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31 Aug 2021 18:35:12
Eds, any chance of Rice, Neves, or Phillips before the end of the window?

I feel that with all of these world class players that were just signed, it would be heartbreaking to have such a need at a vital position.

{Ed002's Note - There is no space in midfield at this point in time.}

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31 Aug 2021 19:35:52
Wolves chasing Boubacar Kamara, a defensive midfielder. That will get United fans talking and hoping for a few hours.

31 Aug 2021 21:42:10
No chance.

01 Sep 2021 00:22:10
The clown thinks Fredis Roy Keane.

01 Sep 2021 04:30:29
dazw, you just insulted Roy Keane there 😊.

01 Sep 2021 08:31:07
Dawz, by all reports Ole wanted a DM so don’t think there’s much substance to your statement.

01 Sep 2021 21:57:27

Don’t talk sense mate, he’s a clown and everyone on here knows better.

02 Sep 2021 07:13:36

Yes, even a clown would know better.

If Ole really wanted a DM, there would had been a plan laid out to move players out early to make space in the team which didn't happen.

It was just the opposite that we dished out new contracts to ageing players and blocked moves for some while keeping the likes of VDB who doesn't seem to be in Ole's plans anyhow.

A CB and CM should had been the priority this window with the RW a bonus signing but everyone knew what Ole's top priority was and that's Sancho.

In short the CB and RW was the priority for Ole and a CM seen as a bonus signing if it happened. There was no serious attempts to make that happen.

31 Aug 2021 13:57:00
Martial to PSG rumors starting to come in. Could be a good move for all involved.

{Ed077's Note - except PSG 😂😂. Although I would think it improbable at this stage of the window

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31 Aug 2021 14:04:42
Really depends on whether Real come back with another bid for Mbappe. One has to suspect that PSG are hoping that they will though. I know they’re rolling in cash and Mbappe is a top player, but €180m + wages is a ridiculous amount to pay/ lose for the sake of one more season. If he goes, I can see them scrambling to spend the money on Martial and/ or Pogba, which may allow us to bring in a MF. Mendez is apparently working on the deal as an intermediary, although apparently we’re not overly keen.

31 Aug 2021 15:40:06
Did Tony start those rumors?

31 Aug 2021 19:05:23
Martial has more chance of signing for Melchester Rovers today than PSG. Sulkychops is here to stay sadly. Frustrating as we know there’s a talented lad there. Just doesn’t show it anywhere often enough!

31 Aug 2021 19:32:13
I can only see Martial playing in the league cup and fa cup this year unless we have a lot of injuries.

If we want a chance of winning anything this year the left side has to be rotated between Pogba and Rashford, the right between Greenwood and Sancho, the number 10 between Fernandes and maybe Lingard and CF between Ronaldo and Cavani. Rotating these players in each position doesn't significantly alter the quality in my eyes, it is CM that the issue still is.

McFred isn't ideal but it gets the best out of Pogba being on the left and let's the front 4 and full backs do what they do going forward, well maybe not AWB so much.

We always look worse with Pogba in the centre or when Matic comes in which is why we needed an upgrade there, however it was a pretty good window so hopefully CM will be addressed in Jan or next Summer 🤞🤷‍♂️.

01 Sep 2021 02:35:07
The front 4 options are incredible, and you didn't mention DvdB, Amad, Elanga, Martial. Crazy.

Lindelof and Bailly as reserve CBs

Our squad is stacked.

I actually like McT and Fred surrounded by this team, I am concerned when they can't play. I HOPE McTom and DvdB play together and create something new, I can see Scotty having the physicality height and field coverage to play well with Donny. He needs to be a bit more disciplined.

I think we will suprise a few non believers this year, we could pull it off. The league is very strong, be tough for anyone to win this year.

01 Sep 2021 17:55:51
I just don't see DVDB getting much league and CL game time again for whatever reason Dodgy, and Amad and Elanga will only be cup players on the whole I think and won't get many league or CL run outs.

I agree those 3 are very good players and add to the rest nicely, I just included the players I see playing plenty of league and CL games. Hopefully Martial isn't one of them, unless he stops being a moody, sulky baby and puts the required effort in.

31 Aug 2021 11:49:32
As I understand it (and please feel free to correct me) We can register only 25 players for the season over the age of 21.
Who are these?
3 keepers, I assume Grant will not be part of the 25?
Def: AWB, Dalot, Varane, Harry, Eric, Victor, Shaw, Telles (assume jones won't be reg? )
MF: Fred, Mctom, Pogba, VdB, Matic, Lingard, Bruno, Mata
FWD: Sancho, Rashford, CR7, Cavani, Martial, Greenwood

If this is right and Greenwood is U21, don't we have room for an extra player?
Or maybe my assumptions above are naive.


{Ed002's Note - I have explained that space needs to be made for any additions.}

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31 Aug 2021 09:17:22
Ed02 - probably been asked this numerous times already, but are we still actively trying to sign Neves (or another CM) this late in the window is that our business done?


{Ed002's Note - As far as I know Wolves have been speaking with Spurs about Neves. They need to decide, or have probably decided, between him and someone else. I would have thought that at least Lingard would need to move to make space.}

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31 Aug 2021 11:49:46
I'd be disappointed to see Neves move and not see United try to get him. Quality player, the type of player we don't have in our midfield.

We can't sign everyone though and had we been a bit better at moving some players on, we might have got the midfielder we all crave.

Also a quick thanks to the Eds (particularly Ed002) for all the work they've put in on the site across what has been the maddest transfer window we've ever seen.

31 Aug 2021 13:45:04
Neves isn't moving.

30 Aug 2021 22:46:54
Looks as though Camavinga is off to Real Madrid. That would be him off the list before tomorrow's deadline. That leaves Neves and Saul. Personally I would love Neves but I think the more realistic option is Saul at the moment. A loan deal would probably suit us and he is available. We've had a good transfer window but I am still in dismay that we're one day away from the window closing and it's looking likely that Fred will me a mainstay in our midfield.

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31 Aug 2021 06:51:46
Off topic but can someone explain why Madrid would offer €147 million for a player they can get for free in 12 months, seems an incredible waste of money.

31 Aug 2021 07:33:29
In terms of a midfield signing, I see Wolves have been linked to Renato Sanches from Lille. Always liked this lad, never completely fulfilled his potential but always been impressed with him. Wouldn’t mind us taking a punt on him as he’s only 24 and there’s a couple of Portuguese at the club obviously, to help him settle. Thoughts?

31 Aug 2021 07:42:57
Sanches at Wolves is better for the lad, a year of playing week in week out would be best for him after he recovers from injury.
The only possible transfer today apparently is Neves, and maybe Jesse going to West Ham although reports say the two clubs are far apart on valuation. Happy transfer deadline day everyone.

31 Aug 2021 08:28:31
Real Madrid the real winners of this window: batted lashes at Mbappe so sign for free next year, Pogba on free next year, who will then join Camavinga, bought with some of “MBappe” money they saved up, which leaves enough for Haaland next year!

31 Aug 2021 08:29:03
Nothing would surprise me. If I had to guess though, we’ll either sign nobody or somebody who we haven’t been linked with at all. Still not convinced Neves or Saul are what we need even though both would improve the team.

31 Aug 2021 08:52:27
Was I the only one who saw the Renato Sanches to Wolves link and immediately thought it improved our chances for Neves?

31 Aug 2021 09:23:25
Palhinha was apparently the replacement if Neves moves on. Tottenham were also interested.

31 Aug 2021 23:48:00
To reply to your first query grim they would get camvinga for free next year but so could united or psg
So maybe they are paying over the odds now to make sure they get him and make it look like they made a premium signing because they weren't getting mbappe.

30 Aug 2021 19:01:06
Apparently Daniel James is going to Leeds for £30m. Marco Bielsa is having a medical in the morning.

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30 Aug 2021 19:50:45
Think Bielsa needs a medical if he’s paying £30m for James lol.

Great business.

30 Aug 2021 20:17:22
What a deal :)
Hope we invest in a midfielder now.

{Ed014's Note - someone over there must have taken a shit ton of drugs!🤦‍♂️

30 Aug 2021 23:32:01
He seems overawed at man utd, maybe a move to a small club will serve him well 😏.

31 Aug 2021 11:34:03
Quality Red Man, quality.

31 Aug 2021 11:35:58
Really wish we could swing this into a Phillips transfer.

30 Aug 2021 18:56:06
Rumour is that we will get £25m PLUS add-ons for Dan James to move to Leeds.

If that is the case then I think we've pulled their pants down on that one.

His fee before extras would cover all of the Ronaldo fee including the extras.

Effectively we have swapped Dan James for Ronaldo an a few million.

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30 Aug 2021 19:04:04
Good luck to him. Always frustrated me with his decision making but always admired his work ethic. If only all our players with natural talent would work as hard as him.
All the best Dan James.

30 Aug 2021 19:16:13
Shappy, so now you are happy with the accountants handling Manchester United transfers?

30 Aug 2021 19:28:34
Personally think we will see the best of James now at Leeds, think he suits their play.
Think this is a good deal all round and hope it is the start of being able to bring a DM in.

30 Aug 2021 19:49:47
Honestly thought it would be around 16-18 mill. Good luck to him nice lad but not good enough for Utd.

30 Aug 2021 19:49:09
I think I have said this this before but it's by far the best move for James, he will get to work with an excellent manager who will help improve him, it's the move he should have made instead of coming here originally.

30 Aug 2021 20:13:47
Nice to see all these compliments to James now after everyone slaughtering him.

30 Aug 2021 20:20:46
Good deal all round for all parties.

30 Aug 2021 20:52:51
United Addict, surely common sense demands you look at things in a case by case way.

If the club massively over pay for a player then they should be rightly criticised.

I understand that selling players is slightly different as we tend to sell players who are not good enough for the level we need but are often on inflated wages. Which often means we would need to take lower more realistic fees for the players.

In this case they are selling a player way down the pecking order for a fee greater than we paid for them, and doing so with the minimal fuss.

I like Dan James, he's an honest hard-working lad, I think he's more talented than he is often given credit for. That said I don't think he is good enough to be first choice for a UCL side in the EPL.

Leeds I think will be a good move for him, his hard working and pressing style will fit well with Bielsa. I also think his skillset works better in a team that isn't expected to dominate possession and dictate play. I think he'll get 5-10 goals and 5-10 assists per season playing for Leeds. Which is a solid return.

I wish him the best of luck and hope he had a great career.

30 Aug 2021 21:51:20
Think everyone has been honest Chris, Dan always comes across well and gave his all but simply his ability is not at the level United require at the moment. Let's see what Biesla cane do with him, hopefully improve his end product.

31 Aug 2021 02:10:25
I think it’s the few subtle digs at our manager again that I dislike! James will now get to work with a top manager and really improve……. is that the same top manager that has been absolutely thumped twice against our lot you mean! Some people can’t help themselves having a pop at our own club or manager drives me mad! Yesterday it was we’ll probably reward James with a new contract, mediocrity bla bla and now that’s fallen on deaf ears it’s good move to work with bialsa a proper top coach who’ll work wonders with him . 🤣.

31 Aug 2021 06:21:39
Ole is division 2 manager, unlike you i don't have my head in the sand.

31 Aug 2021 07:12:42
Football is all about opinions and emotions. People get frustrated with Ole when you see performances like on Sunday, it comes with the territory of being a football manager.
Personally I think he has done very well, improved the playing squad, qualified back to back for the CL, goes on record breaking unbeaten runs, and yet he doesn't seem to be able to get over the final hurdle and win a trophy. The fact everyone is a little unsettled after a few bad performances is a hang-over from the EL final which we really should have won.
This is now a make a break year for Ole, I think he has to win something or like Dan James he would be seen as a nice guy, tried hard but isn't at the level United required.

31 Aug 2021 07:22:14

Bielsa plays a different and more entertaining brand of football to Ole. Bielsa is not a negative don’t lose merchant and his style means they are absolutely open to what Ole plays. Dan James will likely be better in a Leeds team that plays that way, instead of a run so far pass inside one. When we bought James we could see that had pace and could run but that isn’t enough if you want to win leagues. Along with James the club are starting to doubt the players Ole has bought, is AWB next given the lack of ability to go forward and the pursuit of Trippier?
Good luck to Dan James at Leeds, will be interesting to see what a good coach like Bielsa does with him, in fact it would be interesting to see what one of the top coaches could do with our team.

31 Aug 2021 07:28:36
Never have I said Ole is this or that, what I have said is while he’s the manager of my club I’ll support him! Yes I’ll question decisions, get annoyed with decisions he makes like everyone but I’ll also give him credit where and when it’s due!

30 Aug 2021 14:23:14
Hi Ed002,

With the Transfer Deadline in the home stretch, do you believe that United will sign a DM? Or, maybe I should ask are United actively trying to sign a DM?

I appreciate it, and have a great week.

{Ed002's Note - Yes it is possible, if they can make space. Enjoy your week.}

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30 Aug 2021 16:35:00
Think VDB could be moved out on loan if a DM could signed.

30 Aug 2021 19:07:20
Why move VDB out? I’d suggest he is the one most likely to benefit from playing alongside a proper DM.

Fred + a DM is just an even more defensive version of McFred. McTominay would benefit from having more freedom to get forward, but not as much as DVB. Pogba would benefit from the freedom, but he doesn’t put in the defensive work and would leave the DM shouldering the entire defensive workload. DVB puts in a shift defensively when needed, but would use the freedom to find space in and around the box to make things happen.

IMO, if Pogba stays, Fred has to be the one to make way for a new DM.

30 Aug 2021 19:37:50
Offer Fred and Lingard to West Ham for rice 😶
Seriously though, any chance of a shock move for rice? I w.

30 Aug 2021 16:28:49
Any clues on who Ed ;)

{Ed002's Note - Nothing has changed. I am not aware of new targets.}

30 Aug 2021 18:19:52
Am hoping that’s a cryptic Ed002 comment!

30 Aug 2021 19:36:48
Ed002, regarding to your previous answer from this afternoon : James sold for 25M£+5M, is that enough space made for a DM to come in? Or will that money be allocated to Cristiano's transfer/ salary? Or will it go straight into the Glazers' pockets?

Lesson learned from Cristiano and James transfers is a transfer can be made in less than one day, I'm still hopeful for a DM tomorrow. And being greedy, also hopeful for another club than West Ham to move for Lingard.

{Ed002's Note - I don't understand the bitching, sorry. It would be a waste of my time answering.}

30 Aug 2021 20:27:25
I don't understand your answer regarding the bitching, it was a genuine and honest question, I'm not bitching. I wanted to know if you had information about this profit from the club, will it be used for a transfer for a midfielder, or to pay Cristiano, or to pay the Glazers.

I know written communication can be misinterpreted, in my messages here I've always been thankful, I don't understand why I'm accused of bitching and wasting time, that's kind of undeserved. English is not my native language, I'm trying to be understandable.

{Ed002's Note - The “Glazer’s pockets” is typical misinformed and embarrassing post.}

30 Aug 2021 21:03:58
Alright, thanks for clarifying. Sorry to be "embarrassing", I'm not sure I deserved to be spoken in such a condescending way.
I take from one of your previous answers that you're not aware of other new targets that the club is not actively trying for on a DM.

I'm really thankful for the informations but I think it doesn't justify adressing the posters so agressively when I've never been disrespectful or hostile, all the contrary.

{Ed002's Note - It is hardly agreessive - you are simply talking the opportunity to troll the site about the owners and make yourself look particularly stupid. But you did it very well.}

30 Aug 2021 21:07:08

After selling Daniel James, Does it mean we have made that space for a DM to buy?

Thanks and Hoping your having a nice day! .

{Ed002's Note - There is space to add a player.}

30 Aug 2021 22:28:40
Now I'm a troll and stupid? I'm sorry if you feel I'm wasting your time, but telling me things like that is really agressive and unfair. I have other things in my life to do than trolling, I don't get where you see that in my post. I come here to get informations, for which again I'm grateful. I've been reading here without posting for two years, well if it's for being unfairly treated this way I won't post again. Really I'm flabbergasted, there was no malevolent intention in my post, just honest and maybe ineducated questions, but nothing deserving this agression. You clearly misinterpreted my posts, I didn't want to antagonize or anything, at least have the humility to aknowledge that. You provide good information but it doesn't give you the right to speak to people that way. I get that we can annoy you with our many and repetitive questions, but come on don't read trolling anywhere, again if I come here it's to learn things, nothing else.
I regret this negative exchange but really I did nothing to deserve it. Have a good evening.

{Ed002's Note - So what about your stupid “Glazer’s pockets” remark? Why say anything so stupid? You are welcome to contribute to the site but the purpose is not to troll the owners.}

31 Aug 2021 02:26:10
Somebody needs a hug!

31 Aug 2021 10:25:14
Ericantona, we are all incredibly grateful to Ed002 for the insights brought here. I think it's a major reason for many of us tuning in. However you're experience here is not a one off. I've had the same a couple of time. Just grin and bear it. The benefits outweigh the pain.


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