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27 Aug 2023 21:27:42
End of window gets weirder by the day.

Apparently we want Marcos Alonso on loan till January. Some allegations around him as well.
Great going forward, defensively suspect, didn't he just recently want to move back to spain and that was the reason for leaving chelsea? maybe Barcelona are desperate.

Cucurella don't see that happening. Chilwell is injury prone and they let Hall go. Why make the squad even weaker?

Regulion. I think he is most gettable. Out of favour at tottenham and not many takers.

The even more odd rumours are mctominay and gravenberch loan swap. Why would you do a loan swap and not just a direct swap?
Would be a good move as long as we get amrabat in.





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04 Nov 2023 03:29:09
Eth needs to go back and start playing any sort of football that brings results.

His first XI and the backup XI, all of them are not performing well.

There is not a single forward in his squad, that you can rely on for goals.

I just think ETH needs to play Jose football or Ole football and play 2 in midfield again or a 4-2-3-1 than 4-1-2-3 he plays.

The rest, I'd rather he played players that can pass and move and take a better position, less individualistic more team players.

We do have a few of them who do this, but most of them are bench warmers.
The players imo who are suited to do this are:
Mainoo, Eriksen, Amrabat, Mount, Donny, Martial, Hojlund, Antony, Pellistri, and Hannibal. Play most of them.

Also, I saw shoretire score a couple in the academy games, maybe keep a lad or 2 who are goalscoring form for the academy and give them 10 mins if we haven't scored till that point.


1.) 04 Nov 2023 05:54:18
Play Donny and martial? The guy is under ridiculous pressure and you want him to play players who don’t care and refuse to work hard!

2.) 04 Nov 2023 09:35:08
Martial should never come near the team bus, let alone play.

3.) 04 Nov 2023 10:17:04
Amravati is unconvincing, Martial has been awful, Antony is lookimg a hige waste of money, and Donny can't get a game under any Manager. Apart from that, good post ?.

4.) 04 Nov 2023 11:13:15
So he is being criticized because he has no style of play and fans can't see where we are going. You think the solution is to just abandon how he wants to play and to play park the bus counter attack? We may as well sack him and put McClaren in charge until the end of the season. It bring ole back, he was nice and friendly with the players.



04 Oct 2023 21:58:38
My issues with Ten Hag and some of them have happened regularly.

When we had no backup LB why did he let Alvaro Fernandez go out on loan? We have 2 games every week till December except International breaks. We basically went into the season with 3 fullbacks, with none of CB even capable to do a job.

Why is he so afraid to drop players? Big team and big managers do it all the time. Why are some players playing no matter how out of form they are.

I see Newcastle beating PSG and their squad is definitely not the best, but they play so much like a team. Why do we look like individuals every time we play.

A lot of criticism has been sent to rash and Bruno and rightly so, but why do Varane and Casemiro go off the hook. Casemiro has been not been good this year, he is switched off and doesn't track runners. And his passing was bad yesterday too.
Dalot was struggling vs Zaha and Varane was jogging back, a few times Varane made a bad pass playing from the back which invited more pressure.

Why is ETH so afraid to hook Casemiro on a yellow, he's a second yellow waiting to happen, has he forgotten last games?

If some players are mad on being benched, even after if it is obvious they have been poor, they can join Sancho. These players if they cannot understand what is best for the team, maybe that is the reason why we don't win anything.
Apart from maybe garnacho and hojlund, every body else has had a bad season.


1.) 04 Oct 2023 23:44:16
A good defense relies on players working cohesively. No player will look good if the players around them are not doing their job. It makes it even harder when there is no consistency to the selections because of injuries to all your #1 choices. Last season Shaw and Martinez helped Varane look good and vice versa, and a rejuvenated AWB ensured our defense was solid bar a few exceptions. We have been without the Martinez of last year all season, since he has clearly playing with an injury. We've been without Shaw and AWB too. Dalot is a poor defender - definitely not to be relied upon when the team is under the cosh. And there's no indication that any of the loanees would have been able to make a substantive difference. So, with 3 of our top defenders out and no recognized left back fit, what do you expect? Didn't Amrabat play them onside for one of their goals? Add to that a misfiring goalkeeper and the stage is set for the inferior and clownish defending we're seeing. No one individual can fix it.

As for Casemiro's second yellow. Yes, perhaps a substitution would have been a good idea, but this was a must win game so any manager would want to keep his best players on the field. Casemiro may have been red carded but he actually saved a goal from being scored. And while we may criticize the porosity of our midfield we should also note that a top midfield relies on the quality of the defense behind it. It's a team game.

2.) 05 Oct 2023 00:27:48
We had shaw and malacia? Then fernandes went on loan and they got injured. So we brought in reguilon on loan.

3.) 05 Oct 2023 06:08:48
Hindsight is great! He let him go on loan to see if he can develop how did anyone know we’d get injuries! Let’s just stick pile load of kids and forget their development just incase!

4.) 05 Oct 2023 06:36:14
Shaw, Malacia, and Dalot.

Unfortunately Shaw and Malacia got injured, along with AWB meaning Dalot could not cover.

We had plenty of options, but have had terrible luck with injuries. Under usual circumstances Fernandez wouldn’t get a look in and it would be unfair to keep him.

5.) 05 Oct 2023 06:45:06
To add to my previous post.

You’re advocating for Varane and Casemiro to be dropped.

Martinez is injured. So who would you drop Varane for? Harry Maguire?

Casemiro was arguably our best player last season. Mainoo is injured. Amrabat has been injured. We have no other DM. So who do you drop Casemiro for?

I see posts like this, but I wonder if people consider the alternatives.

Pretty much the entire fan base want Maguire gone, but at the same time some fans are blaming the manager for choosing Varane over him.

There’s no logic to it.

Bruno is our best player. Like it or not, his numbers since joining us are incredible. We can’t forget that.

Rashford is better than Garnacho right now. The manager said Rashford needs to play into form. He was our top scorer last season. It makes sense to play him.

6.) 05 Oct 2023 07:01:46

Malacia was known to be a long term injury before they loaned out Fernandez, stupid decision for me and said so at the time.

7.) 05 Oct 2023 10:16:12

Fernandez has played as a sub 3 times for a total of 70 minutes for Granada currently 19th place in La liga. You think he can start for us in the PL when he can't start at Granada.

Trust the manager and the coaches on their assessment of players. If anything, ETH he comes from a system that breeds young talent and they know what they are looking at and when to bring them into the mix. If he was ready we would have kept him like Mainoo, Amad, Pellistri, Hanibal and Gore.

With Garnacho, That's 6 players in just over a season. Not many teams in Pl do that so can't accuse the guy not giving people the chance.

Never seen Fernandez play btw.

8.) 05 Oct 2023 13:07:19
I would sit Bruno against Brentford but it will be a media storm both internally and externally.

They live on over the top counter attacking football by winning possession from sloppy passing and Bruno at the moment is a train wreck for doing it all game long.

If he starts, which is the most likely outcome, I am hoping ETh explains he does not need to try a Hollywood pass every time he is on the ball as a right winger and recirculate the ball when its not on and make good decisions. Bruno's issue is no matter where he plays he thinks like a number 10. Its akin to an NFL quarterback throwing 50 yard passes all game long.

I would Play Antony as a right wing and the rest of the team same as we started against gala.

In an ideal world ambrabat and cas should be playing in midfield together and drop Hannibal not because of his work rate but his progressive play on the offensive side is very basic atm. Until we get a reguilon back, looks like ambrabat is playing left back.

Other option of playing Lindelof as right back and Dalot as left is not great imo. Lindelof is like an oil tanker and too slow and Dalot is a natural right back.

If we do make the change, I can only see that happening if Antony starts and pretty much covers Lindelof defensively all game long. Bruno right wing and Lindelof right back is a nuclear disaster imo and he will hang Lindelof to dry with how careless he can be and we will concede very soft goals.

In summary not a lot of options to change much from Tuesday night and need to cut out individual mistakes.

9.) 05 Oct 2023 13:26:57
I still can't believe the club rejected £30 million for Mctominay. This sums up everything wrong about the club. I can see hi . leaving for about £15-20 million max.

10.) 05 Oct 2023 13:39:14

I have seen Fernandez play a few times for Preston, nice left foot but no physically strong. He was Preston’s young player of the year. At least LB is his natural position rather than an out of place CM like Amrabat.

11.) 05 Oct 2023 14:12:57
He was deemed not good enough but some people want their favourites played. The same people that critique the manager for playing favourites but in reality just want their favourites played without ever having seen them train.

12.) 05 Oct 2023 17:28:04
Ten hag constantly blames the players and them not carrying out his tasks but he took the plaudits when they did and now must take the flack to some degree
Want him to succeed as part of his job was ridding the club of a good few players who were disruptive and on high wages for little return only to buy e players of his who give little return for high fees and wages!
The football is dreadful atm and players need to be benched based on form and apathy shown where possible or o feel he may be the fall guy at Xmas.

13.) 05 Oct 2023 17:43:32

We bought Alvaro Fernandez from Real Madrid, a highly promising youngster, naturally left footed, a left back who can put in useful crosses. He isn’t a favourite of mine, but at a time when we have a left back crisis, knowing the no2 LB was injured long term, was it wise to send No3 left back out on loan? Logically it was nonsense, but that means a critique of ETH decision. Will he be good enough, possibly not, as I said he has a good left foot, but not sure he is physical enough. For me he would have been better than ramming a CM into a position he isn’t ready for in a difficult league. You can defend every decision ETH makes if you like but this isn’t a logical one.

14.) 05 Oct 2023 19:19:15
He had Shaw and dalot as cover it was unfortunate. But he knows the ability of the young lad and knows his capabilities a lot more than you or I. Playing well in the championship for a poor side is miles away from playing 1st team for a club like ours. He has not found his way into a poor top league Spanish side despite them leaking goals so there is every chance he would have done worse than amrabat.
It happens. As it goes I agree with you that a lb even a jnr one is better than a cm in there.
I would have plucked whomever is playing for reserve side and thrown him in. But I'm not the manager and thankfully neither or you and we don't have the full picture that he has I tend to bow to people who know better than me or at least know the rationale behind their decisions. You have no idea why he let the lad go on loan perhaps that's what's best for the player long term perhaps he has been judged as not good enough yet and perhaps he would not have had a kick with us all season if no injuries occurred but as captain hindsight its easy to say now he might have got some game time.
Klopp did the exact same thing with cbs a couple of seasons ago playing hendo and fabhino cb and lost a load of games then played the reserves cb started winning again.
Fergie played the desilva twins in midfield ahead of a young pogba. Managers make the calls they feel are best and sometimes it backfires.

15.) 05 Oct 2023 20:19:02
Playing as first choice for a club like ours is a big challenge. AF could have stepped up, that sometimes happens, now we will likely never know. The Spanish side may well be getting him to learn their tactics, who knows. If Utd sent him to somewhere who won’t give him a chance then that loan move was ill thought out as well. Yes he has to earn a chance but having a path is something we should have agreed, unless it was just get wages off the books, or he had upset someone. You seem to miss ETH brought in Malacia as second choice LB from Feyenoord who play in a league that could be argued Is not as good as the Championship.

16.) 05 Oct 2023 21:34:01
It's miles better than the championship??? ruud came from that league oh and overmars guillet Rijkaard van Basten koeman Vvd stam the list goes on.
Last championship team to win a domestic cup was when? 1976 maybe.
Clutching as straws there. Dutch teams are full of young technical well educated players many step up from that feeder league to the big leagues rarely are they technically poor and tactically nieve.
As for moving his wages off the books the figure would have been irrelevant in the greater scheme of things. He earns less a year than most 1st team players earn in a month.
He will hopefully find his way into the team I'm sure he won't have been guaranteed a starting spot but minutes will improve I hope.
As it turns out I like the look of our loan player from spurs. Hope he can get back fit soon.

17.) 06 Oct 2023 02:06:11
Ffs, why oh why didn't ten hag have a crystal ball? I can guarantee that if we kept Fernandez and he played zero minutes all season because shaw, dalot and then malacia all played ahead of him you would have been the first person on here claiming ten hag was wasting him and should have sent him out on loan.

18.) 06 Oct 2023 06:51:18

Malacia was long term injured leaving us with one LB and two RB. One of those RB was the LB cover. You really think it was clever sending our youth LB out on loan on that basis? I was talking on here about him before the season started. He hasn’t been given any chance at all at the club. I spoke about him having a good left foot, was Preston’s young player of the year. Now we have a left back crisis but you and Ahmad feel the need to defend ETH decision, that’s fine but where is a youth left back alternative? As to Regullion, can’t get a game at Spurs, tries harder than the most of our team, not a long term option, but would like him fit because a CM isn’t the answer.

19.) 06 Oct 2023 23:02:48
Agree with redman.

Malacia was injured and it was clear a long time back.
The day Shaw got injured, a little time before we let brandon williams go on loan.

We had alvaro on the bench and got reguilon on loan.

But when I look at the fixture list its a game every 3 days till december.

So eth went into the season with
Dalot, awb and reguilon as FB.
Lindelof, Varane (always an injury away), Evans (who was injured for most of the season last year) and Maguire. None of these can play full back.
Maybe Martinez was thought of as a 3rd choice left back, but he was coming back from a long term injury
He went a defender short and it has costed us.



24 Sep 2023 06:47:43
We should not play our first team in the league cup.
Our squad is barely there for PL and champions league.
Extra games in league cup will make it worse, and i'd rather we play better in the bigger competitions than win another league cup.


1.) 24 Sep 2023 08:29:00
Disagree here backpass, we should try to win every competition we enter. It’s a little obnoxious to say we can write off a smaller competition to focus on bigger prizes, when at the same time people are saying we’re a mess and rubbish. It can’t be both.

It’s more realistic that we can write off the Prem because we aren’t ready to catch City, and let’s be honest, the CL is highly unlikely.

The two domestic cups are our best hopes of a trophy. I’m looking forward to being back at OT on Tuesday and hope to see Garnacho and Pellistri on the flanks, with a full debut for Amrabat.

A scrappy win last night and it may not be pretty for a while, but we have some favourable fixtures in front of us which is an opportunity to breed some confidence. The cup runs are very important for that, as proved last season.

2.) 24 Sep 2023 08:49:53
It's always great to win trophies but considering we won it last season and the injury situation, I agree we need to rest key players, the problem is we hardly have any defenders available to rotate so do we throw in a couple of kids who have never played 1st team football, why not, but again I'm wondering who could step up, the only 2 that stand out are kambwala and Bennett from the little I've seen and both are centre backs, we really need full backs, it's all hindsight but it's a shame alvaro fernandez is on loan.

3.) 24 Sep 2023 10:50:47
I disagree, we should play the best side we have available. These players need games to get up to speed and to start building understanding of playing together. Too many strangers who don't know eachothers game.

4.) 24 Sep 2023 11:26:12
Try to win everything we enter and to be fair ETH rarely makes big changes.

5.) 24 Sep 2023 12:18:47
We need to rotate. bigger games coming, cannot play the same 11 when 11 players are out.

I say this without a doubt. Take the back 4 out plus second choice out of Arsenal, Liverpool, City or any team and injuries to midfielders and unviability of key front line players they will suck on straws in terms of winning games.

If we get knocked out of caraboa because we made necessary changes and that specific 11 was not good enough, so be it.

6.) 24 Sep 2023 12:32:04
I'm with Shappy on this.

The only way of ensuring our best players can develop a properly intuitive understanding with the other best players is to play them together as often as you can - at least for the first half of the season, and try to rotate only between sets of players who already have that rapport and understanding.
This is the only way of allowing the dynamics associated with the playing style of each player to bed in with the system and approach without any untoward problems.

Playing football in a team, like anything that requires a team effort for the task at hand, is not like riding a bike.
Training and playing in matches would be like our attendance at work, alongside our training and development.
Imagine coming back to work after a couple of weeks to find a new face or process relevant to your job - the dynamics will have changed, however slight.

Ten Hag will learn something new from every game, the players themselves will learn these new things better when influenced by them on a tangible basis.

I've probably waffled on a little, but I believe 100% that it's always best to play your strongest available 11 as often as you can.

7.) 24 Sep 2023 13:29:11
We used to give youngsters a chance in the league cup, but especially at home, surely that is something we should consider? The other thing is that supporters have paid good hard earned money to watch, we need to be fair to them. Most supporters would accept seeing young players given a chance, that doesn’t mean 11 of them. The new goalkeeper needs time because it is no good if he has to play in emergency and never seen time on the pitch. We are a club proud of youth traditions, let’s give them time in that competition.

8.) 24 Sep 2023 14:28:28
Do we even know what our first team is bar Onana, Varane, Bruno and Rashford.

The midfield pivot is certainly up for grabs, amarabat/ mount/ casemiro/ eriksen/ mainoo etc.

I assume we will rest the above 4 and see the likes of Garnacho, pellistri, martial.

9.) 24 Sep 2023 15:33:14
Nonsense. The league is our bread and butter and a lack of fit first team options for me means using them in the league primarily. The lower we finish the poorer it's going to reflect on ten hag and put him under more pressure.

10.) 24 Sep 2023 16:42:16
We're in a trophy winning business. If we're been honest we don't have a hope in hell of winning the league or the champions league. Binning one of the two cups we have a chance of winning is stupid.

We have enough quality players that we can make chances whilst staying competitive.

11.) 24 Sep 2023 18:16:26
Rashford and bruno need a rest, bring them off the bench if needed. Give eriksen a chance at 10, garnacho and pellestri a start.

Have to be better at trusting and rotating some of these players.

12.) 24 Sep 2023 20:30:42
It needs to be on a player by player basis, some need the rest, others need games to get up to speed.

13.) 24 Sep 2023 22:07:41
Times have changed . Always play our best side available imo.

14.) 24 Sep 2023 23:20:47
We rotated cole york Ole and sheringham. Butt, park, phil Neville. Fergy was a master at rotating his squad and still getting results so that we could be fresher in europe. Not sure why we suddenly think we can play these players twice a week for 45 weeks a year and not expect a drop off or injury.

15.) 25 Sep 2023 07:43:02
Guardiola said yesterday he did not care if they got knocked out and was going to rest players and play a bunch of second string including academy players. He mentioned guys like walker having played two internationals, cl and now league.

We can't be playing cas who played 2 full games thousands of miles away. Barely back and has played every game and every minute.

I know we are trying to win games but its sort of short term thinking playing these guys like this and my only critism of eth even las year and it was evident as we ran out of steam coming in and just made it.

This juncture of the season and carabao cup is meaningless and League and CL should be the focus. We can get right back in the mix if we can string a few league wins and win the CL games coming up and steady the ship and look forward to the rest of the season and hopefully getting a lot of players back.

Winning a carabao game and suffering more injuries, which results in dropping more points in the league and CL makes zero sense to me. I Personally don't get excited about the year based on Carabao cup results.



14 Sep 2023 17:05:17
Jadon Sancho and Harry Maguire are circus players and signings.

I wonder why there is no news around what Varane or Jonny Evans or McTominay does for that matter.

I'm happy we have a manager who wants to set high standards. The club has been ruined by player power and till date of all the players that have been sold or let go for free, none seem to have shown why they should have stayed here.

I genuinely feel Sancho has shown nothing to be ahead of a Pellestri, who after being signed by Ole has been very poorly managed and grown. The same with Amad.

Ole to the club was like a cancer, and ETH is still having to deal with problems he has left.

I think if we finish top 5 this year, it will be a success and if we can move on more players it will be a success.


1.) 14 Sep 2023 18:11:34
I think to call Ole a cancer is a little over the top. He was perhaps a failure as a manager but remember he had the scourge of Woodward to deal with.

The proof is in the pudding and ETH has still to silence the doubters, one of which I hasten to add I’m not.

I read press a long time ago that Ole wanted Bellingham and / or Haaland. Would he still be a cancer had he managed to get them?

Remember as I have said many times. Ole was a victim of the success he brought, among others, to the club. Every manager will be judged by that era and sadly will undoubtedly fail for some considerable time.

2.) 14 Sep 2023 19:26:31
The club needs to set an example out of Sancho. No more player power.

3.) 14 Sep 2023 19:37:16
Shame it has come to this but have to back the manager. Last 5 years has been a bit of zoo with no discipline and jackpot for players earning massive wages. I guess there is always some pain before some gain.

Going forward it will be a certain type of player and character that comes to the club as this manager does not care about reputation or wage and expects a certain standard.

We can disagree or agree if he is too much of disciplinarian but being fairly new in his tenure, i think there is no other way to deal with this than to suspend him.

Hopefully, this galvanizes the team and we put in a great performance against Brighton.

I guess we will be looking for right winger on loan come jan and he is going to be moved on by the looks of things.

4.) 14 Sep 2023 21:23:28
Shall we just get our Ziyech shirts made up now ready for later?

5.) 15 Sep 2023 00:28:42
I said this when ole was here- to attack him on a personal level was disgusting. He was a man doing his best to win football matches and deliver trophies. Ultimately he wasn’t good enough, but I’ve no doubt he gave everything he had to this club.

Your issues are not with Ole, it’s the people in charge who hired him. If someone is out of their depth because they are in a job that’s beyond them, it’s up to those above to make a decision.

Makes me sick seeing him referred to as a cancer.

6.) 15 Sep 2023 01:33:24
Anyone questioning eth being a disciplinarian, ask yourselves what Pep would do. How about Arteta at arsenal when senior pros were questioning him? There is no answer other than backing the manager. He is turning this ship around and we will have more turbulence yet before we are back on course.

Ten hag is setting the standard and it is absolute.

Rashford, wan Bissaka, Shaw, Martinez have all had a wake up from ten hag at different points since he arrived. All have put their heads down and responded. And all have been important parts of ten hags team and have improved.

Cancello was one of the best FBs in europe, but Pep binned him off after issues.

Fergy fell out with many good players. But we are better when the players fall into line and play fir the team. Sancho seems to be learning a very hard lesson, and I can't honestly understand what he thinks he's doing. Clearly not a bright lad surrounded by some dim witted advisors. But we can never allow players to gain leverage over our club by running to the media.

Looking forward to the game this weekend, back to some decent football. Sick of off field issues, and bitter pundits blaming utd fans for Scottish supporters jeering Harry.

7.) 15 Sep 2023 06:21:32
I'd say mctominay maguire and sancho are in very similar situations not starting anymore.

Sancho goes and publically starts a war, if he wanted to say something it's best to say it face to face to the manager like a man. Not behind his back on social media.

Maguire and social media stories are so useless and boring, I don't even bother reading them.

McTominay goes and scores and is at the moment a top scorer in qualifying. I don't think I have read a single negative story about how he feels left out and how he needs family and friends support to say he performed well.
He's clearly got a knack for scoring these goals, and wouldv'e shined at teams like fulham and west ham.
Really interested to see if ETH will play him deeper as we have amrabat now or try to push him further forward.

8.) 15 Sep 2023 06:29:49
As someone who supposedly loves the club, Ole didn't do his time justice.
I see vidic and evra criticise the glazers all the time, i heard no single word out of his mouth.
Even ronaldo apart his attack on ETH also criticised how glazers run this club.
Then the fact that he kept playing and promoting so many players even after they had stinkers for months. He rewarded bad performances with more starts.

He didn't make a single big decision to let a player go, and just kept dishing out contracts.

He's supposed to have lied to players saying they will get gametime but they never did.
He kept playing a very injured rashford and pretty much wasted him next year.
Martial complained of being forced to play under injury.
The only reason he stayed was because Bruno Fernandes was a relevation and Mason Greenwood broke through to the squad like a 70m signing. Replace ole with any other manager and these 2 players would still have been very good.

9.) 15 Sep 2023 08:00:37

He wasn’t the one sanctioning contracts and negotiating wages.

Don’t refer to him as a cancer when he was someone out of his depth but doing the best he could. Incredibly disrespectful to one who gave up so much for this club.

10.) 15 Sep 2023 08:34:44
What is the point of going over old ground it’s done

We all know he was out of his depth and should never of got the job so let’s move on.

11.) 15 Sep 2023 08:56:31
I think the best outcome for the club and players like Sancho and Maguire is for them to leave in Jan permanently or some sort obligatory loan to buy.

Clearly one has completely burnt his bridge with the manager and refusing to make amends one is just not good enough and is not wanted.

Its a bit sad Sancho has gotten to this and if the reports are true that he needs to apologize, its something simple and mature he should do and not just at united but any big club, players know you can't do what he did.

12.) 15 Sep 2023 10:10:06
Re: Sancho we don't know what 'poor performance' is relating to, rather than it suggesting he was a bit off the pace in training seems less likely than some kind of minor discipline breach like being late. Rashy was dropped for this. Seems Sancho has done this more than once (at previous clubs too) . This is a ridiculous stand-off over something so petty that has spiralled. But there's only one way it will turn out. Since he arrived the manager has had to deal with Ron, Maguire, Greenwood, Antony and now Sancho.

13.) 15 Sep 2023 12:54:32
Blackpool it’s not really about going over old ground.

Anyone with any clue recognises that he wasn’t good enough.

I’m just sick of seeing ridiculous posts such calling him a cancer.

14.) 15 Sep 2023 19:07:02
High 5 Caolan!

15.) 16 Sep 2023 07:26:36
Can we please not tarnish Maguire with the same brush as sancho
To me Maguire isn’t good enough but his behaviour through all of this has been spot on from what you read, professional and respectful! None of those words can you use to sancho . Like chalk and cheese . Only thing they have in common is both not good enough.



21 Aug 2023 11:52:28
2 things I have been pondering on,

Varane. He may not be the best defender but certainly looks better than all the players we have.
But would you take whatever money you can get for him if a Saudi club approaches and pays a hefty amount?
He's injury prone and on high wages. We may never get a high offer for him.
I don't have full confidence if we even replace him correctly. But this might be the right time to cash in and bring todibo or someone else and try to build for the future.

Rashford and Bruno, long-term do you ever see either of these working well for a team that wants to dominate? Yes they score goals and assists but the amount of times they lose the ball, or make very risky passes and have an allergy to hold the ball up to allow other players to move forward never really allows us to keep control.
Martial gets so much stick, so does Sancho but atleast they hold on to the ball and let the team go forward.

Our defense and even midfield is not really that much of a problem if our forwards are sensible.
Antony, Rash and Bruno are extremely wasteful.
Neither have been playing well either.
Pellistri does more things in 20 mins than antony does in 70 mins.

Honestly feel the injuries to amad and mainoo have hurt us more than it should have.

And yes I understand donny wants a move and so does brandon, but neither of them have had a fight like lukaku has. Surely they can play 15 mins as a sub. what's the point of having 2 keepers on the bench?

Where are the likes of Hugill, Emeran, Hannibal, Gore, Alvaro. So we are saying none of them are even ready to be on the bench ahead of a 3rd keeper.

It is so sad to say this but our best player over 2 games has been AWB and maybe Onana or Varane
No one else has even shown up.

Even during pre-season our second team looked far better than our first team.

And what is with rashford and only playing LW? You are a professional football on high wages. You may have to play 2 different positions regularly.
If rooney really is his idol, then maybe show that. Rashford is not working hard and that will go unnoticed. I don't think I ever came back from a game and thought oh rooney didn't work hard.


1.) 21 Aug 2023 12:25:30
Varane, no not this season. We need him. But if we can sign a CB this summer then I'd look to move him on next summer and seek another CB signing. Ultimately we cannot afford to let him leave when Lindelof and Maguire are the only other options.

Absolutely Rashford and Bruno can be successful in a side that looks to control possession. Even possession heavy sides need a player or two who will try to force the issue and cause teams a more direct threat. Without it a possession heavy side becomes one dimensional and easier to defend against.

Currently I think the issue with our forward line is we have too many players who play with their head down and are too individualistic. Rashford, Antony and Garnacho all play like this. You need at least one of the forward line to be a team player and a link man who can bring others into play. All the best sides have at least one player in their front three who does this. Think when Liverpool we at their peak a few season's ago with Salah and Mane being more focused on scoring (Salah much more than Mane), but then you had Firmino who didn't score as many goals and was often slated by ignorant fans for not "doing enough", but in truth it was his off the ball work and his link play that was vital in creating the space and the chances for Salah and Mane.

2.) 21 Aug 2023 12:39:51
Bruno was just made captain, he's going nowhere. Of course his petulance and moaning is the ugly side of him but he scores and creates chances better than most. Rashford needs to play on the wing, that's where he's most dangerous.

Our problem areas are up front but with Hojlund returning shortly that should be addressed. Right wing in Anthony just isn't affecting games like he should and our midfield doesn't look right.

Playing players in their best positions may go a long way fo resolving these issues and dropping players who don't perform. There are some young hungry players waiting I the wings that would put a shift in.

3.) 21 Aug 2023 13:35:35
We continually point out these problems and our own professional opinions like they haven't crossed EtH's mind. :D.

4.) 21 Aug 2023 16:25:45
Imagine Bruno feeding a proper centre forward! Cut him some slack he offers us so much in goals and assists!

5.) 22 Aug 2023 19:39:58
Bruno has had to work with below average cfs . he will be immense IF we get a top striker.




backpass's rumour replies


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26 Oct 2023 18:10:29
Those pre season games, I felt Heaton to be more comfortable on the ball than de gea ever was.

Heaton is also a very decent shot stopper.

Have no idea about bayindir but hoping he gets a start vs newcastle in the league cup game.




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28 Aug 2023 09:21:54
This is just my opinion.
But keeping a player that has no desire to play for you helps no one at all.
Fans clearly hate him at this point, and the manager has made him the last choice.
Doesnt suit at all how we play.

If he moves out on loan, we save on wages, and I do not see Jonny Evans as a massive downgrade from Maguire. The only concern is fitness, as Evans and Varane aren't the fittest players around.

Maguire, McTom, Donny out and Evans, Marcos Alonso (or Cucurella), Amrabat and Gravenberch would be good business at this stage of the window.
I am not bothered about the structure of how the above happens but something needs to happen.




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21 Aug 2023 21:00:35
And then we will delay a midfield signing and endup paying a premium.




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21 Aug 2023 15:25:26
I can't wrap my head around this,
yes we need a second keeper,
But how much of that is a priority?
Why isn't a midfield player or a striker like taremi coming in first.




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15 Aug 2023 19:39:58
Honestly us fans are giving this too much of our energy.
He's already 4th choice. Maybe 5th if shaw starts ahead. Could even be 6th if ETH signs Jonny Evans which may still happen.
Given that him being sold wouldn't help us much with FFP he can stay as 5th choice.
Henderson deal is off. Maguire won't go. McTom too seems set to stay.
I am not entirely sure how Donny going on loan helps us. don't think we will get offers for brandon on his wage.
Not a lot of sellable players left.

If ETH wants Amrabat which he still might do, maybe a low loan fee for donny or a brandon williams loan with us selling 1-2 youngsters might be the way ahead to us getting amrabat.
I just hope he doesn't end up selling hannibal, i see a player there but we all liked kovar yet ETH sold him. Same with iqbal and garner last year.
Hannibal seems to be the most sellable player, Pellistri could be another.





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15 Nov 2023 07:27:07
We've had so many windows where managers would come and sell this or that player.
And replace them with someone of similar quality.

If we decide to sell Casemiro, would we bring in someone who has the potential to better in a few years?




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08 Oct 2023 06:38:34
We've seen this before as well.
McTominay when pushed higher, pretty much hits the target with most of his shots.
He looked quick, clinical and very decisive yesterday.
Maybe it's he comes as a sub to change games and even starts, but he has to start higher, he is nowhere a DM.
After today's performance the guy warrants and has to be rewarded with more gametime.

I honestly cannot remember the last time a sub came and scored a double in extra time to win us the game, that was magnificent.




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06 Oct 2023 23:02:48
Agree with redman.

Malacia was injured and it was clear a long time back.
The day Shaw got injured, a little time before we let brandon williams go on loan.

We had alvaro on the bench and got reguilon on loan.

But when I look at the fixture list its a game every 3 days till december.

So eth went into the season with
Dalot, awb and reguilon as FB.
Lindelof, Varane (always an injury away), Evans (who was injured for most of the season last year) and Maguire. None of these can play full back.
Maybe Martinez was thought of as a 3rd choice left back, but he was coming back from a long term injury
He went a defender short and it has costed us.




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04 Oct 2023 21:43:39
If it was me, Onana is getting dropped.
But ETH won't do that since he's ex-Ajax.

When did we settle for mediocrity?
If he's having a difficult time he needs to sit on the bench and reflect and fix his basic issues.

The keeper behind him in heaton and bayindir deserve a chance. We are not Onana FC.




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03 Oct 2023 07:35:28
Ahmad that is the best option. Dalot at Lb is not unnatural, he is very comfortable there. He played a lot as a LWB for AC Milan.