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24 Jun 2023 20:30:43
Caicedo the next rumour?


1.) 24 Jun 2023 21:36:46
If we are in for him, certainly he is an option on Casemiro.

2.) 24 Jun 2023 21:55:22
I believe we’re interested in Caicedo but don’t believe it’s him or Mount, they’re different types of player, it’s seems to be a pointless negotiation tactic to me.

3.) 24 Jun 2023 23:55:26
Or made up nonsense by the media more likely. Pay up or shut up on Mount. Tedious window alreadyone already with the minute by minute “updates” in the media.

4.) 25 Jun 2023 09:27:57
Definitely not an alternative to mount, completely different players, can see city landing rice and caicedo heading to arsenal, all while we dilly dally for another summer thanks to the glazer's . Let's hope it there last one.



23 Jun 2023 18:29:17
Mount done apparently 50m plus 5m addon.


1.) 23 Jun 2023 19:05:56
if true i think it gets done.

2.) 23 Jun 2023 19:57:44
There's a pic with him in the new shirt going around. Good player if it's the reported 50 mill, anything above and we've not learnt our lessons. I just wonder if him, cas and bruno will work.

3.) 23 Jun 2023 21:05:58
I suspect it'll be 55, maybe a bit more if some of it is structured as add one, but if it's 60+ I think we should be looking elsewhere. We still need at least one striker, probably two, a goalkeeper, probably a CB, and probably a younger DM, and likely a backup keeper too! That's a lot of players to buy, and we don't have an unlimited budget.

Honestly, a number 8 is 3rd highest priority at most IMO, probably lower, so the club shouldn't be blowing too much of the budget on this.

Even if mount costs 55, I think we'll need to look at one or two free transfers, perhaps Rabiot to fill out midfield and/ or Marcus Thuram as backup striker.

One of Hannibal, DVDB, McTominey or Fred could backup Eriksen as number8 for this season if necessary, although that's hardly ideal.

4.) 23 Jun 2023 21:53:38
Rabiot be decent for season and then get a quality one in next season, we need a top quality striker and keeper above all else.

5.) 23 Jun 2023 19:38:32
I wonder if any of the eds can answer whether Chelsea are going to have ffp issues and they must sell players domestically before end of June so they don't get penalised
Just read it somewhere and would that give a better bargaining position for Mount deal.

{Ed002's Note - Yes from a previous system Chelsea had an FFP issue that has been dealt with.}

6.) 23 Jun 2023 22:17:28
Hearing Rabiot is staying at Juve now, so says di marzio anyway.

7.) 23 Jun 2023 22:29:25
I think we need to get out of the habit of ‘he’ll do for a season’ the time is now in my opinion.

8.) 24 Jun 2023 04:44:13
Number 8 is the second biggest priority we have after striker. Eriksen is not the guy and it is a key reason we have so many away losses against better teams. Many are not convinced mount is the guy, but EtH seems pretty convinced by him. He seems to want to play 4141 with two high pressing 8/ 10s. Eriksen does not have the legs to do this. I think we have to trust EtH while he adopts his style.

I can see us needing to play a second more defensive midfielder along side cassemiro in major games, so I hope we also get a player in for that position this window.

I just hope we are able to shift some of these players out. can't bring in without making space and funds. 1m for iqbal isn't going to cut it.

9.) 24 Jun 2023 07:48:16
Sly Sports reporting this morning that CFC have rejected the latest bid of £55M. I don't see reports to the contrary.

10.) 24 Jun 2023 08:27:30
Looks like i’ve jumped the gun from wrong info fizz. Hopefully we walk away from the 65m they want.

11.) 24 Jun 2023 10:03:07
Walk away? You don’t walk away from a deal that’s really close for a player the manager is clearly desperate for! You get it done by not screwing yourselves over if it takes a bit of haggling so be it, ETH wants him so we do all we can to get him!
No we not the time To make do with players for now, get as many players in that the manager wants!

12.) 24 Jun 2023 11:37:31
I think what's key to remember here is mount is only 24. I thought he was around 27 seems to have been around ages. He'll play his part in the team for a good few years.

13.) 24 Jun 2023 11:38:17
Ha ha Chris1. And then get ready to have our pants pulled down on the next transfer.

Walk away and take him for free next season.

14.) 24 Jun 2023 12:35:05
It's tough knowing what is actually the truth and what has just snowballed from one journalist's throwaway comment a few weeks ago.
United will walk away if third offer is rejected - how does anyone know this? Makes a good headline I suppose.
But either way, as a consequence, how weak do we look to all other teams if we (supposedly) say these things but go back time and again?
At least Chelsea have supposedly countered. Wish they'd have done that two weeks ago after the first offer.

15.) 24 Jun 2023 12:28:44
Yes TopBomin, afterall we are the only top club around and he will wait around forever for us to sign him isn't it? ???.

16.) 24 Jun 2023 12:54:45
FMC - no-one wants to have to make do for a season, but our budget is not unlimited, and we need players in several positions.

Would you rather spend 80-100m on a class player in a position we desperately need and keep someone like McTominey as a backup cm, or buy two players who are only marginally better than McTominey for 45-50m each?

The first gives us a top class player, and one player to replace next year. The second gives us two players who aren't really at the level we want, and end up being squad players at best, and probably end up getting sold off at a loss and replaced in a couple of years anyway.

Better to spend more on fewer players and keep a squad player or two who we would really rather have replaced IMO.

Free transfers could pick up some of the slack, but there aren't many players of the quality we want going for free, and the ones who are have no shortage of suitors.

17.) 24 Jun 2023 17:00:08
It’s as simple as this, it’s better to spend whatever money we have ( not what the media tell us we have ) on players that ETH wants, for whatever position he wants! Because if we don’t he won’t hang around! So anyone suggesting to walk away, or sign him next year, or concentrate on other positions, how about murtough and co concentrate on going what ETH wants not what us lot would want to do!

18.) 24 Jun 2023 18:28:11
Chris1 we don't know what ETH wants. Yes, Mount seems to be his preference for no8, but that doesn't mean he wants Mount even at the expense of other targets. If getting Mount means he misses out on a CB, or a DM, does he still want Mount, or would he rather switch to another target in order to save funds for another position?

We don't know, but I do know I don't trust the club leadership not to overspend on Mount and short him in another position regardless of what he wants.

19.) 24 Jun 2023 20:51:51
Good points lads. Upshot is I’m with others and I don’t trust our recruitment team one inch.

20.) 24 Jun 2023 21:29:17
Thorne he’ll obviously be in the loop as to what’s going on . My point is the club are finally doing what the manager wants, in years gone by they’ve signed whoever they fancied not the manager!
If they persist with mount or pull out and look elsewhere it’ll be because ETH has Instructed them to do so, this can only be a good thing!




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12 Jul 2023 17:42:15
This seems a good way to get the sell on clause out of the way before a big money net move.




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02 Jul 2023 16:21:37
I think the glazers with holding funds is a load of rubbish. Unless they don’t plan on selling at all.




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27 Jun 2023 15:52:57
No it’s not. He’s had months to decide to agree to these new terms or not. Then at virtually the last minute he decides he wants to stay because nobody else is stupid enough to offer better terms.




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27 Jun 2023 08:39:23
Crazy because he's worth half of that. We will be lucky to get 40m.




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24 Jun 2023 08:27:30
Looks like i’ve jumped the gun from wrong info fizz. Hopefully we walk away from the 65m they want.





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23 Aug 2023 20:19:15
Pellestri? What has he done to deserve a starting position for Man Utd on the right wing? Open my eyes and point me in the direction i should be looking to check out the brilliance which deserves all the praise.




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20 Aug 2023 09:13:23
Yeh Rashford shouldn’t be number 9 but to think Sancho, someone who should be in the championship is the answer is laughable. I doubt the lad even needs a shower after the game doesn’t do anything and is useless.




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06 Jul 2023 22:27:02
How about this Greenwood business, that has been lurking on and on and on. Even though the ins work out alright for ten haag the rest of the decisions are shocking, it takes a guy to go on tv and slam the club so he can get out otherwise Glazers wouldn’t allow such an asset to leave.

Its draaaining.




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22 Jun 2023 09:24:18
Who wants what?




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17 May 2023 14:45:47
I don’t know why you are all winging. Its been 5 or so months so far, usually business deals like this can take 18 months to complete.

Idiots think the changing of hands of a sophisticated deal can be done like a football transfer ??.

All the click bait nonsense people lap up doesn’t help. But they stated their intention to sell up. Now wait. It won’t be done by this summer so start throwing your toys around now before you get even more disappointed.