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09 May 2023 12:57:41
Just wondering if the club and De Gea can't reach an agreement over a new contract are there many clubs who hold an interest?
Personally I'd let him go. Too high wages for his sporadic performances.

yer man

{Ed002's Note - David De Gea (G) If Mr Mourinho stays at Roma, which I think unlikely, then perhaps interest. perhaps someone in Spain.}

1.) 09 May 2023 13:37:32
Can't see anyone in spain outside the top 3 getting anywhere near his wages even if reduced. 200k a week is massive for most clubs in Spain. Even top 3, who are already set as far as goalies go, would not pay anything close to his wages.

He will extend and just hope we don't do anything silly like 4/ 5 years. 2 years I reckon.

2.) 09 May 2023 14:20:57
He'll stay, 100%.

As Ahmad H says, his wages will eliminate any interest from Spain.
Same goes for all Bundesliga and Serie A clubs.

A high-profile player from any other position would be attractive to Saudi and Chinese clubs, but he's a goalkeeper - keepers do not draw in the crowds.

Therefore, he will stay.

3.) 09 May 2023 18:21:48
It's a tricky one for all concerned.

Rumours that DDG has rejected a 200k per week offer, unsurprising if true given his current deal is for around 350k per week.

The other issue is that United are reportedly looking for a new No.1 regardless of whether DDG stays or not.

If true then DDG faces accepting a massive paycut to effectively sit on the bench. Something I'm not sure he'll be happy to do.

Which leaves the player and the club at a stand off.

From Untied's perspective keeping DDG on a lower wage means they have a insurance policy incase any new signing struggles.

While if both DDG and Henderson leave then United will need to sign two new keepers, a first choice and a back up keeper.

4.) 09 May 2023 19:29:41
What do you guys think the length of a new deal should be? We all know he will be overpaid but by how many years? Maybe a 1 year plus 1 year option would be best.

5.) 09 May 2023 20:20:19
hoping for 2 but given our past record they will probably give him 3/ 4 years like the village idiots:) Not bad to earn 10mill a year as a soon to be number 2 keeper.

6.) 10 May 2023 08:18:25
Thing is - if he is out of contract and hasn't agreed a new reduced wage deal with us then he goes, simple really? his bargaining power is diminished and its time for him to move on imo- we shouldn't be paying anyone 200k a week to be a number 2 irregardless of past performances: he was after all employed to put in those performances.

7.) 10 May 2023 09:02:03
He is a good goalie but has weaknesses that teams will target. playing it from the back is not his thing and will force more howlers and his command on corners is non existent and get the fan base riled up with more mistakes.

Kicking it away given we hardly win a header in the middle of the park is not playing to our strength.

Unrelated to DDG our issue with our front line is everyone likes ball to feet and besides Rashford ever makes a run to get behind defenders.

Legendary united striker was explaining this recently to me when I asked why we are struggling for goals as we don't stretch teams with enough runs.

8.) 10 May 2023 11:59:39
Get rid. he isn't worth 200 grand a week.

9.) 10 May 2023 17:25:14
I would get rid if bringing another in to be starter. I don't think its the best use of money to pay De Gea to sit on the bench and i can't see, even with a reduction in wages, him not being the highest paid backup GK in the world.

We also have to find someone to shift Henderson too as well. I say shift because he's on a lot of money a week as well.

De Gea doeant fit what Ten Hag wamts to do, so keeping him would be a mistake and would have me questioning as to why.



26 Jul 2022 18:52:24
Hi eds maybe it's been mentioned but I was wondering why United haven't officially declared that they signed Martinez. Even though he has arrived at Carrington. Is it just final paperwork stuff?
Thanks in advance.

yer man

{Ed002's Note - I suspect international clearance.}

1.) 26 Jul 2022 21:44:40
Great thanks.

2.) 27 Jul 2022 13:31:52
Announced now, Welcome Lisandro!

3.) 27 Jul 2022 13:15:21
Just announced.



15 Jul 2022 10:35:23
Martinez is apparently done and dusted because his personal chef has wished him farewell and asked United fans to treat him well on insta. Don't you just love a good old fashioned rumour?

yer man

1.) 15 Jul 2022 10:54:07
I'm now waiting for the report that de jong's Spanish cleaner was seen down the job centre cursing laporte
I sorely miss those type of comments.

2.) 15 Jul 2022 11:09:36
@yer man
Or he might be kissing Laportes feet as he gets to stay in the new lavish mansion to take of it and make sure it’s always ready for a visit.

3.) 16 Jul 2022 09:30:04
Laporte is trying to get De Jong to take the cleaner with him as he arranged for most of his wages to be deferred to help with the massive overspend and is now trying to get out of paying this due to there being a massive overspend.



05 Jul 2022 21:05:37
Hi Eds good evening. It had been said in the past that sergej milinkovic savic was one of our priorities but haven't seen him linked in this window are we working on that or is the interest gone fdj and eriksen?
Thanks in advance.

yer man

{Ed002's Note - ten Hag forced a change of direction.}

1.) 05 Jul 2022 21:41:02
I thought I saw that but would we be back in if the de Jong deal doesn't go through?

{Ed002's Note - You mean if he is still available?}

2.) 05 Jul 2022 22:21:50
Shame i think he is class.

3.) 05 Jul 2022 22:31:35
Yes and where would other interest be from.

{Ed002's Note - Try the European pages.}

4.) 05 Jul 2022 22:46:07

5.) 06 Jul 2022 08:08:24
Good to hear he forced a change of direction ed, must mean they are actually listening to him.

6.) 06 Jul 2022 13:59:19
There are some reports today that the deffered wages he's given for Barcelona are an issue causing problems basically Barcelona should have paid him x amount over the last 18 months/ 2 years but he's only been paid x-50% (could be less could be more) and that would need to be fixed before he left. No idea if this is true sounds sensible though.

7.) 07 Jul 2022 21:40:49
If I had deferred money to help the club out over the last two years then I would not be happy about losing put on it either.

If this is true then Frenkie is right to expect it to be resolved

Also nifty it's true it sounds like they guy is of good character cause he is helping his team out in the first instance over himself.

Obviously only going on reports we have heard, and it may be that there is more too it but he sounds like a good egg.



01 Jul 2022 10:26:19
There is talk today that there are complications with the Malacia signing due to him changing agents. Seeing some reported comments from Lyon can any of the eds clarify where the issue is and if OL, feyenoord or us have messed things up?

yer man

{Ed002's Note - I don't think it is a huge deal as the agreement has been reached with his club and there have been discussions with Ali Durson, but as I understand it the father of the player will look to handle the contracts in place of Durson. Durson will still expect some payment for what he has already done and I assume the father will want a cut. I don't think it is any more than that.}

1.) 01 Jul 2022 10:47:08
Many thanks Ed. insightful as usual sir.

2.) 01 Jul 2022 18:38:00
Done deal now.

3.) 01 Jul 2022 21:49:23
Fabrizio has called it.

4.) 01 Jul 2022 22:42:45
Just like FDJ was done too.

5.) 02 Jul 2022 11:25:02

Don’t think anyone has said it’s done, just that we have agreed on the original fee, add ons still to be agreed, sure it will be sorted. The lad is on holiday and just got engaged anyway so doesn’t matter if it’s today or Tuesday really.

6.) 02 Jul 2022 21:29:34
Some players did GDS hence my comment. I’d say any transfers apart from a back up left back are far from done so far.

We can add a striker to the shopping list now too unless ETH fancies the Sancho, Rashford, Martial combo.




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24 Sep 2023 14:45:56
OK we are not quite there yet with the team but I have to say I was impressed by Johnny Evans yesterday despite the concerns over his age. He has already added a goal threat from CORNERS, (Something we have been lacking since FELLANI), and that pass for Brunos goal was second to none.

yer man

1.) 24 Sep 2023 17:26:08
Johnny Evans has a lot to answer for, there's a good chance he made 18/ 19 Maguire look like an £80m player.

2.) 25 Sep 2023 10:44:43
Well I'm for one perfectly happy with Johnny Evans being in the squad for the short-term. I mean I wouldn't want to see him in a race with Kyllian Mbappe any time soon, but have no problem with him being part of the squad and even starting the occasional game. By all accounts he's lifted the mood a bit and as we're having to be a bit more creative with our signings atm he's a good shout.

3.) 26 Sep 2023 01:31:43
Liverpool fab here… Johnny Evans is a rolls Royce and imo better than most the defenders in your squad ?.

4.) 26 Sep 2023 08:59:58
Think Liverpool would happily have taken Evans that year that Virgil got injured and they brought in 3 Vauxhall Corsas to replace him. that went well lol.



20 Aug 2023 00:50:39
It seems pretty obvious that mount and fernades are the wrong way round
I like mount. But he is never an 8 dare I say it. We seem to be missing a Fred.

yer man



20 Aug 2023 00:46:04
NO comment
Pacing ourselves as usual
We always get better after Christmas ?.

yer man



15 Jul 2023 13:38:33
Apparently Johnny Evans is training at Carrington and often with the first team. Is he worth a punt for some league cup appearances on a pay as you play?

yer man

1.) 15 Jul 2023 13:45:38
No. We need to move on.

2.) 15 Jul 2023 18:06:21
Highly unlikely.
We've always let former players come and train here.
His wife still works here and he is an academy graduate.

Although if ETH feels he needs a CB who plays 10 games a year mainly fa cup or league cup while he pushes maguire and bailly out I can understand that.

3.) 15 Jul 2023 19:00:57
Jonny Evans as 5th choice is a no brainer.
Classes as HG, can move into playing coach with u23s, knows the club and would be cover for cover.

In absolute no way would I say he is good enough to cover for a sustained period in the first team.

4.) 16 Jul 2023 07:21:13
Hs too good to sit on the bench. Can still do a job for a decent side at a decent level.

5.) 16 Jul 2023 13:52:31
You never know what a player wants Eric.
Maybe LVG sold him and he wanted to stay.
He has a huge chance of winning something here before his career ends.

I really liked him as a CB. Definitely better than Maguire.



21 Dec 2022 11:23:48
I've seen Griezman linked again today. Although he had a great world cup and worked his socks of in midfield, I don't think he's worth the £53m being muted for a 31year old who loves running to the press. We have just got rid of one of those.

yer man

1.) 21 Dec 2022 12:01:34
He's playing where Bruno would play. There are much more pertinent holes that need to be filled in the team.

2.) 21 Dec 2022 13:11:05
Totally agree mumbles but covers midfield and attack so I can see how he might be linked. I think Griesman is far too impetuous to be the right fit for us.

3.) 21 Dec 2022 13:23:56
Love filling pertinent holes.

4.) 21 Dec 2022 15:38:43
Any port in a strom supa?.

5.) 22 Dec 2022 00:57:16
The reality is I don't think we are a club that should be looking for a Greizmann, we are a side looking for the next Greizmann. Sadly I think the same about Erikson and Casemiro, they won't win anything here but the next Casemiro and Erikson might have. Whilst they make us better, I think the money will ultimately be.

6.) 22 Dec 2022 16:20:22
Hopefully that name is put on mute

No thanks, not anymore.




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01 Sep 2023 00:23:35
A Rabat was always only as a replacement for van de beek and no one is willing to over a good enough offer for vdb. Most journalists have said the Amrabat interest has been over stated and it looks like it's his agent that has promised him things that can't be delivered.

yer man



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27 Jun 2023 15:10:46
Yea I saw that too Mumbles, surely there is more to that than meets the eye if true?
Maybe they decided to change some details with him no longer guaranteed the No.1 spot but horrible if there was an offer and he signed it. I don't know if any if the ed's are privy to this or at least aware if this happened. It definitely seemed like the club had gone some way to remove the amateur tag, but this doesn't bode well. Personally, I'd let him go due to unforced errors and the number of times his poor distribution to other players, resulted in goals against us. However, that would be no way to treat any player never mind one of long standing.

yer man



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23 Jun 2023 19:38:32
I wonder if any of the eds can answer whether Chelsea are going to have ffp issues and they must sell players domestically before end of June so they don't get penalised
Just read it somewhere and would that give a better bargaining position for Mount deal.

yer man

{Ed002's Note - Yes from a previous system Chelsea had an FFP issue that has been dealt with.}



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20 Jun 2023 19:51:42
I was surprised Zidane didn't get more chances but maybe there is a bigger picture. I remember we were linked with Taylor Booth from utrecht I hope there is maybe a trade off there somehow.

yer man



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26 Jul 2022 21:44:40
Great thanks.

yer man




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11 Aug 2023 10:42:51
Allana, nathaniel clyne, and ox didn't work out as much as expected. My post was more about the fact they haven't brought players through instead of taking them from another team that is performing well for a season or two. Those trophies were also one or two good seasons not a steady platform that was built on through progression from within.

yer man



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11 Aug 2023 10:22:46
Liverpool raiding Brighton is like Southhampton all over again. not all of those signings worked, and they seem to forget that if you sign a lot of players from a 6-10 placed team you are likely just to become a 6-10 placed team. With all of the pomp around how big a club Liverpool is. It's a shame their academy doesn't seem to be able to produce a stream of players that can work through to the first team. but I guess that is the result of the pressure to perform without the patience from the fans that rebuilding a team takes time.
United under Ten haag seem to have got the balance right with this. Eventually. if they won't make the first team at 18-20 sell them and promote the ones that will whilst keeping buy back and sell- ons so there is room to bring them back if they develop.

yer man

{Ed001's Note - but didn't buying those players from Southampton end up with a Premier League title and a Club World Cup, a European Champions League, an FA Cup and a League Cup? Or does van Dijk not count because it doesn't suit your strange thinking? Buying two players from a lesser team and surrounding them with better players already in your team does not turn you into a 6-10 placed team in any realistic world.}



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02 Aug 2023 11:27:37
brilliant insight into the process amz.

yer man



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02 Aug 2023 11:17:35
Having read some of the previous replies by the eds, we were looking one out and out striker and one to play of the striker. having got Hojland, we no longer need or are looking for another centre forward (includng Kane, who was too expensive given he had one year left on his contract and 30years old) . Ramos could still be in the mix but there seems to be an issue with a fee to agents (about £8m) which continues to end of August. So I wouldn't be surprised if Ramos will be subject of a last day bid around £70m and would mean we didn't have to pay the extra agent money.

yer man



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21 Dec 2022 13:11:05
Totally agree mumbles but covers midfield and attack so I can see how he might be linked. I think Griesman is far too impetuous to be the right fit for us.

yer man