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04 Jan 2018 18:48:17
Ed´s quick question. do you think Mou will recall Andreas Pereira in these market?


{Ed001's Note - it is not the plan as things stand.}

1.) 04 Jan 2018 19:07:33
thanks for the reply ed as always :)

{Ed001's Note - you are very welcome mate.}

2.) 04 Jan 2018 23:16:16
Ed do you see him making it at Utd. At some stage he is surely going to get fed up waiting for a chance to play that never comes. I really think he is a talented guy and needs a chance.

{Ed001's Note - he has the ability to make it, he just needs to be given a chance.}

3.) 05 Jan 2018 08:08:20
He should. He is very much needed as an option at this moment. Only reasons why not would be if we are getting another midfielder in the window or Jose is still peed off with him. Offers something different to what we have available at the moment.

4.) 05 Jan 2018 13:18:20
agreed rave he has fantastic ability from dead balls which is an area we do seriously lack quality. Could be a useful addition for lukaku. I have always thought andreas has had the ability and I actually respect him for going on loan for game time. Hopefully Jose is not annoyed with him still as he can really step up and contribute next year. He would be like a new signing. He reminds me off Coutinho in the way he plays. Obviously he is nowhere near his level and his dribbling is not as good, but he does have a very good shot on him.

5.) 05 Jan 2018 14:34:51
I would like to see him come back from his loan if Fellaini gets his move away. It makes sense to do so then spend massively over the top for a player who might struggle to settle in January.

6.) 05 Jan 2018 15:42:43
He made the decision to go on loan rather than fight for his place and take his chance. I don’t know about anyone else, but I was fairly annoyed at that. He has also stated that he doesn’t want to be contacted about a return to united in January. That’s not the attitude of someone who will make it here imo.

7.) 05 Jan 2018 16:27:42
Caolan, he made the decision to get more game time somewhere else to gain more experience so that we could come back after the year better prepared. I think his choice was justified as I don't believe he would've got much game time up until now. He instead went to Valencia, has been playing very well and they currently sit near the top of la liga. He signed a new contract with us which signals his intent and he is now in a much better position to fight for a place in this team now because of his Valencia experience. Good on him!

8.) 05 Jan 2018 17:03:58
His comments about coming back haven’t filled me with confidence. I don’t doubt his quality and can see his decision but he would be in the team now I reckon, would just like to have seen him fight for his place. I want him to make it here, I was just disappointed in some of his comments.

9.) 05 Jan 2018 18:07:57
I can se where you are coming from caolan but if he did not want to stay he wouldn't have signed a new contract as I remember reading PSG were interested in him before he signed. I actually commend him for going on loan to improve and play consistently. I think his comments were regarding coming back early from loan in january which is why they were not as we would have expected. Anyway I am really excited about the his potential and can't wait to get him bedded in for next summer as I would have him ahead of a few players who are currently in the squad.



25 Nov 2016 14:45:17
Again Rumours of Griezman, James Rodriguez and William. I don't think any of them are true. but I´m ok with 2 of those 3 :D.


1.) 25 Nov 2016 15:15:54
I've got a feeling griezmann will be our big summer signing.

2.) 25 Nov 2016 16:25:22
think we will need champs league to entice Griezmann, hopefully after last nights showing we can began a run of good performances and results to put us in a good position come the new year.

3.) 29 Nov 2016 09:58:16
If Griezmann choose Manchester now, it is obviously for money, so don't think it matters. He ain't getting 300k a week in Madrid.



29 Jul 2016 18:11:36
Eds any truth in the payet aproach?


{Ed001's Note - not that I know of.}

1.) 29 Jul 2016 19:42:31
Thanks 001 Happy b-Day!

{Ed001's Note - thank you chalitos.}

2.) 29 Jul 2016 22:56:06
Definitely no truth what so ever.

3.) 29 Jul 2016 21:17:05
Happy birthday ed001.

{Ed001's Note - cheers Leahy.}




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26 Jun 2022 12:31:23
The way this window is going we would soon have dumb headlines such as "why players like rashford, DvB, or even worst Fred are like New signings under ETH"


1.) 26 Jun 2022 12:37:08
Ay don't slag fred off. If we had 4 or 5 players with freds work ethic and attitude we would be a good team.

And tbf to fred he was one of our better players last season.

You always need players like fred, but i think ten hag can improve him, pep and city saw somthing in him.

We just have had a poor few years in terms of performaces as a team and msybe some players look worse than they are.

2.) 26 Jun 2022 13:09:36
Pep and man City never put a bid in for Fred let's be clear about that.

3.) 26 Jun 2022 14:35:02
Fred getting plaudits just shows how bad our midfield has decayed over the years. His hard work and industrious displays stand out because we had a manager who demanded nothing from the team. Fred is a poor footballer. He's technically miles behind were an elite midfielder should be. Being able to win the ball back but then instantly misplacing a pass is redundant.

We have been consistently second best in midfield over the last few years. Players like Fred and McTominay and others are the cause of this.

Hard work should be the minimum effort players put into a game. That why Ten Hags reign excites me. Fred may play a few games next year, he may even improve but if we have aspirations to win major honours, players like him need to go.

4.) 26 Jun 2022 15:01:12
Standards are in the mud.
Fred can't control the ball consistently and has an atrocious first touch.
At best, he should be a squad player.

5.) 26 Jun 2022 15:15:16
Bolger for me Fred would never be good enough. People like him because he runs all day, for me is because he is allways on the wrong Place.

6.) 26 Jun 2022 15:18:27
I imagine If De Jong comes we will finally see an extremely technically gifted midfielder player. Mind you Anderson looked better that most of this lot.

7.) 26 Jun 2022 15:34:46
But they were interested ken that is clear.

I agree mumbles with all what you say.

He is not good enough but in the season we just had he was one if the only few players that gave a crap

And if like some other players who are getting a clean slate if ten hag can imprive him which good managers can he might shock a few in here.

Not saying he's world class or will be, but he's what the rest of the teams attitude shoukd be.

8.) 26 Jun 2022 15:43:35
No it's not bolger. No offer made no desire to sign him at all. None. Zero.

9.) 26 Jun 2022 16:04:38
How do any of us know if Pep was interested in signing Fred or not? There was a lot of rumours at the time linking him with City.
I am not sure what all this mocking of Fred is about? He plays for Brazil regularly and I'm sure he won't be anywhere near their team if he could not "control the ball, pass the ball" or any of the other accusations being slapped at him.
As Bolger says, watch the games he played last year, and he played well in most. The problem is that he was deployed as a defensive midfielder in some and that's not his position. Its like playing Ddg at centre forward.

10.) 26 Jun 2022 16:10:53
Ken, how do you know that for a fact? Are you Fred's agent? Do you work for Man City?

11.) 26 Jun 2022 16:23:23
An easily obtainable interview with Fred in Four Two Four in 2018 suggests there were offers from both Manchester clubs, and Fred wanted to work with Mourinho. No idea to the credibility of Four Two Four, stopped reading comics years ago….

12.) 26 Jun 2022 16:46:18
So it only matters if an offer is put in that means you want the player

It was put by the eds on here many times city were interested.

13.) 26 Jun 2022 17:16:26
Change of wind fellas.
Man City according to you all always get there man and get the deal done.
If city wanted him they would have got him. That's your agenda from last week.
No way our amateurs could have out foxed city is there?
City never bifmd for the player.
They may have looked they may or may not have spoken to his agent we don't know.
If city had a desire to follow up interest they would have made an offer to the club but no such offer was registered.
Clubs will register interest in players all the time but then not follow up after scouting and other due dilligence.
I'd imagine they scouted and came to the obvious conclusion that for the epl his first touch and passing range is inadequate for a top team playing that style of football.
Let's see how much he plays and which club he plays for after united i'm not sure he will be grabing the attention of Europe's elite.

14.) 26 Jun 2022 18:22:59
I think De Jong - Fred - Bruno could see us get best out of Fred. I certainly don't expect to see Fred and McTominay in the same side now but competing against each other for one midfield slot.

15.) 26 Jun 2022 18:35:34
Be honest, are you getting worried yet that you’re not signing anyone?

16.) 26 Jun 2022 19:54:37
I sincerely hope that Bruno will not be a regular starter. He is the antithesis of ball retention.

17.) 26 Jun 2022 21:00:11
I am not worried for this reason alone.

EtH with no signings and whatever is left would get more than Ole with this lot plus 5 new signings.

18.) 26 Jun 2022 23:15:23

No, we have got rid of a few, looks like another about the leave for some money as well, and we will sign 4 or 5 players. In fact, did you read any of the posts before you tried to troll?



28 Dec 2020 15:24:26
Can someone tell me how many corner goals have we concede this season? . clearly an open play cross is impossible to defense for our team but a corner defense should be something they can practice betwen matches.


1.) 28 Dec 2020 16:59:25
Almost as many penalties as we've been given.

2.) 29 Dec 2020 08:30:51
I can only remember two goals conceded from corners this year, Southampton and against Leeds.



18 Feb 2020 14:31:48
Great to have Bailly back, for me he is the best defender we have, I know that some people think he is to harsh, but for me he fits as a perfect United defender, with very little self care for his body, probably that's why he gets injured, but for me he is great. I hope he gets more minutes GGMU!


1.) 18 Feb 2020 15:11:04
He's a nutter, which sometimes is brilliant to watch. At other's he's a liability who will either give away a penalty or injure himself.

2.) 18 Feb 2020 17:09:39
He can learn by playing more games, how to be more careful in those situations. On the other hand the balls and passion he shows when he plays and his speed is way over our other center backs, and he is only 25 years old, so plenty of time to improve.

3.) 18 Feb 2020 17:39:12
A rojo upgrade.



05 Apr 2019 17:28:41
Eds could any of you share a little bit of insight of how our medical team work?

It might by just me but season after season I feel we are among the teams with more injuries and the ones that take the most time to fully recover.

Is there something wrong with our staff / equipment, does the training sessions are to hard? or the recovery periods after every game to short? I remember Van Gal force the players to do a training session after every game and that result in a number of injuries.

How does Ole works around this, or we just have bad luck?
How is it different from other top teams?



{Ed002's Note - The medical is over when you hear someone say "cough". There is nothing wrong with them or their equipment. And OGS is not having to work around anything.}



03 Apr 2019 16:02:57
I watched the game again, and I really can't see why we sign FRED.

He just can't do anything right, and he has been given many chances, at least more than Pereira .

Terrible first touch, bad positioning, he runs and runs like a headless chicken without thinking where he is going, maybe one or two good passes but nothing that offers any threat.

I'm not saying the defeat is entirely his fault (Smalling was really bad), but for me he is just not good enough to play for MU.

Lets hope for Tottenham to get a bad result as well, and for Everton to beat Arsenal.


1.) 03 Apr 2019 16:58:45
He is a bad player. Not convinced he is good enough for the EPL, let alone a club wanting to win it.

A top level midfield player cannot afford to have a poor first touch, and his is as bad as lads playing on Sunday morning with a bad hangover. Last night showed that he’s a liability, and should be nowhere near the starting 11.

2.) 03 Apr 2019 17:21:46
This is way over the top!

He has a lot of good elements to his game. His ability to break the lines whether that is through dribbling or passing is valuable and one of the harder things to do in the modern game where so many teams sit deep and defend. Also he is very tenacious and good at winning the ball back. These are good elements to have in a midfielders arsenal.

You are right about his first touch and close control, it is very poor as exemplified by wolves first goal. This is always going to hold him back and why he has been brutally exposed when playing for us this season.

You can just about deal with it when its your striker (i. e lukaku) and it is something he needs to improve on ( probably why ole left him out for so long) .

Considering the upheaval in midfield we are likely to see i think fred is worth persevering with and may be better suited to a double pivot where we can use his energy, ball winning ability, dribbling and passing as opposed to the holding midfield role in a midfield three.

3.) 03 Apr 2019 17:36:09
Fred is a bit of a mix. I like a lot of what he does such as his movement, his energy and his forward passing. I also think he seems to have a good attitude and a calm temperament.

However, that first touch undermines everything that is good in his game and means he will never be a top player. Definately shouldn't be in the Utd squad if we expect to win stuff.

I'm not sure a good touch can be coached. It seems you have to have it naturally.

4.) 03 Apr 2019 18:51:32
Guardiola wanted to sign both Fred and Sanchez. I wish he'd been a bit more tenacious.

5.) 04 Apr 2019 06:12:14
I agree with DSG and Ken.
Give Fred time to adapt.
He may be a late bloomer like Lindelof.

Apart from Pogba, he seems to be the only midfielder who can pass forward and spread those diagonal balls to the full backs.

He suits the pressing game which we may see more in the next season. But he seriously needs to work on his first touch.




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27 Jul 2020 16:54:37
I´m from ColOmbia (not ColUmbia), but first of all I´m a MU fan.
Right now I would not like JR with the MU shirt, to me is clear that he has an attitude problem; I believe he would end at Newcastle or Everton and may recover his form, but he is not used to English football, and may struggled as most of other colombian players have struggled in the past.
It would be a major improvement of players like Fred (That I hate) or Pereira but I don’t think it is what MU need.




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14 Aug 2019 15:45:27
Rumours that Sanchez got into a fight with Greenwood at training, that clearly is not going to help him at all. I really want him out of the club, caused a lot of troubles and didn't give anything in return to the club.




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07 Jun 2019 15:45:41
Thanks Ed. Great!




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30 Jan 2019 14:28:00
To be honest I think Pereira didn't have his best game ever, but Jones throw him a brick, and then he got completely confused in the one-one defending.

I believe Pereira could be better but in an attacking position and no asan "herreras" replacement.

This is the first Ole´s game we start losing and that does not goes as planned, but the squad show commitment and desire. If Rashford scores that 10m goal the game would have been completely different with space and time for counters but rubbish happens. Let's focus on the next games and let's hope we have a great february.

i think it is better for Ole and the team to have lost the winning streak now and no in a game against PSG or Chelsea.





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17 Jan 2018 16:47:23
Im not that happy to see miki in arsenal. i hope Sanchez brings a good attitude to MU. that's my only concern.





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26 Jun 2022 15:15:16
Bolger for me Fred would never be good enough. People like him because he runs all day, for me is because he is allways on the wrong Place.




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14 May 2021 11:37:25
I would never understand why and how did Fred got into manchester United. People like him because he runs a lot, to me as CRUYFF said, you don't have to run if you are well placed.
Fred has awfull first touch and terrible decision making.
I celebrate as if we score a goal every time Ole subs him and even more the few times he is not in the starting 11,it means he olay without the handicap of 10 men.




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18 Feb 2020 17:09:39
He can learn by playing more games, how to be more careful in those situations. On the other hand the balls and passion he shows when he plays and his speed is way over our other center backs, and he is only 25 years old, so plenty of time to improve.




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19 Dec 2019 14:56:33
I think that Pereira did a good job, at least he tried to make a pass forward and get players into one and one situations. Rashford waste 2 or 3 chances in the first half but good for him for keep trying until he get the goal.




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18 Jun 2019 15:20:59
I hope he gets a couple more of average games, maybe then someone would pay for him and take him from our club.