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20 Feb 2019 11:25:20
What do you guys think realistically our midfield 3 will look like next year.
Herera looks like signing new contract, will he and Pogba fill 2 roles or as mooted by Ed002 will Pogba move on.
Who best fits that HM position in our style of play. A breaker like Kante or a ball player like Kroos.

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20 Feb 2019 12:08:29
Ideally you would have both, as in some games you want a destructive player in there stopping the opposition. While for a club our size for most games we will want a creative ball player. Someone to control the tempo.

I think we are better off going for that sort of player. Then in the few games we need a more destructive player we could if need be play a CB in midfield.

The problem we have at the moment is that nearly all of our attacks flow through Pogba. Which means good teams know that all they need to do is stop Pogba and we struggle to create good chances. Just like PSG did to us. Having someone deeper who can be just as creative would add a new offensive and varied attacking option. Which is clearly needed.

20 Feb 2019 18:28:15
hererra and matic with either saul or Tanguy Ndombélé. Ideally would like to see both shiny players in: or either along with ndidi wouldn't be bad. skriniar at cb and IF pogba goes as is suggested as possible, then costa in the deal. ED oo2 stated its unlikely to be dybala. Fullback, would chance trippier. Get rid of a few and we are on our way lol. Btw i'm also crap at fantasy football.

20 Feb 2019 19:00:51
Ideally someone to play alongside Pogba like De Bruyne and Silva at City. Shappy has suggested Eriskon; why not?

Kante behind those two would be something special.

20 Feb 2019 22:09:26
Kante is wasted as a holding midfielder. You'd want him alongside, rather than behind your midfield.

21 Feb 2019 18:14:49
Kante as a DM would be great with Herrera and a creative MF like niguez sitting alongside.

I disagree sepp. He sits there and sniffs out every bit of danger.

I'd love for interest to develop there.

21 Feb 2019 19:32:22
Wouldn't you prefer him everywhere sniffing out danger all over the pitch?

21 Feb 2019 20:00:03
I'd rather him sitting in front of front 4 where he has played his best football. allowing more creative players to do their job further up the pitch.

His forte is sniffing out the danger in his own half.

21 Feb 2019 20:11:25
Agree to disagree then I guess.

21 Feb 2019 22:27:06
And that's okay sepp 😊.

21 Feb 2019 22:46:37
Personally I lie it as it is, we need a Matic player to rotate. I’d hope Pogba will stay even if it is unlikely. It’s the back 4 that needs major surgery.

19 Feb 2019 22:04:22
Bit of a random one Eds.

A while back there was a bit of clamour for Renato Sanches to be brought in before he had an absolute mare at Swansea. How has he fared since returning to Bayern?

{Ed001's Note - not well, still struggling.}

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19 Feb 2019 23:21:25
Shame. I think there's a player in there. Best off going back to Portugal and starting again?

16 Feb 2019 23:34:47

Reports of possible take over again; 3.8 billlion, a billionaire Crown Prince. Any insight on if this may be true?

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17 Feb 2019 00:20:39

Any of the eds interested in doing a bit of journalism for this guy, he pays well but might take your life if you critise him or his country

What a nice man.

Do we need his money, aren't the glaziers bad enough, united as a club can generate a lot of money on its own, just need a few players that will play for the shirt.

17 Feb 2019 01:38:47

Hopefully not the Saudi’s.

17 Feb 2019 09:52:56

Yes the club generates its own money. And most of it goes on dent that was created by the Americans. Who have never put in a penny if their own money. Take out millions every year. Ran down the squad by not replacing world class players as they left or aged. Appointed a turnip who comes out with quotes like "it doesn't matter what we do on the pitch it doesn't affect the commercial side of the business". We're not a football club were a business club. We are years behind our rivals and its going to take a huge cash injection to catch up. Does anyone really expect that to happen this summer? Spend our own money on the signings we need to really challenge? Or will they throw a few quid at a manager and be happy to limp to 4th again. When did we become arsenal happy to settle for that. The Saudis are far from perfect. But are they any worse than the Qataris or Emiratis who you never hear anything bad said about by the media. Or is it because its now United who might bought by one of these rich arab families now its suddenly a bad thing. They're scared of United having resources like City. Smell the agenda.

17 Feb 2019 09:58:29


You ask do we need the money?

Its got nothing to do with that. Its not our club.

The glazers can sell to whom ever they want as long as the fit the criteria for owners as set out by the epl and uefa.

Great business by the glazers if they can return that reported 2.2bn profit.

Personally i would rather we had different owners but its not my choice to make on who owns the club.

Same as its not my choice who the manager or players are.

I won't make any difference to me personally who owns the club. But its not ideal to have owners with human rights records like the saudi royal family.

But i use their fuel i buy their goods i travel in an aeroplane monthly that is fuelled by them we all do. The fact is we don't have to do any of those things but we choose to because it means we can get to work to feed our families or go on holidays etc.

I don't see the difference between going on holiday and using their goods and going to support a team that they own.

17 Feb 2019 10:19:01

Ken, there is a massive difference between doing something onerous so you can feed your family and supporting a football team. We have little choice, the way the world is set up, but to use their fuel. We have a very real and easy choice simply to not to support a club run by despots and murderers.

17 Feb 2019 10:20:01

There's worse possible owners out there. Not excusing the Saudis they have a bad record. But how about a Russian with links to the mafia and the Russian state who also aren't against murdering reporters and dissidents. Or a regime hosting a world cup and building stadiums using slave labour. Or the Chinese who built up business using cheap labour and with ties to a regime that's murdered millions. Because they're the only other possibles out there.

17 Feb 2019 11:32:06

Sorry guys but to me it is important who owns our club. I may not like how the Glazers leveraged the club but to the best of my knowledge they do not have blood on their hands. Do we really want to be owned by any regime which murders its opponents, stifles criticism of it, denies women many basic rights and funds terrorists? Our soldiers and citizens right here in this country have been bombed and killed because of funding by such regimes. It sickens me that so many supporters will sell their soul for the sake of a trophy. Since when did a piece of metal or silver matter more than a person's life. The fact that Fifa sold out to the Qataris and gave them the world cup and that people have died building the stadia in Qatar is desperately sad. The world cup there will be the biggest ego trip ever seen. When do we take a stand against blood money. Please do not argue that as City and Barcelona have owners from that region that it is OK. It is not.

17 Feb 2019 12:19:34

There are few if any people wealthy enough to buy our club, who have earned that wealth without exploiting someone or doing some kind of a dodgy deal here or there.

It's as simple as that. You get yourself in a right mess if you start trying work out which type of immortality is better or worse than another. Is slave labour better than murder? It's ridiculous.

That being said, if given the choice I really would want to distance ourselves as much as possible from the Saudi regime which is appalling at best. Them buying our club is more about using us as a screen to their less palatable deeds. Give them a positive public presence in the west.

I would be deeply uncomfortable with that. Not that I will have any choice in the matter. If they offer the money the Glazers want then they will be our owners. The only saving grace might be that they might run the club better in terms of the football side of things.

However, that is a huge gamble which seems loaded against us when considering who we would be getting into bed with in the off chance that they might run the club better.

{Ed002's Note - At least MU would be able to deal with any opposition like Jamal Khashoggi.}

17 Feb 2019 12:40:23

We'll have to start signing players like Ramos to take out opposition players.

17 Feb 2019 12:42:34

Shappy its not a case of getting into bed with them

If they buy the club yiu have a straight choice. Continue to support or stop.

I would continue to support and not think twice about it.

I like many others spend a lot if time in these countries i use their products airlines hotels etc I've enjoyed holidays there brought my kids and parents to these countries.

Ive also visited over a dozen counties in Aisa and i have seen the best and worst there is to see in all of them.

Nowhere and nobody is perfect and i agree that some cultures and places are less perfect than others but ill support united regardless.

Im happy to do business with them in fact everybody reading this puts in to their coffers everyday.

17 Feb 2019 13:25:23

Ken, I'll never stop supporting United no matter who owns the club.

But you can't tell me you will be happy every time there is a negative story about these people and they are referred to as United's owners.

The Glazers are a lot of things, yet they don't create bad press that reflects on the club.

Like I said there are few people rich enough to buy the club who haven't got unsavoury links somewhere down the line.

Yet the Saudis might have some of the worst.

17 Feb 2019 13:58:40

We won't ever become a European powerhouse on the pitch with the Glazers again, so its needs selling, to the right people.

Are the Saudis? No. If it does happen will i stop following us? Not if we keep our values on the pitch and footballing side of the club.

City have the footballing side isn't too shabby is it.

17 Feb 2019 14:52:29

But wasnt it us i. e. the Brits and the States alongwith our allies who were responsible for setting up the house of Saud in the first place?

17 Feb 2019 15:02:25

Shappy i do business with them every day mate. and i'm happy to do so.

17 Feb 2019 15:24:49

Where is this holier than thou attitude coming from? As long as any owners don’t hock the club with debt to buy it, don’t take out significant amounts as dividend or consultancy fees, invest in the infrastructure, improve support for the playing side etc, who are we to suddenly become refined judges? I support the club, I judge owners on how they treat the club, I am not their moral guardians, nor should we be. If the Saudis buy the club and build a world class club we should be grateful. We are well past the position of a fan takeover so let them get on with it and if it means all the money we generate is committed to football matters at last, then good.

17 Feb 2019 16:24:14

Red Man, the holier than thou attitude comes from me having never murdered someone for speaking or stoned someone to death for their sexual preference or attempted a genocide of Yemen. Hope that clears it up.

17 Feb 2019 17:10:08

RWWD i'm not saying there actions are right. But nobody is free. Just because we are Westernised doesn't mean we can do what we like and think our ways of living are the way.

Our governments pull the wool over our eyes every single day yet not a word is said or eye lid batted.

There is no moral high ground we can take.

17 Feb 2019 17:19:08

Fair words RWWD, but the children in the war ridden Iraq, Syria amongst others speak differently. People are murdered their just so that a nickel is saved on a gallon of gas for us.

17 Feb 2019 17:44:38

RWWD how do you think the british empire was built?

17 Feb 2019 17:44:53

Fzz what any democratic government does even the bad deeds aren't directly attributable to the people who elect them but whatever an autocracy does is directly attributable to the despot who leads it.

What you are saying is like working in a trump tower but if saudis buy us we would be the trump tower.

17 Feb 2019 17:58:04

The Glazers donate to Trump. Trump has links to Saudi and Russia. Everyone's connected.

17 Feb 2019 19:26:54

The British Empire was guilty of a lot of barbarity. I’m not sure how this is relevant to a contemporary football club being bought by the Saudi Royal Family, today. The amount of whataboutery in this thread is embarrassing. Because I criticise x does not mean I automatically endorse y. I don’t want my club to be owned by the Saudi Royal family. They are worse than the Glazers. It’s a simple, unremarkable point to make. The ‘British Empire’ are not trying to buy the club, and if they were (however that would make sense) I’d be against that too.

17 Feb 2019 20:52:06

But doesn't any person who lives in britain directly benefit significantly from britains past exploits as an empire and all the wealth and notoriety that came with it.

17 Feb 2019 21:59:25

It really is awful that people are just willing effectively to say that because this is an ever increasingly connected world, that we don't always have the ability to affect things directly and that other people have in the past and continue to not have moral scruples that therefore it's ok get into bed with evil people. I am as passionate a fan as most but no way do I want out club anywhere near the Saudis. Can we affect their chances of taking control? I believe we can if there is a concerted effort made especially through the media. One thing about Arab mentality is that they do not like to lose face and do not like negative publicity. If we all tien up to Old Trafford with banners saying " Utd not for sale for blood money" then I think they would soon look elsewhere. I can imagine they might look at Spurs and let them. I would rather not have the greatest team of it was funded by anyone who has no compunction on murdering dissenters. Whatever wrongs we British have done or Trump is a red herring. No country is innocent but here in this country we have the rule of law and people don't just disappear because they disagree with the government. What is the world coming to when people cannot see beyond the tribal rivalries involved in winning titles and cannot see the bigger picture. Greed is not good (sorry Michael Douglas) and money often is the root of many evils. Is money all that matters nowadays!

18 Feb 2019 03:34:56

So much you don't know then hendonred, so much. Just because our media doesn't highlight it doesn't mean we are any less evil.

18 Feb 2019 03:49:29

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

18 Feb 2019 13:14:14

They have denied it so go back to your day jobs and relax a bit.

18 Feb 2019 16:55:06

Dodgy Banter glad to see you are on the same page. Seems like that message has been learnt by 7 other reds or should I say ex reds. Well done those 7 Labour MPs today.

18 Feb 2019 17:21:15
Them 7 labour mps 😂 looking forward to seeing how they do. idiots.

5 hrs in and one of them is already apologising for something.

Have they called any bi-elections yet?

18 Feb 2019 17:41:34
RWWD, great posts mate. It shows the moral vacuum we now live in, when someone is prepared to turn a blind eye to some nasty, medieval goings-on, just to have a successful football team. A bl**dy football team.

15 Feb 2019 19:25:23
With the news that Lingard and Martial will be out for a few weeks it begs the question on what do we do now.

We really have three options.

Option 1, play Lukaku and Sanchez and stick with the formation and see if they can raise their game or kick on with a run of games. Unfortunately that's not ideal when our next two games are against Chelsea and Liverpool, two potentially season defining games.

Option 2, change up formation, which to three at the back, push Pogba further forward into the number 10 position and play Rashford and Lukaku as split strikers. That would give us more stability, but we will create less chances and will need to be more efficient with our chances.

Option 3, Stick with the same formation/ tactics but unleash the kids, replace Lingard and Martial with Chong and Gomes and see what these lads can do.

What Ole does in these games might just decide his fate as our potential long term manager.

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16 Feb 2019 04:34:22
Time for the kids to step up, prove themselves and take their chances.

Not sure whether Ole will try Dalot on right wing as PSG tried with Dani Alves.
He has pace, power and good crossing ability.

16 Feb 2019 09:20:44
Ole has many more than 3 options. But as a professional coach i'm sure he knows that.
Unleash the kids' #hyberbole.

16 Feb 2019 10:10:57
Lukaku will come in to the team imo . Meeds a few games its a good opportunity for him.

16 Feb 2019 15:41:33
I think lukaku will come in too. i'm not convinced he will come in through the middle but its hard to know.
He scores goals he just needs to adapt. If he doesn't adapt he will be sold but it won't be far the want of trying
Ole called both rash and martial out for poor movement in his press conference. He said neither of them are busting a gut to get into the areas were mbappe scored from he said they don't score enough scrappy goals. He said martial is a top notch finisher but he doesn't work hard enough to get into those positions.
Martial and lukaku have been getting extra sessions to improve this taken by ole himself.
Its great to hear the manager being so honest. I've read that on here so often from some of our more knowledgable posters when it cvomes to tactics as have so many others.
Martial needs to be more pro active in his movement off the ball. Sniff out chances be ready to pounce not just get into positions where he can get the ball and run with it. He needs to become more rounded in his play. I agree with the manager he has all the tools to be a great player but he has to improve his movement.
We want him to be a great player not just a scorer of great goals. Ole recognises this i think martial does too let's hope the hard work pays off.

{Ed001's Note - that is exactly why I keep saying Martial needs to play up top as a striker. When he is played on the wing he is being asked to get into positions to run with the ball. Play him up top and ask him to be a goal sniffer and he will be better for it. He is so composed in front of goal it is a waste to play him anywhere that doesn't put him right in front of those white posts.}

16 Feb 2019 16:20:37
There are many that agree with you on that ed001.
I think he is a great finisher but his movement does not scream striker for me. He is a great dribbler and can beat any opponent at ease when in full flow or from a standing start but often runs up cul de sac's or produces a poor final ball.
But when he learns to move and run into space without the ball like sterling has for example he will find himself doing real damage.
Its all about coaching. I think he would flourish under pep for example as an outside forward but maybe ole or poch can coach him into being a centre forward. I just don't see that inner desire and instinct to score goals that all strikers need.
Lots of ability but the clock is ticking. He is one of the highest paid players in the prem now he needs to be really stepping it up a couple of levels.
Under jose he couldn't flourish he now has a better platform but its all down him.
It will be interesting to watch his development now that he has coaches that believe in him and coaches that he believes in.

{Ed001's Note - he runs into cul-de-sacs etc because he is not a great dribbler and allows himself to be guided by defenders. He is not finding space because he is being played in the wrong role and he is not going to make it up front if he doesn't get a chance. Not as an outside forward, he is not suited at all. He is one of the most obvious centre forwards I have ever seen and needs to play there.}

16 Feb 2019 16:58:19
I would love to see him given a run of games there to see if he could become a centre forward to see if he could learn the movement required.
Its an odd one. For me rashfords movement is better as a striker but he is not as clinical as martial in his finishing.
Martial is a good dribbler of the ball 001 its his decision making that needs improving. Knowing when to release or when to give and go. His close control of the ball when running at pace is superb. But he ruins it too often by ignoring or not seeing runners or options to release and run into space. Its not his dribbling or ball skills that are lacking its his lack of knowledge and not realising when the hard work is done. Now release it and look for it back in behind.
If you look at salah in his early career he was very much the same but he has learned there is more to dribbling than just hanging on to the ball for the sake of it. And that you can cause real damage by opening the space and then taking advantage of that space by running into it and trusting your team mates to find you or simply the ball falling into your lap.
People say that martial reminds them of henry at times i think he is a long way off that comparrison but he can be a top player.
Id like to think if he is the greatest example of a cf you have seen in a long time someone like ole or fergie or phealn will see it too.
If he had gone to spurs was poch looking for him to be back up to kane or to play from wide i wonder?
If he is a cf i don't think all the coaches will be blind to it.
Whatever his position recently he has shown signs of improvement after being very average under the last coach so let's see if he can win his place as a cf.

{Ed001's Note - Salah had a much better touch and close control than Martial. I really do not see this superb control you are on about. He is very push and run.}

16 Feb 2019 17:38:40
I think Martial would be best suited to playing in a strike partnership with either Rashford or Lukaku.

On one side he links better with Lukaku. Yet Rashford has better movement which would be better for Martial.

I really liked the way we played against Spurs and Arsenal with Martial and Rashford playing as a split partnership with Lingard given a free role behind them. 442 diamond shape or 3412 could be the way forward with our squad. We don't have any natural wingers so it would be best to play a style that doesn't rely on wingers.

17 Feb 2019 08:01:08
Martial is a striker all day long .
Lumaku should fit in with ole tactics he is just low on form and confidence at the moment.

12 Feb 2019 21:30:10
Am watching the match tonight and it's at 65 mins. We are being given a lesson by PSG how to control a match and counter attack without two of their best players. I think it shows how much we need a fast right back as Young had been targeted again and again and exposed for pace. Also we desperately need a better midfield player alongside Pogba.

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14 Feb 2019 13:36:29
Young had a shocker to be fair. They exposed us down our right an awful lot.

15 Feb 2019 13:15:56
Or pogba needs to take his finger out more when the game requires. He tends to just jog around the place and be involved when we are on edge of box.

12 Feb 2019 18:42:32
Setting off now for the game, I am so up for this its unreal😈 hopefully we can all enjoy tonight's game have a great night fellas enjoy.

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12 Feb 2019 22:35:15
How was the trip home Simon🤮🤮
We got beat by the better team tonight.

13 Feb 2019 06:09:00
Late nite dreading work😫 i recon we were beat by a cleverer more experienced side, the ref was very poor tonight but so were we.

10 Feb 2019 21:17:43
Wow, City are good but Chelsea made them look incredible, that’s 4 poor away games with 2 shellackings, shipping 4 at Bournemouth and 6 today. If we are looking for a replacement for Matic then now’s the time to bid big for Kante who is regularly being played out of position, which is pretty senseless.

I’m still unconvinced by Arsenal (as are most of their fans) and I think they will remain inconsistent until the end of the year. We have some tough games coming up but if we can keep the momentum and win the games we should then top 4 is on.

People have said this team isn’t good enough but we have seen that the issue was the previous Manager was not able to get the best out of many of them. Worse than that, he was actually trying to sell a couple who are now sowing their worth. The squad needs strengthening and refreshing and we have a couple of first team positions in need of an un upgrade but right now we can give anyone a game. I was unconvinced by Pogba but in recent weeks I am now seeing what the hype was about. He may be languid but he is a game changer, I wonder where his head is at right now?

This month we will see what we are made of, PSG, Chelsea, Liverpool, and 2 winnable league games. One thing is for sure, we won’t be parking any buses.

One final point, some comedian on the ache, sea page has asked if they’d take Jose back, yes they have become that desperate.

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11 Feb 2019 08:58:17
AJH, couldn't agree more. Kante is, for me, the best CM in the league. And you are right, being played out of position. I wonder if there would be any chance. He'd turn us into real contenders.

These next few weeks are the ones that will give OGS the job fulltime.

I think, with PSGs injury woes, Chelseas dour form and Liverpool, well just being the biggest game of the season so far, we are going to come out of this run more than alright.

12 Feb 2019 17:12:48
Lukaku for Kante?

12 Feb 2019 18:29:17
Not a bad shout porsche I'd take that.

09 Feb 2019 15:49:57
Quote of the day for sure.

"Jose Mourinho said it would be a "miracle" for #MUFC to get in to the top four this season. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has performed this miracle in seven weeks. "
- Sam Pilger.

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08 Feb 2019 09:46:44
Phil jones extends his contract till 2023.

Great business done by the club, hopefully we can build the team around him.

{Ed025's Note - love it DSG..

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08 Feb 2019 10:20:21
We need x4 centre backs to compete. I’m guessing Jones and Smalling are great back up options to a Lindelof and either Bailly or someone new.

Rojo will most certainly be sold in the summer, and maybe even one of jones or Smalling. It’s not beyond the realms
Of possibility we have signed him up to get a fee when we sell. Every other club does this (except arsenal who let taken telek out for free) so it makes perfect business sense.

08 Feb 2019 14:14:05
Agreed, just because he signed a new contract, it doesn’t mean he can’t be sold in the summer.

08 Feb 2019 15:12:58
Talent leave for free that meant to say regarding Arsenal.

08 Feb 2019 09:26:24
Phil Jones signs a new deal, everyone in uproar on social media. Is he really THAT bad? I don't think so. Certainly not world class mind. 001/ 025 what's your guys opinion on him?

{Ed025's Note - if he has signed as the car park attendant then i can see the logic RW, as a player i think hes awful mate..

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08 Feb 2019 09:38:18
Yes he is really THAT bad
He's been injured all his career and now that his contract was running out he's back fit every game.
The uproar is expected, he's been here for like 10 years and has not improved at all. Players like lindelof who just arrived in the prem are already miles ahead. If we want to be champions we shouldn't allow mediocrity. Thanks for the memories but it's time to go. Only positive from this I can get is that it's just signed so he doesn't leave for free.

08 Feb 2019 18:12:37
Ed025 the poor cars would be facing every which way.

{Ed025's Note - love it angel..


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