25 Nov 2021 19:50:44
I've done some research and I've really enjoyed what I've seen and read.
His training methods are fascinating and there are going to be winners and losses within our squad within a matter of weeks.
In possession games in training there is an 8 second rule with a special ticking timer that all the players can hear and if got don't get the ball back within 8 seconds there is a forfeit. All the players can hear the ticking he says within weeks it becomes instinct and only those that get it survive.
It's not about running around it's about being in the right places.
Can't wait to see this in our play next year.

1.) 25 Nov 2021
25 Nov 2021 20:44:54
Sancho is going to love it Ken.

Hes knows all about the pressing triggers and when to press and not. Can see him being vital now.

He wants to win the ball high and hit teams before the can re-set. He's no nonsense and doesn't change his ways for anyone. Buzzing for this. Drags us into the modern age. If Ten Haag comes in at the end of the season and Ralf pulls up a chair next to fletcher and gives him a 2 year apprenticeship, we will be going places again.

2.) 25 Nov 2021
25 Nov 2021 20:59:21
This is the type of enthusiasm this site had been missing for a very looooooong time.

Very happy with the appointment.

3.) 25 Nov 2021
25 Nov 2021 21:28:18
Rangnick is a great manager who keeps looking to learn grow and develop himself.

His coaching is top class and he improves players while playing an exciting brand of football.

He'll have this squad in such good shape for the next manager. Not just a good group of players, but we'll coached, well drilled hungry players.

{Ed014's Note - what whilst he’s not been managing for over 2 years, you don’t half chat some shite! ?‍♂️

4.) 25 Nov 2021
25 Nov 2021 21:45:05
Ed014, obviously during his coaching career. Just listen to the man, he considers education and learning to be the most important aspect of being a coach.

{Ed014's Note - I know full well what type of manager he was and his thoughts on coaching but don’t make like he was still doing it like last week.

He’s been out of management for well over 2 years.

5.) 26 Nov 2021
26 Nov 2021 00:34:05
When did anyone say he was doing it last week? Someone sounds worried ??.

6.) 26 Nov 2021
25 Nov 2021 23:49:28
Ed14 hating. don’t be scared lad.

{Ed014's Note - hating ????? and even better worried! ?‍♂️?