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16 Jan 2018 11:33:47
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16 Jan 2018 10:58:56
Hope we don't sign that Moura fella. That nutmeg on him was well embarrassing.

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16 Jan 2018 11:08:11
Done like a kipper.

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16 Jan 2018 09:59:24
Gotta say last night at work was a very nervy experience.

In a warehouse full of stoke fans and talk sport on the radio ready for the match i wondered if i'd get out alive.

But i did and it was the best nigh/ shift I've ever had at any job in my 20 years of working!

GGMU 🤣🤣🤣🤣.

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16 Jan 2018 10:52:57
You work in Stoke? I also work with a bunch of Stoke fans but work in Crewe.

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16 Jan 2018 11:02:00
Im a born and bred stokie tony.

Iv wrkd in crewe in the past too. Small wrld.

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16 Jan 2018 08:19:23
Good performance last night .
Confidence is the key word for me, not sure if the team had a lift with city and Chelsea dropping points but we looked confidante last night.
Our back 4 looks solid with Tony playing again did little wrong, and Shaw with no injuries and a run of games is showing what a good player he is .
Pogba continues to improve and ran the game last night, something he is capable of and should be doing more often . What a difference it makes, just like KDB has done all season .
Also done it in a cm2 in the middle of the park .
Lingard continues to give an example of a player playing to his potential.
Martial in a way was quiet at times but showed his class .
And lukaku gave a great example of what United where missing last season .
Mata was busy through out and linked a lot of the football up .

Hopefully we kick on now at what is the business end of the season and the lads show everyone what a good squad this is .

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16 Jan 2018 09:10:07
Hmm, I wouldn't say defence looked solid at all. Shaky at times and Ireland missed two sitters because the defence was all over the place. I do agree that confidence is key though.

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16 Jan 2018 09:11:55
Lukaku looked much more confident which is great to see. We need a nice run now and who knows, maybe we can stop City winning league so easily.

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16 Jan 2018 09:15:13
It's definitely a good squad Jred. Just need to strengthen our first XI. Sanchez would do that if we can sign him.

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16 Jan 2018 09:16:50
Ireland ran off his cm marker twice.

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16 Jan 2018 09:46:52
We weren't man marking the mighty Ireland Jred. The defence was all over the place at times. Luckily for us it was Ireland on the end of those sitters. It goes 1.1 and then it's a different game. We got a squeeze, twice, so we cannot complain. But I don't think we were solid at all. Shaky at times, lucky too. But doesn't matter, we just need to tighten up a little more.

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16 Jan 2018 10:00:43
Got to admit that even the mighty Citeh have had to rely on luck in arts.

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16 Jan 2018 10:08:00
Who said we where man marking Ireland?
Our cms didn't track his run twice.
But after that stoke barely had a sniff
Totally controlled the second half good team performance.
Some won't be happy until Tony v is replaced tho?

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16 Jan 2018 10:08:03
The squad is 4/ 5 players short of bwing a really good sqiad imo. Jose is getting them playing well. Confidence is the key.

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16 Jan 2018 10:10:26
I thought we played well and got a great result, especially when you consider that Chelsea and City dropped points over the weekend.

I thought defensively we were poor and against a better side or a more in form side we could have been punished for a sloppy defensive performance.

Having both full backs move forward at the same time when we play with a midfield duo where one of which also likes to move forward and can be lax in his defensive duties it is a risk. Mourinho generally prefers only one of his full backs to get forward at any one time.

Having both move forward and one of our two midfielders also leaves only three players covering our defence and makes us susceptible to being hit on the break.

You say both of Ireland’s chances came as he ran off a midfield marker but with them playing three in midfield and us playing two which of our midfielders did you expect to be able to mark two players at once? That is where a full back is supposed to cover.

If you are going to have BOTH full backs move forward at the same time then you need to either have two midfielders sit back to cover them or play a back three with one midfielder sitting. Or just accept that you will be prone to the counter and hope your team can keep the ball so well that the opposition doesn’t have many chances to counter (ala City), or hope your team can outscore your opponents (ala Liverpool) .

A shout out to Pogba, who in my opinion the most important player to his side in the league. Everyone is raving about how De Bruyne is the best player in the league and how he makes City tick, yet Pogba has just as many assists in the league as he does (9), and has managed that in 13 games as opposed to KDB managing 9 assists in 23 league games. Imagine how many more goals and assists Pogba would have at this point if he had been available for those extra 10 games.

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16 Jan 2018 10:48:17
In simple terms stoke have conceded 56 goals so far this season .
Which at this stage of the season is up there with the most ever in a EPL season .
So we had a go at them .
Assist are a by product of playing well . A miss hit shot or 5 yard yard pass can be an assist.
Kdb has been outstanding for city and is a major reason why they are setting records .

Take him out that team and people may appriciate just how good he has been and how important he has been to the players around him .

Would that amazing miraculous city squad with 22 world class players look quite as good with out KDB pulling the strings?

Would our average squad that needs millions spent on it look a little bit better if pogba controlled the game like he did yesterday week in week out?

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16 Jan 2018 10:58:49
Have a look a Ireland second chance I think .
He is stood with both pogba and matic about 25 yards out in the middle of the pitch . Just them 3 he makes a run neither player tracks him, he runs into the box on his own .

Nothing to do with full backs just a lapse.
But it happens, we had a go at them grew into the game and in the second half had a swagger about us the first time in a while .

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16 Jan 2018 11:03:43
Also shout out to lukaku . When he has played well United have .
When he hasn't United haven't.
But that's football
United had a dip, drew 3 games in a row and lost to Bristol.
6 points dropped in them 3 games and out a cup .
That's looking the big difference at the moment.

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16 Jan 2018 07:35:00
I think Owen Hargreaves has lost the plot.

I was watching the pre-match thing last night and his opinions and words are laughable.

At half-time, when the pundits got to know that City have pulled out of the race, he said this

"City don't need a player like Sanchez. Don't see where he fits. He's 29 and goes against the policy that City are trying to follow and he can't see Sanchez fitting into that squad. "

Wow, I know you are free to have opinions, but this is shambolic, you can't have such bias. I think the dumbf**k has forgotten who made him big.
Eds (Sorry for the abusive language)

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{Ed001's Note - I am sure he fully remembers Bayern Munich Raghav, don't you worry.}

16 Jan 2018 07:58:46
Agreed, 'the who made him big' was excessive, but it was just annoyance about the kind of bias the guy has for United. It's a bit too much.

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16 Jan 2018 07:59:34
To be fair a few month ago a lot of people on here where saying the same.

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16 Jan 2018 08:08:33
Saying what jred?

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16 Jan 2018 08:48:53
Hargreaves is a very, very poor pundit. Was a great player for Bayern and would have been for is bar rotten injuries. Not much more to be said on him.

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16 Jan 2018 09:29:23
Hargreaves sounding like LVG 🤣🤣.

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16 Jan 2018 09:57:47

I respect Hargreaves for the player that was. We paid good money for him and he was quite good in the red shirt. The point is not that, the point is, when you are being called to a show and your opinion is being heard by thousands, if not millions, then I think it's given that you should not be biased.

Yes, rip the team apart when they play like crap, but give credit where credit is due. Is that too much to ask?

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16 Jan 2018 10:24:36
He was an excellent player when fit, he is just bitter about how things turned out for him at United.

Understandable if the rumours are true. Apparently when we first tried to sign him and Bayern rebuffed our advances he picked up an injury that ideally required an operation. Bayern wanted to save face with their fans so went down the route of injections instead. The following summer United went back in for him, Bayern knowing he needed an operation sold him. United having spent over a year trying to sign him didn’t want to be left with egg on their face by signing an injured player so they went down the injection route as well. Two years of playing on knees that needed an operation rather than pain killing injections supposedly destroyed his knees and he was never able to fully recover. Like I say these are just the rumours I’ve heard.

Then when his contract was up for renewal the club decided not to offer him a deal, which from the clubs perspective makes sense. Why sign a player to a large contract if he is unlikely to be able to play for you? However, from Hargreaves perspective a club pushed him to have injections rather than the operation which lead to the end of his career and then the club dumped him at the first opportunity.

If that is how things went (and I say if as it is unsubstantiated, although comes from a good source) then is it any wonder why Hargreaves is slightly bitter toward United?

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16 Jan 2018 10:46:23
Raghav. Rather write. Who kept on paying him even on injury table for years. and he digested that money with ease.

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The Week In Football

16 Jan 2018 05:52:04
{Ed's Note - we have posted a new article entitled, The Week In Football

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16 Jan 2018 06:41:03
Great read Ed. Very interesting and more importantly brought a smile to my face. 👍👏👏.

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{Ed001's Note - glad you enjoyed mate. This is what I used to do all the time when the site first started, before there was any editing to do. Just fancied getting back to basics, so to speak.}

16 Jan 2018 07:43:45
Did Giggs really miss a huge number of international friendlies, a friend of mine made the exact same joke when we heard Giggs was getting the Wales job.

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{Ed001's Note - yes mate he missed loads, or it felt like he did anyway.}

16 Jan 2018 08:12:32
A talking head on the t. v. said he missed almost 9 years of friedlies!

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{Ed001's Note - that is a lot.}

16 Jan 2018 09:31:47
Ed I do not really search a lot to read but always read whatever such you’ve posted because I know it always good and somehow feels unbiased and objective. I know you are no ManUtd supporter but you’re absolutely commendable in your works. Kudos 👏🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️.

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{Ed001's Note - thank you very much. I do try and leave out the bias when I write articles, unless I deliberately include it for match reviews of the Liverpool games, in which case I do mention that it is from that perspective. I just think when I read something or listen to a commentator etc I want them to be objective as I, as a reader, provide my own subjectivity so I want to read an objective view to see another side to it. So I try to write that way.}

16 Jan 2018 09:38:07
Oops meant to be 👍👏👏.

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16 Jan 2018 10:07:21
He pulled out of 18 consecutive friendlies in his mid twenties. Clayton Blackmore says 'blame Fergie'.

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16 Jan 2018 10:17:18
9 years goodness me. I really hope Wales have someone on standby.

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16 Jan 2018 03:42:07
We should just go for Ozil and Sanchez
We give them mkhitaryan and 50 mill I think that should be more than enough
In the summer sign Johnny Evans and Fabinho Evans for 35 mill and Fabinho for 50 mill 2018-2019 we win the league. Go manchester!

Ozil Sanchez

Fabinho Matic

Shaw Jones Bailly Valencia

De gea
Plus killer bench.

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{Ed0333's Note - wow that team looks awesome. I’m gonna start supporting you lot if that team ever materialises

16 Jan 2018 06:04:43
Evans 😂😂😂
Sign Evans for starters is laughable
Sign Evans for £35m and don’t play him is even worse.

Oh, where’s martial? The lads got the lot.

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16 Jan 2018 06:30:19
That’s fantastic, it yes u need to add Messi and Neymar, and don’t forget we need new full backs too.

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16 Jan 2018 08:22:31
Great team. Only 10 men needed,

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16 Jan 2018 09:51:53
Porsche, count them again.

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16 Jan 2018 11:31:37
Yea a bit too early in the morning for me to be posting.

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16 Jan 2018 02:47:32
Pogba is beginning to exhibit leadership qualities both onfield and offfield. His relationships with Lukaku, Lingard, Martial and the younger lads is gelling and hope this will be better than the '92 kids. Time will tell. I see a potential captain in Pogba and a strong team challenging all fronts in time to come. I believe Jose sees something there and is building towards that.

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16 Jan 2018 06:31:05
I agree. I thought he was sloppy for the first 20 minutes but it could have been he was rusty after a break. He picked it up and dominated the game, I hope he continues to grow and dominate games.

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16 Jan 2018 07:34:34
He offers something that very few others do. His level of physicality coupled with his technical ability means he could go on to be one of the modern greats. We need to provide a team that releases him further forward and harnesses his unique talent.

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16 Jan 2018 00:14:45
Press saying chelski have entered the race for sanchez within the last hour or so, its not april the 1st yet is it?

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15 Jan 2018 23:25:03
I am looking at jessie and He is the perfect foil for pogba playing in that 10/ 3rd midfielder role. They were best mates growing up and looks to have a great understanding of when to cover pogba a makes runs to provide space for him. He is playing great and keeping herrera and fellaini out of the team. His pressing is relentless.

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15 Jan 2018 23:17:17
An amazing stat. Manchester United are unbeaten in the last 35 games pogba has played in.21 W 13 D . Pogba has not lost a premiership match since the 4 nil loss to Chelsea in 2016.
So he does make a difference. A huge difference.
Lukaku looked very sharp tonight and his all round game and confidence on the ball is improving weekly. He is a very hard working player at training by reports and David may was saying he has some of the younger lads stay back and ping balls at him to improve his touch and he joins in on all the shooting drills with the younger lads.

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15 Jan 2018 23:57:08
Yep i see an improvement in him week by week in his all round play, he’s playing better now overall than he was when he was scoring for fun early doors. With his peak years still around 3 years off and the good attitude he seems to have to want to learn and improve we could have an absolute machine on our hands. One particular thing I like is he’s always encouraging our other players aswel even at times when the service has been poor to him.

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16 Jan 2018 00:18:56
He is growing on me is big Rom. I wasn’t sure if he was the right fit for us but you can see the ambition in him every time he steps onto the pitch. His work rate has improved and his overall hold up play has come on leaps and bounds. His link up with martial and pogba was so slick at times tonight and it was great to see him bag a goal. He is clearly a very popular member of the squad and at only 24, he is so much more room to improve and hit his peak. Players like Sanchez will only take the pressure off him and share the load of being Man Utd’s no 9. I thought at times tonight we attacked very well and it was an enjoyable game. Still dodgy at times at the back but that is always going to be the case if it is only matic anchoring whilst the offensive players press high. Signing Sanchez could just be that injection of quality and spark we need and I wouldn’t rule us out as dark horse for the champions league. Not many teams will want to play us over two legs.

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16 Jan 2018 04:45:09
Pogba turned up again. If he can keep this form going I will change my perception, consistency is the key for him, it's been missing until recently imo, but he is starting to be reliable.

Shout out to Rom as well, starting to find his feet and contribute.

We did look suspect defensively, Stoke had several very good chances despite looking awful. Good performance, entertaining and a pleasure to watch.

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16 Jan 2018 08:07:32
We got beat of Bristol when pogba played and lost to city and Chelsea when he was missing this season .
The last game pogba has lost in the league, Chelsea.
United have only lost 3 league game all season, the Huddersfield game was a poor performance, Chelsea and city played very well.

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