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01 Aug 2015 17:27:31
Looks like Rafael is off to Lyon, would have him as cover anyday over Valencia but LVG has his favourites it seems.


1.) 01 Aug 2015 17:39:20
You say lvg has his favourites but perhaps Valencia gives his all in training and Rafael does naff all.

Same with di Maria last season we was all wondering why he wasnt being played last season lvg see that his heart wasn't in it the reason why he was never picked obviously.

I really don't think it comes down to favourites lvg obviously sees more than what we do.

He seems to pick players on effort rather than reputation

2.) 01 Aug 2015 17:56:16
Agreed. Only reason we failed to see angel was due to form and maybe how he was in training. We had to start Di Maria and continue with him. Expensive signing but once started affecting the team mata and young had to play. It's ashame, if we got the usual Di Maria he would have been class but can't keep him if he doesn't want to stay, they say a direct replacement will be arriving so we'll see. A little worried as de Gea maybe off. I assumed we really would have had this CB by now just as we needed to strengthen centre mid.

3.) 01 Aug 2015 18:15:36
I understand your point dave but he clearly does, that's why he is shoehorning Blind in at CB before, Rojo, Jones or Smalling, Valencia is as much a full back as Blind is a Central defender.

Maybe Rafael has made it clear he wants to go elsewhere, who knows

As for effort Valencia has that in spades i agree but i could put all my efforts into welding but i really can't weld for crap.

4.) 01 Aug 2015 18:52:44
Herrera not only was one of our best players (when played last season), he works hard and also seems a nice intelligent guy. LVG has his favourites and it is not based on footballing reasons.

Blind & Rooney would play irrespective of form it seems to be based on whose nose feels nicest!

5.) 01 Aug 2015 19:03:36
I refuse to believe a guy like Herrera has any attitude issues anywhere. He seems like a nice genuine guy. I remember lvg saying hererra loses possession or something like that.

6.) 01 Aug 2015 19:49:35
Darmian has arrived regardless

7.) 01 Aug 2015 20:44:50
Wasn't van Persie one of his favourites?

8.) 01 Aug 2015 21:23:22
Not as much as he thought

9.) 02 Aug 2015 01:17:45
That was my point.

10.) 02 Aug 2015 08:28:47
Everyone said RvP was his favourite this time last yr, look what happened! I can see Blind dropping out of the starting 11 at some stage.

11.) 02 Aug 2015 08:48:35
RvP and LvG had always had a bit of an up/down relationship. They had spiky moments for Holland. Plus, there's a big difference managing a player every now and again and permanently.

LvG does have his favourites, but don't all managers? He seemed relatively open to form in the 2nd half of the season - Young ahead of AdM, regular starts for Mata and Herrera. I'm not a big fan of Blind - his distribution isn't great - but he's certainly a better player than Rojo, Jones or Smalling at this stage, so even if it is favouritism, it's providing the right result.

And I agree with MUMinion about Valencia at right back. The bloke can't weld.



05 Jul 2015 15:37:58
RVP apparantly not in contact with any club and will be at the training ground tomorrow, wouldn't want him to go until we have a replacement anyway, see how he plays on the tour.




04 Jul 2015 20:04:26
Reports that vidal is on his way to Madrid from chilien newspapers, wonder if these are the same ones that said he was signing for us last season.


1.) 04 Jul 2015 21:06:08
Few days ago when that incident of his car crash happened people were saying that now no club will take him since he has a decision pending from the court.

2.) 04 Jul 2015 21:26:30
Bad publicity didn't stop Suarez getting a move to Barcelona, a car crash wouldn't stop Vidal getting a move either i doubt.



03 Jul 2015 10:36:05
Apparantly rumours in spain that if nothing is agreed by sunday on the DDG transfer then he will sign another contract with United, I for one would be happy with that outcome if true.


1.) 03 Jul 2015 10:55:41
I'd be delighted if that were true. Personally I'd rather lose 30m but get a last top class season out of DDG. I know that doesn't make sense fiscally but we need to be firm with Real Madrid especially. And it's a great signal of intent: we keep our best players for as long as they are contracted to us.

2.) 03 Jul 2015 11:05:43
I'd prefer to sell than lose for free but of course i'd rather he stayed and signed a new contract.

3.) 03 Jul 2015 11:06:25
Yep stand firm and get what we want if he goes or let him go on a free next season, unless he does sign an extension.

4.) 03 Jul 2015 11:10:16
I agree be fantastic if he stayed. My concern is however Liverpool seem to be buying anyone who is available. Like everyone on here we have no idea what goes on behind closed doors. but my God it's heartbreaking to see our main rivals getting a March on us regarding transfers. If van goal what's new players before USA tour , he and woody better get their finger out. hope things to start to move quickly. I'm sick of popping heartburn tablets getting wound up.

5.) 03 Jul 2015 11:26:59
Rock the red,

A march on us, how many of the players Liverpool signed would get in our team? Clyne probably but guessing we have another right back lined up. Firmino looks decent but don't know enough about him and could take time to settle. Our transfer targets are of a higher standard so will take longer to complete.

6.) 03 Jul 2015 11:38:11
Rock, what are they getting a march on us? Which of their signings do you think we should have gone after? Ings? Milner? Bogdan? Perhaps we are setting our sights a little higher and it therefore takes a little longer. Depay is a class above all their signings and I am sure there will be a couple more. Keep taking the heartburn tablets

7.) 03 Jul 2015 12:25:25
Haha come on guys rock the red is surely joking around

8.) 03 Jul 2015 13:21:17
My my what a response. I was referring to quantity not quality . And the silence from inside the corridors of old Trafford is a little worrying don't you all think. Oh well back to the gavascon

9.) 03 Jul 2015 14:44:02
These posts are getting boring now, we have targets and we're trying to get them, no point moaning about it, we're going about our business quietly which is probably for the best, ignore what the press say 99% of it is total bull. Don't expect tons of players coming in, we'll sign a few quality ones in the positions we need to strengthen just like Chelsea did last season.

10.) 03 Jul 2015 18:08:17
Van Gaal said he wanted most of the signings in before the US trip, but for the quality of targets we are after, that deadline is very unrealistic. Woodward needs to get it done sooner rather than later though. We clearly need 3-4 players to slot into the starting 11 and they're going to need time to gel with the current squad if we're going to challenge for the title. A more realistic deadline will be a week or two before the start of the season

11.) 03 Jul 2015 18:59:39
We hae till say the 15th to get players in for the tour, we have Depay in and could very well have 2 more by then and maybe even a goalkeeper that is staying with us so plenty of time yet

12.) 03 Jul 2015 22:30:13
Apart from Rock there is just too much common sense being spouted in this thread . A bit more lunacy required me thinks.



30 Jun 2015 11:58:13
Everton actively looking at right backs, could be willing to let Coleman go after all then.


1.) 30 Jun 2015 12:44:43
Makes me wonder if they don't fancy losing out on their only chance of big money this summer. They must regret not cashing in last summer considering there poor season

2.) 30 Jun 2015 12:55:36
It would be a move I would be happy to see. A new look defence of Coleman - Ramos - Smalling - Shaw would be the best in the League for me.

3.) 30 Jun 2015 13:05:10
That would be a great new look defence Fresh, think Shaw needs a good pre season though, needs to trim down a little and get himself a bit fitter.

4.) 30 Jun 2015 13:59:11
Discussion on Everton site about what they feel would be a fair trade for Coleman: ranges from Evans+£10m cash to £30m cash (plus Januzaj on loan)

What do people reckon would be a good deal? In today's market, I think £20m is about market value, so maybe £15m cash + Evans.

5.) 30 Jun 2015 14:15:16
15 million tops. Personally I'd say between 10 and 12.

6.) 30 Jun 2015 14:22:53
A fair market price would be £15-18 million or £3-5 million + Evans. Either way, Evans could be a very useful negotiating tool, just like De Gea is a good negotiation tool for Ramos. It's good to see us behaving shrewdly in the market this time round.

7.) 30 Jun 2015 14:25:17
15-20m would be fair in my opinion. I'd actually prefer it if Everton demanded Januzaj on loan. He needs a loan to get more game time and Everton aim to have possession like ourselves so I think that would be a great deal of it was 15m plus Januzaj for a season.

8.) 30 Jun 2015 14:33:58
i'd happily give them £30m for the best rb in the league

9.) 30 Jun 2015 15:18:13
He's behind zabaleta and ivanovic for me but a great player nonetheless

10.) 30 Jun 2015 15:10:29
Fresh! 3-5 mil plus evans for coleman??!! why such a low value, is his contract about to expire? I think 15-20mil + evans would b fair all round

11.) 30 Jun 2015 15:15:47
I pondered yesterday whether Everton might consider Rafael?

12.) 30 Jun 2015 15:32:11
i forgot about zabaleta to be fair but wouldn't say ivanovic is any better or worse

13.) 30 Jun 2015 16:00:45
Coleman is not the best in the league or in the top two for that matter. Although would be an upgrade for us. £20m max for me

14.) 30 Jun 2015 16:54:57
In this market he is easily worth £30 mil.

15.) 30 Jun 2015 17:10:11
Coleman is better than Clyne and has longer contract so he is worth about 25 million imo.
If we can get him for 15 million and Evans or Rafael that seems good business.

16.) 30 Jun 2015 17:00:20
Evans + £15 million tops, maybe a Toblerone bar thrown in to seal the deal.

17.) 30 Jun 2015 18:02:34
A Toblerone bar Herbie i'm sure they would accept some foreign chocolate from aldi because we all know Martinez like cheap foreign buys with fancy names

18.) 30 Jun 2015 18:17:56
Got to have a sweetener Matas Beard.

19.) 30 Jun 2015 18:35:50
I'd pay £20m for Coleman, then agree to sell them Evans and Rafael for £20m. Straight swaps don't really happen. If we are looking to send Januzaj out on loan, then that could be included, I'd keep him here though tbh.

20.) 30 Jun 2015 18:38:42
20 million, 15 million for Coleman, and 5 million to take Evans off our hands! It'll be great to have an Irishman back in the fold though all our great teams had at least one.

21.) 30 Jun 2015 19:08:45
I reckon £25 million, or £20 million and either Evans or Rafael, or £15 million and both would be very fair. Whether we allow Januzaj to go on loan to Everton should be a completely separate decision. The boy is too talented to use as a carrot to dangle under the noses of others and we should think very hard the best way to allow him to develop.

22.) 30 Jun 2015 22:03:00
They'd probably be expecting toby le rone the Swiss midfielder renowned for passing triangles




MUminion's banter posts with other poster's replies to MUminion's banter posts


09 Jul 2016 19:40:46
If Everton are interested in signing Mata and Jose wants to move him on it would make sense for us to ask about the availability of Stones, we need another CB or Is Stones about to sign for City.


1.) 09 Jul 2016 21:35:16
Stones is garbage mate. He cannot defend and as well as that he can't even get in England's awful defence. People who praise him simply cannot have seen him play.

2.) 09 Jul 2016 22:24:26
Everton will be lucky to get a bag of crisps for him .
Looks like pep and city will get him for 40 mil ish tho.

3.) 09 Jul 2016 23:47:00
Jred haha you are spot on mate. A lot of people go on about him but I can't see for the life of me what the fuss is all about. It's crazy.

4.) 10 Jul 2016 00:52:37
Would rather have Varane myself but thought with Jose trying to sign him for Chelsea We would be linked more with him.

5.) 10 Jul 2016 07:54:02
What makes me laugh about English football and also make me mad is almost without exception every pundit or so called expert either commenting on Everton games or writing newspaper articles on Stones (especially leading up to the Euros) always say " he is really classy, fast. not a great defender though" "he reads the game well, good passer. needs to work on his defending " etc etc. FFS he is a centre half . Italians probably wet themselves when they see the price put on him. a defender who isn't great at defending . Give me an Ashley Williams or a Winston Reid any day . the ball comes near them they clear it, they win header after header ( like oshea and johhny evans in every game at the euros ), they tackle hard. you want 60 yard passes, or someone to run 70 yards with the ball looking elegant? then pass it to someone who can do that and leave the defending to a defender.



31 Aug 2015 15:37:41
Looks like DDG will finally be on his way, move looks like it has finally been agreed.


1.) 31 Aug 2015 15:47:35
I hope he's got someone lined up ad we can't go through a season with romero he's hopeless would take navas as a stop gap till end of season.

2.) 31 Aug 2015 16:01:25
Seems that is what is going to happen if Navas agrees to move here as part of the deal.



08 Aug 2015 17:30:21
Job done today, main thing was to win the opening game and that we did, think the lack of pre season games showed today with players going down with cramp and some of the play in the final third breaking down.

All in all a good start and i am sure it will get better and better, great debuts from Darmian, Schneiderlin, Memphis and Schweinsteiger.

Also well done to Romero, had a good first game, looked a bit nervous at first which is to be expected but did well, needs to sort his distribution out tho but that will come.


1.) 08 Aug 2015 17:40:06
I thought we looked undercooked. Hopefully we will get fitter, get to know each other, and add in a couple more.

2.) 08 Aug 2015 18:01:18
I would have loved everything to click in place today but we needed the win and a better start than last season, agree AJH hopefully we will get fitter and get to know each other better, still need that CB and striker though.



31 Jul 2015 10:44:19
So new Adidas deal starts tomorrow, new kit unveiled tomorrow, cannot see any new player being unveiled tomorrow just don't think it will happen.

Rumours also that Barca won't agree to let Pedro go until after the Super Cup, could one of the eds clear something up for me, if he indeed did play in that would we still be able to register him for the Champions league if we bought him.


1.) 31 Jul 2015 11:13:09
yes we could still play him in the CL, i think that is all just paper nonsense though because Barcelona and Enrique have already said if Pedro chooses to leave they cannot do anything to stop him.

2.) 31 Jul 2015 11:32:48
I don't believe that playing in the Super Cup effects the champions league regarding Pedro.

Why would they want to wait until after then? Surely if they're willing to sell it won't matter when he leaves.

3.) 31 Jul 2015 19:06:14
Thanks for the replies TOT66 and Weggy, wasn't sure really but also thought that if his buy out is reached they have no choice but to let him go and maybe no say in when.



21 Jul 2015 15:44:04
Mystery striker, i am going to go for Ronaldo, i know i know, done to death but here's why i think it may be him, he has had a falling out with Perez apparantly and to add to it Benitez said last week that he wanted to build a team around Bale, Ron can't have liked that one, last season he did not look too happy at all at times.

What a good start to the Adidas deal than to have Ronaldo the first signing holding the new United shirt, if there was a time for him to come home it would be now.


1.) 21 Jul 2015 16:38:33
If there was any influence on transfers by shirt sponsors / suppliers , I am sure Adidas wouldn't chose the face of Nike for publicity.

Not saying we wouldn't sign Ronaldo ( but I don't think we will ) , just saying that if we did it wouldn't have anything to do with Adidas.

2.) 21 Jul 2015 17:10:37
I don't think it will be Ronaldo unfortunately.

3.) 21 Jul 2015 17:16:14
Wasn't implying that Adidas would have anything to do with it only that he would be the first to be paraded in the new shirt.

4.) 21 Jul 2015 17:17:20

5.) 21 Jul 2015 18:10:23
I've seen a few posts suggesting that Adidas wouldn't want Ronaldo signed because he's signed up with Nike - but don't see the logic behind it. If anything, I imagine that Ronaldo is signed with Nike gives Adidas more incentive to see him in a United shirt.

Sponsoring Ronaldo would cost Adidas £15m+ a year. but if he signs for United they get him wearing Adidas kits and tracksuits for the next five years without spending a penny. Player lead adverts are great for Adidas and Nike - but 90% of a players visibility is on the pitch.

I'm not saying that I expect Ronaldo to be signed for that reason (nor do I think that our kit manufacturer has any say over our transfer policy) - but Ronaldo to United would be fantastic for Adidas!

6.) 21 Jul 2015 19:55:02
Is real madrids kit not adidas ?

7.) 21 Jul 2015 20:46:27
I have a feeling it could be Ronaldo and the no 7 shirt will be available when Adm moves to psg

8.) 21 Jul 2015 20:48:22
Nach73 stole my thunder

9.) 21 Jul 2015 21:24:53
Bale i would think as a late blockbuster deal. Ronaldo is never going to leave madrid and they will never let him go as they will be crazy to do so. %0 gaols a season is impossible to replace and bale will not score that many as he has injury issues every year.

10.) 21 Jul 2015 21:57:41
I find it quite interesting that Ronaldo has supposedly sold his image rights to a third party and wonder whether this might be a way of protecting them if he moves to a new club. Benitez has made his intention to build around Bale pretty clear and as there seems to be a lot of friction between him and Ronaldo already - I can't see Ronaldo wanting to play second fiddle. Add to that his age (last big move for him and last chance for RM to recoup big money), the fact that Real Madrid want something of ours (DDG) and our need for a player who can play both centrally and out wide - and Ronaldo moving back to Manchester makes quite a bit of sense.

I don't expect it to happen - but wouldn't be at all surprised if it did.




MUminion's rumour replies


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09 Jul 2016 14:33:04
Can't see anything being sorted either way for a few weeks yet to be honest.




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01 Sep 2015 09:49:07
How could we sign those 2 when the windows are closed.


{Ed002's Note - The transfer window is open until 1800 today.}



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31 Aug 2015 14:06:53
He is fast, can play on the RW as well as striker, is good with both feet and is very composed in front of goal.
Held in high regard and viewed as the next Henry for France, we shall see how he copes with the step up in league quality though.




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04 Aug 2015 08:55:46
To Bristol City for around £2.5m apparantly, maybe the lad wants to go because he knows he won't get enough first team football chances at United.




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01 Aug 2015 21:23:22
Not as much as he thought





MUminion's banter replies


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10 Jul 2016 00:52:37
Would rather have Varane myself but thought with Jose trying to sign him for Chelsea We would be linked more with him.




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09 Jul 2016 19:51:47
Jose has supposedly told TFM to decide what position he prefers to play at, I think he will get limited game time even if Pogba doesn't sign, unless we suffer from injuries, definitely a Defensive midfielder for me.




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09 Jul 2016 14:31:04
I agree with most you have said Maze but i think Pogba is exactly what we have missed, Someone to drive through midfield and defenses and make things happen.

Also Luke Shaw will be like a new signing for us this season and i just hope he has lost none of his pace.




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09 Jul 2016 14:24:46
Always thought he was a Barthalona fan actually.




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09 Jul 2016 12:36:40
The fact they are saying United are crazy when they have been paying over the odds for players for years now makes me laugh.