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04 Sep 2023 14:04:57
Do any of the Eds know if there is any interest for Sancho from any of the teams in the Saudi League. I just can't fathom a way forward after yesterday, even just till January. I suppose Jadon would be happy to get away from the circus as well.


{Ed002's Note - No.}

1.) 04 Sep 2023 16:44:57
Turkey maybe or Saudi that's it.

2.) 04 Sep 2023 17:13:54
Anyway you chop this up we're going to have to take a big loss on Sancho. His wages are reportedly in the region on £350,000 a week. That would be on par with the likes of Salah, Hallan and De Bruyne.

He has not shown any consistency since he's got here, he hasn't developed or improved at all and would struggle to get into most teams hoping to challenge for trophies.

His mentality mirrors how he plays on the pitch, weak. A team of professionals fighting to be in the first 11, if a manager is saying you aren't picked because you are not showing as much in training as the others then you should respond by working harder, not giving your fingers a work out on social media.

Pellestri was dead and buried at this club until Ten Hag liked what he saw. By all accounts he just put his head down and worked hard everyday. He surpassed the likes of Elanga for a spot on the bench and looks like he's surpassed Sancho too. It's a message to everyone at the club that we have standards.

Sanchos contract is until 2026 which means we're on the hook to pay him £55,000,000. If he is to leave then no club is as stupid as we are with contracts, he's going to want us to chip in with his wages.

Also take into account the fee we'll get will be minimal compared to outer initial outlay.

Saudi would help us a lot because of their wages but will he want to go there?

Anyone else will give us peanuts and expect us to pick up his wages too.

There is a few players still at the club that are on stupid wages who we couldn't give away.

This will take awhile to get the club on the right track, but our recent history of offering Mount, Casemiro and Varane big contracts means we'll probably never be a club that has its wages under control.

3.) 04 Sep 2023 21:54:48
I’m sure they’ll sort it out like responsible adults ?.

4.) 04 Sep 2023 23:22:19
I can remember being shocked when we signed Sancho, I didn't think we had a chance. I can remember the editor being surprised too, but now we know why, £375k a week.

Insane, amateurish.

5.) 05 Sep 2023 06:48:30
I remember Ed01 saying he is nowhere near as good as people think he is or saying he is, he has probably been even worse than that.

6.) 05 Sep 2023 08:36:18
I was pleased when we signed him to be honest. Thought he might solve our issues on the right - sadly not worked out.

We need to not keep these players for prolonged periods. Sell him and move on - let the lad kick start his career elsewhere and we get rid of a player that’s not working. Sadly for Jadon, I think he’ll need to make a step down to make a move back up to where he thinks he belongs, but I doubt he has the mindset for that.

I’d rather give Pellestri and Amad a run to compete with Antony, and play Donny as back up 10!

7.) 05 Sep 2023 11:45:28

The first reply was funny and made me laugh.

On your second reply, I hope Donny goes too, we need players who are not good enough gone. he is not cut for the PL and no wonder no interest within the league even for a loan.

Having him hang around for a handful of 15 minute cameo's, when we have injuries or winning a game comfortably is not good for him or the club. He needs to go to a club, where he plays week in week out. Never going to be that at United and I suspect will cost us to move him. his wages are up there too.



16 Jul 2023 16:16:50
Be interesting to see if now West Ham have sold Rice if their purported interest in Maguire and/ or McTominay come to anything. Fingers crossed ?.


1.) 16 Jul 2023 17:06:07
Ten Hag is clearly doing what he can to get rid of Maguire. Dropped him to 5th choice CB, taken the captaincy off him. He needs to leave for the good of himself and the club.

2.) 16 Jul 2023 17:18:59
I wonder whether Maguire receives some interest from abroad as the window goes on. He needs to decide what he wants from the remainder of his career, he could be stubborn and see out his contract (still has 2 years to go) and accept he will not be first choice or maybe even first change. and he has every right to do that even if we do not want him to.
I think there will be an agreement for him to seek a transfer with the best team for him, I think it was mentioned that we may have to either pay up some of his salary to help or take less on sale price. Unfortunately may be something we have to face if it helps the sale.

3.) 16 Jul 2023 17:53:58
Maguire needs to play in a side who play at a slow pace (Inter, Juventus, Milan etc. ), or a side who play deep and with three at the back (West Ham, Everton) .

My money is on him playing for one of those 5 sides come September 1st.

4.) 16 Jul 2023 18:34:20
Everton won’t have the cash for Maguire so can’t be them, but you’re right he’d be excellent in Italy (and Saudi if he fancies the $$$) .

5.) 16 Jul 2023 19:51:46
think it needs southgate to give him the final nudge by telling him if he isn't playing for UTD he can't play for England, he did for a while but not doing it now going forward.

6.) 16 Jul 2023 20:34:39
Shouldn't need to tell him. It is a whole season until next tournament. Harry should see that coming himself. And to be fair, I'm sure he does.

7.) 16 Jul 2023 20:50:02

I agree with you, Southgate should have dropped him. Instead, along with Philips, they have become undroppable despite their lack of game time.

8.) 16 Jul 2023 22:33:38
Am I the only one that feels Maguire is getting a really unfair Schtick here? Yes he’s slow by modern CB standards but no way is he Everton standard. I feel the Liverpool and Leeds fans have led the ridicule and it’s stuck. Out of all the bang average not quite there players we have, surely he’s not such a panic sell?

9.) 17 Jul 2023 01:47:19
Yes it's only you.

10.) 17 Jul 2023 06:36:32
Spikey, its not just you. Maguire hasn't worked out and he was overpriced, but people make out he's a donkey which visit ridiculous. Even when he had a solid game people would find one dodgy moment to reinforce their negative view.

He needs to go but the negative pile on is a little distasteful.

11.) 17 Jul 2023 10:41:56
Maguire is Spursy
McT is West Ham material.

12.) 17 Jul 2023 11:16:40
Maybe if they fancy Martial and Elanga too we'll throw in a free set of crutches for Martial?

13.) 17 Jul 2023 12:36:37
I agree Spikey, I don't think any one is under any illusion that he's good enough to play in a top level team. Any team that wants to play with a high line and on the front foot is going to highlight his deficiencies. However, the juvenile banter around him paints the picture of someone who be better plying his trade in non-league, as opposed to a guy who could do a decent job at a club like West Ham. People are quick to forget how important he was during his first season for us, and the concern generated when he was going to miss the Europa League final vs Villareal. Leave the 'banter' for the brainless twitter lot.

14.) 17 Jul 2023 13:17:20
I think Maguire never xame back to Utd the same player after the Greece debacle, and then the constant criticism from media, fans (our own included) along with ridiculous videos/ memes have crushed the Maguire we signed.

For me he needs to go, get out of that limelight amd show what he is capable if, why Utd signed him and the player he still seems to be for England. Good luck to him whereever he goes, it just didn't work out.

15.) 17 Jul 2023 17:05:25
United have outgrown him, but he will make a great CB for some team. Afterall, he was named in the official Euros team of the tournament and Sky Sports team of the World Cup …So that’s not the donkey everyone seems to be saying he is. Good luck to him wherever he goes I say.

16.) 18 Jul 2023 07:33:05
Maguire was just a very very bad purchase given who we could have signed. When you come in with his price tag, you are always going to be under the spotlight. Woodward and the rest of the people who sanctioned the deal are the real donkeys in all of this and not Maguire.

17.) 18 Jul 2023 08:08:51
I agree with the people above suggesting he goes abroad for his career, if that’s something him and his family would be open to, who knows. I think a team like Roma or Atletico Madrid would really suit his game. In a low block counter team he’s got all the attributes you need. He’s a very good player, he just doesn’t suit a high back line.

18.) 18 Jul 2023 09:43:22
I think lots of teams would be interested in Maguire but his wages are the issue. Generally the case with most of the players we are trying to move and must be a factor in the fees we get.

Given our FFP situation I am making an assumption the club wants to avoid taking losses on the unamortized portion of players cost that's sitting on our books and he is the toughest one to solve for.

19.) 18 Jul 2023 11:46:16
Maguire was never helped by De Gea staying on his line so much as he didn't have the speed to cover inevitable gap De Gea left.

Thus, ironically, Maguire might be a beneficiary of Onana's sweeper-keeper style, and even thrive if given the chance.



08 Nov 2022 13:24:20
Any truth that Utd may be interested in Skriniar in the summer on a free? One of many suitors I'd assume, and I know last year you had mentioned he wouldn't be first choice at that point but with Maguire and Lindelof falling down the pecking order has this changed?




{Ed002's Note - Two interested sides have been told a new contract will be agreed with Inter.}



12 Aug 2022 08:31:56
Any truth in Icardi loan from PSG?


{Ed002's Note - Mauro Icardi (S) Efforts will be made to ensure a move for Icardi from PSG this summer. Roma and Juventus will no longer be interested. He will be offered to Milan and Atalanta. Inter may still be interested. Others may also show their hand, perhaps an ambitious bid from Monza. Spurs see him as a potential Kane replacement if circumstances dictate. He will be offered to pretty much all of the PL sides. Galatasaray have met with his representative to discuss putting a proposal of a loan to buy deal to PSG. Icardi wants to stay and only leave on his terms.}

1.) 12 Aug 2022 13:31:27
His missus and Rabiot’s mum will be fun to have around the club ?.

2.) 13 Aug 2022 06:45:51
Both Rabiot and Icardi would dramatically improve our team if Ten Hag can keep them both focused on their football. I still think we’d need another midfielder to have any hope of finishing in the top 4, mind.

3.) 13 Aug 2022 12:31:20
We need better wingbacks imo. City liverpool chelsea are ahead of the rest because on both sides they have excellent players. They open up play for others besides creating scoring opportunities as well.

The guy spurs bought is also excellent. Dalot and shaw are poor going forward and defensively one is average and one not good enough imo.

4.) 13 Aug 2022 22:20:44
In my opinion we need:
right back/ right wing back.
Right Wing
CF/ Striker

Without decent signings in those positions I'm no Football Manager but while we need a DM and can't get one, and while the defence is so week, surely play 3 at the back. Varane and Maguire deeper with Martinez just in front. Malacia LWB and one of Rashford/ Sancho/ Elanga as RWB. Eriksen and Bruno in the middle. One of same three left and right and then Ronaldo up top? We need to get tighter and get confidence before this gets more embarrassing ?.

5.) 14 Aug 2022 13:25:11
If we need total rebuild which we do, then the first signings need to be correct and I’m afraid the first signings are not the building blocks required neither are the ones being mentioned, Ten Haag needs to reevaluate or walk away now and let’s start a proper rebuilding job

If he stays he needs to sit down and take a good hard look at himself and realise his ex players are not what’s needed at united and in premier and start a proper rebuild with required personnel…….




Philip_hunter2003's banter posts with other poster's replies to Philip_hunter2003's banter posts


05 Jan 2024 09:03:00
Paulo Dybala available for €12 million until January 15th. Surely worth a punt over what we have.


1.) 05 Jan 2024 09:47:43
cue various posts about steering clear of overpaid established washed out players lol.

2.) 05 Jan 2024 10:31:58
Seems a lot for just 10 days?.

3.) 05 Jan 2024 11:28:18
Certainly worth a punt.
Won't happen though because the current gaggle of blaggards charged with making these types of decisions aren't even competent enough to explore decent options available for free.

Personally, I'd love to see Dybala in a United shirt.

4.) 05 Jan 2024 11:44:49
Surely with nothing really to play for its better to just give the minutes to Amad, we need to use this period to assess what can be realistically kept of the current squad.

5.) 05 Jan 2024 11:55:41
Really fed up with stop gap signings. They rarely work and don’t promote continuity. There is no doubt that Dybala is a gifted player, although clearly not proven in the Premiership.

6.) 05 Jan 2024 12:34:52
That’ll be a No from me.

7.) 05 Jan 2024 14:01:09
He's a tough one to decide on. He's got so much talent, but he just hasn't lived up to that potential.

He does dip in and out of the side due to a few injuries, and he's the type of striker EtH has typically used.

At his age, with his wage demands, the fact he has never played in the EP, and the seeming trajectory of his career I'd have to say pass on him to be honest. Even though he's clearly more talented than the options we currently have.

Personally I think we either an older, experienced striker (26-31) with a similar profile to Højlund. Who can come in and rotate around with the young Dane until he's developed enough to lead the line for us.

Or we need a younger striker (22-25), who has top class potential, but is maybe a slightly different type of striker to Højlund. Someone who has a bit more experience and is maybe more ready to be first choice for a club like ours, but has a different skill set to Højlund meaning that they would both be viable options for the next 5-7 years (longer for Højlund) either as the starter or as someone who offers something different from the bench.

I'm not sure signing a talented, but seemingly declining player like Dybala on a high wage, whose skillset is very different to the type of strikers the manager usually plays is the right sort of direction the club should be moving in.

He seems fine as a short-term stop gap on loan until the summer. But I wouldn't want the club to take a gamble on him which likely will not work and then we are stuck with a declining player on north of 300k per week on a 4 year deal. Regardless of the potential favourable transfer fee.

We need to stop taking punts on older players who have either started or will soon start to decline.

The reality is that rebuilding this squad will take at least 3 years. No point signing players over the age of 26 maybe 27 as they will likely need replacing again before we see a serious title challenge.

8.) 05 Jan 2024 14:09:47
You guys complain about the past and our dealings and now you want Dyabala. Where would you play him and is he a long term purchase or another one on 200k a week we will not know what to do with in 12 months time. I can assure you the transfer might be low but he is not coming over for a 100k.

9.) 05 Jan 2024 18:26:45
No chance Dybala comes here. Correct me if I’m wrong, but hasn’t he rejected coming here a couple of times already?

10.) 05 Jan 2024 21:34:03
We are spending all our efforts triying to move Sancho and Martial on, yet think it’s ok taking on an issue type player from elsewhere. We need to get away from the Dybala type players.

11.) 05 Jan 2024 22:25:45
Agree completely with Red Man. Steer well clear.

We need to get shot of Martial and Sancho, then bring in a striker.

It'll be another embarrassing loan move for a striker well past his prime.

12.) 06 Jan 2024 08:15:27
Another pre Madonna

No thanks.

13.) 06 Jan 2024 09:23:42
Leave well alone!

14.) 06 Jan 2024 11:01:03
Christ utd can't even get werner. no chance on this. Wouldn't trust utd transfer team to open a can of beans. they're beyond useless and hopefully all sacked by Radcliffe.

{Ed002's Note - You clearly don't understand how the transfer system works.}

15.) 06 Jan 2024 12:55:13
Another punt yehhh.

16.) 06 Jan 2024 14:32:49
there's enough punts at the plub already ??.



03 Sep 2023 21:14:50
Sanchos released statement is not great. Another circus going on in the background while we are struggling. I don't see a way back in the team for him from this.


1.) 03 Sep 2023 21:35:01
just read it. oh dear we are going to be headline news now for weeks. I think sancho is gone, dead man walking.

2.) 03 Sep 2023 22:14:26
Trying to force him out to Saudi ?.

3.) 03 Sep 2023 22:29:33
Hopefully Sydney the glazers will love that.

4.) 04 Sep 2023 07:28:16
Fingers crossed, he adds nothing to the team.



04 Aug 2023 12:18:15
Any truth in the Maguire and McTominay to West Ham Deals? Reporter suggesting long distance medicals are taking place?


{Ed002's Note - They have an interest in both. What is a long-distance medical?}

1.) 04 Aug 2023 16:10:56
A bloody big stethoscope.

2.) 04 Aug 2023 16:25:33
Lol. A medical via Microsoft Teams?

3.) 04 Aug 2023 19:26:41
In all fairness this was the story in the Manky Evening News, which cited as its source the Sun, one of the most reliable cornerstones of the 4th estate.

Now, apparently, according to my extremely reliable sources, Moyes's proctologist is currently in Manchester for a : convention, and is rumoured to have been told to pull his finger out (or the reverse), and initiate the medicals. These inside sources have never given me a bum steer before.

4.) 04 Aug 2023 22:03:35
Maybe glen hoddle has asked mystic meg to give medicals.

5.) 05 Aug 2023 06:38:25
The West Ham page suggests Moyes is close to being sacked.

6.) 05 Aug 2023 08:43:01
I understand Moyes is undergoing a medical at West Ham because he has shown interest in Maguire.

7.) 05 Aug 2023 09:33:22

If they don’t buy him any players they are likely to go down. I was pleased for Moyes when he won that trophy, but having sold his best players and failed to buy any, he should resign.

8.) 05 Aug 2023 09:47:03
Fizz ???.

9.) 05 Aug 2023 09:59:03
I think the issue is buying the players Mkyes wants Red Man, if they have no confidence in his judgement then tthe end is nigh.

10.) 05 Aug 2023 10:22:22


11.) 05 Aug 2023 10:54:27

But for WH are McT and HM not a really good fit? I think they are. Or is it that they have £105m and want to keep most of it by buying cheap foreign players? Moyes wasn’t right at all for us, but WH should watch what happened to teams like Stoke who thought they could do better.

Lastly, the old one. David Moyes is having a medical after agreeing to buy Harry Maguire.



29 Jul 2023 22:38:57
Any truth in the rumours saying we will go in for Gvardiol?


{Ed002's Note - No.}

1.) 29 Jul 2023 23:35:30
Thanks for prompt response. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and keep up the great work!

{Ed002's Note - And you Philip. Have a nifty one.}



08 Jun 2023 11:23:08
Rice confirmed as being available by West Ham. I genuinely hope we go all out to get him. For me exactly what we need to improve.


1.) 08 Jun 2023 12:02:32
good player but Sofyan Amrabat outshone him last nite, available and probably 30% of the cost- only positive read that west ham are interested in a couple of our players that we could be looking to get rid of anyway.

2.) 08 Jun 2023 12:24:22
Would signing Mount and with Jack being at City entice him up here I wonder?

3.) 08 Jun 2023 13:32:16
WRD - i wouldn't hold your breath about the Mount signing.
I can see this one running all summer as usual.

4.) 08 Jun 2023 13:58:08
Didn't watch the game and don't really know hom apart from the Morroco showings. Looks good, but with Rice you get someone who knows the Premier League, and would hopefully hit the ground running.

Also, as you say if rumours are true thay they are interested in McTominay and Maguire, and they would be interested in going there, then hopefully 30 to 50 million plus those 2 would be a great buy.

5.) 08 Jun 2023 14:11:05
I've watched rice all season, clearly a good player, but there are many others out there better and cheaper.

He drives me mad with his stops starts and 10 touches each time he gets the ball. Loves to pass backwards and sidewards when he has the ability to play forward. Maybe it's something that can be coached.

6.) 08 Jun 2023 16:23:46
angelred - like who?

7.) 08 Jun 2023 16:59:58
agree angelred- butch wilkins with hair! master of the 10 touch, 5 yard pass.

8.) 08 Jun 2023 17:39:13
Amrabat came through under EtH at Utrecht.

9.) 08 Jun 2023 18:33:25
Amrabat is good, macalister I preferred. Brozovic, Caicedo, Anguissa, to name but a few simo.

10.) 08 Jun 2023 19:19:47
No one is mentioning Rice and United in the same breath. It's Arsenal and Bayern Munich, even Chelsea was mentioned (I know Ed002 has confirmed longterm interest), but No United mentioned with Rice.

I do wonder if we are putting all our efforts into Mount and missing opportunities to convince other good players to play for us. I can understand passing up on Mac Allister, but would be criminal to pass up on Rice.

I keep having a feeling Caicedo may become heavily linked to us soon. I don't know why, there is nothing tasty in the news, but it's just a feeling I'm getting that he could end up at OT. I'd prefer Rice mind.

11.) 08 Jun 2023 23:10:03
Sure I read that Ed said we would push for Rice or words to that affect, hope so.

12.) 09 Jun 2023 07:04:50
I can't see us paying a 100 million for Rice. He is not a 100 mill player and just british tax I guess. market is crazy with some of the numbers being quoted. Barella at Inter is a better player than rice is for me. Don't be surprised if city go sniffing around to get him. Would love to see him playing along cas, that would be class midfield.

13.) 09 Jun 2023 08:50:02
Plenty of suggestions that Arsenal might move for both Caicedo and Rice, although it won't be very Arsenal-like to spend upwards of £175m and break their transfer record (currently Pepe, £72m) twice.

14.) 09 Jun 2023 12:24:48
Rice is a good player, but the money being talked about is ridiculous. He is not worth over £100+ million.

15.) 09 Jun 2023 16:42:32
Rice is extremely expensive for what he does. I can't see us paying the transfer fee that is being mentioned.

16.) 09 Jun 2023 23:26:13
Caicedo available at a similar if not cheaper price with a higher ceiling. And palhinha who is on a similar level yet would be cheaper.




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01 Sep 2023 13:47:57
Great news that. Hopefully be the fix we need in the middle of the park. Going to be an interesting 10 hours to see if we have anyone else come in or go out the door.




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17 Jul 2023 13:17:20
I think Maguire never xame back to Utd the same player after the Greece debacle, and then the constant criticism from media, fans (our own included) along with ridiculous videos/ memes have crushed the Maguire we signed.

For me he needs to go, get out of that limelight amd show what he is capable if, why Utd signed him and the player he still seems to be for England. Good luck to him whereever he goes, it just didn't work out.




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08 Jul 2023 18:00:07
If we can offload Henderson for the reported £30 million I think its great business. Still means we need to find and understudy. Maybe a season long loan to save the funds for this season.




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29 Jun 2023 18:59:15
First bit of business done, rumours Onana (What's my name) will be wrapped up shortly too.

I'm worried about the lack of interest in the fringe players we are trying to move on.




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01 Jun 2023 23:15:03
Hope the Rice rumours come true amd he hasn't already settled on Arsenal. Think he would be a massive signing that would drive the club forward.

Mount on the other hand I just find hard to swallow the figures being banded around. A player coming off the back of a not so great season, and entering the final year of his contract surely can't be more than £40 million?





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21 Aug 2023 15:48:09
100% right decision for me. Not one that can now be held over us, one that shows as a club/ organisation we actually have a moral compass. Are we crying out for his goals, yes. Would that make it OK to welcome him back in the team and cause untold disruption both internally and externally, no! So proud of the club in this decision and one that makes me even happier to support them. Sometimes the right decision isn't easy, sometimes it can negatively impact on field performance. They have chosen the right thing over anything else. Not all clubs would have done, and I for one am so proud of the club today.

This is my opinion, and I'm not interested in the not guilty brigade. We all saw and heard the videos. For the sake of my daughter, my nieces, my wife, my sister and my Mum I hope this makes them feel they are heard and the awful behaviour of few will not be accepted or tolerated.




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29 Jul 2023 23:35:30
Thanks for prompt response. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and keep up the great work!


{Ed002's Note - And you Philip. Have a nifty one.}



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08 Jun 2023 13:58:08
Didn't watch the game and don't really know hom apart from the Morroco showings. Looks good, but with Rice you get someone who knows the Premier League, and would hopefully hit the ground running.

Also, as you say if rumours are true thay they are interested in McTominay and Maguire, and they would be interested in going there, then hopefully 30 to 50 million plus those 2 would be a great buy.




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25 May 2023 11:28:50
Snap your hand off for a 0-0 and stress free Fulham game. May also have Shaw (Cpt) and Varane in my FPL team ?.