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13 Dec 2021 22:27:15
Brentford away does not fill me with lots of confidence. Sad to say i know.

Nothing Changes

1.) 13 Dec 2021 22:56:45
Even less so with how the build up has gone. C.V. issues, no training, yet to travel. Add that to a fired up home team who play with plenty of intensity and we could find it tough. However it is what it is. Wish the premier league would state what’s happening though as it’s really unfair to the match going fans.

2.) 14 Dec 2021 00:46:28
Well we definitely won’t lose.

3.) 14 Dec 2021 07:55:22
Game off.

4.) 14 Dec 2021 09:13:31
Top of the iceberg is the fear…although our numbers are supposed to be small the league maybe thought it best to call it off incase it spread from us to Brentford and further. Brighton game could be off too as they apparently have a number of cases. Delicate line for the premier league between entertainment and player/ fan safety.

5.) 14 Dec 2021 10:15:45
I'd be surprised if the Christmas schedule goes ahead. Positive cases ramping up at most clubs, players, coaches and other staff.

It would be insane for them to keep trying to force it, and could even being into question the sporting integrity if a team with half their squad out are forced to play against a fully fit side. Although money does talk.

The problem is that it can take 3-4 days between contracting and returning a positive test. With games every 3-4 days over the Christmas period it would be almost impossible to guarantee that the 22 players on the pitch don't actually have the C.V. in any given match.

This is just the start, Spurs, ourselves and soon most other clubs will have this issue.

6.) 14 Dec 2021 11:11:18
Won't be long before reduced crowds are introduced I fear.
I think you have to prove your C.V. free or have a vax cert to get into a game now .

7.) 14 Dec 2021 14:06:26
They should follow the example of the NFL and just adopt a “next man up” policy regardless of C.V. cases.

All of these clubs make a huge song and dance about their academies (which should be in seperate bubbles) so they should use them.

We should be playing brentford today with a mixture of confirmed negative tested players and some academy kids.

8.) 14 Dec 2021 14:51:29
DSG, so how do you expect the club's to use academy players who are in a separate bubble while keeping them in that bubble?

Also do you expect clubs to have totally different staff for both sets of players? Are the canteen staff supposed to change after serving the first team with new staff coming in for the youth sides?

What about coaches? Ralf Rangnick specifically worked with our young players ahead of playing them in the UCL against Young Boys. What about our other coaches.

How are the first team management supposed to know which academy players to promote without having detailed conversations with the academy coaches or without watching the academy players? What happens if an academy player is drafted into the first team but struggles, can they then go back to train with their fellow youth players or do they need to train in isolation from then on as they aren't in either bubble?

The problem is there is a lag period between contracting the sickness and returning a positive test.

Add to that it's Christmas and people will be visiting family members, which currently isn't banned. How do you expect to stop the spread of a more contagious variant?

The reality is any club that has an outbreak will find it hard to isolate all their players while the general public are allowed to mix.

While for our club specifically the outbreak started with academy players. So what do we play Brentford with negative first team players and players from the women's team as the academy has been compromised?

9.) 14 Dec 2021 15:54:20
Well its pretty clear that you move from one bubble to another based on if you test negative for the C.V.

I didn't say it would be easy but cancelling fixtures 24 months into this C.V. doesn't seem like the appropriate solution to me. Clubs have had plenty of time to put in place mitigations against these things happening.

The lag between positivity and contracting the C.V. is just something that has to be put up with.

If the inability of having separate canteen staff is jeopardising a billion pound industry then everyone should just bring a packed lunch lol.

Also i don't appreciate a response to a post which is just a load of questions, you're an adult not a 7 year old kid.

10.) 14 Dec 2021 16:51:40
Spot on DSG. It's up to the clubs and the players to take every step not to catch CV. If they do then they need to treat it just like an injury. If a club has 10 players testing positive then that's just tough because they should have done more to prevent it.

One way the players could improve their chances of remaining CV free is to get vaccinated and the clubs should insist on it i. e. players that won't are not allowed anywhere near the club's activities and they are named and shamed in the media.

I'm out of patience with people who won't get vaccinated. At the very least they should be made to stay home until they do and I'd advocate even tougher measures, but this is not the place to go into that.

11.) 14 Dec 2021 17:33:36
DSG, the problem is that like with any sickness there are peaks and dips.

You could argue that every country in the world should have this under control by now. They shouldn't have to be increasing measures.

But that is the nature of things. The general public have let their guard down, stopped washing their hands, wearing masks, socially distancing etc. Next time you go to a supermarket stand by the entrance and count how many people wipe down the trolley and use the hand sanitiser. I'd imagine it's less than 1 in 5. People think they've had a jab so they are safe and no longer need to be cautious.

Pair that with the typical winter increase in sicknesses and weakened immune systems because of that. Along with a more contagious strain and it's obvious that there was going to be a spike.

Ultimately this comes down to the same thing it has all the way through the whole situation. It's about managing C.V. rates to enable an underfunded healthcare system to cope without having to increase funding. Managing the C.V. rate and the need for hospital treatment also stems the death rate and means less people have to bury a loved one that could have had many more years of life.

Yeah it sucks.

As for football clubs, ultimately it's entertainment. Not vital and if they need to cancel games to keep people safe then so be it. As we have seen the games will be played at some point. Surely from a sporting perspective you have more integrity in the results if games haven't been forced to be played with academy players. Surely the quality of the spectacle is higher if you have two teams fielding top quality professional players, than a rag tag bunch of squad players, kids and a few star players.

While the top clubs might be better suited to deal with it, imagine those fighting to stay in the league. Those sides that have smaller squads. Some teams don't even have an academy to dip into. Brentford being one of them. What if half the Brentford squad got ill because they had to play a game against a side like United that had an outbreak.

For those teams being forced to play with so few professional players could be the difference between survival and relegation. Is it fair to force them to play?

While no one wants to see games cancelled, people spreading an sickness that does kill people isn't something that is worthwhile doing for entertainment purposes.

12.) 14 Dec 2021 19:01:22
Shappy, of course it's fair to make them play. If the players caught CV then it's their own fault. If you stay at home and don't see anyone then you won't catch it. If you want to get promoted or avoid relegation so much then you will do everything to avoid catching CV. It's really simple; you reap what you sow.

13.) 14 Dec 2021 20:42:12
MancMan, that's not the case though. You only need one player to be an idiot and catch it, then due to the close proximity that the players have to work and train in that one player can give it to the rest of the squad. All of whom may have taken every precaution.

It's not the same as an injury, as players can't catch a ankle sprain off of eachother.

Every club has at least one idiot, someone who thinks they are above the rules or it won't happen to them.

That one player can pass it on to the rest, regardless of how careful they have been.

14.) 14 Dec 2021 21:21:56
Shappy, if that happens then the squad and the club have failed and should deal with the consequences which is reduced playing staff.

They only have themselves to blame, it doesn't matter whether it was one person or ten.



13 Dec 2021 22:25:56
Its athletico. Get ready for lots of drama. Tough place to away and play but their current form is pretty average like ours so should be a tight game both legs.

Nothing Changes

1.) 13 Dec 2021 23:38:34
Chance to get a closer look at Felix whose name seems to be doing the rounds. He’s been pretty underwhelming whenever I’ve seen him. Massive price-tag to live up to.

2.) 14 Dec 2021 06:15:06
Felix is a bench player most of the time.

3.) 14 Dec 2021 10:21:41
Atletico will be a tough draw, but personally probably easier than PSG who are considered one of the genuine challengers for the UCL.

Playing a high line with Maguire against Mbappe, Neymar and Messi along with the frequency that they attack sounds pretty ominous to be honest.

Up against a sit deep and compact side like Atletico I'd be more confident of keeping a clean sheet both home and away. I trust the quality we have in our forward areas to crack the tough nut and score a couple of goals.

I think this is a tie we can win, the PSG tie was one I'd hope we could win.



12 Dec 2021 20:35:08
Rashford work rate is so poor defensively. He is only interested when attacking and unfortunately runs into defenders and losses the ball.

I think our front players are just lazy and such maddonas that avoid any physical play and sticking a foot in.

Nothing Changes

1.) 12 Dec 2021 21:32:45
Madonnas ??.

2.) 13 Dec 2021 00:26:00
God sake. Last week they were praised for their pressing. It’s been TWO premier league games with Rangnick. Rashford is out of form, Bruno is out of form but they are also getting used to a new system as well. Results and performances will be up and down whilst the players try and undo the habits developed over the past 2/ 3 years.

Performance was crap on Saturday but a clean sheet and 3 points. If we can keep clean sheets we will win a hell of a lot of games because with those Madonna’s there’s always a goal in them.

3.) 13 Dec 2021 07:31:45
Well GDS, he does tend to go down when touched for the very first time.

4.) 13 Dec 2021 08:12:30
That's Borderline RWWD but certainly in Vogue. Some of Utd's players are Material Girls and recently they've not been Into The Groove, it's like they're already on Holiday. Somebody needs to tell them "Express Yourself" more then you'll be able to Take a Bow because at the moment they are playing like Beautiful Strangers and Nothing Really Matters to them. They should thank their Lucky Stars that they are still getting a game. Sorry.

5.) 13 Dec 2021 10:03:53
Mancman - quality.

6.) 13 Dec 2021 11:49:24
You're not sorry at all, MancMan ?.

7.) 13 Dec 2021 12:59:43
No I'm not Noucamp, but it is the name of a Madonna song.




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26 Oct 2021 22:02:21
I think we beat spurs on saturday.

Nothing Changes




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07 Dec 2021 18:26:22
Rashford for me goes down too easily and very one dimensional. He wants to run at players but most of the time just runs into giving the ball away. He has been pretty underwhelming for over a year now. Greenwood much better finisher but my god so bad at defending or putting foot in.

Nothing Changes



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05 Dec 2021 20:14:39
Thats 7/9 available points last 3 games. Cut the players and the team some slack as most would have never thought we would do that. It will be a team going through transition. Enjoy the ups and downs. I think we will have a very good second half of the season.

Nothing Changes



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05 Dec 2021 20:00:49
Rashford has been poor for a long time now. I think he tries too hard to score and easy to read. show him the left side and don't allow me to come in on the right and he is one trick pony.

Nothing Changes



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03 Dec 2021 07:25:32
I met his agent through a mutual friend this summer. They have no intention of staying and he is leaving.

Nothing Changes



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03 Dec 2021 06:46:29
No mate been busy with life. Been reading the page and bored watching our football. I thought we played well yesterday and look at the positives of a performance. Good win against a side that has been in good form.

Nothing Changes