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19 Jul 2023 11:13:24
Haven't seen it mentioned here yet, but rumours Chelsea might be interested in Maguire.

I can't see it myself, I just don't see him fitting Pochetino's style much better than ETH's, but delighted if true.

I'd happily see him sold off to Chelsea and the money put towards Hojlund and/ or Amrabat. Then use Evans and Shaw as cover at CB.


1.) 20 Jul 2023 08:26:18
Is Evans really being considered beyond preseason? Not that I have a problem with it, I just didn't see it as anything more than to help out in these weeks.

2.) 21 Jul 2023 12:29:47
Pure speculation Spenno, but taking him on for the season would give us cover, allowing Maguire to be sold and the funds put towards other areas of the team rather than a replacement CB.

To me it just seems to make sense, but my knowledge of the club's financial situation is limited to guesswork based on what we are told by the media, so I could be way off base, and we've actually got the funds to bring in a proper replacement for HM without impacting moves for players in other positions.

{Ed002's Note - Chelsea are not interested in signing Harry Maguire and have not made any approach to Manchester United.}

3.) 21 Jul 2023 21:22:46
Thanks for confirming that Ed002. I honestly would have been surprised if they were interested in Maguire.

I am still hopeful that someone will be interested and take him off our hands. If that happens, I think Evans would do alright as cover for the season, allowing Utd to put the proceeds towards a striker and DM, and push bringing in a long term CB to next summer.

4.) 21 Jul 2023 21:22:46
Thanks for confirming that Ed002. I honestly would have been surprised if they were interested in Maguire.

I am still hopeful that someone will be interested and take him off our hands. If that happens, I think Evans would do alright as cover for the season, allowing Utd to put the proceeds towards a striker and DM, and push bringing in a long term CB to next summer.



24 Jun 2023 13:44:46
Ed002, if you don't mind, I was wondering whether you would tell us who Utd will be looking at as alternatives to Mount now, or if you think a deal is still likely for him.

Personally I think if Chelsea have any sense they'll soon come back with a counter offer around the £55m mark but perhaps restructured slightly to favour them more or with some other minor concession on Utds part. IMO Utd should take that. However, that assumes Utd actually walk away and don't just instantly throw more money at it, which is sadly not something I trust them to do.


{Ed002's Note - Chelsea has already made a proposal to Manchester United to give them a figure that they would accept. That will be their immediate focus and I would expect an answer will come soon.}

1.) 24 Jun 2023 14:13:12
Think it's safe to say this one will be done for definite. We are useless at haggling and will just pay what they have come back with. Plus side is it seems to be the manager that wants him and not a club signing.

2.) 24 Jun 2023 15:02:10
Mount will get done, both parties want the deal and just haggling over make up of deal or last few million. Interesting to see who we are onto next.
Rumours out there that we still hold an interest in Caicedo, can't see it with the other areas we need but will be a busy few weeks.

3.) 24 Jun 2023 17:56:27
I hope we stick to our guns with chelsea. Be a perfect situation if we got caicedo this year and then mount for free next year. We can't set a ceiling of 50m, then add 5, but now it seems chelsea want a package totalling 65m including add ons. This is just a ridiculous price and man utd have to start operating with some professionalism in these negotiations. Alas, my hopes of professionalism from our transfer team is more than a little skeptical.

4.) 24 Jun 2023 18:13:56
Its pretty obvious how highly the manager rates him. The deal will get done and the whole negotiation tells you it will.
Mount is a very good player, young, hungry and talented .
We didn't pay much less for Fred and that was a while back.
I think the kind of striker we buy will be dictated by the midfielder we buy .

5.) 24 Jun 2023 20:41:32
Caicido is the rumour .
Now that would be a turn up.

6.) 24 Jun 2023 21:12:05
Rather Caceido than Mount tbh, Kovacic goes for £25/ £30m swift as ya like and we getting this nonsense over a player that don’t want to be there with 1 year left, move on, he’s not priority for me anyway. DM and CF and CB and or GK to me are more a priority, Mount can come for free next year if he’s that set on us.

7.) 24 Jun 2023 21:20:01
Ed - have United responded to Chelsea’s proposal?

{Ed002's Note - No idea.}

8.) 25 Jun 2023 17:18:45
Personally would rather Caicedo in and rabiot on a free
Caicedo ads the bonus of being able to cover right back and rabiot can play the am role as well as Mount
Figures might ad up better and with rabiot height a little more aerial presence set plays.



14 May 2022 14:43:35
Hi Ed, do you happen to know whether Utd still have any interest in Boubacar Kamara?


{Ed002's Note - Manchester United spoke to his agent at one time. That is it.}

1.) 14 May 2022 16:00:14
Thanks Ed.

Disappointing though, he seems like a player we should be going for, and far more realistic for us than tchouameni.

{Ed002's Note - His agent is still talking to a couple of clubs but their is already a tentative agreement with the player and Marseille over compensation. Marseille are not happy over the player running down his contract nor with Caleta Car and his behaviour.}

2.) 16 May 2022 15:19:50
Rumours abound on Rwitter that Kamara has become our DM target now…

Know who I trust though for their reliable info - thanks as always Ed002 for saying it like it is.



17 Jul 2014 12:31:37
Eds, with Gundogan looking like he will return from injury next month, is there any likelyhood of an attempt to bring him in to partner Herrera?

He seems like an ideal partner, clever and a good passer who likes to sit a bit deeper than Herrera, where he could protect the back four when Herrera goes forward.


{Ed002's Note - No.}

1.) 17 Jul 2014 20:37:19
Said with such hope-crushing finality ;)

Oh well, thanks for the answer anyway ed.

2.) 17 Jul 2014 20:38:43
I was honestly hoping that our interest in Nigel "Kung fu" de Jong would be higher than it appears to be, first time poster btw guys and oddly I don't have any connections or sources at old Trafford or carrington, don't live next to rooney and I don't look after Nicky butts Nan's cats when she goes to the seaside for the weekend, so everything I say will be opinion based :)

3.) It would be good for us to have a pool of top class box to box midfielders to sign from. At the moment it seems we have had an interest in Enzo Perez (who I thought was very good in the world cup semi&final, ) and of course Vidal.

If we add a few more to that list, we might find prices dropping as their respective clubs realise they don't have the power to hold us to ransom. The possibility of a deal being struck increases the wider we are spread our net.

Gundogen is in that bracket and is a good target for me. U have to wander though will he be the same player with all those injuries he sustained? Its hard to say unless they let us do a medical on him before agreeing a fee.

4.) We just signed Herrera, so I would think a more defensive option as both short term cover and long term replacement for Carrick would be more of a concern than another b2b.

5.) Im not exactly sure, but I think Van Gaal's system accomodates 2 of these sorts of players. We have been trying to sign Vidal afterall, having already signed Herrera.

I think there's a deep playmaker, responsible for closing down in front of the back 4. His job is to be a defensive midfielder when out of possession, and a ball playing midfielder when in possession.
I think Herrera will fill that role.

Then there is a box to box player, who plays a very simple game. One two's always making themselves available for passes, - going up and down the pitch. De Jong was doing that role in the Netherlands team. If we get a world class player in this role, I think their responsability might be upgraded a bit. I think Vidal might have been targeted to play this role.

The third midfielder is an attacking midfielder and I think one of Rooney or Mata will play there. That was the reason we dropped out of the race for Toni Kroos if i'm not mistaken.

The Vidal speculation might have just been fiction, so I may be wrong, but I think we are still in the market for one of these box to box players.

6.) I still wouldn't mind seeing Carvalho coming into our midfield. He looks like a very good option in front of the back 4. Reads the game well and his quick distribution would be ideal for players like Herrera and Mata. The only problem is the reported 37 mil price tag.

7.) Herrera isn't a defensive midfielder though. He's more like a box to box player, and he definitely likes to come forward from central midfield and get involved in attacks. He's definitely also got the energy to get up and down the pitch.

At Bilbao he mainly played as a kind of box-to-box playmaker although he's also spent periods playing further up behind the striker as a number 10, but he's not as good there.

8.) Personally I'm expecting Carrick or a new defensive mid hanging back and moving the ball around, Herrera or Vidal (if we get him) as box-to-box, Mata behind the striker/s

9.) I only know what a poster on here explained about 6 weeks ago with respect to LVG's tactics. You may have seen the post aswell. He followed Dutch football for many years and seemed to know a lot about Van Gaal's system, which was explained in a long post.

When we signed Herrera I assumed he looked like a box to box player too, but after watching him I noticed his 2 main strengths seemed to be creativity and an ability to win possession. Even though he played higher up, his qualities will be wasted if he plays what the post described as a "limited" box to box position, in which the player makes himself available for passes and plays short one two's in triangles. There was also a deeper central midfield position according to the post, that required a creative player to do a lot of running off the ball, and to create when in possession.

Vidal is not a creative player. He dosen't play longer passes, through passes, or dictate tempo like a Xavi/Scholes. If it is true we are interested in Vidal, he would surely have to take the "limited, " box to box position, but would probably be given some freedom to be more expansive, given his ability. I would imagine that would involve him bursting into the box to score goals, and taking long shots when there are opportunties. that's the exact role he is currently playing at Juventus. He will not play as a deep creative player if he arrives.

It wouldn't surprise me to see Herrera rotated between box to box, and deep midfield, if we are not able to sign Vidal, or the likes of Enzo Perez. If one of the 2 come in, Herrera will have to move to the deeper position, or sit on the bench. I would be surprised if we paid 30m, while expecting to sign another player that will put him on the bench.

10.) He's not disciplined enough.

The guy shielding the back four needs to position himself to intercept or block off passes, slow the opponents play and break the rythm and momentum of attacks. Not rush around chasing balls down and closing players down to put them under pressure and force mistakes.

That's what Fletcher used to do, but he wasn't expected to protect the back 4, that was Hargreaves or Carricks job.

I do know the post you are referring to, but I don't see why the number 8 role has to be a "simple" box-to-box role, unless that's the players he has.

He's used more technical or creative players in that sort of role before. In fact I think I even remember him using Ribiery to bring the ball forward out of central midfield on occasion when he was at Bayern

11.) 18 Jul 2014 09:41:20
I think this is a shout to Shappy on the Van Gaal tactics.
Personally I think Carrick was lined up for the holding roll until Strootman could be brought in.whether his injury changes things I don't know?
Personally I would have a 3 of Strootman, Vidal, Harera. would put doubt on 1 or 2 of Rooney/Mata/Kagawa as I don't see them as part of an attacking 3.
That said if Van gaal adopts the 442 diamond of Liverpool then there is scope to fit them in
Interesting summer ahhead

12.) Your right about Strootman Brad. I think LVG rates him highly because he is a perfect fit for the holding role.

Based on the point Shappy was making, the idea is that the holding role in LVG's system is unusal.

If your a holding playmaker, u will have more industrious players in front for protection, and u will not have defensive responsabilities. Italian sides often do this. Pirlo behind De Rossi and Marchisio.

If you are a defensive midfielder, you clear things up at the back, and feed the ball simply to the attacking players.

LVG's use of the holding player is unusual because they are both the playmaker and the defensive midfielder. U can see why he favours Strootman. I expect to see Carrick in the role, because there is no other position for him, not because it suits him.

LVG wants a player like Strootman in the position, who has athletic qualities and the passing game. I believe Herrera will have been signed to play this role. His game is similar to Strootman. Physical, athletic & great passing ability.

Herrera can play box to box if needed, and Strootman has also spent much of his career as a box to box player. Herrera's best position in the system Shappy highlighted, will be the deep midfield role. Herrera is an obvious choice for that position just as Strootman is. It is also consistent with the idea that Vidal has been targeted for the other Midfield role.

13.) I understand the system, it's more or less what I've been hoping we'd start using for the last few years.

I don't see the similarity between Herrera and strootman though. Strootman is a little slower, and has a better range of passing. Herrera is trickier, and likes to use shorter passing, flicks and one-two's as well as technical dribbling to take defenders out of the game and open space. He's also not as physically strong, although he does still yet stuck in.

Think along the lines of a less developed version of Iniesta, but who has the energy and tenacity to get stuck in defensively as well, and to get up and down the pitch like Roy Keane.

We'll have to wait and see, but if he is shoe-horned into the defensive role I will be very, very surprised, as well as dissapointed. The potential link-up of Herrera and Mata is mouth-watering.

14.) Thome, please properly investigate before making comments. It dosent help people who come on the site to get a better idea about players. I incllude myself in that category. I don't make comments just to fit my personal theories. I watch the players and try to understand what their qualities are. I also read other posts like Shappy's, and take the time to understand the points they are making.

Strootman is either as fast, - and is probably faster, than Herrera. Herrera has good stamina and speed, but Strootman is a genuine athlete.

If you want to get an idea of Strootman's capacity to accelerate watch Strootman 2014 videos on youtube.

If you watch some of these videos, you'll also notice the box to box role Strootman features in. This is a player that LVG converted into his holding role player for the Netherlands, -LVG is a big fan of Strootman as we know and viewed him as a key part of his system in the Dutch national team.

Herrera is not the same type of player as Iniesta. That is fairly obvious and it is not down to a difference in quality. Iniesta is an out and out attacking midfielder. Herrera is as defensive minded, as he is attacking minded.

Herrera has changed position a lot in the Athletic team. When he plays higher up, he plays right midfield/wing, of a midfield 3. His role is not an as an attacking midfielder in this position. He services forward players, and wins possession.

It is not disimilar to Ji Sung Park in 2006-9, used as a defensive winger to counter Ronaldo's free role on the opposite wing, - or the right midfield position Gennaro Gattuso (a defensive midfielder) used to play for AC Milan.

If you still don't think Herrera can play deeper, something he actually did many times at Athletic, watch the Europa League game highlights of Herrera vs United, at Old Trafford.

Anyone can see these things by watching videos and highlights on youtube, which i'm sure we all do. Before posting comments such as "Herrera is faster than Strootman, " try to remember we are in the 21st century, and can all learn a lot about players with an internet connection.

15.) YouTube videos aren't a great way to judge a player, they tend only to show the best moments. I expect anyone watching a YouTube highlights video of Nani would think they were looking at one of the world's very best players, but we know that's not true. I'm not judging by those, but I'm not just making stuff up to fit my opinion.

I usually watch mostly dutch and German football, in addition to EPL obviously, but ever since I got excited about Herrera (thanks partly to those misleading YouTube videos) last summer, I've tried to watch his games, because I always thought we'd go back in for him, and I've watched him a little over a dozen times this season, as well as watching older games from the season before. I haven't rewatched our games against them from Europe, but I seem to remember Javi Martinez playing the holding role, not Herrera.

I must admit I haven't watched Strootman this season, but in the Netherlands he always struck me as too slow over distances of 30 yards or more, and I worried he'd be too slow getting back and would be left behind by counter attacks if he came here (obviously not a problem if he takes Carricks role). Yes he gets moving quite quickly, that's not the same. Maybe I'm remembering him as slower than he is though, if so, my mistake.

When I mentioned Iniesta, I meant in the way he is happy receiving the ball in tight space, and having the control and technique to play or bring the ball out past his markers. Obviously Herrera is different in many ways, and yes that includes being very capable defensively (although I would dispute his being as defensively minded as he is attack minded).

I know he is capable of playing a defensive role, but he lacks discipline so he gives away too many fouls and leaves gaps by closing down too aggressively, so it's not his best position and he looks far more comfortable pressing and winning the ball higher up the pitch.

I'm not saying he can't play that role, just that it would be a waste of his attacking talent, and others could do it better.

After we payed a significant price for him, I don't want to see him wasted. Anderson was a bright attacking talent when he came to us, but after a few years of being forced into a defensive role he didn't fit he had lost his confidence, picked up too many injuries, seemed to lose interest, and started turning into the chubby party animal we have today.

I don't want the same to happen to Herrera.

16.) If you watch player highlights from individual games, - that is every touch a player has in the course of a match, you will get a good idea of the type of position the player plays and what their qualities are. There are a dozen or so you can watch on Herrera.

I do not watch highlights showing goals and skills.



31 Jan 2014 11:54:22
I've been hearing a lot of chatter this morning about a bid being planned for Guarin, nothing concrete though yet.

Would be an improvement if true.


1.) Personally all my enthusiasm since the Mata deal has gone. Utd had the chance to really push on but for whatever reason have not done so (unless something out of the ordinary happens). personally not sure Guarin long term is what we need but if it is a swap loan with Nani I will take that all day long.
Maybe try and get Otamendi/Garay in to add some Argentinian steel to the defense and then hope for the best!

2.) Guarin would be at least something/someone!

3.) Not sure he's the answer long term either, but he'd be a real improvement on Cleverly. Good option to play alongside Carrick, and he'd be great as third choice, playing backup to Vidal next season.




Thorne's banter posts with other poster's replies to Thorne's banter posts


21 Nov 2021 15:13:37
Guys, please stop saying it doesn't matter who we get in next as manager, they'll still be better than Ole.

That kind of comment is tempting fate, and can only lead to Phil Jones being appointed as our next manager.


1.) 21 Nov 2021 15:38:11
What if Carrick has a good run?

What will the likes of Rio, Scholes and Neville say in the media?

Would Sir Alex back Carrick the same way he backed Ole?

We could be 10-12 wins on the bounce away from Carras at the wheel.

2.) 21 Nov 2021 15:56:42

I would be more worried if Blanc was in that position as an interim and the usual chorus went up about making him permanent. The club need to show they have learnt, can make informed decisions and stop making hasty panicked ones.

3.) 21 Nov 2021 15:51:43
That's why you get an old head in charge until the end of the season. No audition, no chance of getting the gig permanently. Someone like Wenger for instance.

4.) 21 Nov 2021 16:03:50
There is a 1st time for everything Red.

5.) 21 Nov 2021 16:20:02
Ole had a good run and then he signed permanently and it went to sh! t straight after.

6.) 21 Nov 2021 16:27:26

They keep making the same mistakes, but there is the chance they might get one right, although I don’t hold out hope, until I can see some sense over a number of key decisions.

7.) 21 Nov 2021 16:27:56
EZRS, even in that run we weren't playing the football some fans would have you believe. That PSG game we were battered but we came away with the win. The performances weren't great and the subsequent capitulation wasn't a shock for some.

That's why we have to give the interim manager no hope of actually getting the job permanently. There is a very good team here that is capable of winning games of football. I hope they have their main target in mind and go and get them.

8.) 21 Nov 2021 17:46:34
Blanc is a good manager. His achievements at Bordeaux prove that.

9.) 21 Nov 2021 17:47:18
Give it a rest shappy, the club aren't that stupid.

10.) 21 Nov 2021 18:36:10
Have you seen the state of his current team caolan? Got the best players in the league yet has only won two games in a proper poor league. Steer clear for me.

11.) 21 Nov 2021 20:03:04
RedWhiskey, remind me how we ended up with Ole again?

12.) 21 Nov 2021 20:23:44
Shappy you spent 34 months defending Ole day in day out saying he was the man for the job mate. Justifying him being manager over the likes of Pochettino and Tuchel who were available when our ex manager was failing. Now the people who chose him are incompetent and unable to pick a successor?

13.) 21 Nov 2021 21:20:54
And you really think they'll do it again Shappy? Come on even you know better than that.

14.) 21 Nov 2021 23:56:55
It’s hilarious how Shappy’s posts are misread so often, fairly certain Shappy has been very consistent about how the club is run.



27 Aug 2021 16:12:28
Anyone else thinking that if CR7 comes home, Pogba could go the other way?

Clears a bunch off the wage bill to free up part of the money for Ronaldo's wages, and should more than cover the transfer fee. Also solves the Pogba contract problem.

Then we can try to shift Pereira and James and/ or Lingard, making room for Neves/ Saul/ Camavinga/ Rice.

Maybe we could even find Cavani a free move back to South America too.

Probably unrealistic, but I could see something like CR7 and Camavinga in, Cavani, Pogba, Pereira and Lingard out. With midfield fixed and CR7 replacing Cavani, I think we would be strong contenders, maybe even favourites for the league, and serious challengers for the CL.

Like I said, it's probably unrealistic, but hard not to get excited and dream big right now.


1.) 27 Aug 2021 16:17:22
Not with the time left in the window.



21 Jun 2021 22:08:47
Hi Ed's, I was wondering whether you could give us any indication of how highly Utd seem to be priorising the signing of a CDM type such as Rice for example?

I believe I'm hardly alone in thinking this is either the most important signing for us or second only to a mobile CB, and I'm wondering whether the club see it as important too, or whether they are prioritising areas like RB and RW and only looking at CDM as an afterthought if at all.

Also, I realise you may not be able to answer this, but do you know how much influence Ole has on which of these signings are prioritised?


{Ed002's Note - It is less of a priority than other positions. The coach has input in respect of targets.}

1.) 22 Jun 2021 10:35:09
Thanks Ed, appreciate the response.

Very disappointing, as it suggests that Ole is satisfied with the McFred pairing. McFred was an understandable choice given our current midfield options, but being satisfied to stick with that when we have a chance to add a cdm to balance the midfield is concerning.

2.) 22 Jun 2021 12:54:42
Agree with you Thorne.
Both Fred and McTominay are not special-ist holding midfielders.

What we need is a prime Matic/ Carrick type player who shields the backline.

3.) 22 Jun 2021 14:41:40
It is clear that the manager is happy with the situation. It is how he wants to play. Otherwise he would make a defensive midfielder his priority long ago and we all know our club would try really hard to deliver.

4.) 22 Jun 2021 15:36:21
What's all the obsession with cam.
Ole doesn't play with 1 cdm.
Everybody seems to want something ole doesn't.

5.) 22 Jun 2021 22:21:00
The thing is, until now Ole hasn't had much choice but play McFred, and there have been bigger priorities. I mean, it's not long ago we were regularly playing Andrea's Pereira at CAM. I think we can all agree getting Bruno was a higher priority than balancing the central midfield pairing at the time. Matic was still capable of playing enough games until this season too.

We've now reached a point where we've fixed most of the more urgent problems in the squad and Matic can't play as many games as he used to, so a CDM has become a bigger priority. If Ole doesn't push to get at least one CDM in this window, it means he is genuinely content
with shackling his midfielders this way.

If that's the case then I am really disappointed.

I'm not bothered that he rates even Fred as highly as he seems to, I'm bothered that he can't see how much even Fred (let alone McT, DVB or Pogba) would benefit from playing alongside a proper DM.

6.) 23 Jun 2021 09:37:49
I mean is it Ole's preferred pairing? Do we know this for sure, has he come out and said of all the midfielders in the world he wouldn't swap McFred for any of them?

Or is it a case that he has tried many different pairings, Herrera/ Matic, Herrera/ Pogba, Pogba/ Matic, McTominay/ Pogba, Fred/ Pogba, Fred/ Donny, McTominay/ Donny, Matic/ Donny, McTominay/ Matic.

Yet after trying all of those various combinations it is Fred/ McTominay that has consistently played the best and got the best results?

That doesn't mean Ole wouldn't take an upgrade if one was available, just that statistically McFred is our best midfield.

7.) 23 Jun 2021 12:22:11
Come on, stop it Shappy. None said that the pair are the dream players for Ole. They are very important in the way he plays and see no reason to make a numper 6 a priority. Isn't it obvious? He is almost 3 years here, we know his preferences.



29 May 2021 22:22:21
Hi Eds, I heard a rumour from a friend that United may have been looking at Koopmeiners of AZ Alkmar to supplement our central midfield, and I was wondering whether you might know whether he has been looked at or not.

I haven't watched a huge amount of Dutch football recently, but he does look like a very capable deep-lying playmaker, and if he has the defensive awareness and positioning to go with it, he could be a great addition. Adding that creativity from a deep position would take some of the burden off Bruno, while he could also free up players like DVB, McTominay or Pogba to get forwards more from alongside him.


{Ed002's Note - There are talks ongoing with another club.}

1.) 30 May 2021 13:16:01
Thanks Ed.



19 Feb 2021 09:52:23
12 minutes isn't much to judge a player on, but I liked the look of what I saw from Amad. He showed a willingness to do the defensive work, and he did it intelligently, watching passing lanes etc.

Nice bit of skill by the touchline to escape from two opponents and scare the third into a clumsy foul.

Looking forward to seeing what he can do given a bit more time.


1.) 19 Feb 2021 10:22:45
I have to agree Thorne. He looks a very confident lad and seems to have the pace, energy and skills to take people on and what he did on the touchline with 3 opponents close to him was fantastic.

A very short cameo but I am excited as well to see him given more opportunities and minutes on the pitch.

2.) 19 Feb 2021 14:42:13
When Dan James scored his goal, Diallo had burst all the way forward right to the goal line. He was probably only one shoe size away from nicking the goal off DJ. Encouraging to see that sort of instinct in one of our forwards.

3.) 19 Feb 2021 15:26:28

It's too early but the signs are really encouraging and if we believe the reports that everyone at the club are really impressed by him and if he could just keep improving and show glimpses of what he is capable given more opportunities then we could soon have a skillful player on the flanks who could get us on the edge of our seats.




Thorne's rumour replies


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17 Jun 2024 10:55:58
Wallace, gets on well with the players, lacks in-game management etc. Kind of reminds you of another manager we had recently doesn't it?

Honestly, I'm dreading the possibility of Southgate as manager. If we are going to have a manager purely based on his ability to keep the players happy, we should bring Ole back. I still believe that while he certainly wasn't good enough, he could have improved in those areas, arguably had even started to, and I'd much rather suffer through a couple of years of him while he learns to make changes during a match than have Southgate.

For the record, I'm not seriously advocating bringing OGS back (although I wouldn't be as opposed to it as many would I suspect), just ponting out the irony of Southgate being a rumoured target, when he's got such similar weaknesses to Ole, and IMO isn't any better of a manager.




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13 Jun 2024 08:07:01
I'd definitely like to see Amad getting more game time this season and start challenging Antony for the starting place. Amad is good enough IMO, that Antony will have to step up his game considerably if he wants to keep his place.

If Antony does step up, that's great for us, if not, Amad will come in and should have no problem doing better than Antony has managed for the last year. Win-win as far as I'm concerned.




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12 Jun 2024 14:37:23
I always thought it was an unlikely move for us. Unless, like Fallguy says, we could convince someone to buy Antony (and for a decent fee too) .

There is a limit to how much we can spend, and with Amad and Garnacho able to play at rw, I just didn't see it being prioritised over cbs and cm/ cdm's (realistically I thhink we'll need 2 of each I expect), and most likely a striker too (sadly I don't see the club taking up my idea and converting McT back to a striker to offer competition and cover to Rasmus.

Sure if some middle east club decided that they hadn't wasted quite enough money and splashed 50+m on Antony, maybe Olise might have been an option, otherwise it was never going to happen.




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12 Jun 2024 13:08:30
I'm not ETH's biggest fan, but I have to agree that sacking him because of results would have been a terrible decision.

The results were not good enough this season, but taking into account the injuries we've had this season, they weren't bad enough to justify sacking the manager. The cup doesn't really factor into it for me.




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07 Jun 2024 11:18:54
I never understand why people talk about Rashford like he's had one good season and been rubbish the rest of the time. He's had two bad seasons out of the last 5, last season, when the entire team was poor, and the other was when he was playing through injury for a good chunk of the season, in a team which was playing badly as a whole, and basically imploded halfway through the season after Ragnick came in.

The season before that he was also playing through injury for a chunk of the season and was still one of our better players, finishing with 21 goals in all competitions. He played pretty well the season before that too, finishing with 22 goals.

Go back further and the numbers aren't especially impressive, but he was a youngster then, and doing pretty respectably for his age.

So in reality he's only had one really exceptional season, but he's only actually had two genuinely bad seasons, both of which were when the team as a whole was particularly bad.

He may not be world class, and perhaps he's a bit too susceptible to the mood and form of the team around him, but he's still a good player, and if the team is settled, happy and playing well, he'll more than carry his weight.

It would be nice if he was the type who will turn around a season single-handedly, and carry the team through the bad patches, but he isn't, and that doesn't mean he is no good and should be got rid of. Few players can do that, after all.

He is the type who shines when the team as a whole as doing well, and that's exactly where we want to be.





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19 Dec 2023 23:04:39
The money for Antony was silly, but I still think he could become a really good player IF he gets the right coaching AND he actually listens.

Whether those two things happen is anyone's guess, but I don't think people should be writing him off just yet.




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19 Dec 2023 22:55:42
Rashford caught a lot of crap the season before last too. The whole team was poor, and he was struggling heavily with lingering injury, but he was one of the few players who actually did alright that season, yet he was still targeted more than most of our players.

Even Fletcher has been mentioned above as crap, but before his sickness he was a fantastic player, and a key part of SAFs squad.

McTominey has been played out of position more often than not for his entire career, has given 100% effort in nearly every game he's ever played for us, is currently our top scorer, and he's still being called crap (note that i'm not saying he's world class, or even that he should be kept past next summer, just that I think he is earning a lot more respect than he's getting) .

Academy players definitely get more stick when they don't perform. If they are playing ok but not amazing, they get called over rated. If they are playing a bit poorly, they get talked about as badly as other players who've been playing worse for twice as long.




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08 Aug 2023 15:53:55
Noucamp99, you're right that we can't keep letting so many players leave for so much less than they are worth. However, holding out for fair value is a luxury we can't afford at the moment.

This is the situation we've been left in by bad management and a policy of viewing players as assets rather than players. We've got too many players on big contracts who we need to move on.

Other teams know this, and that our spending so far, combined with ffp leaves us really needing to move players on. It's not leaving us in the best bargaining position.

That doesn't mean we should just accept whatever offers we get, but we may need to accept less than we like, and IMO, £60m or more for the pair is pretty reasonable, and we'll struggle to get much over that.

Hopefully once we get the current deadwood moved on, we won't be in this position in future, and we'll be able to afford to stand firm for better deals on sales.




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08 Aug 2023 08:41:05
Agreed. £60-65m for the pair would be a decent deal. Very much doubt we'll get more unless a good chunk is tied up in performance related bonuses.

I could maybe see a club stretching to £70m in exchange for more of the fee being spread out with less up front.




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08 Aug 2023 08:32:51
I agree that our fans under-rate them both, but 90m? Not a chance.

Maguire is limited, buying the right setup he's a good defender. Not great by any stretch, but he could be very effective in the right team.

McTominey is more underrated. He's not at the level we need, but he's been used primarily as a holding midfielder for years, and that's simply not his position. He's as good or better than Fred in nearly every way. The only area Fred beats him is distance covered, but that's not a positive in this case, because Fred runs around like a headless chicken, regularly leaving him out of position.

IMO, if the club can get £60-65m for the pair they should take it. £70m would be doing well.

£90m would be a masterpiece of negotiation and whoever pulled that off should just retire, because they've peaked and will never pull off such a one sided deal again.