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16 Jan 2018 12:51:26
BBC reporting that neither us or arsenal will agree to the sanchez transfer unless miki goes the other way.

No idea how much truth is in this, especially given how Ed02's previously stated that transfers involving money and an additional player are generally unlikely.

Imo if that's what's needes to get sanchez in I'd be more than happy, but it doesn't fill me with confidence for this transfer to happen.


1.) 16 Jan 2018 13:11:00
I can’t see it. I think miki will turn them down and it will go tits up.

2.) 16 Jan 2018 13:27:12
That's what in thinking. But then again, he must know now that he's not really wanted, so a move is going to be needed to reignite his career.

3.) 16 Jan 2018 13:28:18
Looks like it's other agents trying to scupper the Sanchez deal. If he comes brilliant . But let's not spend all January chasing a lost cause.

4.) 16 Jan 2018 17:15:59
It's being reported now it would be a straight player swap.

5.) 16 Jan 2018 17:51:52
Mhiki’s agent now stepping into the deal.

Enough said.

6.) 18 Jan 2018 13:22:23
Wenger saying deal is likely.



11 Jan 2018 12:53:59
Apparently we have put in a bid for Sanchez.

Made my day hearing that.





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12 Jun 2021 15:22:31
The comment on here about some fans loving Ole and believing in him had got me thinking.

Honestly, I like the guy and would love him to succeed. But fundamentally, he isn't a very good manager. I don't see how anyone can think otherwise.

I'll give you that he has improved the mood around the club. It was rubbish before he came when Mou was here and he has improved that.

But tactically he isn't great. All he seems able to do is set up for the counter attack, which is the simplest strategy to implement. Any manager should be able to do that, especially if you have a very fast front line and someone like Bruno or pogba to make the long pass. But you need more than that at the top level. The majority of managers in the PL would be better than him tactically.

In game management isn't great. We've seen countless times when we've been desperate for a change and it either hasn't come, has come too late, or has been some kind of mind boggling defensive change when we need to be more attacking. Almost every manager would be an improvement on Ole here.

So what does he bring that is at least as good or better than his peers? It's team spirit and feel good factor within the dressing room.

So what to do?

It's obvious!

Get a good manager in.

Ole takes over as Fred the Red!


1.) 12 Jun 2021 15:38:54
I think he still had a lot of dead wood that aren’t good enough to clear. The games that your implying we need an attacking change, we have had all the players capable of making an impact on the pitch already. We need depth before ole can actually make the changes you want him to. We have improved and play a lot better but you can’t compare it too when we had fergie as the team and manager were all world class.

Remember fergie took 3 years before it clicked for him.

2.) 12 Jun 2021 16:00:46
Yeah, true, but fergie had a little more experience that Ole, to the point where it was believable he could make something of what he had, where as Ole doesn't have the experience to enable that belief.

3.) 12 Jun 2021 16:03:34
Gazza, I wanted Ole to succeed. Unfortunately he doesn't have the nous of a top class manager.

He shows favoritism towards certain players and literally burn them out.
His in-game management hasn't improved in 3 years.
This will be his 4th season in charge and still we don't see a pattern in attack or playing style.

He has been failing continuously in the knockout games. So how can we be optimistic with him in charge?

4.) 12 Jun 2021 16:36:57
Nobody would be dumb enough to compare Fergie's situation to when he just arrived at United to that of Ole's. Fergie had proven himself at Aberdeen, breaking the duopoly of the old firm in Scotland and bettering Real Madrid in Europe. Like a poster said any manager could have come in and change the mood at United, just do the opposite of what Mourinho did. So to class that as an achievement under Ole like he worked some kind of miracle is laughable. Let's give him a chance and when he doesn't deliver we can continue blaming the board/ owners and players for Ole' ineptitude as a manager. No wonder he stated he doesn't oversee/ handle the coaching sessions, because he knows his limitations. A single celled organism has more tactical acumen than Ole.

5.) 12 Jun 2021 17:00:53
Is it that hard? don't Let players try and be bigger than you, sort your team and make them listen. Be there if they need you and make them be the best you can. How hard can it be? I have managed 30 plus staff and some did not like me, I am the manager and you will do the best you can and I will help you achieve it.

6.) 12 Jun 2021 18:05:10
Ole hasn't done enough to get the sack is the simple truth. He will only go if we fail to get UCL.

I think Ole is sorting some of the mess out and whoever comes after him will have a good balanced squad and much better place than the team Ole took over.

7.) 12 Jun 2021 21:30:24
To be fair, seems He’s almost more suited to the DoF role to set the culture, Atmosphere and football direction without having to go into the detail on the training ground. Leave that to a quality head coach.



11 May 2021 17:10:27
I'm actually quite excited to see this team play.




20 Apr 2021 16:43:07
This was entertaining for 24 hours but I'm now officially bored of this crap.

Every has been and want to be is using it as an opportunity to get some media attention.

I'm interested in hearing from players and managers, especially those of the supposed big 6, but ex managers, ex-players, every team on the planet making a formal statement, urghh, go away, it's utterly boring.

I resent the supposed big 6 for putting me through this almost as much as for trying to jump ship and close the door behind them.


1.) 20 Apr 2021 19:42:00
Strength in numbers mate.



19 Apr 2021 17:01:22
Just seen this on reddit, copied from a Danish broadcaster.

Please, please let this happen. It would be just what they all deserve, and in spite of the hugely negative impact on us, I'd like to see it happen.

I for one plan to support whichever British team Rashford or Bruno play for.

Chairman of Danish FA and member of UEFA executive committee Jesper Møller expects that the 12 clubs will be expelled on friday.

Jesper Møller says that an extraordinary executive committee meeting is being held friday and Jesper Møller expects that the 12 clubs will be expelled.

". Then you must see how you finish the Champions League"

Furthermore UEFA will give the players' the choice of staying at the current club or terminate their contracts.

"I belive that the contracts automatically terminates when the clubs leaves. Then the players are free to chose to play in a club that's part of solidarity and community - our pyramidesystem"

I don't actually expect this, but it created too beautiful an image not to share.


1.) 19 Apr 2021 19:07:06
It’s all very righteous but not very legal.

2.) 19 Apr 2021 23:50:59
Its actually the fault of all involved in football. Boards Owners Managers Players Fans

As a Utd fan i didn't complain when we paid top dollar for the great players I have seen. I just wanted to see the best players winning trophies for my club playing if possible the Utd way.

All our managers didn't really care what such players cost. They wanted the best players so they could keep winning and keep their own jobs and possibly become a legendary manager.

The players didn't hold their agents back from asking for ever increasing transfer fees and ever increasing wages

The Boards loved the money from Sky Sports BT Sport etc why are we surprised that they want to increase their revenues by taking control of the game and the income generated by streaming games and selectively seeding clubs. They just want to maximise the amount of money it is possible for them to accrue.

Paying match day fans income is increasingly become worth less as a percentage of match day revenue. So misguidedly the fans are deemed of no or little value.

3.) 20 Apr 2021 08:35:55
salford its not just about increasing the revenue they can do that by making changes in other ways

they want to destroy what is the most competitive league in football

where anyone can beat anyone, the teams in 2 or 3 divisions below can beat the big teams, the dreams of playing in big stadiums in the FA CUP.

you don't get that anywhere else. this goes ahead the soul is ripped from English football and football in this country will be dead.

4.) 20 Apr 2021 11:19:22
A common feeling is that is about money-a feeling I share but is not the Champions League and Europa- couple of seasons ago in qualifying and mini league ECL games a ticket was circa £40- Barcelona came to town and £102 minimum- club said UEFA stated the price! The trouble with with football in all leagues revolves around greed from those who have it with apathy towards the lower league clubs who need it to survive- the balance is all wriong as welll as the distribution of wealth. Bolger2 nailed it imo italy had the cream in 90's, then la liga and now EPL - italian football clubs suffered, the big 2 in la liga are haemoriging money and Epl will end up that way.

5.) 20 Apr 2021 11:24:45
Agree with Salford, we can all moan about the betrayal and how owners are greedy, but we are funding that greed and are just as culpable as anyone else in the emergence of the EFL.

Incidentally match day revenue in 2018/ 19 was £111 million compared to broadcasting revenue of £268 million and sponsorship of £276 million. I genuinely believe that it won't be Sky or BT that get the rights but it is being lined up for Amazon/ Facebook to take over.



19 Apr 2021 15:33:06
On the plus side, something we can all agree is a great thing, the utd share price has increased by 8% in early trading.


1.) 19 Apr 2021 15:37:13
Excellent, the already rich majority shareholders who own the club and are trying to destroy it have just got even richer.

Yes, this is a great thing.

2.) 19 Apr 2021 15:49:25
shame with all the money they have they still haven't paid the debt off.




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23 May 2021 21:42:58
Danny Ings? What have we become.




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30 Apr 2021 13:20:30
Seen that too, and apparently from a reliable source.

Would be great for us if he does stay. Means we can focus on other positions this window and worry about a cf next year if the problem hasn't taken care of itself via greenwood or rashford.




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21 Apr 2021 07:56:34
First to leave? We were the leaders! We never left! It fell apart around us.

But I don't suddenly have more respect Chelsea and City, they were happy enough to go along with it, they didn't take the high road here, they just bottled it.




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20 Jan 2021 19:16:34
Surprised that romero couldn't be a starter for a Premier league club. I think he's done well for us and clubs could do a lot worse.




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07 Oct 2020 20:45:22
I really don't understand the profiteering thing.

I assume it means that the club can't extend the contract by the additional year just so they can sell the player and make a profit.

But if we did extend it and an offer came it, I assume we could still accept it.

Ed02, can you explain the concept in a bit more detail or perhaps point to another source worth reading?


{Ed002's Note - The concept is that you cannot extend to make money but if the player is sold the profit, or a negotiated profit, would go to him.}




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12 Jul 2021 13:46:20
It's easy to forget, in our day to lives interacting with decent people who we frequently either choose to be in our lives or are there by default but obliged to follow certain minimum standards of decency and civility, that a huge number of people on this planet are complete and utter xxxxs that the world would be considerably better off without.

I find it incredibly frustrating.

For the majority of my life I've always felt that it was the duty of those with compassion and intelligence to try to help those without, but the last 5 years which has seen amongst other things trump and brexit and along with it an increase in the confidence of a bunch of inbred ignorant selfish xxxxs has made me start leaning towards the idea that on the whole we get exactly what we deserve, that the majority aren't worth saving or fighting for, and I'm better off focusing on myself and those around me that matter and to hell with everyone else.

Football typically just reinforces this view point, with things like rashford trying to feed kids the rare anomaly and the xxxxs saying he should focus on football jolt back to reality.




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01 Jul 2021 15:47:45
Ed, rice cooker, it's a game changer. Cook with stock instead of water for really simple and tasty rice.


{Ed033's Note - Right, Ninja Foodi is awesome.



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25 Jun 2021 23:35:14
Pogba seems to be spectacular playing a really deep role for france. A proper solid dm with pogba along side, plus varane and sancho and we'd be in with a shout imo.




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24 Jun 2021 01:59:18
I'm assuming we go out next round regardless of which of those 3 we face.

Inwish I could say that at least it was a fun ride, but it wasn't. It was dull. Felt like an extension of our season but with even less goals.




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15 Jun 2021 09:31:40
I'd ban the advertising of alcohol, gambling, sweets and sugary drinks, cigarettes, e-cigs, at any family event or any child based entertainment, including kids TV shows.

If you want to know why, watch a documentary called "the century of the self", it's free on youtube, and should be required watching for everyone.

It shows how smart psychologists used the concept of war time propaganda and applied it to business, rebranded or as marketing, and gives some fantastic examples of how it works and the damage it has done.

Just watch the first 15 mins and look at the example of smoking. Cigarette companies realised that it was pretty much just men who smoked, and a smart psychologist said he could get women smoking and double their potential market.

He used debutants at some big American parade, ties the concept of smoking to an individuals freedom, and managed to get women to take up smoking over night.

How many deaths is that one trick responsible for?

It's all very well to say that people should be able to make choices, but that requires education, and we don't educate the masses enough to make informed choices, we educate them just enough to ensure they feel like they make choices but remain completely manipulatable.

Allowing children to be exposed to this is actually quite sick really.