1.) 19 Mar 2019
19 Mar 2019 11:44:18
Not a team in the world that wouldn't benefit from having Roy Keane the player in the middle in my opinion.

Roy Keane the pundit can do one though.

2.) 19 Mar 2019
19 Mar 2019 15:01:08
Controversial opionion so please feel free to disagree, to me the whole keane is a great leader shtick always seems overrated . He was a great player no doubt, but the whole tough guy persona is basically based on being thug on the field and bully off it. At utd he had for most part of his career players who could put him in his place if need be in cantona, schmeichel not to mention fergie himself and winning sorts out most of the problems.

It's interesting that throughout his utd stint, keane went trophyless in total 4 seasons, 2 of those we had cantona and schmeichel in the team and we didn't hear squek but once they were gone his reaction changed, 2001-02 season he wanted most of the team sold and publicly blamed his teammates for the poor season, after the 2004-05 season he went off on his teammates again this time getting sacked.

Leaders should be leading when things go right or wrong, when things go wrong keane clearly didn't help, be it at utd or during his international stint.

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3.) 19 Mar 2019
19 Mar 2019 15:23:02
I did wonder what your reaction would be to this ed007.

{Ed007's Note - Count yourself lucky I didn't ban you for outright blasphemy! 😉

4.) 19 Mar 2019
19 Mar 2019 16:02:54
I go by what the players said. Fletcher's account of the tunnel incident at Highbury speaks of Keane in glowing terms, in terms of bringing a fighting spirit into a big match. And Rio's account of his first days at Man Utd, when Keane blasted him for a safe backward pass. That was Keane demanding high standards. I am sure you all can add many more stories like that about him. He was a winner and many of his teammates bought right into the same mentality. High standards, high expectations, great belief and desire. The hardness that he sometimes displayed toward opponents was the same he showed toward his teammates and himself.

5.) 19 Mar 2019
19 Mar 2019 16:05:38
Who did Keane bully off the pitch?

6.) 19 Mar 2019
19 Mar 2019 16:09:49
Things were going wrong against Juventus.

7.) 19 Mar 2019
19 Mar 2019 16:31:26
Keane maintained the standards on the pitch and everyone knew they have to give that bit extra because he demanded it. An outstanding leader, yes he had his controversies, but at the end of the day we would have been a lot less successful without Keano and he was a damn fine footballer too, which a lot of people forget.

8.) 19 Mar 2019
19 Mar 2019 16:42:07
I was at a game a few years ago in cobh, as most of you will know cobh ramblers is the team Keane played for in Cork before he went to England, anyway he came back there when he retired, one of the boys in the team asked him for advice on becoming a better footballer, and what he said is wrote up in the wall in the dressing room.
He said hard work overtakes talent when talent doesn't work hard.
I was going to write it up in my sitting room but herself wouldn't let me.

9.) 19 Mar 2019
19 Mar 2019 18:40:22
I was there for Keane’s debut and saw his whole career at United. It always struck me that I would want him on my side, not the opposition, yes somewhere you might find a more skilful or quicker trickier player but Keane stood up had a wide skill base and led the team. People forget how good he was from 93, powerful goal scoring runner in midfield who gave everything on the pitch. He said some tough things but that was when the quality and standards of the team dropped and at the time he wasn’t wrong. He saw what most of us could see, he was our hero for that.

When I played you wanted someone who you could rely on in a battle and Keane personified it. Stupid with Haaland maybe but who hasn’t been stupid sometime in their life.

Put Keane, peak Keane in our team now and there wouldn’t be some of the nonsense we get now, they would know the standards expected. He is a player, a type of player we badly miss.

10.) 19 Mar 2019
19 Mar 2019 18:50:19
Keane was a great leader most of the time. Sometimes he failed just like Churchill. But they got most aspects of their leadership right.
Nobody is perfect but as a captain he was more perfect than most.

11.) 19 Mar 2019
19 Mar 2019 19:13:16
I remember watching him walk off at Wembley having lost against us and he was in tears. That day I saw his desire to win and that's what we need today. Top quality players with the burning desire to win.

12.) 19 Mar 2019
19 Mar 2019 20:07:03
Keane was carried by better players. The moment he didn't have them around him he stunk out the place. He was awful for Ireland, and he sucked at Celtic. If it wasn't for the skillful and talented players he had around him at United he would be considered to be a better manager than a player.