09 Aug 2014 01:34:33
we all got excited when we made the double signing of shaw ans herrea, but let's be honest they wernt LVG signings.

we were after them while moyes was manager.

we have lost rio, vidic and evra and giggs(retired)

yet woodward says money isn't an issue, well how about we actually make bids for players rather than talking the same bull as previous windows.

8 days till the season starts and still LVG has yet to make an actual signing of his own.

we don't need players with potential, after the shocking 7th place last season we should be going all out to get the players we need to push us back into CL.

every player is available for the right amount so its simple go and bid the right amount.(its not our money were spending so why should we fans care how much were spending as long as it gets us back up there)

we need to stop penny pinching and just pay the money.


1.) 09 Aug 2014
09 Aug 2014 06:53:11
This arise 2 major question
1) where is ed Woodward who has left american tour for general business
2) where is highly reported 200m for instant re building?

2.) 09 Aug 2014
Woodwoody went to urgent vacation.
Just like previous year.
Woodwoody is full of .
Never trust woodwoody when it comes to transfers.
We fooled everyone by saying no budget and other .
I was telling everyone here that our squad is not great yet and we need great signings urgently to be greats again.
With all honesty our squad is not good enough to win the league. Even finishing top 4 won't be easy.

3.) 09 Aug 2014
Totally agree Rodio and Mufc90.
One dead wood I hope leaves is
Ed woodwoody.
Someone tell him to go to specsavers
And then have a look at squads like
Real Madrid, Barcelona, Chelsea, arsenal etc.
To see how good there squad is.
We just need 4-5 top signings to be great again.
One love utd.
Hate woodwoody & glaziers "Penny pinchers"
With passion.

4.) 09 Aug 2014
85 million of it is in the glazers back pocket!

5.) 09 Aug 2014
Lads, Think your being a bit harsh on Woody, in fairness he had a shocker last summer, hopping around europe throwing bids at this lad and that lad, all played out in the media, rooney wanting out, all being played out in the media. Compare that to this year, bid submitted for Shaw last day of the season, rejected, then nothing for 5/6 weeks, then signed, Herrera debacle from last year we all remember, this year, bid submitted, rejected(accepted really), then signed. that's good business, and a good job, and sure as hell he has learnt from his mistakes from last summer so I say fair play and keep it going. Keep your eye on ssn early next week, reckon a good bit could happen.

6.) 09 Aug 2014

That is a good point and had not thought about it as I was told way back in Jan that we would get saw and make a bid on Vidal and Herrera, which were all dm targets.

I am also now curious to see what the of players LVG will sign and he better get moving. I am not naive to believe we will go out and spend 150 million like some want it but still expect Vidal and CD (prefer Benatia over hummels as he is a beast of defender and shame we screwed around last summer or could of had him for half the current asking price) in before the window closes.

7.) 09 Aug 2014
lvg said he gave the ok for herrea and shaw but has he maybe decided against vidal and kross in favour of his own signings

8.) 09 Aug 2014
Jred, of course not, otherwise we wouldn't have made a bid last week for Vidal.

9.) 09 Aug 2014
Vidal was clearly a target before lvg I wouldn't be at all surprised if lvg has his own players in mind for cm .

10.) 09 Aug 2014
Loving the positivity that radiates from Ash.Da.1 yet again, am I the only one who hates reading woodwoody 10 times every post?

11.) 09 Aug 2014
More than one manager can have the same target or targets. Especially when it's the best b2b midfielder in the world.