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07 Mar 2015 08:01:19
Ed002, if you are around, and have the time. Reports in Portugal that United are close to a deal for William Carvalho. Not sure I would believe a deal is "close", but do you know if the club still have an interest in him? I thought we had moved on from him.

PS, I do not read twitter!

betty swollocks

{Ed002's Note - There is interest in Carvalho from a number of clubs still and there have been fairly recent approaches by Arsenal and Manchester United. Monaco and Atletico Madrid may also still be interested. Juventus and Chelsea passed on previous interest because of the cost. Sporting would ideally like to keep him a year or two more. Everyone knows the price and it is significant and there seems little room for negotiation. Liverpool looked at the player at the start of last year but I am not aware of any interest right now.}

1.) 07 Mar 2015 11:39:05
Ah, right. So he is still on the radar then. Thanks for that, Ed.



25 Aug 2014 22:23:38
Press association reporting than fee has been agreed with Madrid for DiMaria. £59.7m. Looks like the deal is all but done.

betty swollocks

1.) 25 Aug 2014 22:50:58
we NEED vidal or de jong to finish this jigsaw

2.) Defence still needs addressing too in my opinion.

Vidal and blind and I'd be happy.

3.) We are close to having a good squad again, and I can see Vidal and Blind happening. God what a fantastic window that would be and a timely reminder to the rest of Europe that we are still an elite club.



15 Jul 2014 00:16:28
Just got in from the Elbow convert which was brilliant. Just logged on to see all the replies from earlier about Blue Nun. LOL.
AJH, with you being such a wind up merchant yourself I can't believe you took me seriously. You really think I drink Blue Nun? :)
Just for the record I am an Ale man. We have several excellent breweries down here, and I love Doombar, Tribute, Betty Stoggs etc
I do like a bottle of the old Vin Rouge too. I try to get McGuigans Black Label when I can.
Unless Blue Nun is on offer of course lmaof. :)

betty swollocks

{Ed002's Note - I am glad they dragged you out of the vat in time BS.}

1.) Doombar is brilliant. You need to come to Sheffield for real ales, some brilliant ones.

2.) Betty you are a man!

3.) 15 Jul 2014 10:38:22
Glad you enjoyed the concert man ;)

4.) Has to be Cornish Knocker for me!
Where abouts in cornwall are you from, anywhere near the great heights of Four Lanes?

5.) Doombar - 'tis lovely

6.) PeeB, how dare you. A man?
I'm a proper Cornish maid thankyou. And proper Cornish maids drink ale. Lots of ale :)
Wilcey, I'm just outside St.Austell, so not too far from FourLanes.

7.) I was there too, brilliant set. Where abouts in Kernow do you live? Just got my season tickets for next season, so if you ever need a lift up gimmie a shout!

8.) Dan, I live about a mile from the Eden Project in Par. How about you?
Cheers for the lift offer buddy.

9.) 15 Jul 2014 16:31:12
Nice part of the world all of it. I'm in weymouth now and we have badger ales a few miles from us. Not bad for getting wobbly. Was in Plymouth with the kids last week and went round the barbican area up to the hoe and down to a park my kids like to play in. With a few drinks along the way;). Ended up in a nice tapas restaurant near centre of Plymouth.

10.) . didn't expect to see a conversation between a few 'Janners' on here. proper. Tonguer10.

11.) Camborne is the place to be in Cornwall. I grew up there and Betty Stoggs is the greatest Ale on the planet, hands down.

12.) Im in summercourt so not too far. I was working in Par last week! You get up to OT much then? I usually get there once or twice a season but I have gone whole hog and bought a pair of season tickets this year. Long old drive but I have always wanted to do it!

13.) Dan, not been much recently. Me and the Mrs both work full time, and she has to travel quite a bit. Not so easy now we have a little one. Try to get there when I can, with my bro and a couple of mates. Its such a long return trip so when we go we usually stay over night. We've actually done a few CL matches and driven back right after the game due to work commitments, and that is a killer day!
There is no better way than to spend a few hours in the Bishops Blaze before making your way round the corner to OT.



13 Jul 2014 21:11:03
Eds, lots of talk on here about Vidal, and I really hope it happens. But one name I've not heard mentioned for a long time is Lars Bender. Do you know if United still maintain an interest in him?

betty swollocks

{Ed002's Note - It will have moved on.}

1.) Good player but I imagine that 2 CM's in one window will be as much as we do so if vidal comes in I imagine we Will then wait for Strootman in Jan.



05 Jun 2014 13:35:01
Ed002, if you are around, do have any more recent info regarding Gundogan? I know he isn't being risked until next season so as to avoid any unnecessary risk of injury. But a few weeks back Klopp said that his back was "fine" and he has basically recovered from the actually spinal injury.
That is the last I have heard, or been able to find anywhere. Just wondered if you had heard any new info, and if you know whether or not he is still of interest to United.

betty swollocks

{Ed002's Note - I think it unlikely Gundogan will move this summer, but if he does it amy well be to Barcelona if they rekindle previous interest.}




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14 Sep 2019
New image uploaded to the
Manchester United Player Sightings page entitled, Manchester United midfield v Leicester City

betty swollocks



28 Aug 2019 08:26:24
This site has become all a bit 'us versus them' lately. Some nice long essays full of dubious 'facts' to support one's own arguement. All followed by too much virtual arse kissing to other posters who agree with particular arguement - and a lot of singling out of individuals. Particularly Red Man. To be fair I did mention said posted in a post the other day - but purely in jest. Some of it now is deliberately singling him out and there is no need. We all have opinions, and are entitled to them. I don't necessarily agree with Red Man, but I can see where he is coming from. I bet, in truth, most of us can.

There are two distinct camp on the Ole subject, both with very different views. Like most arguements, the trust probably lies somewhere in the middle.

Everyone uses their 'stats' and 'facts' to back up their views - but most are delierately misrepresented or scewed.

For example, United's League points since Ole took over being 3rd highest in the EPL is true. But then break it down a bit. 10 wins and 2 draws in his first 12 league games is very good - but let's not forget the strategic timing of his appointment and a run a relatively easy games. Since that 10 wins out of 12 things look a little different don't they. So how far back do we want to look at form - it depends on the point you want to prove.

Then the next arguement is how much time do we give a manager? He must be given time, a few transfer windows to create his own team. Yet the Ole supporters point to his points haul when from when he was first appointed when he had an immediate impact. So does he need time, of was his Impact immediate. It seems that his record is gradually diminishing over time looking at current form.

And then there is the whole 'Ole is giving youth a chance'. I am sure he is, but not to the extent that is being made out. Did he really not want a forward, another midfielder or two, and right winger' etc?
I am sure he did - he said himself he expected more signings - but they did not arrive. So now he is having to include they youngsters out of necessity is some positions.

All of the above examples can be argued either way . And that is my point. Football is not black or white. There is often no right or wrong. They are just opinions. We all have them, and we all think ours are right.

I am sure many will disagree, and maybe some will agree. If you do then great, but no need to reply with 'great post Betty' if you do! But thanks anyway.

betty swollocks

1.) 28 Aug 2019 09:27:25
That 'easy' run Ole had we was losing and dropping points to teams of that ilk under various managers so let's not take away from Ole and the team that great run.
Fact remains whether Ole is the right man or not he is the man and the reason we are in this mess is cz of chopping and changing managers who all want diff styles and diff people around, it has an effect on stability.
Under ole we have seen youth, pace tempo, attack minded play which we all cried out for, I'll say again, we said we don't mind results long as we see that and now suddenly that's not enough.
Let the man do his job and see where we go not change after a year again and create more instability.
Of course we can critique performance but we are not at the level of city and Liverpool, let's not kid ourselves, we are where we are which is vying to be best of the rest and that's the aim.
Ole has signed well this summer, it will take a few more windows to get where we should be, let's hope finally we allow a manger time to actually complete a rebuild and give them time.

2.) 28 Aug 2019 09:41:25
Good post Berty. There is a wider point here in that some of the regular posters stopped posting because of the constant negativity and repetition of emotional outbursts.

Some posters throw their toys out of the pram and stormed off but some just got fed up of the whole tone of the conversations.

I love debate but it hasn't been much fun lately.

3.) 28 Aug 2019 10:18:58
Berty! Sorry mate.

4.) 28 Aug 2019 10:23:18
I think it is a new social phenomenon where people seem totally unable to coexist with people who have a different view to them. We have seen it in British politics with the whole Brexit fiasco.

Whatever happened to "I respectfully disagree". Also wouldn't this site be kind of boring if we all agreed and said the same thing.

The thing that annoys me is the same people saying the exact same thing every week win lose or draw, and the "I told you so's" which are a little pathetic.

I know I'm guilty of saying the same thing over and over again. I can try and defend it by saying it's often in reply, or I'm trying to add balance. But in the end I am perpetuating the same arguements.

Ultimately it comes down to how we view football and how we view life. I am an optimist because I choose to be. I used to be a pessimist, looking for the negatives in every situation. However, in the end I found all I was doing was making myself unhappy. I used to think I was being a "realist" but in the end it's the exact same thing. Considering all the bad things that could happen isn't being realistic as they don't always happen, so it isn't realistic. It's just pessimism wrapped up in a prettier bow. So I decided to become an optimist. Choosing to think the best doesn't stop bad things happening, it just makes them hurt less when they do.
At the end of the day your own mental and emotional health is far more important than being right or successful predicting a bad outcome.

My view with the club currently is that behind the scenes we lack direction. We don't know if we are a football club that makes a lot of money or a business that plays football. A restructure is needed, yet it doesn't look forthcoming. While any rebuild is unlikely to be in the way I would like. So I don't see the point in wasting my time worrying about it, as it is something I cannot control and it is unlikely to turn out as I would like. Instead I focus on what is most important, the values I love about our club. Trust in youth, offensive football, entertainment. If we can have that then I suppose that will have to do.

Is Ole the right man to provide it? Maybe, maybe not. We won't know unless we give him a chance. The early signs are good, a better style of play and more youth players being given a chance. Ultimately I don't think he has what it takes to take us back to the top. However, I feel he is taking the squad in the right direction so he might be the best person for right now, during the early rebuild.

5.) 28 Aug 2019 10:25:12
Its because people love pointin ech other out and that's what puts posters off from posting.

6.) 28 Aug 2019 10:31:45
Great post Tiny 😀

Yeah its all become about point scoring lately and proving a point. I think to be fair we all want the club doing well but are blaming different people for the reason it isn't.

I love Ole, and whether he is right or not remains to be seen. Either way he will, like all managers, eventually take the fall when in reality the fault probably lies with the amateurs running the show 'upstairs'.

7.) 28 Aug 2019 10:42:56
It football, it's simple I've really enjoyed the games this season loved the second half against palace can't wait for the match on saturday.

8.) 28 Aug 2019 11:22:56
Once willy waving and pi$$ing contests start the outcome is pretty much inevitable. Opinions will become polarised, responses become personal and folk will fall out and leave.

9.) 28 Aug 2019 11:40:01
Once personal comments and passing judgements on people you don't even knoe starts, people will tend to either reply in kind or be mature and move on from the pages. You do not have the right to call people pessimists just because their standards of best are higher than yours. You think of the best as Ole and we can think of 100 better so that's where the difference is.

Anyway, i will leave the us Vs them and get away from this for good. Have fun and be happy, the way you want to be. And don't let others tell you what to think and not be the judge of others characters.

10.) 28 Aug 2019 12:05:18
UA. Ignore the fools who act like experts on here and think they know more then you. Infact there isn't a right or wrong answer here and its all just opinions.

The only views which matters here is the Eds take om things as aeast they have inside info or credible info.

You are a good ppster and keep posting. I had the same feeling as u earlier in the summer but the i realised there is much more then United and i just now use this page for rubbishs and giggles.

Dont take anything personal and don't dish out anything personal is the best way forward.

11.) 28 Aug 2019 12:25:14
I think it is time we just stop discussing Ole for a few weeks, as i see it everyone's picked a side and no one's changing it right now. One side sees a made for movies storyline the other a failed cardiff manager, one side sees the table since ole started at utd the other 3 wins in 15 games.

I think we can all agree that Ole's goal for the season is top 4 or europa league win, either way get back into CL, if he achieves it he stays, if he doesn't he gets sacked, just wait this season out, because outside of rehashing stuff no one really has anything new to add to this debate.

12.) 28 Aug 2019 12:32:20
United addict, I didn't pass judgement on anyone. I didn't call anyone a pessimist. I merely stated why I have the views I have, I called MYSELF an optimist, if you disagree with my assessment of myself then that's cool. You're allowed to have your own opinions.

I've said Ole might not be the best man for the job long term. But in my opinion I like what he is doing with the team currently. Bringing in more youth players, pressing higher, playing with pace on the counter.

It's not perfect, but then I wouldn't expect it to be 3 games into the season. You could argue that neither Liverpool or City have hit top form yet. And they have settled teams with world class proven managers.

I like the signings we have made, even if I personally feel there could have been a better value centre back available.

There is a lot to like about this current United side, especially compared to the other United sides of the recent past.

I have no doubt eventually Ole will fail, or he'll reach a point at which he can't take the side any further. But that is not 3 games into his first full season as full time manager. At which point I will wish him well, thank him for what he's done and hope the next appointment can continue to improve the side and take us to the next level.

13.) 28 Aug 2019 13:12:35
UA, we often disagree particularly on Rashford but we've kept it pretty civil. Keep posting mate but as with all of us, we need to find new things to discuss.

14.) 28 Aug 2019 14:13:56
Ua don't let them run you off the site.

{Ed047's Note - this is kind of why I said what I did yesterday and now we end up here. I realise we’re all big enough to make decisions but really it’s crazy when it pushes someone away from the site.

You guys have some fantastic banter on here and emotions are going to run high, we’ve all been there, but it’s just a shame when this happens. 🤷‍♂️

15.) 28 Aug 2019 15:39:28
Very well said Ed.

It gets really boring reading the same rubbish over and over again and then it enda up usually hitting people's nerves and then you 3nd up just disappearing.

I think the best way is not to comment on someones post if you don't agree with it unless u really have to and that will take away all the bitching which goes on here.

{Ed047's Note - let’s hope it sorts itself Singh as you guys clearly all love your club but sometimes frustrations boil over and that’s when you maybe need to take a breath.

16.) 28 Aug 2019 16:29:58
No ones pushing UA off the site.

I've almost quit twice though because of the unrelenting negative twaddle some come out with. Deadline day and this last half week have seen me scale back my involvement because its becoming pointless coming on here.

17.) 28 Aug 2019 17:10:58
Mort. I didn't mean literally. But if he doesn't enjoy coming on to read or make an input because of a few just don't engage with them or read their posts no need to walk away himself just don't engage with those that frustrate him.

18.) 28 Aug 2019 17:31:54
Singh, you can't go on about respect for peoples' views, and start your post off by calling people fools, surely?

The whole thing is ridiculous anyway. I had some really childish spats a few years ago with Danny, over Moyes. Then I took a step back, realised I was being a d1ck, and knocked it on the head. I broke my own social media rule of, would I talk like that to the guy if I met him for the first time in a pub, and we were discussing the same issue?

19.) 28 Aug 2019 18:17:23
Surely it's ok to disagree some of the time. I've agreed with Red Man, I've disagreed with him, same with Danny, same with Park, same eith a bunch of others, doesn't mean I don't respect them, nor did it mean I needed to be rude.

20.) 28 Aug 2019 21:31:20
Yes you can Singh. I understand your point. You were calling the people who tend to bully, fools. And i agree with that.
UA, my views are very aligned to yours, and i hope you don't leave as all views are fine as long as people don't get personal and start insulting other posters. There's no need for that.
Keep posting mate, it's a game and we all love the club and that is all that matters.

21.) 28 Aug 2019 22:22:17
Nomid, I assume you haven't read many of his posts. If anyone is hostile and aggressive, it tends to be UA. He's taking issue with being called a pessimist in his post above, but I can assure you he's dished out much worse. How many people actually read his reason for going, or is there just a bullying bandwagon to jump on? GDS got pulled up yesterday, and I've never seen him insult one person on here.

As for Singh, his quote was, "Ignore the fools who act like experts on here and think they know more then you". I don't see in that sentence where he just calls bullies 'fools'.

Personally, I think a lot of the miscommunication on here is down to the nationalities of different fans. The British and Irish tend to use sarcasm a lot, a trait particular to these islands. I'm not sure our friends from the rest of the world pick up on that as easily as the rest of us. Likewise, when English isn't your first language, sometimes the tone you are trying to put across in your posts, doesn't always come across how you meant it to sound.

Just a theory. I don't have a single scientific fact to back it up :)

22.) 29 Aug 2019 10:47:33
Stevie, the funny thing is he wasn't even called a pessimist.

I said I used to be a pessimist but now I'm an optimist. I said why I'm an optimist and that because I am that is why I hold the views I do.

At no point did I say anyone else was a pessimist, at no point did I call anyone else anything, in fact I didn't even mention anyone else or elude to anyone else.

I'm not quite sure why UA has decided to take issue with what I said, or even how what I wrote could be misconstrued as a dig at other people.

However, I understand if he is feeling exhausted with all of this and maybe he just needs to take a step back.

I'm fairly sure UA has posted previously under a different name. So even if we don't see the UA name, I would be surprised if he doesn't return to post again. After all we are all to some extent addicted to this site.



21 Aug 2019 14:20:26
Best word ever used on this site.


Ken, I completely agree with the sentiment on this one. The utter tripe being spouted with these 'modernisms' as I call them, or new 'buzz words' is cringeworthy.

Football is a simple game made to look, or sound like rocket science by armchair experts trying to look smart.

There should never be any mention of 'false nines', 'inverted wingers', 'vertical passes' or 'double pivots' in any sensible football discussion.


Bolloxology. ha ha.

betty swollocks

1.) 21 Aug 2019 14:37:09
Betty you've not been introduced to the inverted full back yet?

I'm waiting for someone to invent the false sweeper.

{Ed001's Note - they already did. I worked with one. He would spend all day 'sweeping' up the factory but nowhere would be any cleaner after he went past than it was before he got there. He was defo a false sweeper as his broom was just for leaning on while he chatted to you.}

2.) 21 Aug 2019 14:40:27
😂😂😂 good man Betty.
To be honest i like a bit of tactical analysis and the likes i do find it interesting but to suggest that there is no way to play verticle passes against wolves is just silly talk.

Do you know what i find amazing.
1 poster got frustrated saying we can't be judging players after 2 games. Because somebody had questioned the performance of lingard and his little wet dream shaw.
Yet in the same post made a judgement on martial and rashford looking great so far.
So apparently its ok to make positive assessments over 2 games but not negative ones 😂😂 if it fits your personal narrative.
Comedy gold. Really. Or just more bolloxology. 😂.

3.) 21 Aug 2019 14:42:36
Swollocksology 😉.

4.) 21 Aug 2019 15:04:28
Ken don't be silly again .
Just because a player or team has a bad game doesn't mean he is a bad player or it's a bad team .

Assessing players by a game by game basis is a obsession on the site for some.
Nice to see I got a mention again, this is a bit of a weird obsession as well.

5.) 21 Aug 2019 15:35:08
Jred i don't make judgements on a player being a good or bad player on any given game.
But its ok to say any player had a good or bad game when looking at that that game in isolation.

But its odd to slate people for making a judgment on 2 games on shaw or jessie and then go on to say martial and rash are looking good after the same 2 games.
Is it a case that players can look good after 2 games but they can't look bad after 2 games. Now that's silly.

6.) 21 Aug 2019 15:37:11
As regards lingard simple question to all would he get in the other top 6 sides simpe answer is no.

{Ed047's Note - exactly dazw, we kept the likes of Jenkinson, Walcott, Wilshere and Gibbs for way to long hoping they’d come good.

7.) 21 Aug 2019 16:03:54
Swolloxology - even better angel!

Personally, I would make it at illegal to use such terms. And anyone heard talking about 'half spaces' would be hung from the nearest crossbar by their eyelids.

Oh, and another thing. Why this recent obsession with banging on about the 'high press'? So you mean players closing down the opposition?


8.) 21 Aug 2019 16:19:01
Hi ed047.
I do understand that all squads need players who can dip in and out of the team and play when required.
Players like jessie can do that and be a fairly decent squad player.
Its easier having players like that from within the club as they don't tend to moan as much when not in the team.
So as a squad player he fits the bill. But as a regular starter i think he comes up short at the highest level.
Some blossom late like fletch and go on to deservedly become a regular starter. There is room for him in the squad. He has been a regular starter now for 4 years or so. How has that worked out?
Of course not all his fault but if you have half a dozen starters who should be back up players you end up coming 5th or 6th 4 times in last 6 years.
Too many average players.
Mctom periera greenwood tuanzebe gomes garner and chong all look likely to get some reasonable game time this season.
I think in 5 years we will be lucky to still have 2 of them at the club as regular starters. Maybe another 1 will make a squad player.
Januzai was the next big thing. Macheda before him welbeck before him.
I support the idea of giving them opportunities but i think you need to be ruthless when they are not good enough.

{Ed047's Note - we’ve definitely been guilty of that Ken, the home grown quota also causes a problem as it did with the group I mentioned but doesn’t count for any of the latest group I’d like to leave.

Arsenal have been forever allegedly needing two more players and the truth was it was much more than that. Which I think it is now with you.

It was only the likes of United in Fergies hey days and Liverpool and City now where that’s true.

We have some exciting youth in Willock, Nelson, Smith-Rowe, Martinelli and Zaka but in our current position neither of our clubs can really afford to gamble on to many of them.

I watch for example Rashford and Martial and think back to Walcott who would produce moments of brilliance as your two do but he never kicked on but that’s what those two have to do because they’ve taken that first big step to get in the side.

I’m still not sure about us, I like a lot of the players, it’s more Emery that worries me and you have that too with OGS in my opinion.

9.) 21 Aug 2019 16:26:01
Dazw, I honestly believe Lingard is Newcastle level at best. Never been a fan of his and never thought he'd come good. His presence in the squad is the sign there are huge gaps to be filled.

10.) 21 Aug 2019 16:40:36
What r u talking about?
I said above
Just because a player or team has a bad game doesn't mean he is a bad player or it's a bad team.
Same goes for a player having a good game.
But to start saying a team isn't good enough after 1or 2 league game imo is stupid.
To say a player needs sold after 1 league game imo is daft as well, I would wait until the end of the season to make that call.
Both of which are very different to saying a player had a good or bad game.
Think before you type.

11.) 21 Aug 2019 16:46:30
we are doing exactly the same ed47 with players and as long as it continues e will never get back to were we should be.

{Ed047's Note - I actually think as a club you’re in a bad place, with the money you’ve spent since Fergie left you should have an incredible squad.

When you look back at all the players that arrived and then left it’s mental.

I think AWB and McGuire are your first steps in the right direction but that’s two in how long?

Every season I’ve thought you are going to buy some top top quality and start smashing it again but it just seems like you’re still treading water.

I really feel Pogba is holding you back, not just in what he does on the pitch but also that whatever’s been said he 100% wants to go.

As clubs we both need to get back fighting for the big owners.

12.) 21 Aug 2019 17:07:36
The point is who do you put in for him?

Mata has the pace of an asthmatic snail carrying some heavy shopping.

Gomes is just 18. Its too soon to put the burden on him. I think he'll get his chance soon.

Pereira I don't think is good enough. He fails to convince.

Anyone thinking Sanchez is the answer needs to rethink what the question is.

Yes we should have bought someone in the summer. We didn't. This us what we have. And I wouldn't expect much activity in January.

Totally agree re Pogba Ed.

Ken I think Greenwood will be a first teamer. Garner and Tuanzebe in the squad. Gomes could go as I believe he's not got long left on his contract. Chong I think will fall short. McTom is already first team. And I've already said Pereira isn't good enough.

13.) 21 Aug 2019 17:29:44
sorry ment to say were we want to be not should be.

{Ed047's Note - no probs mate, I meant to say big trophies, not big owners! No idea where that came from. 🙄🤣

14.) 21 Aug 2019 17:39:11
Agree Betty, what about waffle ology can that be a new word.
Or we could call a false striker cause he doesn't score any goals😂.

15.) 21 Aug 2019 17:41:59
But jred, ken has a point. Nobody is able to constructively criticise a player according to you. In order to give a balanced view then you have to assess the positives and negatives. Many posters’ view of shaw’s ability has been this way for a while. One game doesn’t make someone a great player. Likewise one bad game doesn’t necessarily make them terrible either. Balance is so important.

16.) 21 Aug 2019 17:43:47
The point is that the transfer team failed to bring in an attacking mid. Lingard is there because of this, not on the basis merit.

17.) 21 Aug 2019 18:19:06
Jred really?
Its not all about you.
I said the exact same as you.
I don't judge players on 1 game. i'm not sure anybody does actually in fact i'm sure nobody does.
Furthermore my judgements like everybody else can change as form changes.
Fred I've maintained should be judged at the end of this season.
Anybody judging periera lingard or shaw for example are not judging them on this season only i'm sure but judging them on what they have seen for the past 4 years or so.

I don't like martial as a footballer and based on what he has done at United in 4 years i'd sell him.
However he has got his position changed and he now has a number he likes and playing in a different system he may well thrive. He has 2 goals in 2 games so if he keeps that up ill change my opinion.
You seem to have a problem with anybody wanting rid of certain players i'm not sure why that is. Maybe you don't want good or better players maybe you want to be scrapping for 4th 5th or 6th and your happy with that.
Im more interested in watching my team being able to compete and becoming competitive for major honours again.
I don't accept mediocrity easily when solutions appear obvious to me on how we can be more competitive.
Some supporters are happy just top plod along and not to be as good as we can be.
Its not my style its not how i conduct my own life and its not how i want my club and team to conduct their business.
People will always give loads of reasons why things can't be done. I only ever look for reasons one readon why things could be done.
Imo the clubs competitiveness will not return until certain situations are resolved. I think we are on the right track but miles behind where we need to be.
I support ole but that doesn't mean i won't criticise certain decisions i don't agree with.

18.) 21 Aug 2019 18:19:44
In 5 years mort do you think mctom will be I the team?

19.) 21 Aug 2019 18:34:54
Why not, if he continues to improve as he has done so far?

20.) 21 Aug 2019 19:22:59
I think he has a chance nou.
He reminds me of fletch in some ways. A real steady eddie.
I think tuanzebe has a real chance.
Greenwood though at this stage is the potential star imo.

Its very rare to get more than 1 or 2 from any group.

21.) 21 Aug 2019 19:15:07
I don't really care about your opinion, for what ever reason you get your knickers in a twist if someone doesn't agree with you .

You where posting about selling shaw after the first game of the season, would it not be better to make that call at the end of the season.
Wasnt many post about getting rid of shaw during the summer, then after 1 game .
If you want to discuss his performance that's one thing, but to be shouting about replacing him selling him at the start of the season is in my opinion wrong.
What if he has a good season?

The strange thing is the people who post about people all having an opinion, get very upset if it's not the same as there own .
I've been on the site a while now, the crack over time has changed, less about footy more about buying selling players. It seems if you disagree with that people sulk.

Last week it was shaw, as I said at the time next week it will probably be someone else, linders or martial. As it turns out it was linders, so that probably means it will be martial next week or maybe pogba.
Now you maybe don't like that, or don't like when its pointed out but rightly or wrongly that's how it is .
I didn't say it was right or wrong it's just the way the site is or maybe a lot of supporters are now .
People seem to support players more than a team now, its maybe part of the game being global now. In my opinion a lot of fans now are more interested in building some kind of super team than actually supporting there team.
It's all about buying this player or that player so we can win this or that .
But they actually forget to support there team and the players that are actually at the club.
It more about the team we could have as opposed to the actual club you support .
Fans are bigger fans of players at other clubs (who never have a bad game) than there own . Again each to there own.

22.) 21 Aug 2019 19:31:23
Exactly what noucamp said. The difference in him from two years ago is marked. In five years if he keeps improving I don't ser why he wouldn't be in the team.

23.) 21 Aug 2019 19:51:36
I think tuanzebe has a good chance. He's 3rd choice at the moment. I would be against signing another centre back but jones, rojo and bailly are so unreliable and I can't see Smalling accepting dropping down the order to 4th.

I think usually we'd accept 1-2 players coming every couple of years. But tho group have some real potential. I don't think all will make it but circumstances sometimes help. We have a manager prepared to give them a chance and a weak squad that's created gaps for them go have the opportunities.

Great crops probably come through once a generation. We had the 92 group. Who have Barcelona produced in recent years after their great group?

24.) 21 Aug 2019 20:16:16
When have I said ‘sell’ shaw? I said he’s not good enough to start. That doesn’t mean we should sell him, but instead replace him in the starting XI with a better player and he stays for squad depth. You jump to conclusions and focus on one single point of someone’s post to push an agenda. You forget all context and isolate one comment. I’ve also posted on this site for many years. As people know, I often post long posts discussing a range of things, trying to offer a fair and balanced assessment. You seem to ignore that and focus on the one point you have a problem with. At the end of the day We all want what’s best for the club. We just have different views. I have no problem with your view, but you often attack posters when they don’t agree with you. Like ken said, if it’s ok to be positive about the last few matches then there is no reason why someone can bring up a negative as well. We aren’t the finished article and that’s clear to see. Nothing wrong with criticising a player of someone feels they are not up to it.

25.) 21 Aug 2019 20:16:21
Good post above Ken.

I wouldn't have shaw or pogba anywhere near our team. I base that on watching them over the last couple of seasons. not good enough. IMO keeping pogba is going to seriously work against us and is a big big mistake.

Martial hits highs in fits. But in fairness, he has never ever had a run at CF and that is what he is, no doubt. Now he really has to nail it down this year.

26.) 21 Aug 2019 20:17:52
If shaw has a good season I’ll happily eat my words because that means united will be better for it. I don’t have any agenda, I want to see united be the best. But personally, I don’t think he’s good enough. That’s my option.

27.) 21 Aug 2019 20:35:41
I think its bit early in the season to be talking about replacing a player.
Time will tell but I think shaw will still be at the club and starting games next season.
It interesting that you only concentrated about one part of my post and then complained about me doing the same .

Like I have said each to their own and people use the site for different things .
As for attacking posters, it's just an opinion and very rarely personal.
Just because it's a different opinion doesn't mean it shouldn't be posted .
You think we should replace shaw, I think it's a bit early to make that call .
I also think it was shaw last week linders this week it will be someone else next week.

28.) 21 Aug 2019 20:38:40
Got to be honest I've re read my long post and I don't see that as an attack .
I'm just trying to explain my way of thinking .
I suppose it's the way you read it .

29.) 21 Aug 2019 20:48:29
Fair enough jred we are going to have to agree to disagree on this point.

30.) 21 Aug 2019 21:10:44
Maybe revisit it at the end of the season.

31.) 21 Aug 2019 22:03:01
Happy to do that mate.

32.) 22 Aug 2019 07:27:39
Get a room! >.

33.) 22 Aug 2019 08:25:48
Dont knock it, it's better to have a bit of discussing than throw the dummy out or get personal.
A refreshing change imo.

34.) 22 Aug 2019 17:34:33
Jred, knock it? Dummy? Personal? If my reply had been printed in full the comedy would have more obvious. Get over yourself.



09 Aug 2019 07:19:04
I know I don't post so much these days, but some will know I am not one of the doom mongers and am normally more positive.

But I just can't get my head around this transfer window. We have made good additions at the back admittedly and in AWB in particular have made a very good signing.

I just think though that it will not be even nearly enough. Selling Lukaku without a replacement leaves us very short up front, and have kept (at the moment) Pogba who doesn't want to be here. We were already short of creativity and struggled for goals last term at times. I like Rash ford, but can he be relied upon to carry a goal threat throughout the season? Same goes for Martial. I hope they do, but I guess time will tell.
The worst part though, for me, is keeping hold of so many players that are surplus to requirement.
Of course, Ole will just continue to be happy to be manager of Manchester United and say all the right things an toe the party line.
I think that he is so in awe of SAF that he wants to replicate the whole "you win nothing with kids" era.
It ain't going to happen!

betty swollocks

1.) 09 Aug 2019 07:48:04
Betty, I too am an optimistic fan.
But it's quite blatant that the board has failed yet again.
Ole said after signing Maguire that, he expected 1 or 2 more to arrive. But it didn't happen.
Surely someone must take the blame.

2.) 09 Aug 2019 08:22:56
Betty, I expect us to sell 2-3 players to European club's who's transfer window doesn't close until the end of August.

3.) 09 Aug 2019 09:17:06
Betty, could it be that the coaching staff see Greenwood as the Lukaku replacement? I hope so. He has all the potential to become a top Premier League forward and seems to be level headed, which is equally as important if not more.

People complained about us throwing money at our problems for a few years.
Now it seems we are going to trust our youngsters and I'm all for it. We won't be challenging for the title after 1 window, so why not put them on centre stage.

We have the January window to come, and next summer. Surely nobody in the right mind thought we would challenge this year, so it is sensible to think that this rebuild might take two maybe even three summer windows to bridge the gap between us and City.

4.) 09 Aug 2019 09:22:30
Good post Betty. Agree with all. I'm hoping the kids can step up in attack. And will OGS give Gomez his chance at no10? Doubt it.
Midfield is woefully short on quality and that will be our downfall. £69m net spend and if a couple go to European clubs, the net spend is even less. That's not showing much ambition when the likes of Fernandes, Maddison, longstaff and le Celso could have been bought.

5.) 09 Aug 2019 09:52:33
I am well aware that the transfer window is still open in Europe, and we can still therefore sell. But we then cannot bring new players in. We are already short in some key areas, so not a sensible move in my opinion.

Wazza, I like the idea of bringing the youngsters through. But they need to be brought through gradually and integrated into the team. Not just thrown in at the deep end and, in Greenwoods case be relied upon for goals. It just does not make sense to me at all selling our most reliable goalscorer and 'replacing' him with an unproven 17 year old.

You may well point to the 'class of 92' - but just look at the difference in quality of the senior players they had around them compared to our team now. Schmeichel, Parker, Bruce, Irwin, Pallister, May, Keane, McClair and of course the great man Cantona. Need I go on?
The difference is like night and day.

I have never complained about lack of investment of funds being made available. We have spent loads, but spent it badly. We are stuck with players we can't shift because no-one else can affort to pay them what we do. We have rewarded mediocrity for far, far too long.
I don't know the details, but if it is true than we priced Rojo out of a more to Everton, then it is just plain stupidity again. He may stick leave I guess, but as Ed has said, he is limited to where he can go. I hope I am proved wrong with Pogba, but holding on to him against his wishes (if he does stay) may well just be the worst decision of them all.

Time will tell I guess. I genuinely hope the youngsters do well and manage to carry the unnecessary burden being put on the them. For some of them, it will be sink or swim. I just hope for the good of them, and their careers it is not the latter.

6.) 09 Aug 2019 12:08:22
Our most reliable goalscorer wasnt getting in the team .

7.) 09 Aug 2019 12:47:01
Don't try to be smart Jred - you know what I'm getting at. If Lukaku wasn't our most reliable goalscorer then who was? Just because he didn't fit in with Ole's ideas doesn't mean he wasn't the best goalscorer we had. Rashford is still young and I hope will go on to be a great goalscorer - but is yet to prove it.
Pogba gets goals because he has been our penalty taker.

Don't try to dress it all up nicely because it fits your constant rhetoric and one line come backs.



27 Jul 2019 10:36:01
I assume I must be in a minority on this site, in as much as I have a full time job and a family.

Looking through the posts recently it appears that everyone else (well, most anyway) are experts on every player that we are linked with, and have watched that player 'many times last season', or have ' watched so and so very closely' etc etc.

And that goes for players from all clubs, all leagues, and all countries. Where on earth do you all get the time? Some of you must watch football for 18 hours a day, 8 days a week to be so 'clued up'.

I am genuinely envious.

Well, either that or you some of you just make s*@t up!

betty swollocks

1.) 27 Jul 2019 10:46:29
Not really, I have a full time job, family, and still managed to watch every tues/ weds featured champions league game and pretty much every man utd and celtic game. If you're interested in something you find time.

2.) 27 Jul 2019 11:30:11

I’m with you. I have no idea about SMS, Fernandez, Dybala, pretty much anyone who plays in Europe. I watch our League but mainly United games or other ‘big’ games so I can’t profess to be an expert on a lot of EPL players either.

3.) 27 Jul 2019 11:41:05
AJH - I think in truth that is the case for most of us. We all like our football, but there seems to be a 'need' for people to overstate their knowledge of players - especially those playing abroad. Take Bruno Fernandez as an example. All these people who have watched him 'closely for a long time' type quotes - where do they watch all this Portugese football? Other than the odd CL game, and if they stream it then they can't be watching the other leagues too, can they?

Youtube has a lot to answer for! :)

4.) 27 Jul 2019 11:46:13
Betty, the best place to catch up European matches is BT sport on a Sunday evening. They have french and Italian games on there.

Failing that, watch a 5 min clip on YouTube which makes every player look like the next Messi.

5.) 27 Jul 2019 11:52:53
Full time student, 12 hours a week contact time means I can find time to watch football if I want to. I often watch a game or two at least of any player we are seriously linked to.

Like Anon says, if you want to find time to do something you will. Although it would be tough to prioritise football over children, but I'm sure they would get used to it😅.

6.) 27 Jul 2019 11:55:53
Well said betty some of us made that point couple of weeks ago and amazingly they are doing all this scouting and have all the expertise but make no living from football.

7.) 27 Jul 2019 12:13:31
I said pretty much the same thing a couple of weeks ago then got many thumbs down and panned because of it, mainly from snappy who seems a know it all. Decided not to bother so much on this site now only look to see the Ed’s thoughts on things.

8.) 27 Jul 2019 12:47:37
Shappy is a great poster. His passion for football's site football and the club is obvious. I've met him and he is a top bloke. loves a bit of exaggeration and hyperbole but that is just his passion coming through imo.




betty swollocks's rumour replies


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03 Aug 2019 15:23:18
I really don't get why people would wants Pogba to stay. Old may say all the right things about Pogba having a great attitude blah blah blah, but the player clearly wants out.
If we keep hold of him against his wishes we will just have the same circus every transfer window. It's unsettling for everyone, including Old, despite what he may say in public.

Pogba is obviously talented and is a match winner on his day. I understand that, but keeping an unhappy player is counter productive.

On the flip side, we shouldn't be forced to sell him on the cheap. But over inflating his price so that he is effectively priced out of a more is daft in my opinion.

Despite the fact that some fans 'hero worship' some players, Pogba is not worthy of that label. Talent is nothing without application, effort and desire and Mr Pogba is severely lacking in the later.

betty swollocks



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01 Aug 2019 06:55:09
I have watches Mejbri very closely over the last 2 seasons. The lad has great potential. Very mature for his age. Has 2 feet, can pass the ball. He also has a head do should be good in the air too.
Obviously at his age he will need coaching, so it is down to Ed Woodward to develop him, but he could be a future captain and play for at least another 10 years.
Very excited about this one.

betty swollocks



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04 Jun 2019 07:30:01
What counts as a 'chance' though, and how is that interpreted. Chances? , 'big chances'? - surely down to interpretation.

Lies, damned lies and statistics again.

Should also make the point that I am questioning the 'stats' - not Maddison as I agree he is a decent player.

betty swollocks



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03 Jun 2019 21:54:39
Shappy, I know you love a stat but where do you get them from?

The only stats I can find suggest that David Silva, Hazard and Salah all created more 'big chances' than Madison last season.

It's neither here nor there really but you often quote stats that are, shall we say questionable, though they do conveniently back up a point you are trying to make.

betty swollocks



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16 May 2019 10:22:51
Only open today for domestic transfers Ports - I think?
Transfers from abroad cannot happen (be completed) until the TMS opens mid June.

Sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong.

betty swollocks




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21 Sep 2019 15:05:17
We need to keep our own house in order - not worry about what others are up to. Spurs having a poor start to the season doesn't nullify ours. If our 'rivals' are faltering then we need to be taking advantage of that, not using it to justify our own results.

On a side note, for all those who want us to sign James Madison did you see his 6 grand back pack before the game? Horrendous!

Should fit right in at United.

betty swollocks



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02 Sep 2019 18:59:15
Crosses do not have to be high you know! Liverpool and City score loads from crosses - not necessarily headers.

betty swollocks



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02 Sep 2019 17:09:26
Shappy, the way you put spin on things a career in politics surely awaits.

I wander if Boris would be interested in appointing a 'Minister for Statistics'?

betty swollocks



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02 Sep 2019 07:27:30
Klopp himself has said that Man Utd showed interest in him - even contacted him- a year before he joined Liverpool.

I never suggested we turned him down. Klopp has made it clear he wasn't interested and has ambitions to manage Liverpool.

Certainly there were people at United not convinced by Pep, and I think/ thought that was also the case with Klopp. I just wander how hard we tried or how persuasive we were.

Doesn't matter now anyway. It's history.

betty swollocks



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02 Sep 2019 07:14:25
Are you referring to Jordan Henderson?

betty swollocks