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06 Mar 2020 13:40:23
Ed in your opinion do you think united will look at harry kane in the summer?

Thanks .

{Ed002's Note - Right now, no.}

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06 Mar 2020 21:59:11
Thank you .

05 Mar 2020 23:47:33
Hey ed002,

Just wondering is do united still have an ongoing interest in jude bellingham or is he joining dortmund? thanks.

{Ed002's Note - Yes there is still interest from Manchester United and a number of other sides including Dortmund.}

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06 Mar 2020 17:10:27
Bellingham to utd done.

06 Mar 2020 23:48:06
Thank you as always for taking the time out of your day for the response ed002 much appreciated.

{Ed002's Note - You are wecome.}

04 Mar 2020 15:17:23
Ridiculous rumour time, apparently Harry Kane would be open for a move to Manchester United rather than spend the next few years at Spurs while they under go a rebuild.

Now putting aside the fact that Kane might be one of the best fit strikers for us. Or the tantalising prospect of United signing both Kane and Sancho in the summer and lining up next season with the English trio of Sancho, Kane and Rashford.

How ridiculous is this rumour? He would be happy to leave Spurs because they are in the middle of a rebuild and he wants to win at least one major trophy in his career. So he would be happy to move to United even though we are in the same boat as Spurs at the moment in that we are in the middle of a huge rebuild.

Seriously you can't make this stuff up. Well not unless you live and work in the fantasy world of sports journalism.

The only way I could see any chance of this happening is if Pochettino is being lined up to replace Ole in the summer and Kane knows this and wants to go join his old boss.
Although there is a wonderful irony of Kane wanting to win a major trophy so he follows the only "top drawer" manager never to have won ANY trophies.

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04 Mar 2020 15:53:58
Sounds to me like Neil Ashon PR guru is working his magic.

04 Mar 2020 16:26:45
I don't think that would make much sense unless it ends with United actually signing Kane. If this is an attempt to unsettle and eventually sign him then its a risky move. If not then it just increases the fans expectations with them ultimately feeling let down when a move doesn't happen.

04 Mar 2020 17:03:49
I would suggest that Kane is sending a message to Spurs that unless they invest in a team capable of winning things, he’ll go. As for the link with us, we’re one of the only clubs that could afford him, and I’d sell Martial and bring him in in a heartbeat, despite his injury problems, if it was possible.

04 Mar 2020 17:06:03
Sounds too good to be true Shaps. Like you said, there is a sliver of hope if Poch joins but otherwise it’s most likely wishful thinking. The thought of Kane in a Utd shirt is mouth watering. Genuine world class no 9 that we haven’t seen leading the line since Rooney in his prime. Would make sense as there are doubts over Martial. But Sancho, Kane and Grealish in one summer is a pipe dream under Woodward/ these owners.

04 Mar 2020 19:54:02
We don't need him we got igahlo 😂😂.

04 Mar 2020 20:48:41
I don't think it will happen. But if it did Kane would be the best striker we have had since RvP.

04 Mar 2020 22:21:54
Even if we got Kane with only Bruno to provide the bullets from midfield I woukd worry.

05 Mar 2020 00:32:20
Maybe the talk about trophies is just a polite way of saying earning a lot more money than is available at Spurs.

05 Mar 2020 01:22:32
is it seaon ticket renewal time.

05 Mar 2020 12:02:27
How much would harry kane cost? £150 -180 million?

05 Mar 2020 13:28:08
At least, I wouldn't be surprised with him approaching 200m if Coutinho is worth 140m. Kane is English, in his prime, has 4 years left on his contact and you would have to deal with Daniel Levy.

It's not going to happen, just thought it was funny how we have even been linked.

05 Mar 2020 18:50:30
Probably about 120m max.

06 Mar 2020 18:19:11
Not a chance Ken. Has years on his contract, won’t down tools, and Levy doesn’t sell cheap unless he has no other option. Upwards of £150m or he simply won’t be sold.

27 Feb 2020 15:32:46
Interesting stat if true.

When Matic has played we've kept 14 clean sheets, when he hasn't we've kept 3.

Just shows if these stats are true how he transform our team and makes a stronger unit. For instance the City game in first leg first half we were cut to shreds and he came on second and we were far better.

For me he's the best CDM at the club and his legs have far from gone.

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27 Feb 2020 18:32:26
Instead of looking at stats, look at his performances. The last 3-4 games he has been good.

Other than that, he had been average.

27 Feb 2020 19:06:38
This just shows that we need to sign a really good DM.


Imagine if we were lucky enough to sign Neves. A DM that can play and score and set the pace of the game.

27 Feb 2020 20:14:22

I agree with you.

27 Feb 2020 20:51:37
Well it's no coincidence that when he plays were a better team.

28 Feb 2020 00:45:51
I don’t watch wolves that often but I thought Neves was one of the worst players on the pitch in the league game at OT, I was keeping an eye on him as people say he would be a good signing but all he did was turn and pass backwards all the time and kept getting caught out of position. Maybe it was just a bad day for him.

28 Feb 2020 05:33:42
He didn't play last night.

18 Feb 2020 11:58:18
Ed02, if you don't mind, the Independent are reporting that we are 'strongly considering Antero Henrique and Ralf Rangnick for the role of technical director' - is there any truth in this?

Rangnick seems like a very good option given his work at RBL.


{Ed002's Note - Ralf Rangnick is the target for Milan - I don't know if Manchester United are keen on him. Henrique has been spoken of before and he is available - I am not sure the structure of the club would suit him.}

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18 Feb 2020 12:27:03
I'm a huge fan of Rangnick I think he's done a brilliant job at Leipzig.

Ed002, considering the structure of the club who do you feel would be best suited to the role the club is looking for?

{Ed002's Note - They need to change the structure.}

18 Feb 2020 13:03:47
Ed002, is it a reluctance to change the structure the thing which is holding up the club finding the right person to appoint?

{Ed002's Note - Not just that.}

19 Feb 2020 14:27:11
Ed, would you be prepared to explain in brief how the structure needs to be changed? Many of us are not familiar with the United specifics compared to other clubs. Perhaps also it would help to reduce the volume of questions and speculation in the future. Thanks.

{Ed002's Note - No, the supporters will simply carry on their hate campaign with other members of club staff.}

19 Feb 2020 21:43:53
I appreciate that Ed but let's face it we are a very small band of supporters on this page. Anything you say is unlikely to migrate too far.

16 Feb 2020 11:53:37
Poch was spotted with Woodward and his p.r. man the other day. Allegri is on record saying he’s been offered a top Premier League side, Poch much the same.

With Manchester City's plight and Manchester United's hit and miss on and off the field, City and United could end up with new managers, with Ole bumped up to D.O.F.?

It's a rumour site after all. Lol.

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16 Feb 2020 12:15:09
Ole bumped down to kitchen porter or witness for the defense, more like.

16 Feb 2020 12:36:34
Ole as DOF.! Now I have seen it all.

16 Feb 2020 23:01:08
Poch wasn't spotting with Woodward at all. If so prove it.

17 Feb 2020 10:15:41
"Woodward and his p. r. man" - seems more like a publicity stunt by Woodward trying to feed fire to the media stories linking Poch with the United job in the summer. Just keep the flame burning and keep the fans excited till summer and then probably do something really baffling.

17 Feb 2020 10:17:11
This is a rumours site, if everyone was asked to prove their posts there wouldn't be any.

17 Feb 2020 12:28:53
It was widely reported. Think it was at a Leeds game, Woodward’s pr man was sat with poch. The articles state he was there. As per express, metro, team talk etc etc.
After all this is supposed to be a rumour site! Some people take this site WAY to seriously.
If it wasn’t for the Ed’s input/ insight .

17 Feb 2020 13:20:34
Neil Ashton was Woodward wasn't there's difference.

17 Feb 2020 22:20:13
As Dan said it was Neil Ashton and it was a Leeds game. They passed each other coming out into the stand. That was it. They were not sat together. Poch did have a coffee though if that helps one sugar.

14 Feb 2020 11:09:09
Hi Ed002,
Do United consider Dean Henderson as their first choice Goalkeeper in the near future?
Does the club have any specific plan for him.

Finally, will the club be open to offers for De Gea?

{Ed002's Note - De Gea signed a new contract about six months ago and is the clear first choice. I am sure that Manchester United would like to keep Dean Henderson but they will be aware that some high profile sides are looking for goalkeepers this summer and both PSG and Spurs have been watching Henderson.}

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14 Feb 2020 11:45:45
Personally I would prefer to sell DDG this summer and bring Henderson back as first choice.

I have a sneaky feeling Henderson will get the nod for England at the Euro's and could have an absolute stormer of a tournament and we could see several sides push to sign him this summer.

14 Feb 2020 14:31:55
Absolutely agree shappy, if psg want a utd gk hopefully we can get them to show interest in the one that earns 400k and looks to be on a decline.

14 Feb 2020 14:52:34
Good luck shifting de gea with a long contract and big wages and with his reputation not what it once was after a string of poor performances.

We will have to sell henderson as he won't want to be number 2 or go on a perpetual loan cycle.

14 Feb 2020 14:27:24
ED002 is there any interest in DDG?

{Ed002's Note - Nothing noteworthy. He was third choice on Juventus' list but they resolved their problem with Wojciech Szczesny signing a new deal.}

15 Feb 2020 01:35:30
De Gea has probably been our stand out player again this season bar 1 or 2 errors.

Made a lot of top saves kept us in games.

For me still the best in the league.

15 Feb 2020 07:31:32
Probably the only area of the pitch where we have a very strong group of players to pick from.

15 Feb 2020 09:16:28
I am with Shappy on this. DDG doesn’t command his 6 yard box let alone the penalty area. Brilliant shot stopper but if I am a defender when a cross comes in I would have that lack of command in my mind. For me I wouldn’t have given him the big fancy new contract and would have given Henderson a chance this season. I definitely would next season, if we could shift DDG.

15 Feb 2020 17:00:35
Stone the crows me and Red Man agree on something.

On a serious note Red Man is right about the lack of command from DDG. I would say this is partially what leads to us conceding so many individual errors.

DDG for me is a world class shot stopper. But there isn't any other areas of goalkeeping where you would call him world class.

Distribution? Collecting high balls? 1v1's? Command of his area? Organisation? Although not a key metric he has only saved one penalty in 5 years.

15 Feb 2020 17:29:19
I too agree with Red Man here.
Henderson is showing a lot of promise at 22 and he is an ambitious lad.

15 Feb 2020 18:53:28
Bearing in mind that top goalies can play til their mid thirties and mature later than outfield players why not groom Henderson over the next few years by letting him go out on loan to good sides to get great experience then phase out DDG.

{Ed002's Note - Why would he agree to that?}

15 Feb 2020 19:00:25
If you played in defence you had to face forward and trust the keeper behind you. If there was any doubt it affected your decision making and concentration.

16 Feb 2020 15:15:51
ED 02 Maybe someone could talk to Henderson and explain that a lawyer or doctor or engineer has to train for a long time and do an apprenticeship, then practice as a junior before ultimately taking on increasingly more complex, responsible roles. That is a template for long term success. It would not harm Henderson to stay at a club like Sheffield Utd for another season or two.

16 Feb 2020 18:29:52
Salford, did you say the same about a 17 year old Messi, or Ronaldo, or Rooney. What about Donnarumma? He has been AC Milan's first choice since he was 18.

Henderson turns 23 this year. What's the phrase, "if your good enough then your olde enough".

Henderson is hungry and talented with a determination to improve. He is ready, PSG are looking at him.

16 Feb 2020 18:49:38
Poor old Romero. Probably the best backup in the Prem and good enough to start in most of the teams. When DDG-gate was in full swing I would have been happy with him as the first choice. Maybe it says a lot about his ambition that a World Cup finalist GK is content watching every game.

16 Feb 2020 20:09:11
Shappy it's different for goalies. Apart from The Milan keeper it is so rare to get young keepers for two reasons. Firstly their position needs a mental maturity that is usually lacking in young players and secondly the very best goalies need to be physically imposing. DDG is rightfully accused of not dominating his box and I am convinced his comparatively slight physique contributes to this.

16 Feb 2020 21:29:04
Salford, remind me again how old DDG was when he was first made our No.1.

What about Buffon at Parma, or Casillias at Real Madrid.

Keepers are playing regularly for top sides long before there 22nd birthday.

Henderson is ready, he has the joint most clean sheets in the EPL.

13 Feb 2020 13:13:47
Hi Ed002, who is the youngster Manchester United were speaking to yesterday you referenced on the European pages please?

{Ed002's Note - It is the same player I have mentioned before. Isaac Lihadji (RW) kiddie from Marseille who is attracting interest of several sides - had not been interested in joining MU but the club has persisted and has spoken with Marseille to see if something can be done to appease the player and pay compensation.}

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