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20 Nov 2023 08:58:31
Please tell me these griezman rumours are just nonsense? I hope to god we aren't interested as we need to get away from these sorts of signings.


{Ed002's Note - Antoine Griezmann (F) Manchester United have a declared interest in taking AG but wages being demanded are very significant. Player is keen on a move to the MLS but the transfer fee could be an issue.}

1.) 20 Nov 2023 10:41:28
Smells like the Sanchez deal all over again. Thought SJR would be taking a different direction to be honest. Also, who is doing the negotiating with Murtough and Arnold on the way out?

2.) 20 Nov 2023 10:52:02
Well I'd love to see it, even if he's a little older. I'd be more interested in his perceived position, as we seem to be viewing him as a striker but he plays a lot deeper these days, particularly for France in the World Cup where he was the main man in the middle. So, pretty much in that Mount / Eriksen / Fernandes position - do we need another?

3.) 20 Nov 2023 11:53:11
Thanks for the response ed. hopefully nothing materialises as I smell another overpaid flop on the horizon.

4.) 20 Nov 2023 12:47:14
Calm down, current interest will be from the current set up.

Who the club will be interested in once the new people are in place will almost certainly change.

We don't have a CEO and our DoF will likely change between now and Christmas.

Only when those positions are filled will the club have finalised targets.

5.) 20 Nov 2023 18:29:10
Jean claude Blanc and paul Mitchell will look to find the next Griezeman.



10 Nov 2023 10:12:13
BBC reporting that the SJR minority stake is expected to be ratified in the next few weeks. Will be interesting to see what changes arrive when that happens. Talk of Dave brailsford being involved and others. A fresh set of eyes gazing over the current shambles is no bad thing and we can only hope it leads to positive changes being implemented at all levels.


1.) 10 Nov 2023 11:34:10
It feels like we need to all get our head around the Ratcliffe minority stake and the Glazers being around for a while yet. let's hope they have structured a future phasing out over the coming years whilst taking a hands on role during this period.
Personally I will be excited if he brings the right people in, talk of Jean Claude Blanc and Paul Mitchell suggest that he is looking at experienced people. If this is the case I would expect a change in direction for future transfer windows.
This along with investment in the infrastructure that is rumoured is all a good start and will offset the potential negativity from the Glazers remaining.

2.) 10 Nov 2023 14:13:52
Fantastic news. The majority will be delighted.
Not the result we all wished for but it's the best we can hope for at the moment.

3.) 10 Nov 2023 16:22:31
Interestingly Nice only started to improve when Brailsford stepped back from the club to focus on United, so I'm not convinced he should be too involved at the club.

But anything that slowly removes the Glazers from our club is a good thing, unfortunately I can see the Glazers just sitting there, creaming even more cash from the club, and expecting the SJR to put more money in.

Funny that the SJR £1.25bn purchase and £300m investment is more than the Glazers have put into the club in the last 20 odd years.

4.) 10 Nov 2023 17:55:35
Nice improved once they realised how tough it would be to run a football club so they hired people who knew how to run a club. Yes Brailsford left but it wasn’t anything to do with Utd. It was because they hired a DOF.

5.) 10 Nov 2023 19:29:24
Brailsford's role is to ensure the right structures in place for each of Ineos sporting endeavours. If the club has sustained success he has done his job.

If Nice are doing well right now then as of right now that should be a positive for Brailsford.

Nice having success is not a stick to beat Brailsford with, rather it's evidence albeit a very limited sample size with caveats that he might actually have done well by Nice.

6.) 11 Nov 2023 08:02:23
Wasn't Brailsford out buying players for Nice without Favre's approval.

If that happens at United it seems we are just going to be repeating the same mistakes the current structure have made repeatedly.

7.) 11 Nov 2023 08:27:46
In order to achieve success, seems logical to bring in expertise starting at the top, then filter downwards.

Looks like DB and SJR bring in Jean Claude Blanc as new CEO and Paul Mitchell as DoF to replace amateurish RA and JM. Will expect other changes also.

Looks likely that, once a club-wide footballing philosophy agreed, appointments will be made to suit that vision, including potentially changing the manager to more of a coach-type role, with DoF running club day to day.

Am personally very much looking forward to all if this - and jyst highlights just what awful and negligent owners the Glazers have been, aside from the greed.

8.) 11 Nov 2023 08:42:24
Had the Glazers selected a person who actually knew how to run a football club as the CEO back in 2012, rather than Woodward, we would arguably not be in the mess we are today. In the last 11 years we have spent plenty money to be a top contender. While debt servicing and FFP (which won't be helped if we don't get back in the Champions League), are not gong to get resolved in the short term under what we know of Ratcliffe's plan, the primary problem of poor club management will at least be addressed. That's the starting point whoever is the owner.

The key to a resurgence is not the ownership per se but who the owners select to manage the club. The benefit of Jassim would reportedly be debt elimination and funds for investment in infrastructure. There is no guarantee that the club would be run any better if he took over. With no experience whatsoever, nor any clear indication of where the funds are coming from, Jassim's offer may be less attractive than one might initially think. Success on and off the field, including debt and FFP issues, will not be instantaneous, but if SJR provides the management nous we need then it will come again. And if it does I don't care if the Glazers still own a significant stake in the club, but remain in the background. Unfortunately it's taken them 18 years to realize the level of there incompetence when it comes to owning a successful football club, which requires as the #1 priority the hiring of a competent management team that can install and maintain a winning footballing structure.

9.) 11 Nov 2023 14:48:07
If SJR chucks in a fiver to the club he will have put more money in than the glazers have for the last 20 years. We have an estimated borrowing after continuing transfer commitments of 800m of debt from the glazers. That wasn't there before they arrived.

The just turned down 5bn for something they paid nothing for and people wonder why the fan base hates them.

It will be a big stride forward to put some competent football people in charge. Not bankers. I am not celebrating them still surviving this though, there had better be a plan to remove them.

10.) 11 Nov 2023 19:13:19
Maybe on the flip side Brailsford sorted out the structure and helped get the right people in the right places. If sjr gets the right people in it will be a massive step forward for us, even If we can't see it immediately.

11.) 12 Nov 2023 06:08:33
Is Dougie Freedman the right person?

12.) 12 Nov 2023 10:34:19
SJR is 100% more qualified to run a football club than anyone we currently have at the club.

He's worked with Nice and while everything hasn't always gone to plan he has learned from those mistakes. Found out what works and what doesn't, made actual contacts within the sport and has sporting expertise from other sports that could be useful.

Nice are currently 2nd in Ligue 1, and are playing some very good football and punching well above their weight. Which suggests that SJR and his team have learned fairly quickly and are getting the rewards from that.

I'm excited to see what he can do with our club, I'm 100% sure it'll be better that what we would get without him.

13.) 13 Nov 2023 06:53:50
Nice wage bill is 22/ 23 mill euros. psg wage bill 270 mill euros. I think they know what they are doing even with some early set backs. Need to build a sustainable model that works to a plan and not reactive like we have been for so long now.

People who question them on their venture in nice, nice last won the French league in 1960 and never been considered in the same bracket as Marseille, lyon, lille, Monaco. Their revenues are tiny and not a case study or comparative to United.

They basically bought a midtable team and fans and their expectations is typical football fans. They made a mistake of saying they wanted to challenge PSG and have walked that back a bit now. Their biggest single sponsor is Ineos btw, go figure:)

14.) 13 Nov 2023 15:54:59
Ahmad, it's about realistic expectations and about maximising the return on the pitch.

The reality is to get a relatively small club like Nice to challenge PSG would require a similar amount of outside investment. The club cannot create the kind of income that the big clubs being in. Therefore the money has to come from elsewhere.

SJR and INEOS are not looking for a bottomless pit in which to pour all their hard earned money into.

They will want to create a club that can get the maximum on pitch return within that clubs own means.

We see clubs perform really well and succeed without billions of outside investment. Well run clubs that either have an excellent youth system that enables them to efficiently add quality to the first team. Ultimately producing players that they wouldn't be able to afford to buy. Them either keeping them as key players in the first team or selling them on for a massive profit to be reinvested elsewhere. Think of a club like Ajax, a great academy but not able to financially compete with the richest teams, but who regularly punch above their weight in terms of out performing clubs who have similar financial restraints.

Or you have clubs who have an excellent scouting system. A clear well run recruitment policy that enables them to find value for money players. Either players who are "hidden gems" or high ceiling young players who they can develop into top stars. Clubs like Benfica are famous for it, or Brighton recently in the EPL.

I think if SJR can get Nice consistently finishing in the top four in France. While the club remains spending within its own means then that would be a great success as it would mean the Nice would regularly be finishing higher than clubs with far more financial and historical significance.

At United he will have a similar job. He will need to maximise the on pitch return compared to investment. How to create the best squad available with the resources the club has available. Where this differs obviously is that the funds available to Manchester United absolutely dwarf that of Nice. Yet fundementally the task is the same, there won't be billions pouring into the club to go on a fancy shopping spree. What they need to do is make sure that the considerable funds the club has available are spent in a way that maximises the return on that investment and we see value for money out on the pitch.

The reality is that we have spent enough money over the past 10 years to have a team every bit as good as City, maybe better. But we have spent it so poorly. If that's corrected over the next 10 years then we'll have a squad capable of challenging for all the major honours.

15.) 15 Nov 2023 07:07:46

I think the stuff written about Ineos and nice good or bad is of no relevance to what is happening at United.

Its like comparing apples to oranges and just noise. We are a much more complicated project if you want to call it that given our size and magnitude of things to deal with.

What would be very interesting is when this deal gets announced, if they also announce a change of leadership at the same time, which would speed things up.

16.) 16 Nov 2023 09:54:28
Ahmad, of course it has relevance. It's a direct example of them running a football club.

It at the very least provides some sort of blue print for what they will likely look to do. The only thing that really changes is the scale of the club.

With Nice they looked to get the club running within its own means, without the mind of massive outside investment that we have seen from Abramovic at Chelsea, or at clubs like City, PSG and now with Newcastle. They aren't sugar daddy owners. Which is something I'd expect to see carried over to United. They aren't going to come in and subsidise the club to the tune of hundreds of millions a year.

They seem to favour a director of football/ head coach model of club rather than a manager having greater control. This approach has often been looked at with skepticism in England. Manchester United fans have been accustomed to having Sir Alex Ferguson as the manager, and see that as the model to follow. Yet if you scratch beneath the surface then you'll see that SAF was a director of football in everything but name. He would control the club's football in activities and plan it's future. While he would also go through a lot of assistant managers who would in many cases be given far more control than is typically seen in assistant managers. This is reflected in just how many left Old Trafford to become managers in their own right.

The real issues at Manchester United hasn't been replacing the SAF from the training pitch, but the SAF who would direct the footballing activities from his office.

So I actually think the model that SLR and INEOS have seemed to settle on at Nice is a good fit for our club.

It seems like they have been doing a good job behind the scenes to line up all their dominos before they kick the first one over.

It sounds like they have Jean-Claude Blanc lined up as CEO. Which seems like a sensible choice, someone who knows INEOS and SJR as well as having great experience at Juventus and PSG. Knows football and knows how to run a top club.

Paul Mitchell seems in line to step into a director of football role. He's been free for a while and instead of taking up any of the offers he's had he's instead decided to buy a new house in the north west of England. It does seem like he's waiting for something. Almost like there's some kind of gentleman's agreement for a job at least, if not something more formal. Again a man with a great track record in football. Also highly likely to know SJR on a personal level. When Mitchell lived and worked in Monaco they would have practically been neighbours. Two Englishmen born and bred within a few miles of eachother living in the south of France at the same time. I'd imagine their paths will have crossed on more than a few occasions.

While Dave Brailsford seems like SJR's right hand man in terms of sporting ventures. So it's probably fairly safe to assume he'll definitely have some sort of role to play both in both an official and a personal capacity I suspect.

I'm not sure how many of his ideas from cycling can be carried over, but most elite sports learn and adopt ideas from eachother. His marginal gains concept should at the very least be something that could be adapted to football and with it bring better performance. That attention to detail to look to improve every single facet by 1% does add up and it means you easily spot the easy wins the things that can make big changes first.

It looks like those three along with SJR will have a big part to play. I'm particularly excited by JCB and Paul Mitchell as they have a proven quality and track record in football. They also seem likely to be able to work well with eachother as a team.

Either way exciting times.



26 Oct 2023 14:56:37
Rumours about us bringing degea back. surely not!


1.) 26 Oct 2023 15:52:03
Load of crap in my opinion. I think it's a case of journalists putting 2+2 together and coming up with 7 as per usual.

DDG has been pictured back in Manchester catching up with old teammates while Onana has had a difficult start.

DDG still isn't able to play out from the back and I can't imagine his form will be great having not trained with a team or played any football since June.

The idea that the club will look to sign him on a short term deal to cover Onana while he goes to the AFCON doesn't really make a great deal of sense. The club would have known it was a possibility when they signed Onana. They also bought Bayindir in the summer and blocked a move for Heaton.

In my opinion those two will have to step it up while Onana is away.

2.) 26 Oct 2023 16:19:52
Hope so as it’s makes zero sense to me.

3.) 26 Oct 2023 18:10:29
Those pre season games, I felt Heaton to be more comfortable on the ball than de gea ever was.

Heaton is also a very decent shot stopper.

Have no idea about bayindir but hoping he gets a start vs newcastle in the league cup game.

4.) 26 Oct 2023 19:35:53
Wouldn’t be the worst thing imo. As long as he was comfortable with us holding all the cards instead of the other way round, I think he’d only bring positives to the goalkeeping group.

5.) 26 Oct 2023 21:00:25
We should get Carrick and Rooney while we’re at it, with De Gea and Evans completing the spine of the team.

6.) 26 Oct 2023 22:31:01
There's a reason de gea doesn't have a club, and it's money. He doesn't need any as we were paying him massive amounts and nobody wants to pay what he thinks he's worth. He would be at Madrid otherwise. I love de gea he's one of us, but the ate old saying you never go back to you ex is for a reason. I'm excited to see what bayindir is like.

7.) 27 Oct 2023 08:28:59
Stranger things have happened. Doesn't seem beyond the realms of possibility tbf.

8.) 27 Oct 2023 13:24:09
Still like to see him back for a proper send-off.

9.) 28 Oct 2023 00:36:45
Don’t know if it’s a good idea, but has nobody noticed that the last 4 games Onana is not playing out from the back at all? Just hoofing it long like DDG did. So it wouldn’t make much of a difference except for we’d have a better shot stopper.

10.) 28 Oct 2023 11:59:42
Exactly Pat what we bought him to do, he now not doing anyway, shock horror the players we got can’t receive the ball like that! But to be honest when he was kicking his percentage is only low 70s anyway which is nothing to get excited about.
Yes his is better than DeGea with ball at his feet, but even a declining DeGea is better at saves. And last season we did not let in that many goals, certainly be more this season.
Personally I would have rather spent the money on Decent midfielder or added Goals get a decent striker or winger, would have been better, 80m wasted on Antony, 45 million Onana 60 million Mount 70 million Rasmus and hardly a goal out of the lot of them. (Rasmus ok for future, but too much to be main man for him now)
Buy better then what you got or had is my motto, and I’m struggling to see many additions that are any better loans or buys.

I don’t buy this rubbish that ETH just given Weghorst, Sabitzer, Arambat, they are clearly his choices even if loans and none of them good enough, Sabitzer may have done a better job then what we now got and he sent him back, did not want him for 20 million!

11.) 28 Oct 2023 20:40:18
That change in what the keeper is being asked to do is almost certainly linked to the injuries in defence.

Absolutely no point trying to play out from the back with Maguire in front of you. Play the ball to him when a team is pressing and you'll lose the ball.

12.) 31 Oct 2023 08:35:32
Agree with that Shappy. We don’t have the defenders for that system your right.



12 Sep 2023 07:40:05
Rumours of el ghazi as a free agent rw signing. Is there any truth to this ed? Thanks.


{Ed002's Note - Anwar El Ghazi (RW/LW) Free Agent after Kia Joorabchian was unable to find any takers in the Middle East or Turkey and he was released by PSV. Will wait until someone offers him a contract until the end of the season. I am not aware of any interest from Manchester UNited and it would be a kick in the gonads for the likes of Pellistri if there were.}

1.) 12 Sep 2023 10:31:43
Thanks ed I agree, give pellistri and amad when back a shot.

2.) 12 Sep 2023 16:42:55
Apparently him and his agent were at the last home match together.

3.) 12 Sep 2023 17:48:51
Bruno and Mount can be temporary cover also.

Plus - being creative - Wan Bissaka used to be a right winger and Dalot lives to get forward….

4.) 12 Sep 2023 21:49:29
Wan Bissaka as the creative winger, that’s a good one Wallace.

5.) 13 Sep 2023 10:17:50
I'd like to see Pellistri given a run of games, he's been bright in his cameos and probably deserves a run of games to see what he can do.

Beyond that I wouldn't be surprised to see Mount stake a claim as the starting RW this season once he is back from injury. He could be good to add balance to the attack and his crossing ability could prove very useful not just for Højlund but for Rashford who last season showed a greater ability to ghost in to the back post to nod home (probably something Benni McCarthy had worked on him with) . Højlund making a near post run and Rashford toward the back post from the LW position could create a lot of chances with good delivery which is something Mount has.

6.) 13 Sep 2023 13:07:49
Amad posted a picture apparently indicating surgery on his knee, I wouldn’t expect him back anytime soon.

7.) 13 Sep 2023 20:01:06
Yeah I see that redman. Expect him out for the season. This is pellestris time to take his chance. Rashford only got his chance because of injuries . Mad that he's played more times for his country than his club. Having bielsa as an international manager will help his massively.



02 Sep 2023 23:12:16
Article tomorrow from the mails finance journo saying the glazers are taking the club off the market as nobody got near their asking price. Not surprised by this as I don't think they really wanted to sell in the first place. In the article it states they want £10bn to sell, surely this number can't be right, because if it is it's completely ludicrous. I really hope this is just another clickbait article.


1.) 02 Sep 2023 23:33:16
Wouldn’t surprise me as they can probably see how football markets (and potential to make more money) growing in the USA and elsewhere, thus wanting a higher price now as they try to be compensated for potential higher income in the future if they sell.

Apparently will try to sell again in 2025.

Surely a huge gamble though as, to make money (Ie improve stadium to bring money in/ events, etc, improve scouting and recruitment to make money like city and Chelsea, improve women’s team to make money as women’s football established itself, etc, etc) there needs to be some investment, which they refuse to do, instead greedily gambling that football revenues will increase exponentially without any input or effort from them.

Other potential buyers are willing to invest to make longer term profits out of the club, but Glazers are not willing to invest anything, only take revenues out.

Thus can’t see how, without investment, club will be worth more in two years time.

2.) 03 Sep 2023 00:46:46
If it’s in the Mail then I’d take it with a pinch of salt.

3.) 03 Sep 2023 01:59:33
I'll begin by explaining how much I despise Joel and Avram.
If, on the way to or from work, I saw either of them hanging from the edge of a wooden deck atop a cliff, I wouldn't be so impetuous as to stomp their fingers - no, I'd return to my van to get a hammer and some nails, securing the trash precisely where I found it.
I absolutely detest these two nepo-wealth runts, waltzing around with egos bigger than Ronaldo's, puffing out their poxy little toddler chests in the stands when the opportunity arises for their bottoms to be licked - oh yeah, I'd love to see the back of these parasitic frauds.

Now, in terms of the takeover saga, I would not be remotely surprised if they withdrew.
This whole process has been full of clickbait, misinformation, and overt garbage from the start with every two-bit clown of a journalist desperately swimming through the fetid swamp of their industry hoping to snag a scoop, while simultaneously regurgitating the same tired waffle for as long as they can.
Throughout, these two have been hotstepping their way through the circus of sycophants, supercharging their egos, and generally showing utter disdain for the average fan who has to really give proper thought to paying for a matchday ticket - giving that kind of fan hope that they might one day be able to again support a club that's run by people who know their stuff, only to then flip the bird in the inimitably obnoxious style of a Glazer.

Ooh, do I hate them - there's no word in my vocabulary that quite captures the sheer level of hatred I feel towards them.

That said, I'm not going to allow this to affect me - it is football and every aspect of it is beyond my control, so it is very much a secondary factor of my life.

What these two lumps of smegma need to understand is that everything has a weakness.
United are still one of the most commercially attractive companies in the world of sport, but the weakness is sporting success. With each generation comes a big old batch of fans from outside Manchester.
There will be an inevitable dwindling of fanbase numbers around the world that will eventually impact the commercial strength.
I know there are many other factors involved that my little brain has no business getting involved with, but, having run my own business for many years, I do know that both reputation and brand viability are always, at least in part, vulnerable to damage from the quality of produce/ service.
These two have actually damaged their reputation in relation to United, they have damaged the club and have again kicked every fan in the shrapnel all over again - the Glazer Show must go on.

4.) 03 Sep 2023 05:00:23
Ork, so what you getting the Glazers for Christmas! That’s whole lot of hate against someone you probably never even met. I’m not so sure it’s good even having them in your head to that extreme.

5.) 03 Sep 2023 06:02:02
Ridiculous if true. They’ve wasted everybody’s time. Difficult to see how anybody will ever take them seriously again after this. Looking forward to the protests.

6.) 03 Sep 2023 06:57:24
Everyone knows what I think of the leeches.

The article in the Mail may be true, they may eye selling for more in 2025. However, they appear to have put their argument out there for why existing bidders should cough up the £6Bn they want now, because it will be worth it, a good investment, can’t the buyers now see? That’s what this looks like.

However, if the leeches stay then it will be really toxic, not that they will care. They don’t care about the state of the club, it’s infrastructure, it’s development, the stadium, it’s history, the football future, it’s just what they, the ultimate leeches can get out of it. The club will be lucky to stand still for 2 years if they stay, more likely continue to decline, to fall further behind. I watch as Liverpool develop their stadium, City build an empire, Madrid and Barcelona develop their stadiums, whilst watching our owners plan for how much they can make. I don’t have Orks level of venom but I feel sad and sickened by what the Glazers are doing, have done to a club built by good men, a working class club built into a world club, now dragged down to a money making scheme. Sir Matt and Jimmy Murphy must be spinning in their graves.

7.) 03 Sep 2023 08:38:34
Foolish if true in my opinion. I think that the club is close to maxed out in value, and the only way to increase its worth will be further investment in facilities such as the stadium and the training ground. Something the current owners have never really shown any interest in doing.

They have seemingly maxed out sponsorship revenue, and to increase it more will almost certainly rely on becoming more successful on the pitch to increase the value of brand association. Again this is something that they have struggled with during their ownership and is far from guaranteed.

Finally the club has and will continue to garner negative publicity under Glazer ownership. The negativity caused by the Greenwood debacle (and will continue to be until he permanently leaves the club) added to what will be a massive fan backlash against the ownership if they announce they are staying will only negatively impact the value of the club to potential buyers.

Also let's play the game and assume the club will continue to grow in value, surely at some point it becomes so expensive that there is literally no one prepared to buy it. Let's say it gets to the magic 10bn the Glazers supposedly want. There were only a few bidder's prepared to enter negotiations at a value between 3-6bn. You would assume there would be even less at a valuation between 8-10bn.

Realistically regardless of a person's wealth who would sink 10bn into a football club knowing full well that they will need to invest a further 1-2bn on a new stadium and training complex even if the day to day running can be covered by the business turnover.

The current owners have personally taken around 200m in dividends from the club during their 18 year ownership. If the club has maxed out in potential growth in value then the potential returns for any investors would be fairly restricted to what they can get in dividends. Which given the typically relatively large running cost of a football club will always be fairly limited.

Even if an owner could get 100m a year in dividends from the club, that would be a 1% return on a 10bn investment. That's just not worth it to anyone.

The value in buying the club now for 5-6bn isn't the returns available from dividends but the potential growth to be worth 10bn in the future.

8.) 03 Sep 2023 08:59:59
If they wait 2 more years or don’t sell then they condemn us to falling further behind on and off the pitch, that’s why most fans don’t like the leeches.

9.) 03 Sep 2023 09:18:27
Last year i caught the tail end of a radio chat about money in sport particularly football and they referenced one of the richest men in USA who was the owner of a sports team but can't remember who - the Dallas Squirrels or Florida pancakes or some such team and the interviewer said he was surprised that there were now so many American owners in PL but not this guy why not? He said because what they are doing is risky you don't know your income and costs each year - now, if you stopped this relegation nonsense, if you played a few games abroad each season to grow the popularity, if you knew before each season you were guaranteed to be in the Champions league not the Europa league or not even in Europe at all then yes count me in then you can really grow the clubs worldwide and know your costs before each season starts to allow you to get the best commercial deals. that's the future right there and possibly why they think it wil be worth 8 mill in future if changes are made to the set up to "Ameicanise " it.

10.) 03 Sep 2023 09:30:12
Its just an article and buying back the publicly listed stock would require a lengthy procedure starting with an offer at a certain price and quite a bit of capital.

I don't believe any of this stuff tbh and i had mentioned i know the qatari camp and asked a couple of weeks ago when there was news they had gotten it, but never got anything back. If this was true they would have said its off. I am leaning towards a sale actually given how hush hush they are. Not like them if you know them and within a certain inner circle.

The window is over, greenwood gone and feels like they need another headline to get click bait that's until today when we play. hope we have a good game. read mc and sancho did not travel, are they injured?

11.) 03 Sep 2023 10:50:34
I saw a random twitter iTK claim this before the story dropped. His record is sketchy at best and I wouldn't put it past the mail to use that account as a source. The only reason I think they may have used the source is because they used the same figure. 10 billion hasn't been mentioned before so seemed a weird coincidence.

12.) 03 Sep 2023 11:13:19
No idea what's going to happen, no idea what to believe in relation to this story anymore.

13.) 03 Sep 2023 12:45:11
You do have a way with words ork.
Excellent stuff and couldn't agree more ?.

14.) 03 Sep 2023 12:45:12
The Glazers know there's a 5th UCL spot this season. So easier to guarantee UCL money.

They also have likely been encouraged by the fact that they can hide behind FFP and even loan players to fix problems.

Hopefully it is one more attempt at getting a better price, but I doubt it will come. I feel the Qataris have lost or are becoming disillusioned.

15.) 03 Sep 2023 13:17:49
I would not listen too much to all the stories, just wait and see, they may have seen Saudis wanting to pay 200m for a player and no value in that, but Saudis don’t care, you don’t buy a football club at levels they are talking about to make money,! maybe they are just hoping a Saudi prince will pop up with 10 Billion, we don’t know if the sheik offered 6 billion, I would think if he did, that will be accepted, just like everything with United it’s a drawn out process and big news, so it pays for Everyman and his dog to have an opinion.

16.) 03 Sep 2023 13:53:09
Work, did you just envisage joel and avram at OT? Wow, you do have a vivid imagination ?.

17.) 03 Sep 2023 14:10:13
Doubt they’ll announce this but instead just remain silent. They know if they announce this publicly there will be mayhem and the fans will go nuts. Radio silence and the appearance of limbo is what will happen. Not sure where the club goes from here, if we were apparently broke this year what will the clubs finances look like next year and beyond. Scarey thought.

18.) 04 Sep 2023 07:41:00

We aren’t broke, the clubs accounts are there for all to see, we were hamstrung by FFP because of our ludicrous spending on useless players under Woodward.




Tim_99's banter posts with other poster's replies to Tim_99's banter posts


06 Nov 2023 21:02:19
Wow that Chelsea vs spurs game has to be one of the craziest I've ever seen. Least it's not a dull old 0-0. Could easily be 9 v 9 and 2-2. Mental.


1.) 07 Nov 2023 05:29:10
I missed the game but been reading about it. Must have been good to watch except VAR. I see they have picked up injuries too and some suspensions. Good time for international break for them.

Weird league and no team is safe from a disaster day whether its injuries or Var debacle or players lack of IQ. Saw a image of how high they were playing with 9 men. Interesting I have to say.

2.) 07 Nov 2023 07:18:28
Against a half decent team, I dare even say against Man Utd, with 9 men playing that high, Spurs would have a conceded a lot more. Chelsea were struggling until the last 10 mins when the Spurs backline were completely exhausted.

3.) 07 Nov 2023 08:01:16
Good on Spurs and what a breath of fresh air there manager is, don’t change the principles just play attacking seat of your pants football great to watch for the fans and armchair neutrals.

Good on Ya Mate, some say foolish, some say stupid, I say that’s what entertainment is all about!

He just won many admirers with that, long May it continue.

4.) 07 Nov 2023 11:04:24

Let's see how many admirers he has if they start dropping points for fun and they tank now that they have selection issues. Same Muppets who are praising him will go in on him for not adapting.

Entertainment is at WWE. Madness is what he did when down to 9. Chelsea made a meal out of it but eventually got there. other teams would have put a basketball score on them.

IF eth did what he did god help the man and the backlash.

When Liverpool went down to 9 at nc they parked 9 behind the ball and looked to see it out and if the opportunity was there to get there on the counter. it actually worked funny enough.

Wolves away next game and their setup not a good game for them imo.

5.) 07 Nov 2023 12:06:39
Big fan of Ange here, but can't say that playing that way two men down when a draw was well within grasp at that point was a great plan. Any other manager would have shut up shop long before and maybe held on for a point. In the end they've been spanked at home through poor game management.

6.) 07 Nov 2023 12:41:44
It was not madness, it was a very good attempt to get something out of the game. The keeper was sweeping high and they were well in the game for a long time.

The young left back who got a yellow could have easily been sent off for first half tackle. VAR was taking forever throughout the game - 12 mins of added time first half and 9 in second! I think it was VAR that was tired, not Spurs.

7.) 07 Nov 2023 12:48:38
I don’t agree with the previous point. Ange has a style of play and he stuck to it. It was a bold approach. Ultimately it was not successful but we have defended with eleven players and still lost out. And I would love to know what our style of play is.

8.) 07 Nov 2023 12:56:04
Ahmed, so you’re saying Football should not be entertaining for the neutral? You should go to WWE if you want to be entertained
You would rather watch dour games, see teams park the bus play slow unattractive football, then watch a game like last night as a neutral, I really don’t understand that to me that must just be jealousy speaking.

We would never know, but we would probably struggle against them last night even down to 9 men with the pace of our play plus they will probably finish above us in the league this season anyway but that’s not what I am saying, it’s not all about united, I said fair play to him for keeping to principles of how he wants to play yes you won’t win league like it, but they don’t anyway for me as a neutral watching that game it’s great to watch, I pay my money to be entertained and I certainly was for 120 mins
if WWE turns you on then great for you.
But to me your post smacks of jealousy.
The game had nothing to do with United or ETH so to get all defensive is rather childish.

9.) 07 Nov 2023 13:10:13
Well, if he buys fans and his players even more with this approach, I'd argue it is better to lose that one point, in order to maximise performances later on.

10.) 07 Nov 2023 13:24:49
Ahmad are you ok? I don’t understand how you can’t say that wasn’t an entertaining game. It was like 90’s premier league meets var. This is what football was like before it became a non contact sport.

And unless you’re 12, wwe isn’t entertainment.

11.) 07 Nov 2023 14:41:10
I was an entertaining game because of the sending offs and var messing but it was not a game of high quality offensive or defensive football.
I'd rather watch a high quality 1nil or nil all and appreciate the good football. But that's a very individual preference.

12.) 07 Nov 2023 15:38:55
Ahmad started by saying he didn't watch the game, so his comments are based on a picture or reading a match report. Those who watched it could see the plan, and it wasn't that far off working. They were screwed by the red cards, not by the tactics after the red cards.

13.) 07 Nov 2023 15:48:36
It wasn’t at all Ken, it was because 2 teams went at it, even when Spurs went down players they still tried to win. If you watched it all and not the highlights you would see that.

14.) 07 Nov 2023 23:08:26
I was not talking about whether it was an entertaining game but about lunacy of being 2 men down and playing that high up the pitch. I watched the highlights. Each to his own. I would not be entertained if we did that. There was that colombian keeper many years ago who did all kinds of crazy stuff, can’t recall his name. Entertaining i am sure for some because it was borderline madness but would not want him in my team.

Hope ange does it against us if they are down to 9. I would be highly entertained and would improve our goal difference:)

15.) 08 Nov 2023 08:25:13
What makes you think we could score against them we got a front line that’s got 1 goal between them in what 10 games against lowly teams, so I think you’re jumping the gun there Ahmed.
It was not one man playing this way like your suggesting it was the team and instructions from the manager, I bet if you even ask the players they prefer playing this style of football then slow slow slow defensive football back and forth going nowhere…
More people then not were buzzing after watching that game then not, that’s for sure crazy or not it’s entertainment. And good on him for sticking to his principles I say.

16.) 08 Nov 2023 09:20:33
Hoiland, Rashford, Garnacho and Bruno would hammer them if spurs set up with 9 men that way. Actually most teams in the league would do that.

You might call it sticking to his principles I think its gifting 3 points. Watched klop deal with the same issue vs Newcastle who are far more physical and combative earlier this year and you can't help but rate the guy in terms of how he managed it. Ask liverpool fans if they cared one bit sitting in a low block and defending and winning or going gung ho and gifting 3 points.

Reminds me of Tin Cup, its fun watching the movie and a laugh if someone else doing but would never do it myself.

Not looking for an argument just agree to disagree.

17.) 08 Nov 2023 13:13:39
You mean that game where Liverpool were down to 10 men and Nunez got 2 goals after being 1 nil down to win 2-1 at Newcastle Ahmad?



01 Nov 2023 22:17:48
When's the next international break? Eth might be lucky to make it at this rate. Worse start since 1962/ 63. Shocking by all involved, whether you blame eth or not, the writing appears to be on the wall for his tenure at the club.


1.) 01 Nov 2023 22:51:32
I really hoped it would be players out . Martial, sancho, the same old names we all know before the manager - but i'm increasingly sure it will be ETH that will go and to be honest I think he has not done himself any favours with team selection, tactics and loyalty to underperforming players week after week and he will pay the price as I can't see SJR wanting to be starting off (if he ever does) with a manager seemingly on the slide. a shiny new one and a new DOF is a much better look and a lot better PR. for SJR unveiling.

2.) 01 Nov 2023 22:53:55
I'd call in all the agents of the players, get them all in a room together with their clients then just say to the lot of them to find their clients a new club, tell the players to pack their lockers and f**k off.

The shock value might be the wake up call these players need.

The performances have largely been the same for Jose, Ole, Ralf and now Erik. They play average football with no distinct style of football, rely on individuals, then fold like a pack of cards the moment they have anything close to a challenge. They blame the training, the rain, the kits, etc. They have all the resilience of a wet paper towel.

They aren't talented enough, they don't work hard enough and they are weak mentally. It doesn't matter who the manager is, they can't make them into talented, hard working and mentally tough players.

The same thing will happen. EtH will be sacked because its easier than the club admitting they have ballsed up for a decade. They'll hire a new manager, performances will lift for a while, then the players will be challenged and they will buckle again and throw another manager under the bus. Rinse and repeat.

I'd tear up the players contracts on grounds of trade description. I'm pretty sure those contracts state we are getting football players. I don't see any footballers.

3.) 01 Nov 2023 22:55:23
What money are they paying him off with then?

4.) 01 Nov 2023 22:56:18
He’s gone mate surely? . Not sure I agree with it when it does happen, as what else do we do/ who do we choose next? It’s a hopeless situation until the ownership is sorted.

5.) 01 Nov 2023 23:58:10
Totally Eric, I’m not sure what the best course of action is but in cases like this it’s usually the manager who bites the bullet. Bringing in a new manager won’t make a huge difference, maybe short term it will but then we will be here again with them. Huge restructure and squad overhaul is needed and a clear plan would be nice. We’ve spent a fortune over the years but it’s plain to see we’ve wasted most of it.

6.) 02 Nov 2023 01:00:41
We've wasted all of it Tim. I'd much rather a squad of players that work hard and show they want to win then one of the most highly paid, highly assembled teams ever.

Whatever positives Ten Hag has as a manager, his recruitment doesn't seem to be his strong suit. Look at Liverpool for example. Klopp wanted Brandt, he got Salah, he wanted Werner, he got Firminho etc. Sometimes you need someone else at the club who can challenge you on certain things.

A tweak to the backroom staff or something to that effect maybe the difference. The team is shot but its not exactly surprising. The ones that have been here for multiple managers have all thrown the toys out of the pram. It's safe to say some of them are simply mediocre premier league players who are highly paid.

I'd still stick with the manager but that won't happen if the results stay the same. Murmurs of Rathcliffe wanting to replace him if he gets in, we could be back at square one some enough.

7.) 02 Nov 2023 05:40:22
We wanted a change and people getting rested/ dropped and we got it. It did not work and even With Bruno, rash, Hoiland coming on it was no better.

We have so many individua errors in the squad that I am am not sure how you remedy it. You can't teach people not to switch off and just follow some principles. We don't seem to have it in us to come back once we go behind.

I don't see a point of change in manager as the players seems to the constant denominator whoever comes in.

Andy Cole who was on sky for the game did not hide from how on earth a player like Martial is still at the club. I am not going to go after his character or lack of trying but he is just not good enough anymore and not what he was years ago. Same goes for Lindelof and Maguire, that pairing is so poor and its the same script with those 2 for past 2 years now. The second goal they look like two bowling pins bouncing into each other lol

Just a bad performance in terms of creating chances and exasperated by terrible defending. Cannot win games if we concede like we do and then clearly struggle breaking teams down who sit it and defend a lead.

Unfortunately looks like cas is injured again.

8.) 02 Nov 2023 07:00:22

“ We've wasted all of it Tim. I'd much rather a squad of players that work hard and show they want to win then one of the most highly paid, highly assembled teams ever. ”

You’re absolutely right, and do you remember saying the same thing under Rangnick, under Jose, probably under LVG as well.

This is a huge part of the problem - the idiots upstairs are throwing tens of millions at players who are simply not worth it.

9.) 02 Nov 2023 08:01:25
Talking of players. I know it might not be popular but I think Onana at Everton is a hell of player. He has everything that none of mids have as a package. Size, speed, athletic, physicality and good technicaly.

Not going to fix this squad by selling one or two and adding one or two. Seems like they take turns to have howlers. One game its these 3 or 4 and the next is another 3 or 4.



28 Oct 2023 23:05:52
Another weekend of VAR controversies and disillusionment. so much for it making the game more transparent and clearing up the errors. Is it this bad in other countries or are the refs over here just completely incompetent?!


1.) 29 Oct 2023 00:26:08
I'm starting to feel like the PGMOL are intentionally making a mess of it to try and force it out of the game. They were apparently opposed to it in the first place and have reluctantly had to accept it as a progression of the game.

Is it really much of a leap to think that they would intentionally sabotage it's implementation?

2.) 29 Oct 2023 06:27:52
The refs are just poor imo and no sour grapes but an observation. Lost money on the wolves game. Nc are the best team in the league for professional sneaky fouls when they are caught out of position but get away with it as its not blatant but they know what they are doing. Guys like Burns and Guimares do it all game long.

Watched Chelsea too and calcedo gets a yellow for a foul similar to cas red last year. In calcedo's case the ball was already gone so imo even a worse foul. Just so so inconsistent the reffing. as a player must be very confusing and not sure how these guys judge things.

The pen nc were awarded is a strange one and not sure why Var does not even ask the ref to look at it.

Hoping we get a good/ consistent ref performance today for both sides.

3.) 29 Oct 2023 10:33:00
I have just watched a couple of A League games here in Oz. Let me tell you that the VAR is more of a joke here than there!

If you can get highlights then watch Melbourne Victory V Newcastle Jets and you will see exactly what I mean.

Two clear refereeing errors and VAR did nothing. Pundits are even saying they don’t know what they are watching these days.

4.) 29 Oct 2023 11:04:19
100% the Ref's are not up to scratch, they are poor and inconsistent. The fact that when they make a mistake rather than having to front up about it they are protected by the PGMOL means that they never have to take responsibility for their mistakes.

Accepting you've made a mistake and taking responsibility for it are the first steps needed for improvement. Without that you have absolutely no chance of being able to improve and remove those mistakes from your performance.

The reality is VAR is not hard to implement or to get right, the difficult they are having is implementing in such a way that is doesn't take power away from the on field referee or undermine their authority.

What they misunderstand is true authority comes from competence not from being above reproach.

Here's the basic framework that would get VAR working and working well.

1. All decisions are reviewed. This stops the controversy over why some are and some aren't. However, there is no need to stop the game to do a review.

2. Make all reviews subject to a 30 seconds time limit to complete the review. This means that only clear and obvious errors are picked up. If you can't see that an error has been made in that timeframe then any error is neither clear or obvious. Sometimes when they spend 3 minutes doing a review it feels like they are just looking for a reason to overturn the decision. A 30 seconds time limit also means that the game is less disrupted and more able to flow.

3. Bring in the automated offside technology and remove the need to do protracted VAR reviews to try and see if a player is offside by a pube. It's ridiculous, especially when considering that the rule clearly state that if in doubt then you give the benefit of the doubt to the attacking side.

4. Live stream what VAR are looking at to the stadium. This means fans in the stadium aren't left wondering what is going on.

5. If the Ref needs to go to the monitor to review a decision then they should see it at full speed and not a slow-mo or freeze frame. All decisions should be reviewed in real time and not in slow motion as the game happens in real time. If you can't see if a error has occurred unless the play is slowed down then the error was not clear or obvious.

6. Officials microphones should be broadcast in real time.

7. Officials should be held accountable for their mistakes and should have to do a post match interview.

If you ran it like that it would work well and have no real controversy.

5.) 29 Oct 2023 18:23:43
Well today certainly cleared that var debate. just ruined game. If you fall over you get a decision. that's it really.

6.) 30 Oct 2023 06:23:37
I got a bit animated on live chat and want to apologize if I offended anyone. I think its a horrendous call and if they are going to call that there is 2 or 3 a game in every game from corners and dead balls into the box.

I think Michael Oliver is lousy of a ref to start with and yesterday he was in charge of Var. Its about time for the all teams to do something about how poor these guys are and they are impacting so many games the wrong way. Its not just a United issue and we can argue we are probably getting the worst of it.



19 Oct 2023 21:56:15
Casemiro unavailable for Saturday then. Be interesting to see what setup we go with.


1.) 20 Oct 2023 08:28:43
I read Amrabat is injured as well. I'd pick McTominay and Mount. It's not ideal but they'll be combatative and energetic.

2.) 20 Oct 2023 08:51:58
Could be a blessing, midfield 3 of Amrabat, Mount and Fernandes may actually give us better balance and energy. Be a tricky game unfortunately against Sheffield United so a must win going into the Derby then hopefully Casemiro and Amrabat start v City.

3.) 20 Oct 2023 10:06:33
Is Kobbie Mainoo fit now?

4.) 20 Oct 2023 11:06:40

From the training ground pictures, he is training with the rest of the squad and not individual training as was the acse a few weeks ago. So is Reguillion and Ambrabat.

Never seen the kid play so curious to see him but hear very good things.

5.) 20 Oct 2023 11:23:35
Ahmad H - he's a real talent and if he didn't get that injury against Madrid pre-season i think he would of started a few games.
Very composed on the ball, good passer, good tackler and reads the game well. If he's fit i would definitely throw him in.
I think he could be a real gem of a player for us.

6.) 20 Oct 2023 15:05:11
Ports, unfortunately every game seems tricky at the minute!



14 Oct 2023 19:57:22
Reports now that SJR will buy a minority stake at 25% and will be ratified this week. Might just be the media putting 2+2 together with Qatar pulling it but I'd say they're not far off and the sheikhs announcement is a face saving exercise. Sad times and don't see how having SJR benefits us in any way. He's shown he'll do whatever the glazers want so why should we trust Any of them with the stewardship of our great club. Gutted but not surprised.





Tim_99's rumour replies


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20 Nov 2023 11:53:11
Thanks for the response ed. hopefully nothing materialises as I smell another overpaid flop on the horizon.




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30 Oct 2023 21:18:40
Maybe not sacked yet but I’d say there’s a few at the club having second thoughts about eth. There were rumours a few months back about giving him a new deal and that’s all died away massively.




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28 Oct 2023 23:03:56
Pretty sure I saw videos at the start of preseason and they were loving him…. smells more like excuse planting to me.




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26 Oct 2023 16:19:52
Hope so as it’s makes zero sense to me.




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06 Oct 2023 18:02:20
Im so sick of this repeating bs. Who are these players? I can guess and I’m sure I’d be right. Embarrassment the lot of them.





Tim_99's banter replies


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23 Nov 2023 10:44:13
Never going to happen shappy, u and I both know it. The case will be lucky to see the light of day and will disappear under red tape for years. They will then hope we’ve all forgot about it. Everton are being used as the sacrificial lamb and if punishment isn’t issued to others then the premier league will show that they are disingenuous and corrupt.




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03 Nov 2023 13:32:20
Lose lose win. Fulham is always a tough game and with the way we are playing I can’t see it. Copenhagen played well last time so think they’ll do us at their gaff. Luton we have to win if not then surely there’s no way back for eth.




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01 Nov 2023 23:58:10
Totally Eric, I’m not sure what the best course of action is but in cases like this it’s usually the manager who bites the bullet. Bringing in a new manager won’t make a huge difference, maybe short term it will but then we will be here again with them. Huge restructure and squad overhaul is needed and a clear plan would be nice. We’ve spent a fortune over the years but it’s plain to see we’ve wasted most of it.




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29 Oct 2023 22:47:01
Wont happen, there’s no accountability at the club, from the owners to Arnold to murtough to eth to the players. They all just do what they want and are left to their own devices. As long as the money comes in the owners don’t care.




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25 Oct 2023 10:50:25
Agreed ajh, other than his worldie against Burnley Bruno has been crap. As for rashford I honestly don’t know what his problem is, seems completely disinterested and unmotivated. Question on that then, sancho has been exiled for poor training etc and then his childish reaction to being called out. so I assume rashford is training well? If so what happens on match day? Honestly they give an air of wanting the manager gone. I refuse to believe that they train all week like they perform during games so why the change.