16 Jul 2023 13:49:08
Pleased to see that Onana may now be travelling to complete the deal. Going on tour will be helpful for a goalkeeper to get early communication going with his defenders.

We really need a CM because Cas is too big a loss when injured or banned, plus it will important, away from home, in tough games where we have to be more resilient in midfield, we may need two DM. I hope the news on Amarabat is true, especially given the price. Hopefully this will happen.

Lastly the striker, an absolute must have. The Danish 20 year old, is someone I have not seen, but if they want £70m I would throw that at Brighton for Ferguson. It is number one priority.

Always said the spine of the team was the issue. In an ideal world I would replace HM as well, Varane is so injury prone. Full back is something I don't think vital, I like what I see of Alvaro Fernandez.

A spine of Onana, Amrabat and Cas, CF, will make us very competitive.

Lastly, if Greenwood isn't going to play. Garnacho should get the Number 11, now 7 has gone,

1.) 16 Jul 2023
16 Jul 2023 14:01:24
Good post Redman.

Hopefully the club can offload a few players aswell. A few of the youngsters look like they might be ready as back up players. Our current fringe players will only block them.

2.) 16 Jul 2023
16 Jul 2023 15:33:06
I’d like to see Amrabat thought he was excellent in the World Cup,

Latest rumour is Goretzka can’t see that happening but appears we are looking to strengthen that area.

3.) 16 Jul 2023
16 Jul 2023 16:33:53
We certainly need another top DM to support Casemiro aswell as play alongside him.

4.) 16 Jul 2023
16 Jul 2023 18:13:43
If you can offload mctom, fred and donny and get a DM in, our midfield will be in very good shape.
Amrabat, Case, Bruno, Eriksen, Mount and a young player is ample cover for a year.
I have a feeling Mainoo might stay and be the 6th player.

5.) 16 Jul 2023
16 Jul 2023 18:14:22
You'd throw 70mill at Brighton for ferguson? Good job your not in charge then ain't it.