25 Apr 2022 16:53:20
Looks like de Gea is being offered a new contract.

I can’t see this being run through ETH yet as he’s not signed anything. Surely you should let him look at him first and decide after? What’s going on here.

1.) 25 Apr 2022
25 Apr 2022 17:50:21
I'm sure there's not much to look at. He's easily been our most consistent and professional player since Fergie left.

Why would ETH like to look at him?

2.) 25 Apr 2022
25 Apr 2022 18:32:23
Great news if true.

3.) 25 Apr 2022
25 Apr 2022 18:33:57
Interesting one, he's already out second highest earner. While this season his form has been good, that is coming off the back of two years of poor form.

I would have thought EtH would have liked to see how he adapts to his style before tying him down to a long contract on high wages.

Can he play as a sweeper keeper and distributor from the back to the level EtH would need?

I'm not the only one who has asked that question.

4.) 25 Apr 2022
25 Apr 2022 18:34:14
Do you honestly not think united speak with TH and already have his views on what he wants or don’t want…. Jesus this is hardwork on here.

5.) 25 Apr 2022
25 Apr 2022 18:40:34
He barely comes off his line. He can’t use his feet. His communication with the defence is poor. He barely comes for crosses or corners and to top it off he’s an absolute pansy. Any more things?

He is a class shot stopper but that's it. You know he caused Liverpools first goal? Watch it back.

6.) 25 Apr 2022
25 Apr 2022 18:56:47
Ok FZZ we sell 11 not 10 as the great RR says, so who do we replace De Gea with? This 200mil TH is supposed to have to spend is going a long way in your book
Ok keep saying he no good, he no good, but replace them with whom?

7.) 25 Apr 2022
25 Apr 2022 19:14:02
The last position we should be looking at. There are another 10 problem positions. Not sure why this is of any concern to anyone.

8.) 25 Apr 2022
25 Apr 2022 19:18:15
yh people are overhyping De Geas contribution this season, great shot stopper but compared to Allison and Ederson, De Gea looks pre historic as a goalkeeper.

Rooted to his line, can't pass the ball out from the back, doesn't come for crosses and isn't the greatest communicator.

9.) 25 Apr 2022
25 Apr 2022 19:27:31
DSG. That’s not bad then if your only rating him behind City and Liverpool, in fact even player we have is behind City and Liverpools, so means De Gea is best of the rest I would take that, but bearing in mind both of them were over 60 mil don’t leave much left for the other 10 places we need to fill.

10.) 25 Apr 2022
25 Apr 2022 19:40:51
We’ve more pressing issues to sort first imo. The sheer amount of shots he faces being the main one.

11.) 25 Apr 2022
25 Apr 2022 20:12:09
Caolan and others with the same view.

We do have other problems but he is a big one defensively. He’s not top 3 in the Spanish squad never mind top 3 in the league.
Plus if he doesn’t play with his feet he isn’t use to Ten Hag. I’ve actually seen since I posted that he’s not keen on de Gea but has other issues to sort first.

Giving him a wage rise (if they are or not I don’t know) shouldn’t be our aim when we should be looking to lower the wage bill and rid of mercenaries.

12.) 25 Apr 2022
25 Apr 2022 20:52:03
FZZ. Your reading speculation that TH don’t want! and now your classing DeGea as a mercenary! Quite unbelievable so other then Alison and city keeper who is better in premier league then?

What you mean he not even top 3 in Spanish squad what’s that got to do with us or premier league?

Another read the press listen to others and jump on the bandwagon remark, the press have no idea who TH wants or don’t we will also see now if he even wants DVB suppose you think he 100% starter, TH might be going to play a different way hopefully he not a one trick pony!
Shappy said when RR come players would improve but they all gone backwards so who knows but there is certainly changes to come before De Gea

Out of interest who would you have as Keeper?

13.) 25 Apr 2022
25 Apr 2022 21:45:22
Juicer youve read that incorrectly, alison and ederson are the gold standard but plenty of goalies in the prem are better overall than De Gea.

Mendy for sure, Ramsdale this year has been better, Sa at Wolves, Sanchez at Brighton and Raya at brentford both get in for Spain ahead of De Gea.

What do you think Luis Enriques reasoning is for that?

14.) 25 Apr 2022
25 Apr 2022 22:58:42
DDG a mercenary? He’s been our best players for years.

15.) 25 Apr 2022
25 Apr 2022 23:06:06
Totally agree with FZZ and DSG. It is one of the main areas we have to address. Ddg staying on the line and poor communication and lack of distribution are the main factors we don't defend properly or launch fast counterattacks.
You watch the new keepers and they cut the danger out at source while ddg stays on his line, and having to make these saves.
I honestly cannot see the hype with Ddg.

16.) 25 Apr 2022
25 Apr 2022 23:24:54
Everyone is over playing this utopian total footballing keeper. DDG has been excellent this season. He has faced a ridiculous amount of shots for a top half team - only a couple of bottom table teams have keepers who faces more.

He has saved pens - which I always felt he was very weak at, but recently has been better.

When he has let in a bit of a softer goal, he has almost without exception made another top class save in the same match.

Would not be surprised at all if ETH wants to keep him. Inspite of all of Shappy's essays to the contrary. However, I do hope the club are consulting ETH on these things, he needs I put to major first team changes.

17.) 25 Apr 2022
25 Apr 2022 23:27:27
So what do you propose we do? Bin of de gea now whilst still needing to sort out a defensive midfielder, another number 8. At least one centre half and a full back (minimum one) . Another striker and probably another wide player.

De gea isn’t outstanding at coming of his line or sweeping etc, but my god he’s not probably one of the very few players who haven’t disgraced themselves the last few years.

It’s not football manager, we can’t just bring in a whole new first eleven. Take it in steps. Sort the defence and midfield is a priority. We’ve not been strong enough in those areas since 2013.

18.) 26 Apr 2022
25 Apr 2022 23:33:02
I’m not a huge fan of DDG but I’m fine with offering him a new contract given the circumstances with other players leaving and his performances being ok in comparison to some of the other players…but it needs to be a reasonable wage. Every source I read suggests he’s on £375k a week, and the next best keeper in the league is on less than £150k. Why are we paying him so much?

If we give him a huge contract, he’s then incredibly hard to get out of the club if he fails to work with the new manager. Essentially we’ll need to pay him off. I cannot believe the money men at our club don’t realise that these big contracts make these player liabilities.

I’m also unclear on which club in the world would offer him that kind of money in today’s climate. Offer him a reasonable contract and see how committed he is to the club.

19.) 26 Apr 2022
26 Apr 2022 00:55:41
Eth has more then likely told the club what players he wants to keep and wants to sell.

20.) 26 Apr 2022
26 Apr 2022 01:06:00
Juicer for a new poster you seem to be all over every page immediately, talking about how all the regulars post and even calling people stupid, just be nice for once and it might not be so obvious.

In the next couple of years we will need to replace De Gea, he’s not in the top 10 things I think a new manager needs to do though. I’m surprised many haven’t mentioned a right full back, both of ours are absolutely woeful, Dalot’s only got 1 positive and that is that he isn’t wan bissaka.

21.) 26 Apr 2022
26 Apr 2022 06:01:55
Arfonsal has hit the nail on the head. DDG is currently (before a new deal) the third highest paid player in the league. Only Ronaldo and KDB are paid more than him.

While he's been in great form for us this season would anyone say he's worth more per week than City or Liverpool's keepers? Or Salah, or Kane, or any of the players who would be in the conversation as best players in the league.

Even with this season's form I don't think DDG is in the top 5 keepers in the league. Probably just about makes the top 10.

I know a lot of people have an emotional attachment to a player who has been both great for us and has been here a long time. Yet I don't feel offering to increase the wages of the third highest paid player in the league is necessarily a great idea.

While he has been in good form this year, the two maybe even three previous seasons he has been declining and even poor last season. That shouldn't be overlooked.

I also think (like many others) that he doesn't have the skillset EtH has typically looked for in a keeper. That the weaknesses he has in his game make it difficult to both play out from the back and/ or play a high line. That's before we even get into his poor command of his area and his weakness with crosses which aren't necessarily a issue for how EtH tends to play but just a general weaknesses that aren't ideal for any keeper playing in any system.

Surely it would be prudent for the club to at least wait a few months until he has played under EtH for a while so that the manager can make a judgement on whether he can either develop DDG to learn and master skills he has yet to show he has, alter his playing style to cover the weaknesses DDG has or to decide that he isn't prepared to change his playing style and that DDG can't adapt and that he wants/ needs a new keeper.

The thing is that DDG's current wages mean that he is impossible to sell. Only one or two clubs in the world are able to match his 375k per week deal. Meaning if we sell him we would likely have to subsidise his wages at his new club. Which is mad and a terrible business model. Literally paying another companies employee to work for them.

DDG's wages mean the only way he can leave is on a free transfer. If the club give him a new deal he will be at the club for the entirety of that deal whether he's first choice or sat on the bench.

For that reason alone it makes sense to wait until EtH has worked with him and can decide on what he wants to do moving forward. Otherwise we could end up with a 400k+ per week sub who plays a few games a season for the next 3-4 years.

22.) 26 Apr 2022
26 Apr 2022 06:47:08
De Gea's contract runs out in 2023 I think, which means next year we will be looking at a new GK. I would not extend him on his current wages and I don't think he would get that anywhere else.

I might be prepared to extend him for 2 years on a lower amount and kick the finding a new GK back a couple of years simply because there are so many priorities ahead of him for me.

DM, CM, CB x2, RB, LB, RW and Str for me although there is a couple of kiddies in FB and RW I think might make it.

23.) 26 Apr 2022
26 Apr 2022 09:21:05
Shappy I am interested to know the vast amount of keepers who have been better than de gea this season?

Allison is the best in the world, Ederson follows closely. The only other one I could argue as being ahead of him our league this season is potentially Ramsdale, he has improved a lot.

We can talk all we want about what he does with the ball at his feet, but I am a bit old fashioned in the way that I don't care what he does apart from keeping the ball out the net. The same way I would rather a centre back who can defend first, rather than one who just looks good on the ball. There are many different ways to play football.

24.) 26 Apr 2022
26 Apr 2022 09:36:36
I won’t argue about whos better than who Caolan but he’s not very good seriously. His shot stopping is blinding you. He is terrible at his near post, see man city and Liverpool at old trafford and watford away. He doesn’t come for anything, and when one on one he stays on his line. The disribution when he was younger was good, not its hit and hope. Heis luke shaw of the goal, good on his day but whines and whinges more often than not.

25.) 26 Apr 2022
26 Apr 2022 09:43:31
Shappy, don't be worrying about what we are and are not paying to players, none of our concern and will only confuse you as we have no insight or knowledge into anything financially.

As a player, he has been fantastic despite a spell a couple of seasons ago and he has more than enough goodwill to cover that.

I'm only worried about what we will and will not produce on the pitch and there are a hatful of other issues to worry about before assessing the cost of probably our most consistent performer.

26.) 26 Apr 2022
26 Apr 2022 09:55:31
DDG is poor at coming for crosses, bad at distribution and stays rooted to the goal line. Have a look at his stats in these areas and he is near the bottom in all these areas in the league. Although I agree he won't be an immediate concern since we have other pressing issues but renewing his contract at this stage and giving him a higher salary would be stupid on the club's behalf but not unsuprising.

27.) 26 Apr 2022
26 Apr 2022 10:04:59
FZZ, it is not blinding me. I know his weaknesses, everyone does. But we have far more pressing issues to sort than the goalkeeping area. If De Gea doesn't fit the system Eth wants then play Henderson.

To improve we need to start limiting the chances opponents have against us. Norwich had around 15 at Old Trafford if I remember right. That to be quite honest is nothing short of a disgrace. Fix the main issues in the next 12-24 months, then make a decision the keeper. Klopp waited for Allison and Van Djik because they were the final piece in the jigsaw.

But remember, be careful what you wish for. Bravo came to city and was well known for his use of the ball and distribution. He was one of the worst keepers I have seen come to this league.

28.) 26 Apr 2022
26 Apr 2022 10:13:04
I don’t think we should be extending his contract until ten hag has had a look at him, i’ve said that all along, i didn't say get rid of him straight away and replace him at the end of the season, again that's ten hags choice.

29.) 26 Apr 2022
26 Apr 2022 10:20:17
Angel, in isolation I have no concern about what a player earns. However, there is a very real possibility that he might not be the long term first choice keeper under the next manager.

Once Ronaldo leaves DDG will be our highest earner. That position makes him hard to drop, you can't really have your highest paid player be a sub every week.

I'm not saying don't give DDG a new contract, I'm saying it would be prudent to wait until the new manager has his feet under the table and can make a educated decision based on how the player performs for him in his system before making an offer or not.

I felt the same about Bruno, even though I have less concerns about him adapting to EtH's tactics.

It's a mistake the club keep making, offering contracts to players to protect their asset value without the new/ next manager being able to make an informed decision.

30.) 26 Apr 2022
26 Apr 2022 12:52:03
For all we know it could be just a year extension, like Bruno's. EtH then gets a year to work with him, if he doesn't want to keep him them I'm sure like Matic a deal will be arranged and he can go back to his family in Madrid.

31.) 26 Apr 2022
26 Apr 2022 13:38:44
Lads Liverpool fan in peace - I wouldn't be too focused on this, could just be a years extension.

In fairness though, De Gea is one of the only Utd players (other one being Ronaldo) that can hold his head high this season. I think he's the 3rd best keeper in the league behind Allison and Ederson

Great shot stopper, distribution can be hit and miss though and doesn't command the area as well as those 2 I mentioned, but what a shot stopper. That's what he's paid for and does it well, honestly lads, the goalkeeper isn't an area yous have trouble with.

32.) 26 Apr 2022
26 Apr 2022 15:15:34
Caolan, this season in the EPL Alisson, Ederson, Mendy, Sa, and Martinez have all been better all round keepers.

While arguements could be made for Schmeichel, Fabianski, Pope, Dubravka, Sanchez and Raya.

All of whom are better at commanding their area, coming for crosses, and playing out from the back.

Obviously it's horses for courses and different tactical set ups require different skills from the keeper.

Ask yourself this though would any of the club's who those keepers play for happily swap their current keeper with DDG?

33.) 26 Apr 2022
26 Apr 2022 15:23:18
If we don’t have a keeper which is better than Ederson or Alison then wemight as well give up haven’t we. God forbid we don’t knock them 2 from first and second.

34.) 26 Apr 2022
26 Apr 2022 15:24:28
I don't think Alisson with Ederson are close. Alisson is miles better. I would say De Gea is in the top 3 goalkeepers in the League and i would be glad to have a contract offer but only with less wages. I agree his contract might be a problem going forward because he earns too much.

35.) 26 Apr 2022
26 Apr 2022 18:28:15
De gea is better then Alison and Ederson in stopping the goal and that is the most important thing.

Forget this ball playing out of the back crap. A job for a goalie is to stop a goal and he is the best at it.

Defenders should be doing their job and that is to defend and not expose De Gea that is what we need this year in terms of defence.

Buy a whole new defence and the only one we should keep is Varane.

Varane next to a good defender will be class and wouldn't have to cover Maguire's mistake.

36.) 26 Apr 2022
26 Apr 2022 18:46:53
Singh, do you make the same argument for strikers?

Their job is to put the ball in the back of the net.

Does it matter if they are lazy pressing from the front, don't make off the ball runs, won't defend corners, poor at linking with team mates, won't or can't pass to players in better positions, etc.

Or are those aspects important for the team to function as a whole?

Does the team perform better as a whole when the striker is more complete and multifunctional, able to bring his teammates into the game, defend from the front and create as well as score goals?

If you want United to play a high line then it is VITAL for the keeper to be able to come off his line and sweep to defend the space behind the keeper.

Ultimately the two best keepers in the league at doing that will finish 1st and 2nd this year.

While all of the teams who do well in the UCL have keepers who can play as a sweeper keeper. Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, PSG.

37.) 26 Apr 2022
26 Apr 2022 20:20:53
I think it's very naive to assume that ten Hag doesn't have a very good idea already who he wants to keep or let go. He'll have been watching every game for months. Maybe he's on this forum? :) I doubt very much he's going to come in and draw a blank slate under everyone and watch them all during the precious close season without having made lots of decisions. Rangnick would have filled him in with his honest assessments and I think we all share a lot of those.
As for the DDG arguments, I can see lots of valid points here. He's been our best player for a long time, despite a few wobbles earlier in the season. He's probably one of the last players that needs replacing in this woeful XI, but I also see the point that the new manager's system might require a GK with different skills. Look at what Pep did at City without much messing about, replacing Hart and bringing in the awful Bravo, who was probably a worse GK than Hart but knew how Pep wanted to play. Ok, he probably lost City as many points as he won them, but it was a stepping stone to where they are now. Verdict: keep in the mid-term at least, especially if a mooted new contact is in the wings.

38.) 27 Apr 2022
27 Apr 2022 07:48:21
I'll put this out there now and it's only an opinion and I could well be wrong.

However, by the start of EtH's second season I don't think DDG will be first choice.

Pep transformed City, but it was the signing of Ederson that brought it all together and stopped them being leaky in defence.

While a lot of people point to the signing of VvD as the key to solidifying Liverpool's leaky defence. However, Alisson probably played a bigger part in all honesty.

Both City and Liverpool had the same issue, they played a high line but didn't have keepers good enough at defending the space outside of the box meaning both sides would concede 10-15 goals a season to simple long balls behind the defence. The attacker would get a yard or two on the defender, the keeper either wouldn't come out or be slow in coming out and the attacker would score.

Great keepers improve the defenders in front of them. Schmeichel made the defence better. He communicated with them so they knew what was happening even behind them, he made the defenders more confident. VDS did the same, constant communication, made those around him better.

Goalkeepers are part of the defensive unit and if the team are conceding goals then the keeper is a part of that.

DDG is a world class shot stopper, but poor at most other aspects of goalkeeping. It's no surprise that he looks at his best when the rest of the team are at their poorest. That when he gets to show off his shot stopper skills.

If he has to only make one or two routine saves a game because the team in front of him are playing well then what does he add to the team?
Does he aid with the playing out from the back?
Does he communicate well with the defenders to help enable them to play well?
Does he command his box so well at set pieces that it enables the team to play with one less player in the box meaning there is one more player ready and able to quickly counter?

If our aim is to play in a similar way to Liverpool and City then how would DDG fit into their teams and that style?

I'm not saying DDG is a huge problem or one of the first issues needing addressing. However, if the team is to embrace a new more dominant progressive style of play then that does beg the question of how or if DDG can fit into that vision.

For me he is a 90's style keeper (without the physicality) playing in a total different goalkeeping era. He suits a team that sits deep, invite pressure and play on the counter.