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29 Jun 2020 11:58:58
Hi Eds and all.
Any updates on Sanchez loan at Inter? Appreciate United want his wages off the books permanently but could Inter extend the current loan with an option to or commitment to buy? Presume they'll wish to extend so he can compete in the Europa League. Potentially against us. Would parent club rule similar to that in Prem apply meaning Sanchez couldn't play against United in Europa? Assuming not.

{Ed002's Note - They would be happy to keep him on loan with MU paying most of his wages but won't look to buy him.}

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29 Jun 2020 13:32:27
Thanks Ed002. Very helpful.

29 Jun 2020 15:23:58
I would rather take him back to add option, fixtures are coming thick and fast and if we are paying most of wages. its batter we pay full and use him on right hand side in rotation as required. I am sure he is not totally hopeless. If we can play Lingaard, we can play anyone. I m not saying not to sale him. but No for such type of Loan, where his wages are still our liability.

{Ed002's Note - I am not so sure that even Manchester United are that stupid.}

29 Jun 2020 18:22:07
Pay him off. Will cost us but he’s not going to have a buyer for the amount we will want. Saying that would paying him off be more amateurish or good business 002? I try not to understand our club as it makes me laugh and sick at the same time 😂.

30 Jun 2020 10:27:34
Ed002 suggested it would cost around 50m to buy him out of his contract, which is insane. The best solution would be to come up with some sort of an arrangement with another club to buy him for next to nothing and just draw a line under the who situation. That could be a loan for a year with a compulsory purchase option at the end as few clubs will want to take on his contract this summer in light of the global C.V.

30 Jun 2020 10:38:18
sanchez can't play for us if he comes back.

just loan him and pay half, its better than paying all for a player who has declined.

30 Jun 2020 11:50:49
I think we are lumbered with paying half Sanchez wages and he never kicks a ball again for us. Not that I wish him too.

30 Jun 2020 12:23:34
Is there no way we can get a tune out of him? He's only 31 and plenty of footballers are able to engineer some kind of renaissance after a bad spell or an injury.

Maybe a change of position would help? Could he play alongside Bruno as two number 8s? Could he be re-invented as a holding midfielder? Kitman? physio? Bloody hell, I don't know!

What is it that's wrong with him anyway? He used to be pretty good, why did he become so crap?

30 Jun 2020 18:02:53
I share your frustration MancMan.
He was a super player not so long ago. But he just seemed to fall off a cliff and with his introverted personality he got into a hole and couldn't get out of it. Its ok to choose to be a loner when your playing great but when your playing crap its not ideal.
I still think he has something to offer but the inner camp obviously think otherwise. i'd try to pay him a mutually agreeable settlement and give him a free transfer. He holds most of the cards in that regard.
He will go down on a list for me with blanc ibra larrson and bastian as coming 4 or 5 years after they should have or we would have seen much better players than we did. (Ibra and larrson did well)
If he had hit the ground running and scored a few early doors it might have been so different. But he came he flopped he got worse and worse the hole he was in got deeper and deeper.
Surely he too would do better with bruno in the team? I thought the same about bastian but he just didn't have it in him and it looks like the staff think either he doesn't have it in him or that he is just a wrong fit in the dressing room. Or a bit of both. Having him around as a squad player on his money and with his personality may be seen as potentially disruptive.

30 Jun 2020 22:35:28
Good point Ken, maybe it is that he is such a miserable so and so that they just don't want him around. Does anyone know how long he has left on his contract?

Also, can anyone remember why we signed him in the first place? Who at the club wanted to bring him in?

27 Jun 2020 15:42:19
Sancho on the bench again.

{Ed0666's Note - probably had another unsanctioned haircut

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27 Jun 2020 15:52:39
It’s obvious his head has been turned however with C.V. 19 etc I just can’t see us paying what Dortmund want. There might not be anyone pay it either so he could very well stay. Think it’s best for the lad to get on with it and not burn any bridges, after all Dortmund have been good for him.

26 Jun 2020 19:31:28
Ed002 you said in another page that Lovren is second choice for Roma and they are close to agree a transfer with their first choice. Is it safe to say that Smalling is close to transfer to Rome ?

{Ed002's Note - I have no way of measuring "close", but Smalling is their preferred option.}

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25 Jun 2020 16:54:17
A little surprised to see Largie Ramazani as one of the academy players who are leaving this summer. Apparently he turned down a contract offer. Shame he's had a very good season this year.

{Ed002's Note - It is the same with Deji Sotona (LW) another kiddie who wants out - a "third party" has explained that the kid sees no plan for himself going forward and has made it clear that Manchester United is not the place for him to be. WEith no clear route forward players will be looking at other options at more progressive clubs.}

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25 Jun 2020 18:10:32
Surprised and disappointed to see the Ed say this a few times. Nick Cox is the head of academy right? What are we doing wrong?
Fact is I see very few academy players make it as first team regulars at the very big clubs, certainly in England.
Ed is it all about the lack of a development plan and route to the first team, or is it also agents/ third parties driving some of these kids’ demands?
We still seem to be able to sign some top prospects from around Europe (at least when we splash the cash on wages) .

{Ed002's Note - It is largely the failure to have a plan for each player - that might include loans, training with the first team squad and moving forward. There is also a growing issue where youngsters want too much too soon - and that is why several German sides are constantly attending youth games in England.}

25 Jun 2020 18:40:02
I get that not having a specific plan for each young player could be unsettling for a youth player.

I'd have hoped seeing Henderson and Tuanzebe do well on loan, while players like Williams, McTominay, Rashford and Greenwood all playing regularly in the first team might be enough to convince them that they will get a chance at United.

25 Jun 2020 19:24:24
Joining this page years ago was like joining the Matrix. Take the red pill and the ugly truth will be revealed. The truth being that we have serious issues running from the top to the bottom of the club.

Should have taken the blue pill safe in the knowledge that we're the biggest club in the world, United D. N. A and all that tribal nonsense.

We seem to be going in the wrong direction off the pitch whilst being left behind by our main rivals on it.

P. s

7 more of those performances and Ole may get my blessing.

25 Jun 2020 18:54:41
Thanks Ed. To my untrained eye those seem easily solvable issues. I guess it’s when they start to make demands about guaranteed opportunities or silly money it starts to get complicated.
Yes seems a clear business model for the German clubs, trading these kids as financial assets (which is ultimately what footballers now are? ) . Working well for Dortmund.

25 Jun 2020 19:53:27
I would imagine that German teams attending UK youth games with the plan to take our young players to Germany will do wonders for the England team a decade from now.

25 Jun 2020 22:43:17
should make penalties a less tense affair.

26 Jun 2020 07:04:14
Not sure I can agree. No clear path to the first team?

Rashford, McT, Williams, Greenwood, Tanzuebe, Chong have all come through this season and Gomes has emerged slowly too (Alberti he is off) .
Henderson has broken through to be a very strong Premier League keeps on loan. ,

These players are kiddies - and are too young to be making demands - get your head down, work, and the fame and the money and the game time will come if you’re good enough.

26 Jun 2020 09:30:23
Is Alberti that Italian wonder kid Eric? 😐.

26 Jun 2020 09:40:08
I think demands for first team football, or excessively high wages from players who have at most made a handful of professional appearances isn't acceptable.

However, having gone to University as a mature student I have seen that young people need clear direction more now than I did at their ages, and I probably needed it more than my parents did.

Twenty years ago when a 18 year old lad in the academy asked his coach what he needed to do to get into the first team he would have likely been met with an answer something like "work hard, keep your head down, listen to you coaches" or words to that effect. Very nondescript, quite vague, advice you could give to anyone. That might have been fine 20 years ago, but the young people of today live in an information world, they want/ expect much clearer advice and direction. Very specific, they want to see a pathway so they know what they need to do and when, rather than aimlessly working without any idea about what or where they are going.

You need to be far more open when coaching kids these days. You need to start with the why rather than the what.

I don't know if the club is doing this or whether they have their 1980's heads on and just think "well it was fine for me" ignoring the fact that these kids have grown up in a very different world to the one that the coaching and managerial staff free up in.

26 Jun 2020 13:56:27
“Young people want to be told what to do and when” to paraphrase shappy.

Half the problem young people face today is the inability to think for themselves and are constantly looking for the path of least resistance.

26 Jun 2020 17:11:02
To me it seems a blend of what SAF had with Pogba, the clubs lack of proper organization and possibly societal pressure among others.
When you throw agents, impatient kids, inadequate personal coaching and the absence of well laid out plan together with social media and the likes, we are sure to get a sh*t storm.

26 Jun 2020 17:51:13
Shappy that’s the same in any walk of life. I a manage men and women in their 20s who act like kids expecting us to map out their careers for them. Grow up and take responsibility and perform. Then it’ll take care of itself.

26 Jun 2020 21:48:13
Interesting we have focussed on the players who have left, (none of which stood out massively to me) rather than the large number of players we have kept on. We have also offered to look after the players that are going and help find them new clubs with dvd packages etc, good from the club in these tough times.

Ramazani was the best of the ones that are going but he’s never set the world alight really so not to worried.

27 Jun 2020 07:09:46
I think it’s pretty understandable really. When youth players see the likes of Sancho, Haaland and co making a name for themselves playing first team football, it’s only natural that their heads are going to turn. Sure we can point to our successes integrating youth into the first team, but for every Rashford there are probably 10+ players with unrealized potential passing through our academy.

I feel like we need to improve the way we loan out our younger players and maximize their game time in instances where they stay at the club rather than go out on loan (we made 5 substitutions when the game was won in our last match and iirc, not one of them was an academy player) .

We’re probably better than most clubs in the UK when it comes to developing our youth prospects, but clubs on the continent seem to be doing a better job at this point.

28 Jun 2020 07:36:25
That’s the same anywhere red seven. Players like Rashford are rare and those conversion stats of players who make it are the same globally in every club. Should give you an appreciation of just how good the top players are not only skill wise but strong mentally.

28 Jun 2020 09:29:21

Interesting you say that youngsters need more direction and wonder whether the club instead have their 1980’s head on. Isn’t that what our direction is now, led by our manager in a cultural reboot back to the old ways?

Moaning teenagers always happen, they all think they deserve more but it is also likely a sign the club structure and planning from top down is not what it should be and yes back to the traditional SAF way.

24 Jun 2020 11:35:51
Just wandering is Henderson allowed play against us tonight.

{Ed002's Note - No.}

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24 Jun 2020 17:03:04
Cheers ed.

24 Jun 2020 17:52:36
Don’t wander too far, you’ll miss the game 😉.

24 Jun 2020 20:04:35
Haha good one.

23 Jun 2020 18:56:03
Hi Ed002, sorry to bombard you with yet more Pogba questions, but is Arthur seen as an alternative to Pogba by juventus? Thanks.

{Ed002's Note - Not necessarily as they are having a cull of their midfield this summer - but MU are unwilling to help sort out a solution for Pogba.}

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23 Jun 2020 19:29:48
Given the current climate, d'you think it's more likely that Pogba stays than leaves this summer? Also how would the running down of the contract work in regards to the extra year extension? Thank you.

{Ed002's Note - It is unrelated to the current climate. He can run down his contract over the coming season and leave as a free agent. Manchester United can extend and force him to stay yet another year but they cannot profiteer - so if they extended and then sold him he has a claim on the money. By then few if any players would want to sign for a club which behaves so badly toward their own players.}

23 Jun 2020 21:11:15
Do the club have any plans to offer or negotiate a new contract with pogba ed002?

{Ed002's Note - I really don’t know. He wants to leave.}

23 Jun 2020 22:34:39
Thanks for that Ed, just highlights how bad the situation really is. I hope the club can resolve things.

23 Jun 2020 23:41:13
Oh, poor Mr Pogba, we behaved so badly towards him. We only gave him 300K a week and asked him to play football for it. We are EEEEEEVIL.

23 Jun 2020 23:59:27
If Pogba wants to leave then the club should negotiate the best deal possible. I just don't like the idea of Juve/ Madrid offering players that they want rid of in any potential deal. If their no good for their respective clubs then their no good for Man United regardless of the club's current circumstances/ position in world football. We need players who are committed to helping us get back to the top and not players who view us as a step down.

24 Jun 2020 07:53:29
Yeah, sounds simple RWWD but I'm not sure that's it 🤔.

24 Jun 2020 09:58:03
RWWD, Pogba is well paid, arguably overpaid. No one is disputing that. However, he doesn't want to continue to play for us. He should within reason be allowed to choose who he works for.

You might not agree with it, yet I suspect the majority of fellow footballers will view things in a similar way to Pogba rather than that of the fans.

At the end of the day he doesn't want to be at our club. As an asset he his value to the club is diminishing the longer the keep him. While doing so will look in the eyes of many other footballers to be the club mistreating him.

It best the club facilitate his move. Firstly to protect the value of a club "asset". Secondly, to maintain a happy dressing room. Thirdly, to protect the club's image with fellow footballers.

24 Jun 2020 10:14:11

I agree with your post. The club appear to be more concerned about the business side rather than the football side of the club.

If a player wants to go, which Pogba clearly does, then keeping a player who wants to go doesn't do the team any good.

It would be different if they said to him, look we can't get a replacement this transfer window etc, but next summer you can go.

24 Jun 2020 13:44:05
Ed you mentioned in the past about non profiteering on pogba due to extending via the option. I was wondering if there’s anywhere you could point me to research this? I’m looking to find somewhere to do a sports law module once my masters is complete this year. If there’s any reading you could recommend that would be much appreciated.


{Ed002's Note - I don't have time to find it right now, but it is a simple clause about profiteering.}

24 Jun 2020 15:42:20

Ed002 has said many times in the last few months.

Any club can activate an extension year but cannot do so to profit on that extension.

Pogba value will be so low come the end of this season that they cannot activate the year to raise the value.

This is the same for any and every club in similar situations.

24 Jun 2020 16:14:29
Pogbs won't be the first player not to get the move he wants.

24 Jun 2020 21:08:18
I get that reddevilfan- but if your read my post I’m just looking more info from the legal and drafting side of things regarding such a clause.

22 Jun 2020 15:46:12
Ed02, are there any updates on Bellingham's future? Lots of talk of him choosing Dortmund but nothing announced so far.

Also, do you know if there are any plans to buy a CB in the summer or do you think we'll be focusing on other areas?


{Ed002's Note - Dortmund have continued discussions over Bellingham and have thought for a while that they will reach a formal agreement.

I am not so sure a CB is a priority at the moment with five registered for the Premier League. But if one or two could be sold and one came up at the right price who could improve the squad, maybe it might happen.}

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22 Jun 2020 16:07:53
Thanks Ed.

{Ed002's Note - You are welcome.}

22 Jun 2020 17:54:43
Looks as though Dortmund have continued discussions for Bellingham Ed002 but have other teams made formal offers too?

{Ed002's Note - I am pretty sure not.}

22 Jun 2020 18:52:33
Dortmund are doing some great business then if getting Haaland and Bellingham in the same year. Two players I’d love to see at United.

22 Jun 2020 19:08:40
It’s ok we will sign them next summer for 150mill combined. that’s how we roll 😂.

22 Jun 2020 22:35:50
Is bellingham to Dortmund connected at all with our pursuit of Sancho? Or is that just clutching at straws?

{Ed002's Note - No.}

23 Jun 2020 11:02:27
I think Bellingham to Dortmund makes much more sense, for the player and for both Dortmund and United.

Bellingham needs to play every week to progress and become a top player, while Dortmund have a fantastic recent history of working with young players and making them top stars. I don't see how he gets into the United first team on a consistent basis especially if Pogba stays. Matic, Fred, McTominay, Pogba and Bruno ahead of him. Garner hasn't got as many minutes as most would have liked this season, and while Bellingham is probably ahead of him in his development he is only due to playing every week at a professional level for the past season.

While I see the logic in spending 30m on a player now who could be worth 150m in 2-3 years time, that only works if the player can play every week and fulfil that potential. Other wise its 30m spent on a player who will at best sit on the bench every week and stagnate. For an extra 10m we could potentially sign Donny van de Beek who could challenge our first teamers next season and actually contribute to the team next season.

23 Jun 2020 17:05:50
Agree with that Shappy, there’s almost no point signing him if there’s no route to the first team for him. However, I would’ve thought that the club would try to sign him anyway if they are that convinced he’s the real deal, and simply loan him back to Birmingham for next season so he will continue to play week in week out. Then ideally Birmingham get promoted and we can loan him back for one or two more seasons in the Premier League just like Henderson at Sheffield United, or another Premier League club if Birmingham don’t get promoted, which isn’t all that likely. Either way, he comes back to United at 20 years old with 4 full seasons of first team football under his belt. But that surely makes far too much sense for it to ever happen.

23 Jun 2020 17:31:42
Gilly, the problem with that is Bellingham is 16 years old and still a child. He isn't able to leave the club on loan until he is 18 at least.

If he joins us the options are play him in the first team or play him in the academy. That's it.

Personally I think signing a professional deal with Birmingham and having another year in the championship would be the best idea. Then look to move next summer to a higher level of Birmingham don't get promotion. That way he would sign for another club a few months before his 18th birthday. He could see how he settles and if he isn't getting enough game time could leave on loan in the January.

Wherever he moves there needs to be a clear path of progression, he has huge potential. But that will never be fulfilled unless he is constantly challenged while not being pushed beyond what he is physically capable. He needs to be challenged technical and mentally but not physically yet as he will still be growing.

It's a very fine balance and the wrong move to a club without a clear plan for him could set back his career or even ruin his chances of ever reaching his full potential.

If he is determined to move this summer then Dortmund might be the best club for him.

21 Jun 2020 16:54:46
I know Ed02 might reply and told me don't hold my breath but if United are to change managers then I would like to see them pursue Julien Nagelsmann of Leipzig. Does he have any suitors Ed and what's the latest on everyone's favorite Mauricio Pochettino.

{Ed002's Note - There is a side in taking Nagelsmann but not immediately, and not Manchester United. Pochettino Has had discussions regarding potential vacancies with a couple of sides but nothing is decided at this time.}

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21 Jun 2020 18:07:05
Thank you very much Ed. Question for you though. Apart from the usual suspects who are constantly mentioned, which up and coming manager in your opinion would be a good fit for United.

{Ed002's Note - The problem is that the structure of the club is in need of work and authority moved around. If a Director of Football were to arrive then that question would be easy to answer.}

21 Jun 2020 19:10:24
Much appreciated Ed.


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