10 Oct 2021 21:02:03
Varane off injured. That's less than ideal

1.) 10 Oct 2021
10 Oct 2021 21:53:54
We get to watch the renaissance of Big Phil Jones now, he will fulfil his destiny.

2.) 10 Oct 2021
10 Oct 2021 22:01:19
Hope it's nothing serious. Good game to watch other than that.
Pogba had a good game in midfield.

3.) 10 Oct 2021
10 Oct 2021 22:01:51
Oh god, we'll see the slabhead and gurner double act.

4.) 11 Oct 2021
11 Oct 2021 11:04:33
Surprised your not happy at that shaps. Sure are happy with the current slop we play so ?‍♂️.

5.) 11 Oct 2021
11 Oct 2021 12:20:35
Have I ever said I'm happy with how we play? Have I said it's great football?

Pretty sure all I've said is that I find it better than what we saw under the past two managers, and that I expected it to improve as the team got better.

6.) 11 Oct 2021
11 Oct 2021 14:16:15

Pointless mate, people read what they want to read and it’s black or white, if you make one positive comment you like everything the club ever does and love the manager.

7.) 11 Oct 2021
11 Oct 2021 15:13:25
Sort of shappy. You said that there is no other manager in the whole world that can do better at united than ole.

8.) 11 Oct 2021
11 Oct 2021 17:38:56
Almost Ken, I said given the circumstances at the time there probably wasn't another manager that could achieve more.

Out of interest which manager that was available at the time with the squad we had do you think could have amassed over 82 points to finish above City or 100 points to finish above Liverpool in the 2019/ 20 season.

Or 87 points last season to finish above City.

I'm not sure given the competition we have been up against and the state the club found itself in I don't believe there is a manager who was available to us that would have improved on the 3rd place finish in 2019/ 20 or the 2nd place finish last season (2020/ 21).

I stand by that.

How the team play and the results the team achieve aren't actually mutually exclusive. I think we have had spells of decent (not scintillating) football, spells of poor football but mostly average football under Ole. On the whole it was better than what I saw under Mourinho who would park the bus at home to Burnley, and the mindless possession for the sake of possession under LvG. That's my opinion anyway.

Maybe (probably) with a different manager we might have played more "entertaining" football, but I don't think it would have impacted the results all that much, certainly not enough to elevate our final league positions.

I felt that with better players the team would come together and perform better. 10 games into this season it is clear now that the manager isn't able to elevate the club any higher than where we are regardless of which players we sign. He has peaked and it isn't good enough for where we (as fans) want to be. So it's time for him to go.

Now we will find out whether my view that the owners value stability and top four over glory and titles is true or not. We will see the level of their ambitions laid bare before us. Sadly I'm fairly confident that after 16 years of viewing the Glazer ownership that I will be proven right. I certainly don't want to be. I just have no faith that they are prepared to put their money where their mouth is in terms of going for glory. The ESL proves what they are about, not that anyone paying attention would have needed that proof at this point.

I have no faith in them wanting the same things for our club as the fans do.

9.) 11 Oct 2021
11 Oct 2021 19:13:08
Shappy, I think that if anything the ESL debacle may make the Glazers get rid of Ole even if they wouldn't have previously. They appear to be on a charm offensive with the fans - we saw this with the players signed in the summer. I feel that they may see a change of manager as another way to appease the fans, especially if we limp in to top 4 come the end of the season. I just hope if Ole is replaced it's not with another negative manager like Conte. Will they understand that United fans want to be entertained and fo for an attacking, progressive manager? Or after so long without a major trophy would fans be happy with a more defensive manager if it meant bringing the league/ champions league back home?

10.) 11 Oct 2021
11 Oct 2021 19:45:13
AA80, do you think the people who make these decisions know the difference between an attacking manager or a defensive one? Do you think they understand football, tactics, styles etc?

Or do you think they are investment bankers who only recognise "big" names and reputations.

11.) 11 Oct 2021
11 Oct 2021 20:53:56
No, I think the people who own the club are very astute business people - after all they managed to buy the club with it's own money! They have maximised profits so far by increasing sponsorships etc but must be aware of the unrest caused by the ESL statements.

I expect that they will be more willing to change manager, even if top 4 is achieved, to try and placate the fans. I also expect them to go for the biggest name possible as they have in the past, rather than finding the best fit for the club and developing a system that will build the foundations for lasting success.