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09 Jul 2019 19:19:03
Ed are Barcelona interested in signing v lindelof.


{Ed002's Note - No, I am not aware of any approach by Barcelona to Manchester United for him but as early as tomorrow night they may be re-evaluating their centre back options. I would think that Victor Lindelof’s future at Manchester United will be something his agent will be thinking about seriously not wanting to get stuck in the abyss with what is in reality a Championship level manager and a club who are planning on a record breaking expenditure on a series of knee jerrk reactions. I am sure they would love to get him in the Barcelona squad.}

1.) 09 Jul 2019 20:17:09

You're about to send the site into meltdown with comments like that mate although its the hard hitting truth that Solskjaer is out of his depth and should never have been given the job. He appears clueless and looks like a kid with a smile on his face who can't believe that he's got the job while everything seems to be falling around him.

I'd be interested to know what knee jerk reactions you are mentioning Ed002? Milinkovic Savic and Maguire?

{Ed002's Note - It is not a smile - simply wind.}

2.) 09 Jul 2019 20:25:25
It was on Sky before, where the player was questioning his future at United.

What can you do?

If you keep the Muppets on high wages, with no chance of competing for a decade and spend stupid money on has beens, obviously a decent player and agent is going to agitate for a move away to a club who can compete.

3.) 09 Jul 2019 20:27:57
Ed002 - can you shed any info on the knee jerk reactions?


{Ed002's Note - I have done it over and over.}

4.) 09 Jul 2019 21:05:43
I would guess it’s Harry Maquire.

5.) 09 Jul 2019 21:20:24
he is in the same boat as frank lampard.

{Ed001's Note - not really, Lampard is being surrounded by football advisors and helpers with experience.}

6.) 09 Jul 2019 20:57:34
Absolutely agree. We are embarrassed and rudderless.

Question to the Oracle. Who will replace Gonner?

7.) 09 Jul 2019 21:01:18
Or the club can realise what is in front of them, sack OGS and get someone else in urgently before the window closes. Someone we can rally round and survive this season before it goes too far.

8.) 09 Jul 2019 21:46:40
May 2020 and i bet Ole will be sacked by then. wouldn't these players look at the bigger picture and think to themselves that if the manager isn't good then he won't last long.

Interesting times ahead.

9.) 09 Jul 2019 22:10:33
Love the positivity lads. Geeesshh. Ole is our manager. He will not be leaving in the immediate future. Why not get behind our manager who has his first transfer window to sort out this mess of a squad. Ole isn't on his own here either. Do you not think players with the right attitude would like to work with Mike Phelan and Michael Carrick? The high profile manager (Van Gaal and Mourinho) hasn't worked. How about trying a club man with the right management team around him?! Getting sick of the negativity.

10.) 09 Jul 2019 22:03:36
Jesus, that's a depressing read ed002. What are this club doing?

11.) 09 Jul 2019 22:17:20
Hah bloody marvelous. you all shot me down when I said ole will be gone before Christmas. now ya sacking him before season starts.
Football fans eh, who'd have em.

12.) 09 Jul 2019 23:11:13
You mean, someone you can rally round Red Man.

13.) 10 Jul 2019 01:10:46
Lindelof is going nowhere that's for sure.
When the window shuts we will know the squad and then it will be time to assess what realistic expectations are.
Unless there are 3 or 4 more signings and the same leaving ole has no chance no manager would.
The signings will come and the exits will leave in confident of that.
Im excited for the season ahead.

14.) 10 Jul 2019 01:12:50
Wow this site is full of negativity. Who knows if ole will fail or prosper? City and pool didn’t need much n haven’t done much upto now. Leicester have signed a player they had on loan. Not many other clubs have done much as of yet. Whilst I agree that if we start the season with our current squad we will endure a tough season but to write it off before it’s started and to already decide ole is a failure is terrible. I used to love supporting Utd and visiting these forums but they make dour reading these days. The whole thing above because an agent made a throw away remark about his client attracting interest from other clubs your all in meltdown. It seems a lot of you are waiting to say told you so? God help ole with the “support” he’s getting from our “supporters”.

15.) 10 Jul 2019 06:38:23

I mean someone the players and supporters recognise can do the job and have confidence in. If the club had undertaken the due diligence at the end of the season do you really think OGS would be the manager now? If Poch or Allegri were the manager would you and I mean you have more confidence for this season and future ones? Given the number of disenfranchised players seemingly wanting to leave I sense no confidence inside or outside the club of the top structure down and belief in the appointment of OGS is likely one but not the only reason we have struggled to get players in.

16.) 10 Jul 2019 07:41:54
All ready shouting to sack the the manager.
Dear me.

17.) 09 Jul 2019 23:22:13
Good way to bring out the toxic ed002 😋.

{Ed002's Note - Maybe Ithaca best stop saying anything on the is page again.}

18.) 10 Jul 2019 07:48:02
From Ed002's comments, it feels like we are about to break the bank and pay premium price for someone?
I'm guessing Maguire and SMS.

19.) 10 Jul 2019 08:41:39
The records broken Red Man.

20.) 09 Jul 2019 23:14:16
Question for Ed2 - why did the board not back a winner like Jose but are about to spend millions backing a relative novice in OGS?

{Ed002's Note - This is what I said soon after he arrived:

"It was a bad move to appoint Mourinho and a bad move for him to accept. He doesn't see MU as a progressive club that will adapt to what he thinks they need. He doesn't like being in Manchester and there are those there who still see a blue tinge surrounding him. There was a major error in taking on Ibrahimovich - it is disruptive with the kids (although one specific issue has been overcome) and he wanted to move elsewhere. Mkhitaryan is a disaster waiting to happen. Pogba's career belongs in Spain or Italy - certainly not Manchester. Four players have been told they can go in January (and that is pretty much unheard of)."}

21.) 10 Jul 2019 04:28:02
@ed002 Barcelona match United in spending big and buying players who don't fulfill expectations and are trying to offload now. Coutinho, Dembele etc.
Neymar moved to PSG and now want to come back to Barcelona like Pogba came back for United.
Messi even told once Barcelona are signing substandard players who don't deserve to play for the club.
Players want to Join Barcelona because they have Messi without Messi in two or three years Barcelona will lose its fear factor.
OGS may be a championship manager but if Lindelof wants to play under the best manager he needs to go to Liverpool or City not Spain.
Liverpool won the UCL and almost won the PL playing that good in a wildly tougher league than in spain where it was virtually a freerun to the title for Barcelona and Barcelona lost to pool in the UCL where in the first leg Match they were outplayed comfortably in Nou camp and only Messi's magic gave that lead. Barcelona is also in a downward spiral as well, only easier Spanish league and Messi's magic slow down the downward spiral a bit for time being.

{Ed002's Note - Whilst you might have the Kleenex out for Klopp - he has won nothing else for years and years. This is a ridiculous post.}

22.) 10 Jul 2019 09:20:23
Hi Ed002,

Thanks as always for your honest opinion about United and for all the priceless info you very kindly provide.

You’ve raised the issue of the manager at a club being a reason why a player might want to join/ not join a club. Obviously the biggest draw would appear to be Guardiola but I can imagine Zidane and Pochettino are attractive bosses too.

In your honest and valued opinion, would you mind suggesting a couple of other managers who players see as a reason for going to a club please?

Many thanks Wallace.

{Ed002's Note - Quique Setien, Marcello Lippi, Ricardo Gareca, Max Allegri, Jose Mourinho ....}

23.) 10 Jul 2019 10:00:17
@Ed002 Liverpool set the benchmark last season I used them and Klopp as an example. Klopp, Wenger are better managers than Mourinho who is a serial winner of almost all the trophies. Those who appreciate the quality of football klopp, Wenger plays agree with me.

{Ed002's Note - You seem to have little grasp of reality.}

24.) 10 Jul 2019 09:46:53
Wow, that was a quick reply!

Many thanks Ed002!

{Ed002's Note - It was an easy question.}

25.) 10 Jul 2019 10:32:38
Ed002, sorry if this is a silly question:
You had stated, "as early as tomorrow night they may be re-evaluating their centre back options"
Does this mean the club is moving to new CB targets because of the inflated market?

{Ed002's Note - No, it means that as early as tonight Barcelona are re-evaluating their centre back options. It is nothing to do with an inflated market.

Perhaps they will soon pop along and see if they can help Lindoff to get out of the club?}

26.) 10 Jul 2019 10:55:32
002 you seem to have some incredibly strong fishing bait for bringing the toxics out of the woodwork!

I can see it's going to be another wonderful day of reading ridiculously negative posts on here today 🙄


{Ed002's Note - I will now be very much limiting telling the truth on this page then. It is not worth the grief - I am sure you will get on much better without me explaining what is going on.}

27.) 10 Jul 2019 11:00:42
Thanks Ed.
Lindelof is the last player we would want out of the club.
Many posters even suggested him as a potential captain.

28.) 10 Jul 2019 11:21:15
Woah sorry Ed, my post was aimed at the ridiculous comments on a few threads in the past 12 hours or so, not your updates!

I thought my hash tag at the end got the sarcasm across, sorry for the confusion!

29.) 10 Jul 2019 14:07:40
I'd love to see Ricardo Gareca taking charge of one of the biggest clubs in world football what he has done with Peru is nothing short of spectacular in my opinion.

30.) 10 Jul 2019 15:43:19
does every manager not start of as a nobody.

10 years ago poch was unheard of and now he is regarded as a decent manager,

klopp has even been relegated as a manager and people think he's the best.

my point is proof is in the pudding and untill ole has a fair crack at the whip i feel its abit un called for with all the slagging off he gets.

31.) 10 Jul 2019 16:15:37
Catch up on threads here.

Ed002 gets asked a question, provides an answer that triggers, then gets triggered himself and then leaves.

Hopefully there's pod before see Ed002 on the other side of the window.

32.) 10 Jul 2019 17:13:51
The answer was provocative.

33.) 10 Jul 2019 17:16:53
united road. why can't we all just have a simple debate with no slagging off.

this page is becoming petty.

34.) 10 Jul 2019 18:54:50
The page is getting petty that's the point. Posters are asking Ed's questions but then don't like their answer (opinion) and reply posti g negatively which provokes other posters and editors who volunteer to time and info to the site.

Decent debates are a rarity these days.

Props the guys who made this site a lot more fun - ngiak, RFT, Syd, Ronnie.

All toxicity, defensive, negative life imitating art.

35.) 10 Jul 2019 20:44:40
To be fair, UR, most of the questions I've read on here recently, have been put politely and respectfully. All of our questions, unless we're heavily involved in the football industry, are coming from a certain degree of ignorance. That's why we ask the Eds in the first place. I know it must be a pain in the hoop seeing the same questions, but just put different ways, over and over again. But I think a certain Ed has been particularly provocative, today. Almost as if he's engineering a way out 😁.

36.) 10 Jul 2019 16:42:19
Keeping telling the truth ed002, it really is appreciated. Ignore the idiots.

37.) 10 Jul 2019 23:37:43
Cheers Ed for answering my thread

Seems rather political at OT!



18 Dec 2018 13:55:37
Solskjaer name had been mentioned.


{Ed002's Note - Regardless of him managing the reserves for a few years it would be high risk in my view. It would be an enormous step up from Molde so it is hard to be confident it would work.}

1.) 18 Dec 2018 14:11:01
It's a risk but then again itsxonly for the next 5 month .

{Ed002's Note - Why would he leave his job for such an offer then?}

2.) 18 Dec 2018 14:16:51
Any information that suggest that board is happy with Woodward and he will continue in his current role.
Would DOF takeover him later on the footballing front.

3.) 18 Dec 2018 15:05:46
Maybe get paid 3x the salary over the next 5 month and raise his profile .

{Ed002's Note - I think that is a pretty dreadful thing to say. You ceratinly don't deserve anyone decent at the club with so called supporters saying things like that.}

4.) 18 Dec 2018 15:11:31
We're not entitled to anyone and anything Jred.

5.) 18 Dec 2018 15:22:50
I think the guys already fairly well known an maybe he likes managing his hometown club.

6.) 18 Dec 2018 15:27:50
Isnt the whole OLE rumour based on the fact the Norweigan league shut down 3 weeks ago until March, the tabloids are jumping on the fact he is sitting at home watching countdown for 3 months so why not? (ignoring the fact he still has work to do with Molde in the off season)

7.) 18 Dec 2018 15:30:48
It's not Ole, his tenure at Cardiff was not great. Apparently it will be an ex-player. Steve Bruce anyone.

8.) 18 Dec 2018 15:35:53
Could Giggs job share with Wales?

{Ed002's Note - Sure, it gives him an excuse when things go wrong.}

9.) 18 Dec 2018 16:24:54
Hi Ed002, hope you’re well. You’ve previously mentioned Berta and Campos regarding a DOF role. Are there any further names being considered, possibly even left-field options?

{Ed002's Note - I have dealt with this at length before. Nothing has changed.}

10.) 18 Dec 2018 16:45:45
I have looked at previous posts now and you gave us some good suggestions. Thanks again, hope you have a quiet evening!

{Ed002's Note - Thanks.}

11.) 18 Dec 2018 17:09:25
Blanc can be the only serious contender surely?

{Ed002's Note - To a large extent the press release has been a self inflicted wound. I have no doubt that Laurent Blanc would take the job on a permanent basis but perhaps he feels his "hands would be tied" (I am paraphrasing) if he would simply be asked to coach until the end of the season with little or no control over players or transfers in January? If he really wants the full time job and I am sure that there is a concern that if he is constrained as an interim it may not go well as it could and could then potentially exclude him from the opportunity in the summer. For me is would be an excellent choice for the club in the long term. If it is going to be simply an interim role Solskjaer and Phelan may do a decent job but it means Manchester United don't have a good long time solution. OGS would need to leave his current job after MU negotiate with his club and, good or not (at the very least risky), could easily find themselves at a loose end in June. Perhaps the club should reconsider how they are looking to transition to a new coach and at least give a good opportunity to an interim coach to get the role on a full time basis.}

12.) 18 Dec 2018 18:26:18
United saying that we will appoint an external interim manager until the end of the season within 48 hours led me to believe that they had someone already lined up. If this isn't the case then why even mention it? As a precursor to any manager taking over that they're not permanent and don't expect any money in January or a say on which players stay or go?

13.) 18 Dec 2018 20:13:07
As someone who watched OGS throughout his time at cardiff (from his appointment, to the relegation and to the subsequent firing while in the championship), I can confirm that he was in my opinion the worst manager we have had in my time as a supporter. Defensively he was woeful, going forward we looked confused and overall we had absolutely no plan. He made selection decisions which absolutely mystified the fans, e. g. playing our best midfielder at left back (more shocking as he was slow and couldn't defend) . Not only were the results bad but his signings were out of their depth and he left the club in a position which we are only just now recovering from. If he does take the united job, it would surprise me if he makes it till May.

14.) 18 Dec 2018 22:16:01
Hi guys not posted on here for ages as I lost my username RRED7

Really don’t want to be sentimental and watch Ole ruin his legacy at our club, Someone who can cement the players and instantly have their respect would be the candidate for me and Blanc I think fits that bill. He would probably regardless of your opinion of him get the best from Pogba who if you believe all the rumours has been a catalyst of Jose getting the boot. I honestly think we will see a different Pogba now who will put a shift in.

I don’t like what he has done this season or today with his tweet but he has the potential played the right way to ignite us.

15.) 19 Dec 2018 07:11:07
Pogba should be next out the door.

16.) 19 Dec 2018 11:52:02
The problem with hiring Blanc for a team built around Pogba, Martial, Rashford, Lingard, Bailly, Fred, Young, Lukaku:



22 Nov 2018 15:58:43
Ed any truth in the rumour Madrid are interested in Rasford.


{Ed002's Note - Yes there is interest from Real Madrid and Juventus to some extent.}

1.) 22 Nov 2018 17:00:35
Why would they want him? He's rubbish, even the great, the wonderful and the all knowing Jose Mourinho can't get the best out of him.

Clearly he can't be any good.

2.) 22 Nov 2018 16:53:22
Cheers ed.

3.) 22 Nov 2018 17:11:11
Loads a talent going to be a good player . Hopefully at United.

4.) 22 Nov 2018 18:04:24
Shappy, I think your single minded hatred is slowly damaging your reputation on here.

5.) 22 Nov 2018 20:15:39
Agreed Fresh.

6.) 22 Nov 2018 20:38:27
Be careful shaps don't want to be one of them players who just come on to have a rant about certain players .

To be fair to shappy he does make some good points about Jose and asks some Interesting questions.
That people either miss or choose to ignore .

7.) 22 Nov 2018 21:35:18
+1 Fresh.

8.) 22 Nov 2018 22:31:51
There are a lot of people don’t rate Rashford and would be happy to see him sold. Yet Madrid and Juve must see something others don’t.

9.) 22 Nov 2018 23:09:16
Played in more games than anybody else last season as a 20 yo more than players like scholes becks butt did at the same age. I think he is doing fine. The manager sees the same perhaps ajh.

10.) 22 Nov 2018 23:13:41
The reason Madrid and co are interested in Rashford it is because he is going to be cheaper then their first choice targets.

It is one thing to play in la liga and serie A then playing in the premier league.

I also think if Mourinho stays then one of Rashford or Martial is not going to get the games they want as Mourinho is under pressure to win and he won't win with two rookies who are still learning their game.

It is best for Rashfors to move to get important game time. He could even go on loan to a premier league to get game time and then come bk to our club when he is ready.

We have become a cosy club and need to be ruthless in decision making.

11.) 23 Nov 2018 00:02:46
So you think we should get rid of a rookie like martial who has scored in his last 5 games and buy who .
A world-class player like Sanchez?

Maybe Madrid and juve are interested in Rasford because they can see the potential of a 21 year old player playing for England and United.

I have taken a step back from the site to be honest because some of the views and insights really have changes from a few year back.



26 Sep 2018 10:02:11
Just read this sums it up for me

Where was the game plan, the identity, the intensity? Echoing Paul Pogba's words, the man who was unceremoniously relieved of his duties as stand-in skipper, the Stretford End chanted 'attack! attack! attack!


1.) 26 Sep 2018 10:47:54
Come on Jred don't try to think rationally.

Just blame Pogba.

After all, it's Pogba's fault Frank Lampard who has been in management since June and his team plays better ball than Jose.

It's also due to Pogba's haircut, social media antics, lack of commitment and respect to the club that made Mourinho who so much loves and respects the club say Man United have no football heritage after we lost to Sevilla.

Also, regardless that Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham were below us last season and the fact that they lost more games than us but were never outplayed by Wolves, Huddersfield, Derby and the likes at home within the matter of a few days, Mourinho had nothing to do with it. It was all Pogba's fault.

Even the fact that we cannot count 15 games we utterly dominated throughout without looking vulnerable or likely to lose the said games at a point in the last 3 years cannot be Mourinho's fault - it's all Pogba's.

That's probably why Juventus kicked him out because he's a no-good, pre-madonna who only cares about his looks, social media and running his mouth to the press.

2.) 26 Sep 2018 12:31:23
The Stretford usually chants attack attack attack and they did so last night but tbh not until in the 94th minute.

3.) 26 Sep 2018 12:36:04
Very much his scapgoat last year, herrera must be pleased it isn't him this season.

4.) 26 Sep 2018 12:49:10
pre-madonna haha love it.

5.) 26 Sep 2018 19:12:05
Keep hearing about pre-Madonna's. Do we have any post-Madonna players?

6.) 27 Sep 2018 15:25:46
What we need are current-madonnas.



27 Aug 2018 16:52:08
A lot of talk matic will play in a back 3 tonight.


1.) 27 Aug 2018 17:41:22
That's pretty much how he was utilised a lot last season anyway.

2.) 28 Aug 2018 19:41:51
And as it panned out it looked like we played nobody at the back.




jred's banter posts with other poster's replies to jred's banter posts


18 Dec 2019 22:00:45
Wasnt that long ago rash was getting stick on here .
Ronaldo in his younger years got similar stick, I'm not suggesting rash can reach his levels but the lad is going through a similar stage that Ronaldo did .
One or 2 others will kick on with a run of injury free games as well imo.


1.) 18 Dec 2019 22:31:17
Some really similar developments and styles nice to see.

He needs to learn Ronnie’s leap next.

2.) 19 Dec 2019 03:06:03
He needs to learn to attack the ball in the box, including headers, and to mix up creating with shooting. He has a very high ceiling. Fun watching him grow.

3.) 19 Dec 2019 03:38:46
Be at Madrid by 2021 you mean?

4.) 19 Dec 2019 05:25:33
We can already see a leader in him, already 14 goals in all competitions and there is no looking back. Next year is going to be exciting.

5.) 19 Dec 2019 07:53:32
I love him but his conversion is quite low. If he could improve that he’d be a superstar.

6.) 19 Dec 2019 08:52:45
Rashford, he is getting better all the time, he's not anywhere near Ronaldo's league IMo but is our top guy, areas to improve still of course but he's still a young lad in an inconsistent team, Ronaldo had winners and experience around him that Rash does not have currently, let's not compare a legend to Rash just yet lol.

7.) 19 Dec 2019 09:25:18
His first goal last night reminded me of ronaldo.

8.) 19 Dec 2019 10:44:51
Rashford has huge potential, he has only recently turned 22. I think because he made his debut when he had only just turned 18.

People remember Rooney and Ronaldo and how great they were, but often only remember them at their peak. People remember them from 2008 when we won the UCL, yet they had been in the side for 4-5 years by that point. Both of them were 22/ 23 in 2008.

I don't think Rashford will make it to Ronaldo's level, but that's fine. In all of football history only Messi has reached the same level as Ronaldo, regularly scoring 40-50 goals a season or more. 15 years ago if you scored 25 goals a season it was considered phenomenal.

If Rashford can regularly score 20-30 goals a season from this year onwards then he will be considered a top player.

Then looking at Greenwood we have a player who could score 20-30 goals a season in a few years time.

If we can add another player who could score like that coming off the right hand side then in 3 years time we could have a front three scoring 60-90 goals a season between them.

That's without considering goals from midfield, other forwards used in rotation, defenders grabbing a few from set pieces.

Having patience with these young lads could pay off in the long run.

9.) 19 Dec 2019 11:04:27
If he can learn to see the bigger picture he could go up a level. He has an awful habit of shooting from ridiculous positions. Every free kick we get the lad has a shot. Hopefully that clicks in his head in time and he can push on.

10.) 19 Dec 2019 11:54:46
Yes. Rashy's decision making will improve as he gains more experience.
As Ed001 said previously, he has a good attitude combined with work ethic to reach the top.

11.) 19 Dec 2019 12:44:55
Tons of posts up here applauding rashford. Particularly his attitude maybe a dozen people on here have never really fancied him. That's about it really. if 12 or so people give a player stick i'd say its ok. Maybe there opinion will change over time.
I think he is doing great and always had the best chance of making the most of his ability as he has an attitude to match
He won't please everybody but then again who does?

12.) 19 Dec 2019 14:56:13
You’re right ken. No player ever pleases anyone, I remember being in old Trafford in 08 and ronaldo getting stuck from the older gentleman beside me and my dad.

13.) 19 Dec 2019 16:19:16
For a change, I think I'm on the right side of history with Rashford. Always stuck up for his attitude when others were saying he was becoming a big-time Charlie. He seems a good lad.



16 Dec 2019 19:28:25
If something gets said once on this site it becomes a fact.
So united can't break down teams that sit deep is the theme of the month.
If people actually look at spurs against us, it was a typical jose performances, sat deep played long stayed compact. Everton in the second half where wide open .

But the rule is every top six team play attacking footy against united and are wide open . Ever team outside the top 6 just sit back don't attack .
Just shows how many just read headlines .
Always amazed how much people judge a game solely on the score . My granddaughter is bad for it .


1.) 16 Dec 2019 20:50:38
If true then what happens if I say;

Jred is alway wrong


Shappy is by far the most attractive and intelligent poster on the site

Or maybe

Ole is a managerial god and Pep isn't fit to lick his boots

Are they all now facts? 😂.

2.) 16 Dec 2019 20:52:03
Your tht old Jred. 😂😂😂🤪🤪.

3.) 16 Dec 2019 21:39:13
Shappy, you will of completely changed your mind in about an hour.
Had kids young.

4.) 16 Dec 2019 23:16:53
Nice Jred. Hoping everything okay with you and i should now pay you more respect as your older then me. 🙈.

5.) 17 Dec 2019 08:24:03
Nearly 12 hours later and I still think Shappy is by far the most attractive and intelligent poster on the site😋😂.

6.) 17 Dec 2019 09:13:43
Chapter 13, United and their issues with the LOW BLOCK.

7.) 17 Dec 2019 10:15:48
And for all the 'cynicism' of such posts jred, you did not add a counter to this view.

8.) 17 Dec 2019 11:50:21
Jred, there will always be the exception to the rule.

Yet if you look at the bigger picture we have beaten 6 of the top 7 and drawn the other game, while we have only won twice against the bottom 13 teams.

We average less than 40% possession in the games we have won, and over 55% possession in the games we have lost.

When team concede possession to us we can't break them down. While other sides have the ball we exploit the space and win the game.

Yes against Spurs they sat deep, yet we had 46% possession against Spurs the goals came from a wonder strike by Rashford and a penalty won by running into the space in behind.

We have won loads of penalties this season, and all of them have come from teams bringing down our players as they run in behind.

As a side we do well when we can attack the space in behind teams, when they sit deep and concede possession to us we struggle to break them down.

Yes Everton were wide open in the second half, and our poor finishing probably cost us that game. But again Everton have were the exception to the rule. Few teams have come to Old Trafford this season and been so open. The ones that have tend to be in the current top 7.

That isn't based on the socre, its based on watching 17 EPL games this season. Which is backed up by the facts.

9.) 17 Dec 2019 12:46:35
Shaps it isn't, its following the party line and not really watching t games .
Spouting tactical post after post that don't really add up and are based on headlines.
Some of the teams in the Europa couldn't of played more defensive and we scored plenty .
Good teams defend as a team control possession etc.
The top teams don't concede many .
But remember all the poor teams outside the top 6 just defend and the teams in the top 6 six ( who don't concede many ) are wide open.



07 Dec 2019 19:41:34
Can you imagine the stick the manager and players would of got if they had got beat .
Spurs and city put to bed.
Breath of fresh air step in the right direction.


1.) 07 Dec 2019 20:05:56
Ole's earned himself a grace period at least until Christmas fixtures and we get through those unscathed, top 4 is definitely on.

It's up to the board now to come up with the goods, get him a couple of mf's and striker in jan.

2.) 07 Dec 2019 20:13:22
Time and again we have failed to build any real momentum. So you are bang on its a step in the right direction.
You get the feeling if they could get a little run going that momentum swing could lead to a strong second half of the season with 3 cups and a top 4 finish all to play for.
We need a shrewd signing or 2 in jan to maintain some momentum. With effectively only 3 snr attacker's in the squad plus greenwood. We can't expect them to play every match.

3.) 07 Dec 2019 20:15:25
Indeed pal. I imagine a few will be quieter.

4.) 07 Dec 2019 20:29:42
Great week for the team and ole. Hard working, full of energy and finally some end product from our attackers.

Wan bissaka, mctominay, rashford and martial were all immense today.

Ole still has to prove that he can set a team up to break down teams that play with a low block but definitely a step in the right direct and will keep him in a job.

5.) 07 Dec 2019 21:10:43
3 proper signings in the summer, a return to DNA, a real plan .
Fans on here react
On a game to game basis, but anyone who takes a step back?

There is a blue tinge on the site that leads a few . But we have at last took a forward since the last 5 year .
Peace it, be back again when it a decent read and not the same people with the same negative drivel.

6.) 07 Dec 2019 22:13:23
jred - very good post!

7.) 08 Dec 2019 00:41:12
You drinking Jred?! 😁.



09 Nov 2019 21:49:04
Var is a joke, Sheffield united player was judged after nearly 4 minutes to have his toe 3mm offside .
Its killing watching a game live, spoiling the experience.
VAR was introduced to clear up clear and obvious mistakes not was he on side by 1mm.
Not that many times on the bus home have I really thought we got done by a bad decision, most time it works itself out . compare that to the wIting and not celebrating each goal.


1.) 09 Nov 2019 22:06:50
VAR, I don't think is the issue. The technology is fantastic, it's those above who cannot use it. The rules need the be changed back, obvious offsides, deliberate handballs.

The interpretation of the rules, that's the real issue.

Years ago it was clear and obvious offsides, then they brought in tougher laws to aid the linesmen/ women and referees. VAR has been introduced and what you are getting is every hairline and body part being questioned.

Offside was brought in to stop goal hanging. Go back to older rules and VAR will be used better.

2.) 09 Nov 2019 23:05:08
But jred regardless if it was his toe he's offside that's the rules

Var is good for instances like offside but the referee should be going to a screen and making the final decision.

3.) 10 Nov 2019 00:07:24
Totally agree with you jred, your nostril can get done for a goal, when var feels like, then a clear penalty and it doesn't get involved,
A joke that var, the day of celebrating a goal Is gone.
Sorry 70,000 people we must just check was his toenail offside.

4.) 10 Nov 2019 00:41:09
next they will have better cameras that will see your pubic hairs and then say his shorts were definitley offside.

5.) 10 Nov 2019 06:32:27
That decision was a shocker, there was nothing clear or obvious about it and the game is becoming a laughing stock. Why don’t they make it about the players feet? If your feet are level then you are onside and if it’s millimetres then the attacker gets the benefit of the doubt. ir change it so that there has to be daylight between the attacker and the defender (copyright ken) so if any part of you is onside then you are onside. Whatever the solution, current decisions are plain silly.

6.) 10 Nov 2019 07:36:35
A bad workman will always blame his tools. VAR isn't a problem they use versions of it in several other sports without major issue.

The problem in football is two fold. Firstly, people aren't sure on how it's supposed to be used are those using it don't seem to know how or when they are supposed to use it. It seems like there is too much interpretation by the officials on how they can use it.

The second issue is the current laws of the game have been written for officials who don't have the advantage of VAR. The offside law has been an issue for years. The law states any part of your body you can score with is beyond the last man then you are offside. Yet they also so if your not 100% sure then you should give the benefit of the doubt to the attacking side. This is something that just doesn't happen. The number of times you see the replay of an offside decision that was given and on the replay you can see the player was offside by half an inch, which can only be seen when slowed down to half speed. Yes the official may have got it right, but there is no way they could have been 100% sure. They made an educated guess. That isn't how they are supposed to officiate.

7.) 10 Nov 2019 11:13:31
He was offside though so correct decision at least.

8.) 10 Nov 2019 12:51:37
How do they measure the exact moment the ball leaves a player's foot? Surely that is a matter of millimetres?



27 Aug 2019 16:24:49
What's peoples opinion on this,
The Premier League table since Solskjaer took over

1. Manchester City - 54 points 
2. Liverpool - 52 points 
3. Manchester United - 40 points 
4. Arsenal - 35 points 
5. Chelsea - 34 points 
6. Crystal Palace - 34 points 
7. Tottenham Hotspur - 32 points.


1.) 27 Aug 2019 16:36:44
Ha, if that's true jred, I find it absolutely hilarious.

I can't wait to read the comments on this 🍿.

2.) 27 Aug 2019 16:38:41
Get the red tinted glasses off jred with your facts and damned lies.

We are useless and always have been.

3.) 27 Aug 2019 16:42:57
Jred as I said at the end of a post below, I think it provides a little perspective.

We all know we are not back to where we need to be.

I think there are some positives, 3 good signings who improve us, signs of more effort and urgency to our play, which we all were not happy with last year.

That table shows me that things are not as quite as dire as we might think with the disappointment of the last two results. It shows that over an extended period we were closer to the top than bottom. 3rd is better than 5th or 6th.

Teams aren’t judged in the PL on wether they had a blinding January or got maximum points on November. They’re judged over 38 games.
Factually, when you look at our last 24 we are 3rd. That cannot be disputed.

4.) 27 Aug 2019 16:45:55
Come off it, this is heavily influenced by the amazing run we went on between december and march. We have won 3 games out of the last 16 under ole and people are right to be worried.

What is more reflective of oles management ability, that amazing run or the dismal run we are still on, we will have to wait and see.

5.) 27 Aug 2019 17:02:26
Would you rather we didn't have that amazing run.

6.) 27 Aug 2019 17:15:36
I fully agree with everything you all said here.

7.) 27 Aug 2019 17:14:06
Typical Jred.

Ba3s on your table qe are only 6 point ahead of Crystal palace with a far superior squad and spent ten times more money then them.

This shows how below par we are currently performing.

8.) 27 Aug 2019 17:24:32
Wrd. That's an interesting question.
Im not sure of my answer to be honest.

9.) 27 Aug 2019 17:31:52
Or maybe, Palace aren't a rubbish side, and it's a very tough league. Should Spurs not be above them if we're talking money spent and superior squads?

10.) 27 Aug 2019 17:41:29
i thought ole was the savour last season going to get 4th easily. he started of great and ended abysmally.

11.) 27 Aug 2019 18:00:33
That’s a very interesting stat, Spurs also went well of the boil in the latter part of the season but had banked points earlier.

There is an incongruity here. How can a team have such a great run followed by such a poor run as we did. I think there are issues to addressed; Lukaku and (hopefully) Sanchez going will help, a stronger RB and CB will also help. Pogba remains the enigma, if he doesn’t get his move will he deliver?

We are trying new things, promoting youth, pressing more. Ole may or may not work out but I’m happy to wait a few months to see.

12.) 27 Aug 2019 18:03:23
This is perfect and hopefully puts to bed this nonsense of judging Ole on the last 10 games of last season to try and prove a point without looking at the whole picture.

It also points out the run of form Crystal Palace have been on, above Spurs (UCL finalists) equal with Chelsea and only a point behind Arsenal. Stunning form and proves the point that some fans were extremely arrogant to suggest we would thump them 4 or 5 nil last weekend.

13.) 27 Aug 2019 18:16:17
The whole picture is that Ole started with an impressive run.

Since February he has struggled to produce consistently good results or football. I think he has been sold short by the board in the transfer window, but is in post precisely because he won’t complain about being sold short.

14.) 27 Aug 2019 18:22:18
What's the points tally since he was made permanent?

15.) 27 Aug 2019 18:34:14
I think lack of fitness did for us in the latter part of last season, as much as anything else.

16.) 27 Aug 2019 19:00:55

Exactly, that is what counts because most if not all temps get a good reaction, dead cat bounce I believe it is called. Would anyone in their right mind have appointed him if they reviewed it appropriately at the end of the season?

United fans are emotional sentimental beings, you only have to look at the arguments on here to see that.

17.) 27 Aug 2019 19:07:31
Fitness was an issue Stevie, but I think that our squad lacks the motivation to consistently give their all. Last season you could see the lack of desire once they had sent a message to Jose in Ole’s first few weeks. We had every opportunity to finish fourth, but the players looked like they didn’t care.

18.) 27 Aug 2019 19:14:15
Emotion and sentiment in football. Whatever next?

19.) 27 Aug 2019 19:30:54
This is a post that will not age well 😂.

20.) 27 Aug 2019 20:08:29
how can you motivate players that do not want to be here.

21.) 27 Aug 2019 22:45:28
Wazza I hope it is, I was surprised when I read it to be honest.

22.) 27 Aug 2019 22:49:35
The table I saw had slightly different numbers but the order was the same.

1 Liverpool 61 (GD 43)
2 Man city 61 (GD 41)
3 Man Utd 42
4Arsenal 40
5 Chelsea 39
7 Spurs 36
8 Leicester 35
9 Wolves 35

23.) 27 Aug 2019 22:59:18
I love that is what you gleaned from the table .

24.) 27 Aug 2019 19:04:26
We all have an opinion but the fact is in the 24 league games ole has been in charge only city and the scouse have more points .

25.) 27 Aug 2019 23:44:38
I know what you are saying jred. I'm just more worried about or current form and the trend we are to be following.

It would be nice to get the 3 points against Southampton, badly needed not just for the team but for ole too. I fear for him as I can see what's about to happen.

26.) 28 Aug 2019 07:34:05
This is worse than arsenal fans when they used to claim they had the most points over a year jan - dec.

27.) 28 Aug 2019 07:56:34
Interesting stats.




jred's rumour replies


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11 Mar 2020 12:25:56
He has maybe changed his mind.




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11 Mar 2020 10:32:55
Be interesting if he does want to stay.




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12 Jan 2020 15:27:11
Mumbles yes made a mistake with the watford game so its 3 out of the last 5 whoops, but I also didn't mention beating city and spurs in the league.
For some reason people don't want to talk about the fact we beat both city and spurs in the league?

At the moment it is ole it was rashford it was martial the same people will just choose someone else to slag of. It's all they post
Is it a coincidence that you only went back as far as the everton game , think city and spurs where the 2 games before that . Nobody ever wants to talk about the positives tho .
Each to there own tho people use the site for different things most at the moment just use it to slag players etc off . Only 5th in the league in all the cups I suppose some feel that is awful and they are entitled to more .
Makes for a poor read tho imo, personally I'm happy with the direction we have taken, each to there won tho .




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12 Jan 2020 11:05:11
Shappy as always just move on to someone else.




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12 Jan 2020 04:11:35
We have won 4 of our last 5 league games and scored 12 goals.
Which is a breath of fresh air after last year, especially after watching spurs yesterday .
Rash just knocked in his 19th of the season, not that long ago he was getting stick.
We have made a step in the right direction this season, could do with a bit of luck with injuries and a couple of clever additions, like we did in the summer . But on the whole moving in the right direction.





jred's banter replies


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01 Apr 2020 08:50:25
Yes I would.




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23 Mar 2020 08:12:23
Have a look at the "all or nothing " series . Behind the scenes at the Dallas cowboys etc .
Also do city, the all blacks brazil . Good watch.




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17 Mar 2020 04:48:19
Is this true? I though the hotels had denied it .
Great gesture if it.


{Ed047's Note - every man and his dog are reporting its false 🤷‍♂️



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14 Mar 2020 16:00:32
If we don't finish the season I don't see how you can have a winner .
Its harsh on liverpool but when you compare it people dying or businesses going bust and people losing jobs etc . Is it really that big a deal .
Each to there own but I honestly think there is more important things going on and if the league is cancelled then so be it.




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14 Mar 2020 15:56:35
I think it takes time, and people need to be patient.
Each to there own but I like the direction we have taken and honestly think we are on the right path.