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23 May 2024 21:06:12
I was told last year that Bruno was considering his future and was asked to give one more year.

Forgot who it was but someone on here shot me down for it.

It was true, the only difference being now that there is new people in place that are trying to persuade him to stay.

I've been told this year he has told the club if a reasonable offer comes in from a preferred destination, he would like to move on.

But money does talk so maybe they can persuade him to stay.

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23 May 2024 22:23:49
Anyone that ain’t commited regardless who they are get rid

Need people to want to be here and play.

23 May 2024 23:12:52
He will still be here for a couple of years yet. He loves the club.

24 May 2024 07:19:32
Get rid. Overrated and not an elite player. Stands out in United because many other players are so poor. Would Guardiola play him? Not a chance. Simply not good enough. Poor passer and flaky.

24 May 2024 08:30:26
I dunno Jodler, could easily see him in the Bernado Silva role at City.
Not sure he’s captain material but the best we have avail and our most creative player. Until Florian Wirtz is available I say we stick!

24 May 2024 09:33:56
Careful what you wish for. Remove Bruno and you take away 90% of this teams creativity.

24 May 2024 09:33:57
Depends on how the new regime intend to play and where he fits in that vision. Also he is approaching 30 and would his wages be better spent on a younger player who is going to be part of a team challenging for titles in 3 to 5 years time. From a practical point of view getting his wages and a fee might make more sense than keeping him. I really like him as a player but if him leaving is part of a plan to move us forward I would accept it is best for the club.

24 May 2024 10:40:27
Bruno is top class. A shame to get rid of someone with so much quality and who has dug us out time and time again.

24 May 2024 11:06:16
Caolan I remember the Liverpool fans saying the same re couthino.
From a business perspective I can see the merits in cashing in now.
I agree with oakbark it very much depends on what the vision is and who is implementing it from a head coach perspective.
It will be a strategic decision not one based on emotion or sentiment.
There are strong arguments for keeping him but also for selling him imo. One of the more difficult conundrums as there are compelling reasons for both sides of the coin.

24 May 2024 12:03:29
He has been our best player for a while now and as angelred said has dug us out time and time again but he is also our biggest asset and if we can get a huge fee for him then it has to be considered, his last interview he said if the club wants me I will be here, think a big changing of the guard is going to happen and would hate to see him run his contract down and go for free.

24 May 2024 12:25:21
The deciding factor on whether Bruno stays or goes will be the amount of money on offer.

The guy is 29 and if the Saudi's were to offer £50-60 million plus for him, I'd imagine it would be very difficult to turn the money down.

The club need to sell players to raise funds, sometimes you struggle to get rid of those players. Along comes a good offer for a player you would be inclined to keep, but desperately need the funds to buy others.

24 May 2024 14:26:35
I'd suggest people read the interview he has just done . We don't deserve bruno .

24 May 2024 15:02:40
Deano like the majority of our fan base mate we seem to want to ridicule rather than support

Bruno is our best player and has been since he joined the club

How about the players that are always unavailable get the stick.

24 May 2024 15:33:23
Bolger I'm not seeing get lots of stick.
If a good offer came in it would be considered i'm sure.
Lots of reasons to keep him lots of valid reasons as to why offers would be considered.

24 May 2024 16:25:30
Agreed bolger 👍.

24 May 2024 16:47:39
I for one would be delighted if Bruno stayed, I don't want him to go anywhere but if the club get a big offer for him they may accept.

24 May 2024 16:57:36
Jodler, I think you are overrated and not an elite fan. :P.

24 May 2024 17:56:56
Not sure why nowadays when you’re not a fan of a player and voice it, you are ridiculing.
Are people not allowed to say they don’t fancy him as a player? Do we have to blindly support now unless its certain players we’re all allowed to ridicule together?
Who decides who we’re allowed to “ridicule”?

24 May 2024 20:15:42
Agreed Bolger.

I think Bruno is our only world class player and has been since he joined. He’d slot perfectly in to a Pep team and would have no problem being asked to take care of the ball better.

I don’t agree with the petulant side of his game, and he isn’t captain material, but there were no alternatives at the time so I understand it. He’s worked very hard to carry out the role and his work ethic cannot be questioned. Nor can the numbers he’s posted for us.

Despite how much I rate him, I can see the argument for him leaving if a Saudi level bid came in for him. It seems we could do with the money. But on the other hand you remove by far our most creative asset, in fact the most creative player in the Premier League based on chances created, and where do we go from there?

25 May 2024 12:06:25
Players like Bruno, Shaw, Rashford etc should all be allowed to leave if significant offers come in for them. Ultimately I doubt any of them are going to be key players in our next title winning team. However, I wouldn't be actively looking to sell them this summer. There are far more players who need to leave first. Players not capable of playing at the level we need, or in the style bwe want to see.

You don't improve a squad by replacing your best/ better players, you do so by replacing your worst players. The aim should be that by the time we replace the like the likes of Bruno and Rashford they would be the amoungst the worst players in the squad.

However, if significant offers come in this summer then the club should accept them for all players bar Mainoo, Garnacho and Højlund. Who are the only three I see as being able to be key players in our next title winning squad. Everyone has a price and if matched shake their hand and wish them well with the rest of their career.

26 May 2024 08:20:21
Not even sure how this is a debate. He’s consistently been our best player since he signed.

26 May 2024 08:22:33
I think you have to add Dalot and Martinez to that list Shappy. We are a totally different side when Licha plays.

23 May 2024 19:16:15
Deal completed, Alvaro Fernandez has signed today for Benfica on a 5 year deal.

Fee about 6m euros. Not massive but all contributions to transfer fund gratefully received.

A good move all around, don't think he would of had much opportunity at O. T. Whilst he had promise, Harry Amass has well overtaken him and I think is likely to get opportunities before Alvaro would of.

We hold buy back clause, matching fee rights and sell on clause. Pretty well covers everything.

Good luck to him.

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23 May 2024 20:01:00
Have . Not of 🙄.

23 May 2024 21:46:50

You guesting at the cafe or something? 🤣.

23 May 2024 21:50:59
Great deal and keeps lines of communication open with Benfica. Neves and Silva would be great additions.

24 May 2024 11:07:41
Sounds like a good deal to me to jimbob. Good future proofing by the sounds of it.

26 May 2024 08:20:37
Good luck to him. Good move.

22 May 2024 22:59:36
Talk of McKenna not going away in the press.

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23 May 2024 00:36:13
He really should take a vacation because next season he's going to be busy.

23 May 2024 04:19:09
I sent a text to my cousins 2 lads no word -they know him pretty well and meet up during the year - He had offers last year from Palace and Spurs apparently sounded him out.

23 May 2024 16:25:01
Ed002 are we interested in mckenna?

{Ed002's Note - He is certainly an option and obviously knows the club well.}

23 May 2024 19:08:09
The players didn’t like his coaching when he was there because he’d come from the academy
Proved those charlatans wrong.

23 May 2024 19:38:06
If he moves he will end up at Chelsea or Brighton. Too early for him at united imo, different beast being a united manager.

23 May 2024 20:03:24
Sky sports reporting McKenna s reps met Berrada and Wilcox last week.

23 May 2024 20:08:27
Blackpool, I read that McKenna has his Ipswich players (not just older players) taking coaching courses in order to educate them and improve their tactical understanding. I’m not sure how common this is but I was quite impressed when I heard it.

With our squad being half made up of cabbage brains, I can see why they didn’t like him.

23 May 2024 20:12:04
Sky reporting talks took place.

23 May 2024 20:48:17
Ed02 - do you think he'd be a good appointment? Big step up but has earned a lot of praise with what he's done with Ipswich.

{Ed002's Note - There is a risk with appointment.}

23 May 2024 22:17:50
A risk the club ruins another manager? 🤪.

24 May 2024 05:22:10

22 May 2024 16:37:00
Dunno how reliable di Marzio is but he's saying ten hag is set to leave the club.

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22 May 2024 17:19:04
Just seen the same. And as part of the same rumour it says United have already agreed terms with De Zerbi to take over. It says United agreed a fee with Brighton to let him go but to keep it quiet on where he is going.

Could be a load of rubbish. Hope so, don’t fancy De Zerbi.

22 May 2024 17:25:56
Hope not. I’m still not convinced by De Zerbi. That said, it would still be a step up on Ten Haag.

22 May 2024 17:48:48
Fall guy, I don’t know what you read but the DiMarzio report doesn’t state that.

It says they’ve spoken to McKenna, will speak to poch and there’s interest in di Zerbi but no contact.

22 May 2024 17:54:47
De Zerbi would be a great choice, interesting if true.

22 May 2024 17:55:59
A more appropriate headline would be "Italian Journalist states something that's been said all year to unknown outlet without confirming his source".

Until confirmed by the club, I'm not reading into anything.

22 May 2024 18:31:57
BBC reporting it too but I'll keep the champagne on ice until its confirmed by the club over the next couple of weeks.

22 May 2024 18:47:59
Sorry, it wasn’t part of the same rumour. The de zerbi part was from someone else, can’t remember who now. Even said the compensation for him was £4.3m.

Like I said it could be a load of rubbish. But the ETH leaving part seems to be more accurate.

I’m hoping it’s Poch coming in.

22 May 2024 20:29:43
Whatever we decide we need to get it done and move on. Lots of players to sell, new faces need brought in and we still haven’t got the director of football sorted. We need to have all our ducks in a row so we can have a good season and hit the ground running next year. For 2 many summers now we’ve been lagging behind, disorganised and hesitant…let’s hope this year sets the tone in a good way.

22 May 2024 20:46:22
That should have said good pre season so we hit the ground running next year. We will especially need that if we have a new manager, with new ideas and tactics.

22 May 2024 22:56:11
Whatever the decision it needs to made quickly and the preferred candidate appointed within the week.

23 May 2024 04:15:47
i read elsewhere it is Napoli who paid that 4 million for De Zerbi. all rumours I guess.

23 May 2024 08:16:57
I think Ineos have done the sensible thing here. Taken their time, assessed the team’s performances, tactics and training methods, mood amongst staff and players, and come to a conclusion they feel is right for the club. Also, if ten Hag was staying, they’d have announced it by now.

They will see and know far more than we do from the outside. And if Ed2 says Erik is not the right man to take us forward, I respect that knowledge too and think it’s time.

Not sure who I’d go for as his replacement still though. The next few weeks will be super interesting.

22 May 2024 14:23:44

With the recent Ashworth fiasco, could Utd still look elsewhere for a Sporting Director etc instead of Ashworth?

Or, are they now going to be forced into doing a deal with Newcastle for Ashworth?


{Ed002's Note - They will not be looking elsewhere at the moment. They have to find a settlement.}

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22 May 2024 15:00:08
Thanks ED002.

22 May 2024 09:59:18
Some chatter i picked up from some muppet heads over the net and sharing for those interested and for those who can shed any light on these .
Jarrad B will be pursued to see ahead of June 30 to see if Everton come to a reasonable fee. Tosin and Todibo strong options. a LCB is not "guaranteed" unless they are viewed as flexible as Branthwaite is, which is one of the reasons he's highly admired. 2CBs still likely, but it could be something like Tosin + Todibo. Together could factor into Maguire's continuity.
Don’t think we’ve quite reached the end of the Bruno saga. Some truth to reports of a Saudi club looking to a deal. His agent shopping him just a bit. Following previous weeks meeting United not looking to move him on but don’t feel that they should give a new contract as of now, despite his agent bringing competing offers from Saudi.

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22 May 2024 12:43:12
Tosin going Newcastle i think.

22 May 2024 14:20:07
Personally I'd sell Maguire along with Lindelof. Is rather extend Evans contract for a further year if it meant those two were sold.

22 May 2024 14:47:02
Jesus is that where we are at now, extending Johnny Evans contract for another year. Come on!

22 May 2024 18:21:02
Varane is gone, Evans will leave. I'd sell whoever attracts a bigger fee between Maguire and Lindelof. And look to sign two new CBs to play alongside Licha and Kambwala. Would also look to move Luke Shaw to CB permanently as he obviously doesn't have the legs to go up and down the pitch.

22 May 2024 20:20:58
Why not tosin, todibo ANF branthwaithe
Two going, two more should go and Willy steps up with Licha slotting between CB and LB, when he is fit.

Our CB situation needs action like this, basically a 100-120m overall required. Get something back from Lindelof and Maguire sales, say a net 70-80m spend. Defence sorted for a period, well the centre of.

23 May 2024 12:37:52
Shaw is an excellent player, if fit. But he never is sadly. I’d be prioritising a replacement for him this summer, as well as 1-2 new CBs. Don’t agree playing Licha there, far more effeftive centrally for the whole team to function with his passing out of defence. Decent stop gap if Malacia isn’t returning any time soon.

We need a regularly fit No6 to come in to supplement or replace Cas, and two forwards.

That’s 6 players - which is the bare minimum - and is a big ask logistically and financially in one window for a club with no CEO or DoF in place, manager likely to be sacked in the coming week, and are notoriously bad at negotiating.

21 May 2024 21:18:57
Hi ed,

I'm sure this will be asked by a few so I might as well go first. will pochettino be an option now as the new United manager if we sack ten hag? Thanks in advance.

{Ed002's Note - I would think it unlikely.}

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21 May 2024 22:15:12
Seems an odd move from Chelsea. I like Poch. Think he is a good coach.

21 May 2024 22:28:57
Thanks ed. You can see the journos connecting the dots as we speak lol Maybe Bayern Munich would be a good spot for him. Be interesting to see what Chelsea do now too. I wouldn’t be shocked if we stick with ten hag. I don’t agree but it wouldn’t surprise me.

{Ed002's Note - Not so sure.}

21 May 2024 22:52:31
I'm a big fan Eric.
Stars Hever never signed for him to take the United job. Was my preference when eth was appointed but I didn't happen as Ed says its unlikely this time also.
I like his demeanor and I think he is a good coach.
Hope he gets a good gig somewhere and does well.

22 May 2024 08:32:00
And your preference has been sacked by how many clubs since? The other grass isn't always greener. Just saying.

22 May 2024 09:22:38
Spurs reunion at Bayern with Harry Kane maybe….

22 May 2024 11:29:27
It seems part of the fall out at Chelsea was his desire to have input into the players purchased and Chelsea wanting a coach who is given the players as on the continent. Looking at whether he could come in for us, would the same not be the case with the hierarchy looking at a similar model.

{Ed002's Note - It was a small part of the issue but Manchester United will consider him - as will Bayern Munich - but they are struggling to find a Plan B solution.}

22 May 2024 13:11:35
Our current grass is not even green.

22 May 2024 13:49:10
Vincent kompany now in talks with bayern.
Really interesting appointment if it were to go ahead.

21 May 2024 20:50:44
Lots of reports Dan ashworth accidentally sent an email in February from his NUFC account implicating that he was being tapped up by Berrada while Berrada was on gardening leave. Bit worrying if this is true!

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21 May 2024 21:44:22
Imagine still using email to conduct this kind of conversation!

21 May 2024 21:44:58
Fergie spent 25 years tapping uo players.

21 May 2024 22:30:01
No doubt we will get punished while city continue to dodge the bullet 😂.

22 May 2024 07:40:36
This Ashworth appointment feels painful and is dragging out a little. I’m sure we have contingency plqns in place.

Not sure how Utd can be implicated as if true, he was approached by someone who is still not employed by the club.

22 May 2024 07:59:00
Was Berrada a United employee at that time? And if not does that make any difference? 🤷🏻‍♂️.

22 May 2024 09:10:06
It’ll just give Newcastle more leverage to get higher compensation fee in upcoming arbitration.

22 May 2024 13:10:22
It's all quite messy. He's claiming he was sacked by them in which case the compensation fee wouldn't be valid. Since the outset I thought it beyond unlikely that he'd be in place for this summer, but that once we go beyond the summer the case for a considerable compensation fee by NUFC drops off massively. It would shock me if a large compensation fee ends up being paid now.

22 May 2024 13:14:06
Legally yes bren morally no.
Wallace is on the money imo.

22 May 2024 20:34:30
When was the lass time anyone had morals in football?

If he is who United want, and he wants united, which it seems he does, then surely the longer it goes on into the summer the less money Newcastle will likely get. Bide our time and let things play out would be my suggestion.

He should be a long term appointment, so an extra few months won’t make any difference.

It’s not like there will be no contact of any sort between him, Berrada, Wilcox etc in the coming weeks whether employed or not, if he knows he will definitely end up here. Right or wrong it will likely happen.

Hopefully not via his Newcastle email account 😂.

19 May 2024 09:48:54
Hi Ed’s, is there any interest at all in Guirassy of Stuttgart? He’s had a great season and could be a cut price option for us in attack.

{Ed002's Note - Serhou Guirassy (S) Stuttgart are working hard to remove the release clause (which is to some extent a red herring) and the player is unlikely to be interested in joining any mid-table English side and will wait for the best opportunity with perhaps Spurs, Manchester United or Newcastle making an offer for the summer. There is declared interest from Spurs and the other clubs have sent scouts. Borussia Dortmund have him as a summer target and could move on Sébastien Haller to make apace for him. With Eric-Maxim Choupo-Moting out of contract at Bayern Munich this summer they are considering him but would need to pair him with Harry Kane, effectively taking Thomas Muller out of the equation. Milan may offer a wildcard option but they have mush preferred options.}

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20 May 2024 11:49:08
Thanks for the reply Ed. He looks like a good player and even if this form doesn’t translate into next season, if he got half of what he’s done this season it would represent good business. Just on your point of the clause being a red herring, is this because it’s not as straight forward as pay the money and he’s yours? Or is there another reason? Thanks again.

17 May 2024 13:10:31
2 more gone with Varane, Heaton and Evans, clearout started, with hopefully about 10 more to follow. I expect about 4 to come in with the promotion of youth too.

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17 May 2024 17:25:42
AWB gone as well, which needed to happen. Martial leaving is long overdue. Casemiro may be gone too.

17 May 2024 18:56:58
Is this official or where u getting this info?

17 May 2024 19:22:00
Apparently AWB has indicated he wants to go back to London, maybe back to Palace (from Muppetiers)

17 May 2024 19:46:19
Part of a deal for Olise would be good.

17 May 2024 20:20:01
Not much Palace can do if someone matches the release clause for Olise.
Although I’m still wondering what happened that time that Arsenal matched Suarez’s clause but Liverpool rejected it lol.

17 May 2024 20:58:40
If we are interested in Olise and Palace would like him back then a deal should be able to be done to suit all parties.
They play 3 at the back so I wonder whether he fits but a good deal if it works.

17 May 2024 18:30:26
AWB has a other year at the club, I'm not if there are any clubs interested in him?

ED002, what are the options for AWB this summer?

{Ed002's Note - Aaron Wan-Bissaka (RB) Manchester United have invoked a one year contract extension as the replacement they had in mind is not interested in the move. Middle East may offer a solution. Inter Milan might be a wildcard solution.]

18 May 2024 10:16:47
I think we'll see a lot of players leaving this summer. The new ownership is looking to start a significant rebuild and they need to reduce the wage bill and bring in some money from transfer fees where possible. They have also made it very clear that they want to have players who want to be at the club, and who want to fight for a place in the team.

If AWB wants to leave then they won't stand in his way and will look to get the best deal for the club.

That is the same for all players.

18 May 2024 11:04:09
Ed02 could there be any legs in AWB to Inter with Denzel Dumfries coming the other way? Have seen Dumfries linked a fair bit recently but not sure if usual press click bait.

{Ed002's Note - I would think it very unlikely. Whilst Inter would be ahppy to sell Dunfies he is not first choice for Manchester United and Inter have a very clear understanding of who they want to replace Dunfries already and are working towards it.}

18 May 2024 11:17:02
Thanks ED002.

18 May 2024 13:32:02
Thanks Ed02.

18 May 2024 15:55:54
Thanks for the info ED002. A quick question if you don't mind, I believe I've read before that clubs can't trigger the one year extension with the intention to sell the player. Is it the case with AWB? Can united sell him in the summer now that united has triggered the cause?

{Ed002's Note - They cannot do it for the purpose of profiteering.}

19 May 2024 08:01:06
I’d imagine hard to prove though.

21 May 2024 20:42:07
The kid Wharton at Palace looks special. If Bruno goes he could be one to watch.

I like the Scott at Boutnemouth too. He needs time to develop there especially after his knee injury. The Cherries have a couple of good young defenders too it would be worth considering in another year.


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