16 Oct 2023 16:01:06
It is being reported that current staff are worried for their futures if SJR bid goes through.

I should hope they are worried, as the senior management have hardly covered themselves with glory, in fact quite the opposite.

1.) 16 Oct 2023
16 Oct 2023 16:54:21
They should be more worried at the rate Jred's are multiplying.

Mass extinction coming and all that remains is a world of Jreds.

2.) 16 Oct 2023
16 Oct 2023 20:20:06

Don't forget the many skins of Ken.

3.) 16 Oct 2023
16 Oct 2023 20:21:38
Mumbles ?

Jred you need to use Google Password Manager or something, you've ended up with more alt accounts than MAZE!

4.) 17 Oct 2023
17 Oct 2023 02:08:38
What if I told you jred, ken and Maze are all the same person ?.

5.) 17 Oct 2023
17 Oct 2023 08:44:32
I'll come clean, I was jrred before jrred3, not jred and certainly not ken or Maze.

I occasionally post but have been a regular reader of the site since it's early days but cannot remember what my user name was back then.

6.) 17 Oct 2023
17 Oct 2023 13:47:43
What if I told you that GDS2 Giggs to Sherringham along with Shappy and Ahmed are one of the same too…., strange ain’t it!

7.) 17 Oct 2023
17 Oct 2023 16:09:59
You know, we could all be different personalities within the single mind of a rather tormented football fan - we could each be a part of Ken. :○.