16 Oct 2023 21:07:21
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Shappy has written an article entitled, SJR's Part Buyout of Manchester United

1.) 16 Oct 2023
16 Oct 2023 22:04:36

That's a really good article. No one will ever know what the Qataris would have done for the club and if indeed it would have been run properly.

I think now, that we the fans should get behind SJR and look to the future and try to be optimistic.

It's far too easy to call SJR out, before he has even bought a stake in the club. Let's give the guy a chance and if the reports are true that he will assemble a team to run the football side of things, then he certainly will need time to rectify the wrongs at the club.

2.) 17 Oct 2023
16 Oct 2023 23:05:10
Hatter, I just think we don't actually know enough about what SJR will bring, how he could realistically impact the running of the club, or the context that has led to him buying a minority stake in the club.

For example currently the Glazer family (the 6 siblings) own collectively 69%. Now its rumoured that 4 of them want out, and only Joel and Avram want to keep the club. So we could in theory see a situation where Joel and Avram own 48% between them (24% each) and the other siblings selling their shares to SJR. Which would technically make SJR own the largest individual share of the club (25%) . While you'd expect Joel and Avram to always vote together, it does put a different spin on things.

But its all pie in the sky as none of us know the full details. It's a bit hard to draw definitive conclusions with less than 10% of the information, which is all we have right now.

I also don't believe its helpful to get hung up on the "what ifs". For example what the Qatari offer was. In our idealistic heads it would have been the land of milk and honey, state of the art stadium and training ground, the best players the best managers, and success and glory every year. However, it could just have easily been overbearing decisions made by someone with good intentions but no real knowledge of the football world. Bad appointments, vanity signings that don't work with the team the manager is trying to build. We have no idea how the stadium and training ground would have been paid for, we could have seen the doubling or tripling of season ticket prices. Fans who have owned season tickets for decades not being offered renewals at the new stadium, regular bad publicity due to the links to human rights abuse.

It could just have easily been a massive mess, likewise if someone else bought our club instead of the Glazers there is no guarantees that they would have ran the club any better and could even have done a worse job.

We just don't know and we never will know. So it shouldn't have any baring on our opinion of what IS and HAS happened. Judge things on their merits and failures, not on imagined ideas about what might have been.

At the moment all we know is that for the first time in 18 years there will be another voice inside the boardroom. That should be a positive even if just a small one. Until we know more that is about all we can take away from this right now.

Just need to sit back and see what unfolds on the coming weeks and months.

3.) 17 Oct 2023
17 Oct 2023 07:18:50
Yeah let’s give the guy a chance after all

He is a die hard united supporter who tried to buy Chelsea and got Chelsea Season ticket

He bases himself in Monaco allegedly so to not have to pay personal tax and contribute to the wealth or running of the U. K.

His sporting man, who run the cycling team is not exactly well liked and does not appear to have morals or scruples

Recently started a car manufacturing company, that was going to rival JLR…wonder how that’s going!

Gas and Oil involvement that will go down well in the coming years, as we are currently seeing.

Yeah let’s get out the frying pan into the fire and give the man a chance!

4.) 17 Oct 2023
17 Oct 2023 08:36:44
Perhaps we should put you in charge Sadtimes to cheer everybody up?

5.) 17 Oct 2023
17 Oct 2023 09:52:11
------------Please keep your ignorance of these matters to yourself or stop posting misinformation----------

6.) 17 Oct 2023
17 Oct 2023 10:41:56
Good post donred too ed002 said below that little or nothing posted on this topic over the last few days is accurate.
Too many unknowns and assumptions being made imo.
I don't know the detail I've posted what my understanding is of the % shareholdings going forward but I've added that in unsure how accurate my understanding is.
The bitterness flowing from some of the posts is palpable.