10 Aug 2018 22:22:07
Will Jose be given credit for making Andreas Pereira, arguably, a first team player? 'He'll ruin Utd's youth' they said.

1.) 10 Aug 2018
10 Aug 2018 22:36:24
Yeah, I'm sure Jose worked night and day with the lad while he was in Spain for the last two seasons. Lol. Andreas has had to leave to get game time and to develop, I'm not sure how much credit Jose should get for that.

2.) 10 Aug 2018
10 Aug 2018 22:47:10
That is ridiculous Shappy, a manager can only be credited for giving youth a chance if they don't go on loan? Wow, desperate.

3.) 10 Aug 2018
10 Aug 2018 22:43:55
when matich spelling had a few he will not play.

4.) 10 Aug 2018
10 Aug 2018 22:49:50
Lollll. Some people can never be positive about Jose.

5.) 10 Aug 2018
10 Aug 2018 23:24:05
is fit.

6.) 11 Aug 2018
11 Aug 2018 00:07:12

You’ve made your mind up about Jose clearly, unlike you as you can usually give a balanced argument but not anymore it seems.

7.) 11 Aug 2018
11 Aug 2018 00:22:09
Let's be honest, Pereira would have been sold to fund another midfielder if Jose had his way.

8.) 11 Aug 2018
11 Aug 2018 05:26:49
If Matic has been fit then Pereira wouldn’t have played. Having said that, Jesse is now a regular so who knows? I thought he was very classy yesterday and given how knackered Matic looked last year hopefully he will get regular game time. I heard Moyes on the radio say he was surprised at his position as he was more of a 10.

9.) 11 Aug 2018
11 Aug 2018 08:43:08
Scholes asked will Jose be given credit for MAKING Pereira into a first team player?

So how excatly has Jose developed Pereira? Has he given him games over the last two seasons then spent time on the training pitch developing his game and ironing out his flaws?

Well no, because Pereira has had to move to Spain twice on loan to get those chances in the first team and to develop. His development over the last two seasons should be credited to the coaches who worked with him daily to improve him and not the manager of his parent club who isn't in daily physical contact with him.

Or should Jose be credited for someone else's work?

Am I being harsh on Jose for not giving him credit for developing a player he has hardly seen and has trained over the last two seasons?

I can give Jose credit for playing the lad last night. However, as many have pointed out would Pereira have played had Matic been fit? Probably not.

Jose did bring on McTominay last night for Fred before bringing on Fellaini late on for Pogba. So credit to Jose for giving a youth player a chance there before a more experienced player.

I can give Jose credit, but it has to be for something he has actually done rather than for things he hasn't. Is that fair or am I being unfair to Jose?

GDS, yes I have kind of made up my mind about Jose. I have seen him and followed his career since he knocked us out of the UCL with Porto. He has also been our manager for two years so I have seen him more closely over the last two years. After 14 years, two of which seeing him pretty closely I think that is sufficient time to make a fairly accurate judgement on the kind of manager he is.

If you haven't made up your mind on Jose yet, I can only say that you either haven't been paying attention or your one of those individuals who never make your mind up about anything.

My opinion of Jose hasn't changed, I didn't want him in the first place and I gave my reasons. I said we would win something with Jose, possibly not the title but we would win a cup of two. I said he wouldn't give youth a real chance, he would play negative football, and he would make a show of himself publicly.

Was I wrong? I don't think so. The only thing that's changed is my backing of him. I didn't want him but I backed him right up until the end of last season when things looked like they were starting to unravel. I still believe they will this season. let's wait and see if I get that right too.

{Ed025's Note - harsh...but also hard to argue with shappy..

10.) 11 Aug 2018
11 Aug 2018 08:48:12
Jose changed Pereira's position to a number 6 where he looks good. Has the better footwork than the average 6 because he's played further forward up to now. Really like the look of him there and Jose does deserve credit.

11.) 11 Aug 2018
11 Aug 2018 10:18:49
With regard to using youth players. more minutes played last night by United academy graduates than City academy graduates played in the whole of last season. Why is Guardiola never criticised for being anti youth players?

12.) 11 Aug 2018
11 Aug 2018 11:04:04
Has to still play him shappy. Credit to him for that. Could have played someone else there, not give rash 10. Not have Scott T play.

Could have left all those youth players at home for pre season.

13.) 11 Aug 2018
11 Aug 2018 11:41:43
Can we make are minds up about him and still want him to be the manager shappy?

I believe him to be a nice guy and a great coach. I don't think he always says the right things but I tend to ignore what he says most of the time as ed002 has instructed on many ocassion.

We've always known the style of football he plays, don't know now why people are pissed off at that now.

In relation to giving youth a chance, has he not played a number of youngsters these last few years? Does he not measure up to the standards of other managers at top clubs who give youth a chance. I'd like to see that chart.

I'm playing devils advocate here as he has of course made mistakes and the style of football hasn't been fantastic.

But the problems lie deeper than jose mourinho. Recruitment is a serious issue, I hope that they appoint a DOF or have a head scout who handles that side. I think Jose looks at Liverpool And City and just thinks we are Man United we should be that efficient in transfers too. Appointments in Moyes, LVG that clearly weren't right. Being unable to ship out players, something that Jose actually has managed to do in his time there.

Although Jose and united might not be the best fit, my backing will not change until the club decide to part ways with him.

1 game into the season and the knieves are being sharpened already.

14.) 11 Aug 2018
11 Aug 2018 12:35:18
RedRosie, is that actually true or was Pereira already playing as a 6 in Spain?