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18 Jun 2018 21:34:19
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18 Jun 2018 21:00:19
Here we go again. Tunisia lose a group game and some of them break down in tears, and they weren’t the only ones. Pathetic.

Nice to see Wngland creating so many chances, Jesse had an off day on front of goal and I thought Sterling was his usual frustrating self. Rashford looked bouncy when he came on as did Loftus Cheek, nice start from a young team.

However, how does Maguire get to play for England? Astounding.

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18 Jun 2018 19:00:07
O jeez. no Rashford. my gawwwddd. and he was like meesi and ronaldo combined in the last practice match.

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18 Jun 2018 20:42:42
Eh no he wasn't.

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18 Jun 2018 21:02:42
What has been missed is the fact that before the last friendly Southgate said the players are competing for a starting role. Rashford had a blinder in that friendly, then is on the bench - does not compute with me, complete lies!

When will people start being accountable for what they actually say again.

At least we won in the end. PLEASE Jose buy a LB, Ashley Young brings absolutely nothing to the table, maybe less than Henderson.

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{Ed004's Note - Rashford picked up a knock last week and only came back in the last training session. I'm assuming he was left out because Southgate was protecting him. However, I think he left his subs to late and they weren't really attacking changes. A cb could have easily been subbed of for a more attacking player. Dele struggled after the knock he picked up early and felt Rashford could have came on for him earlier in the contest}

18 Jun 2018 16:33:54
Belgium look so good on paper yet so poor on the field, Panama look at ease so far.

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18 Jun 2018 17:03:51
There are a few teams who you can say that about. France and Argentina man for man probably have one of the toughest squads to assemble as they genuinely have so many players who should be there. Yet both are flattering to decieve.

Germany and Brazil were the bookies tips to win it. Yet both looked off the pace and venerable yesterday albeit probably against the toughest opponents they have in their groups.

Fact is you won't really see what these teams are capable of until the knock-out rounds. With these competitions it's not how you start them but how you finish them.

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18 Jun 2018 17:24:48
It's what I hate about International Football - below average managers for the most part expected to figure out how to gel a team full of superstars, never going to happen! Then you have 1-2 average players that mess up the moves the team develops. When I look at Germany dropping Sane, Belgium dropping Nainggolan and various others you just know what to expect.

I am about to throw a chunk of change on England for the World Cup, I have seen nothing so far that scares me. It has been a World Cup full of Man Utd's so far - maybe this could be the year!

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18 Jun 2018 17:52:09
Probably better off chucking your change off the white cliffs of Dover. Same end result, but at least you’ll get a nice trip out of it.

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18 Jun 2018 18:10:03
Yet 3-0 it is. Seemed like a Jose team out there didn't it.

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18 Jun 2018 20:53:56
UA, I thought the same, dull football, Lukaku having to come deep to create something, and a player on the left running wild but losing the ball selfishly repetitively.

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18 Jun 2018 13:56:09
Seems to have all gone quiet for us after Dalot and Fred signings. even saw random article on MEN saying we'll only sign one more, likely to be a CB and that's it.

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18 Jun 2018 14:18:20
Wouldn't surprise me but I think we might see 2 or 3 more, the MEN have about as much of a clue as you do so wouldn't really trust what they are saying.

I don't think we need too many, we need to focus on getting the players we have playing well IMO.

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18 Jun 2018 14:53:59
think the reason its gone silent is the world cup being on.

every club is in the same boat.

2 in the bag so far still plenty of time left in the window.

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18 Jun 2018 16:12:01
Do any of the ed's know if Tuanzebe has returned to Manchester United after his loan stint with Villa and is he likely to go back out on loan somewhere next season?

I really think he will be one the casualties in Mourinho's tendency to keep loaning young players out and it will be another Salah, Pogba, De Bruyne, Lukaku style mistake. I think this lad has so much raw talent.

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{Ed001's Note - he has returned but I have no idea what the plan is for him next season. Usually, going by what most clubs are doing who have players away at the World Cup, they are holding off on making a decision on youngsters as they need them in pre-season games.}

18 Jun 2018 16:19:04
Thanks ed that makes sense :-)

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{Ed001's Note - welcome mate. It does always make things a bit difficult but it is a very good chance for players in the youth team to force their way into the first team reckoning.}

18 Jun 2018 16:37:54
Dont forget we have 2-3 players infront of Tuanzebe that we should probably move on to make space for him but we will probably struggle to move on due to the high wages their on.

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18 Jun 2018 11:51:26
With reports that Savic may be to costly and possibly off to Juve, I was wondering if anyone knew of any interest or possibly continued interest in Leander Dendoncker as an alternative option for CM?

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{Ed002's Note - Mourinho was interested in Leander Dendoncker when he was at Chelsea and he is not a central midfield player and right now his agent is talking to other sides about the player - with one club in discussions on Friday who are looking to see if something can be done whilst he is in Russia. MU have other targets in mind.}

18 Jun 2018 13:37:18
Ed002, Are options still the same as you mentioned on your last update?

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{Ed002's Note - Pretty much. Golovin interest of Mourinho's came back as I explained but don't expect anything to happen there - a couple of other sides are much better placed.}

18 Jun 2018 14:01:58
Thanks Ed002 for quick response.

Casemiro and Kroos.

Seri and Vidal (unlikely)

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18 Jun 2018 15:10:48
Ed002, looking back at the posts I see you mentioned the below as our midfield targets, other then Fred is there anymore to be added to or taken off the list?

many thanks

Jorginho (CM/ DM) – player wants MC
Casemiro (DM) – a JM favourite
Fabinho (DM) - not first choice – doubtful

Toni Kroos (M) wanted by JM but not by the club – but JM may get his way
Arturo Vidal (CM) – age/ price makes him unlikely but JM likes him
Jean Michael Seri (M) – I would strike him from the list – talking to another PL side
Sergej Milinkovic-Savic (CM) – could be priced out of a move
Fred (CM) - alternative to SMS and Kroos.

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{Ed002's Note - Aside from what I have already said, no.}

18 Jun 2018 16:38:10
Thanks Ed.

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18 Jun 2018 11:20:33
If you guys haven’t seen it yet give lukaku’s article on the players tribune a read. Emotional stuff. I didn’t think I could love the bloke more but after reading the article I have even more admiration for him. From where he has come to, to where he is now is incredible. Amazing mental fortitude and attitude to be the best. He really has the united mentality, which a number of our players could learn from. Give him some proper service next year and he will score for fun.

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18 Jun 2018 11:49:36
Nothing but respect for him. This is a driven guy, don’t think anything will stop him growing as a player. For me he’s a future captain.

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18 Jun 2018 12:05:30
Couldn’t agree more Danny. I’m into two minds whether De Gea or Rom should get it. Either way we need leaders all across the pitch and Rom has surprised with his leadership. When he was at Everton, I thought he was a bit mopey and lazy. But he has proved me so wrong and it’s been great to see his development. With his hunger and desire, the only way is up.

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18 Jun 2018 12:45:02
Totally agree Park. I don't know why lukaku gets so much stick on here? The guy has been brilliant this season and despite the below average service he's received from our non existent wingers and fullbacks.

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18 Jun 2018 12:46:25
he got slated on here when he was going through a difficult patch without scoring.

his work rate is top draw.

as you say given more service he would have scored more.

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18 Jun 2018 13:56:35
I posted the link to it but wasn't sure I was allowed to do that so guessing it didn't get posted. Amazing article, some brilliant lines in there. How am i going to be a pro at 16 if I am not even playing for the under 19s regularly. What an attitude to have, we are lucky to have him and I would also not be against him being captain. It will be Toni V for now though I suspect.

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18 Jun 2018 14:32:55
Spot on AAA. I feel he gets an unfair rep as a ‘flat track bully’ or unintelligent which is very unfair. He is very intelligent and can speak 6 languages I believe. His first touch can still improve a lot more but his game has come on leaps and bounds. Give him service and he scores. Some of this through balls this year were brilliant. Just love the guy and nothing would please me more than to see him succeed and become a club legend.

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18 Jun 2018 15:29:51
The criticism comes for his link play, the play can often breakdown when he gets involved. He has improved in that department though, but it still breaks down when he gets involved.

However he has been very good on the whole. Works hard, gets into good positions, scores. Not too much more you can ask for. Not many people have been critical of him this year, in fact I can't remember the last critical post about him.

If we actually played to his strengths and had midfield runners supporting at pace, balls whipped in when the opportunity allows (looking at Young and Valencia here who seem to cross it aimlessly when Lukaku isn't playing then refuse it when he is), then he will be a goal machine. We need better fullbacks and more focus on creating chances, rather than limiting chances though for him to be top scorer next season.

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{Ed004's Note - Look at his goal scoring record for Belgium where he has the likes of Hazard, De Bruyne and Muenier etc supplying him. He has come on leaps and bounds this year. I'm expecting a big season for him next year and have put money on him to get the golden boot at world cup}

18 Jun 2018 16:04:48
Same here Ed got 18/ 1. Hedged my bets and went for Aguero as well, got 33/ 1 WTF!

Sanchez, Pogba and (hopefully new signing) should be the equivalent, so hoping for 40+ goals from the big man next season. All down to the manager learning from his first 2 seasons and taking on board the constructive criticism.

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{Ed004's Note - I agree Beast. Some odds there on Aguero but Argentina were appalling the other day can't see them going far. A right side attacker would add massively to us. Bale if kept fit would 100% transform our attack although I reckon that is unlikely now}

18 Jun 2018 17:34:48
Cha Ching, Lu-Lu-Lukaku! haha.

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{Ed004's Note - 15 Mins still to go...}

Review Of The Day 18th June 2018

18 Jun 2018 06:40:28
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Review Of The Day 18th June 2018

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18 Jun 2018 10:28:36
The chant was insulting but not meant to offend, what is wrong with this world today.

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17 Jun 2018 23:18:37
I know it's only a few minutes on TV but seeing Savic play for Serbia today I have to say he did look a very good player. Wonder if Matic will be instructed by Jose to persuade him to come to Old Trafford.

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{Ed002's Note - It is about money not desire.}

18 Jun 2018 08:36:32
Honestly. I don't see the hype. What did you see yesterday that persuaded you he's worth £90m? He's big and cumbersome, we have Matic and Mctominay who do this job. I would rather see us targetting Isco and Veratti.

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18 Jun 2018 09:37:27
People are bored of pogba want a new shiny thing in the shape of savic.

If we sign him, in two years time fans will be tired of savic and want to sign pogba back.

We have a very good team, not many changes need to be made.

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18 Jun 2018 09:40:34
Hes double the player matic is at the moment . But i think him and pogba are two big personalities and there is only room for one superstar in midfield.

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18 Jun 2018 12:48:15
Singh, you were obviously not watching the match closely and possibly only were watching Savic in action. He lost the ball on countless times. His range of passing is nowhere near as good as Pogba's. Matic was superb yesterday.

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17 Jun 2018 15:16:17
With milinkovic-savic unfortunatly looking highly unlikely, who could the 2nd cm united want to sign might be? supposedly looking for a young cm? thanks.

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17 Jun 2018 15:51:48
Pogba has been offered to a couple of clubs and if united could move him on tge the likes of SMS and / or vertti could well be persued. The sides that had shown interest in pogba previously do not see value in him now. As per ed 002.
Price wanted off united for sms is prohibitive.
If jose is going to play 3 in midfield his current options for 3 places including fred are. Matic pogba fred herrera (entering his last 12 months) fellaini (entering his last week) and mctominay.
So if either of herrera or fellaini go we do need another midfield player. I see him going for an experienced head. As back up to his preferred 3. At a relatively cheap price. Kheidra is a possibility or someone of that ilk.

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17 Jun 2018 16:07:11
I think if Carlos Soler is still a target we could turn to him. Think he'd bring a lot of balance to the squad.

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17 Jun 2018 16:18:21
I would love us to sign a yound dutch player called timothy fosu mensah if we are looking for a more defensive minded midfielder who can cover a lot of ground and is an excellent tackler.

On the other hand if we are looking for a more creative midfielder to play through the lines, there is this young brazilian midfielder called andreas pereira that could do a job.

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17 Jun 2018 16:32:32
I wonder if there's still some interest in brozovic and soler still.

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17 Jun 2018 16:55:31
I would love to see pereira and Fosu Mensah get a chance DSG. Especially pereira, think he could be a great option in a midfield 3.

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17 Jun 2018 16:57:21
Have you ever seen tfm in midfield DSG?

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17 Jun 2018 17:23:04
Not a lot to be honest ken but we are not averse to moving players to different positions, just look at our first choice full backs.

The good thing about the world cup is that a lot of youngsters will be going on tour, they have a chance to prove themselves to mourinho.

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17 Jun 2018 17:41:04
Agree dsg i have seen him play there for the 2nd team when he first came in the matic role. I've always hoped he might make a good 6. But hasn't played there for years. Not good enough technically i suspect.
I agree that afew should get a chance pre season.

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17 Jun 2018 18:20:48

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17 Jun 2018 19:06:02
Id go for Thiago from bayern. Class act.

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17 Jun 2018 21:06:16
I'm with Tom on this alcantara would be brilliant I see him ending up at city tho.

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18 Jun 2018 12:50:32
Tom. I said 2 months ago that we should target Isco and Tiago. Two brilliant players that will make our team stronger and give us some flair and unpredictability.

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17 Jun 2018 13:51:37
Just watching Serbia game and that Savic is some player from what I've seen so for, I've read in papers that we've agreed to sign him but have to sell Pogba first, I'd take that but I'm greedy I'd like them both 😁.

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17 Jun 2018 14:00:55
He looks good I’m a big fan. Think he will go on to be one of the best midfielders in the world. Someone commented that he’s ‘built like a nfl player with the feet of a ballerina’. Can’t argue with that really. Rumours are Juve are close to agreeing a deal and I would be pretty gutted if true. Would prefer him to Verratti whose a bit overrated for me. But would still welcome the signing of Verratti.

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17 Jun 2018 14:18:45
Totally disagree. I've been watching and he's not influenced the game at all. He seems bulky and no pace. We have enough of these in our team.
I haven't seen anything in him to get me off the edge if my seat.

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{Ed004's Note - I don't see how him and Pogba would play together successfully. I'd also rather stick with Pogba}

17 Jun 2018 14:28:05
Totally agree Ed. Pogba has it all and is twice the player Savic is. We just need to bring it out of him. Thought commentators were harsh on him in the last match.

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17 Jun 2018 14:34:15
And in the last 10 mins, he's been diabolical. We need fast, technically gifted players. Not more lumps like we already have.
Got to say, its been a poor match and Costa Rica have been disappointing.

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17 Jun 2018 14:49:38
Couldn’t disagree more AAA. Think savic is very nimble for a big man and has been the standout player on the pitch. Not been a particularly riveting game but he has stood out. I would tend to agree that not hundred percent sure how him and pogba would fit. I agree that commentators were harsh on pogba last game. Pogba does seem to be the scapegoat for a lot of the so called ‘pundits’.

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17 Jun 2018 16:34:50
Don’t see why we should ship out our way midfielder in pogba. Get the best out of him by providing a good base behind him aka Fred and Matic with maybe TFM as back up? . Fellaini looks likely to leave to which is sad but if he stays we don’t need any more midfielders if Pereirra can also step up.

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18 Jun 2018 12:55:57
Agreed Eric. Would rather we went for Isco veratti or Thiago instead of Savic. I didn't see anything he did that completely blew me. He's big and strong and jogs around, a bit like the other midfielders we've got. Pogba is twice the player.
Worryingly, he got dispossessed at least 5 times as he needed time to control the ball and play around. He'll not get half of that time in the PL. He'll be a disaster.

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