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03 Sep 2020 13:22:18
So Chelsea have agreed a deal with Leverkusen to pay 80 million euros plus 20 million euros in add-ons for Kai Havertz.
Chelsea don't mess around, they pay the fee and get the deal done.
Here we are nearly 6 weeks in to the transfer window and we are still no further on the Sancho deal, what an absolute joke! I don't understand what United are doing, do they think that the price will drop before the close of the window? It won't, Dortmund want 108 million, either pay up or move on to another transfer target.


1.) 03 Sep 2020 13:32:06
Sim, how do you know we are still no further on the Sancho deal? Do you have some inside info that we dont?

2.) 03 Sep 2020 14:02:12
sim01975 - We all know that our negotiating leaves a lot to be desired but we need to not go over the top with what we think is happening.
You say pay up or move on, well if reports are to be belived we are exploring other options whilst leaving our offer on the table.
With C.V. and the financial problems it brings clubs it is prudent that we are careful with what and how we spend the money even if Chelsea are currently splashing it.
I am sure that developments are ongoing for new recruits and maybe like the DVDB one we will only fully find out when we are in advanced talks and the move goes through quickly. after all this was what we were wishing for before last summer.

3.) 03 Sep 2020 14:14:32
Comparing transfer fees is frankly ridiculous, there are so many other factors that we don't know about.

Dortmund want €120m which equates to around £108m. While his agent wants 50m, with Sancho's wage demands being around the 300k a week.

Chelsea have agreed to pay €80m with a further €20m in add-ons. Meaning they will pay a maximum of £89m. We don't know what the agent fees are, but seeing as Chelsea walked away from Sancho because of the 50m agents fees and didn't go back in for him when his agent offered to reduce them. I think it's safe to assume they are significantly lower than the 50m. While the reported wages for Havertz are 120k per week less than HALF of what Sancho is demanding.

Meaning all in the Havertz deal might be as much as 100m less than the potential Sancho deal.

Without really knowing what is going on with the United/ Sancho deal this is where I think we are at based on the snippets of information we have.

United are prepared to pay Dortmund's asking price, but not all in one lump sum and they want some of it to be performance related.

These little things aren't impossible to iron out, there will need to be compromise from both sides though.

The bigger issue seems to be the agents fees and wages demands, with United looking to pay significantly less than what Sancho and his agent are demanding. Whispers I have heard is that United would be looking to agents fees closer to 20m, and wages closer to 220k all bonuses included such as goal/ assists/ starting etc.

So the biggest stumbling block could be Sancho and his agent, more so than Dortmund. Consider that Sancho's agent has returned to both Real Madrid and Chelsea offering to drop their demands to get a deal done, but as yet haven't offered the same to United maybe highlights that Sancho isn't as keen on a move to United as he is to other clubs.

Let's just see how this pans out. I think United might change tact on the Sancho deal. I think they will move for other targets such as DvdB and maybe a defensive reinforcement or a striker. Putting the Sancho deal on the back burner for now. Then in the last week if there is still no movement from Sancho/ his agent and Dortmund then maybe look to wrap up a deal for another RW target instead.

4.) 03 Sep 2020 14:36:51
I think you could be right shappy. For sure, United will make some more signings, it also looks as though certain players are on their way out, this will make room.

And can I just say, havertz, what a treat we are in for watching him next year. Top notch.

5.) 03 Sep 2020 14:38:23
I've learnt my lesson never to speculate after I posted last week I didn't think the links with DvdB were credible and Grealish was probably still one of our top targets!

I was under the impression DvdB was only being considered as a Pogba replacement therefore I didn't believe for one minute the speculation last weekend.

My point is things can change pretty quickly. Sancho could still arrive, Pogba could still leave.

We all know the problems let's just wait and see what happens.

{Ed002's Note - He was being considered as one of the three potential Pogba replacements.}

6.) 03 Sep 2020 14:53:37
Ed always said that the total cost is outrageous. If the numbers are to be believed (and i have no reason not to believe) then its 120 for Dortmund, 50 for agent, maybe 10 for sighning on fee plus some money to go at FA. Its a total cost of 180-190 millions in straight cash. On the other hand Havertzs transfer is closer to 100 millions in straight cash. Taking into account the wages which is something like 30 millions more for Sancho in a 5 years contract then you see that the difference is huge. Yet some people continue to compare the two transfers to prove a point.

7.) 03 Sep 2020 18:32:28
Shappy herrera why are you so bothered by what sanchos earnings will be or what the club will spend unless you can guarantee (which you cant) the money saved will not go back to the owners and be spent on other players that we need then what's the issue?

They will have a sancho budget and a budget for other positions I assume I don't for one second believe any money saved from any of the budgets is going on the debt or to the betterment of the club.

8.) 03 Sep 2020 18:48:45
Ed002 were saul and sms the others under consideration?

{Ed002's Note - Yes.}

9.) 03 Sep 2020 19:34:07
Mnk397 the point was the comparisons berween Sanchos and Havertzs transfers. There is no comparison at all, that's the point.
But let's speak about money, you should worry overspending and giving so much money to agents. You seems to think tha money going to Sancho or to Glazers pocket, that's completely wrong, that is not the case. Overspending for someone, limit us in other transfers, now or in the future. Every fan that loves his club must be concerned about overspending and for economics.
You confuse money who go to dividends with money for transfers, its different pockets. So, the money which is in the pocket for transfers, i would like the club to make the best use. So yes i care about what Sancho and his camp wants and i cared about what Sanchez earned, i am sure Real care about what Bale earns too, they struggle to rebuild their squad because of Bale and 1-2 others. Its not like money are endless every year. That said the biggest problem for me is player not wants to come here so he reduse the price for other sides. So you don't care how much money we will spend for a player who wants to go elsewhere with less money, that's ridiculous.

10.) 03 Sep 2020 19:49:53
Think real spending on their stadium is their biggest issue not bale. Is it different pockets though really. The owners choose to prolong the debt and continue to take millions out of the club. Cut that out and i'm sure there is more then enough to go around for these sancho type transfers.

Everything you hear about his supposed demands is not true. Romano who I believe is the best and most reliable these days said there was no issue with the terms between the player and United now people can choose to believe who they want wether its an ed or Romano or whoever but that doesn't mean its gospel either way so why assume the worst all the time.

11.) 03 Sep 2020 21:34:19
mnk397, I'm not too bothered about what Sancho would earn. I'm not too bothered about his cost, for me if it was my money I would be looking elsewhere at other options as I don't think there is any value in a deal at the figures proposed.

What I was suggesting when talking about the money is that the sheer cost of the deal means that it isn't comparable to Havertz. Sancho would cost twice as much, which is why it is taking longer to sort out. It may or may not happen.

If it does then the club are happy to spend what they spend. If it doesn't then the sheer cost was not worth it. Either way fair enough.

12.) 03 Sep 2020 21:46:37
Romano is good, i trust him. But i trust Ed002 much more than anyone. I don't deny that wages will not be a problem, i think, too, that the wages will not be a problem because we will give him what he wants.
The problem is, he would jump at the chance to go to another team with less wages if he has the chance. The problem is that the total package for us is say 180-190 millions but for others clubs closer to 150. that's the problems. And if you (we) want to put aside money and just give them what they want, at least make sure that the player really wants to come to you. If you are going to pay an outrageous package make sure that he is the right player, really wants to come to you and play for your club for over 5-6 years. Having in mind that such transfers can't take place every year, are we sure that he worths it and he won't be something like the new Pogba?

13.) 03 Sep 2020 22:11:11
Herrera do you think dvb would have signed for us if madrid had followed up their interest.
Lots of players don't have us as 1st choice but will sign regardless.

14.) 03 Sep 2020 22:52:18
The new pogba? You mean our most productive player every year since he got here barring last year when he was injured? I would take that!

Ken you are 100% right he would have gone there in a heart beat hopefully he acts like a pro and just does his best that's all that matters to me.

15.) 03 Sep 2020 23:03:27
No Ken, he wouldnt. But then, when Madrid stoped trying he jumped at the chance to join us and there was one price. No double standards. When there are double standards it means that the player is desperate to go elsewhere.
There are players that have a preferation like Werner and are happy to change their minds, players like DVB that have their preferation but when they don't have the chance to go where they want are happy to transfer elsewhere and then players like Sancho. While only Manchester United are serious about him and while he wouldn't have any problem to play for us if that was his only option, he is so desperate to go elsewhere that his camp offered him with a reduced package elsewhere. Is it what you want really?

16.) 04 Sep 2020 04:34:01
Herrera, I don't really have an issue with Sancho wanting more money to play for a club that he doesn't really want it play for.

I'd want more money to work somewhere I didn't really want to be. However, if I took that job I would still give 100%. Which is what I expect of every player regardless of whether they would prefer to play somewhere else or not. And for the most part I believe most players give their all for whichever club they are playing for.

At the same time the club needs to have some sort of wage structure. We have seen with Sanchez how easily you can cause a disruption by bringing someone in on a huge wage.

If Henderson ousts DDG from the No.1 spot this season then selling DDG next summer will be hard due to his wages, which are in part at least as high as they are due to what Sanchez was being paid. It's hard to argue that a key player such as DDG who has performed as one of our best players over many years shouldn't be paid in line with the club's top earner.

So some sort of wage structure should exist within the club. That shouldn't necessarily be linked to age, in the case of Sancho I have seen some question whether a 20 year old should be one of the top earners. I would argue why should a player like Lingard who plays the same position but is 7 years older earn more while performing at a lower level? What you are paid should be in line with your performance regardless of age. If you are consistently one of the club's top performers then you should be one of the club's top earners.

However, when signing a player who has never played in our league and for our club you probably shouldn't come in as one of the top earners. You need to prove your worth to the team before you become a top earner.

If Sancho comes in and in his first season gets 20 goals and 20 assists then I'd have no problem with him being rewarded with a new deal next summer giving him parity with the top earners at the club. But he should prove himself first.

Otherwise we could end up with a Sanchez situation where the club's top earner isn't backing that up with performances.

17.) 04 Sep 2020 07:15:47
I don't know why fans continue to concern themselves with reported wages etc.
We don't have a clue about the clubs finances its just used to support an argument.




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17 Sep 2020 16:42:52
It's ok staying he's a good stop gap but a good stop gap for who? Sancho will may not want to go United next season. If he carries on his form this season everyone will be trying to buy him next season. We may not even qualify for the Champions League. I don't get this obsession with "STOP GAP"




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17 Sep 2020 10:40:02
It stinks of a panic buy. If they can't or don't want to pay the money for Sancho then we should of moved on from this weeks ago.




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16 Sep 2020 09:57:40
Would you rather play for Spurs playing Europa League or Manchester United playing Champions League. I don't think that we were ever serious about buying him and the same with Bale. All the money is going towards the Sancho deal, that's the transfer United want.





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18 Sep 2020 13:53:42
Red Man - How do you know that they having planned anything? And how do you know we are going to drop points?




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18 Sep 2020 11:48:33
Red Man - We are linked to every player and probably 99% is rubbish. We were never in for Bale, we were never in for Sergio Reguilon, we never made an approach for Thiago. The amount of crap that the rags publish about Man United is laughable and it is all the sell there paper.
Only Ed and Ole know what targets they want, nobody else. I think they will surprise a few people and still bring in 1 maybe 2 players. I am still convinced that they will get Sancho, if they do i think he will be the last one in due to the expense.




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15 Sep 2020 10:31:29
Stand-United - we are talking about football not golf.




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15 Sep 2020 09:18:54
Gutted if they don't reach an agreement for Sancho. I can't believe how little we have done in the transfer market when there are so many positions that need to be looked at. Right midfield / wing, centre back and we also need a centre forward. Now the rumours are Gareth Bale, we will be lucky to get 15 games out of him in a season.




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14 Sep 2020 16:29:19
Dominated the game against City that's hilarious. You could also put Sanchez in the same category because he had 2 assists that day. He's done sod all since he came, all i hear is people say he has the potential to be one of the best. well when are we going to see it? 4 years and counting. The amount of times he looses possession is frightening and then he sits on his arse and throws his hands up in the air and complains to the referee that he was fouled. I am sick of hearing about him. He's done more for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram than he has for Man United.