18 Jul 2023 11:05:56
Finally the Saudis have came to our aid lol telles off to al nassr apparently. Should be done soon, not sure on the fee but if it's £10-15m I'll be happy.

1.) 18 Jul 2023
18 Jul 2023 11:48:26
Doubt if we'll get much of a fee - if any - but will take his wages off the books.

Can't see us being able to move on Bailly though.

And poor Donny VdBeek has had so few opportunities to impress any suiters that be surprised if anyone takes him also, maybe on loan?

2.) 18 Jul 2023
18 Jul 2023 12:04:46
Ajax maybe on loan for Donny and then hopefully they take him back permanent next year. Suits everyone and looking at their squad they could def do with him.

3.) 18 Jul 2023
18 Jul 2023 12:35:26
We need to avoid loans for these players that have been out on loan previously. We end up paying part of the wages and it just kicks the decision down the road with no hope of a better sale price.

4.) 18 Jul 2023
18 Jul 2023 13:29:16
He came with some impressive stats but he was thoroughly ordinary in the Prem. Shame but we've got better options now.

5.) 18 Jul 2023
18 Jul 2023 14:18:24
£10m for Telles would actually yield a small book profit, as would £20m for Fred and £45m for Maguire.

Thus far I think Arnold and Murtaugh are doing a very reasonable job given the mess they were left with by Woodward. We're still not in a position to attract the best of the best, nor do we necessarily have the funds, and you cannot blame them if the acquisition of a player wanted by the manager doesn't turn out well. For example, if Antony fails to mature into an £85m player that will be down to ETH.

6.) 18 Jul 2023
18 Jul 2023 14:49:17

True, you can't blame those two if they buy the players the manager wanted. However, they should have told EtH to abandon plans to sign fdJ a lot earlier on. Then Anthony might have been a cheaper buy.

7.) 18 Jul 2023
18 Jul 2023 15:11:11
All managers sign failures, look at the top 20 transfers of all time, only a 2-3 arguably have been successfully in why they were bought.

8.) 18 Jul 2023
18 Jul 2023 16:01:29
Shaw - On what basis are Arnold and Murtough doing a decent job?! Where’s the evidence?!

We shifted two players last summer for modest fees namely Pereria and Garner.

As we near the end of July we still haven’t sold anyone yet. It’s likely the acquisition of any more players above Mount and Onana will have to be funded by player sales!

We still don’t have a CF, with Martial injured and Weghorst departed we are actually weaker than last season. Let that sink in for a moment and now consider how ineffective Weghorst actually was and we are now actually weaker as it stands.

We are playing catch up, it’s inconceivable to me that we fly away on tour without a CF and even if one does eventually arrive it’s likely to be a young, unproven prospect and the season may have already started. Is it fair to expect a young, inexperienced player to carry the goal scoring burden for one of the biggest Clubs in the world? Even if someone like Hojlund does arrive I don’t expect him to be first choice which probably means Rashford will start the season as our CF.

We can’t move for a new CDM or CB until players are sold meaning possible targets could move to other Clubs in the meantime.

I don’t think they are doing a good job. There is still evidence of instability and indecision. Negotiations are still painfully slow and whilst some players have been linked with moves away until they are eventually sold for reasonable fees I think it’s right that the spotlight and pressure is kept on Murtough and Arnold.

Arsenal finished above us last season, they’ve just signed Havertz, Timber and Rice, three first choice players that improve their starting 11 and in time for their pre season tour. Of course there are no guarantees, buts that’s evidence of ambition and a Club wanting to push forward and challenge rather than resting of their laurels and patting themselves on the back which I think is happening at Old Trafford.

Mount and Onana we’re relatively easy deals to complete. Both players wanted to move, both Clubs were willing sellers and let’s not pretend we got them on the cheap. We payed market value for both at best.

We are playing catch up and if we want to finish higher than 3rd Mount and Onana is not enough. Both are deals I would expect the Club to be able to complete without fuss or fanfare.

9.) 18 Jul 2023
18 Jul 2023 16:59:57
I personally think that we Arnold and Murtagh are doing a good job, could they do better of course however you have to base their perfomances in line with the constraints that the club are under. FFP limiting our spend and the Glazers selling the club.
On that basis I think the players we are looking at are right, they are who EtH has identified as first choice AM/ GK so are doing exactly what Arsenal are.
On the selling of players, I am pretty sure we are attempting to do this however you have to have willing buyers. Other than the Saudi league who are looking at primarily specific player types for the model we are not getting takers at the levels we hope for. We could argue that this is the effects of previous decisions on players/ wages etc.
Lets judge the club and Arnold/ Murtagh at the end of the window as there are more deals to be done and we could all look silly by not being patient.

10.) 18 Jul 2023
18 Jul 2023 18:23:49
Havertz is rubbish, timber is yet to play in the pl. Can't run the rule over their signings just yet.

11.) 18 Jul 2023
18 Jul 2023 19:11:34
DLIB such a positive outlook. Looks like two signings already secured no matter how easy you think they were and already talking with other clubs regarding strikers. Surely that’s positive news especially when you look at previous windows. Also what’s with the Arsenal comparisons they were 3 years into a project with arteta while it was ETH 1st year and they only finished 9pts above us. I think it’s safe to assume we are in good hands with ETH. With a sale and the glazers out I would be even more positive.

12.) 18 Jul 2023
18 Jul 2023 19:41:51

We have mount in the door, and onana coming in imminently. If reports are to be believed (ornstein and Romano) we have agreed terms with Hojland and are working on the final deal with Atalanta. It’s not fifa or football manager, multi million deals take time and we have ffp to negotiate.

On the outs, Henderson will go very soon, elanga in talks to leave, Fred the same and telles is going for £10m. Maguire could yet leave.

By all accounts this is one of our better starts to a window and murtough as DOF is doing a decent job.

13.) 18 Jul 2023
18 Jul 2023 19:45:18
Tough job for them both seen as Woodward done such a terrible job with signings. I think clubs loved when woodward came into negotiations because they would hold us over a barrel and get more than they actually wanted. Mount and onana in before the tour, both quality signings. Seems like they are backing the manager which is refreshing, no 3rd or 4th choice signings. I think they know if a takeover happens their jobs are on the line and they are trying to keep them. If they sell telles for 15 million proves they are doing a good job.

14.) 18 Jul 2023
18 Jul 2023 21:44:13
DLIB. Give them a break. They tried to get ETH's main man. That failed. They brought in a damn good alternative.

Getting rid of overpaid and injured players, who are not EPL quality, is incredibly difficult. They have contracts, and you can't just cancel them without paying them up. No one has been knocking on the door to take the likes of Bailly (£4m+), Telles (£5m-), DVDB (£6m+) or Martial (£13m) off our hands.

You're just not dealing with reality. Only when all of the bad contracts have been worked through can you blame the current management. And the fact that we don't have enough money for transfers, and/ or we're up against FFP regs is again not as a result of their activities.

15.) 18 Jul 2023
18 Jul 2023 22:19:14
£5m all in we got for telles…better than nothing I suppose and clears the wage bill a bit.

16.) 19 Jul 2023
19 Jul 2023 00:34:56
The jury is completely out on Murtagh. What he did was sign Martinez and was that Ten Hag or him oushing, all the noise and the experts on here wamted Timber and slated the signing of the midget as he was called.

The other signing was Casemiro, whom was never mentioned until RM needed to shift him, they had Valerde, Tchoumani and Camavinga as you gsters witg Krros and Modric there too. They got 70 million and massive wages off their bill.

Malacios is just potential and he wasnz their choice he was li ked with Ajac under ETG. Antony looks like an overpayment for ETH guy.

The realit is last season they hit on ETH guy, we dunno on ETH guy.

17.) 19 Jul 2023
19 Jul 2023 02:00:24
I imagine the only one that will be in our starting 11 against Liverpool will be Rice. We do now at least have better cover for CB/ AM than holding/ vieira.

Mount/ Onana is hardly bad business, that's two starters and a clear improvement on last years first 11. But, considering all the money that you have wasted in the post fergie era, not least the 85m spent on the Brazillian Pepe, I am quite surprised you haven't just offered Levy whatever he wants for Kane.

18.) 19 Jul 2023
19 Jul 2023 02:09:31
Long time follower first time poster, anyway I find it somewhat worrying that most of the talk you hear is bringing in Mount a goalkeeper and potentially a defender of course we need to strengthen those areas but it was largely our defence that got us 3rd last season we just didn't score goals we desperately need a striker above anything else and yet as I've said everything but that is being addressed so far and the transfer spend must be depleted so unless we offload some deadwood I fear for what's to come as much as we need to strengthen across the pitch I feel like throwing big money at an elite level striker was the play and is that possible now or do we end up with a sub par signing or a youngster who wouldn't be that cheap and is not guaranteed to be what we need right now hopefully my fears will turn out to be just that, time will tell!

19.) 19 Jul 2023
19 Jul 2023 04:19:17
£4 million fixed fee for Telles plus some add ons. He’s getting paid €7 million net per year………….

20.) 19 Jul 2023
19 Jul 2023 06:24:29
A month before season starts two big additions to our first 11 done, with plenty of time to add more! There seems to be a plan . I won’t criticise murtough I think in circumstances he’s doing ok .

21.) 19 Jul 2023
19 Jul 2023 06:35:56
Oakbark, so the jury is out because he delivered the managers targets….? Weird stick to beat him with ?.

22.) 19 Jul 2023
19 Jul 2023 08:13:06
I am having problems with my phone and sent again early due to dodgy touchecreen aided by clumsy fingers.

Martinez good.

Antony not overly impressed with and overpaid

Casemiro, good player but paid heavily and i feel may long term be a mistake in that by the time United are ready to challenge he may well be an over the hill overpaid burden holding us back. Not sure i agree this was a good choice given where we were. Would have been better to have been looking and signing the next Casemiro.

Malacias will wait and see.

Overall i don't feel that there is any real long term planning about these signings, hence why for me the jury is still out on Murtagh. I don't mind this taking a few years, i don't mind if its a slow rebuild as long as there is a vision and we stick to that vision. Hopefully he proves himself, i have nothing personal against him but he also has nothing on his CV that tells me he has done this before and was ready for United.

He will be judged again this summer and more importantly over the course of the season as the moves pan out. I hope that we are on here singing his praises because that means things are going well. I hope Cas doedmt decline and is here for 5 years earning his money and delivering, i hope Antony develops amd justifies his fee and Malacias kicks on and is a star for a decade. And if they do then i will say what a good job Murtagh has done and that's why he is doing the job and us fans arent!

23.) 19 Jul 2023
19 Jul 2023 08:30:55
If they can offload Martial, for anything £10m+, they’ll have done an amazing job in my view. Such a talented player, wasted by a lazy attitude- always appears to just do enough (at best) and nothing more. Good finisher, just does not put himself on the mix. Injuries are largely unfortunate- I’m sure he’s not choosing to be hurt every week.

We still need x2 forward options bringing in (one May or may not be Greenwood), as well as another defensive midfielder. Plenty of work still to do in my opinion.

24.) 19 Jul 2023
19 Jul 2023 08:37:33
You can't just look at it that way Oakbark.

Maybe Cassemiro will start his decline by the time we are ready to challenge, but if we didn't have him for the last season, we probably wouldn't be in the CL, which would then mean we need more seasons to be ready to challenge.

We can't just throw away seasons in CL, even though we can't win league title yet.

25.) 19 Jul 2023
19 Jul 2023 09:32:36
Above all the moves we have made the decisio to bring in EtH as manager was the best, there were a number of options and EtH had other options so to secure him was the best move for the future.

Oakbark, I think for the first time in a long while there is long term planning behind the signings.
Last season we wanted a strong CM who would dictate the team, EtH wanted FDJ which never materialised so we switched to Casimero who we can all agree was brilliant last season. We wanted a CD which we initially looked at Timber before switching to Martinez who again was brilliant last season.
We needed a RW and Antony was EtH number 1 target, he had a good not great season with plenty to work on. He will kick on this season and be more comfortable with the team style as well as the PL.
Malacia brought in as someone to challenge Shaw and for a youngster had some good and bad games, however the impact on levels of Shaw with a challenger behind him was huge.
All of these have long term planning top fit in with what EtH wants.
Similarly this year so far, Mount/ Onana/ Hojlund are all players that fit what EtH wants to do and have the ability to be long term answers over the next 5 years.
Still lots to do, lots we can get better at. But I don't get the negativity around where we are at the minute just because some other teams have done some business ahead of us.

26.) 19 Jul 2023
19 Jul 2023 09:49:09
United need clearer pathways for youngsters and long term planning:

Ie have they planned to have Alvarez become deputy to Shaw then eventually supersede him?

Planned for Mainoo or Gore to take over Casameiro?

Not sure if they are doing long term planning, though succession if managers with different wish-lists hadn’t helped.

Maybe ETH can finally do some long term succession and planning.