05 Jul 2021 20:02:26
Can I ask how playerz particularly young players and players in their prime like mbappe or pogba or camavinga feel about running their contracts down and leaving for free?
Is their any loyalty towards the clubs and the player wanting to do right by them or would players just do what's right for them?
It seems to becoming a little more regular.

For arguments sake in pogbas or mbappe's case would a suitor tell his agent now they will sign him next summer and pay agent and player a bigger signing fee if he runs down his contract?

{Ed002's Note - It is unusual for a player to run down their contract when the club wants to renew. Players like Pogba are unusual in respect of playing for a team where they have deliberately wrecked the relationship with his agent and have been holding him hostage. Mbappe’s situation is different in that he wants to move to Real Madrid but the club want a year or two more out of him first. In terms of another player there have been discussions with clubs over getting a deal done next season at a halfway price that pretty much benefits all of the parties.}

1.) 06 Jul 2021
06 Jul 2021 07:23:05
His clients don't seem to think so bolger.
He is attracting new clients all the time. He is a very good agent.
He is being kept to his contract against his will. He wants to leave but is not being allowed to leave.
He is not happy. If I were pogba I'd sit tight until Decthen dign a pre contract with Madrid and keep my head down.
That's how he will make the most money.
But it means giving up another year of his life in an unhappy environment.
People change their mind circumstances change so if he wants out it should be facilitated we are only seeing part of him he wants out.
Some supporters are gas they are happy for us to sign players from other clubs that want out but have double standards when our own players want out.
If he is not sold I predict a season where he will have a lot of injuries. He doesn't want to be here and the club have forced him to stay. Dumb move.

2.) 06 Jul 2021
06 Jul 2021 09:17:36
Everyone has a contract of employment, imagine if you went to hand your notice in and your company said no, you can't leave. How would you feel? Like a hostage I'd imagine.

I don't know what is to be gained by refusing to facilitate a player who wants to leave?

All you will achieve is creating a bad feeling within the group of players. You'll gain a bad reputation among the sport as poor employers thus potentially making it harder to bring in top players. While eventually the players contract will run down the player will leave for free.

We have repeatedly seen these amateur "bully boy" tactics used by our club. Maybe it works in when you're dealing with stocks and shares, but not when those assets are people, who have thoughts and emotions.

We tried to bully both Sporting Lisbon and Dortmund over the transfers of Bruno and Sancho. It didn't work we ended up agreeing to pay the full asking price for Bruno 6 months later. While we paid the revised asking price from Dortmund a year later.

We tried it with Pogba, and now he'll leave on a free and we have tarnished our reputation with players and agents.

While our lack of personal understanding and ability to plan ahead means we alienated Romero and wasted a year of his career. Further damaging our reputation with players.

3.) 06 Jul 2021
06 Jul 2021 09:19:59
Ken, has he been forced to stay, or has no club put in a bid for him that matches United's evaluation? There's a bit of a double standard when United are expected to match Dortmund's evaluation of Sancho, who wanted to leave, but are then criticised for sticking to their evaluation of their own players. For all Pogba's desire to leave, it doesn't appear any club has seriously pursued him.

{Ed002's Note - It is nothing to do with that.}

4.) 06 Jul 2021
06 Jul 2021 09:27:40
I get pogbas issue with the club not letting him go and whilst i am a big fan of his abilities as a player, i struggle to see what the club could have done to facilitate his departure without a reasonable offer.

From recollection the bids for him according to media reports have been:

1.) Barcelona 2018 - Andre Gomes and Yerry Mina plus cash.
2.) Real Madrid 2019 - James Rodrigues plus cash.

Those players have hardly set the world alight at everton and there would have been uproar if the club accepted either offer.

Now obviously we don't really know what goes on behind the scenes and the club might have rejected reasonable offers for pogba but I doubt that is the case.

In hindsight he probably shouldn't have come back and stayed at Juve and then moved to Madrid/ Barca from there a few years later.

{Ed002's Note - You all need to drop this - it is very clear that none of you understand the situation and the ignorance about some of the people involved is astonishing.}

5.) 06 Jul 2021
06 Jul 2021 10:15:44
Thanks for the info ed002. I'm not sure what i said wrong no offence meant.

{Ed002's Note - Not you Ken.}

6.) 06 Jul 2021
06 Jul 2021 10:38:00
All this reminds me when Sepp Blatter referred to Cristiano Ronaldo as a "slave"

7.) 06 Jul 2021
06 Jul 2021 12:23:38
People should banging on about saying pogba is being held hostage and is being forced to stay against his will

He signed a contract the clubs owns that player for his services till that contrsct is expired unless a club give united what they want

Just like if i wanted to leave my vodaphone contract i either pay the release clause or i have to keep with it till it exspires.

8.) 06 Jul 2021
06 Jul 2021 12:53:52
Bolger, while from a legal contractual perspective that might be true, the reality is that this assessed the club "owns" as you put it is a human being. Not a phone or a second hand car.

Personally I feel the transfer window has dehumanised and devalued players to being nothing more than cattle being branded and pushed around a cattle market to be bid on to the highest bidder.

Yes the players are well paid for the job they do. But that doesn't mean that they are automatically happy with being thousands of miles away from their friends and families, it doesn't mean they are okay living somewhere with a different culture to what they are comfortable with.

I'm sure Pogba was told and given all sorts of reassurances about the direction and ambition of our club when we were trying to convince him to sign for us. Have those promises been fulfilled?

The wonderful thing about being human is the right to change your mind, you don't always have to vote for the same political party, you can get divorced, you can cancel your phone contract.

Maybe Pogba was happy to sign for United on the day he signed, but its not inconceivable that he might have changed his mind for any number of reasons.

It doesn't benefit the club in any way to try and block him from leaving. All they do is devalue him as an asset, while creating discontent within the changing room and gaining a bad reputation when it comes to hiring new players in the future.

It's moronic i the extreme.

If the offers aren't good enough then negotiate, get the best deal you can and move on.

For me the problem is the club overspent to sign him in the first place, 89m for a player probably worth around 60m at the time, followed by paying Mino 28m to facilitate the deal. Which is why the club didn't want to accept deals worth around the 50-60m he was actually worth as it would just highlight how stupid they were in the first place. That is the only thing to be gained from refusing to sell him, a lack of egg on their face.

9.) 06 Jul 2021
06 Jul 2021 13:37:04
if the club don't want to sell him that is their choice just like when we have gone after players

i just don't agree with people saying he is being held hostage and we are forcing him to stay and all the other tosh i'm reading.

look at it this way shappy you give in to one agent and player you then set yourself up for others to follow.

throwing toys out the pram demanding to leave because they don't want to play anymore.

let him leave on a free next summer, not like we will struggle to replace him

you are right shappy i can leave my contract if i pay the early leave fee that voda want

if pogba wants to leave a club has to pay what united deem his value is. end of he isn't being held hostage he's being held to the 300k a week contract he sign for.

10.) 06 Jul 2021
06 Jul 2021 13:45:41
Ed002, can you explain the situation for us?

For those of us without any kind of inside knowledge, it simply looks like the club have been reluctant to sell him, and haven't received any offers worth reconsidering that stance for. If that's the case, it doesn't seem any different from any other club expecting their valuation to be met.

Is it simply that the club are being uncooperative and not even telling the player's agent what kind of offer it would take? Are they just asking for an unrealistic fee? Or is it something else entirely?

{Ed002's Note - What valuation?}

11.) 06 Jul 2021
06 Jul 2021 13:56:35
the valuation they want for the player for him to leave this window.

{Ed002's Note - Which is what? You are all getting way too wrapped up in something that is very simple.}

12.) 06 Jul 2021
06 Jul 2021 14:33:19
thats what thorne was asking, do you know what the club are asking for him to leave this summer.

the simple thing is either pay what the club wants which none of us know or he leaves for free next summer.

{Ed002's Note - The club are not asking anything as they are not talking to his agent. His agent is talking to other clubs to see what offers may be available. You seem to be struggling rather to grasp the situation.}

13.) 06 Jul 2021
06 Jul 2021 15:03:24
Will be an interesting day when all clubs collectively decide not to talk to certain agents :D.

14.) 06 Jul 2021
06 Jul 2021 16:17:18
come sep 1st he will either be at manutd or another club: if at mu he either performs well or doesn't get picked- don't give a toss tbh- if he is at another club same. His time at mu has been nothing short of torrid and his performances haven't justified the fee by comparisson. Best case scenerio is he goes before the window and we move on as a club.

15.) 06 Jul 2021
06 Jul 2021 16:42:53
Bolger read back what you just wrote.

You say that he isn't being held hostage or he isn't a slave.

You then say the club own him thus making him a slave. And as he is their property they have the right to refuse him the right to leave, thus holding him hostage.

It's fairly simple. He doesn't want to be here, but the club is refusing to allow him to leave. Thus they are holding him hostage.

Whatever you think of him, he is a person with thoughts and feelings.

He doesn't want to be here then let him go.

16.) 06 Jul 2021
06 Jul 2021 16:37:24
Sorry Ed, maybe I overcomplicated my question. I was asking what Utd are doing wrong in his case, like for example: are they setting an unrealistic valuation, or being uncooperative and not letting anyone know what their valuation even is?

{Ed002's Note - there is no valuation.}

17.) 06 Jul 2021
06 Jul 2021 17:18:56
So the club are basically just saying he's not for sale, not giving even a starting point for negotiations, and ignoring any attempt to begin discussions about him?

18.) 06 Jul 2021
06 Jul 2021 18:57:48
Thorne if pogba is sold a 3rd party will need to be involved. The club are not on talking terms with pognas agent.
Really disrespectfully and for the 1st time ever on record the club took up the extra years option on pogba without discussing it with him or his agent. Being kind its nothing short of bizarre behaviour.
Maybe a 3rd part can broker a sale this summer which would in my opinion be the best result. The club have made a complete pigs ear of the whole situation.

19.) 06 Jul 2021
06 Jul 2021 19:42:56
Shappy he isn't being held hostage and the club do own the players what are the players to clubs?

Of course they are employees yes but they sign into somthing that's binding,

Fully knowing they are there for a minimum amount of time untill that contract expires or untill a club that the agent soeaks to to try and buy them out of that contract

Its a ruthless business if players don't want to be held hostage or used as slaves then don't sign a contract for so long.

20.) 06 Jul 2021
06 Jul 2021 19:52:45
Ken the agent is thw main reason the relationship broke down not the club

How many times has he gone public about pogba when he should have been "respectful" and done his talking in house.

Hes tried to use a tatic to pressure united into giving into his demands like a child, and pogba is just as bad for not telling him to shut his mouth pogba employs him to do one thing, he doesn't employ him to talk utter crap about the club.

Let. him go for. free in a years time when he's a year older

when ronaldo wanted to leave mendes and ronaldo didn't go talking to the media slagging the clib off, there's a respectful way of doing things and nither pogba or mino have shown any.

{Ed002's Note - No, it was the amateurs and nothing else. The agent wants what is best for the player. Your knowledge of the subject appears to be zero.}

21.) 06 Jul 2021
06 Jul 2021 21:20:02
Players and Agents no doubt all talk to one another and if there is a view that we have treated Pogba, who is no doubt an influential player, badly its going to have a significant negative impact on perception of us with other players and make us fair less attractive to players and probably agents.

Seeing what we have done with DvB for example must also put doubts into players about us as a destination.

Obviously this won't affect every player but it will still possibly put a number off.

22.) 06 Jul 2021
06 Jul 2021 21:25:31
Bolger you are incorrect mate.
So keep him for a year cost us 40m and he earns a lot more in the long run. Perfect way to teach him a lesson.