21 Aug 2023 15:05:01
See the mason greenwood outcome. Kinda best option imo.

As much as we need him as a player, we do not need him as a person.

1.) 21 Aug 2023
21 Aug 2023 15:17:08
We have to accept the decision.

But we must replace him. He is a beast of a forward and we are missing that.

2.) 21 Aug 2023
21 Aug 2023 15:18:57
We have worse in the team right now and have had worse in the past. Disgusted by the club.

3.) 21 Aug 2023
21 Aug 2023 15:26:16
I wouldn't have been against his return but from a club position it's probably the right position. He will have been torn apart week in week out, maybe it will have faded, maybe not. I maintain he'll go abroad. Turkey, Portugal perhaps.
From a squad position it's a disaster. We were short on firepower even with him.
I don't think Utd help themselves with the amount of time they seem to take to do anything. I mean people on here were saying this decision had been reached late last week and it's just landed.

4.) 21 Aug 2023
21 Aug 2023 15:28:28
Its done. Thank god. let's move on. We might agree or disagree. As a club we need to move on.

5.) 21 Aug 2023
21 Aug 2023 15:30:16
We have clarity now as to what will happen. I think this is the right decision by the club however they have come to it.

For those that think Greenwood should be able to continue his career he will now be able to do so, just away from the club. From the clubs perspective, it removes the negativity that will have been around the club at games from both away and home fans.

The statement is worded to ensure both sides are covered, Greenwood gets given certain clearance, the club are not further putting accusations on him that would be libel.
I imagine the club will now try and get him a new club, whether that is with much of a sale price I am not sure.

6.) 21 Aug 2023
21 Aug 2023 15:30:39
I can understand the club and the decision.
I've always liked greenwood on the pitch and during the god awful Ole times, he was a shining light.

We've not really scored as many since he has not been part of the team.
The guy scored for fun and from any angle.
He had 17 goals in his debut.

But best for him and the club to move away, maybe there will be a club somewhere in europe that will be okay to let him play again.

Although I would really question if its a club in the premier league or if he ever plays for england.

Pure footballing sense, he's worth 80-90m in the current market based on his last 2-3 seasons. Better and more than hojlund.

7.) 21 Aug 2023
21 Aug 2023 15:31:22
Me too. There are arguments either way but have the courage to make a decision. The gave had plenty time.

This is one aspect of the club that has not changed since SAF retired. One recalls Ed002 saying that the club was being influenced by the toxic fans into firing managers early etc. Now apparently (or so the press would have you believe) they're being influenced by public opinion again. It all comes down to the Glazers. They can't even come to a decision to sell the club even though they have been offered almost 10x what Newcastle sold for. Toxic fans? Toxic Greenwood? Maybe, but the Glazers are the toxic core from which all else flows.

8.) 21 Aug 2023
21 Aug 2023 15:32:19
To say they found him to be innocent and then say they are parting ways is hilarious. It's a case of letting him go to protect the brand, as well as maximising his price tag for selling him on.

9.) 21 Aug 2023
21 Aug 2023 15:32:25

This was never about playing ability. Glad we made a decision.

10.) 21 Aug 2023
21 Aug 2023 15:33:44
Fantastic news.

Having despicable players who played for us in the past isn't a free pass to employ them in the future.

Greenwood brought this entirely on himself. If there was evidence to exonerate him it would be in the public eye.

All you morally bankrupt fans can rest easy. He gets a second chance to play football, just not at our club

I'll say it again, Fantastic news!

11.) 21 Aug 2023
21 Aug 2023 15:48:09
100% right decision for me. Not one that can now be held over us, one that shows as a club/ organisation we actually have a moral compass. Are we crying out for his goals, yes. Would that make it OK to welcome him back in the team and cause untold disruption both internally and externally, no! So proud of the club in this decision and one that makes me even happier to support them. Sometimes the right decision isn't easy, sometimes it can negatively impact on field performance. They have chosen the right thing over anything else. Not all clubs would have done, and I for one am so proud of the club today.

This is my opinion, and I'm not interested in the not guilty brigade. We all saw and heard the videos. For the sake of my daughter, my nieces, my wife, my sister and my Mum I hope this makes them feel they are heard and the awful behaviour of few will not be accepted or tolerated.

12.) 21 Aug 2023
21 Aug 2023 15:57:26
I don't know what everyone else thinks but all those statements are very deliberately worded and to me it indicates he will be going out on loan not leaving the club.

I can't see anywhere where it actually says he will leave for sale or be released.

It all seems to some variation of "resume his career away from the club"

13.) 21 Aug 2023
21 Aug 2023 15:59:50
I can't see him playing anywhere in the top 5 leagues in Europe.
Maybe Saudi Arabia will take him.

14.) 21 Aug 2023
21 Aug 2023 16:07:10

Very interesting, I think we might be looking to sell rather than loan but it does seem like we will be looking for a fee for him one way or another, he’s not been sacked.

How anyone can say they are disgusted by the club baffles me beyond belief, you are welcome to have your opinion on whether you wanted him to stay but surely you can see all of the issues with that happening and the problems that would cause for a large number of supporters.

15.) 21 Aug 2023
21 Aug 2023 16:20:37
This, to me, is absolutely the most sensible option for the club.

Yes, of course he'd plug the very big gap in the attacking department, but that does not in any way nullify the prospect of subsequent issues.

We are where we are, one more attacker short with the potential of being another short soon.
It's a proper sandwich which leaves us very light already, but that's life.

The main positive on the pitch is the opportunities coming for one or two youngsters who might otherwise have found their respective first-team prospects impacted by one or two dubious characters.

16.) 21 Aug 2023
21 Aug 2023 16:25:18
Glad we made a decision too Ahmad. My point had nothing to do with ability in not sure what made you think it had.
I wanted him back in the team but it's not too be unfortunately so we move on.
It's a million miles from the 1st decision I've disagreed with that the club have made over the years I can guarantee it won't be the last.

17.) 21 Aug 2023
21 Aug 2023 16:48:09
Gds2 I am disgusted because the club statement exonerates him but they are choosing to do it based on public opinion.
For all the whataboutery with, 'if you had a daughter what about if you had a son in this position.
I met people that spent years in jail for crimes they didn't commit and were released and paid compensation. in fact another one just this week where a man had 18 years taken from him because there are people like mumbles who know best on perception. Sad indictment of the world we now live in. Trial by social media. Its all very sad imo.
He made a good statement today I hope he lives up to it.

18.) 21 Aug 2023
21 Aug 2023 16:48:33
It feels like the club have probably come to the right decision, but have somehow gone about it in the wrong way.

Maybe it's just the situation, they were on a hiding to nothing and was always going to be criticised no matter what they did. Hard to make a decision that is unanimously considered the right one over such a devicive subject.

Either way it's done now. 18 months of this hanging over the club and the player. We can draw a line under it and move on.

19.) 21 Aug 2023
21 Aug 2023 16:52:15
Mumbles ?

It was the right decision. He should go abroad to a country where such behaviour is tolerated, but it's not welcome here and nor should it be.

I think he's an excellent player and the best academy product since the class of 92. It's a massive shame. But now the club, the fans and himself have to suffer from his behaviour. We should go into the market for another forward and move on.

Ken, I don't know how you can justify Mason's actions by saying others do it. Two wrongs do not make a right.

20.) 21 Aug 2023
21 Aug 2023 16:53:23

No offense meant honestly. This was never a decision made on the players ability and glad its done and we move on. one less thing to write about with negative connotations about the club.

We have had plenty great players come and go and we need to move on. He had the potential to be a great great player, best natural two footed player I have seen in the last 10 years anywhere in europe and miles better than rash and I have a high opinion of rash but we will never know.

21.) 21 Aug 2023
21 Aug 2023 17:02:09
Simmo - I wouldn't be so sure.

22.) 21 Aug 2023
21 Aug 2023 17:22:27
Ken, Mason isn't going to prison, he's not losing anything except the privilege of playing football at Manchester United, in fact he's still being paid!

Using a strawman argument "I know someone who was wrongly convicted" nonsense is embarrassing and has nothing to do with this incident.

Audio and pictures were released of Greenwood supposedly doing heiness crimes to his partner. As a sportsman in the public eye its now up to him to prove his innocence, something which he's failed to do. Until I hear some sort of counter arguments to why he was recorded saying "move your legs you little sh*t, I want to have sex" while she's crying "No Mason, No! " Then in my mind he doesn't deserve to play football for our great club.

Funnily enough me and you have spent years saying Ole should be sacked. Preached on here for all who would listen that the man is not fit to be manager of Manchester United. You've had plenty of players in your crosshairs over the years. You've said Fred should be let go because he's a poor player. I'm sure there's plenty more.

Now because I hope that a player who I believe has done unspeakable things shouldn't play for the club again and it's a sad indictment of the world we live in? Again, he's losing nothing but his place in the team? Something you advocated on here with players and managers a like for years?

Pick a lane a stay in it mate. You can't abuse managers, players and posters on here and then get upset when a suspected "rapist" is told he can no longer play for the club.

23.) 21 Aug 2023
21 Aug 2023 17:24:31
Whatever opinion is held by whomsoever on here, or anywhere really, the decision by the club it is what it is and we simply have to move on. There are no options. Onwards and upwards. GGMU!

24.) 21 Aug 2023
21 Aug 2023 17:43:28
Correct decision, although weakens us significantly. Genuinely believe he’s guarantee 25+ goals in an ETH side.

Selfishly, I hope we can sell him to a Saudi/ Turkish club for a fair whack to reinvest in the squad. He’d have been a £100m player in today’s market without the issues - hoping we may still get around £30m?

25.) 21 Aug 2023
21 Aug 2023 18:47:26
Very bad decision.

Can't wait for someone like Newcastle buying him in a couple of years and it comes biting us in the a$$.

26.) 21 Aug 2023
21 Aug 2023 18:55:28
Problem is now the Greenwood situation has been resolved, we have similar accusations made against Antony.

27.) 21 Aug 2023
21 Aug 2023 19:17:33
I agree with lawman, however I don’t think it’s entirely the clubs fault. The media and online fans would have never let up. It would have drawn constant negativity, not only around the club and the player. The statement reads as if it was a mutual decision and people are forgetting that Greenwood also has a say in his future. I’m sure he would have found the constant hounding of the media machine and the fans online and in stadiums incredibly difficult to deal with. I think this whole situation highlights a much greater issue with modern society. The lack of empathy for another human being who has made mistakes. The zealous self righteousness of people today who are so willing to cast that first stone, but never look to see if they themselves are without sin, and the trial by social media generation that has elevated itself to the position of judge jury and executioner in spite of evidence or facts. I just hope the young man can move on with his life and career away from the club and make the most of his talent, outside of the gazing eyes of this horrible generation that is quite simply merciless and cruel.

28.) 21 Aug 2023
21 Aug 2023 19:19:16
3 minutes of a 15 minute audio is what you heard. None on here know what was in other 12 minutes. Could paint Greenwood in an even worst light. It just as well may paint an entirely different picture. The prosecutors and the club obviously had access to this and much more. The police said new evidence emerged making possibility of conviction impossible. The club say he didn't do it. Both know what none on here do. My feeling is that the club rightly or wrongly has bowed to trial by public opinion.

Either way I'm glad it's done. I wish him well and will follow up to see how he's doing.

29.) 21 Aug 2023
21 Aug 2023 19:26:48
So what if he does, Trololo? Football isn't the be all and end all of everything.

30.) 21 Aug 2023
21 Aug 2023 19:45:06
It is an interesting statement, the wording i think is critical.

United found themselves in a storm late last week and it became cincreasingly likely Greenwood would form no part of the squad this season.

I find it highly likely Greenwood goes on loan this season, and quite possibly it will be abroad.

What follows is at this time unknown.

31.) 21 Aug 2023
21 Aug 2023 19:46:03
You lot nothing about him. and what happened but you guys alll are against him apart from Sydney.

Anyways I think he's going to smash it for Roma and I could see him having his career revived by Mourinho.

32.) 21 Aug 2023
21 Aug 2023 19:54:04
Having read the statement, reading the posts all I can say is these cases are never ever black and white. They are usually grey.

The club handled this appallingly imo. It has dragged out and there have been leaks galore, even I heard the statement an hour before it came out.

My opinion not that it's worth anything to anyone:

In cases like this we can make jump to conclusions on what we see especially given it's large social media presence. However, that is only one side of events, it is selected evidence. None of us know the full audio clip, it could be explained or it could get worse. The images were awful, but they prove little.

The fact of it is he has had his case dropped, he has been cleared in an internal investigation. To say we would see evidence to clear him is strictly not true as it may involve disclosing details of the complainant which goes against lifelong anonymity rights.

Should Greenwood be back playing for us? Personally I think he needs time away from the UK to get away from the pressure and the heat from fans and rivals and of course the press. The matter is closed and he should be allowed to continue his life and I really hope that little baby gets the life it deserves.

My final opinion is not something that is directly related to this, but more a generalised statement and something both my brother and I discussed today. We have too much of a society which will conduct trial by social media, and decisions made by the general public and that is it. We both have daughters and we would never want an allegation by them to never be considered, but I also have a son and I would want him to have a fair chance to give his version of events. I fear that we are moving away from that.

If anyone in Belfast remembers the rugby trial they will remember the headlines about text messages etc, which had zero impact on the trial and people made their opinions based on a very inconsequential matter in the proceedings and from that day their mind was made up.

So remember folks the world isn't black and white, there is often a lot of grey in there.

Anyway, as a page let's move on from this topic and hopefully the performances pick up for some positivity!

33.) 21 Aug 2023
21 Aug 2023 21:17:20
Let’s just get one thing straight. His statement wasn’t written by him, it was written for him. He read it, agreed to its content and then signed off on it.

Too many implications for a wrong word said.

But that is by the by. Correct decision for him and the club and I for one applaud it. But if you read the press, and it’s correct then it was fan pressure that forced a turn around rather than the club itself coming to the decision.

Having said that I hope he can find himself and turn his life around but am glad that it is not with us as it’s an accident waiting to happen.

34.) 22 Aug 2023
21 Aug 2023 23:08:15
Well, nou, I dislike this decision and the whole fan pressure that led to this decision.

I would like for him to succeed and I would like United to realise that the decision was wrong.

35.) 22 Aug 2023
21 Aug 2023 23:10:47

With you on that statement. its done move on guys. whatever the circumstances, its done and one less thing for the effing papers to write about. More interested in what we do the next week to 10 days and life goes on.

Anyone remember the uproar of keane being shown the door and that was so much bigger, we moved on.

36.) 22 Aug 2023
22 Aug 2023 00:00:00
And let's get another thing straight as well. Greenwood is not kicked out from United because of the offences, it is because they were very visually released on SM. The are plenty of EPL and ECL footballers accused and nicked for DV and Rape and many other things each year, many of whom you do not hear of.

United haven't done the right thing they have done what they had no choice to do fuevti a very public backlash.

Had he not been named, and had the report gone to Police first rather than media he would not have been named and carried on playing. Had he been then had the charges dropped he would have stayed.

Let us not pretend he is worse than many other top sportsmen who have not been vilified in the same way.

37.) 22 Aug 2023
22 Aug 2023 06:25:39
Club made the correct decision we don't need men like that at the club. I have a simple view on this and it's as a man would I get back with the girl that ruined my life if I was innocent? Hell no I wouldn't unless it's my get out of jail free card. No self respecting man would even talk to her again of she was lying.

38.) 22 Aug 2023
22 Aug 2023 06:48:23
The club should have made a decision a long time ago. Doing it now with days left of the transfer window says they have dithered. It says a lack of leadership at the top, a lack of direction. The only thing is that it may suit the club because it is too late to buy a replacement.

39.) 22 Aug 2023
22 Aug 2023 11:30:07
Hope there is a buyback clause inserted if he is moved on, otherwise 2 year loan and then reintegration into his rightful home.

40.) 22 Aug 2023
22 Aug 2023 17:56:11
My 2 pence
Greenwood appears to be bag based on available evidences

Club statement pretty much says with the whole evidence present it’s not what seemed.

They say it’s best he continues away from Man Utd, which is correct but it could be loan and there’s no real statement for what happens next. I think he will be loaned and potentially return.

Finally if the statement is accurate an innocent black man lost his job because some staff didn’t want him at the club based on the social media audio. There’s often a word associated with those kind of people.

Doesn’t make any sense and continues to highlight the poor administration and leadership at the club.