there seems to be an obligation to play him. It feels like its unbalanced everything, and as things stand, we have him for 2 seasons and Cavani will be off at the end of 1 if not sooner. It could yet work with Ronaldo but the side needs an injection of desire and energy in midfield to accommodate him and we just don't have those attributes. Even Pogba at his best doesn't have them.

3.) 16 Oct 2021 19:35:01
AJH - I’m delighted you mentioned the pressing and running stats because I believe that’s our biggest problem. We get out run and out fought every week.

Ole has seemingly forgotten that the attacking players must also help the team defend. From a defensive perspective that front four get away with murder.

I love Mason Greenwood, he’s a generation talent and his strike today was brilliant, but at the moment he’s just an individual, stuck out on the right wing with no connection to any of his teammates. He has no relationship with AWB, he rarely gets back to help him defend, he doesn’t press the ball. At the moment he plays for himself, he gets the ball, cuts inside and shoots.

Sancho looks so lost because he has no idea what his role is?! The entire team are lost.

I don’t blame Greenwood it’s totally down to the manager. He’s only doing what the manager wants and Ole has completely lost his way.

He was only warned in midweek that someone must do Ronaldo’s running. That front 4 are getting a free pass at the moment. Even Bruno has stopped pressing and he appears to be playing much higher this season.

We miss Cavani terribly because he sets the tone. You can’t win football matches if you don’t compete and we have become a soft touch, easy to play against and totally predictable.

4.) 16 Oct 2021 19:38:14
Sancho not playing well could be a blessing in disguise for Greenwood I would say.

Imagine with Rashford back in the team and if Sancho was playing well with Ronaldo un-droppable to a great extent, Greenwood would be on the bench by now.

5.) 16 Oct 2021 19:46:15
Allegro said ‘I pick Ronaldo and then decide what else to do’. ole picks his usual team and shoehorns Ronaldo in, a recipe for disaster either way. I love Ronnie, he’s one of the best players to ever grace the game, I just don’t see how he was want we needed right now.

Cavani at CF, Rashford left, Sancho right, and sort the damn midfield out was the way to go. Sadly, we look more confused than ever.

6.) 16 Oct 2021 19:54:07
I think ronaldo is probably the best United player I've seen . The young ronaldo though, i can't help but be glad we got him and I think he will post a good goals record come the seasons end .

People are making valid points though, he's the guy I most want on the end of chances but not the guy I'd want for energy and pressing .

Its hard to describe exactly what our style is though to say he's a good fit or not and it wasn't our most obvious area we needed to recruit a player .
Like all of you I hope at the end of the season we see a healthy goals return and say that's why we got him .

7.) 16 Oct 2021 20:19:06
One thing is guaranteed, if Ronaldo gets the supply he needs he would score goals for sure.

The passion he has for scoring goals is just incredible even at his age. Hopefully we are talking about his contributions come the end of the season.

Most importantly I wish the other youngsters in the team learn a lot from him and improve their skills and attitude towards the game.



11 Oct 2021 19:23:52
I know players are Uber confident but some of them make very odd decisions.

Wijnaldum was doing so well at Liverpool and now he can’t get in the PSG team. Barkley went to Chelsea and rarely plays, Scott Sinclair went to City, ther are so many players that make a move and it doesn’t work. Did they move for the money, the status, we’re they that confident they would play? Who else has moved only to find the pay never play (and you don’t need to mention DVB! )


1.) 11 Oct 2021 19:42:07
I can't imagine many clubs approach a player and say "we want to sign you to sit on our bench incase of emergency". I'd imagine they are all told they will get minutes, the manager has a plan for them etc.

Maybe that's the truth and the player just simply struggles to adapt to his new team, or maybe they sweet talked the player knowing full well that if they said there real thoughts the player would probably go elsewhere.

I'd have thought it's a case of the player not adapting more often than not.

Wijnaldum was always a talented player who struggled to make a consistent impact. He was decent at Feyenoord and PSV, average at a Newcastle side that suffered relegation. It was at Liverpool in Klopp's system where he really hit the big time. He had never managed those levels at other clubs. I wonder if it was a case of it being the ideal system for the player. He then moves to PSG and he's back the the Gini of Newcastle.

In hindsight maybe he made a mistake leaving. I wonder if Ander Herrera feels the same way. I suppose it's difficult to turn away from a very lucrative bosman transfer and the huge signing on fees that come with them.

2.) 11 Oct 2021 19:56:20
Danny Drinkwater.

3.) 11 Oct 2021 20:32:41
Wijnaldum has a great international record also playing a more attacking role so is certainly versatile.

4.) 11 Oct 2021 20:40:30
I would imagine they all have confidence that they can break into the team. It's a no brainer for most. Better pay, better chance of winning trophies. Wijnaldum is slightly different I suppose but you don't know what was offered behind the scenes?

Would you rather play every week for a mid table club or would you like to join a team that can win trophies, pay you more but you won't play as much?

I know which one I would choose.

5.) 11 Oct 2021 20:44:51
Loved reading how Wijnaldum is unhappy at his game time and not the situation he wanted. I’m sure the 10 million or whatever it was just to sign a piece of paper will make him feel better. Fancy a swap mate?

{Ed014's Note - never rated Wijnaldum to be honest, not sure what he did at Newcastle to warrant the move to Liverpool.

Had a few decent games but just blocking someone like Curtis Jones who looks a real talent.

6.) 11 Oct 2021 21:19:06
Eden Hazard is another one :)
Who ate all the paellas?

7.) 12 Oct 2021 08:57:27
Drinkwater looked such a good player at Leicester, went to Chelsea and hardly got a game. He's at Reading now and getting playing time.

It's more understandable if someone moves to a different country. Guess a lot of it depends on how adaptable you are.

8.) 11 Oct 2021 22:08:31
Gini for me is vastly underrated. I think every team needs a player of his type. He played more games than anybody at Liverpool in that 3 year period of an epl title and a cl title and final.
The sort of player you only notice when he is not playing and a great man for popping up with a goal when you need one.
Ajh its a good question.
There is no short answer.
Some move for a new challenge or for better terms in the hope of more opportunity.
Herrera hardly kicked a ball for 2 years now he is in the team there.
Sometimes players move and then the coach is fired and the new guy doesn't fancy them.
I understand why players move about. Why not? If it doesn't work out they can move on again.
You can understand their mindset because when every club signs a player the poor sod (like cavani) who was 1st choice suddenly find himself side swiped and push for a move.
Who signed barkley for Chelsea for example? he has prob had 3 managers since he was signed.
Its odd in vdbs case where the manager that signed him never plays him.
Veron signed for united disaster.
Torres at Chelsea.
De ligt and Ramsey at juve
Ziach at Chelsea
Joe Hart at well everywhere
Alan Brazil
Gary birtles back in the day
Danny ings at Liverpool
Ian rush juve
The list is endless.
Players are not robots there are so many factors that contribute to their form that there is no guarantee that they can replicate it anywhere it takes really special players to do that.
Ibra ronaldo vvd lewndowski beckham figo spring to mind.

9.) 12 Oct 2021 12:10:27
Drinkwater is a sad case of a player having personal issues that hit the self destruct button which then obviously impacts their careers.

A real shame to see.

10.) 12 Oct 2021 12:11:42
Wijnaldum was about money and more importantly length of contract, players only have short careers and guarantee of income is important.

Barkley had a fair crack of the whip at chelsea under sarri and lampard, just not good enough for the top level. Drinkwater is a better example. who went to chelsea and hardly plays.

11.) 12 Oct 2021 13:52:51
DSG, I’m ot sure that argument works any more. Short career or not, most players earn more money than they will ever need.

Steve Sidwell is another one, probably needed a step up from Reading but Chelsea was the wrong move.

12.) 12 Oct 2021 15:40:24
Tony I think Wijnaldum is a decent midfielder, very underrated and will walk into our team any day of the week. Shame he chose a stupid move to PSG.
I think the agents are the biggest culprits. They unsettle the players and arrange transfers as that's the best way for them to make fortunes from their clients.

13.) 12 Oct 2021 15:58:15
AaA great point on the agents.
Danny went from drinkwater to drinkchampagne on his new wages all the same.

14.) 12 Oct 2021 16:01:26
Now he's back on tap water.



09 Oct 2021 16:15:23
Ed, my Newcastle posts didn’t appear, was it problematic?


{Ed033's Note - No problem, Carry on Posting.



07 Oct 2021 11:39:49
It’s a bit feisty on here but not everyone fells as strident as some do. I’d like to see Ole replaced but I’m not losing sleep about it and I hope the teams form pick up and we start winning games. If we do, great. If we don’t then hopefully a change will be made sooner rather than later.

I think some people don’t want that to happen because they are so entrenched in their view that Ole has to go. And the debate is betting more black and white by the day. What happened to ‘that’s a good point’ or ‘I hadn’t considered that’?

I was told yesterday that Shaw only got in the PFA team of the year, picked by his fellow pros, because other LBs had crap seasons. Whatever, he was the best LB in the Premier League last year and is now England’s No 1 in that position, but apparently he wouldn’t make it in other teams.

Caolan posted the other day that he was fed up with a lot of the posts on here (I’m paraphrasing) and it got a lot of thumbs ups which suggests the noisy neg heads are not necessarily allowing a balanced or nuanced conversation to take place.

As for Shappy, Shaps mate, I enjoy your posts but it feels like you have to comment on every post, sometimes just leave it mate. The word count is amusing but you’re attracting a lot of criticism, some justified, some not. I know you can look after yourself and you’re a well respected poster but you are tying yourself in knots at the moment mate.


1.) 07 Oct 2021 12:32:01
The upvotes don't mean a thing. They only go up in increments of 1 when the page is reloaded by the eds. If you me and 10 other people like your post now, it will only have one thumbs up not 10. And you can upvote your own post.

You're the king of moaning about people moaning. The reason it's feisty on here is because it's the same crap for nearly 3 years now. None of the questions have been answered. In fact I would say if you went back to January or February 2019, you would see posts highlighting issues that are still causing problems within the team.

There are some good threads when not specifically talking about the team but unfortunately it all boils down to the manager 90% of the time.

Some posters have left the site because it's negative. Imagine how some of us feel in regards to watching us fail year after year and the mediocrity being rewarded. How you feel when you see an Ole Out post is how I feel when I see posters praising him.

If the manager was doing a good job, we would not have ammunition to moan. Unfortunately for all United fans, he's a poor manager and until it resolves itself ie, him succeeding in delivering trophies or he's sacked, this will continue everyday on here.

2.) 07 Oct 2021 13:07:28
I don't post much myself anymore but I still read the page a couple of times a day. Nyway if someone posts good or bad that's what the page is about. And it's good to read all the different views.
Like most united fans now I'm fed up of ole. But I still get that same buzz when Ronaldo or any other player scores a winning late goal.
I look forward to every game but when u see the manager doing stupid things it gets frustrating.
Ole out and up united.

3.) 07 Oct 2021 14:38:20

You kind of proved my point although I promise I'm not looking for an argument here.

Yes I moan about moaning because this site is uber depressing. There's enough crap going on that I come on here for light relief only to be greeted with the same stuff every day, and I don't believe that the vast majority of fans are in line with what we see on here.

So let me get this right, you're telling me that all your posts are simultaneously up ticked but that doesn't show, or in Caolan's case he up ticked his own post 16 times? There's no chance that quite a few people agreed with Caolan then?

You're right that None of the questions have been answered in 2 years, so will more shouty posts get them answered? Nope. Attack Attack Attack posted yesterday, years ago, Fergie days I think but certainly back to Moyes, he was called Nomidfield so that's how long that issue has been festering.

There are very few posts praising Ole, even Shappy has come round to the fact its time for him to go. The reality is though he's here now and probably for the medium term if not until the end of the season. So, i'm just suggesting we find some more interesting, amusing, funny, light hearted things to talk about.

Everyone is free to ignore that and continue to complain, I just think like is too short. Hugs.

4.) 07 Oct 2021 14:57:44
Very hard to switch off from something I feel so passionate about and I think there's an easy fix in changing manager. Will it work? That's a different question but until something changes all roadsead to Ole.

As for the upvotes, that's how it works. When the page is refreshed, the most the number will go up is 1. I'm sure it's a decent gauge but it's easily manipulated.

5.) 07 Oct 2021 15:24:29

The person who said that about shaw was me, your more than welcome to name me if you like but it won't change the fact what I said was correct shaws best ever season was marginally better than Robertsons worse liverpool season, and around half as good as Robertsons best season i am not wrong the stats prove it

shaw best ever - 10 clean sheets, 5 assists, 1 goal,

Robertson - 19 clean sheets, 11 assists, 0 goal,

Just because a player improves doesn't mean he is the best, yes he starts for England but is there a world class LB who is challenging him nope Englands left back options aren't great players. I did agree that he was the best in the league last season but he wouldn't have been the best with those performances the season before or season before that so my comment still stands up.

6.) 07 Oct 2021 20:10:43
Guys we went through 26 odd years of up and down football more downs than ups.
Club will make a decision when they see fit. Anyone with any football knowledge can see that the football and coaching is not what it should be. This team should be blowing teams away with the attacking talent we have, but we seem to struggle yo score a goal and we concede ground and possession very easily.
However, until there is a clear replacement for Ole, then what is the club supposed to do if they sack him?
Biggest problem the club have is that our two most hated neighbours, have the two best managers in the world, and anyone we appoint, is not going to be of that standard.

7.) 07 Oct 2021 20:26:19
Look on the bright side folks. Bruce might be available soon. Utd through and through and won sod all. That seems to be the requirement doesn’t it?

8.) 08 Oct 2021 06:34:35
"more interesting, amusing, funny" AJH, that's what United have become under Ole right now.

9.) 08 Oct 2021 06:35:02

I am all for a discussion and a debate about different thoughts and opinions etc. Just my issue with the site at the moment is that there is no debate anymore. If you don't like Ole then anyone who does like him is automatically wrong and vice versa as well. Everyone feels like they're against each other, when at the end of the day we all just want our club to be successful.

I have said it many times on here and to many of my mates, the fault lies with those calling the shots on a daily basis at the club. I want us to be successful and entertaining and to basically have the club I grew up watching back. I only lived through glory era's. I haven't seen the relegations or the Sexton era that posters like Ken and Red Man have. So I know it is rich and I sound spoilt. To me Manchester United was about exciting football, bravery on the pitch and of course giving youth a chance. All this was capable from having a structure, we had a chief exec and manager who knew the game inside and out. We had the best coaches in the world, the best scouting systems.

Since 2005 we relied on an absolute genius to keep us relevant, who won trophies after having in my eyes the best side English football has seen be broken up in one transfer window, and replaced with Obertan and Owen. We neglected the academy, the scouting and we chased big names for revenue. We have appointed managers who do not fit what this club stands for, and unfortunately I have to include Ole in that. We have had public fallings out with our chief exec and manager, we sacked a coach hours after winning a trophy, won with by a lad from the Academy that he brought through into the team. That is not how you run a football club, nevermind a club that should have aspirations to be winning every trophy available.

So Ole will get the sack at some stage, that is undeniable and on current form it would be the right call. Yet the club will drag it out, and then do you really think we will get the right man in? Would we have the balls to go and get a world class manager? No we will be after someone who is a free agent, or even worse do some sort of dual managerial deal with the FA for Southgate.

Ole is a problem in the same way Moyes, Van Gaal and Mourinho were. Cracking squad of players that I have no doubt someone could do a fantastic job with, but I have zero confidence in anyone at the football club to make the correct decisions and to quote Gary Neville, go out and get the best in class in through the door.

10.) 08 Oct 2021 07:03:28
Maybe dio, my wider point was we can't seem to celebrate anything at all without a negative spin being put on it. Let's put Robertson aside, what about all the other LBs? 'Im not saying Shaw is the best LB in the world but last year he was the best in the League, bravo. Who knows, when Rashford gets back he might get even better.

11.) 08 Oct 2021 08:21:19
Re the negative spin Tony- agree but tbh we have spent vast sums and have shown little or no improvement in the areas we were previously weak.
Is a 50m AWB any better than valencia/ young was- certainly not going forward.
Is £52 fred any better than fletcher, kagawa- no if you read the posts on here, further on is he any better than herrera, blind, no.
Is martial any better than ihbrahimavic, lukaku. no
and that is part of the problem. we recruit new players to replace older or players just moving on, and don't improve either the position or squad cover.
Its what good teams do our noisy neighbours, pool and countless others. I'm in the north east so you can imagine the crap pouring out at the moment but it will be an interesting watch to see what nufc do with access to funds over the next couple of years. In my opinion the drop off comes from the recruitment and the inner structure of the club and we can't get that anywhere near where it should be.

12.) 08 Oct 2021 11:45:10
AJH I can understand your point about a negative spin as I have said previously he was the best left back in the league last season but we also need to add context and compare our players to the best in the league and Europe because that's where we need to be or should be aiming for I was happy that shaw improved in fact very happy but he still isn't quite there yet in some aspects of his game and he needs to continually improve although he was the best last season most other full backs were out of form last season and if your being honest with your self and again although shaw was the best in the league he wouldn't have got in our previous teams with last seasons performances although decent if it was evra it would have been an average season, same for robertson of liverpool, cancelo of city and so on again i'm not knocking him i just tried to add some perspective yes he was good but not on the level of the elite players in his position when they have average to bad seasons they get shaw stats from last year. And so far it looks like he won't have as good season this season.



03 Oct 2021 18:46:58
I don’t mind us not winning, you can’t expect to win every game. What I do mind is the ponderous approach, the lack of creativity, the pain in my eyes when I watch us. I’ve just watched Liverpool City, 2 teams showing class, energy (mostly) and fire in their bellies.

When I watch most teams they seem to have more fizz than us, I’d love to see the stats but we seem to be the slowest out there. I really do not enjoy watching us right now. I’ve watched every game and other than Leeds and a short spell against Newcastle we have been pants. I swear our play is getting worse. Sadly, Woody sees semi finals, a final, and finishing 2nd as progress so I doubt anything will change but I actually prefer watching pretty much every other team rather than us.

I’m going to put this out there too: signing Ronaldo was a mistake and was based on sentiment and a fear he would go to City. Cavani signed up for this season but will now play second fiddle. With Rashford, Sancho, and Greenwood we already have a selection dilemma for the wide places, however we know Rashford and Greenwood can also play centrally, but Ronaldo will mostly be first choice.

I think he’s a distraction and from what I’ve seen so far he is almost the archetypal goal hanger, looking to score and doing very little else. I know everyone is excited, he’s come home, blah blah blah, but it just doesn’t make sense to me. We are desperate for creativity in the middle and look short at RB yet we’ve distracted attention by bringing Ronny back.


1.) 03 Oct 2021 19:13:27
AJH. I have said for 18 months that I don't enjoy watching us and I don't identify with this team being a Manchester United supporter. All I want is for ole to be fired so we can get our club back from the dive to mediocrity and the acceptance of mediocrity.

On Ronaldo I think it's too early to judge. A good manager will sort that out and put a structure in place that gets the best results for all parties.
Ole just has no idea how to drive a ferrari he is more your Austin allegro type.

I think it's only a matter of time before he loses the entire dressing room. I'm looking forward to that day I have to say.

I don't like 1 thing about Ole the manager I can't think of any other manager that has spent the best part of 500 million with the highest paid squad that would do worse, he is not fit for purpose and we should get rid ASAP before the fans eventually hound him out of the job.

2.) 03 Oct 2021 19:14:18
I thought we played with a lot more energy and purpose yesterday in the first half AJH. The ball moved quicker and we looked more cohesive with it. Notably without Pogba and ronaldo.

{Ed014's Note - you really can’t have been watching the same game as everyone else.

You scored from a set piece having done nothing, then had a spell of possession which you also did nothing with.

You could have even been at least 3 nil down by then. I get supporting your team DB but your view is so out of whack with what really happened.

3.) 03 Oct 2021 19:20:58
Don’t make sense! he scored 5 in 5…. Where would we be without his goals
If you want more running around like headless chickens then your welcome to them, that’s without even taking into consideration the marketing side of the deal
IMO it’s just ridiculous to question that signing, but ok let’s forget about Ronaldo we been playing this slow crap football since Ole arrived, it can’t be blamed on Ronaldo.
There is too many average players in team doing nothing, DVB, AVB, Memphis oopppps sorry Sancho, Martial, we can go on, yet your blaming the only player we got scoring regular.
Ole and his merry bunch are to blame more then Ronaldo for this slow boring play.
We are miles behind city and Liverpool and spending 100s of millions and getting no closer even with some fantastic players we have.

4.) 03 Oct 2021 19:28:24
Dodgy, not sure what game you watched.
Just watch Pool vs City, they are a class apart.
Our team is just ponderous in possession and look devoid of any creativity.

5.) 03 Oct 2021 19:29:01
They did move the ball quicker in the first half yesterday but it didn't materialise as anything because we don't actually know what we're doing. The pass to the full backs, cut back inside, two passes across the midfield, pass over to the other full back who cuts inside, wash rinse and repeat.

It's not just about moving the ball slow, it's about every player being on a different page.

Passing the ball slightly quicker is not a reason to give plaudits to the manager in a game we drew.

6.) 03 Oct 2021 19:29:49
AJH - I fear you may get pelters but your concerns are grounded in common sense in my opinion.

Shappy seems to think we’ll do ok against the better teams but I’m still waiting for him to tell me how we counter attack effectively with Ronaldo up front and how we match the intensity of City or Liverpool.

I think we’ll see performances like we did with Zlatan. Defend really, really deep with Ronaldo isolated and frustrated.

Ole’s at the wheel and he’s already been onto Jose for the keys to the bus for our upcoming fixtures.

7.) 03 Oct 2021 20:07:03
Jackamus, you could start an argument in an empty room.

I'm not blaming Ronaldo for anything, I am suggesting it wasn't a sensible decision to re-sign him when we looked well covered and have glaring holes elsewhere. And I couldn't give a toss about the marketing side of the deal, I want to see a successful team on the pitch.

And your continual sniping at Sancho who has been here 2 minutes is childish. What are you, 12?

8.) 03 Oct 2021 19:59:04
Look at the stats Ed14. 6 shots on target to Everton's 2. 10 corners to everton's 1. Cavani missed header, martial missed timed jump for a second sitter of a header. Greenwood flash across the face (surprised cavani wasn't in position for tap in) . Game possession stats were something like 70% for us.

Everton played well sitting in and countering, but we were certainly not schooled by them.

If we win that game with one of our chances then this ground swell of crises would not happen. The issue is the trend of results. Which is real, and I understand the frustration from fans. But I did think we played better yesterday, at least for the first half.

{Ed014's Note - never look at stats DB, just watch the game mate, it was another game that you got away with.

I guess you’re just ignoring all the saves DDG made, how many did Pickford make?

You’re just kidding yourself that United are something they’re clearly not mate.

9.) 03 Oct 2021 20:02:11

I think Dodgy is over exaggerating the performance yesterday but we didn’t score from a set piece, it was a nicely worked goal, and how could we have been 3 down, Everton never looked like scoring in the first half and I felt we probably just about deserved to be ahead despite not creating much.

Dodgy’s view of the game is out of whack with mine but it’s nowhere near yours either, what set piece did the goal come from?

{Ed014's Note - yes apologies GDS you are right about the set piece I had the Telles goal in my head rather that Martials strike.

That aside you really are nothing like the side some posters are making out and Everton wouldn’t have been unlucky had they taken all 3 points from yet another poor performance by United.

10.) 03 Oct 2021 20:09:00
DLIB, it will be interesting to see how we do against the top teams. Watching Liverpool and City today made me fear for us, if they play like that we could get rolled over. We shall see.

11.) 03 Oct 2021 20:14:55
Despite all the greatness of Ronaldo, we did not need him. Look at the front three vs the midfield mid-August:

F - Rashford, Cavani, Greenwood, Martial, Sancho, Amad

ACM - Bruno, Pogba, Lingard, van de Beek, Mata

DCM - Matic, Fred, McTominay

The need for a DCM was obvious. But we went with the sentimental choice. Our problem is not a lack of good finishers, it is a lack of dominating the game, creating, and service - in other words, midfield . and the lack of decent coaching for the entire eleven to play more as a unit.

12.) 03 Oct 2021 20:36:36
Ken, who would you choose as manager if you had to this week? If you making the call to sack Ole, who would you have already scoped to replace him with? Not being argumentative, just curious which one name there is you could imagine stepping in.

13.) 03 Oct 2021 20:37:50
I get the fact a midfielder is needed but I wouldn't criticise the club for getting ronaldo .
Ronaldo has just top scored in Italy, he top scored at the euros, he's the champions league top scorer he's just broke the international goal scoring record and he's already going at about a goal a game for us .
I like our forward options but he's still capable of numbers the others aren't.
I'd agree we have lots of talented attackers, probably too many, but I'd have let others like martial, lingard and mata go to free up wages rather than not sign ronaldo.

14.) 03 Oct 2021 20:47:22
Ed014, I'm not trying to argue. Was just trying to back up what I saw with some stats.

How many saves? I guess the 6 shots on target to 2 should tell you that.

I realise I seem to be in a field of one over here, not that that ever worries me!

15.) 03 Oct 2021 20:49:08
There will always be an excuse with Ole that’s the problem, now the excuse is that we have too many good players, before it was that the players weren’t good enough. I think at the end of the day Ole isn’t an awful manager and he isn’t a great manager, he’s somewhere in the middle, he will get us top 4 regularly but won’t manage this squad to the trophies it should win and that is clearly an issue that needs addressing sooner than later.

16.) 03 Oct 2021 21:37:09
Spenno I've not thought about it really to be honest.
I've seen the usual list of suspects conte Zidane poch and Potter etc i don't have a particular favourite i like the ajax manager who has vast experience but if it was my choice that's who I'd approach.
But I know whom ever it is will won't have it easy but as long as we start playing like a team and without fear of losing ill be happy. Ole is killing the united DNA.

17.) 03 Oct 2021 23:12:24
I like Ten Hag too Ken. But think it’s the whole ethos inc van de Sar’s role and the academy that makes Ajax tick. Not sure how effective he’d be alone but they’re good to watch for sure.

18.) 04 Oct 2021 07:49:25
AJH……. I would take a 15 million 36 year old Ronaldo over 80 million 21 Sancho any day of the week, I’m not interested in if Sancho makes it in 2/ 3/ 4/ 5 years time, I am for the here and now not the tomorrow that might actually never come.
So just because I don’t believe you know it all, I’m the 12 year old am I……. I won’t either bother getting in to that, it’s really not worth the bother
I just laugh at your post especially the ones where you seem to think you lord it over everyone else’s opinion and the “Guardian angel ones” are really great
So just FYI, I do think Sancho was wasted money, because we have so many who, can play there. out and out strikers we only have Cavani not sure you can include Greenwood because by your logic Sancho is just a Kid so it make Greenwood a infant. And Martial is no number 9
I also don’t Rate AWB or DVB for that matter, neither are good enough to propel United to League winners, but again my opinion, you think they are great that’s fine, but because someone don’t agree with you to then call them a 12 year old shows your level of intelligence and arrogance to be something else, everyone does not have to or even would agree with what are only your opinions and uneducated ones at that.

19.) 04 Oct 2021 08:26:37
Dodgy you keep repeating the one stat that paints the picture you want to show ignoring the reality, yes we had possession and had more shots on target but they created more the xg clearly shows that and they had nearly as many shots as us, just because you miss doesn't mean you didn't create a chance, utd had 13 shots vs everton's 12 not exactly a smash and grab is it?

20.) 04 Oct 2021 08:35:13
Its a brave call ajh saying the ronaldo signing is a mistake . he's very capable of making that kind of post not age very well at the end of the season when goal outputs can be measured.

21.) 04 Oct 2021 11:59:19
Maybe Slate, I really hope I’m dying of embarrassment at the end of the season.

22.) 04 Oct 2021 12:50:51
I like Ten Haag as well Ken, apparently his English is very poor though from speaking to someone who is an Ajax fan. Has his side playing great football, and if he could bring gravenberch with him that would be even better!

{Ed002's Note - EtH can speak English reasonably well - not fluent, but better than Bielsa and Ranieri when they arrived - and better than Harry Redknapp. now.}

23.) 04 Oct 2021 12:56:37
Jackumus perhaps that was ajh having a bit of banter. You know like the way he scolded you last week for doing same with shappy. It seemed a bit puerile to me?? but then again nobody on here throws stones wole sitting in their own glasshouse least of all AJH. ?? what's good for him is not on for you. So you just remember that.

24.) 04 Oct 2021 14:54:45
Yeah perhaps it was KEN but so used to his differing and moving opinions I take no notice of the Guardian angel twins no more…. not really worth the time and effort……… quite embarrassing really but hey ho.

25.) 04 Oct 2021 16:52:35
Brilliant Ed ???.




AJH's rumour replies


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31 Aug 2021 11:34:03
Quality Red Man, quality.




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25 Aug 2021 09:14:06
If we think Saul is the newer then just get it done, for gods sake how hard can it be. take a hit on Lingard, offload Jones for free, offer Matic to Roma, surely there is a way to get this done.




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26 Jul 2021 15:42:04
He also seems unable to stay out of trouble. Allowing himself to get into the situation he did is a poor show from anyone, let alone a Manager.




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11 Apr 2021 19:40:05
Rice for me. Young, English, having a great season.




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15 Dec 2020 07:54:29
Shappy, Ronaldo (and Messi) are light years ahead of any other players of this generation so yes, he probably is better. Imagine a couple of top signings and Ronaldo’s drive and mentality, the impact would be huge.

Can’t see it happening though.





AJH's banter replies


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16 Oct 2021 19:47:47
I don’t think he is confident in himself so is playing it safe. In the early days he was a little more carefree but now he is in a permanent role, he is sticking to what he thinks will work, but sadly it isn’t. Whatever the reason, the team is going backwards.




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16 Oct 2021 19:46:15
Allegro said ‘I pick Ronaldo and then decide what else to do’. ole picks his usual team and shoehorns Ronaldo in, a recipe for disaster either way. I love Ronnie, he’s one of the best players to ever grace the game, I just don’t see how he was want we needed right now.

Cavani at CF, Rashford left, Sancho right, and sort the damn midfield out was the way to go. Sadly, we look more confused than ever.




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16 Oct 2021 18:53:03
It’s a bit odd as in his first year he tried a few tactical tweaks, some of which worked. 3 at the back, split strikers, but last season it was the same team and same formation game after game. I’ve just posted about how Ronaldo has changed this dynamic and unless Ole does something radical soon, this is going to get a lot worse very quickly.




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16 Oct 2021 13:35:05
I’m having this argument over on the discussions page. Rashford is one of my favourite players, he is a remarkable young man and a role model. However, we pay him 100s of thousands of pounds each week to play football, I don’t think it’s unreasonable for the manager to suggest he needs to focus on his day job. Seriously, any excuse to slag Ole off.




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16 Oct 2021 13:33:12
One of the best uncapped players, played for a dominant United team and still didn’t get picked for England.