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22 Apr 2018 09:13:35
Great game yesterday and some top performances. My favourite moment was towards the very end when Jones chest bumped Smalling and slapped him about in encouragement, the passion and commitment was plain to see. These 2 were supposed to be the future of England’s CB pairing but have never really got there. It’s very frustrating as yesterday they were immense, Jones in particular made some tremendous tackles and interjections.

Herrera needs to play more, it gives Pogba more freedom and after a dodgy start our midfield got hold of the game. He also ‘gets’ it, maximum effort and commitment. The effort Sanchez puts in is incredible and it as good to see h m start to look like the player we know he is.

This looks like the first choice starting 11 right now, Rashford from the bench and Martial potentially leaving. Full backs and more energy and creativity in midfield look like the priorities.

I remember the early ‘90’s when we won Cups which was the precursor to the domination. As we have said so many times, it’s a game of fine lines and who knows which way we will go next.

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21 Apr 2018 22:33:21
Really enjoyed today’s game. Great result and mental fortitude that this team is building up. We are building a never say die attitude which is really positive. Started the game poorly and I thought we were going to have a long day ahead . But credit to the players who stood up and did it when it mattered. Sanchez was phenomenal and his work rate is on a different planet. That is the reason he is picked over the likes of martial. Pogba came into his own and the cbs were impressive. However, Ander was the man today. Like the general i'm the midfield he really is the engine room of the team for me. Played some lovely forward passes. He just gets what it means to play for united. Hope he stays. Let’s win the cup, have a strong end to the season and we go again next year. If there is something today told us it’s that we are in desperate need of two new full backs. Sign them and I think you will see a huge difference in this team.

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21 Apr 2018 22:32:34
Feel like today highlighted exactly why we did everything to sign Alexis Sanchez. The whole game he was giving 100%, performances like that make legends at this club. He was outstanding, his work rate was amazing, and he showed some real quality at times. His header was a lovely finish, to take the weight off that ball and guide it into the corner was much harder than he made it look. Rashford and martial need to look at that type of performance today and aim to emulate it, because they both have huge potential.
Lukaku was another who I thought was excellent, he chased so many lost causes, and had vertongen and Sanchez rattled at times. Pogba too was very good today, great cross for Alexis.
Great win today, I would have gone for Herrera motm, but Danny Murphy seems to just hate him. Overall a great team performance, let's try and win every game the rest of this season and build momentum for next!

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21 Apr 2018 22:01:41
Decent game, great result. Everyone will have their favourite moment but for me, I loved Jones chest bumping Smalling and slapping him on the back towards the end of the game. 2 players who should be the backbone of the England team but haven’t really achieved that stood up today and were giants.

{Ed002's Note - Would it have really of got you off if they were naked?}

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15 Apr 2018 18:41:50
Taxi for Jose, actually better make it a mini bus with this squad.

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18 Apr 2018 16:55:24
Double Decker!

20 Apr 2018 08:07:23
A fine chocolate bar.

{Ed001's Note - would be better if half of it didn't always end up on the floor.}

15 Apr 2018 18:41:25
Horrendous preformance today worst I have seen since saf retired most players didn't look too bothered n even d crowd look like they had given up with 10 minutes left.

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07 Apr 2018 21:55:53
First half was shocking, awful performance from everyone second much better but city still played the better footy and should of scored a few .
But they never lol.

Herrera the one player who had a good 90 minutes got to wonder why he can't get in the team after last season .
Jose will be here next season, can he take us to the next level I'm not sure .
Done well but I'm not sure he can take us further .
Great result today great game but that was a cup final today for United.

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07 Apr 2018 19:31:46
What a second half. Fantastic fight and desire. Now to do that for 90 minutes.

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07 Apr 2018 18:39:58
Wage thieves the lot of them. 😡😡😡.

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07 Apr 2018 18:35:11
I know the manager takes a lot of the blame because he sets the tactics and formation etc.

But what an absolute disgrace. regardless of leauge position and regardless of city can win the title. It's a f*****ing derby.

No fight no desire no bottle. there's nothing.
Players walking. No care for the shirt.

Were lucky sterling can't finish or this would be absolutely embarrassing.

We've gone there to sit back and try get a draw. It's embarrassing and tbh if we play like this in the second half I hope we get 5 or 6 against us.

We are a joke. And how Jose can defend that performance and defend the tactics we have gone out with is s**t.

At least have a go. run your socks of a fight.

Bottle jobs the lot of them.

And I have been one of the managers fans this season. But this game is a joke.

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