17 Mar 2022 10:54:20
The most frustrating thing for me about Tuesday was that we actually played well for our teams standards. The issue is we can play well against an average European side and we still are nowhere near good enough.

We could still be playing now and I reckon we wouldn't have scored. Can't wait for this season to end and start seeing if for once we can address the biggest issues and start getting it right. Highly unlikely.

1.) 17 Mar 2022
17 Mar 2022 12:28:46
Elanga and Varane were not so far away from scoring, especially Elanga. Great save from Oblak, but could easily have been a goal.

It is not a surprise that once Athletico scored they wasted time and sat in deep in the trenches and shut up shop. They have been doing that for years to far better teams than us.

2.) 17 Mar 2022
17 Mar 2022 12:58:01
3 chances in 180 minutes not good enough for this level.

3.) 17 Mar 2022
17 Mar 2022 13:15:37
They were far better other the two legs, we have no idea and not going forward but backwards under this current regime.

4.) 17 Mar 2022
17 Mar 2022 13:56:12
Players simply aren't good enough. It's nothing to do with the "current regime". unless you mean the owners and the board, the ones who did the acquiring.

Now personally I believe the main problem at the club has been SAF's post-managerial influence from the very sudden decision to retire, his hand picked successor and his advice on transfers. The signs of decline had been clear at the end of his stint with consistent failures to replace top players with like quality while other teams paid the asking price. Just make a list of the top players we missed and then make a list of who we actually purchased over the last 15 years.

The Glazers put their trust in the management of the club and have been sorely let down. Ferguson will always be a United icon, but his legacy has been tainted since he retired.

5.) 17 Mar 2022
17 Mar 2022 14:39:27
Spot on I remember a saying made by SAF that ‘ you can’t get value for money in the transfer market’ . He had lost touch has clubs were now receiving TV funding and able to compete .

6.) 17 Mar 2022
17 Mar 2022 14:06:58
Rubbish in my opinion, they were good enough to finish 2nd last year and added what all you lot called fantastic 3 signings last summer and now could finish 7-8th… that’s real progress, you can’t blame Glazers you can’t blame Fergie you need direction, don’t need a nobody, and clowns alongside him.
David Gill was not a football man but he done ok behind the scenes.
We would have had more points if we stuck with Ole then this, but OK he had to go, so might as well just stuck with Carrick in the interim, least players liked him.

7.) 17 Mar 2022
17 Mar 2022 15:25:25
You can blame fergie for suddenly retiring- but top organisations in any field should always have contingencies in place. Whether that be the death of someone or unforeseen resignation or even sacking due to misconduct.

As a football club United we’re happy to let him do everything and oversee it all alongside Gill as those above them sat on their hands taking their huge salaries and dividends. We relied on SAF’s genius for years and are being shown up as an absolute amateur outfit now. Needs monumental changes.

8.) 17 Mar 2022
17 Mar 2022 16:15:19
Incompetent people who are not at the required level and/ or desire to perform at the level required needed to be at the top. Let’s put it another way, if your worked for a business and your performances based your job security, then the majority of them should of be sacked already. Starts from the top and works through.

The Glazers as owners really need it wake up and since they are the owners, actually run the club, need to go through the club like a fine comb and evaluate everyone single person employed by the club and deem them suitable or non suitable.

Honest opinion, it won’t happen as it would of happened by now as you wouldn’t let yourself get to a situation where we are now, 10 years nearly since post Fergie. The moment you started to see a gradual and consistent decline they should of reacted. My moment I realised this was the case was Jose 2nd season after the Sevilla game.

So I personally came to decision that we have incompetent owners, run by incompetent people that have now got to the point that we have now a high percentage of incompetent football players.

Fixing this problem won’t happen as it’s means removing or forcing the Glazers to sell up as I feel they will make not the change’s needed. They need to wake up and smell the coffee, we are now becoming a parody. As they like to treat fans as a walking ATM. As a customer of their product, I deem that their product isn’t up to standard and will take my custom elsewear.

Protesting may affect the Glazers to a certain degree, but the best form is to stop spending money on the club, however it would take a extremely high level of percentage of fans to do this globally and a high percentage of season/ regular ticket fan’s aswell.

Individually you come to point as a fan, and question yourself is it worth it anymore, This year I’ve become a fan of football as a sport than being a fan of a club. It’s actually nice to be neutral towards everything and appreciate the good parts of the game. The only thing I have love and passion left for this club is the badge itself and what it represents. I will always support and love Manchester United as a club itself, but I’ve have no passion left for the people associated with the club.

9.) 17 Mar 2022
17 Mar 2022 16:35:10
His resignation wasnt even sudden. He and Wenger were hinting at leaving for about 3 years before they did.

10.) 17 Mar 2022
17 Mar 2022 17:04:56
Shane. you may be right. I'm certainly no fan of the Glazers. I hate the whole concept of LBOs and using the cash flows in a successful business to finance the whole purchase thus striving the club of investment, which was the case for the first 10 years or so.

But, since they're only it for the money, they cannot be remotely happy with the way things have developed, and I think they have realized their investment is now seriously at risk. The value of the club has declined by at least $1bn in the last few years. If rumors are to be believed they appointed Rangnick without SAF's consent. There's no guaranteed of success either way, but it's a start. Now they have to make sure that Ferguson doesn't scupper the transition period. That means removing all the Ferguson loyalists. In retrospect maybe Moyes realized what was going to happen which is why he was so draconian when he started. it was just too soon.

11.) 18 Mar 2022
18 Mar 2022 02:23:58
Jeez! Now we are turning on SAF, the very person that created the success that the current team is measured by! The club is a victim of its own success.

There are some very astute people on this site but jeepers there is very often a whole lot of unexplored, misinformed conjecture and bollocks on here that's for sure!

12.) 18 Mar 2022
18 Mar 2022 06:52:17
Yankee, we should of kept carrick because the players liked him? This is the problem the players are pathetic, biggest bunch of of mercenaries we’ve had for a long time, had it too easy far too long and RR has come in and instilled basic rules probably and the toys have come out the prams! Get rid of the lot of them!