30 Aug 2023 18:18:59
Ed will it be Gravenberch or Amrabat or are they unrelated?

Have a nice day.

{Ed002's Note - The focus is Amrabat.}

1.) 30 Aug 2023
30 Aug 2023 19:15:33
We opted for Amrabat. So Gravenberch has given green light to Liverpool.

I know this has been unpopular when I've said it in the past, but I do think we are headed to Bruno on the right. When everyone is fit.

Whether we agree or not and I don't by the way, I think the boss wants it. Cass and Amrabat CM, Mount AM, Bruno Right, Rashford Left, Hojlund Striker.

I think Antony is playing every game because he is playing for his first team status. We will see, but does Bruno have enough to play that role? Hojlund would benefit more with Bruno ?‍♂️

One thing for sure is the bench would look pretty tasty.

2.) 30 Aug 2023
30 Aug 2023 20:11:09
Don't think united can even get this done, becoming embarrassing.

3.) 30 Aug 2023
30 Aug 2023 19:06:24
Thanks ed.

4.) 30 Aug 2023
30 Aug 2023 21:12:31
Syd that’s the only real way it can work, no way Ten will drop Mount when fit can’t drop Cas can’t drop Bruno, so how else does he fit new man in DM, but he might have backed himself into a corner because means he got to drop Antony, how long Bruno will put up with that is anyone’s guess, so if he leaves next season because of it, Cas starts to struggle we start the whole rebuild again, big money to replace those two so still don’t buy a top striker, because even if the new injured one turns out utterly fantastic we need more then 1…….

5.) 30 Aug 2023
30 Aug 2023 21:31:32
Clearly have no money in the pot due to sales. £4m for this keeper, £3-£7m loan fee for Cucarella, trying Amrabat on loan also.

6.) 30 Aug 2023
30 Aug 2023 21:34:57
Play Mount on the right rather than Bruno?

7.) 30 Aug 2023
30 Aug 2023 21:50:21
Have to agree Eric. If you jave to put someone on the right side, it should surely be Mount instead of Bruno? Mount had his best statistical season at Chelsea when he played off the right quite often, albeit in a 343. He also has excellent delivery, which we'd see more of if he played there.

Bruno has his flaws, but he's our best player, and when he plays well, we generally do too. We should look to get him in his best position at all times, and that's as a 10.

8.) 30 Aug 2023
30 Aug 2023 21:59:46
It's more what I think EtH will go that way guys. Not that I want it.

Antony will offer Hojlund nothing from the right. As he just shoots.

Bruno on the other hand is far more useful for Hojlund. We will see.

9.) 30 Aug 2023
30 Aug 2023 22:09:06
Sydney, I disagree that Antony will offer Hojlund nothing. He doesn’t just shoot, he may not have the best cross but he does play some very good passes in and around the area and some of his through balls recently have been excellent and if we had a player reading them better and/ or converting the chances he would have a couple of assists already this season.

10.) 30 Aug 2023
30 Aug 2023 22:43:54
The loan fee is not crazy low and deals get done for loans depending on wages and who pays what and as i am assuming we are paying his wages plus some. I read Fiorentina wants an obligation to buy in the deal and we are not committing on that.

I was at first also shocked but reading the details, this deal might still get done with some haggling.

Same thing with cucurella and haggling over the fee although he played a full game for chelsea tonight which is a bit puzzling.

Crystal palace at home carabao cup draw. quite a few pl teams drew each other. nc vs city being the headline game i would assume.

11.) 30 Aug 2023
30 Aug 2023 22:41:10
On the break yes JE888, but when we are in possession in that right hand corner and Antony and AVB are passing it to each other and doing nothing. It leaves Antony shooting over the bar or it being passed backwards.

Bruno can find Hojlund and his intricate passing is far better than Antony's. I just think Antony and Garnacho would be good to bring in off the bench when defenders' legs are tired.

12.) 30 Aug 2023
30 Aug 2023 23:19:14
I personally thought Antony’s passing against Forest at the weekend was very good the whole game and not on the break either. In my opinion one of the best games I’ve seen him play for us. He was very unlucky to not get a goal or assist. I think with a good striker up front I hope we will see a much rejuvenated attack. I can’t see Ten Haag dropping anyone for Arambat personally. I think he will come in as a rotation player. I think the midfield will be Cas, Mount, Antony on the right Bruno AM, and Rashford on the left. I don’t see Arambat displacing any of our midfield to start. I think perhaps in the games where we need a bit more legs in midfield he might come in for Casemiro who is starting to look a bit leggy of late, however I think he will be used like Sabitzer was last season. I could be wrong but that’s the team I would play, and the team that Ten Haag seemed to prefer in preseason and into the start of the season.

13.) 30 Aug 2023
30 Aug 2023 23:21:00
Rumour is we need to get Amrabat and Cucurella for as cheap as possible as we want to bring in a permanent player. Where I was hoping for Todibo, I think it may be that Brazilian striker. Is it Leandro? Or Leonardo?

14.) 30 Aug 2023
30 Aug 2023 23:25:49

Antony had 2 assists in 28 pl games last year. He is not the type of winger who sets up other players. Under hits most crosses and no lift on the ball, which is last resort for him. When he passes its mostly backwards or sideways and nothing coming into the box, that's why I get frustrated watching him lol

Rash had 5 in 35 games so not great assist numbers from our wing play although to be fair to both having wout cement feet did not probably help.

Last game against forest was the first time in a while he went down the line and Bruno almost scored from the cross.

15.) 31 Aug 2023
31 Aug 2023 00:17:53
Let's hope someone is coaching him to make that change. Rashford also had 2 assists and a key pass (to bruno for his assist) . So maybe someone is finally getting through about the need to PASS the freaking ball!

16.) 31 Aug 2023
31 Aug 2023 00:18:03
Ahmad, it was his first season in a new team and a new league, and playing in a team without a recognised striker. When the vast majority of our goals came from the left with Rashford cutting so in my opinion it’s not really a surprise Antony didn’t get many assists from the right wing. I do think the whole team will look completely different when Hojlunds fit and starting.

17.) 31 Aug 2023
31 Aug 2023 09:16:36
The notion that Bruno Fernandez is our best player is a bit of a worry. Very good but not a worldy. Not like the days when all XI were incredible.

18.) 31 Aug 2023
31 Aug 2023 11:32:35
Mount has done nothing warrant a starting place yet, never mind pushing Bruno out his best position.

19.) 31 Aug 2023
31 Aug 2023 12:25:30
Bruno will have a few bad games but he is a brilliant player and our most creative and influential player with cas close second imo.

20.) 31 Aug 2023
31 Aug 2023 12:41:47
Strange we didn’t go for Gravenberch, he’s versatile and can cover CDM which is what we need. Great passing and progressive carries stats (comparable to Amrabat) and he exceeds Amrabat in every other stat especially defensively, Amrabat‘s defensive stats are actually pretty poor. If it was a choice between the two I think we’ve made the incorrect one.

21.) 31 Aug 2023
31 Aug 2023 13:22:06
Gravenberch is desperate for a move to reboot his career. He will not wait for us forever. Good luck to him.

22.) 31 Aug 2023
31 Aug 2023 13:25:03

Hard to say until we see them in the pl if it happens. Bergwin stats were off the charts and he did very little at spurs.

23.) 31 Aug 2023
31 Aug 2023 13:50:18
Amrabat is first choice, think he would be a great addition. We need a busy body in there to play alongside cas. A better Fred, if you will.

Anything aside from Amrabat, is a bonus.

24.) 31 Aug 2023
31 Aug 2023 14:47:04
Is he a better Fred though, we will have to wait and see if he can control and pass a ball, I be surprised if he can run as much as Fred did though.

25.) 31 Aug 2023
31 Aug 2023 16:00:52
Ahmad, In 2022 season Anthony ranked 4th on the chamions league expected assists. The lack of assists last season is more to do with not having a striker than anything else, i don't get it why so many United fans just want to pick a player to hate on. Give everyone a chance with a striker in the team for the first time in a long while.

26.) 31 Aug 2023
31 Aug 2023 16:28:37
Amrabat is statistically the opposite to Fred. Fred’s got fantastic defensive output put poor passing and carrying stats. Fred’s also miles better statistically for attacking actions like shots created and npxG + xAG.

Amrabat - pass completion 92.3%, progressive passes 9.61 per 90mins. He’s in the 98th centile for passes, pass accuracy and progressive carries per 90. His defensive stats per 90mins are tackles 1.97, interceptions 1.2, blocks 0.43, Clearances 0.43.

Gravenberch - pass completion 85.1%, progressive passes 6.67 per 90mins. He’s in the 80th centile for passes, pass accuracy and progressive carries per 90. His defensive stats per 90mins are tackles 2.96, interceptions 1.29, blocks 1.17, Clearances 1.4.

Gravenberch is a better version of Fred from a stats point of view. You get similar defensive output with a far higher quality passing and creating output. Amrabat is superior at passing and carries but is in the lower centile for his defensive work.

Amrabat surely isn’t cover for Casemiro.

27.) 31 Aug 2023
31 Aug 2023 16:30:19
Expected assist list……? what does that include the amount of times he gets past a man an expected cross should come in from his right foot, but he not got a right foot so cuts back…is that what an expected assist is?

28.) 31 Aug 2023
31 Aug 2023 17:02:56
Thanks for stats Rewz, but glaring problem is they are taken from players playing in completely different leagues, so as with most stats take with a pinch of salt!

29.) 31 Aug 2023
31 Aug 2023 18:00:03
Rewz, Ambarat playing could mean Casemiro gets a Gravenberch role. Casemiro is pretty decent when allowed to play b2b.

30.) 31 Aug 2023
31 Aug 2023 19:46:10
Not exactly sure Trafford but football people like to use stats to rate players, maybe they could just read forums to get expert reviews like your own.

31.) 31 Aug 2023
31 Aug 2023 20:07:56
Thanks in hope, so other words you have no idea, thanks for info though that real football people use stats to judge a player, problem is you can use any stats to back and fuel any argument to whatever is needed, there is a couple of past masters on here at it.
I stick to my eyes only then and not wear the red tinted glasses whilst I’m doing it.

32.) 31 Aug 2023
31 Aug 2023 22:31:17
Interesting stats in hope.

I’m still so interested who Trafford is, who was it used to say red tinted glasses all the time, it’s really starting to intrigue me.

33.) 01 Sep 2023
01 Sep 2023 05:40:52
Get a life G2S, probably about 50 million people use that expression the world over, probably even more use the expression I use for you!

34.) 01 Sep 2023
01 Sep 2023 09:59:27
Ah so it is Maze ? at least I know to ignore now as you’ll be blocked again soon.