10 Aug 2023 00:36:27
Looks like we are giving Harry a bit of a send off bonus to make up the difference in salary at West Ham. His signing has to be one of our worst ever when you factor in what we paid, his performances, the selling fee and the fact that we are having to partly pay him off. Not blaming murtough here it's just further proof of how poorly run we have been and how it's going to take time to clean up the mess.

1.) 10 Aug 2023
10 Aug 2023 07:28:23
At least we are getting a fee.

I doubt we will ever topple the signing of Paul Pogba as our worse ever.

2.) 10 Aug 2023
10 Aug 2023 07:52:00
Totally agree Wazza

Our 3 worst signings are Pogba Sanchez and Maguire closely followed by Di Maria

The money wasted the last 10 years on players wages and agent fees is criminal.

3.) 10 Aug 2023
10 Aug 2023 07:53:16
Worst signing ever is a good discussion, I put forward Di Maria or Sanchez.

Pogba was very good at times, but his form was too inconsistent.

4.) 10 Aug 2023
10 Aug 2023 08:07:03
Tim I'm pretty sure that's how most transfers work. If a player is sold without that player handing in a transfer request then the selling club is breaking the contract so they pay the remaining salary of that contract. Saying that we did vastly overpay for him and his wages were likely way above his worth.

5.) 10 Aug 2023
10 Aug 2023 08:58:27
We’ve had a few stinkers. But based on fees paid pogba and Maguire are right up there as is the snake lol.

6.) 10 Aug 2023
10 Aug 2023 09:07:02
In crude terms of cost vs reward, Sanchez has to be worst signing.

Perfectly captured the flawed recruitment policies during Woodward’s tenure.

7.) 10 Aug 2023
10 Aug 2023 09:15:29
Falcao, Sanchez, Di Maria, Ronaldo. all going backward signings imo.

8.) 10 Aug 2023
10 Aug 2023 09:45:35
I'd say Maguire is right at the top of that list. At least Pogba, Falcao, Di Maria, Sanchez etc were all very good players before joining us. We massively overpaid for a very average centre back who is only suited to having a defensive line on the edge of his own box and midfielders protecting anything in front of him.

Of course it's not his fault he has been asked to play in systems that don't suit him but his individual mistakes across the last 4 years have probably cost us at least 20 goals on there own, never mind goals he is partially responsible for with poor positioning or losing his man.

9.) 10 Aug 2023
10 Aug 2023 10:52:20
Surprised no one has said Martial, paid 36m up front, a further 12m in add ons paid so far, bringing his fee to 48m so far (although the 7.2m add on for winning the Balon d'Or seems unlikely) . He's also been paid 76m and counting in wages.

So all in he has cost us 124m so far, and will potentially cost us a further 13m in wages this season. Meaning if he leaves on a free next summer we will have spent the best part of 140m on him.

So he has to be up there as one of our worst ever signings.

Personally I'd have Pogba as the worst, cost a fortune in transfer fee and wages, caused unrest, had only a handful of good moments but never great for an entire game, missed loads of football due to injuries then left on a free.

Then probably Martial, Maguire, Lukaku and Sanchez would probably round out my top 5.

10.) 10 Aug 2023
10 Aug 2023 11:09:45

Martial was an investment on a young player that for a while looked like a greta signing but has not turned out that way and it happens to many clubs. look at Barcelona and Dembele or Athletico and Felix

I can live with young players not turning out as expected but buying older players whose best days are behind them and giving them a massive wage is backwards thinking imo.

Cas is the exception as he is a top 3 holding/ defensive midfielder imo Rodri is the undisputed best

I did not include Maguire although a very poor investment but you can never accuse the guy not giving a 100 percent and not caring. some of these other guys just looked at us like a bank and doubt they cared much for the club.

Di Maria being the worst and has never hidden his feelings about the club or the city or imo even tried and looked like he angled for a move away from the beginning of his tenure.

Lukaku was not a bust as an investment as we moved him on for little damage or maybe even made money on it, can't recall.

11.) 10 Aug 2023
10 Aug 2023 11:12:25
Sanchez for me. Playing brilliantly for Arsenal at the time yet became a completely different player for us and did absolutely nothing.
Ignoring financial elements and focusing purely on big names who were woeful, Schweinsteiger and Falcao were shockers. Kleberson, Brazilian captain who shouldn't be near a Subbuteo team.

12.) 10 Aug 2023
10 Aug 2023 12:04:10
Sanchez definitely, completely and utterly useless from the day we bought him. I remember him falling to the floor injured and our players ignoring him and carrying on around him.

Pogna had solid spells but became completely uninterested.

Maguire was expensive, but to call him. one of our worst signings is harsh, he has also had very solid spells. Right now, his confidence is shot and he needs a fresh start. Not an amazing player but by no means one of our worst signings.

13.) 10 Aug 2023
10 Aug 2023 16:17:56
I would add Donny to that list as well.

14.) 10 Aug 2023
10 Aug 2023 20:29:06
Di Maria. Everything about it stank to high heaven. Shame because I thought he could have been a great player for us.

15.) 10 Aug 2023
10 Aug 2023 23:37:06
Di Maria
Van de beek

But the winner for me was Taibi, ge was not just bad but he was laughable.

Honourable mention to Djemba Dj0emba, Kleberson and that Bebe fella. Verin was a disaster though i once saw him hit a stunning pass.