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07 Jul 2017 22:55:59
Jim White just tweeted that It's have outbid Chelsea and the deal will be done by tomorrow with Rooney going the other way agreed too

Jim White is normally pretty accurate when he doesn't use the term 'sources'. Guess we'll find out soon enough, Good deal for me as we lose Rooney's wages and gain a potential golden boot winner.




07 Dec 2015 03:51:16
Hey eds hope you had a good weekend

With LVG preferring unpolished youth and a combination of left and right footed centre back I wondered if we have looked at Alessio Romagnoli from AC Milan? I know he's a recent signing but if they don't make the champions league this season I would think they'd consider a decent offer

Also when he looks to address the right wing issue, do you think he will go for potential or more established this time after taking the risk signing Depay and Martial before they were ready?

Thanks in advance, your info and opinions are ALWAYS appreciated despite some phallic domes on here.


{Ed002's Note - Roma lost the battle to get Alessio Romagnoli to sign a new contract with Milan buying him in the sumer of 2015 - with Sampdoria and Arsenal very keen on the player. Roma had offered him to Chelsea as part of a deal for Salah. He won't be moving again anytime soon.

I cannot distinguish between what you consider"potential" and "more established". I have explained who the wide players are who the club has been showing an interest in (Bernardo, Rafa Silva, El Ghazi, Mane).}

1.) 07 Dec 2015 08:51:26
What about Bale Ed002? Is he still going to be available to United at the 'right price' next summer or has that ship well and truly sailed?

{Ed002's Note - You need the Real Madrid page.}

2.) 07 Dec 2015 09:31:02
If I need the Real Madrid page then Bale is obviously no concern to Man Utd which means the ship has sailed and you have indirectly answered my question anyways Editor 002. Thanks.

{Ed002's Note - You are an idiot.}

3.) 07 Dec 2015 09:40:16
Touché ed002. Touché.

4.) 07 Dec 2015 12:38:29
I did try asking if there was any info or update on Bale on the Real Madrid page and the response was 'no' so I guess that answers your questions Maze!

5.) 07 Dec 2015 13:19:14
Milan are in a similar position to us in rebuilding. They won't sell one of the best young defenders in italy.



01 Jul 2015 18:28:00
Gundogan has signed a new deal at Dortmund. They said only 1 player is leaving originally, is it still possible Hummels wants out eds? Thanks in advance


{Ed004's Note - He could still leave but I reckon he will stay}

1.) 01 Jul 2015 23:45:18
2 years is a short contract. It could be to extract a larger fee from a purchasing club

2.) 02 Jul 2015 00:53:52
He's probably waiting for Barcelona to come calling next summer.

3.) 02 Jul 2015 07:37:28
Agree with sparky

4.) 02 Jul 2015 09:08:22
It's not really a two year contract rather a one year extension to the one year he had remaining.

I know people will say it doesn't make a difference but it does, his extension doesn't include a pay rise, which would indicate that Dortmund are more worried about getting a large fee and Gundogan know's he needs a good season to prove his worth and to get the move to the club he wants and the pay rise that will come with it.

From what I've heard Bayern and Barca were both interested but not at the price Dortmund wanted and were not willing to offer the wages Gundogan wanted as they felt it was a bit of a gamble to sign him.

This way he gets a chance to prove himself and win himself the move he wants, and Dortmund get to protect their asset value in the player and means that Tuchel doesn't have too much disruption with the squad. It's probably the best deal for all involved.

5.) 02 Jul 2015 09:53:18
if i wants a move to bayern or barce he will have to find some form .
he has beem average really

6.) 02 Jul 2015 09:59:52
What makes you think he didn't get a pay rise Shappy? That's pretty a absurd statment to me.

7.) 02 Jul 2015 10:09:36
I'm not saying he definitely didn't get a pay rise, but from what I've heard he didn't. It's just a extension of his current terms for an extra year.

8.) 02 Jul 2015 10:33:50
No way he had plenty of options he would have got some big fat payment mate. I'm sure of it.

9.) 02 Jul 2015 11:15:22
Apparently not, it was his wage demands that scared off the interest in him. He is a shadow of the player he was, If he want's the higher wages he desires he will have to prove he's worth it first.

10.) 02 Jul 2015 14:03:23
So heaps of major clubs are chasing him and willing to offer him a big pot of cash and he suddenly decides against earning more money?

'No I will stick to my current deal even though negotiations have went on for months and even if it is much less than what I could get elsewhere' said no 24 year old ever.

11.) 02 Jul 2015 15:33:08
Lots of big clubs were interested in him but apparently his preference was Barca. This extra year will let him stay at Dortmund for another 6 months or a year and then allow Dortmund to receive a fee for him when Barca are able to register players in January or next summer.



29 Jun 2015 03:35:29
Quick question, has there been any interest from us at all for Asier Illaramendi?

I know Liverpool are heavily linked but I feel he fits our needs perfectly. Averaging 30+ passes a game with an completion of over 90%, likes to sit deep and act as a bridge, rarely caught out of position and is really highly rated among peoplei in Spain. Don't know if the did something to barely play for Madrid, especially when Modric was out, but for the 15 million being touted I think it's worth a punt. Schneiderlin is a great box to box player, think Asier will be better in the Carrick/Xavier/Pirlo type role we're looking to employ



{Ed001's Note - he has been offered around, United have shown no inclination to sign him, or he would have been the one brought up in the De Gea talks, rather than Ramos.}

1.) 29 Jun 2015 16:56:24

I've heard were refusing to use de gea in a deal for ramos?

Any truth in that


{Ed004's Note - No idea. I doubt it, we would probably welcome a swap of some kind}

2.) 29 Jun 2015 21:10:14
let them throw in Benzema and more than happy if we wrote them a fat juicy cheque for Ramos and Benzema with DDG going the other way.

Maybe we are trying to get them to buy Di maria back for 59 million :)




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16 Mar 2018 20:46:57
Long post here so apologies. Read this site multiple times a day every day like most, though so rarely post, but all I hear about lately is that we are awful and nowhere near a title winning team.

So I just wanted to put a little context onto our 'terrible season'. I am not talking style, enjoyment or opinion on who needs to stay or go. This is simply pointing out a statistic I worked out when bored.

Here are the last 10 seasons of the premier league with points and GD:

2017 - Chelsea 93 points +52
2016 - Leicester 81 points +32
2015 - Chelsea 87 points +41
2014 - Man City 86 points +65
2013 - Man Utd 89 points +43
2012 - Man City 89 points +64
2011 - Man Utd 80 points +41
2010 - Chelsea 86 points +71
2009 - Man Utd 90 points +46
2008 - Man Utd 87 points +58

Man Utd this season, assuming we get no better or worse:

30 games, 65 points which will equal just over 82 points by seasons end (65/ 30*38=82.33)

The average points scored for the premier league winners over the last decade is 86.8.

Without a strong finish, and keeping the same 'terrible' form we have had all year, we would be around 4 points off the average title winning tally of the last decade.

Goal difference for the last 10 years averages at 51.3 and ours this season is averaging to be 44.33. Not fantastic but still a higher good than 4 of the last 10 premier league winning hauls.

I know this doesn't highlight style or opinion, and certainly does not compare things to the current city season, but it does show we're not far off where every other winner has been if you discount the anomaly that is Man City's season.

Not that it'll stop the doom and gloomers or whingers from coming up with something else I guess!


1.) 16 Mar 2018 21:02:48
Mike - I think most of us are acknowledging that the points haul is decent. We are expecting better though, as City are raising the bar and it doesn't look like a fluke. Our points tally does look like a fluke though, considering how poor we have played.

I think your post sums up exactly why Jose was granted a contract extension. Based on history and statistics the points paint a decent picture.

For me you have to factor in budgets, entertainment value/ style, talent optimisiation and success.

Finishing a long 2nd (or worse) is not success for Man Utd, getting knocked out of the CL by a mediocre Sevilla is not success, damaging the brand/ pedigree of the club is not success, disrespecting the fans with post match comments and general lethargic performances is not success.

So on paper Jose is doing ok. But the problem is 'paper pushers' are making the decisions and our manager is doing everything he can to box tick. Sponsorship's rely on it, targets/ bonuses rely on it - it's supreme selfishness by the money men and the manager.

Where is the box to excite and thrill your loyal fans, to have world class talent performing to a world class standard? Where is the box for continuing the fine traditions that Man Utd stand for all over the world.

My eyes tell me that everything is a grind, grinding isn't permitted on the dance floor anymore, it shouldn't be permitted for our club!

2.) 16 Mar 2018 21:31:33
Spot on beast you’ve hit the nail on the head. People are saying it’s only one defeat but it is the manner of the defeat and the style of play which is the issue. As the season has gone on it’s been harder to watch. So much attacking talent at our disposal so we should not be this inept in attack. Yes on paper and statistically we have improved there is no doubt. But I’m reality the football is still very poor. Like I’ve said many times I would like a new manager to come in but it won’t happen till next year I think, if it gets to that stage. So all we can do is support the team and hope reinforcements in the summer improve us. But unfortunately I don’t think we will see the swashbuckling gung ho football we all crave so dearly.

3.) 16 Mar 2018 22:14:15
I do not disagree whatsoever on the style and entertainment issues, and I've been as frustrated and and bored at times as the rest of you. I have zero issues with people hating the way we play, Jose's tactics or our general approach as that is opinion and I too have been spoiled for the last 2 decades.

My problem is that people assume that this season is the new average bar. I had the same conversation during the Invincibles season, and when Chelsea set the +71 goal difference. Everyone said that this is the new level yet history shows that it can't be sustained year on year.

I'm simply saying, all is not lost and there's every chance that City end on 75-80 points next year and we walk the title. The style however, well Jose will not change so that we are stuck with!

4.) 16 Mar 2018 22:19:16
Said all season Jose is doing what he does . City have raised the bar so it doesn't look that good but it's about par for Jose, any other year we of challenged for title .

People call the squad etc but we are about par for a Jose team .

5.) 16 Mar 2018 23:05:02

Very good post mate you should post more often, informative and clearly knowledgable. Some very good posters on here at the moment posting some very good things at a pretty interesting time for the club.

6.) 16 Mar 2018 23:57:10
This is optimum Jose as Jred says - it's not good enough anymore I'm afraid and the spectacle is getting worse as a result. Here's an analogy for you GDS2 (I know you love them) . Jose is playing on a PS2, he is a master at the PS2 - but the world has moved on to newer models, no matter how many new games he buys, the system is flawed compared to newer models and the graphics look even worse the further time goes on.

Maybe City won't amass as many points next season, but there standards need to drop substantially for our current style to compete and then it's a coin toss as we rely on keeping teams out and nicking goals, dodgy strategy against attacking teams. Time to take the PS2 to the charity shop and get a PS5, we have the games to play on it already - just the system is obsolete!

7.) 17 Mar 2018 08:00:55
The way I see it, there are two types of fans in football. Those who inherit allegiance from their parents or their hometown, and those who choose to support a club based on the playing style of that club.

I had lived in Middlesbrough for several years (mother is from there), I met many a United fan who was a United fan because of parents and grandparents. On the flipside, I've a cousin who supports Liverpool because when he developed a taste for football, he enjoyed their style, much to the disappointment of his Boro supporting father.

Anyway, my point is. I understand that winning trophies is good for business. United must finish top four for financial gain (although qualifying for the CL to drop out the way we did seems counterproductive) . But if the club simply is no longer entertaining, we run the risk of losing a large number of potential future supporters. Sure we'll continue to have fans who inherit the club from a parent, or geography, but what about those who go into the game neutral and discover a team by watching them.

With the idea of us being a global brand at the forefront of our finances, it seems shortsighted (in terms of conquering new markets and amassing new fans) for our board to embrace the dull and boring football of Mourinho. All the trophies in the world will mean nothing if no one wants to watch us and our reputation becomes that of boring unattractive football.

Something has to change, or we risk being knocked of our financial perch, regardless of points, trophies and José's previous wins.

PS: Concerning José's speech, surely "football heritage" goes beyond eight years. He seems to have selected a period of time where the stats suit him. What about the century prior to that? What about "football philosophy"?



20 Jan 2018 22:25:03
Well must be genuinely close for the Sanchez deal, Stanley Chow just posted new artwork of him and for those that don't know Chow does an official custom range of Utd player designs for T-shirts

Welcome Alexis.




08 Jun 2016 13:36:03
Eric Bailly confirmed by us subject to a work permit. Nice to finally see a transfer not dragged out and come out of left field before the papers got too much wind of it.




03 Jun 2016 16:18:23
We are all in agreement that we need a commanding centre back in the summer to sure things up, and it got me talking with friends about it

Just thought I'd see what everyone thought (Ed's included) on who in football today could be classed as both top drawer and commanding

The list I got was short and very few of those are attainable, so figured I'd gather opinions on here.


1.) 03 Jun 2016 16:39:25
Few and far between I'd say those types, Manolas looks both those but admit I've not seen much of him. Garay but again little to judge on.

2.) 03 Jun 2016 16:44:16
Godin is the only one I can think of. Terry was up there but age has caught up with him. Bonucci you could probably say. Maybe Ramos.

3.) 03 Jun 2016 19:26:13
I think Dave will stay for another year at least.

Doesn't Madrid have a transfer embargo in-place against them?

4.) 03 Jun 2016 19:39:21
This was my issue with it, so few around. Now that begs the question of is it a dying art? Shame as I believe that if we had a Kompany, Terry or Vidic type to marshall and control the back line we'd be able to be more attacking without getting opened up against these lesser teams

Haven't seen enough full matches with Manolas to comment on him but I'm hoping he's an exception and that we push for him.



27 Apr 2016 14:05:37
Ok as the season is drawing to a close I figured I'd get a debate going on our signings since Fergie went (ones who have made a few appearances at least) and get opinions on them all

Juan Mata - Decent signing but hasn't got the pace or work rate to be anywhere but #10. 7/ 10
Marouane Fellaini - Can do a job and had a few good games 5/ 10
Guillermo Varela - Starting to look better with each game but still suspect defensively. Judgement withheld for now 6/ 10
Victor Valdes - Only 2 appearances and brought a lot of problems 0/ 10
Daley Blind - Rarely played in his natural position and has done anything asked, decent season this year. 8/ 10
Angel Di Maria - Didn't want to join, so his heart was never in it. Very few good moments. 3/ 10
Marcos Rojo - Not a LB and not suited to be a CB in this league. 4/ 10
Luke Shaw - Showed great promise after overcoming the constant injury niggles of last year till the leg break. Withholding judgement. 7/ 10
Ander Herrera - Has looked good and shows promise if deployed with the right players. Talented but hasn't shown it yet. 6/ 10
Memphis Depay - Clear talent but constant cutting in and poor decision making is hampering him. Could be Ronaldo, could be Nani. Withholding judgement. 5/ 10
Matteo Darmian - Gary Neville-esque but struggling without a real right winger to form a partnership with. Hoping for more. 6/ 10
Morgan Schneiderlin - Like Herrera, being used in the wrong way. Shown glimpses of the marauder from Southampton but still not there. 7/ 10
Bastian Schweinsteiger - Has looked to give confidence to others a few times but injuries and mixed form has hampered. May be 2 years too late. 5/ 10
Sergio Romero - Brought in to be a benchwarmer but would rather see Castro Pereira getting the first team experience. 4/ 10
Anthony Martial - One of the few bright sparks this year, constant threat and constantly improving. Could be world class. 9/ 10.


1.) 27 Apr 2016 20:17:57
Tbh I think it's hard to judge in such a restricting team but the stand outs have been Martial, Shaw and prob Blind. I think on numerous occasions Herrera and Mata have done well, I like Morgan and think he will come good. Jury still out on Darmian, Memphis and varela. Fellaini, Romero and Rojo aren't of United quality. Bastian I dunno what to think of his input, very little, ADM was a conundrum, Valdes not even given a chance.




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11 Aug 2017 16:00:19
'This video is not available'
Ed you tease, I'd just sent my missus out of the room and everything so I could groove and learn in peace!




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11 Aug 2017 16:11:44
Scratch that, found a working link on this site rather than the YouTube channel

She those dulcet tones must charm the pants off your harem Ed, though you do have a deep voice for a woman.


{Ed033's Note - Ed002 is very butch.



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30 Jun 2016 18:01:01
That signing was confirmed weeks ago Setter but as I and a few others said, he wasn't signing until 1st of July due to the bonus he was due from PSG. Besides, noones there at Utd yet anyway so there was never a rush.


{Ed002's Note - He wasn't signing because the transfer window isn't open.}



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11 Jun 2016 10:48:02
Well that cleared up a question I've wondered for years now, so thank you Ed. Always appreciated.


{Ed002's Note - You are welcome Mike.}



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11 Jun 2016 10:40:50
Thank you Ed, legend as always. But out of curiosity, does that mean that the Suarez 'Release Clause' that was reported when he was at Liverpool was misleading info (shock horror)?

Arsenal reportedly bid the 40million clause but it was turned down. As they're in the same country that would have been impossible by what you've said, so am I right in assuming that we were given misinformation by the news outlets over this?


{Ed002's Note - The situation with Arsenal was that with Suarez desperate to leave the previous summer Liverpool had agreed that if any offer over £40M was made then Suarez would be allowed to move if he wanted to. This was not a buy out or release clause but what is now becoming more popular – a termination clause. At the time, the expectation was that Real Madrid would step in (which was what Suarez then wanted) with an offer but it was far too low for Liverpool to accept. Arsenal made the offer of £40M plus £1 as Guardiola was unsure whether it was “£40M and above” or “over £40M” – there was nothing wrong with that. At the time, as this was seemingly the only way out of Liverpool, Suarez was willing to accept this as a stepping stone to one of the major Spanish clubs, but the Liverpool board blocked it. Suarez's agents took legal advice and were set to argue that Arsenal matched the clause that allowed to leave and that they should allow the player to discuss the transfer with Arsenal as soon as is possible. They would then look to leverage this legal position to stop Liverpool blocking the transfer and were willing to use the £2M then due the player as an incentive in order to facilitate the transfer. Suarez would have moved to Arsenal given the opportunity and this is when he started his campaign against the club regarding broken promises etc.. That summer, Liverpool agreed that he would be able to leave the following summer, regardless – this was done to avoid any potential legal battle. By the following summer Barcelona were interested and that suited Suarez – better than Madrid he tells the Catalan media when they ask. If the matter had of gone to court there would be no doubt the move could have been forced. An appeal would have perhaps been considered by Liverpool but that would have potentially dragged on long enough to stop Suarez playing for anyone until it was resolved – and that could have had disastrous consequences for Liverpool.}




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26 May 2018 02:00:52
To be fair, I've read this page for years and this is the first time I've been on for weeks because of the toxic bull that's spouted daily. Sadly think it'll be the last too, so unfortunately I don't disagree with you 99

Was a nice few years but I believe in getting behind my club and team regardless of who's in the shirt. This constant, and if you read back the last few months it is constant, more and more do nothing but complain. We've turned into the scousers on here.

Will miss the reports Ed's and thanks for putting up with this lot for all this time. This page has been bookmarked on my last 4 phones, no more. Sad day.




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16 Mar 2018 22:14:15
I do not disagree whatsoever on the style and entertainment issues, and I've been as frustrated and and bored at times as the rest of you. I have zero issues with people hating the way we play, Jose's tactics or our general approach as that is opinion and I too have been spoiled for the last 2 decades.

My problem is that people assume that this season is the new average bar. I had the same conversation during the Invincibles season, and when Chelsea set the +71 goal difference. Everyone said that this is the new level yet history shows that it can't be sustained year on year.

I'm simply saying, all is not lost and there's every chance that City end on 75-80 points next year and we walk the title. The style however, well Jose will not change so that we are stuck with!




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28 Oct 2017 15:05:52
I said before Jose that I wanted to pry Pochettino from Spurs and regardless of silverware won I still feel that way

He plays an attractive attacking style, has more than one plan, already has our youth philosophy and improves the players he coaches

Yes, he hasn't won anything and Spurs are decent. But realistically Spurs only have a few players who would walk into our team, the rest he is making look good. Kane, Eriksson, Rose and both Centre Backs are top class. The rest are good but I wouldn't trade from our starting 11, mix that with Levy's inability to bring in top players, and I think with a bigger club (Us, City, Chelsea or one of the big European sides) I think he could achieve Barca-esque type teams and results

Not too many others I'd put ahead of Mourinho though sadly (sadly if we're talking your scenario) as there isn't anyone with both the style we want and the tactical nous to achieve greatness at our club.




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17 Jul 2017 20:17:35
Aurier was 'the next big thing' and a future world beater a few years back. He's plied his trade in France for Lens and Toulouse before PSG signed him up at 21, first on loan then permanently

I vaguely remember he was linked with Barcelona as Dani Alves' long term replacement as well as a few other big clubs. Sadly a mixture of form and personal / attitude issues has severely hampered his progress

He's very short, even for a full back, but he is quick and surprisingly strong. Despite being very short he has played at CB for PSG more than once, but is primarily a wing back. He is strong in the tackle, though it's not his forte as his pace gets him out of trouble more often than not and his positioning can be suspect. Sadly his end product is similar to Valencia and he has only a few (5 or so) assists in 2 years with PSG (over 40 league games total)

Decent full back, similar to Tony V, but has attitude issues (homophobic slurs to the manager, publically abusing the referee and high profile Falling's out with team mates)

Decent player but for me he is not a massive upgrade on Tony, just younger at 24.




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23 Aug 2016 01:52:31
Was a talented right back in my youth but only got as far as the national league north. Laziness and a desire to see friends took away from that and couldn't be bothered going to a trial which spelled the end.

I got lucky and managed to be a professional coach for a good few years. Worked under Gary Megson, Dave Jones and our own Mike Phelan among others. Back injury resulting in close to paralysis ended that career, fine to walk and jog etc but out of the game. May look to finish my badges down the line but family and money means that takes a back seat for a while longer.