13 Dec 2014 11:07:06
Well it's nearly the end of the year, I normally wait another week, but since it's an exciting weekend ahead I thought I'd post now the top 5 list of posters imo who have been excellent this year, done it for the last 2 years so here we go.

In 5th place is Mick1, I know he ain't been posting much in the second half of the year but his posts from Jan to about July we're top draw, a very knowledgeable person and one I always look for on the page.

In 4th place is AJH, always a consistent poster and doesn't let his emotions write a post, a flaw quite a few of us are guilty of.

In 3rd is jred, opinions are everything in football and although many have disagreed with him he stays very consistent in his views and for that I applaud u my friend.

In 2nd is GDS, ahhh the glass half full man :) honestly though it's posters like him and jred that can at times keep this page active during downfalls in posts due international football etc, some may take him wrong but I can honestly say he is a top guy.

And in 1st place, well it has to be for redman( no not me lol), u have been great this year mate and put your neck on the chopping board many times I.e moyes, and I have to say u have been rarely wrong. Your analysis is up there with the best on here too mate, keep it up, a big thumbs up.

As always special mentions for, fresh, HB(Harold lol), deeps, syd, no mid, beast, Mumbai, programmer, dodgy etc all you guys have been great and of course this is just my opinion.

I would also like to take this time to really thank the eds, especially bond/04/01/02 who have to really put up with a hell of a lot of crap and do so without much moaning :).

Also ed01 I think u deciding to post a lot more has been a great idea mate the work u and ed33 are doing to improve the site is only making this already great site better.

Ed002 as always your knowledge is 2nd to none and thank u very much for sharing what u can.

Bond LOL u are a top bloke mate and along with ed25 provide great witty banter across the pages.

Ed04 love u to lol :)

One more thing I see we have a influx if new posters to the page and I'd just like to take this opportunity to say welcome to the mad house lol.

Anyways all u regular posters keep up the amazing work.

CTR out.

{Ed002's Note - Thanks for the efforts Chris.}

1.) 13 Dec 2014
Top post

2.) 14 Dec 2014
Well done Chris, Merry Christmas to you and your family. That goes to the Eds and everyone else too.

{Ed001's Note - thanks all and cheers CTR, not just for your posts across all the sites but also for your ideas, you may support the wrong team but underneath it all you are not all bad really!}

3.) 14 Dec 2014
Thanks Chris, great post and much appreciated comments. Delighted you put me above jred, he must be fuming ;)

All the best to you and the family and hope the little one has a great Christmas!

4.) 14 Dec 2014
Brilliant post. A nice surprise to read this after a cracking win today

5.) 14 Dec 2014
Thanks guys, wot a weekend I must say, gds don't let your head grow to big mate it was very close, u just pipped it.

6.) 14 Dec 2014
Thanks CTR
I have lived through 44 years since my first OT visit and wish this method of social media had been around in the seventies onwards

7.) 14 Dec 2014
I agree read man his number one for me . Seems to know what his on about . 😜

8.) 15 Dec 2014
I Can not believe I forgot steviek lol!!!

Sorry Steve mate lol!

9.) 15 Dec 2014
15 Dec 2014 02:56:57
Thanks CTR. I look forward to your holiday ratings! I know i haven't been around all that much, med school has been tougher than i expected when compared to pre med and I've had some family deaths so I've been travelling a bit.

I really miss the banter though, and i'm glad this page is still going strong 6 years in.
I hope the wee lad and misses redman are all right and looking forward for these holidays.
A word for the oldish posters who have disappeared like Percy, Kloot or whatever he goes by, ngian, and our mascott Zee.

Last but not least, a big thanks for the Eds who keep this page alive with all their hardwork and dedication. Especially Ed002, Ed004 and Edd007. We really appreciate your hardwork

10.) 15 Dec 2014
That was the best acceptance speach for a 5th place I've heard Mick1 :)

Thanks buddy

11.) 31 Dec 2014
31 Dec 2014 04:18:47
You're dead to me.

Nah, not really :)

Better to be an afterthought, than not thought of at all, as someone wise once said.

Actually, I just made that up to console myself.

Hope you and the family are well, mate, and a Happy New Year to all of you :)