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03 Jan 2017 14:35:58
Food for thought, has jones actually improved as a defender or is it that he's been lucky the last couple of matches. The reason i ask is, he's been called a headless chicken in this page more times than ever and with even the eds not rating him at all and all the shtick he got before, It would seem odd that he's developed into a defensive rock in just the span of a few weeks. Or am I missing something here?


1.) 03 Jan 2017 15:12:56
Maybe Fergie does know a thing or two about defenders?

2.) 03 Jan 2017 15:17:20
he's always had potential. the problem was that he wasn't getting a run of games due to injury. now that he's getting it he's showing his capability. no team in the prem are easy to face as a defender and he's done extremely well. Fair play.

3.) 03 Jan 2017 15:37:57
A good run of games as CB is the key. He would always pick up knocks and be played RB. I remember a while ago he had a very good run as CB but then it was a random injury picked up and we didn't see him again for ages.

Smalling is not Utd quality but a little while ago he looked good as CB. The bar is pretty low for us since Rio and Vidic left, so if Rojo and Smalling can look quality at the back anybody can imo. Blind has even looked quality there, it just depends on who we play and the tactical set-up. Jones and Bailly could be a good long term partnership if injuries don't kill them off.

4.) 03 Jan 2017 18:09:22
I think Rojo gets more stick then he deserves. He is no Jaap Stam, fair enough. But he is a better player then he gets credit for on here. At 26 years old, he has yet to reach his prime - especially for a CB.

And I don't think you get to start 52 games for Argentina at that age by being a poor player.

5.) 03 Jan 2017 18:26:14
Yeah Betty, it's when they play as full backs they get exposed and look very dodgy on the ball. The vast majority of CB's look very good at the minute across most Prem teams because they have 2 against 1, with a holding midfielder.

Most of them are looking like 8/ 10 players when they should be 6/ 10.

If we saw 4-4-2 against teams we would see them exposed more often and if teams went for solid attacks rather than counters or relying on moments of inspiration from attackers (commiting more men forward) we would see better games. Cagey suits centre backs.

6.) 03 Jan 2017 18:26:45
I think, with a good run of games, manager backing, and a bit of confidence, he's just fulfilling the potential a lot of us always thought he had.

7.) 03 Jan 2017 18:35:25
You've always had a soft spot for Rojo haven't you Stevie, is it his manly thighs or his trendy haircut?

8.) 03 Jan 2017 19:32:24
Rojo is ok it never a top top defender. Saying just because he is in the Argentina team means he must be good ain't nec so. That team actaually hasn't won anything for a while has it? It's not Messi et Al letting them down.

9.) 03 Jan 2017 19:51:20
I was actually talking about Jones, Tony. The way he can contort his mouth into all sorts of shapes does it for me. But yes, while we're on about him, I'm also glad Rojo is showing why he's been considered good enough to play for a top international team all this time.



01 Sep 2015 16:42:23
First of all nice to have ed002/back on the site. His input was sorely missed this window. Is Ed002 the original ed from the football-rumours site. Because I've been following the site since those days and just got curious

Moving forward to the footballing issue. Is Martial the last signing this summer and if so with Wilson probably moving on loan we will have only Rooney as a genuine striker in our team. Now god forbid sth happens to him we will be very short upfront unless fellaini is considered a forward. So some worries here what do you guys think


{Ed002's Note - That would be Ed001.}



31 Aug 2015 17:24:31
Are we really paying 36 million pounds for Martial or is it euros. I just can't get my head around susch a high figure for a relatively unproven player. Any of the eds have a idea ??


{Ed004's Note - Nope}

1.) 31 Aug 2015 17:38:48
its pounds. the final figure could be considerably higher. (from reputed french media)


2.) 31 Aug 2015 17:42:44
Best not to worry about numbers mate.



31 May 2015 17:59:00
Seems Carlos Bacca is linked to us.Scores 20+ goals per season. Is he any good and are we out to be him. And one for the eds do you think we'll sign a quality striker this season. Higuain perhaps




26 May 2015 19:13:28
after the seasons over we the united fans get together to try and make sense of what happened in the season. Then we go on about new signings and strategy and such and whether one transfer or a few transfers can get us back to the top again. But quite simply, no matter whatever system we play we haven't looked comfortable in a game since fergie left. I know it serves no purpose to reminisce about the past but really how good a coach was he. Match after match after match he set up his teams to win and when we watched his teams we knew that they'd never give up. Even when we we lost 6-1 to city it was not for giving up but because we would not stop attacking.And that for me was the heart and soul of ubited. It was our DNA. But in the David Moyes days it felt like all the fight was gone and even now under lvg whenever we concede first we might get back quickly but after 70 odd minutes it seems like the game goes nowhere and that's the opposite of what used to happen in fergies time. Its like we were the kings of late goals and now it feels as if the team stops trying late on in the game. Although, there have been some exceptions like blinds goal that rescued a point at Sunderland these are rare occurrences and that's what worries me that towards the end of games post fergie the game passes us by. As in during fergies days the last 15 would probably be the most exciting whereas now it's the most boring. You might a switch off you TV's and got to sleep because the best we'd probably not concede a goal becoz I am willing to bet we won't be scoring another in all honesty so my point is although lvg has done well he just isn't the right guy for the united way and the English way of 4-4-2 with marauding wingers which would excite us a every point in the match. So I'd say that if we want to get back to winning ways but in a style that the fans will enjoy we need to look for a coach like minded to fergie because its all.and well keeping 90% possession but if you cannot score more than your opponents you will never end up on the winning side. So rather than the players its the philosophy that is to be adjusted for a better Manchester united which plays its football in a way that excites even our most ardent haters because it is the united way


1.) 26 May 2015 22:09:16
Fergie always had a difference maker. Cantona, Ronaldo, even RVP for one season. Yes, the team needs an attitude adjustment too, but unless we have top players it doesn't matter what system we play. Chelsea, Arsenal, and City all have deeper and better squads than us, never mind the top European clubs. It's been asked many times: how many of our squad would get a regular first team berth on any of those 3 teams?

Until the last few years SAF also had no trouble recycling players. Beckham, Keane, Van Nistelrooy all got sold, but after the Glazers came in we started to hold on to our old stars, until they could no longer cut it. We became a club prepared to part with Ronaldo, Tevez etc, watching as City and Chelsea started to pack their squads wit international stars. We brought Scholes out of retirement rather than pay Pogba regularly. Why, because, in my opinion, SAF became focused on his short term legacy. He wasn't prepared to take those sort of risks any longer, and I think he knew the players coming through were not as good as the ones who were coming towards the end of their careers. In Europe the deterioration of the squad was especially marked.

I am not defending LVG but i think he deserves another year at least. Let's see who he buys, who he gets rid off and how he sets the team up to play. There is absolutely no point in going on about the past because it cannot be repeated by anyone. And frankly, if we want to be successful in Europe any time in the future, then we are going to have to move away from SAF tactically. His record in Europe was modest at best considering the wealth of the club, and how many times we were in the competition.

{Ed025's Note - thats a cracking post shawthing..well done mate..

2.) 26 May 2015 22:39:03
we have spent 200mil in 18 month and we don't have a player that can make a difference ?.
mata and di maria cost 100 mill alone .
fergy won the CL twice i think during that time only barcelona and madrid won it more 3 times each ( i might be wrong on that)
so i think fergys record was ok .

3.) 27 May 2015 06:21:38

Agree and I have taken lots of abuse for writing the same over the last three years.

I see SAF has just praised Mourinho as a winner, predicting a period of success for Chelsea under him, add that to the points in your post and the shocking transition SAF guided us into and his legacy is nowhere near as strong as it should be.

4.) 27 May 2015 06:57:51

Fergie is in a different class to LVG and i am amused that you can even go there. His record will stand as the greatest manager of his generation and that is why guys like Mourinho even revere him as they understand how difficult it is to achieve what he has done.

I think people are naive to question his record in Europe as even Real Madrid with all its might and money splashed around has proven how difficult it is to get there in Europe. Look at Guardiola at Bayern, who by most accounts is loaded and they get bounced 2 years in a row in embarrassing fashion.

If Fergie was still here and he had spent 200 million, i assure you we would be winning the league or playing for it on the final day of the season. last time Jose was here Fergie saw him off in his 3rd year and Chelsea did the same thing they have been doing for years which is buy buy buy. The script has not changed but one key personality is now retired.

5.) 27 May 2015 10:05:56
I've heard it all now - 'Fergie's legacy is nowhere near as strong as it should be'.

Are some of us so determined to excuse LVG everything, that we're prepared to start turning on the man who actually did bring success, rather than question some of the manager's decision-making this season?

6.) 27 May 2015 12:25:17

SAF's legacy was a team which had not been improved in key positions, then appointing a manager SAF was instrumental in putting in place, who was patently inadequate leading to us finishing 7th. I think it is fair to say his legacy has been tainted by a terrible transition. Now he is praising Mourinho indicating years of success for him whilst having presided over our transition when it is very clear it could and should have been done a lot better. This isn't about hiding what LvG is or hadn't done , it is about SAF dropped the pass and his legacy will be viewed as less successful because of it and even more so if he is right about Chelsea

7.) 27 May 2015 15:14:16
Red Man, to be quite honest, SAF could break into my house, shoot my dog, make love to my wife while forcing me to watch, steal all my money, and before leaving, give my son a couple of punches in the face and myself a good, hard kick in the nads, and I'd still give him a bye ball, in light of what he did for our club.

See the revisionism has started already. Ungrateful wouldn't be in it.

8.) 27 May 2015 16:10:17
also let's not forget fergys spending was restricted under the glazers while they sorted the debt .
stupid thread imo

9.) 27 May 2015 17:42:45

You views on moyes are so off the chart that you now think fergies' legacy is tainted lol. I assure you you are in tiny tiny tiny minority mate.

Fergie left an old team to be rebuild which in my opining was due in large part because he had very little money to spend. The inability to refinance debt in 2009 to 2011 and interest cost robbed us of 3 years of proper transfer activity as most of the money went for recovering the interest expenses.

In todays age most top teams with settled squads need to buy 2 or 3 top players every year to stay there.

10.) 27 May 2015 19:41:34
When talking about SAF being restricted in spending you should remember SAF was also connected with the arrival of the Glazers following his situation with the racehorse. That action tainted him in a lot of eyes. Plus his constant pronouncements that they always supported what he needed undermines your argument.

My views on Moyes were backed up by the board when they sacked him, I don't know anyone who hasn't now accepted that he was out of his depth.

SAF should have won more in Europe, yet he created a marvellous winning culture that we all thoroughly enjoyed. The SAF years were fantastic but he wasn't perfect. His legacy has been tainted following the transition, Moyes appointment, his support for the Glazers and the racehorse situation but we will always rejoice in every trophy he brought us, that side of him will always be appreciated.

11.) 28 May 2015 10:33:31
On that basis Mourinho should have also won a lot more in Europe too given his teams at Chelsea and Real madrid. Blank at real and chelsea.

Very easy to say stuff like that. I guess Guardiola should have also won 5 on that basis.




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If that's true, a good piece of business by woody, and when there was talk of 15-20 mil





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23 Jun 2017 10:53:23
Great to see Rainfishtrombone back, Eds is this the real RFT?


{Ed025's Note - you can only have 1 of any name best so yes..



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22 May 2016 16:44:30
Come on Ed, give us something. It's high time you shared something new.




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19 Aug 2015 21:18:28
To my food friend god created. So you would have us spend 150 million on duds like falcao and a snieveling weasel like adm. Or would you rather spend decent money and bring in some players who actually want to and will play for the club. And with regards to Pedro we were not his first choice apparently so screw him mate. Because with januzaj and perriera in the wings we have plenty of cover on the wings.So, stop moaning .Had we missed on a marquee player the whining would be sensible but its not a bale or areus its Pedro. So, stop worrying I'd rather not have a player whose first preference is not us. Look at where it led to when signed Mr weasel