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13 May 2018 14:16:43
Whats all this about Martial . with the squad at 12,00 today, then drove off apparently . not in squad at all now. Toys out the pram? genuine reason for leaving? interesting.

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13 May 2018 14:41:06
He is injured.

13 May 2018 14:43:24
MUTV saying it's an injury.

13 May 2018 15:55:12
Carricks last game, last game of the season and he is not in the stands, not going to be on the pitch with the others at the end of the season? Cannot see it as an injury myself.

13 May 2018 16:31:59
If he's thrown a strop he can go. Sick of time wasters and bottle jobs.

13 May 2018 17:04:23
Wasn't pictured at training Friday didn't arrive with the squad today .
Or so it was reported.

13 May 2018 18:05:09
Rumours his missus went into labour.

13 May 2018 18:18:29
If he was injured he’s at his own stadium, doubt it was that urgent he couldn’t be with the squad.

13 May 2018 19:26:43
I m making a wild guess that Jose want Justine Klubeirt and so he is driving Martial Out. he is making sure things stay in a way that he surely leaves.
Now I m not saying what type of decision it could be.
But just a guess.

14 May 2018 13:56:18
Is that Justin's sister?

14 May 2018 17:51:38
GDS, it's the name he goes by every other Saturday night in that club you love in Amsterdam. Lol.

14 May 2018 18:19:01
He’s not good enough to acting like a diva. bring in Bale and flog him if he’s playing up.

I’d love to see him work out, but under Jose it’s just not going to happen for him and not sure he has the fight to play for us. Shame.

15 May 2018 23:59:44
Martial needs to move on for the benefit of his career. Another expensive Depay. Loads of hype. Again don't think he a talented as people make him out. I see a guy that's pretty inconsistent.

13 May 2018 09:35:37
Alex Sandro rumours gathering pace.

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13 May 2018 09:45:54
Manchester United have advanced their pursuit of Alex Sandro. The left back has pushed Juventus to agree a deal, with the transfer expected to be finalised at the end of the season. (source: Times) #MUFC

That time of the season, its the hope that kills us lol, please let it be true!

13 May 2018 09:57:39
Seems to be the favourite for that left back buy but will cost an absolute packet and never really stood out whenever I've watched him this season.

{Ed004's Note - He can only be an upgrade on what we currently have. If Jose isn't going to give Shaw a chance atleast we will have someone who can offer genuine width playing there next season}

13 May 2018 10:23:35
He’s a fantastic player I would be delighted if we signed him. Hasn’t had the best of seasons this season but he would improve us massively. Allegri has even played him left midfield at times which shows his attacking capabilities. I prefer him over Rose as rose’s injury record is poor. I would love to keep hold of shaw and have him as second choice but I cannot see that happening unfortunately. Add a rb, 2 cms and a rw and we will be good to go next year.

{Ed004's Note - If Shaw got himself into tip top fitness during the summer him and Sandro would be phenomenal options on the left side.}

13 May 2018 10:43:55
There are no best options available for me than Sandro, I will be happy with him if the deal can be agreed. Faouzi Ghoulam another candidate but has been out injured, so like Rose would be risk.

13 May 2018 10:34:48
Fully agree on the upgrade Ed, which is much needed. And, being a jose signing, he'd at least be assured of a decent run in the team, unlike a few he has inherited!

{Ed004's Note - Exactly a left side of Sandro, Pogba and Sanchez would be incredible. We would just need to sort the right hand side out next}

13 May 2018 10:39:28
ED004 that’s a big IF. Shaw has had his chance. He clearly doesn’t look after himself. He’s a professional footballer. There’s no excuse. He just hasn’t applied himself and only has himself to blame.

{Ed004's Note - That's why I've no sympathy for him currently. He should be easily our first choice left back but he isn't even in shape}

13 May 2018 11:52:21
I saw recently a lot of Spurs fans saying they would be happy to cash in on Rose as he has been poor since his injury- don't know if that's true as I haven't seen him play recently.

I think although we spend money like its going out of fashion Shaw would have to be sold if a 50 mil left back comes in as the money pit isn't bottomless.

Would love to see a back 4 written in stone again as it was years back each back 4 player getting at least 40 games, no better way to build an understanding in a defensive unit.

13 May 2018 11:06:56
Agree ed options of Sandro and shaw would be up there with the best in the league. I know young has done well at times but I really do not want to be seeing him play next season. There are plenty of games in the season to give enough game time to Sandro and shaw. Jose needs to rotate better next season as he has run several players into the ground by not rotating and then rotated certain players far too often meaning there has been no consistency. Kenedy I’m a massive fan of Ghoulam he was playing brilliantly before the ACL injury. Shame injuries have been a problem for him.

{Ed004's Note - I was a massive fan of Ghoulam as well but I wouldn't go near him with the injuries he has suffered. I think we could actually be fine not going for a right back this season but only if we sign a right sided player who can keep the width because Valencia can't anymore (assuming Shaw stays - Valencia and Young would compete on the right side)}

13 May 2018 13:33:20
Went keep shaw 110k plus a wewk and he doesn't play. Mitchell and young represent upgrades on shaw.

13 May 2018 13:38:19
There's more chance of Harry an Meghan lasting than Shaw getting and staying in shape.

13 May 2018 13:49:04
I’d give cash + Martial for Sandro and Dybala. if I was playing championship manager that’s is 😂😂 back in the real world that’s unlikely to happen.

14 May 2018 18:21:06
Would prefer Rose. English, from the north and a class player (when fit) . Him and Young or Shaw rotating is a good call.

15 May 2018 12:00:07
Would be a lot of cash + Martial then :D Since both of them players will cost a lot more than what Martial will.

12 May 2018 14:35:34
There are rumors that rui faria is leaving, Eds, other posters anyone hear anything about this?

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12 May 2018 16:57:47
Posted something similar CSM. Very interesting news and potentially the shake up that Jose's back room staff needs. Apparently its not carrick taking the no. 2 role but that he will just be part of the back room staff. There was murmurs that Faria was linked to the Arsenal job but he does not seem to be on their shortlist. I think Jose needs someone to come in and bring some fresh ideas and a new approach to this team. Quite exciting if this is true.

12 May 2018 18:20:15
How about klopps number 2 if he is indeed leaving Liverpool.

12 May 2018 18:24:08
Official on the website (utd website)

{Ed004's Note - Rumours are that the U18 coach McKenna will become assistant manager}

12 May 2018 18:47:53
Its all official and all seems very amicable- he is ready for a new challenge as his own man somewhere.

I think one of the pundits hit it on the head a few weeks ago, Jose is in a time warp, what worked for him 10 years ago doesn't work now .

SAF always bought in new coaches, kept it fresh, I really hope a new man comes in not just a yes man bit someone with ideas who wants to play attacking, attractive football with wingers, attacking full backs who doesn't think a 1-0 lead at home with 20 mins to go is time to shut up shop.

12 May 2018 18:57:11
Ed004, I have watched U18 2/ 3 times, they are playing good football. I think he would be good appointment.

{Ed004's Note - That's very good to read. Hopefully that is the case next season. Hoping we push 10 yards further forward and play a more attacking style of football}

12 May 2018 19:31:18
McKenna would be a very good appointment Ed004, knows the club well, excellent job this season in the u18's, play very good football at times, supposedly did a good job at Spurs aswell. Hopefully we might see Gomes and Chong get some playing time next season (good enough=old enough lol)

{Ed004's Note - Id settle for more attacking football and more entertainment}

12 May 2018 19:57:18
Lets hope a stronger defence helps us play more attacking next season🤞🏻.

12 May 2018 22:15:06
McKenna according to rumours with Carrick as number 3.

12 May 2018 22:51:14
Do you think a different number 2 will have any input into changing Mourinhos style after all this time. Especially someone who he has not known for long, I am not sure i see mourinho taking tactical input from anyone let alone someone who relatively barely knows.

13 May 2018 08:42:11
Anyone know who's going to be number 4?

13 May 2018 11:11:40
MancMan. I heard Fellaini.

14 May 2018 10:12:44
"Speaking after the win over Watford, Mourinho said he would not have an assistant next season as "nobody in the world of football is ready".

"I think it will be Michael Carrick in future, when he has his badges, " he said. "When he has his pro licence, when he makes the bridge from player to assistant.

"I got to Michael in the last part of his career and it was enough to fall in love with the player and person. ""

Hope this isn't true, a Mourinho dictatorship is the last thing we need.

15 May 2018 03:20:01
I for 1 am hopeful that Carrick grows into this job. By all accounts the players look up to him, respect him as a leader (as they should) . He understands this team, understands the players, understands and loves United. He has a lot of potential. We just need to see if he has the appetite and aptitude now. I really hope so.

11 May 2018 18:49:23
Fellaini taken house off market. New contract in sight?

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11 May 2018 19:04:15
Him resigning represents all that is wrong with the club at the moment and suggests how we will look to set up in the future. He is not good enough for us even as a plan B. I really really hope we never see him in a united shirt again.

11 May 2018 19:30:49
Another dire performance . When will people realise, we are not the team we once were. Under performing players and a manager living on past glory's.

11 May 2018 23:26:56
I still can't believe he started the Sevilla game after a 3 month injury, f**k my life.

12 May 2018 11:14:27
Perfectly put scholes. A real Jose special that was.

12 May 2018 12:46:35
If that's really true, I will stop watching games where he is picked in the team. and if we do not go with good summer. I will rather watch city for footballing reasons.

12 May 2018 14:31:19
Seriously. One of the Red Devil. Probably worst comment I’ve ever seen on this site. Ed002 I tip my hat. You were right. Toxic.

12 May 2018 16:58:50
Agree Timbo. Ed002 was right so many toxic fans. We deserve what we are getting when there are comments like that.

12 May 2018 17:52:12
It’s pathetic. If you take a step back and really think about it. If you don’t buy me the toys I want I’ll stop coming. I think he’s got attachment problems.

12 May 2018 19:26:23
Agree timbo. A much as I dislike fellaini as a player when he plays I only ever want to see him do well. Jose likes him. I can't see the attraction myself but that's life.

13 May 2018 09:32:20
What a statement, you my friend, are not One of the Red Devil’s when you come out with nonsense like that.
Imagine an Arsenal fan saying ‘if Xhaka plays again I’ll start watching Spurs’. Go follow City or whoever is winning the league if that’s your level of support United.

15 May 2018 03:23:59
One of the Red Devils - it sounds like you’re a closet city fan anyway if you’re prepared to make a statement like that. thanks for coming, we’ll persevere without your questionable ‘support’.

09 May 2018 22:25:39
Thoughts on Mertens to United this summer. Would you take him?

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10 May 2018 08:28:58
Not too sure how true it is, but I believe he has a relatively low release clause of around £20-25 million.

Without getting into release clauses etc. If he were available for a fee of this amount he may be worth a punt.

10 May 2018 15:23:49
Agree necks for that price why not. But he is 29 hitting 30 so wouldn’t be he cleverest move. Especially if we are moving for Willian. Would much prefer to try keep martial and play rashford centrally more by rotating him with Lukaku. Otherwise I would love to see us go for Justin kluivert looks very talented.

10 May 2018 15:57:41
Out of rashford and martial I'd rather martial play centrally.

10 May 2018 17:39:01
He is a good player but he is too old. We need to build like City and like Utd of old younger players please.

10 May 2018 23:41:10
Good shout Park, Kluivert does look a great talent.

10 May 2018 23:48:56
Kluivert off to roma reports in holland are saying.

11 May 2018 17:12:08
Players of youth under Mourinho. Isn't going to happen. Mourinho wants players ready to go or the finish article not the next big thing.

07 May 2018 17:26:50
As a treat Ed002 could you tell us if the rumours that we have agreed a deal for Sergej Milinkovic Savic are true or not or that we are close ie. in talks? Much appreciated!

{Ed001's Note - no need to bother him, it is not true. Interest is there but no deal as of yet.}

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07 May 2018 17:53:11
Ok cheers Ed 👍.

08 May 2018 03:12:41
Ufff hope Milinkovic-Savic sign for us not for them!

07 May 2018 14:23:24
Any chance we could get a 'special treat' aswell Ed002 lol?

{Ed002's Note - Plant your radishes early this year.}

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07 May 2018 16:21:32
Should have expected that lol, may i say 'any chance of a sharkopod soon Ed? '

{Ed002's Note - I would doubt it right now.}

07 May 2018 16:50:55
No problem, thanks ed.

09 May 2018 21:45:03
what a diva.

06 May 2018 10:46:05
Seen Jose on Motd more or less write off rashford and martial? Can't believe he doesn't like them. Think they may be another couple of players who come back to bite him on the ass. I'd be happy with either of them signing for us.

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06 May 2018 12:03:57
don't think he is writing them off just pushing for a response. They were both shocking against Brighton but that comes with inexperience and youth. Both need to be more consistent but I am sure that will come with time and experience. I am a fan of both but there comes a point where players have to take responsibility for their own career. Cannot be blaming the manager all the time. I expect rashford to stay but not sure about martial. Martial used to be one of my favourite players but that way he struts around the pitch is infuriating. If he leaves now I will not be as opposed to it than i was at the beginning of the season. Manager's tactics are to blame somewhat. But some of our players are not as good as we think, nor do they have the right mentality. Mentality is so important.

06 May 2018 15:31:07
Park his push as you call it seems to be his default response to every loss. How long before players start pushing back?

06 May 2018 15:34:23
When was the last time either of those players had a good game? So i really don't care if either of them or half the team that lost to Brighton are pushed out.

06 May 2018 15:39:00
UA either you don't watch us play or have lost your memory, just go watch the Arsenal game that happened last week and see how martial performed.

06 May 2018 15:39:21
CSM I appreciate what you mean and I agree Jose seems to be doing it a lot. As I have said, both are to blame but if you look at these poor losses there is similarity that we have been out fought and our desires by the opposition. I’m sorry but that is down to the players. To not put in the effort or desire is unacceptable for me. Not being able to pass the ball 5 yards is down to the players not the manager. Whilst I don’t think we will win the league under Jose, I would back him for his final year and then look for the next manager. I’m not his biggest supporter but there are a lot of players that I have lost patience with and it’s time to be ruthless and show them the door. You have to either back the manager fully or get rid of him. Whether I believe it’s the right decision or not, clearly the board are going to back Jose and if so then they have to buy and sell who he wants. It’s a nice change from the board not really fully backing Moyes or lvg before, and rightly so may I add. The players cannot have too much power otherwise we will end up like Chelsea. To reiterate, I don’t condone Jose digging out his players but Friday was a situation where they fully deserved the criticism they received from him. Some of the players need a rocket up the arse and to stop being snow flakes. Just the way I see it but I can see where you are coming from mate.

06 May 2018 15:55:14
I disagree park, our consistency for me is a mourinho problem. If you look at our general style of play you will find we have no real distinct style. Mourinho football depends mostly on determination and hardwork far more than klopp's or guardiola's who are more tactical especially in offense.

The problem with this style is with no motivation workrate normally goes down that is as true of footballers as it is of any other field and right now we have nothing to play for in the league.

I agree at times players need to be criticized but why consistently do it Infront of media, how many times did fergie is his entire career single out players Infront of media and how many times has mourinho done it this season just compare. Especially when there is no reason to do it given there is nothing to gain from it given the number of matches remaining.

06 May 2018 16:04:14
I just hope some of the cardboard cut outs masquerading as Manchester United footballers are watching the City celebrations and feeling that tad little bit better about themselves. Love Utd, dislike this team.

06 May 2018 16:35:10
Fair enough CSM I get your point. Style of play is a problem for me. As are tactics. But for me there are too many average players in this squad in crucial areas. We are not controlling the midfield and our wing back play is atrocious. Defence is a problem with bailly injured and not sure why lindelof isn’t given a run of games. Jose is at fault there. But my opinion is Jose couldn’t have done a huge amount more with this team if they are not putting the effort in. Yes his job to motivate but once they step over that white line it’s their job to execute the plan. You cannot tell me that it’s jose’s Fault if they cannot pass five yards or make runs beyond the last man. Manager deserves criticism when he needs to improve. But the players should not be immune to criticism from the manager. I’m sick of the attitude of some of these players and I back the manager to stick it to them because the majority are a bunch of overpaid idiots. It’s the press narrative attack Jose when he criticises his players. He was very entitled to do so on Friday.

06 May 2018 17:39:18
I didn't notice Mata in that Brighton game - he always gets a pass because he is such a nice bloke. However as he is experienced I'd expect him to be doing more in games like that, but the easy option is to attack Rashford and Martial (who deserve a slating), but it's always the easy option with this manager and some fans.

Sanchez has been just as bad as those two for several games on the spin as well. He deservedly got hammered for it, but the problem is deeper than players not performing when given a chance.

What has Mata done this season? Fellaini was absolutely horrendous and Pogba yet again did next to nothing. All meant to be reliable, experienced, etc, much more so than the two real youngsters.

06 May 2018 17:40:16
Sorry CSM, but i disagree. I get from your posts that you would be celebrating the day Jose walks out the door at Old Trafford but do you think the players what they should be doing? Do they deserve to don the shirt of United? Bar may be 3 or let's say 5 players out of the entire squad would you keep them if you were incharge? They are under performing. While it may be down to the manager on the style of play ( which we all knew when Jose was signed) the level of performances, the adrenaline and the motivation has to be the players. They are not doing enough to deserve to be at OT. Till the day manager is here, we back him and not the players lest we end up like Chelsea.

06 May 2018 18:10:56
UA now you are shifting goalposts given your when did they last play well point turned out to be incorrect.

Against City 2nd half, against Chelsea against Tottenham in semis, these players have shown that they can perform, can mourinho get them doing it consistently is the question.

Mourinho moans about rashford and martial not being good enough strikers which is why we lost to Brighton. Why then did we lose to westbrom lukaku played that one not those 2, why did it take until stoppage time to beat Arsenal's B team, again neither of the 2 started that one either.

He talks about our poor defense with his fanboys complaining about Jones and Smalling not being good enough, last I checked he signed 2 cb's neither of whom he has picked do Smalling and Jones force him to pick them?

He talks about utd not being a good enough team, guess what, a team with lorius karius, Jordan Henderson, Gini wijnaldum, Dejan lovren and James milner is in the Champions league final, so the poor team holding back mourinho excuse doesn't work either.

Mourinho has spent 300mn can't play decent football and is not winning us the league or CL. He is a man whose tactics are outdated and his motivation skills seem to have evaporated. You talk about players not being good enough but a manager must improve what he has atleast or are now supposed to buy 11 ready made players for him. Fergie excelled at getting the best out of average players, mourinho has managed to do the opposite. Pogba has regressed, same with rashford, name me one player who you can say mourinho has improved.

There are players who need to sold but when manager benches his own 70mn cb's for Jones and Smalling and can't get performances out of his 90mn mf and a fw who earns 500k a week it isn't the players who are at fault.

06 May 2018 18:31:54
We will have to agree to disagree on this. For me its the players who need to kick the ball on the field so they should be responsible, for you its simply Jose's fault if it rains in Manchester.

06 May 2018 18:59:22
Good points beast I agree the experienced players have not been consistent enough and that’s been a problem.

CSM things don’t have to be black or white. They can, and often are grey. Our fanbase is so split with people who are Jose F. C. and those who are anti-Jose/ martial F. C. not saying you are just saying that things aren’t really bad neither are they really good. Sacking Jose won’t exactly make things all hunky dory. Likewise he should be criticised for his tactics or style of play. What I’m saying is that you clearly dislike him and that’s your prerogative to. But you cannot solely blame him for the issues and criticise him when he sticks the boot into the players. Fergie did it and other managers do as well. But because it is Jose and you dislike him it’s coming across as a bit of an agenda. For me the players are the ones that need to shoulder the blame in the recents defeats against Brighton and West Brom. And Jose criticising them was completely valid. There are a lot of players who have been coasting too long and if he cannot dig them out then who can? Cannot always put an arm around them and hope they work. Wenger has been doing it for years and look where he has ended up. Appreciate Jose does deflect and not take responsibility against Sevilla for example. But the players deserved it after Brighton. I expect a response against West Ham.

06 May 2018 19:36:27
Sorry for late post but i can see where jose is coming from, after fridays performance i can see why jose doesn’t trust either, both either tried too hard or aren’t mature enough because both ran down blind alleys and failed with the final pass, both have potential but soon or later potential but sooner or later they have to start delivering consistently, i rate both highly but the prem is unforgiving and we can only accept it for so long, Lukaku touch is like he’s trapping a bag of cement ( cheers Brian clough) but he delivers consistently.

06 May 2018 21:09:25
I think the whole do you blame players or the manager thing needs consistency if you feel it's not the managers fault when players performance or attitude are poor as he's not out on the pitch and can't be held accountable when they cross the line that's fine but why praise him when performance and attitude is good when you feel it was nothing to do with him when it wasn't.
To me the buck stops with the manager good or bad . I don't like the way he has us playing most of the time but we are second and in a cup final and as I say buck stops with the manager so to me that's worthy of another chance to make a title challenge . I may like others suspect we are as likely to slip back as keep going forward but that hasn't happened yet . If we do well next year IL praise the manager if we don't IL hold him accountable what I won't do is say he's great when we win but it's the players fault when we lose and nothing to do with him .

07 May 2018 06:03:29
Park the reason I want mourinho gone isn't because I dislike him, I was very happy when we signed him, you can check my posts of the time if you want but 2 years down the line I don't think he has it in him to do this job.

The reason i want him gone is because he will have his eventual meltdown in future and we will fall of a cliff just like Chelsea did, the new manager then will not only have to pickup the pieces but also hit the ground running due to the adidas clause, we could avoid that if we replace Mourinho now and give the new manager a bedding in season given our situation right now.

I agree changing managers won't suddenly turn things around but it will improve us over atleast medium term, as klopp is showing us a good manager gets his team playing well and getting results mourinho doesn't inspire the same confidence for me.

About his man management, again I don't care if he criticizes the players, do you think fergie would not be bringing his hairdryer out after a loss. The problem is constant humiliation of the players in media, history shows it doesn't end well for mourinho yet he is still doing it and we will see a Chelsea repeat because of his own antics.

Shaw plays well, mourinho is the brain and shaw is just the body. Shaw plays badly he is rubbish. Rashford plays well, he is great and mourinho is greater because he has given him minutes to play, rash plays badly, that is the reason he never starts ahead of lukaku. So for everything good mourinho wants credit for everything bad mourinho says he isn't at fault, how long before players say enough?

About players as I said some need to be replaced but it is a decent team. His 500k man has had a grand total of 2 good games excluding his debut against the lower league team, his 90mn signing blows hot and cold and his agent tried to engineer a move away from utd in Jan given mourinho's treatment of him. Our 2 young forwards have not improved under mourinho in 2 years, mourinho plays turgid football that has us playing 11 behind the ball yet ddg routinely needs to make world class saves to keep us from losing. That isn't good enough and when most of your team is underperforming and inconsistent it isn't practical to replace 10 players rather we need to replace the man at the helm for me.

He has done some good things, his signings if managed properly will be big successes for us, the Europa league, League cup and hopefully fa cup are great additions to our trophy cabinet but is he going to win the league, I don't think so. Is he going to win the CL again highly unlikely and for the money he has spent and wants to spend it isn't a good enough return.

07 May 2018 06:39:30
For those that blame the players, what is your stance on Moyes and LvG? We have a better squad now than we had under either of them. So were they unfairly dismissed as it was really just the players fault?

07 May 2018 09:56:00
Can anyone imagine what would happen to a player who completely disregarded Jose's orders? So how can he say they are the masters of complication after a recent game. If they were doing their own thing they would have been attacking. It takes us 10-15 passes just to get out of our half, when other teams go from defence to attack in 3 or 4! Jose is outdated and all he has improved is our results. Our football stinks. I don't get any joy from watching us any more. I must be getting like Jose as I have enjoyed the big wins only as results, not from our play. Pep, Poch and Klopp have found a way to excite and get results, why can't Jose?

06 May 2018 00:51:10
Apparently we have a greed an 80mil deal for malinkovic savic according to the sun and the metro! Probably bullpoo, but I'd be happy if it was the case. Can any of the eds shine any light on this?

{Ed001's Note - nope, no deals agreed yet that I am aware of.}

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06 May 2018 08:41:18
Savic will be a brilliant signing. But I reckon Lazio would prefer to create a bidding war and sell him after the World Cup.

06 May 2018 11:00:12
Saw similar reports 12days. Looks a cracking player and really hope it’s true. Seems perfect for the premier league and a mourinho type player. I would expect him to go for no less than £100m even if that is extortionate money. Hope we sign him up as he is a beast.

06 May 2018 12:47:38
In many ways, I hope Jose sells a Pogba and replaces him with SMS. To some degree - although there are many other factors to consider - I think the Pogba conundrum has become a microcosm for the main issues surrounding the club - and at the heart of many comments on here.

Firstly, he clearly has the potential but is too inconsistent. Whether this is because of his relationship with a manager who can’t get through to him, or he’s just not willing to take advice from the coaches, who knows. This is reflected in our sense of teamwork - he’s not the only one who seems more interested in Hollywood balls than simple passes tgT benefit the team.

Thus, secondly, a lack of teamwork, togetgernss and possibly underlined by the lack of leadership on the pitch - would Vidic or Keane put up with such an inconsistent/ frustrating player?

Thirdly, the pungent waft of money that brought him, and his agent, to the club. Add this to his social media presence and you can understand why giving everything for the club, regardless of rewards, might not be his top priority. Haircuts over hatricks? United paid way too much for him - and other players no doubt - in some sort of effort for a quick fix to appease the fans who are desperate to return to successful ways. Is he, and others, really worth the huge wages - and do they do enough to deserve them?

Thus, even though I’m probably ill-informed and tactically naive, get in SMS, who seems less reliant on systems or others around him to replace Pogba. Add a good DM (ideally Jorginho but Fred seems like a decent option - not Seri, as he’s allergic to cold weather or something) with Herrera and a couple of full backs, and we should be a decent proposition next season.

06 May 2018 13:33:57
Jorgino and Fred are completely contrasting players. I see Fred as more of a creative attacking mid?

06 May 2018 13:46:48
Surpise Surprise. The agent of SMS already says its nonsense no agreement with anyone.

06 May 2018 15:47:12
I think there no agreement for now, and agent won't come out and say therez at the moment.

We have been told would be the first choice CM, so the club may be pushing to make it happen.

06 May 2018 16:14:53
Thanks for the swift response ed.

{Ed001's Note - welcome.}

04 May 2018 17:41:09
Jose has told Dailey blind and Matteo Darmain he will not be selling them this summer that they are still in his plans for next season.

Agree1 Disagree3

04 May 2018 18:22:18
Think he’s just saying it so it doesn’t drive their value down. I expect both to leave with potentially fellaini, Rojo/ smalling and perhaps a few more.

04 May 2018 23:11:11
Rojo has signed a long term deal. He’s going nowhere.

05 May 2018 07:17:33
After the Brighton result I'd sack the lot mourinho included.

05 May 2018 10:06:18
We al have these results mate to be honest it’s testament to the quality of the league. You, like us against Stoke, hust look bereft of ideas. One of your issues that we share is the offloading part, smalling/ Darmian et al if sold how easy will it be to find takers and for an acceptable price? We priced ourselves out of a sale with Moreno and I can see you having a similar issue. You have a solid core but it’s baffling how one week you can think ‘finally it’s clicked’ the exact next week you think ‘maybe not’. But there is all summer to correct it and you’ll most likely finish second so not all bad.


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