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22 Jan 2020 12:31:42
Couple of questions for the Eds

As we seem to be haggling with Sporting over a few million here or there, would that suggest that Fernandes was not our top target and we are signing him because he is available? Surely if Ole was telling the powers that be that Fernandes was his primary target they would just pay whatever it takes?

Also, why are we not more proactive with transfers when the the window is shut? Is this down to us not having a DoF? Liverpool seem to negotiate when the window is shut so the player arrives as soon as the window is open a la Minamino.

Lastly, do you know if .............

Thanks in advance

{Ed002's Note - (a) You are thinking rather too much about this. As I have explained, Manchester United are keen on the player but not at the asking price. There was no clear "first choice", but they have had interest in other AM players as well. (b) It is nothing to do with Liverpool, but MU is run on an amateur basis (you can search the page for "amateur". (c) I am njot going to start answering questions about random players.}

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22 Jan 2020 13:03:05
As far as rumour goes apparently negotiations were entered into on a price. That price was allegedly raised by Sporting after negotiations began causing issues.
The latest rumour is that Jorge Mendes is now involved in Sportings transfer dealings and although he has had zero input into the Bruno deal he is demanding a fee which Sporting are trying to add on and pass to United. United want nothing to do with Mendes anyway but also feel it isn't their fee to pay and it's an issue for Sporting.
The above is all rumour and hearsay but this is a rumours page. Would be interested to see Ed's view on the alleged Mendes interference. or otherwise.

{Ed002's Note - Someone has been misleading you rather. The price was not raised during negotiations. The price was set by Sporting based on how he is playing this season. Jorge Mendes is an advisor to Sporting - as he is to a number of clubs.}

22 jan 2020 16:00:00
ed. sporting are buying a striker for 7m euros i thought they had major financial problems so i'm confused as to how they can do any deals if they have to pay their debt in january is this accurate thanks.

{Ed002's Note - The had payments to guarantee at the end of December and again in June.

22 Jan 2020 16:35:59
So they don't need to sell BF this window then well for me this deal isn't happening it would have been sorted by now if we really wanted hom that much. I'm totally disillusioned with whoever it is dealing with these transfers its totally amateurish embarrassing thanks ED.

{Ed002's Note - I am really not sure what you issue is with the situation. Perhaps not thinking about money would ease it for most of the MU supports.}

22 Jan 2020 00:02:30
Sky sports saying that we have / are going to bid 30mill for jude Bellingham, don't know how true this is, time will tell. Seems a lot for a 16 year old but haven't seen much of him so don't know how good he is. Only thing I will say is that we need players who can contribute now, I'm not sure he can do that.

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22 Jan 2020 08:17:49
Don’t worry he’ll be 22 by the time Woodward and Judge close the deal.

22 Jan 2020 08:35:34
30m for a 16 year old is more than outrageous.

22 Jan 2020 08:49:00
I agree especially as we need someone to contribute now, not in a year or 2. Its even more baffling given the current noises from the club about overspending etc and how we don't want to inflate future fees. we don't see value in bruno (hello ken lol) at 60mill but do see value here.

22 Jan 2020 08:58:20
we need both players for now and the future,

this is one of the reasons we are in this mess.

22 Jan 2020 09:20:28
I jus don't understand how they equate value in transfers. bruno is too expensive yet this deal is fine. I have nothing against the bellingham transfer I just don't get how one is seen as value the other not. its not as if bruno is 27/ 28 he's 24 so still a good age.

22 Jan 2020 10:07:53
Considering inflation and how much we paid for a 18 year old Luke Shaw nearly 6 years ago. I think around 30m is about right.

He is super talented and English, he can play in any position in midfield or across the forward line.

Whilst I agree he might not be ready now, by the time he is he will be worth 100m+ which is what we would be expected to pay for a 19 year old Sancho.

Sign him, loan him back to Birmingham on an 18 month loan deal allowing him to finish this season and play next season every week.

22 Jan 2020 10:35:42
The fact we see value in this transfer but not in the requested amount for Mr fernandes is absolutely ridiculous. We have plenty of young talent of our own, we need ready made players.

22 Jan 2020 10:36:43
Norn, that's simple. We sign Bruno for 70m while paying him 10m a year. In 5 years time we will have spent 120m on him in wages and fees. How much do you think we could sell him for in 5 years time when he's about to turn 30? Maybe 50m.

Now look at Bellingham, we spend 30m on him now and pay him 5m a season. In 5 years time he will have cost us 55m and will be about to turn 22. How much could we sell a 22 year old top England international for? 120-150m? easily.

Meaning in theory Belling could be sold for a profit of 100m in 5 years time, while Bruno would be sold at a lost 60-70m.

Now ask yourself, if you were an investor in a business would you pick investing in the asset that could make you 100m profit in 5 year time or the one that could be sold at a loss 70m?

When you look at it like that its not hard to see why the club might be more prepared to spend 30m on Bellingham than 60-70m on Bruno. We aren't being run by fans or even football people, but cold hard investors.

22 Jan 2020 10:51:34
doesnt make sense when we have a 17 year old hannibal mejbri playing a similar role and getting rave reviews and has massive potential.

22 Jan 2020 11:07:28
Your analysis is 100% correct shappy and that's the problem.
Everything we do is based on a mathematical equation that relates to profit, not how it will improve the team/ product on the pitch.

22 Jan 2020 11:36:17
I have a couple of friends who are birmingham city season book holders and they have been raving to me for couple seasons about this kid they say he's better than pogba was at his age high praise indeed and he's MOTM every time he plays.
I'm all for this signing but only if we get fernandes aswell we need him now.

22 Jan 2020 11:50:50
Agree Shappy: everything we do is measured in business assets (hence players being given new contracts when they don’t deserve them)

You’d think that they’d realise that business assets are only worth something if the business is successful, hence the need to ensure short term success also, both on and off the pitch, as the value of the brand is just as important to making a profit - and you can only trade off former glory for so long.

22 Jan 2020 12:54:49
Have we not learnt our lesson with signing Dan James from the championship. Set off like a house on fire, now he seems to struggle in games as the so called big teams have sussed him out, looks like a rabbit caught in the headlights at times. Get bruno in and another experienced striker, midfielder what ever, then let's see where we finish in the league. if not top 4, makes woodward job easier to sack ole anc get poch in. Can u imagine what a team poch could build with our coffers. he did ok at spurs without a pot to pee in.

22 Jan 2020 13:11:47
The club accounts look much healthier the more high valued assets the club has.

Giving Jones or Rojo a new deal when they don't give much in terms of football performance doesn't make any football sense.

Yet having two players with an asset value of 20-30m+ each attached to the club looks good on paper. The reality is you would be lucky to get 15m for either of them, while they don't add much to the on pitch performance while costing the club a significant amount in wages.

But at least on paper 50-60m in club assessed haven't walked out the door.

{Ed002's Note - The players are not assets that appear in the accounts as they are not fixed assets. You need to stop worring about finances.}

22 Jan 2020 13:12:55
Wllace, whilst i am in agreement that we measure players as business assets it should be noted that they have a value even when the business isn't as successful as it once was. They may have a lesser value but still a value.
The sad thing is we are talking about human beings as if they were tins of beans, sad.

{Ed002's Note - What the hell are "business assets". You all need to move on from discussing stuff you don't understand.}

22 Jan 2020 13:15:27
Shappy I'd ask the glazers to pay you for the positive PR you give off.

22 Jan 2020 13:45:59
Ed002 - read the post. I stated its sad that players are being referred to as such!

{Ed002's Note - You don't get it.}

22 Jan 2020 14:49:04
RedWhiskey, glad you feel my words have such an impact. lol. Although not sure which words I've said in this thread that could be considered "positive spin" for the Glazers.

Pretty sure I've been damning of them at times. They aren't great owners, although they are far from the worst. I don't think there is a silver bullet solution for the situation the club finds itself in. There is no one person to blame but many. As such fixing the issues won't be as simple as sacking the manager, or Ed Woodward, or the other people behind the scenes or the Glazers simply selling the club. In fact any of those things have as much potential to hurt us as they do of helping us.

22 Jan 2020 15:40:22
Ignore the money lads we don’t understand it, we don’t need to and we have no affect on it.

At 16 playing amazingly well. could turn out decent could turn out a sh! t£r

Loan him back for 18 months fine he’ll get minutes

But what I don’t get is we already have Gomes, Levitt, Garner, McTominay and then Hannibal, Puigmal, Tarore.

Would rather we go for Saul, Pogba (Fred), Bruno mid 3.

22 Jan 2020 17:01:05
Maybe the club think he is better than all of them players Utd Road?

22 Jan 2020 18:37:41
What happens if we don't get fernandes this month because we think. we can get maddison or grealish in the summer are the club that naieve that they think none of our competitors won't be after them aswell .
Theres no guarantee they will choose us if that's the case then were does that leave us were playing a very dangerous game here.

22 Jan 2020 21:17:02
I believe some of the information in this thread regarding football balance sheets is incorrect. Players' value IS recorded in the company balance sheet, as an intangible asset. Clubs buying players earn “rights to use” the players to generate revenues. In accounting, “rights” are considered as intangible assets. These asset includes players transfer rights and costs incurred to acquire those rights. These rights are measured at acquisition cost and amortized on a straight-line basis over the term of each player’s contract. The asset is initially recognized at the date the acquisition contract enters into force.

23 Jan 2020 10:59:37
I’m suffering from deja vu. Last night reminded me of fergies early days.
No width or depth no clue up front. Back passing,
Utd have a weakened squad just now,
Lulu Sanchez young smalling all gone,
Jones rojo matic mata Lingard Chong Jackson all on the gang plank waiting to jump,
Where are Utd going to find the capitol to fund the squad?
Some young lads of ours doing the business in Scotland and the championship, (de geas replacement is outstanding) we can’t even buy a player who actually wants to play for us, Squad needs 3 midfielders and two strikers.

21 Jan 2020 18:45:09
Ornstein on Piatek: "Milan either want to sell him for €35m or loan him with an option to buy and within that option, there would need to be some favourable conditions that would turn that option into an obligation. "

Sharing is caring brothers and sisters

Right old goal hanger of player on a loan would be banging.

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22 Jan 2020 02:48:41
Wow. in span of 6 days. I am writing again.

"We do not do sensible dealing here" otherwise we wouldn't be "looking" at even in 21st day of window for down to barebones team.

21 Jan 2020 08:10:18
Rumours Utd are looking at loans this month to pad the squad. Hoping we bring ‘Arry Redknapp in for deadline day.

Only seen links to the Uruguayan CDM from Inter. I like this, all CDMs should be from Uruguay!

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21 Jan 2020 10:17:53
😂😂 united road.

20 Jan 2020 19:48:57
What are you actually EXPECTING to be the incomings over the next 11 days all?
Not hoping, but EXPECTING.

I still feel we’ll get Bruno, as the Rashford situation will further highlight our lack of goalscorers and force us to pay a little more, whilst I also have a horrid feeling we’ll get some kind of short term fix up front like Llorente.

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20 Jan 2020 20:40:31
just seen on one site we are considering rooney till end of the season. I've heard it all now.

20 Jan 2020 20:38:40
I'm EXPECTING the club to make all the right noises, leak to the media that they are working hard, complain about players values being too high. And ultimately I'm EXPECTING us to sign No1 and therefore, ole be hung out to dry.

20 Jan 2020 21:05:43
NIR84 so you're not expecting Fernandes, Soumare and Dembele now followed by Koulibaly, Saul and Sancho in the summer with Poc and a DOF in tow

Oh boo that sucks.

20 Jan 2020 21:42:35
😂😂😂 Yip next season we will win the quadruple, go unbeaten and amass 100 points.

20 Jan 2020 21:51:16
Fernandes, bale, Josh king.

20 Jan 2020 22:33:37
I'm expecting none.

20 Jan 2020 23:22:37
I saw the suggested possible signings of Soumare, Fernandes and Dembele and would be well pleased with any. All would be incredible but unlikely. None of them top drawer yet but all walk into this team, in my opinion.

21 Jan 2020 00:47:08
Not a dam thing.

21 Jan 2020 04:13:37
Bruno will arrive.
I'm expecting the club to push for Cavani or Moussa Dembele, else the season may end in disaster considering we already lack goal scorers in the team.

21 Jan 2020 07:55:56
Expecting Woodward to finally address the problem in the canteen and upgrade the 4 slice toaster to a 6 slice toaster.

21 Jan 2020 08:05:36
we won't say anyone.

21 Jan 2020 09:54:08
Not sure anything will happen, nor should happen if the plan is to replace the manager.

21 Jan 2020 10:21:16
I expect bruno to come in but maybe we will sit tight and wait for a new coach.
I think if you have ole the Liverpool squad or city squad he would struggle to make top 4 either way.

21 Jan 2020 10:58:03
I’m not expecting anything.

A deal for Fernandes could be done, but I don’t see us making a sensible offer.
There is a shortage of available strikers, and too many clubs in the market.

I can see Ole making the, ‘we will only bring in the right players’ speech by the start of next month, and being sacked by the end of the season.

Rinse, repeat to another new dawn.

21 Jan 2020 11:00:40
they don't have a plan. they fly by the seat of their pants. Even if they do change manager do we think that the summer will be some well organised transfer strategy? the excuse then will be that the new manager needed time to assess the squad so we couldn't get players in. there's always a reason for our poor recruitment, not the fact that the people doing the deals are completely imcompetent.

21 Jan 2020 15:10:56
Ive heard the same thing about the toaster Boyfromburrenway, but apparently Argos want £40 and Ed won't pay more than £25, so the deal has fell through.

21 Jan 2020 18:26:14
nice one, inhope.

21 Jan 2020 19:43:05
Expecting at least one signing but also expecting a backlash from fans when we still don't prove to progress as fast as they want. I don't think many fans would be satisfied even if we bought Messi!

22 Jan 2020 00:23:16
@Salford - no idea what that's based on. The fans just want to see progression as has been promised. As I said at the start of the season we are missing one CAM and one striker / RW. The club has failed to fill those roles. Now those issues are coming to fruition.

I'm not the biggest fan of Solkjaer as a manager, but now is the opportunity for the club to show their intentions. We either purchase players to fill those roles and chase the very attainable fourth spot, or the manager gets held out to dry as there's "no value in the market". I know what my money is on.

20 Jan 2020 09:40:00
Hi ed do the club see cavani as an option?

{Ed002's Note - It would be a terrible mistake and he wants to move elsewhere.}

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20 Jan 2020 10:34:36
Ed, with the injury to Rashford is there any new players that we are now looking at since your last update?

{Ed002's Note - Because a player is injured for a few weeks clubs do not normally change their transfer plans.}

20 Jan 2020 10:58:08
Thanks Ed.

20 Jan 2020 11:31:04
isn't he out for around 3 months.

time for martial to step up now.

hopefully greenwood gets more game time.

20 Jan 2020 12:16:59
we are down to the bare bones in terms of both midfield and attacking options, players like greenwood, martial, fred, matic etc will have to play pretty much every game due to our woeful squad and injuries. No doubt further injuries will occur due to the workload and lack of rotation, luckily our winter break is coming at the perfect time.

20 Jan 2020 12:40:20
We are overplaying Fred at the moment.
The team badly needs some bodies to rotate the squad.

20 Jan 2020 12:43:58
As we saw when martial was out it made it very hard for rashford to score, the same will now apply for martial with rashford out.

With so little threat coming from the rest of our team it makes it a lot easier for our opponents to nullify our strikers.

We need the whole team to step up. I think our defenders have scored once all season from memory, I think mctominay and Dan James has 3 has any of the rest of our midfield scored?

20 Jan 2020 13:52:53
Our defenders have scored 3 goals, Young, Lindelof and Williams.
Midfield have scored 7, with Mata, Lingard, Pereira and McTominay.
Forwards have scored 39 between Martial, Rashford and Greenwood.

20 Jan 2020 18:14:43
They’re trying for Dembele.

20 Jan 2020 19:07:46
I hope so!
The ideal CF for us.
Can’t see it happening though.

19 Jan 2020 14:44:07
I see we’ve been linked to Luis Campos in the media this weekend. This would be a great move in my opinion, someone to give clear direction and strategy to the football side of things.

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19 Jan 2020 14:54:24
Its Utds PR in over drive. Whenever a big game comes up or a loss these stories are leaked. Don't be fooled by it its nonsense. It doesn't take 18 months to appoint a DOF like Campos.

19 Jan 2020 17:20:57
Or maybe it does.

19 Jan 2020 18:37:05
Didnt Campos say in an interview in November 2019 that he was keen to link up with Jose at Spurs as he considers him his brother.
He was also critical of the United hierarchy and its lack of support of Jose while he was our manager, doesn't sound like someone who was looking to join us.

19 Jan 2020 21:05:08
Grim he did also say United would be an attractive prospect to work on. I see him at Spurs too though.

18 Jan 2020 15:47:07
Are United again being amateurish with the Bruno Fernandes deal?

{Ed002's Note - It depends whether they really want to sign him or look again at otehr AM options. If you end up negotiating from too far apart you are wasting your time. Or if you are looking to leverage the position where it is thought that the other club need the money and you low-ball the offer one can expect no more than a shrug.}

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18 Jan 2020 16:05:53
Are United still using their transfer policy from the 90s because they think that the so called smaller clubs need the money, whilst forgetting that TV money has changed the transfer game.

18 Jan 2020 16:16:44
There's your answer. Joke.

18 Jan 2020 16:29:59
Thanks ED002. Sounds like both parties need to be more realistic.

{Ed002's Note - Why do Sporting need to change anything?}

18 Jan 2020 17:10:50
His value by Sporting is his value simple as that, don't like the value then leave it. Yeah haggle by up to a few million here and there, but your never going to be haggling over 10-20million no chance.

18 Jan 2020 17:24:35
Time wasting exercise. Then there's no more time to conclude other deals. Clever by the idiots in charge at our club.

18 Jan 2020 17:28:55
Absolute shambles, pay the fee or walk away! The club was willing to pay £50 mill for Fred! Something seriously wrong with the club transfer policy!

Salt to the wounds. Haaland just scored 4 goals on his debut.

18 Jan 2020 18:41:23
I'd forgot he has only signed a new contract. The ball is firmly in Sportings court.

I wonder if we will hear, there's no value in the transfer window this year.

{Ed002's Note - why is it in their court.}

18 Jan 2020 18:52:54
Shappy will be busy now writing his essay telling us the club are right to not be held to ransom and we can’t moan every time we don’t sign a player.
However the paper thin squad will be even weaker and I will have to continue to watch the utter crap the Lingard and Pereira produce.
We won’t splash the cash for Fernandes so who thinks we will pay more for Maddison or Grealish in the summer?
Mediocrity at its best.

18 Jan 2020 19:00:13
Think he means that sporting are firmly in charge and hold all the cards. He's right. Ed002 as alway you are 100% correct, we are amateurish in so many ways and I'm sure it's pitting off others from doing future business with us.

{Ed002's Note - Perhaps the terminology was the issue.}

18 Jan 2020 19:35:32
As Ed002 has said previously, United fans have caused an issue in the past which have forced the club to change plans (Van Gaal) .

I'd imagine if we fail to land Fernandes, there would be a pretty big backlash from fans over the potential lack of additions which we clearly need.

He is the kind of player we really need and it shows how atrocious the scouting and judging of talent is at United that we were seem to value Fernandes lower than Fred.

18 Jan 2020 20:03:37
Ed002. I've been working 12hr nights.
My terminology was wrong. Do you see a deal still being done?

{Ed002's Note - It is dependent up Manchester United making an acceptable offer - if they do not wish to do that it will be difficult. If they put a sensible offer on the table something can be done. So the ball is in Manchester United’s court.}

19 Jan 2020 00:20:53
Seems to be some spin being leaked that we are only willing to offer what they feel spurs had accepted last year, plus a slight increase off back of good season.

With the income utd have, they are always going to get charged top dollar for any player they buy. It is part of the trickle down of money.

But in this circumstance, Sporting signed a new contract with the player. Which impacts his value. I think it is a pretty low risk transfer for a player that has the skills we need. Compared to some transfer values it is not outrageous to pay straight up $50m with $20m in reasonable add ons (international appearances, ucl qualification etc)

I hope they get it done. If no-one comes in at all it could have a negative impact across the club and supporters. This one signing could easily galvanise a top 4 push.

19 Jan 2020 08:48:51
I can see us offering an extra 2 million at half time v Liverpool when we are 3-0 down.

19 Jan 2020 12:39:08
Don’t blame Utd for backing off if it’s true that a fee was agreed then upped a few days later.
Fans moan if we get had over transfers then moan if we don’t pay top dollar, can’t win.

19 Jan 2020 13:59:05
Ed002 - Do you agree the Bruno clearly wants to leave? My understanding from my journalist friends is that he is. If so, I remember your point of view that if a player wants to leave (Pogba) then the club should be realistic in their expectations of the selling price. Surely, sporting can demand what they like and United fo that too for Pogba. Hopefully sense prevails but that is not a given whatsoever.

{Ed002's Note - why do you think Sporting are being unrealistic? They are dealing with amateurs.}

19 Jan 2020 14:15:37
The deal will get done - Man utd trying to save a few million - Sporting want to extract a few million more - but at end of day if reports are to believed the boy wants to come - patience.

19 Jan 2020 14:44:05
I own something, you want it, you pay my price however ridiculous it may seem to you and anyone else. It's up to you. Walk away if you don't like it. No skin of my nose.

19 Jan 2020 15:45:04
Ed002 - actually don’t know whether Sporting are unrealistic but it looks like there are not too many other clubs in it for them to really benefit. They are well within their rights not to sell for anything less than they value him but so are United with Pogba.

{Ed002's Note - Sure - let Pogba see his contract out. He has bveen great this year.}

19 Jan 2020 19:54:39
How does a club decide on what to bid for a player, is there a formula that takes into account age, current contract, desperation, marketing value etc?

{Ed002's Note - There is no formula or algorithm.}

20 Jan 2020 11:17:34
I read that united didn't want to play top dollar for Bruno because this would effect us going for Maddison and putting his price up too.

are united at risk of going foul on FFP? and is this impacting recent transfers?

{Ed002's Note - I would not expect Fernandes and Maddison and it is nothing to do with FFP.}

20 Jan 2020 11:32:31

united conduct a number generator on google when deciding what to offer.

20 Jan 2020 12:45:11
thanks ed.


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