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27 Aug 2023 21:27:42
End of window gets weirder by the day.

Apparently we want Marcos Alonso on loan till January. Some allegations around him as well.
Great going forward, defensively suspect, didn't he just recently want to move back to spain and that was the reason for leaving chelsea? maybe Barcelona are desperate.

Cucurella don't see that happening. Chilwell is injury prone and they let Hall go. Why make the squad even weaker?

Regulion. I think he is most gettable. Out of favour at tottenham and not many takers.

The even more odd rumours are mctominay and gravenberch loan swap. Why would you do a loan swap and not just a direct swap?
Would be a good move as long as we get amrabat in.





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09 May 2024 00:11:26
Todays game vs Real Madrid shows why we should not get Tuchel.

He subbed off Kane, switched to a back 5, and subbed off Sane.

Poor negative management, he should have brought on Mathys Tel or tried to counter but instead he just brought off his better players and surrendered the match.


1.) 09 May 2024 06:08:32
Alternative argument, Neuer shouldn't have f@#k*d up, and the linesman admitted he made the wrong decision after the game.

None of that was Tuchels fault. It's easy to blame a manager. Perhaps he should have kept Kane on.

2.) 09 May 2024 06:26:13
I am not here to defend Tuchel but if the keeper hadn’t dropped an absolute clanger it may well have been successful. Going to Madrid and doing what Bayern did, probably deserved to win given their game strategy, it was the sign of an elite coach.

I would take Tuchel over what we have and certainly over Southgate.

3.) 09 May 2024 06:40:47
I’d be more worried that he’s a manager who like Conte / Mourinho et al seems to fall out with everyone by season three, and it feels unlikely we’ll be challenging in that time and back to square one again. Or maybe that’s just being defeatist? Just feels like we need someone with vision to begin from the bottom up.

4.) 09 May 2024 07:05:45
Backpass you’re right.

Remember just a few weeks ago when ETH was getting hammered for subbing Garnacho, by the same people defending Tuchel above?

At the time he brought Kane off it’s the first thing that came to mind; the meltdown on here has Tuchel made the same subs for us.

5.) 09 May 2024 07:07:06
Not being defeatist spenno. Or if you are then that makes two of us because I agree with you.
Anyway, it's irrelevant because ETH is going nowhere. SJR likes bald men. Hence SDB is on board. ken just see it.

6.) 09 May 2024 08:43:37
Then by all accounts ten hag shouldn’t be the manager based on the group stages lol.

7.) 09 May 2024 08:59:21
Losing a champions league semi final by the odd goal against Madrid at the bernabeu…. that’s something we could only dream about currently so if that’s what tuchel brings then sign me up. His management and tactics got them there in the first place remember!

8.) 09 May 2024 10:02:31
Tim, most of us all know that's nonsense though because if that happens to us in the manner it did last night, individuals would be on here hammering Tuchel for taking off a player and his tactics. Unfortunately that's what some of this fanbase have become.

9.) 09 May 2024 10:15:30
To be fair Kane's stats at the point of being substituted were the poorest in the Bayern line-up - he got an assist but four passes and definitely fatigued. But yeah, in hindsight definitely the guy you want on the pitch when you're chasing which is the risk you take.

10.) 09 May 2024 10:40:47
I'm not sure about that ports.
Klopp gets lot of praise on here just for competing he wins very little.
I would be delighted to see us competing at the top table. Wins at that level or losses can happen in a blink of an eye.

11.) 09 May 2024 10:46:15
Backpass / rohan.
Can you make me the manager that never made a mistake? That will go alongside any of fizzy pops posts as one of the daftest.
To get to be winning a semi final with 1 min to go means he did a lot more right than wrong over the course of the comp.
Pep lost plenty of semi finals and finals so did fergie klopp etc.

12.) 09 May 2024 11:37:57
So taking Kane off with 5 mins to go and going defensive is poor negative management but Ten Hag doing it after 65 mins is fine and taking his best players off at that.

13.) 09 May 2024 12:05:35
You are absolutely right Mad Hatter, it is easy to blame the manager ?.

14.) 09 May 2024 13:55:12
To be fair he can't do anything about a mistake by Neuer. I do think the subs and change of shape actually helped Madrid and there was more space for some reason. I was thinking they are in trouble if they concede and how is he going to hold out for 30 minutes of extra time as he took all the threat upfront off.

Saying that I thought sane was really poor all game and not sure if he had anyone on the bench to replace him with. Personally would have left Kane on as they have nothing left to play for and this was it.

I have no issues with them sitting back and trying to counter.

15.) 09 May 2024 14:00:41
On another note the premier of 99 by prime is this weekend in Manchester i believe and everyone is going to be there.

16.) 10 May 2024 13:36:21

I thought Kane had looked sluggish towards the end of the game if honest.

{Ed077's Note - taking off attacking players and going all defensive with just 1 goal lead isn't the best idea, regardless of how you spin it. If it was 3-0 with 10 to go, fine but it was too small a margin to do that, IMO. Another thing people haven't really talked about is, even if the De Lift goal stood, they would have had to play the ET with less attacking threat (at least on paper) and if it went to a penalty shootout, Who are the players to take the pens?

Would you rather Kane take them or Kim?

If Ten Hag taking Garnacho off can have a negative mental effect on our players then why can't the same thing happen when Tuchel took off Kane, Sane and Musiala to go more defensive? Madrid already seem to have the psychological edge over everyone else so it can't have had a positive impact ey



02 May 2024 14:17:27
From the 30 players we have on loan, apart from maybe 5 players, I don't know if anyone deserves to be a United player.

You cannot just ship out 20 players in one window, but I hope we ship out atleast 10.

I hope we don't get europa league football, it just means more injuries and a stretched squad.

Id rather we go with a thinner squad but with players suited to the football we want to play supplemented by young players than see
McTominay, Maguire and Rashford do what they all their careers.

Hoping for some good next steps next year.


1.) 03 May 2024 07:55:10
Glad ten Hag put the media’s sensationalist ‘everyone for sale’ headlines down as ‘a load of crap’. But yeah I agree, I think we could see up to 10 leave and maybe 4-5 in.

2.) 03 May 2024 12:29:24
its the transfer season approaching. They will write lots of silly stuff and they don't care. Never going to happen. We will do well if we can shift the guys on loan for decent amounts and maybe two to three from the current squad, who are still under contract and bring in 5 players. That would be a great window imo.



18 Feb 2024 22:12:05
I was young when this used to happen, but I remember we used to send young players on loan to a belgian club Royal Antwerp for development.

What ever happened to that?


1.) 18 Feb 2024 22:47:52
Yeah I remember that too backpass. I think we sent Ronnie Wallwork there. Had high hopes for him but didn’t he attack a ref or something? Might have something to do with it ?.

2.) 18 Feb 2024 23:05:05
Did Evans do a stint there?

{Ed002's Note - More than 25 players went there.}

3.) 19 Feb 2024 19:26:24
A lad I played with in a team from under 10’s up was sent to Antwerp by United. Not sure why it stopped happening though.



18 Dec 2023 10:24:39
ETH's signings:

Bayindir: Feels like a worthless signing to me, he sold Kovar and bought bayindir. One is backup to Bayer who are top of bundlesliga. Sideway transfer.

Onana: Replacing the United keeper was never going to be easy. De Gea got so much criticism for his mistakes, but Onana has them every other game. The keeper signing has been underwhelming and the money could have been spent elsewhere than on a keeper when De Gea was still a solid keeper.

Evans: successful signing. 5th or maybe 6th choice CB. Has played a part in few games and top professional. LVG was mad to sell him and sign replacements like Marcos Rojo.

Mount: been injured all season. hasn't looked settled whenever he played. Underwhelming signing again.

Amrabat: doesn't look comfortable with the pace of the league. Heavy question marks over him.

Hojlund: Overpriced and that definitely doesn't help a young kid. Flashes of brilliance, playing in a team that ignores the CF. Overall still needs time. It is questionable though that the manager thinks a substitute for Atlanta can come to United and be a consistent starter. Madness.

Martinez: Good first season. Only defrnder that can make a good pass from defense. Solid signing.

Casemiro: Good first season, ok second season. Injured. Overpaid transfer fee.

Eriksen: For a free signing, great player but again injured.

Antony: Absolute garbage signing and wages being paid to a player whose best attribute is to help the fullback. He could spent that money on Dwight McNeil. Atrocious signing.

Malacia: Backup Lb signing who again is injured.

Of the major signings he's made we do not have a out and out success signing.

We have a few one season successes, half of his signings on the treatment table.

Do you really think ETH should be backed in the winter transfer window?
I think not, we should look to sell a few.
We should get someone who does transfers well like a Paul Mitchell than let ETH buy more dutch flop talents or ex-Ajax legends who once reached a champions league semi final.

Till that is not sorted, i trust us to sign more sideways player who will be the same level as the current ones.


1.) 18 Dec 2023 10:47:18
Martinez was brilliant last season. He really stood out last season and has been missed whilst been injured.

2.) 18 Dec 2023 11:12:52
You just did the list and then said he’s buying Dutch flops, which ones are they?

Can’t help thinking you wrote the list knowing you were going to be negative on every player, the order you put them in gave that away, Martinez has been a great signing yet he was brushed over.

We all know we need to get a proper director of football in with a vision and start to sign players that improve us, that is likely going to happen with SJR takes over. I still there some of the signings you mentioned will come good, others are loan signings or back ups so are doing as expected really. The club has wasted money and overspent on average players for years, well before ETH, so I wouldn’t be just blaming him to be honest.

3.) 18 Dec 2023 11:25:18
GDS2 - which ever way you spin it ETH'S signings haven't been good enough, especially when you look at the amount of money that has been wasted.

4.) 18 Dec 2023 12:09:31
GDS is it a good signing if he can't play 9 months of football?
I specifically wrote was a good signing.
He also wanted Gakpo, and he's been poor for Liverpool.
By dutch I meant dutch league players.

ETH has to take the blame surely.
The Antony signing alone should be alone to massively criticise them.
Tell me is Antony better than Amad or Pelliatri?

Last year signings still worked out decent but what about this year? The only shining light is Jonny Evans.
He's an year away from a coaching role. Sometimes I wonder he was signed to push Maguire out or be his backup in case he leaves at the end of the window.

5.) 18 Dec 2023 12:34:59
It has been pretty underwhelming and the injury list is a mystery, although many clubs have issues. Can't help but feel something else is contributing.
I don't want to use this post as a chance to do any more bashing. Without stating the obvious there is obviously stuff that goes on in the background for example re: the goalkeeping situation Kovar may well have asked for a move if he wasn't going to play. The Onana vs De Gea one will always split opinion, again there was a lot said and done that meant David had to go, I expect most of it £ related. I think we'd still be in the CL with de Gea but of course only a subjective opinion, we'll never know. I do worry that we signed a replacement renowned for playing a certain way and my heart is in my mouth every time he is involved. This is the one player on the pitch you want to feel reassured in. But been said before by many that it takes time for a GK to settle so I guess can't really be judged just yet.

6.) 18 Dec 2023 12:41:35
I agree that for the £ paid Antony should be offering an awful lot more and I agree we could reel off a list of players who could probably have been better signings. I don't think we need to get too caught up in the left or right sided thing, plenty of examples of right-sided left-footers who had blinding weekends ie Palmer and Kulusevski both scored and assisted over the weekend.

7.) 18 Dec 2023 13:58:14
With the exception of martinez none of his buys have been a big hit really to be honest.
There are done mitigating circumstances for mount and possibly malacia who was really only cover but the rest have been below average so far.

8.) 18 Dec 2023 15:18:05
The Antony signing is weird. After watching him for one game it was obvious he wasn't good enough and worth a fraction of what Utd paid for him.

How ETH/ the club could have scouted him extensively and decided he was a World class player worth £80 million I have no idea.

The fact he is allergic to touching the ball with his right foot should have been the most obvious major clue to his limitations.

9.) 18 Dec 2023 18:30:56
Cassemiro is not below average. It is only the TV muppets, sorry, pundits, who are trying to convince everyone that he was a bad signing. Souness in particular.

Cassemiro was class last season and should not have had those dodgy red cards.

He has not been a player dogged by injuries so far as I remember? When he comes back I can't wait to see him, Mainoo and Fernandes play together. If we sell him to saudi for a younger player. He will take some replacing.

10.) 18 Dec 2023 22:14:10
I agree he is a great player and did well last season.
He missed I think 8 games through suspension and has been injured and is looking to leave so I don't think the signing can be considered a success but agree for mitigating circumstances DB.
That would be my preferred midfield DB and I think would have been the plan had injuries not removed cas and mainoo.
I also genuinely believe that Greenwood was part of the squad plans for up front until the rug was pulled a couple of days before the window closed.
All we can hope for is that sjr puts a team in place that leads to better recruitment.

11.) 19 Dec 2023 23:04:39
The money for Antony was silly, but I still think he could become a really good player IF he gets the right coaching AND he actually listens.

Whether those two things happen is anyone's guess, but I don't think people should be writing him off just yet.



10 Dec 2023 05:38:43
It's a pattern with this United team, whenever they come with up with a well drilled team, we struggle.

Previous games everton chelsea etc, those players had the same chances as today and they didn't score. Today bournemouth scored half of them.

It's the same players with similar issues.

Dalot trying to shoot when he should pass. Other games he's very weak defensively.

Reguilon, his crosses were awful, high lofted cross for the keeper to catch? Defending back he's out of position and awful.

Shaw cannot pass out from the back, and of the goals was because of him.

Bruno is extremely wasteful.

Antony needs 10 touches to decide what to do next.

McTominay is absent until the ball reaches the final third. Does not even drop back to do walled backpasses. I am happy he scored goals for us, but long term he's not fit to play and that 30-35m can help us get a Cb we desperately need.

There is definitely manager's faults, but these are players downing tools.
The only reason they played well was because lost poorly against Newcastle. And once they had a win against Chelsea it was back to the poor standards again.

Manchester united have to do the culling and I hope we sell quite a few of this lot.
If McTominay's goal scoring exploits means there are suitors for him on the market, he has to be sold.

This winter window should be to move players, as many as possible.
I do not trust ETH with more transfers with the current recruitment team. He should not be allowed to spend and bring more poor players.

As a club they should try to move on 4-5 players this window.

The likes of McTominay needs to be sold. Varane needs to go. Martial needs to be sold for 3-4m or whatever u can get for him. I would not be averse to selling us pellistri and hannibal if they are not part of his long term plans and we insert some buyback like we did for the recent players we let go.

And possibly in the summer ETH needs to go.


1.) 10 Dec 2023 08:34:09
You say you do not trust ETH with transfers? How do you replace those players you move on this window if you don't trust the manager and you plan to move him on in the summer.

I agree about the culling of players, but those players need to be replaced instantly. We simply do not have the squad depth to move players on.

We can't just buy players who are not part of a managers plan and who the manager doesn't want. Especially if you want him gone. The squad will just become more disjointed than it currently is.

2.) 10 Dec 2023 12:33:43
. reckon Wieghorst will still be available in Jan?

3.) 10 Dec 2023 14:35:57
Good shout Spenno, he's in a bit of scoring form now too.

4.) 10 Dec 2023 19:05:33
And he gave 100% week in week out for zero service and we blamed him!

5.) 11 Dec 2023 07:11:49
Martial, Pellistri, Varrane, Evans, DVB, Sancho, regullion I suspect will not be here next year.

I am guessing, we will bring back our left back who is on loan and extend his contract and integrate him into the squad if he is as good as most believe.

Then we have the likes of Hanibal and what do you do with him. Do you extend and try and sell him or is a keeper.

I am not in the camp of cas being finished and I still think a healthy cas is our best DCM.

Then you have Maguire who will be in his last year of his contract and do you sell, do you extend or just let his contract run out.

All in all that anywhere from 7 to 10 players that are potentially going. That is a big rebuild job and I doubt we will be buying 7 to 10 players.




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07 Jul 2024 10:37:55
Girona and Donny might actually work out!




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24 Jan 2024 20:44:28
If Benzema signs and that means we can get top 4, it is a great signing.
But do you really think ETH is a manager that can handle big players?




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08 Jan 2024 18:28:19
Especially don't need them since the amount of games will be reduced now.




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26 Oct 2023 18:10:29
Those pre season games, I felt Heaton to be more comfortable on the ball than de gea ever was.

Heaton is also a very decent shot stopper.

Have no idea about bayindir but hoping he gets a start vs newcastle in the league cup game.




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28 Aug 2023 09:21:54
This is just my opinion.
But keeping a player that has no desire to play for you helps no one at all.
Fans clearly hate him at this point, and the manager has made him the last choice.
Doesnt suit at all how we play.

If he moves out on loan, we save on wages, and I do not see Jonny Evans as a massive downgrade from Maguire. The only concern is fitness, as Evans and Varane aren't the fittest players around.

Maguire, McTom, Donny out and Evans, Marcos Alonso (or Cucurella), Amrabat and Gravenberch would be good business at this stage of the window.
I am not bothered about the structure of how the above happens but something needs to happen.





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17 Jul 2024 10:35:04
Sounds about right.

We are looking professional this year.

I would not discount left field signings like malacia 2 years back given we actually have people who know who to sign.




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26 May 2024 09:17:31
I know the recency bias kicks in.
And I am honestly 51:49 split on keeping him and letting him go.

But I'm not too confident about who comes next and if there is someone I could really back.

I do not like Tuchel, Poch would not be a huge upgrade and Mckenna is untested.

Of course we have to see what the board decides, but I could take another season of eth.

But I truly hope the medical department and injuries is given a second look.




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26 May 2024 08:33:58
Fizz, there are reasons for him to get the sack, and reasons not to.

Tomorrow he showed he can play a XI, that can beat Pep in a final.
Something we have never done as a team even under sir alex.

He has actually earned another season in my eyes,
2 major reasons:

That was a performance where it never looked like we were going to lose.
He would have stability now. We've always sacked manager and restarted again. This time maybe we stick by a man and see what happens. Weve done it with jose, ole, moyes, lvg, where they have a bad season and next year we get a new coach. Perhaps it is time we as a club ride the tide and see what happens next year.


{Ed025's Note - im not so sure backpass, yes it was a good performance yesterday against what looked to me a tired city side...but im taking nothing away from UTD who thoroughly deserved the win, but one swallow does not make a summer mate and the rest of the season was appalling so sticking with ETH would be a massive gamble imo..



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26 May 2024 06:11:19
Bruno as a CF is working very well imo.
Even if he loses shape or presses high, it doesn't matter.
And time and again he just sprints back into midfield and nicks the ball and we counter.

I wish eth played bruno as CF early days, we always had players who could play behind the striker.




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26 May 2024 06:09:08
Davy, at this moment everytime City don't win a trophy I am happy.

I wanted Arsenal to win the league this year, but your team could not do it. That aston villa loss cost u the title.

I just hope pep goes trophyless next year.