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05 Jul 2016 19:00:53
We just need two more signings.
Love to see pogba and varane/ stones.
Utd will be great again.


{Ed004's Note - Pogba and Varane would be ideal last two signings}

1.) 05 Jul 2016 19:44:44
If the summer ended with Bailly, Varane, Pogba, Micky and Zlatan, I don't think a single United fan would have a complaint, been a while since that happened. I wouldn't spend ridiculous money on Pogba, personally, but if Jose wants him, United are willing to pay over the odds and Real/ Barca aren't, then it could happen.

2.) 05 Jul 2016 19:53:22
I live sweeping assumptions like that one Brend. Bailly remains unproven, Ibra is old and hasn't played in such a physical league, many think Pogba is overrated and doesn't dominate games. Happy to be optimistic but let's not carried away.

3.) 05 Jul 2016 19:59:13
Its a good point also will mikey adapt to the epl.

4.) 05 Jul 2016 20:35:00
Just about every transfer is a risk.
Ibra is a relatively low risk transfer relatively low cost with a potential huge upside which imo vallidates the gamble. I think he will score 20 goals and lift the whole club.
Bailey I don't know enough about to be honest but he is very highly rated and coveted by many clubs we just choose to spend big and quickly to secure him. I hope he is another st am type player. But He has a lot to prove. But i trust the judgement of jose particularly with defencive recruits.
Miki is at a better age than others. He is a very intelligent well educated player speaks fluent English ad well as 4 other languages. Again highly rated and coveted had speed vision football intelligence and I will stick my neck out now and say he will prove to be a great signing instantly.
We have a lot to look forward to yes there are many unanswered questions but tell me a club that doesn't have unanswered questions.

5.) 05 Jul 2016 20:38:52
Wow so negative guys lol, has lvg become manager again.

6.) 05 Jul 2016 20:44:57
So I ask you. .

It's the last day of the 2015/ 16 season, someone says come the first game of the 2016/ 17 season Mourinho will be manager, we will have signed Bailly, a young, strong quick CB, Varane the same, Pogba, Zlatan age or not and Micky who just had a blinding season at Dortmund. You're telling me you would have had a complaint? I say no you wouldn't.

7.) 05 Jul 2016 20:48:45
Its not negative, its what makes it exciting .
For every rvn there is a veron.

There is always one that doesn't work out one that does better.



21 Aug 2014 11:21:58
I personally think we should not sign Di Maria. £56mil is too much. Don't get me wrong I do want utd to Spend spend. But to be realistic we should sell Hernandez, Cleverly, Anderson And few other deadwoods to raise some extra funds. So we can go Cm: Vidal WB: Cuadrado CB: one of Benatia, Hummels, Miranda etc. We sign players for those position We will and I mean we will for sure be contender for the title.


1.) Cuadrado and Blind are more likely IMO. The club will balk at the Di Maria and Vidal asking prices. They may even balk at the Cuadrado asking price. But I think Cuadrado and Blind are more probable.

2.) 21 Aug 2014 11:55:18

But how can we spend when there is no money?

3.) The fact of the matter is those players aren't available and di Maria is. We've spend 2 years chasing players who were never going to leave aka fabregas last summer, pretty much every player at bayern and players like Reus and Hummels, we're wasting our time.

4.) I have good feelings that we will get Di Maria and Guarin.

5.) Dont forget Syd we can afford to and would break transfer records for the right players LOL not quite sure who the club deems as these players though because its obviously not somebody we need like vidal or hummels

6.) Red79, we have plenty of dough mate, but our constant need to penny pinch will hurt us when we are competing against other top clubs for players.



18 Jul 2014 11:12:15
Di Maria - Psg
Reus - Barcelona
Rodriguez - Real Madrid
Hummels - Barcelona
Vidal - staying at juve
Robben - staying at Munich
Pogba - Chelsea or Psg
Cuadrado - Barcelona
Sooooo what's left for us??
Can any one tell me including
You mr. Ed woodwoody


1.) 18 Jul 2014 12:47:49
Barcelona are going to sign Cuardado, Suarez and Reus,
would be the first team i've seen to play a front 5

{Ed002's Note - Cuardado is seen as a replacement for Alves.}

2.) 18 Jul 2014 13:10:51
In fairness u seem quite sure on all these deal so please u tell us

3.) Reus will NOT be going to barcelona.not quite sure where you got that 1 from?

4.) Even if all of these transfers happen, there is still plenty of talent in the market. Maybe not world class, but quite close to it.griezmann, konoplynka, draxler and many other players that may be available for the right price.

5.) So barca are going to spend the best part of £175 million that they probably haven't got.

{Ed002's Note - Barcelona has a large number of players available for sale and have already raised over £60M.}

6.) Pogba to Real Madrid is more likely. I think both illaramendi and Isco might be available.


There are so many other player out there that would be great and your list is not even reflective of the talent out there. Verrati, Varane, Laporte, Inigo, Mangala, Martinez, Di Maria, (better than Sanchez imo), Pedro, Lucas, etc etc

Not sure if they are available but if we are going to go stupid with overbidding on players then that brings in so many others that need a mention.

The one that I wanted the most is Iturbe for our left side but gone to Inter unfortunately. awesome talent.



18 Jul 2014 11:04:50
Come on utd get our transfer targets ASAP
Before they go, 3-4weeks is too long.
It's like going to supermarket at 10am on
Saturday, you will find everything on stock,
But if you go at 5pm most things are gone.


1.) 18 Jul 2014 13:05:05
You must go to different supermarkets to me, always nice and full whenever I go. Maybe chill out and stop pressing enter!



17 Jul 2014 16:43:03
Van G said it will take up to 3-4weeks to
Make is mind up about new signings.
That means forget about signing
Vidal, Reus, Di Maria, Hummels etc.
You really think others clubs won't take them
By then. Wake up utd.
PSG or barca or man city will do all they're
Business by then.
Pls please utd don't to this again I'm this window.


1.) Jesus. he's hardly going to come out and say at a live press conference the names of the players who he wants out of the club and the new players he's chasing is he.
He only started work yesterday have some patience.

2.) I think the Glazers penny pinching over the years has got us all in a negative mind-set. If we want to compete at the top level we have to buy this sort of class. Van Gaal will know that. It won't take him two days to work out that the squads not good enough. One look at Cleverley and he'll be straight into the transfer market.

3.) 17 Jul 2014 17:35:33
I think you are taking everything to literally. He has to say these things. can't come into the club and say. Yep they are all useless I need a new starting 11 can he. Fact we already signed 2 new players regardless if it was before he officially took over states we are in the market. The weaknesses are obvious to everyone A CB and CM are a Must. a winger may feel he can shape but unlikely. Also he has to look to give the team a chance. he can do that while still strengthening. Hummels and Vidal would get in any team so can not assume he would magically find the solution in our squad

4.) Why do people take whatever a manager says as gospel truth?

{Ed007's Note - People hear/read what they want to hear/read. C'mon Syd, you're a black belt at it!}

5.) 17 Jul 2014 17:39:54
You need to learn to read between the lines.

6.) How about:

"We have a lot of quality within the club and I need to personally assess how that quality fits the system/tactics I want to adopt. In saying that I am very aware that the squad needs strengthening with some experience and to install competition for places. I will be doing my utmost best (haha) to ensure we have the right blend of players arriving and those staying at the club. The current squad and new signings all have the opportunity to show me how they can adapt to my methods over the coming weeks. I am looking forward to the challenge ahead. I am confident Manchester United will be fighting for the title this season and will continue to do so as the measures I will be implementing will drive the club forward short-medium-long term."

Something like that doesn't damage moral, states the obvious and makes sure us supporters know we are in the hunt without being held over a barrel by the vendors. It also would provide me with more confidence, rather than playing stupid games with wording (I hope Syd is right and it was games with the wording).

7.) Looks like LVG will be stopping the signatures from coming in for 3-4 weeks. That only leaves a few weeks left till the end of the window.

It sounds a bit of a risky game, but it might help in a way. I think some teams have the idea that we will pay anything for players since the Shaw and Herrera deals. In fairness we have paid premiums for those players for very good reasons in my opinion.

A few weeks cooling off speculation may make sellers realise we are no longer in as bad a situation as last season. We have a good manager, coming off the back of a great world cup, and we have strengthened in 2 key areas already. Another point is that we are not involved in Europe this season and will not actually need as deep a squad as a normal campaign. At the moment we have been in a desperate state, needing to replace a formerly world class back 4 and centre of midfield. Feeder clubs round Europe have not exactly taken pity on us, and are demanding the types of fees they would expect from psg or city. One or two more signings and I don't think we will need to be held to ransom anymore. We can sit back and make signings slowly when they become available at value.

Perhaps it will also be a lesson to the glazers. "Refuse to spend now, - pay later." Not only has the sudden need to rebuild the team cost us premiums in player prices, but its cost us champions league football, worth 50-80m a season.

8.) Good one Ed07, so true :P

9.) Why would a new manager want to work with the squad he was taking over to get a chance to asses the players himself and fully evaluate the strengths and weaknesses when he could just buy 3 or 4 superstars and throw them straight in.
no need to spot some potential, back your own judgement perhaps decide a rw like schewiney could be better used as a cm.
no that's not lvg style at all.

10.) The problem is that nobody knows which lines to read between and what language they are written in, so everybody has a different idea of what things mean. That's why these press conferences are just a massive waste of time.

11.) No matter what lvg had said today many had already made there mind up and are convinced they know what's going on at united

12.) Vidal, Hummels and Di Maria return to their clubs in 10 days, discussions will then move forward the following week so up to 4weeks

13.) 17 Jul 2014 19:26:14
Haha yea beast next time his press conference will be aimed just to please you.

14.) LvG would have been briefed on what questions he will be asked beforehand, so him and his advisor/s knew well in advance what to say. I wouldn't expect a manager who's just taken over a squad to say any different. But the truth is he will know roughly who will be going and who will be staying (hence the reason Zaha has been told to find a new club) and negotiations for new arrivals will continue behind the scenes as normal. You would be a plonker to think otherwise.

15.) Syd
I would be surprised if zaha leaving is lvg decision .
I think he burnt a few bridges last season

16.) LvG will have final say on every player. He's the manager. LvG done very well in the press conference today. Swerving some very crafty questions. The best one was the captaincy question, his reply that the whole squad are candidates was important and he nipped it in the bud. Obviously the whole squad are not candidates, just because he said that doesn't mean it's true of course.

17.) It goes without saying that the manager will assess the squad whilst on tour, that's a given. But the club will not be downing tools until the tour is over, the club will keep trying to secure deals and work on improving the squad behind the scenes. What this does do is take the pressure off of the club. We may not sign anyone for a few weeks, but we will be working hard behind the scenes and the club will be well aware of LvG's targets. Hence the Vidal bid, hence the Sanchez bid, hence the several enquiries for players.

18.) Syd
Im not sure about about that, in zaha case he may of been informed why the club are letting him go .
But i'm sure you no best

19.) Jred, if you think the club are going to standstill for a month then that's up to you, but I am not that naive. MU are being very active in the market trying to get the manager's targets, trying to sign players is a massive clue. But let's not let evidence and common sense prevail here.

20.) Syd
Not at all united have already signed shaw and herrera which lvg has confirmed where deals already in place . Vidal is also a moyes target or should I say a united target which we have been working on pre lvg if reports are true.
Lvg could well take a couple of weeks to asses the squad and then make his own suggestions but then again that's not how it works on FIFA.
And you would like us to sign vidal hummels and reus so no matter what is said or happens you will twist it to suit your own opinion




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Please mate forget about Vidal.
No point having hope when someone can't do there job properly. Only knows how to get sponsors. But useless on signing players. I'm taking about My Ed Woodwoody.
Everything is says is lie. It's a mind game.
Remember he said there is no limit how much utd can spend, but why would you then say we won't pay over the odds. Pure fooling fans.
Please someone show Real Madrids squad for example.





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09 Jul 2016 07:34:22
I agree. To make our team great again, we just need:
Cm- pogba
CB- varane or stones
Rw- mahrez or Coman or sane (we need a dribbler)

Sell: mata, fellani, Jones or rojo, adnan,




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If you say it would take 3 windows for the transition to be over. By then I think van gaal has 1year left on his contract,
So what's happens next,
another transition.
That would be painful again




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If it's hard to sign anyone this year,
It won't be easy next year.
With our current squad I don't think we will finish top 4.




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Off course I'm going to say the same thing over n over again because what has changed, nothing.
Woody can't deliver.
Tell your friend woody to deliver goods then I won't say nothing.




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What a disaster again.
Once again woodwoody screwed us.
I knew this was going to happen.
I was telling every one on this site.
I told everyone one woody was chatting rubbish few weeks ago. There is no money