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17 Sep 2020 18:57:40
Ed have utd shown any interest in sarr from watford at all? Thanks in advance.


{Ed002's Note - Ismaila Sarr (RW/LW/F) has had a disrupted season after moving from Rennes and has become available with Watford being relegated and Wolves have enquired after him - wanting to be kept informed just in case Adama Traore is sold. Crystal Palace have him on their list of potential Wilfried Zaha replacements, but he is not their first choice, although they could turn to him if their first choice heads elsewhere. Liverpool are interested inasmuch as he is another player like Adama Traore that Klopp has had his timgue down the throat of, but whilst he would make a good replacement for Shaqiri condideration would need to be given to (a) would Sarr want to limit his playing time to that which Shaqiri gets, (b) he is not Home Grown, (c) he would block Harvey Elliott's progression, (d) he would cost £40M or thereabouts, and (e) like the last few players asked about, would depart for AFCON when it happens as he is Senegalese. I am not aware of any approach to Watford by Liverpool or Manchester United, but either club may have spoken with his agent. If Mane or Salah were to leave LIverpool, it makes a great deal more sense and would provide the funding. If Manchester United are done with Sancho it would be another option. Cristiano Giaretta (a strage choice) has arrived and it is unclear what his remit will be - and Watford don't need the cash so cannot be forced into a cheap sale.}

1.) 17 Sep 2020 19:58:58
Thanks for the info ed much appreciated.

{Ed002's Note - You are welcome.}



13 Aug 2020 20:22:33
Few journalists reporting periera has asked to leave. Stating he wants more game time.


1.) 13 Aug 2020 23:02:03
Always said he’d be a great 5 aside player. Very skilful. Not a Premier League player though - matches just seem to pass him by. He’ll find a good club on the continent and make a decent career out of the game though and wish him all the best.

2.) 14 Aug 2020 08:46:17
I find him very frustrating. He seems like a good lad, he's got the skill to do better, doesn't seem to be particularly lacking in any area, and I can't see why he hasn't pushed on. It feels like he has all the ingredients to be a much better player than he is, but for some reason he just can't make them all work.

3.) 14 Aug 2020 10:14:50
No loss.

4.) 14 Aug 2020 11:12:38
I think the issue with Andreas is he is good at many things but has no stand out skill, as such he has been shunted around the pitch to try and find his best position. Is he a wide player? A No.10? A No.8 or even a No.6?

He's a good squad player to have when you have a lot of top class options around him, but if the players around him are on par with him then you have a problem.

He's a bit like John O'Shea, an average player who can cover multiple positions. You could get away with John O'Shea in your back four when you had Neville, Ferdinand and Evra along side him.

But if he had Brown, Silvestre and Richardson then suddenly John O'Shea looks woefully short.

I think Andreas would do reasonably well on the RW if he had Bruno, Martial and Rashford playing with him. Not great, but certainly good enough for a few games.

If he wants to move on and play every week then I wish him the best, it's not a long career and I fully understand why at 24 he isn't happy to play a bit part role for the next 3-4 years. He seems like a good lad with his head screwed on. Hopefully he can have a career he is happy with.

5.) 14 Aug 2020 15:08:38
have to disagree shappy, he doesn't have a position problem, he has a lack of football intelligence problem.

People keep saying he might make it in Europe, i don't think so, i watched him a bit when he was at valencia, he had a habit of killing attacks making horrendous decisions at utd its the same. Hopefully other teams will take a chance on him as he is a skillful player and we will be free of him.

6.) 14 Aug 2020 17:29:44
CSM, I think he has had very little football at a senior level in a fixed position to gain the knowledge of how best to play that position.

7.) 14 Aug 2020 17:59:02
At utd maybe but he was consistently played on the left for valencia and pretty sure i remember reading him being played no 10 at granada before that, he could play any one position undropped for a whole season but it won't solve his lack of decision making ability issue. You mentioned O'shea, he is the exact opposite of O'shea, O'shea knew what he was and wasn't good at and stuck to what worked, Periera seems to have a highly inflated opinion of his ability.

8.) 14 Aug 2020 22:11:00
Ole should pack his bags for him and drive him to any club that wants him.

9.) 16 Aug 2020 10:14:09
That seems like a poor use of the managers time MJ. Let Jones drive him, I've always felt he was wasting his potential as a taxi driver by trying to play football.




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13 Dec 2023 08:02:15
Not being in europa should be a blessing in disguise. Hopefully players deemed not good enough now can be let go without a urgency to replace them. Will hopefully help eth aswell.


1.) 13 Dec 2023 08:16:41
2nd best outcome coming last in that group.

2.) 13 Dec 2023 08:55:34
I think we discussed the options a little while ago and I totally agree that if it was not CL then being out completely is the next best option. Sad, pathetic and miserable campaign.
We can now focus on the league and cup with breaks in the week to work on training, especially with players coming back.
It will also mean that players can get some rest and no reason to play week after week.
If we look positively, this could be the kick up the backside that we need this season, at all levels top to bottom.

3.) 13 Dec 2023 08:58:11
There was no point entering the Europa League only to be battered by Liverpool et al. And are clearly well off the pace for Champions League football, which we all knew anyway.

The club is still not at rock bottom, but slowly moving there each week. This weekend will be grim.

No quick fix here sadly.

4.) 13 Dec 2023 09:06:34
I dunno. Being in the Europa would have been a chance to qualify for next season's CL, as I don't think we're going to make it otherwise. Hope to be wrong and positionally at least we're in the running. Admittedly this would have only been in the unlikely event we won it. Plus, not sure on the figures but it would have also represented several million in revenue with each win.

5.) 13 Dec 2023 09:55:20
Spenno, I think we've much more of a chance getting top 4, than winning the EL.

6.) 13 Dec 2023 10:58:38
I might be wrong but does 5th place not get into CL next season? May require some other pieces to drop.
May give another chance!

{Ed002's Note - Only possibly.}

7.) 13 Dec 2023 12:59:52
I think it is a financial disaster for the club. And causes us big problems for future recruitment. Coming bottom of this group is abysmal.

8.) 13 Dec 2023 13:56:58

Financial disaster is a bit dramatic, it’s not ideal but it’s certainly not a disaster.

9.) 13 Dec 2023 22:30:57
It is a lot of lost revenue this year. It is one less route into UCL next year, where we will find it very tough to get in from league position this year.

We are in freefall and SJR change was needed. It seems the club is stick in neutral and the uncertainty is suffocating the club.

Any chance of beinginb innllayers in Jan probably just went out of the window. And we are now talking about clearing house of lots if players die to squad size. Many need to go. But this could also include varane and cassemiro. Would we replace them? Unlikely.

We have serious financial issues. I welcome seeing high wages leave and younger, hungrier and more energetic players come in. I am sick of seeing our players leave on free. How badly have we been run to let all these contracts run down, or to have players we can't sell on high wages so we have to pay them to leave. Really is shocking.



15 Aug 2023 14:39:16
Theres a lot here that watch footy more than me. But is there anyone that's actually watched more than a dozen games that amrabat has played in? He seems to be the name on everyones lips. But other than a good world cup is he actually decent? I've read reports he isn't but have no idea.


1.) 15 Aug 2023 15:54:05
Havent seen much of him besides the world cup but sure enough, he is the right profile that we need.

2.) 15 Aug 2023 16:51:42
Seen nothing of him.

3.) 15 Aug 2023 16:54:08
I've seen a clip of him tackling Mbappe about 1000 times!

4.) 15 Aug 2023 17:38:31
El hadji diouf and salif diao had a great world cup once upon a time.

5.) 15 Aug 2023 18:03:42
Not seen much of him apart from clips. He is a deep laying playmaker and defensive midfielder. He has knocked back Liverpool, but then again who hasn't lately, sorry couldn't help myself. He is in his final year of contract, just like Pavard, so there is a discount. With CDM's going for mega money this summer, I think C£30m or so would be a bargain. 27 year's old. Wanted by many clubs including Barcelona. More importantly he wants us and EtH wants him, so let's see if we do sign him, then see how he gets on, but we do need this type of player, arguably two if Mainoo doesn't impress by Christmas. Just a thought, but could Martinez do a job in midfield? If we need it in times of desperation.

6.) 15 Aug 2023 18:13:41
I have read Eds write up of his transfer numerous times.

Fiorentina were exoecting to take a loss on him until he had a good world cup.

How many players can we think of who have had good world cups, this 5 week international tournamemt beinf their career high.

I hope we know what we are doing here.

7.) 15 Aug 2023 20:34:47
And therein lies the worry Oakbark.

8.) 16 Aug 2023 00:40:36
I would not worry about Ambrabat if he comes across. He is a proper midfielder, does a lot more than tackle and break up play. He is technically very good and not scared of having the ball, good pace and quite mobile to run with the ball with a good engine on him.

He is very different to any off our mids, physical/ combative like cas but more mobile imo. A bit like Roy Keane type in one on ones, will give away fouls because he will compete for everything that's 50/ 50. Will not see him get pushed around. I think he would be perfect with Cas in the middle in games where we need to be compact and control the middle.

If you can, Watch the Europa Final vs Westham from last year it gives you a good sense of what he is like.

No point talking about the world cup if you don't trust it as he was the best defensive mid in the tournament.



27 May 2021 09:02:55
If i was director of footy at utd i'd be on the phone to players agents saying if u wanted a new deal or a wage increase hand in a transfer request instead. Weve been rewarding mediocrity for too long now.


1.) 27 May 2021 09:57:57
If I was director of footy I'd be sacking the manager.



09 Apr 2021 08:27:35
Watching fernandes last night go down because the wind had changed direction and the dive by ederson the other night. Surely we need some sort of retrospective action there's been some shocking decisions this year. But half of the prem could easily get a bafta at this rate. Lacazette would definitely scoop best sound.


{Ed077's Note - do you mean for the pen?}

1.) 09 Apr 2021 09:26:48
Yes ed personally thought it was abit soft. But maybe i just miss the good ol days where ud only see players roll around when they were hurt. Infact i don't even think they did then.

{Ed077's Note - the whole match last night was full of similar incidents, for both sides. Some of the refereeing decisions were a bit iffy to say the least.

2.) 09 Apr 2021 11:32:37
I have no objections with Bruno going down easy last night. The amount of times they kicked rashford and didn't get a card- yet if our lads breathed on them, they rolled about screaming.

3.) 09 Apr 2021 13:26:03
I agree with you 💯 Caolan_2. The amount of times Rashford got kicked, especially on his ankles, gave the impression that it was deliberately done. And the amount of fouls they committed without being booked, but when a united player did, instant yellow card. The game wasn't the best to begin with and the refereeing made it even more disjointed.

4.) 09 Apr 2021 21:00:36
Could you not see the red around brunos eye? He got hit in the face and that's a pen all day long imo.



22 Mar 2021 08:27:45
I understand the frustration of people but what a f****d up world we live in where mindless creatins go on social media and racially abuse footballers. It really is beyond belief.


1.) 22 Mar 2021 08:45:55
I completely agree, abuse is never acceptable. Although I would question whether Fred is actually a footballer.

2.) 22 Mar 2021 09:35:05
Disgraceful behaviour, it's a football game!
Shappy, that is just a stupid comment about Fred.

3.) 22 Mar 2021 10:19:02
Shappy would you question whether Ole is a coach. There are some lesser talents in our squad, but none will improve under a rank amateur in charge.

4.) 22 Mar 2021 11:23:25
Inhope don’t draw out his red tinted specs please. Seen enough crap defending ole.

5.) 22 Mar 2021 12:18:09
Sim, why is that a stupid comment?

What about Fred makes you think he is a footballer?

His only really assets is he can run, well Mo Farah can run but he isn't a footballer.

Surely a footballer should have ball skills, good technique, can control and pass the ball, maybe even have a good shot.

Does Fred have any of those?

Does he have a good reading/ understanding of the game?

What actual skills does he have that makes him a footballer?

6.) 22 Mar 2021 15:07:09
Shappy - i wasn't referring to whether he's a good player or not. My point was about the racial abuse he got online.




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12 Jun 2024 17:52:37
Have amad or pellestri had a fair crack? Both look like they may be able to do a job. Rw isn't that much of a pressing issue this summer.




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31 Aug 2023 19:25:26
Underwhelming to say the least. Cucurella showed talent within our league reguilon has bern average at best. Altho seeing jaime redknap quizzing keane over it might be worth it after what keane said a while back.




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09 May 2023 19:29:41
What do you guys think the length of a new deal should be? We all know he will be overpaid but by how many years? Maybe a 1 year plus 1 year option would be best.




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13 May 2022 13:40:28
Is convince him of the project code for doubling his wages be interesting to see i guess.




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25 Aug 2021 19:58:51
Keep the faith stand! You never know what might happen we obviously need to sell a few maybe we will get a midfielder.





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09 Jun 2024 12:29:31

What are ineos fluffing up exactly? they've just brought into the club. They haven't got the backroom staff all inplace.

Most of us when they came in wanted a plan in place that seems to be happening but also from ourside surely abit of patience should be expected?




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30 May 2024 15:12:17
This thread reminds me of them instagram vs reality posts.




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11 May 2024 15:57:25
The honest question should be would any of those players be willing to join us? Looking at most signings post fergie whose improved with us? Are there any players but bruno that's career has gone on a upwards trajectory since signing? 10 years of terrible decisions is why i personally don't see us as an attractive choice for players.




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14 Apr 2024 15:59:14

I think if you think that's the end of the story you need a dose of reality. Were not a attractive club to come to unless its with wages on offer. Weve been poor for a decade and most players that have joined have found there career and reputation decline with us.




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13 Mar 2024 16:34:28

Do you not think mount is a player that epitomises the glazer ownership? He could have stayed at chelsea if he was a leader and wanted to head the challenge of dragging them back to the top. Instead he deemed himself worth a vast amount of wages that he's never proven worthy of! For all those that say oh well klopp wanted him yes at the 100k a week he's probably worth. he's another yardstick for new signings to compare wages to. he's everything that i dislike about our squad it isn't his fault granted but he's come for money not the project at hand.