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05 Aug 2019 14:57:58
Does any one know why lukaku is training with anderlecht?

Has he been frozen out?


1.) 05 Aug 2019 16:16:08
Let him go, let him go.

{Ed025's Note - love it mort..

2.) 05 Aug 2019 16:39:32
Lol Mort 🤣.

3.) 05 Aug 2019 16:39:40
the cold never bothered him anyway.

4.) 05 Aug 2019 17:49:07
He's to slow to catch a cold.

5.) 05 Aug 2019 17:55:16

Are you quoting Frozen?

I hope so.

I am going mightily embarrassed if you are not and I have just announced to the web that I know the words to the songs in that film.

In my defence I have young daughters.

6.) 05 Aug 2019 18:01:09
Jonny Blaze, having young daughters in your defence is probably better than having 80m Maguire and Smalling.

Sorry. Liverpool fan. Couldn't resist.

7.) 05 Aug 2019 18:24:24
Don’t worry hhan, your man van dijk will soon be the most expensive defender in the world again when Liverpool sell him on to a big club in a season or two.

8.) 05 Aug 2019 18:25:05
Clearly your wit is lost on most, Mort.

9.) 05 Aug 2019 18:35:12
Jonny I have 3 kids mate I've watched that film to many times Haha.

10.) 05 Aug 2019 18:37:13
I was following on from mort it was only suppost to be "olaf"

Let's just hope inter can sven the money to buy him.

11.) 05 Aug 2019 19:24:19
It was an open goal an was bored at work.

Always up for a laugh.

12.) 05 Aug 2019 20:26:39
Lol bolger 🤣🤣.

13.) 05 Aug 2019 20:41:10

In answer to your OP, quite possibly frozen out for revealing the sprint stats, I imagine some of his fellow professionals are non too happy with that either.

14.) 05 Aug 2019 21:26:09
Maybe found his level back at Anderlecht.

15.) 05 Aug 2019 22:22:18
He wanted to go to Juventus but his touch took him to Anderlecht.

16.) 05 Aug 2019 22:22:45
I've got it. He was training with United and had to chase his first touch.

17.) 06 Aug 2019 07:15:20
It's a long way to Italy hopefully this is the first leg of the journey. Just hope the next leg is not at home.

18.) 06 Aug 2019 08:31:13
Surprised nobody had the real answer, united players had some time off this week so lukaku was over in Belgium and went training with them, he has done this before, it wasn’t instead of training at united. Great frozen banter though guys.

19.) 06 Aug 2019 09:25:42
GDS, you party pooper.



28 Jul 2019 16:47:52
So last time I got told there was a medical due in the week it was james.

I've been told there is a medical due midweek, no names given.

As per usual the info is not mine so don't know how truthful it is.


1.) 28 Jul 2019 17:18:39
Bruno been waiting for weeks for a medical hasn't he.

2.) 28 Jul 2019 17:20:12
Good stuff Big V. This is what this site is all about!

3.) 28 Jul 2019 17:38:27
When Big V speaks, I get excited. Don’t let that make you blush big man.

4.) 28 Jul 2019 17:49:01
Well maguire has had 3 medicals already.

Hopefully your right again mate

Thanks for sharing.

5.) 29 Jul 2019 06:39:20
Maybe Ed is doing medicals on the NHS to save some money, that is why it takes 6 weeks to get an appointment.



05 Jul 2019 22:33:21
Pogba has rejected a new contract offer and has asked for a ludicrous amount to stay, Ed rejected this hence the leak of his agent saying everyone has know he wanted to leave a while ago.

Lukaku might be off to Italy, Juventus and Inter milan are trying to raise money for them, also has an offer from a Chinese club.

We are looking at Rakitic and Utimit in a double deal that could cost towards 100 million.

This is what I have been told, how true is always I do not know.


1.) 06 Jul 2019 00:12:31
Let that clown leave, i hope the club get as much money as they can for him and the sooner the better.

2.) 06 Jul 2019 05:42:06
Unfortunately despite all of his talent, Pogba doesn't have the mental ability to lead a team and take it to the next level, which is what was expected of him at United.
It's a shame you cannot return players under the Consumer Rights Act as faulty, I can think of a few I would put on the list.

3.) 06 Jul 2019 07:19:46
"Pogba has rejected a new contract offer and has asked for a ludicrous amount to stay, Ed rejected this hence the leak of his agent saying everyone has know he wanted to leave a while ago. "

That doesn't sound to me like he has asked to terminate his contract and move on. Personally I think he should go but the above, as it stands, is very different and sounds more like his agent trying to put United in the position of initiating the sale and would affect the fee we can ask and compensation we pay him etc. Mino is a rat and needs to be put in the situation whereby his client requests the termination of the contract and I'm not convinced that is the situation at the moment.

4.) 06 Jul 2019 07:21:14
Who expected pogba to lead the team and take it to the next level by himself? If you did then you were being unrealistic.

Most teams go up to the next level by having a very good manager with a very good style of playing and then buying very good players to fit into that.

Pogba seemed to have enough mental ability to help france win the world cup.

5.) 06 Jul 2019 08:01:40
I’m afraid a combo of Pogba’s personality and an agent such as his means he’ll al aye want to be looking for the next new shiny thing. Move him on, and Lukaku, and get some harmony back in the club. I’ll bet anyone a £1 we We will see the real Alexis Sanchez too once Pogba leaves.

6.) 06 Jul 2019 08:44:36
Pogba leaving is the one piece of transfer news I look for everyday.

Unbelievably talented but can’t be bothered most days. Clearly doesn’t want to be at the biggest club in the works. Has to go.

Plus the reported unrest in the dressing room and the effect his attitude has on other, younger impressionable players. Has to go.

And not that bothered about Lukaku either tbh - died t suit OGS’s reported style of play.

Get rid of both.

7.) 06 Jul 2019 09:09:35

Absolutely agree 100% and I don’t really understand anybody’s arguments for wanting to keep him, he was poor last season when we needed him, the previous manager called him a virus, he’s everything that is wrong with our club to be honest and now he’s said he wants to leave and some people are still saying we should keep him. Beggars belief, if we are to rebuild getting rid of pogba would be the perfect start imo.

8.) 06 Jul 2019 09:10:08
DSG, sorry, but how exactly did Pogba "help" France win the World Cup?

9.) 06 Jul 2019 10:48:13
The bloke is an A hole, can't wait ft for him to get gone. Same for Sanchez.

Saul would be an amazing upgrade.

10.) 06 Jul 2019 11:27:45

I would say by playing every minute of their games in that world cup at a high level and scoring a goal in the final.

Wasnt their best player but he definitely “helped” them.

I am definitely in the camp of getting rid of him but i don't see the need to trash him or slander him. Very good player, both parties can improve from a parting of ways.

11.) 06 Jul 2019 12:34:35
Pogba looked decent at the world cup because of kante and matuidi doing all the graft

He is not a team player

As ed said players come and go

As long as the players than come give 100 percent that's all we ask for a bit if desire.

12.) 06 Jul 2019 12:46:55
Spot on Bolger2

He’s brilliant every now and then, average most weeks and absolutely rubbish in the big games or when we are getting beat.

His attitude is disgusting and can’t wait for him to leave and be replaced by someone happy to wear the shirt.

His agent is a complete idiot and this has been his plan along from the day he signed back up for us. He disrespected us once by leaving, and regardless of how good he was/ is, he should have never got the chance to do it again.

Can’t wait to have him gone!

13.) 06 Jul 2019 13:46:06
Pogba looked decent at the world cup because of kante and matuidi doing all the graft.

Player plays well with other good players. I am shocked.

14.) 06 Jul 2019 13:59:56
Brilliant player. Will be sadly missed. Messed around by two inappropriate managers.

The saving grace is that we will recover the fee and some of the fee that was missed when he first departed.

15.) 06 Jul 2019 14:14:08

Absolute nonsense, messed around in what way? The guy never wanted to be here and played when he wanted to, nobody messed him around and he played in most games under Ole. In fact the only game I remember him not playing was our biggest win in Paris where he was suspended and everybody else played for the shirt. After that he was woeful.

I can’t wait for him to leave, we are a big club and deserve to have a squad of players who want to be here, if you don’t then off you go, we might take some time to get back where we want to be but we certainly aren’t going to do it with players like pogba.

I think the post above about Sanchez is a little harsh though, I am yet to see a lack of effort from him, he looks like he’s always tried hard, it just hasn’t worked out for him so far.

16.) 06 Jul 2019 14:35:53
I always thought he was going to end up another Anelka. Pimped around by his agent like a common whore. But I'm not bitter :)

17.) 06 Jul 2019 17:05:15
If France had a different player playing instead of Pogba at the World Cup they prob would have still won it.

18.) 06 Jul 2019 17:13:41
Pogba will not leave. Neither Real Madrid nor Juventus can afford him.

19.) 06 Jul 2019 16:56:52
Pogba can be great surrounded by the right players in the right league he will excel. Best of luck to him. He should have been sold last summer. i'm not sure any clubs want to pay what the club are looking for. i'm bored of the whole saga now. I won't miss him as a player i won't miss the circus he brings to town.

20.) 06 Jul 2019 17:49:51
Can’t wait to see the back of him. Stroll around the pitch like it’s a training match. Would of much preferred to give Herrera a decent contract and see Pogba on his way. The lads a muppet. Lingard and Rashford are irritating me more and more with their social media obsession.


21.) 06 Jul 2019 19:25:40
Nice, like the hashtag.

We should get it trending.

22.) 06 Jul 2019 20:09:39
I just hope we don't price him out of a move (nor have our pants taken down)
He plays as he does because he doesn't want to be here. Just think how awful he will be next season if if he really really really doesn't want to be be here.
Exit - sooner the better for me.

23.) 06 Jul 2019 21:15:21

I am not slandering any player at all, but this fellow Pogba gets on everyone's nerves, doesn't he? All of us, barring a few, would like to see him gone.

If he'd put even an ounce of the effort you think he put in the WC, then I'm sure we'd at least be happy about the fact that he tried to help the team, but we failed him. And that is why he wants to move on.

I can't for a second forgive a midfielder for jogging or slow walking in the centre of the pitch after either losing the ball or misplacing a pass. I'm sure neither can you.

A lot of people credit him for carrying France on his shoulders (I've been banned on the Red Devils Reddit sub for voicing my opinion on him) . But as Bolger has said, he was made to look good by players around him. He is not the player we think he is, heck, I don't even know if he knows what kind of a player he is.

The sooner this saga ends, the better. I think we all will be at a happier place once he leaves. I'd be over the moon and extremely delighted if we would sign Saul, but I don't know what will happen and what not.

24.) 06 Jul 2019 21:22:28
No matter how good a player is, if that player has no desire to play for the club and is a rotten apple.
Let's get loads of money for him reinvest into players who want to play for the club and restore the pride back on the field.



29 Jun 2019 16:57:34
Some news.

Pogba has a contract offer on the table from mr woodward.

Also been told there will be a defensive player leaving the club in the next 7-10 days as negotiations are in hand.

As always not sure how true this is.


1.) 29 Jun 2019 17:27:27
Midfield trio of Pogba, Bruno and Longstaff :)
Pogba will be motivated for the Euro's hopefully.

2.) 29 Jun 2019 17:40:03
I just hope Darmian leaves the club for his own sake. He could have done a lot better over these years in Italy.



22 Jun 2019 16:46:15
I'm still being told that the plan is to extend pogba.

And as before to buy a CB we need to offload 2 CB first.

Most recently added that a striker won't be purchased even if lukaku is sold.

How reliable this is I do not know but they did get the medical of Daniel James accurate.


1.) 22 Jun 2019 18:15:00
6ft 3” is tall enough.

2.) 22 Jun 2019 18:21:50
Can see this happening - need to trim squad and sell players first 😢.

3.) 22 Jun 2019 18:28:51
None of that is good news.

4.) 22 Jun 2019 18:43:35
If we sell lukaku and don't buy a goal scorer we are screwed.




BIG V's banter posts with other poster's replies to BIG V's banter posts


19 Aug 2019 07:27:13
On a cruise ship, once I get back on in sweden a few hours later itll be time for the game in the sports bar.

Happy days, come on you reds.


1.) 19 Aug 2019 14:38:36
Say hello to Henrik Larsson from the lads while you're there big V, lol 😁.

2.) 19 Aug 2019 23:12:26
Don't jump overboard big man😂 and if you do. make sure you strap pogba to your back😂.



17 Aug 2019 09:06:44
According to most people on here our back line is fixed?

After 1 game and conceding many chances I don't think so, the clean sheet was very lucky another day we would of shipped 2 or 3.

Maguire is a massive improvement, but we have seen him and lindelof just once, what if maguire and tunazebe keep a clean sheet and concede less chances what then?

People need to start giving our players some chances, even sanchez should be given a chance, what annoys me about our fan base they are so quick to turn on every player having a tough time.

Liverpool fans don't rate all there players but they back them regardless and hope they come good, where as us utd fans one chance is all you get.

I remember Darren fletcher having a shocking time originally and 2 years later he was so important for us, anyone remember evra first season? These are just examples.

And to some of the posters mocking what I said about lindelof could be tried as a DM, a certain psy CB moved to Dm and hadn't looked back since.


1.) 17 Aug 2019 09:35:31
Who says we don't give our players chances? I don't think anybody is saying all is fixed but Maguire was at ease, composed and assured, Lindelof I've always rated.
Sanchez has had many chances tbh and if he plays we will hope he rediscovered that form, seems like you're having a go for us saying players played well while then saying we should give players a chance.

2.) 17 Aug 2019 10:25:31
Big V, do you see the irony in your post?

You complain that no one is prepared to give our players a chance.

Then in your next breath you are writing off Lindelof after one game with Maguire (a game we won 4-0).

Defensive partnerships take time to build, Rio and Vidic didn't hit it off immediately. Lindelof and Maguire have literally only been training together for a week before the Chelsea game. We need to give it time.

What I really liked and what was an excellent sign was how much they were all talking to eachother. That communication is the most important step in building a solid defensive unit.

I want to see Tuanzebe get his chance, I was calling out for it last year. Yet at the moment our best CB pairing is Lindelof and Maguire. The fact Tuanzebe is picked on the bench ahead of Smalling, Jones and Rojo is an excellent sign that he will get his chances this season.

3.) 17 Aug 2019 11:08:25
I don’t think anybody has said the back 4 is fixed because only time can prove if it is or isn’t.

But it’s certainly the best back 4 we’ve had post-Fergie so there’s no reason to be chopping and changing so early. Reading your post anyone we think we conceded 4, not scored 4.

I’m sure everyone is hoping this new back 4 lives up to the potential and proves to be solid for the next 5 years 🤞.

4.) 17 Aug 2019 11:18:17
It looks a good back 4 to me that given time should do really well.

Big v is right people want a flavour of the month in every position they would of been shouting to sell the the N butt, p Neville, w browns a few years back.

That said I will be amazed if lindelof every plays cm.

5.) 17 Aug 2019 11:33:28
I agree on Sanchez big V. Would give him one more chance especially as we are looking to play a more pressing game. Would have him at no 10 though as he’s lost the pace he had needed to play on the wing.

While on paper it seems lindelof can play dm, I wouldn’t tinker at all. He actually has all the attributes as he reads the game well, excellent on the ball and has great technique. But why fix something that ain’t broken? Let him and Maguire build an understanding as they look like they will compliment each other well. We finally have the ability to build out the back. I’m a big fan of Tuanzebe, and as shappy has said, he will get chances this season.

Jred let’s not act like you don’t have your players who you have preferences too. We all do it so don’t act like you are exempt from that group.

6.) 17 Aug 2019 11:44:59
We all just want the best player in the right position.
Back 4 is what we all would agree on, keeper is best in the world, we all happy McTominay is in, we all want pogba to dictate games more and praise when he does, we all happy that we've the pace up top, we all wanted a right winger and another midfielder in so pretty much all of us are in agreement with our best eleven and where we need to strengthen still.
Obvs opinions vary but I think atm we would all name the same 10 or 11 players which can only be a good thing after years of instability particularly in the back line.

7.) 17 Aug 2019 12:21:17
People would of been shouting for the likes of brown to be sold.
I will be honest I'm amazed people are shouting to give Sanchez a chance . They want better performing g players sold.
I can only guess it's because he is a big name?

8.) 17 Aug 2019 12:21:35
The thing is though of all the changes Chelsea created the only one that was a denfensive error from one the back 4 was when AWB followed the ball in towards Lindelof and left Emerson in behind him for a shot. 2 changes were from AP being caught out and one from Pogba McTominay not closing down on. The edge of the box. Whilst it is very earlier days we can see an improvement already and hopefully it will get better and better the more games they play together.

9.) 17 Aug 2019 13:46:57

Perhaps they would have done. As we all know those sort of players are essential in every successful squad. The reason why people are willing to give Sanchez another chance is because of what he’s shown in the past. I know he hasn’t shown it since he’s joined but there is no doubting his ability. Hence why people would be happier to see him play than say jones who has never and will never have it. I think that’s fair to say. I have doubts Sanchez will ever show his arsenal form. But I wouldn’t be against one more chance.

10.) 17 Aug 2019 14:02:58
Big V, i actually think lindlehof will make a very good DM. As i replied to your previous post, he's played in that position for Benfica on few ocassions. He'll be very good at it in my opinion.

11.) 17 Aug 2019 14:36:11
There maybe is a doubt over his ability as well as his ability to turn things around with him approaching 32 years old .
He won't be playing instead of Jones either it will obviously be at the expense of linders etc .

12.) 17 Aug 2019 14:40:16
But there's no need to move lindelof to midfield. He's our best centre back so I really don't get the point.

On the other point I think most fans on here are sensible and recognise the contributions made by the Wes browns an john o'shea's an Darren fletchers etc. We do need those kind of players in the squad if we are to be successful. Its a squad game and not everyone can be a starter in a 23-25 man squad. The problem is we have a squad of that size with several players making little to no contribution. Which is why posters say they need to be moved on.

13.) 17 Aug 2019 14:47:29
Who do you think he deserves a chance and a run of games ahead off.

14.) 17 Aug 2019 14:55:24
Obviously jones and Sanchez don’t play in the same position was was using the former to make a point. I’m sure you could see that. There are plenty of games in a season for Sanchez to play. I’m not suggesting he goes straight into the starting 11 because I’d have lingard over him as no 10. You’ve got mata and Gomes too, I’m a big fan of the latter. I would put Sanchez ahead of mata. Will he get a chance? I’m not so sure. But I believe there is still some quality there and if he shows anything in training, then he should be given a chance. A half firing Sanchez would offer more end product than lingard imo. Lingard offers a lot off the ball but it remains to be see if he has enough quality end product wise. Scored some really important goals, but doesn’t do it consistently.

15.) 17 Aug 2019 14:55:52
Spot on mort in your second paragraph.

16.) 17 Aug 2019 15:06:52
Sanchez hasn't offered more end product in any of the games I've watched him in a united shirt.
Like shaw ;)

17.) 17 Aug 2019 16:40:01
Not sure why you felt the need to bring up shaw. Last summer I would've sold him. He did have a good season last year compared to the one before although I don't agree he was our player of the year. I think he's a player who needs a run of games to build up a head of steam and hopefully he's over the worst of his injury issues. I've not advocated selling him just that this is a big season for him and he can cement his place as first choice. He does need competition for his place though. At the least an able deputy. I like the look of the lad in the u23s. Williams I think it is.

18.) 17 Aug 2019 17:20:17
Selling shaw has been a topic on the site this week .
I would like to see sanchez get back to his best but he will be 31 soon and if I'm honest I can't see it .
Looks to have lost a yard imo and is struggling to adjust his game .
I actually think he was our worse outfield performer last season .
I'm not saying he shouldn't get a chance but i'm surprised people are wanting to give him a run of games .

19.) 17 Aug 2019 17:35:19
Its as you say his age is against him. He's on the decline. Who do you drop for him? Only way I see him getting into the team is injuries to others or a fixture pile up. If he takes the chance then fair play but can't see it myself.

20.) 17 Aug 2019 17:35:48
Tome Lindelof lookz like a round peg in a round hole. Let's be really radical and leave him there.

21.) 17 Aug 2019 17:39:29
No ones saying sell shaw they have simply said he’s the weak link in back 4. If it’s a crime to have that opinion then I’m guilty.

22.) 17 Aug 2019 19:29:38
I think it's fair to say that Shaw is the best left back at the club AND the weakest defender of our back four.

At the end of the day one of our defenders will be the weakest link regardless of who we sign.

I think the issue is people feel like there is no grey areas just black and white.

You either think Shaw's amazing or you think he is crap.

Welcome to the internet of 2019.

23.) 17 Aug 2019 19:51:52
I don't get the whole idea of dismissing the fact a player was player of the season ahead of some very good players but at the same time wanting a player to be given a chance who was arguably our worse player of the season .
Sanchez hasn't even played a pre season game, I really am struggling to understand why people are wanting him the team .
He never has been a 10 that run the game etc with so much pace in the front 3 I think mata would pull the strings better .
Where does he fit in.
Honestly what has Sanchez done?
If he gets a chance great, how people can argue against shaw and for Sanchez is beyond me.

As for shaw was he the weak link last season or are we making a judgement on 1 game .

24.) 17 Aug 2019 21:25:46
Jred, no Shaw wasn't the weak link last season when one of Valencia or Young was playing at RB, or Smalling or Jones was playing at CB.

But with AWB and Maguire joining that changes the landscape somewhat.

Is Shaw the weak link in this line up? Young, Smalling, Lindelof, Shaw.

No there are at least two players weaker than him.

However, is he the weakest in this line? AWB, Lindelof, Maguire, Shaw.

Yeah he probably is as the other three are better defenders than he is.

As for Sanchez, I don't get it either. He hasn't even had a good 10 minute spell for us in 18 months. There is nothing to suggest he would play we at No.10 in this set up or in any other set up. I just think he is a big name and people are desperate to see him succeed.

25.) 17 Aug 2019 21:53:47
After 1 game? I'm sure you weren't the biggest fan of Maguire before we bought him .
Shaw won't be the weak leak as you put it every week . Awful term by the way.
If he has a really good game does that make someone else a weak link .
You defend as a team but no point going into it to be honest. It's a ridiculous convo that I would expect of a kids team .
Lol 1 game into the season, I think there are signs we have a decent back 4, gk base to allow us to play a certain way, implement our tactics .
Team game let's see how it works this season but some strange discussion on the site.

26.) 18 Aug 2019 10:33:02
Jred, we have a good back four. But quite simply at the moment Shaw is the weakest player in that back four.

If you were to rank the four defenders on key areas of defending where would Shaw rank against his teammates?

Tackling? I would say AWB is the best tackler, followed by Maguire then Lindelof with Shaw last.

Defensive positioning/ reading of the game? Lindelof, AWB, Maguire with Shaw last again.

Heading/ clearing the ball? Maguire, Lindelof, AWB with Shaw again last.

Defensive decision-making? (When to stay on your feet and when to go in) Lindelof, Maguire, AWB with Shaw last again.

It's not about Shaw being a bad player, it's about him being the weakest of our starting defenders at actually defending. He is actually a good player.

When we had a back four of Neville, Ferdinand, Vidic and Evra we had a very good back four. Yet Evra was still the weakest defender in that back four. That doesn't make him a bad player, just that they guys alongside him were better at key aspects of defending.

27.) 18 Aug 2019 11:52:59
Best takeaway eater of the four though shappy.

28.) 18 Aug 2019 12:31:20
Good constructive post from angel again.

29.) 18 Aug 2019 12:31:57
Shaps if only football was that easy.

30.) 18 Aug 2019 18:23:58
Sorry jred. I thought I was posting on a banter site 😂.



16 Aug 2019 15:59:05

I'm very happy about you saying the original Ronaldo in your team, I have been arguing with people for Years about how good he was.

Looking forward to the next pod.


{Ed001's Note - I think people don't realise how good he actually was because the TV coverage wasn't the same as now. He was insanely good. Just a shame he was too busy partying to stay in shape and so had a short career. At his peak he was like a combination of the tight dribbling skills of Messi and the power and pace of Cristiano Ronaldo.}

1.) 16 Aug 2019 19:12:18
Yes I agree, he had the injury setback too, I always remember him getting applauded at old Trafford for just being that good.

2.) 16 Aug 2019 21:20:57
Ed001, I remember him signing for Barcelona and his 1 season under Bobby Robson. He was ridiculous, his goal against Compostela still sits as my favourite goal of all time. What a plAyer!

{Ed001's Note - he was truly special.}

3.) 16 Aug 2019 22:29:59
OG ronaldo was best striker of all time in his pomp.

4.) 17 Aug 2019 10:17:34
I was one of those on my feet applauding the great Brazilian Ronaldo at Old Trafford after he had put a hat trick past us. I saw him play for PSV and wanted him at OT, wanted him again in 98, I think he was in Italy then, before we bought Yorkie but we never showed interest to my knowledge. Always seemed like he glided across the turf but had balance, pace, astonishing close skill and could finish. The hatrick at OT seemed so effortless at the time.

{Ed001's Note - that was one of the greatest individual centre forward performances of all time. There has probably never been another centre forward who could have done that.}

5.) 17 Aug 2019 12:29:08
He was class I was a that match too and he was phenomenal! Another ex Barcelona guy who schooled many years before was Romario. Another genius who liked to party.

{Ed002's Note - He was not at Barcelona long - the link is PSV and not Barcelona and the man who effectively discovered both players.}



16 Aug 2019 15:42:55
I would really like ole to try lindelof as our DM, with pogba and mctominay in front of him

Tunazebe could fill in at cb and has more than enough ability to succeed.

I think lindelof has what it takes and he would be positionally very good compared to the rest of our midfielders as I don't think any of them are really a DM.


1.) 16 Aug 2019 16:20:38
No because then we're back to round pegs in square holes. Leave players in their proper positions. We have a chance of building a settled back 4 for the first time in over half a decade.

2.) 16 Aug 2019 16:29:22
Good shout Big V. Mort, lindlehof played at DM for Benfica in some matches, and played exceptionally well there.

3.) 16 Aug 2019 17:03:00
We have just solved our defensive issue and we now want to compromise it by playing people out of position. We are better as a team with a strong defense.
As the season progresses our midfield will develop but for me I am happy with Mctominy as HM.

4.) 16 Aug 2019 17:11:33
I would persist with McTominay for the DM role.
He has the engine, big physique to the role.
Reading of the game will improve as he gains more experience.
He is improving all the time which is really impressive and that shows his character.

5.) 16 Aug 2019 17:26:06
I'm not saying we should play Lindelof in midfield, but he did start his career off as a midfielder.

So I'm sure if push comes to shove he could comfortably fill in there.

However, I think we should allow Lindelof and Maguire to build an understanding together as our first choice centre back duo.

6.) 16 Aug 2019 19:45:23
I’m not sure why anyone would want to break up the best back 4 we’ve had in 5 years. Maybe Rojo could slot in net to give De Gea a run out.

7.) 16 Aug 2019 19:58:34

8.) 16 Aug 2019 20:18:46
The mind boggles Ken.

9.) 16 Aug 2019 23:03:45
Actually I'd love to see rojo in nets. Imagine the 1 vs 1s.

"and salah is clean through but he's just been two-footed by the keeper. " He'd make harald Schumacher look like a choir boy.

Just because lindelof played there 4 years ago in a weaker but more technical league doesn't mean he could do it here. Splitting up a good backline before it even has chance to settle is a bad idea.

10.) 17 Aug 2019 10:16:22
Don’t forget axel played some good games at cdm under Jose in his first season.



14 Aug 2019 21:01:40
Does anyone else think liverpool have made a mistake in not strengthening.

Feel like there defence can be got at now for some reason, it's only a few games in so maybe its just a blip.


1.) 14 Aug 2019 21:26:39
Quick players like Kante cause VvD issues. Robertson's pace often saves VvD from embarrassment. He's a great CB don't get me wrong, but very surprised teams don't take advantage of his lack of pace. Last season teams gave Liverpool a lot of respect, but we have seen what can happen when teams get at them. Norwich opened them up several times, City too although expected, Chelsea have had a good 3-4 good chances. Hopefully that's a sign of things to come and teams will be putting Liverpool under pressure. We will see.

2.) 14 Aug 2019 21:46:56
Sideways a mistake not to strengthen while on top. And they were not even top. Madrid suffered Barcelona suffered. Players need pressure players need competition. Players get complacent. Supporters get arrogant.

3.) 14 Aug 2019 22:11:17
Hmm, Champion’s League winners didn’t strengthen, they’re bound to struggle. Liverpool spent very big last year which means they have no cash this year. They have a very good team, it remains to be seen whether United or anyone else can close the gap.

{Ed047's Note - Wow did I really read VVD doesn’t have pace, guess he hasn’t seen VVD burn half the length of a pitch and make a saving tackle, I recall one against Willian, whose no slouch, this whole thread is just totally wow.

4.) 14 Aug 2019 22:35:52
VVD has made a huge difference but it did burn the budget meaning money is tight this year. I thought he was an OK CB but he really stepped up. I think Liverpool are so far ahead that they will probably get away with it this year.

5.) 14 Aug 2019 22:37:09
Champions league final when he showed immense recovery pace to tackle son heung min, vvd has plenty of pace, just doesn't need to use it half the time as he's playing in second gear.

6.) 14 Aug 2019 22:40:12
Always judge a team. at. the end of a season.

7.) 14 Aug 2019 23:59:31
The only thing I could see here is the Liverpool team don't look 100% fit, but I'd say they will be bang at it when they get going.

8.) 14 Aug 2019 23:24:23
Sure, when he's into his stride, I mean over short distances. His positional sense and timing is top class, but speed over short distance isn't great, like most his size. Maguire being another.

9.) 14 Aug 2019 23:47:40
Ed047 why is the whole thread 'wow'?
I think the ideal time to improve any team is when you are at the top. As soon as a squad stagnates even if successful it is on the slide then whole sake changes are required at once. Juve have done it best recently won the league 8 years in a row 3 cl finals numerous cups new stadia yet they add at least 1 or 2 first team starters every summer.
Nobody is complacent. The coach the players the fans nobody.
Fans favourites are moved out if its the right decision for the club.
City have added one every year.
Liverpool are not perfect. I think they missed an opportunity to add to a great squad with a top class talent who can push for a place or a top class cb. Its best practise imo.

{Ed047's Note - because Ken a poster two games in is saying that Liverpool can be got at as though they have suddenly become less of a team. Every defence can be got at because no one is perfect.

But like most teams they are not up and running, Trent, Gomez, VVD and
Robertson are for me the best back 4 in the league by some way and you have to remember Gomez is still on his way back.

As for the VVD comment saving him from embarrassment was the daftest thing ever as firstly Gomez plays on the right side and is the speed machine and could any actually point out exactly when he was embarrassed.

I don’t get the argument that they have no money either, Coutinho sale equalled Allison and VVD. They’ve been to two Champions League finals and finished runners up, how would they be skint.

Whilst I agree you should never stand still it has to be difficult to get the exact type of player you want at that moment and whilst you are happy that you have Chong, Greenwood, Gomes and Garner in your squad, have you not seen the talented youth in the Liverpool set up. They have two excellent looking full backs as well as young Brewster and others.

That’s why I said wow mate.

10.) 15 Aug 2019 06:52:23
Red tinted glasses i suspect ed.
I think you should expect united supporters not to see anything good in Liverpool. Football supporters are bias and don't often talk factually about their major position. Ergo you shouldn't be surorised😂
Gomez in best back 4 in the league? How many games has he actually played as a cb for Liverpool? So your hoping he will fulfill his obvious potential. he want even in your back 4 most of last year. You want him to replace matip but matip has looked better all pre season and you have won nothing with gomez In the team and you did win a cup with matip in and got to a cup final the previous year.
End of season will tell if Liverpool improve get more points than last year and win more than the cl. If they don't they disimproved.
I don't thin k they will only lose 1 game this season i don't think they will win the cl. If they don't they wills be factually on the declinewill have disimproved yoy. So as you say wait till end of season and then we can look at the results without bias as it will be factual.

{Ed047's Note - Ken I’m not a Liverpool supporter mate and if you watched Gomez prior to his leg break he was immense, nothing got through him and his time out was a big loss for them.

I honestly don’t see them being weaker simply because the haven’t smashed the transfer window I just see them as being every bit as good.

They seem to have that spirit with Klopp that you guys did in your pomp with Fergie.

We are all playing catch up to Spurs to start with before we think of City and Liverpool.

And no I’m not surprised mate 😂

11.) 15 Aug 2019 07:17:52
I think you are a gooner but your looking at it like a Liverpool supporter imo.
Milner unreal last year will not play to those standards again imo.
Gomez has played only a handful of games and mostly at rb no guarantee he will come back as strong.
They will not surpass last season's point total so will be worse.

Not playing catch up with anybody. New season we all start from zero. Last season counts for nothing.

I suspect city will win again i see Liverpool betting worth the rest of the pack. Its just my biased opinion of course mate😂.

{Ed047's Note - 😂 I’m looking at it from the outside mate and if they won the league with 92pts and lost 3 games would that make them worse?

And yes you are playing catch up mate, you can’t hide from that one.

Ken I love footy mate and in my time I’ve cheered on every English club playing in Europe including United.

I love watching great football no matter who the team, I don’t get bent out of shape about Spurs, I love their new Stadium and they have some great players.

So in every sense I see City, Liverpool and not so much Spurs ahead of the rest and we really are playing catch up. You might not like it much but it’s true. 🤷‍♂️

You’re heading in the right direction for sure and I love AWB, not quite a man crush but would have loved him at the Arsenal.

12.) 15 Aug 2019 09:21:30
047 of course the will improve if they win the league which i said but i don't think they will.
Season is on. They are now playing catch up. I suspect they will be ahead soon all the same😂. Last year is gone nothing tells me Liverpool are on course for a period of wining multiple major trophies.
If they doo ill be first I to congratulate them like i was last year. I don't concede anything until its won. I don't like Liverpool fc and if i had my way they would be 2nd In every competition every year.
Nothing better than liverpool nearly winning and then falling at the final hurdle. 😂😂
When or if they win is the time to throw plaudits around not because they have the potential to do so imo.

13.) 15 Aug 2019 09:28:47
It will take a while to get back competing at the top table ed047. Baby steps. I think we will compete a lot better this season. KT will be as good for you as awb is for us i suspect ed.

{Ed047's Note - I’m hoping so mate and I’m sure you will and certainly hope we are.

Big year for both Emery and OGS.

14.) 15 Aug 2019 10:12:04
Cheers mate. Have a great day ed047 and good to see you on these pages. Yourself and ed025 are great on here and always contribute and your opinions are well worth reading.

{Ed047's Note - thanks mate and you.




BIG V's rumour replies


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05 Apr 2019 17:47:27

I like Bergwijn because he is flexible across the front 3, I think he would be ideal for our squad. Have watched him a lot he will need time to settle though.

I just hope we sign him.




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09 Jul 2015 23:20:42
Monday will be the decisive day, apparently they meeting over the weeken sweini n the chairman, looks like bayern will generously ask him to leave or be on the bench




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08 Jul 2015 19:12:11
Gets him off wage bill, we don't need a sulking rvp making a nuisance in the dressing room




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05 Jul 2015 15:02:13
Please don't rely on one persons judgement, i mean we have signed many players that just did not make it !




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04 Jul 2015 23:37:35
Apparently can play rb/lb i only judge once they get utd shirt on what they have done before is irrelevant. It's what they do in the utd colours that matters to me





BIG V's banter replies


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16 Aug 2019 19:12:18
Yes I agree, he had the injury setback too, I always remember him getting applauded at old Trafford for just being that good.




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08 Aug 2019 14:41:15
Haha don't worry about it, I'm sure all the Ed's hate the deadline day every year and some regulars too.

I'm just looking forward to the season now.

In all seriousness we have fixed defence and will be relying on youth witch I don't mind as I hate the mercenaries.




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08 Aug 2019 10:05:52
Sorry I meant for everyone who posts, so if there is a new post on utd rumours I would get a notification or a notification they replied to my post?


{Ed001's Note - you are asking the wrong person. Ed033 is the tech person.}



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08 Aug 2019 07:36:06
So why did you pick mine to have a problem with?

There has been many others?




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07 Aug 2019 22:27:20
Ajh, outgoings could happen until the end of August.