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14 Sep 2015 05:49:21
Is anyone else reading the serialization of Gerrard book in the Mail.

He has a total lack of personal responsibility . Benitez didn't like him, Peace dropped him as England Captain cause he had issues, Brenda dropped him cause he had issues, failed attempts attempts at tapping up players.

He really is a miserable character.

What gets me is that this is how he is representing himself.

I am glad he never came to united.

SAF was right. Not a top, top player but clearly a top, top whiner.

Ginja Ninja

1.) 14 Sep 2015 08:55:46
No, hate the guy and wouldn't enjoy reading a thing he has to say, it has always been all about Stevie Me and nothing was ever his fault, I imagine the slip was because of the groundman watering the pitch too much, he was always going to do well at Liverpool with the 'never my fault' attitude, he fit in extremely well.

2.) 14 Sep 2015 09:42:37
Most over hyped player in the premier league. Lampard was a better player.

3.) 14 Sep 2015 10:59:35
Lampard and Gerrard couldn't lace Paul Scholes boots the most under rated player ever to grace a football pitch guy was an absolute genius.

4.) 14 Sep 2015 11:05:04
Mort I said the exact same thing to a friend of mine this morning, one of the most over rated players of our generation.

5.) 14 Sep 2015 12:29:42
This is a joke right? Even as a United fan I can appreciate Gerrard was top class.

6.) 14 Sep 2015 15:09:20

We agree on that one, hate him but he was a brilliant footballer, in his prime he was a joy to watch just a pain in the arse he played for a rival club and as a person I just can't stand him.

I agree Scholes was better but Scholes was better than almost everyone, that doesn't make him a bad player.



04 Nov 2014 05:18:01
Ammunition here for The Beast

Ginja Ninja

1.) Thanks Ginja - doesn't make for pleasant reading when they are all lined up like that. It hasn't even gone into the indecision being witnessed which is my major bug bear.

I'm just hoping Palace get a hammering and it gets us going again, after all they have a dinosaur in charge in Warnock and LVG knows how to out smart those guys for sure, just like he did Arry at QPR.



28 Apr 2013 10:43:44
For all of sir alex ferguson's faults; falling out with great players and shipping them out for poor returns, playing players out of position, over reliance on aging legends, poor modern tactical awareness, employing yes men as number two and not seeing value in the transfer market he is alright at picking up title.

Who would put money on SAF eventually winning three times as many league titles as Sir Matt Busby?

Ginja Ninja

1.) 28 Apr 2013 12:23:06
So basically you don't rate the boss then? The thing is spending 25 years in one job your going to make mistakes. No one is perfect. He's got more right than wrong. Compare his record to some of his contemporaries. Busby would have achieved more but for circumstance. But given the length of time, backing, increased cash flow, and the rebuilding of the academy once that first title was landed fergie was always going to overtake busby.

2.) Yeah, superb. But when he comes against the best European teams, coaches, tactics, what happens?

3.) 28 Apr 2013 19:58:59
Of course I rate the boss.

Article below talks about how phenomenal it is that one man has equalled Arsenals total of 13 league titles.

I will go easy on the irony, it doesn't always fly.



21 Apr 2013 08:23:23
Did nobody see the article in the mail a couple of weeks ago that identified Cleverley as the player with the highest win rate in the premier league EVER.

His win rate is 87%.

I find the bitching and comparisons with Phil Neville rediculous.

It simply cannot be a coincidence that we have won so many games, and that he continues to be picked for united and England.

For me the comparisons with Carrick are correct. They are similar in that they both to about their work in an understated way whilst having a huge impact in the games they play. Carrick is underrated by many because he doesn't stand out, but lauded by a few few because he has always been massively effective.

You can call Cleverley a poor mans Wilshere but where are Arsenal in the league?

People can say what is it that Cleverley is good at, the answer is that be is good at winning games.

I also thinking there is a comparison to be made with scholes, who is celebrated as the greatest midfielder of his generation now but that wasn't the case during his career. Remember him having to play on the left wing for England?

I think that people should look at our win rate, our position in the league and the number of appearances that Cleverley has made this year and recognise that as nothing short of phenomenal for a young English midfielder in what is actually his first proper season on the side.

Ginja Ninja

1.) Lies, damn lies and statistics

The Cleverley that Ginja Ninja describes is not the one I have seen on the pitch. Decent player, passes safe but lacks influence defensively, physically and in goal scoring terms as well. Good squad player but is not at a level that would or should get him in our team as first choice. Would he really get in as first choice in any of the other competing teams to us either in England or Europe?
Give me Wilshire any day
He doesn't compare with Scholes, as the song goes he scores goals and unlike Cleverley can or could pass more than 10 yards. At Cleverleys age he should be more established but isn't. To me the comparison should be to Kagawa yet Kagawa is a far better player and will almost certainly play more than Cleverley.

There is a strong tendency on here to overrate our players and Cleverley is the one getting it at the moment. We should accept he is a decent player but no world beater. It all comes down to ambition, if we want to be in finals in Europe and at home we need top quality and we don't have it at the moment in several areas, sadly Tom isn't the answer.

Red Man

2.) 21 Apr 2013 10:00:15
There seems to be this huge hang up with Cleverley due to his age. He has spent the best part of THREE years out injured since he was 17. that's three years of development he has missed. If he was 20 atm would people be writing him off? Because he is at the same stage as most 20 year olds are in terms of his development.

For gods sake give the lad a chance.

3.) I think Cleverley is a very good player. He will be a very important player for us in a season or two.
With the likes of Kagawa, RVP in the team now, I guess Cleverley would be more effective in the coming seasons.

4.) Comparing cleverley to scholes! Scholes could pass forward, long, short, first touch, score goals. There simply is no comparison. Cleverley passes sideways then holds his arms down requesting the ball to be passed back to him, what is the point of that? He hardly ever picks a killer pass, in fact, I can't remember one this year?
As I said yesterday, will any of city, Chelsea, arsenal or spurs want him in their midfield? There goes your answer. He is an average player and that's that.

5.) Shappy

The lad has every chance, if he is good enough. Whatever is said on here is opinion but doesn't make any difference to team selection. Sorry but I won't be brow beaten into saying he is good enough to be a world beater if I don't think he is or will be one. He is a United player and gets my support but I don't see him playing a major key role in the biggest games.
If we want to be at the top we have to have top players in key positions, midfield being one and Tom is a decent player but not top level.

The age thing is to a point irrelevant but he has not yet displayed the level of talent needed to take charge of our midfield whether he be 23 or 20 His impact is not there nor was it there when he played for other teams on loan. Good decent performances but not ones that make him desirable to other big clubs. It is all about opinions but when we need a defining midfield player most Cleverley is too tired or jaded to be it. How old was Keane when he arrived here? 22, and when did he not play because he was jaded? We need a Keane now not a Cleverley and Tom can't play that role. I appreciate Cleverley for his industry but the quality just isn't there in a sufficient level.

Red Man

6.) 21 Apr 2013 11:28:52
Red Man there's also a massive tendency to under value our players. Look at fletcher, evans etc. I guess it goes back to cows in fields. NoMidfield as someone pointed out yesterday how many of city or chelsea's midfield would get in the real, bayern or barca teams? Not many. Cleverley would certainly get into spurs side. He'd get games at arsenal as he's a type of player they need and he plays well with wilshire. I also rate him higher than barry and milner and rodwell so think he'd have a chance at city. Like it or not he's a united player and will be for several years. He's certainly a handy option for the squad. I think if you want to go and abuse players in the squad then there are bigger targets sat there on bigger wages doing less than cleverley. MrE

7.) Stats says that when mr. Lulu is in the stadium, united win all the games.
So I think if possible we should play him being lucky mascot.

Stats never reveal anything in real. Wake up.





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08 Aug 2019 02:01:34
Is your mate Ed Woodward? :)

Ginja Ninja



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02 Dec 2015 12:53:04
I am now questioning the management of these players. In the last 15 months we had van persie, Falcao, Di Maria, januzaj, Mata, depay, martial, herrera, fellaini, Wilson and Rooney available and none of them have found any form.

That's an entire team of attack minded players, in 15 months.

Rooney was always going to struggle with his conditioning and his Roy of the rovers attitude that sees him all over the pitch except where a forward needs to be is clearly getting worse. But he is only one of 11 players that have failed.

I am coming to the conclusion that lvg is a forward killer. He doesn't seem to know how to coach or motivate them.

Ginja Ninja



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30 Nov 2015 07:36:13
I haven't seen anything from Giggs that would suggest he is a leader let alone a manager.

If you saw the Salford documentary you can't help but be struck by how quiet and slow he us. Giggs I'd a wallflower

Personally of all the explorers the two I have most hope on are G Neville, obviously, and Keane who is achieving great things with Ireland and getting great praise also.

I also think Hughes could do a job at some point, he is doing well with Stoke whilst changing their style fur the better. It's a shame he spent tin at City.

If we get Pep I might even start watching the games again 😁.

Ginja Ninja



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22 May 2015 17:43:36
And there it is, The Beast has finally said something so ridiculous I don't think I will respect any of his posts ever again. "Carrick has been a passenger for 80% of his games for Manchester United." That's a joke yeah?

Ginja Ninja



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06 Apr 2015 07:58:03
A mate of mine, spurs fan, said that whenever Carrick comes on it is like when the teacher joins he losing side at school, everything instantly is better. Can't be any coincidence hat Carrick return has led to our improved form. He will be a hard one to replace.

Ginja Ninja