19 Mar 2022 15:59:42
Hi Ed002, hope all’s well!

Any truth please in rumours that United have made enquires about Harry Kane (precipitating MP arrival maybe) and have even considered the idea of including players that might tempt Spurs such as Dean Henderson?

Thanks for any response you are able to provide.

{Ed002's Note - Harry Kane (S) Manchester City will be back if they cannot signed either of their two preferred choices, but I suspect they can. I expect Manchester United may bite the bullet and make a significant offer, initially including a couple of players and he could move there and join up with Pochettino. Could stay if Spurs make the Champions League.}

1.) 19 Mar 2022
19 Mar 2022 17:44:52
Thank you so much for your time and reply, very informative - thank you.

2.) 19 Mar 2022
19 Mar 2022 18:56:17
Hmm so we really must be getting poch if we are looking at offers for Kane on that basis.

3.) 19 Mar 2022
19 Mar 2022 19:09:13
Do people want Kane? He is a good player but if half of our budget goes to Kane we will not be able to strengthen in key areas.

4.) 19 Mar 2022
19 Mar 2022 19:37:52
Would prefer we looked to a younger striker than kane, i would look at isak. Personally i would look to bring some of the youth players into the squad and also look towards younger players for signings as well build long term like we used too.

5.) 20 Mar 2022
20 Mar 2022 06:58:47
Kane is a great striker who would no doubt improve us. I'm torn on his signing though. On the one hand he is great, has shown over a number of years he will score goals and has developed his game to ensure his link up play is better than most number 9's. On the otherhand, even though there are no such things as transfer budgets, there will be limits that the club will have on spending. How much would signing Kane impact the signing of players for other areas? He would likely not even consider us if not in the CL as well. Despite all that, if the same money was to be spent on Declan Rice I'd probably be more supportive even though it is presenting the same problem just somewhere else on the pitch.

Realistically we need a new back up keeper and starters at right back, centre back, central midfield and striker. That's as a minimum you'd think. Add to that the fact we will have players leaving on frees, some players who are unhappy and those who aren't good enough. We could probably sign 2 or 3 starters for what we would pay for Kane. Is that the better option?

6.) 20 Mar 2022
20 Mar 2022 07:27:28
I don't like Kane, he is 29 and again is onky a short term solution. The costs involved dotn make it worthwhile.

7.) 20 Mar 2022
20 Mar 2022 08:19:22
Take kane in a heartbeat.
If we could get a deal with players like Henderson involved to lesson the outlay it would be great.
But it's all speculation until we know the coach and what comps we are in. I doubt kane will want to come to united without cl football.

8.) 20 Mar 2022
20 Mar 2022 08:41:51
I'd be going for Nunez, Osimhen, David or Isak.

9.) 20 Mar 2022
20 Mar 2022 09:15:16
Kane is clearly a great player and if all players cost the same then you'd sign Kane every time.

The reality though is signing Kane means we probably only get two new first team players this summer.

While Kane's age and injury record must be of concern. While keeping Kane and Ronaldo happy if both stay seems a tough ask.

Personally I don't see us being able to challenge for a title in any serious way for at least 2-3 season's. Kane would be 31-32 by the time we get close to challenging for titles. Will he be able to be fit enough at that age to lead that title charge?

If you offered me Kane and a CDM this summer OR Darwin Nunez, Tchouameni, Raphinha and Arajuo then personally I'd take the second option and strengthen in 4 areas rather than 2.

10.) 20 Mar 2022
20 Mar 2022 10:35:54
Loads leaving, might even get a fee for some (martial, wan bassaka) so a summer of Kane, ruddigar and rice would be just about perfect.

11.) 20 Mar 2022
20 Mar 2022 11:57:29
Seems to be a big obsession with Isak around a lot of clubs pages- but he’s not much of a goalscorer from what I’ve seen?

12.) 20 Mar 2022
20 Mar 2022 12:28:57
Caolan, I agree Isak is an odd sort of striker to get your head around. Quick, strong, tall and technically gifted on the surface he has all the attributes you'd want from a striker.

However, he not anywhere near as good in the air as you'd expect from someone as tall as he is. He also seems to lack that killer instinct that all the top strikers have, that burning desire to score.

No doubt a great player, and someone who can get better and better. However, from what I've seen I don't see a 25-30 goal a season striker and I don't think he'll ever grow into one.

13.) 20 Mar 2022
20 Mar 2022 13:20:47
So it’s going to be Poch isn’t it.

{Ed014's Note - ??

14.) 20 Mar 2022
20 Mar 2022 14:12:07
Kane is exactly the striker that Utd need but I can understand everyone's trepidation in terms of this side needing a great deal more than a centre-forward, and the impact his signing would have on us doing much more.

This summer the entire spine needs strengthening with at least 4 players of first XI quality. for starters, so it depends on the budget and other funds raised from outgoings/ wages.

He's the greatest English striker of this generation. Many of the other mooted alternatives aren't fit to even have a swapsie of him in their Panini sticker albums. But it would be pointless having even Gerd Muller up front if the cheap goals don't stop going in.

Teams are tearing through a paper-thin midfield and not finding it hard to breach the defence.

15.) 20 Mar 2022
20 Mar 2022 14:57:05
Spenno, what does Kane offer that Ronaldo doesn't other than maybe being someone who can be here for 3-4 years?

We need a striker who can bring his teammates into the game rather than take them out of it.

We need a striker who can be fit and on form for ALL of the season rather than 60-70% of it.

We need a striker not just good enough for the next couple of years, but for the next 5-6 years. As quite simply we won't be challenging for the title for at least 2-3 years.

Is that Kane? Very debatable.

My concern with him is that he would cost most of our budget, which means the defence isn't getting sorted and Maguire will likely be a key player for us next season. Or it means we don't get the CDM we need or we try and bring in a cheap shoot and hope kind of signing. Or we don't get a better RB, or we don't get another creative wide player meaning Kane is feeding off of scraps.

Signing Kane probably means we still have big fundamental issues in our team. It means that the rebuild of our squad probably takes a year longer as we have to wait another season longer before we can bring in several key players. If the rebuild goes from 2-3 years to 3-4 years then Kane himself will be 32 instead of 31 by the time we have a squad actually capable of seriously challenging for the title.

With his injury record how many games do you see a 32 year old Kane actually being able to play? By that time would he actually need replacing in order to challenge for titles? If so then what was the point in signing him.

16.) 20 Mar 2022
20 Mar 2022 17:26:38
When was the last time Man Utd signed a young striker? Rooney was it? Tevez, Berba, RvP, Larsen all of them under SAF. Then Ibra etc. All of them success. Why are people bent on signing a youngster?

17.) 20 Mar 2022
20 Mar 2022 18:05:06
Shappy Kane offer a lot more than Ronaldo. He is more of a team player, defend from the front and he plays the Firmino role, he becomes attacking midfielder and create space. His passes are top class too. I would say Kane is a huge upgrade to Ronaldo.
But i agree its a huge ask because one problem is his injury record and the other that he cost a lot of money.

18.) 20 Mar 2022
20 Mar 2022 18:17:58
Have you ever seen Kane play Shappy? That’s total nonsense.

19.) 20 Mar 2022
20 Mar 2022 16:52:34
Well Shappy, you have everything worked out so of course you are right. He was good enough for the best team in the world to offer £150m for him last season, and for his club to reject it.

20.) 20 Mar 2022
20 Mar 2022 19:12:58
Shappy your waffling again mate? you have an opinion so do others.
You don't know the clubs rebuild plan. Your guessing and working on assumptions that only you are making.

21.) 20 Mar 2022
20 Mar 2022 20:53:40
Really don't want Kane at all,
We already have a lot of players who already earn a lot and do no put the hard yards needed.
These heavy outlays on 1 player every season signing has been a massive failure.
I'd rather us sign players likely to become top class, Darwin Nunez is highly rated, or other strikers who look like they are going to make big.
The only player I'd change this strategy for is if Lewandowski is available, who I feel is world class and better than our current Ronaldo.
I hope we try to build teams more than sign individuals who want all the attention centred around them.

22.) 21 Mar 2022
21 Mar 2022 09:42:58
Wow, Kane doesn't bring others into play? Really? Have you seen him play at all?
He would be the best solution there is, as he could both score goals and bring our wings in goal chances.

Since when is 29 old? Jesus. he could easily play for 5 more years. If there is a chance, bring him in.

The other question is, as you said, could we then strengthen other areas enough? If you ask me, bringing someone like Rice or Philips would be enough, as it would help the defence. Kane and Rice would be ideal.

Perhaps we could also sign someone whos contract is expiring?

23.) 21 Mar 2022
21 Mar 2022 16:01:28
Got to agree that if you ignore the potential impact on other signings, Kane is close to perfect. Great goal scorer, and he drops a little deeper to bring others in intelligently (maybe a little too much, but that may just be because he isn't getting enough service at spurs) . I could see players like Rashford and Sancho thriving alongside him.

However, like others I'm concerned that if we get Kane, we won't get the other players we need.

We've needed a CDM for several years now, we need another winger, and realistically a CB. We need at least one striker, likely two. In an ideal world we'd bring in a new first choice RB too.

That's 4-6 players. I'm not confident we'll get all of those anyway, and if we splash out on Kane, I really don't see us getting the other players we need.

24.) 21 Mar 2022
21 Mar 2022 16:03:36
Shappy, one of the best things to watch in the EPL at the minute, is the link-up play between Son and Kane. I used to think he was just a typical big number 9, but he's impressed me with the way he's adapted his game, and his willingness to do so.

{Ed014's Note - pains me to say it but he and Son have been very impressive.

25.) 21 Mar 2022
21 Mar 2022 16:45:45
Kane improved so much since Jose, I don’t get the argument go for young striker because let’s be honest what player stays anywhere 4-5 years or longer nowadays, so better to get the one who is proven if you only have him for 3-4 years anyway instead of hoping the youngster works!

26.) 23 Mar 2022
23 Mar 2022 22:15:57
Weird that the one Ed everyone respects on here thinks Poch would be the ideal choice for us and a different Ed has his fingers crossed that we get him, maybe suggesting he doesn’t agree with the Ed, interesting.