29 Jun 2023 12:16:00
Random rumour from di marzio we are interested in you gather João Neves from benfica never seen him don't know him but I've always preferred us going for younger players with the odd older head (normally still only 26-28) to keep them on track that was the way Fergie did it. Do you know anything of it ed is he rated well?

1.) 29 Jun 2023
29 Jun 2023 13:24:45
I cannot wait to read the analysis from posters who claim they have been watching him all season and that he has stood out in the Benfica team. Let's be honest, we've all googled him this morning and watched whatever videos of him there are.

2.) 29 Jun 2023
29 Jun 2023 13:55:13
Would guess he's a hybrid between Joao Felix and Ruben Neves going off his name.

3.) 29 Jun 2023
29 Jun 2023 15:00:11
Never heard of him.
Googled him.
Perfect choice to understudy Case ?.

4.) 29 Jun 2023
29 Jun 2023 17:03:27
Pretty sure shape will know all about him.